1st day in chennai

Today is a big day for me. Am reporting to my new job. I got up early and was ready to head to office by 8:30 am. Below is a snapshot of my hotel room.

Now comes the second shock in chennai. The price list for laundry at my hotel. A shirt laundry will cost 10/-. A jeans pant will cost 30/-. And the list goes on covering even socks and hankies. Thanks to Sooraj’s anecdotes about sewage water getting mixed with line water, I found myself staring and sniffing the water from the tap for some time before I could get myself to step into the shower. The auto driver charged me 30/- to office ( a distance of less than 5 mins.)

At office today, I met my new colleagues. Lot of new names and faces. Will take time to get to know them all. Also, as I have never worked in this domain before. I am hearing a lot of greek and latin terms too :).

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