Ohlone Wilderness Trekking

The gate to the trail

Its sunday and I woke up at 11:00 am. Amit invited me and raghu to join his him and gang on a trekking trip. I picked up Raghu and reached Amit's place at Milpitas by 12:30 pm. And we set off on the trek. The trek is on a small hill. But, the climb is very steep.

All Cheeze before beginning the walk

I couldnt cover even half of the distance and sat on a bench there while the rest of the gang pushed ahead towards the top. As much as I would have liked to go along, I wasnt sure if my body would support that kind of activity. Its more used to drinking coffee and sitting the cubicle gazing at the monitor. 🙂

See Ya guys!!! This is as far as I would go!


Uday's Point 🙂

View from the top

So, I sat there (My friend's are calling the spot – Uday's Point) for a couple of hours enjoying nature in its true colors. Watching paratroopers up close. Sitting by the small brooke listening to the water flowing. Panicking when I saw the little snake slither through the water. It was fun. As I sat there with nothing to do, I got to do a lot of thinking about my life, future and plans. Something I havent had time to do for quiet some time now.

A Paratrooper

Pulkit & Amit at the Top

Raghu, Amit & Arijit at the Top

Then, I headed down and waited for the gang to come back. They returned back half-dead :). Every one was totally pooped like deflated balloons. Anyway, I enjoyed the whole trip in my own way too. 🙂

Waiting for the gang to come back

How many of them attend office tommorow, is yet to be seen!

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