Google Answers – First bubble?

Google Answers

Few weeks ago Google shut down its Google Answers Service which was unvieled in 2002 and had a total user base of 800 people!!!! Can you believe it? 4 years? 800 members? I mean, i have seen personal blogs with more readership than that. I had written a blog post a long time back about how Google is hopping into limelight frequently by releasing new services too often. They dont seem to be putting much work on improving launched applications. Google Talk hasnt been updated for ages. The same is applicable for many of the 15+ web 2.0 apps google has launched/acquired over the last few years.

Maybe this trend of showing off innovativeness is really working on increasing their share value. But, I wonder how long it takes for the bubble to start bursting. I am personally a Google fan, but I have often felt that they still work like a bunch of geeks rather than a company. Too much diversifications. They don’t seem to be focussed. Maybe I am not seeing the “Bigger Picture” here. But, still most of their services don’t seem to really catch on.

More than that, I am not sure whether Google really has any other income model other than its Search. Most other online services by Google seem to be free. When Google was just starting up, I was one of those who believed that the future of internet is going to be Google. But, over the years the steadfast faith seems to be crumpling.

As Anil Dash stated in his blog, Google doesn’t have a community to leverage. Maybe thats the reason. But I still cant shake the feeling that Google is gearing up to be ENRON v2.0.

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