Some Interesting Struts resources

TSS asks: Is Struts going away?: “Extensions, fixing many of Struts deficiencies, already exist and they are either direct add-ons, or require very trivial changes in the configuration. Some of these extensions provide a serious paradigm shift without breaking compatibility with Struts core or with legacy application code.

Some examples of useful extension libraries: – easy dynaforms, type conversion, validator extension. – uses POJOs instead of form beans, input/output conversion and validation. – blends page-based techniques like code-behind class and event handling with action-based approach used in Struts. – allows to Ajaxify Struts application. – not Struts-specific but very useful for lists and tables.

Travelocity moved their booking system to Linux/Struts in the end of 2003, National/Alamo Car Rental conveted their web-based ordering system to Linux/OAS/Struts in 2004. These and other companies will not jump into another major makeover in at least two-three years, so Struts will stay with us for some time.

By the way, the mentioned projects were developed at the time, when WebWork, Tapestry and Spring MVC were already available. Why Struts was chosen nevertheless? My bet, it is because Struts was the de-facto standard. So, the next standard framework will be JSF, simply because it IS now a standard, included into J2EE… er, into Java EE, created by an author of the first standard framework.

Frameworks like Tapestry or Wicket will have the reputation as smart niche tools for those in the know, kind of like Delphi. Frameworks like Stripes will have the reputation like Watcom C++ compiler, fast and simple.

This response is definetely biased:
Struts Dialogs:”

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