Antelope Canyons, Page

[2-July-2006] On our way to Grand Canyon, we passed Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. We stopped by the Dam (which looks like a junior Hoover dam) on Lake Powell to take snaps.

Near Lake Powell @ Glen Canyon

In Page, we had our lunch and headed towards the Antelope Canyons. Of the two antelope canyons, we visited the Lower Antelope Canyon known as Hasdestwazi, or “spiral rock arches.”.

Stepping into the Antelop Canyons

The entrance fee to Antelope Canyon was 30 USD, and the guide walked upto the entrance of the canyons with us. From there we on our own, entered the canyon. Gently carved from the Navajo sandstone over the course of countless millenniums, the slot canyons are majestic and narrow passages, just enough space for a small group to walk the sandy floor – and for the occasional shafts of sunlight to shine down from above. The canyons were so narrow in places that one can stretch out his or her arms and touch both sides.

This needs a comment?

A long time ago, herds of pronghorn antelope roamed freely in Antelope Canyon, which explains the canyon’s English name. It is not known exactly when people first discovered Antelope Canyon. According to local Navajos, who have lived here for some time, the canyon and the LeChee area were places where cattle grazed in winter.

To older Navajos, entering a place like Antelope Canyon was like entering a cathedral. They would probably pause before going in, to be in the right from of mind and prepare the protection and respect. This would also allow them to leave with an uplifted feeling of what Mother Nature has to offer, and to be in harmony with something greater than themselves. It was (and is) a spiritual experience.

‘Spiritual Experience’ is the right word. When I stepped down into the canyons with the walls so close to me and the orangish insides interrupted by streaks of bright sunlight illuminating the walls at certain points, I felt i was in some world different. The walls so smoothly, so perfectly carved and with vibrant shades of red and orange flowing through them looked like a photoshop work than reality. One has to see it to believe it. The walk through the Antelope canyons cannot be compared with anything in the world.

The gang inside Antelope Canyons

The way out of the canyons were a bit tiring though. Back in our car, we headed towards our desitnation finale – Grand Canyon.

For more photos of the Antelope & Glen canyon visit, visit my album online here and here

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