[ajax] Log4Ajax

java.net: Log4Ajax: “As you have undoubtedly heard, the latest and greatest four-letter acronym in the web-based software development world is AJAX. Despite the tidal wave of excitement and hype, there is another four-letter word that can be associated with AJAX: pain. The dirty little secret is that there are many reasons developing AJAX applications can hurt. Some of these reasons are the browsers’ fault, due to the fact that each browser version offers differing levels of DOM and JavaScript compliance. Memory leaks in all existing browsers compound the problem. A portion of the responsibility also falls onto the ‘J’ of AJAX: the loosely typed JavaScript has a syntax that is familiar to Java developers but is filled with gotchas you will inevitably run into. Arguably, the advent of AJAX is pushing JavaScript beyond its intended use and definitely beyond the skill set of the average web UI designer.”

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