Online Photosharing

I have been trying to find a good online photo sharing tool. The hunt has been going on for over a week now. I started using the Yahoo Photo sharing around 2+ years back. I found the tool pretty primitive and lacking even during those days. But, then we didnt have much options then (the only other good option was webshots). Cut to recent years, Flickr tirggered a revolution in photosharing and many services caught up with it. The problem with the free version of Flickr is that it doesnt support more than 3 albums. Also, there seems to be a limit on the monthly upload.

I am not part of the gang which believe that the best things in life
should be free. For things to be good, we need people working on it
really hard. And if humans are working on something, I believe that its
fair for them to charge for the work. If I am using a free service, I can be loyal to any service I like. It really doesnt matter. But, if I am paying for it I would rather do my research before paying for a service. I need to know that I am picking up the best service in the market and paying for it. So, though I really liked Flickr’s interface, I started hunting around for alternatives. I stumbled upon many good services like smugmug, dropshot, parazz etc. Finally couple of days back I found Bubbleshare.

Bubbleshare is free and may have premium accounts in future. As I said, I am ok with paid accounts. I found that Flickr charges $25(24.9 in fact) for a year and 23people charge 29 Euros per year. And bubbleshare hasnt really come out with pricing policies but I believe there will be in the range of $20 to $30 too. Now, here comes google with their new Web Album tied up with Picasa. Whic allows damn easy upload of photos. And the quality of photos is simply too good. Google  Photos is not very feature rich. But, As usual Google does innovatively what has always been there and takes the market share. I believe here also they have done the same. Google’s photo quallity and size (dimensions) is better than everything out there. Google’s slideshow is also better than all the others. And google charges $25 a year. 🙄

Ok. Now I have enough options. But which one to choose? Here’s where I get stuck. See. I am from India and shelling out $25 is equal to Rs. 1300 plus in Indian currency. So, investing on this is pretty costly. Now, My problem is say I do invest into this and then 1 year later, I dont have much photos to upload. I am not a professional photographer. I take photos when I go out and like to share them with my friends and family. So, its not like I am going to upload 100 photos every week. My problem is that 1 year later when my subscription expires, my photos get deleted! and I am back to my free account. I am ok to being back to my free account. But, I would like my photos to be out there. Not gone for ever. 😦 This is where I wish somebody had provided a life subscription model of pricing. That is, I sign up for a lifetime account for a higher price. So, far I have found only one service that allows that and thats Dropshots which supports a lifetime membership for $99.

But the problem with dropshots is that it sucks. 😡 When user tries to view an album they have this wierd frame in which pictures are loaded. I really dont understand why they had to do it in the least user-friendly way. They could have very well looked into how easy the other services make it to upload, navigate and view photos. So, I had to rule out Dropshots. 😥 Now, back to my problem. I have still not decided on which service I would pay for or which service I would use. I am waiting for Bubbleshare to come out with thier pricing policies. Lets see….. 😆

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