Google Talk Updated (v1.0.0.95)

So, finally after what seemed like an eternity, google is back with some updations to their Google Talk toy! Ok. Now, no need to hold your breath. Its not like the microsoft releases, where you can expect a plethora of UI changes. The GTalk still looks the same. Well, pretty much! 😉

What they seem to have added is –

  1. File transfer among contacts – I have always wanted that to be part of any IM. Thats one of the features I have found amusing since ICQ (Remember that??? It all started with ICQ).
  2. Voice mail – Now thats cool!. Kind of offline messages on Yahoo. Except you can leave it as audio. I think thats a cool addition.
  3. Music status – Now, How important is that? I wonder! Maybe letting everyone know that I am listening to “Who let the dogs out!” is way more sexy than I think ;). What I dont understand is why was this feature part of this release. If it were my call, I would be thinking about adding more support to emoticons. (BTW, i realaly dont like the pathetic emoticons in gTalk. Maybe its just me, but I still like the yellow tennis balls – :))

You can check out the latest feature details here and the download the test version here.

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