Windows Vista hacked

Windows Vista

Microsoft handed out early copies of their new operating system to attendees at the Black Hat hacker conference last week, inviting them to take their best shot at hacking into it.The company hoped to convince the industry that their latest operating system will be the most secure and malware-proof system on the market.

The result has been a mixed grill of sorts, with Polish researcher Joanna Rutkowska demonstrating that the security systems in Vista can be sidestepped by using a piece of malicious software that she named “Blue Pill”, according to CNET

However, Microsoft wasn’t too perturbed by this.

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Now, I am looking at it from a positive point of view. Finally MS has started doing something they should have done years ago – Accept that there are really brilliant minds out there and not ALL of them are working for MS. Now that they have started releasing it out to people to hack it before they release the final product to the consumers, I guess they stand a better chance in finding out the ‘actual’ bugs which may reside outside the scope of their MTP/ATP/UTPs. I just hope that they work really fast in fixing these bugs. Also, they should encourage more people to fiddle around with vista and try to break it. If they do that, eventually they may be able to shed the “insecure” image that Windows has had since Windows 3.1(????)

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