Napa Valley Tour

So, This weekend – my first in US, Amit and gang came and picked me up from my hotel. And we set off on our way to Napa Valley. But, first a little bit of history.

Amit – My room-mate and close friend from Kolkata. He is working in TCS and is onsite now at LifeScan. He is residing and working in a place called Milpitas. His gang includes Arpan, Arijit and Pulkit. All from TCS.

Napa Valley – Well known for being the home of the world's best Wine. I had heard of Napa in the game – RoadRash. Napa Valley is one of the levels in Roadrash.

Napa Valley Route

Now, back to the present. We started out by around 12 pm. Had lunch from Santa Clara and headed towards Napa. We crossed San Jose and Oakland enroute. By the time we entered Napa, it was around 2:30 pm. Our destination was a place called St. Helena in Napa Valley.

Napa Valley is a long stretch with wineries and wineyards on either sides of the road. So, the drive was really good. At Napa, we visited Beringer Winery and RobertMondavy Winery.

Napa Valley – Beringer Winery



Napa Valley – Robert Mondavy Winery

Myself and Amit did the customery Wine-Tasting from RM Winery. Then by 5:00 pm, we headed back to San Francisco(SFO). At SFO, we went through the downtown (note – the narrow road through which Godzilla runs during the chase scene in the movie.) towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

SFO – Downtown – The Godzilla Path 🙂

Golden Gate bridge in SFO was a beautiful sight. I simply cannot put into words the feelings I had when I stood there in awe looking at one of the engineering miracles in the world.

SFO – Golden Gate Bridge


SFO – Golden Gate Bridge (From the hill on the side)

We moved on to a cliff nearby to see the Golden Gate from another view and then we headed back to China Town to have our dinner. It was almost 8:30 pm now and the temperature was almost near 6 or 7 degrees centigrade. In other words, Damn Cold! We couldnt find a parking spot and drove around for half an hour before we parked in some alley and walked back to an Pakistani restaurant. The food there was good and the Authentic Chai (Tea) was what we enjoyed most. Then we took a small stroll through and ups-and-downs of the famous downtown SFO streets.

SFO – Downtown – See-Saw Roads

Then by around 11:00 pm, we started back to Santa clara. Reached home by 1:30 am. After dropping me at my place, Amit and gang proceeded on to their place. I really enjoyed the trip. The gang was pretty cool and it all matched to give everyone a perfect weekend trip.

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