Grand Canyon

[3-July-2006] From Page, we drove non-stop directly to Grand Canyon. The route to Grand Canyon itself was an experience. As we entered the Grand Canyon National Park after paying an entrance fee of 20 USD, the lady at the counter provided us with a map of the view points inside the park. We stopped at the first view point and stepped out of the car. We knew that we were visiting the ‘Grand’ Canyon and it would be huge and all that. But, all the descriptions we have heard about the place had not prepared us to see what lay in front of us – Miles and miles of nothingness carved out of rock by nature’s most powerful weapons – Wind and Water.

Grand Amphitheatre

The sight cannot be described. One has to experience it. I have no words to describe the feelings that churned through my mind – humbleness, gratitude, devotion, fear, sadness. Standing there in front of nature’s grandeur realizing how insignificant we are, I had to fight back tears. Once again, I found myself thanking everyone in my life without whom I would never be standing there witnessing one of the natural wonders of the world. As usual, the list starts with dad. I really miss him. I wish he were still with me, so that I can run to him telling him how happy I am, How greatful I am for what he has made me and How much I love the legacy he has left behind – my mom and my sister. Standing on the tip, I prayed that any human being alive should be blessed and fortunate to view this miracle of nature atleast once in a lifetime.

Trying to conquer fear?

After spending time standing in awe and respect to nature, we moved on to the other view points. By the time, we finished with Mather’s point, it was already getting dark. So, we directly drove to Grand Canyon village where we got ourselves some souveniers and then started on towards Flagstaff where we will be spending the night.

The whole gang @ Grand Canyon

The route to Flagstaff was pitch dark, scary and exciting in its own way :). We had to drive through the Coconino Forest Range. Ours was the only vehicle on the road for miles and miles. In the darkness with our car headlights being the only light source, we witnessed many antelopes, dears and rabbits in their natural habitats. This was a good safari-like experience which we had never expected. After the long drive, we finally reached Flagstaff by around 12:00 am and checked into the hotel. With this comes the end of our trip.

A trip to remember

Tommorow morning we shall be checking out and drive back to Santa Clara. Yeah. Its going to be a long journey. But then, we have priceless memories of the Canyons to keep us company through the rest of our trip :).

For more photos of Grand Canyon, visit my album online here

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