July 4th – Long Weekend escapade

On the July 4th Weekend, we (Pulkit, Sri, Suri, Mahipal and Suresh) went out on a drive all the way to Grand Canyon covering Las vegas, Bryce Canyon, Page, Glen Canyon. The drive covered California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona with nearly 3000 miles (nearly 4800 Kms). My colleagues – Ishaan Gokhale and Milan Hanon helped chart out the plans for the entire route along with dates and places.

Pulkit did a great job booking the best hotels at the best prices available. Also, the car rental was a bargain deal dug out by Pulikt. With everyone’s joint effort, we set out on the journey. None of us in the gang have driven or travelled this far in the United States. This was going to be an experience. And It was a GREAT trip. We rented out a Ford Freestar minivan from San Jose on friday evening and set out on our trip. In the next few posts, I am going to cover each place in detail. 🙂

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