AJAX using only an image

AJAX using only an image: “# The client to server connection works by sending a request to the server using a dynamically created image with some parameters added to its ‘.src’ property.

The server’s response is sent in a cookie at the same time the generated image is returned to the client. Or, when cookies are disabled, by using the image’s width and height to send, two by two, the characters forming the response!

# There are some limitations and performance issues related to this technique, especially when cookies are disabled on the client.

# A lot of improvements could be done. In the cookie version for example, an iteration method that would split the server’s response and send it chunk by chunk would be a good idea to deal with a cookie’s size limit.

# Some people suggested me articles that describe a similar technique: article 1 article 2

Both articles describe a technique using an image and a cookie. But those do not work when cookies are disabled.

# The associated PHP file: image.php “

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