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OK/Cancel » Archive » Why Ajax Matters Now: “In the earliest days of the Web, designers chafed against the constraints of the medium. The entire interaction model of the Web was rooted in its heritage as a hypertext system: click the link, request the document, wait for the server to respond. Any designer who asked if the basic call-and-response interaction model of the Web could be defied was met with the flat answer “No.”

Eventually, with the evolution of browser technology, that “No” became a “Yes, if…” Yes, if the user has the right browser and the right operating system. Yes, if the user’s connection is fast enough. Yes, if the user has the right plug-in or the right runtime.

For some designers working in some environments, “Yes, if…” was good enough. But for the overwhelming majority of designers, the caveats and restrictions were simply too great. So they returned to the task of making the Web work the best it could within the hypertext interaction model, developing new conventions for Web interaction that allowed their applications to reach audiences who never would have attempted to use desktop applications designed for the same tasks.”

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