Vanakkam Thamizhagam

I landed in chennai at 6:30 P yesterday. Took a prepaid taxi (Rs. 180/-) and headed to my hotel. The taxi driver seems to have got into his head an idea, that he is the Schumaker’s half brother. I could see it in the way he drove around the city. The traffic was hectic (like hell would be the better description). I am seriously reconsidering bringing my car down to chennai. The hotel is nice and comfortable. I was dead tired because of the travel from dubai and stop over at trivandrum. I just wanted to grab some feed and hit the beds. One look at the menu provided in the room told me that its not going to be that easy. The rates in that menu were exhorbitant by any standards. The rates started from Rs.30/- for a soup and went on up Rs. 250/- for side dishes. So, I headed out to the nearest restaurant – ‘Ratna Cafe’ and had my dinner. Now I got the first shock in chennai! Rs.37.50 for 4 idlis (5/- each), 1 Wada(8.50) and a Coffee(9/-). Ratna Cafe is not that big a hotel – Mind you!

Whew! That was more than what I could take for a night and hit the bed as soon as I got back to my room.

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