San Francisco

From Half Moon Bay, we headed off to San Francisco by around 3:30 pm. We directly went to the Golden Gate Bridge. I had already been there and had written a piece on this blog too. But, this time was different as we reached Golden Gate early and we went to some less-known spots (thanx to keyur) near the bridge which gave us panaromic views of the bridge and the pacific ocean.

With the Golden Gate behind me.

From the bridge with the SFO skyline behind me.

From the bridge we proceeded further down to a small town called Sausalito on the other side of the bridge. The town had a long corniche providing a good view of the San Francisco skyline.

Keyur, Raghu, Me and Senthil atop a military bunker

Then, we turned back towards the hill on the side of the bridge. A couple of points on top of this hill are very beautiful. This place used to serve as a military base of some kind for the US Army. They have bunkers built into the rocks of this hill (now abandoned, of course!). The ride through this hill is just great!

With the Crooked Street behind me

Then, we headed on to see the Crooked Street. Actually we drove through the Crooked Stree. It was a wonderful experience. Crooked Street is famous for being the most crooked route in the world. Its a steep road at a 45 degree dip connected two roads in downtown sfo.

Imagine driving this way everyday and parking here too!

After the crooked street we went on to Pier 39 at the Fisherman Wharf'. We had food from Mac D there and then went out on a shopping spree. We walked around and saw the Wax Museum, *Ripley's Believe it or not* building, Hooter's food place etc.

At Fisherman's Wharf

We also checked out a restaurant called Rainforest Cafe. Its one of those theme restaurants. But, this one was just great! It also had a toy store selling logo merchandise.

Rainforest Cafe – The pub


Rainforest Cafe – The Toy Store

Then, we started heading back to Santa Clara by around 9:00 pm. We travelled through the Bay bridge and reached Santa Clara by 10:00 pm at night. The bay bridge is really beautiful to look at in the night.

On the whole, It was a great trip. To see more photographs of the trip, click here.

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