TSS asks: Is Struts going away?

TSS asks: Is Struts going away?: “On About.com, a poll asks what framework developers will use on their next application, and the poll leaves Struts off; at conferences, developers focus on frameworks like JSF, Wicket, Tapestry, Spring-MVC, or WebWork. Struts gets little mention except as an archaic technology, with the occasional article reminding us that it’s out there. So what’s your feeling about Struts?

Are we likely to still be discussing the ‘new Struts-killer’ framework in two years? Are books still going to refer to Struts as a primary comparison point? Is Struts even something that needs to be replaced, considering all the work that’s going into replacing it?

If so, what should replace it and why? The JCP has apparently blessed JSF (and for understandable reasons); is that enough for you to switch to JSF for future development?”

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