Downloadable AJAX Galleries, Slideshows and Effects

Max Kiesler: “Until recently many of the most visually stunning and functional image galleries, slideshows, and effects were done through Flash. With the advent of AJAX many developers are taking another look at javascript and are producing some very amazing functionality in these areas.

Many of the components that make up image galleries and slideshows are perfectly suited for AJAX. Lightboxes, slides, fades, uploaders and live search are just a few of the many AJAX widgets that could improve the usability of many image galleries and slideshows. Over the course of the last year I’ve spent some time searching and collecting links for downloadable image galleries and slideshows. Below you’ll find a categorized list of all of the AJAX image solutions I’ve been able to find that were of some use. If you know of any AJAX based galleries, slideshows, or image manipulation that is not included on this list please post a comment of email me. “

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