Keeping Up With The Ajax Trend

Keeping Up With The Ajax Trend: “2005 has definitely been one of the most exciting years in the Web development world. It has been said on a number of occasions, by some very influential people, that the Web as we know it is undergoing a significant change. Ajax is finally getting the attention that it deserves, and generating a lot of hype in the process. The term Ajax was coined to describe the new Web application design paradigm that is coming about now. Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, but the term has gone way beyond being a simple acronym for specific technologies, and incorporates all of the technologies that the modern Web, Web 2.0, is being built on. Keeping up with the latest technologies and knowing which ones have technical merit is an increasingly overwhelming task. In the past, the separation between the client and the server, or the Web browser and the Web server, has been clear and distinct. “

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