I just got this as a mail from a friend of mine – A Zodiac guide of a Taurus man. Though being a Taurus person myself, I do not think I agree with all of these, but there are sentences I feel really fit me. I am including the whole excerpt here with statements I agree marked in green. And statements I wish were true marked in blue. 😉

A quiet, simple man who can do something unexpected to shock you. Taurus man mostly medium tall, strong with good health, good strong body. When he talks, he likes to turn his head to one side on one direction. His body will be quite straight, facial structure tends to be square shape more than other shape. His eyes sparkle with liveliness. Even when he is in love, he is still a free wild bird. He is a sand in your palm, the more you want to hold it, and it will slip out. If you stand and hold it still, it will stay that way. Don’t set the rules and draw a line for him, he will not stay. When you are with him, he will think only of you. But an hour later he could change his mind. He is very patient with other people, but very impatient with himself. His world always turning and it will not stop just because he loves you. If he up sets, he will show it right away. If something has gone wrong, he will blame his own carelessness instead of blaming other people. He sincere to his friends even to some friends he does not like. He likes to do odd things and surprise other people. He could be fully dress in a nice suit and jump in the pool. He could slap your back so hard just to make you turn around to see he has flowers in his hand. He never wants to get too close with anyone for he thinks living in reality is living by yourself. He does not care what people think when he behaves weird. He could be walking bare feet and laughing at people who laugh at him and think they are so narrow minded. He does not likes to follow conformity, but always want to search for new ventures, new mystery. He will interest in a life of a millionaire as much as a life of an old man selling newspaper on a sidewalk vendor. He likes to search and analyze people and things. He will analyze his friends or his girl friend, and once the mystery is gone, he will search for new puzzle to solve. He can not easily understand thing, so he will gradually learning about you till he fills up all his questions. He knows so many people, but he has a few friends. He looks for quality friends than quantity friends. He will be close with some friends shortly and move on. He always feel lonely even surround by many people.

He could create his own little world, and sometimes no one would understand him. He looks only for future and he thinks he lives for the future. He may wonder how many people think like he does, but he does not want to be like the others. A man with a conflicting personality. He is a cool, understanding, able to work well, and very artistic. Taurus man could be an artist. He could shock you as much as he is able to clam you down when you up set. He is a free spirit who likes venture, but when he wants to be alone, do not touch him but to let him be. He won’t disappear from the crowds too long, he will be back. He will give you straight forward opinion or comments, but will never advice what he thinks you should do. He does not like people to tell him what he should do too. He thinks each individual dreams and thoughts should be very private. He will use his brain not his body strength, so he will let other guys compete. He has a certain satisfactory in life and hate to force himself in competition. He may seem careless, but actually he is a thinker and a stubborn one. He sees anything in details and not easily trusted people till he thinks he knows them well. You can just smile and he will think why and what are you smiling about, and if you are pretending. Once he trust you and accept you as a friend, no one can say other wise to change that for he will not listen to gossip. He will be honest and sincere to his friends. He hates lies, so he will not tell you lies. If he finds it is necessary to lie, he will find other ways not to tell you or avoid telling you anything. If he really has to lie, you will never be able to tell that he is lying. He can really keep secrets, so you will hardly know that he is a lonely soul. If you want this kind of guy, you have to be an interesting person. He has to be curious about you. Hell for him is “No Freedom”, so if he marries you then you should know it is the biggest decision in his life. Always be interesting, and then you could have him beside you.

  1. #1 by charmy on July 20, 2007 - 9:30 pm

    my boyfriend is taurus.. n da things riten in dis description is so true. i mean he is just like. but hard luck we fight a lot. i am saggitarius. so its always gona be trouble but still we love each other alot. i cant live without him. he’s just so loving and caring. but when he’s stubborn, he ruins everything, even da surprises! neways, it is really described very well. and i’ll keep hoping always dat everything settles between us soooon.

  2. #2 by Preethu on April 22, 2008 - 5:40 am

    Well my best friend is a taurean!! jus coz am lil too much into these sun signs,offlately he too started a bit of this reading n jus forwarded this link to me… thts how am gonne drop in my comments-
    In the first place i say he is MAN’S MAN! u wont meet such an UNDERSTANDING n SENSIBLE guy, the things marked in green r truly to be looked in when i count on my taurean frnd but wanna highlight some things which is left out from both green n blue here is that “he knows many people but he will be close with only some and he looks for quality frnds than quantity frnds,
    He could create his own little world, and sometimes no one would understand him,
    Once he trust you and accept you as a friend, no one can say other wise to change that for he will not listen to gossip
    – all which are very much true at the same time somethings which are completely wrong like
    “He will be close with some friends shortly and move on
    He does not care what people think when he behaves weird”

    in my own opinion on the negative side :
    he can be the most stubborn person and
    when he is angry or irritated he can be the most brutal
    person in his own way of letting it out, he can never shout but as we know slow poisioning can cause double the amount of hurt others can give us 🙂 again this happpens once in a blue moon when am real unlucky and he is really provoked!!

    above all,
    one thing u can be sure of is if he is friends with anyone, thts for sure n life time offer”
    and i love him for that

  3. #3 by nikki on June 9, 2008 - 8:06 pm

    Never read anything more true in my life!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m a taurus female dealing with a taurus male. Hes wonderful, but so complex. This write up says it all perfectly!!

  4. #4 by brown_eyes70 on June 22, 2008 - 1:22 am

    I’m a Scorpio woman, who about 1yr ago met this amazing but very complex Taurus man. I’m one who has learned to develope patience but with him it can be very trying. One day he is telling me we are dating, the next he states he just want — with no strings attached??? We go for a few months without talking but at the end we always seem to find eachother. When we are together it’s the greatest, he is so kind, loving and tender. That is why I’m so confused about him and how to appoarch him or if I should keep on trying.
    Something about this man just intrigues me! I last saw him about 3 weeks ago when I left he told me to call him. So I try and I get texts saying, “I’m in a meeting” so frankly I dropped it. I’m NOT one to chase a man but I sure do love the challenge. It’s silly but my heart tells me he truly does like me but I also know he has gone through some rough patches. He is divorced twice and has 4 kids total, ohh and not to forget a job that keeps him there 24/7. I’m very confused at this point and I don’t want to be a pushie woman but right now I really don’t know where I stand, If I stand anywhere with him at all.
    Is there a Taurus man out there that can relate to this behavior, action?? If so can you tell me how should I appoarch this or should I even try?


  5. #5 by Priya barti on June 25, 2008 - 5:23 am

    Since Taurus is my friendship sign( Realized after a research of 6 years. from my college days) I admire Taurus qualities. Sincere, loyal, calm(sure, they are not aggressive), humourous… etc
    One thing I am sure, they are good friends.
    At times, when my mom says about the alliance she is considering for me, I would always try to know their date of birth. Just to know if he is aTaurus!!!!

  6. #6 by Bre on June 27, 2008 - 9:07 pm

    I have been dating a taurus man off and on for about a year now. He is the most mysterious person (male or female) that I have ever met in my life. I love him very much and just when it seems we are about to move to the next level like moving in or even saying I love you, he backs up and I don’t hear or see from him for days or even weeks. I am an Aries and I’m very impatient, but something tells me he will be worth the wait because when we are together he treats me like a princess. He buys me whatever I want, takes me to nice places and is very affectionate. Taurus men are nuts! And I’m starting to think so am I for dealing with a Taurus man. This will be the absolute last Taurus I will ever deal with.

  7. #7 by brown_eyes70 on July 2, 2008 - 3:26 am


    That’s to funny. My Taurus man is exactly the same way??? I have never dated a Taurus man until last year and now I must say I’m so intrigued by them. I love the challenge but there are times when I feel I’m on the endless rollar coaster ride. I have to say I gave up on my last Taurus man because he tells me to call, text or email but he never response back. Well he does on his time.
    I just recently started dating another Taurus man well lets just say they are like two peas in a pod. With this one though I have learned to go at this pace, not be pushy, needy or to over whelming. They can not handle that type of emotion and will block you out. I find Taurus men to be sweet, kind, loving, tender and funny.
    I believe that my last taurus man was placed in my life to prepare for this one. I’m happy with this one so far, he is attentive as long as I don’t push him.


  8. #8 by scorpio on September 18, 2008 - 6:53 am


    Thanks for your comments, I too am a Scorpio just started seeing a Taurus man…what a ride!! But, I don’t want to let go….your comments helped me a lot. My guy is also so very considerate, treats me like a princess, works 24/7, sweet, kind, loving, tender and funny….has had some recents ‘bumps in the road’. Like you, I find him so intriguing, haven’t heard from him for a week. Not sure what the issue is…but something tells me I’ll be hearing from him again one day…beginning to think I should move on, but it is hard, because when we are together it is so wonderful.

  9. #9 by Sagi-Grl on November 3, 2008 - 3:07 pm

    I have a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOOOOR crush on a Taurus guy!
    I met him through a very good friend and had always been hearing about him. The second i saw him i practically fell for him.

    I do feel that he is interested but he never initiated anything!!! I’m the one who always msgs him.. He never ignores my messages yet replies when he finds it appropriate. When I call him he always picks up and he is extra sweet… I dont get it 😦

    I havent been msging him for the past few days and neither has he. I donno if i should msg him or just wait for him to msg me.

  10. #10 by Frustrated on November 19, 2008 - 12:22 am

    I am dating a Tarus man too and everything everyone is complaining about is identical to what I am dealing with. This is the third Taurus man I have dated. 2 of them were very similar but the third one was a bit different but still was stubborn. The one I am with now also confuses the heck out of me. One minute he is so talkative and affectionate and caring and sweet and then the next minute he is rude, mean and distant. When it’s good it’s great but when it’s bad I just want to let him go. Talk about a roller coaster…I will be patient and see where it leads. I do notice that he does not like to be pestered and pushed. He doesn’t like anything that could seem like he is getting orders. I just let him be and carry on with my life and leave the ball in his court most times.

  11. #11 by pampula on November 29, 2008 - 1:48 pm

    i ve been with a taurus man for nearly 4 months: love him but never been with such a moody guy. he s driving me crazy. im a capricorn so my nature is i wanna KNOW NOW.but with him i try to be patient but it’s really really hard. cause i normally understand who i deal with but not him. i tried to give up and split up even if i didnt want to just to get a reaction but he didnt let me break up in his way. so i m more confuse than ever. when we re together he is sweet and caring even if we fight a lot, cause im really firy as well, and seems he loves this part of my personality but cant stand that at the same time.
    to cut the long story short i normally know which way to take but right now for the first time in my life i dont know and i find really hard to give up. does anybody have a suggestion?

  12. #12 by pampula on November 29, 2008 - 1:49 pm

    i ve been with a taurus man for nearly 4 months: love him but never been with such a moody guy. he s driving me crazy. im a capricorn so my nature is i wanna KNOW NOW.but with him i try to be patient but it’s really really hard. cause i normally understand who i deal with but not him. i tried to give up and split up even if i didnt want to just to get a reaction but he didnt let me break up in his way. so i m more confused than ever. when we re together he is sweet and caring even if we fight a lot, cause im really firy as well, and seems he loves this part of my personality but cant stand that at the same time.
    to cut the long story short i normally know which way to take but right now for the first time in my life i dont know and i find really hard to give up. does anybody have a suggestion?

  13. #13 by Talkdatishgirl on December 24, 2008 - 10:02 am

    Now…I am so relieved that other people are going thru this because I really thought that I was the only one going thru this…

    Now check it…I have been dealing with a Taurus for 6 months now. He is one of the most amazing men that I have ever met in my life. He is sweet, kind, talkative (when he’s not in a bad mood), and honest. He makes me wanna do better because he is constantly telling me things that I could do to improve myself.

    Unlike most of the other men I have dated in the past, I really like being with him but he is crazy, lol. One moment he’s the happiest person, the next moment he’s upset (about nothing) and wants to cop an attitude and not speak to you the rest of the night.

    He likes to have his alone time and cops this major attitude which lasts about 2 hours. I have found myself many days saying F this, this is too much work but later on catch myself because I was taught that the good ones are worth waiting for but goddamn, why does it have to be so much work loving a Taurus????

    Like someone said in the previous post, when its good, its great and when its bad, its bad… I find myself always cursing him out because he said something I didn’t like then being the one who ends up crying and apologizing. He acts all tough but he’s sensitive and he will remember some ish u said like a month ago.

    I am a virgo so I don’t play with him but he still has me on a rollercoaster but after reading this and coming up with my own suggestions- I think u just have to date them and have other people around until they come around because if ur only dating them- ur gonna wanna shoot em when he gets in those weekly moods and stop calling u. How I handled that was- I told him that I’m not accepting no man not calling me for no week or two weeks and after that we had no problem.

    I’m starting to get used to his “bi-polar acts”…when he get that attitude I ignore him now. Like someone said earlier- u have to have another life besides them…meaning make sure u have hobbies and homegirls- other wise u will drive yourself crazy. Hell, let’s start an internet support group for women who date Tauruses. I feel me and him are great together we just have some issues that need to be worked out. Now that I figured out all that stuff… I’m working on getting him to stop being so cheap. He will take me everywhere but when it comes down to gifts and stuff- he’s a little cheap (if u ask me)…once he get past that- he’ll be mine forever but until then…we shall see.
    All I can say is- this will be my last Taurus man… Yes its like the most beautiful experience I have had since my first love but its entirely too much work- real talk. I hope we make it work because I’m not playing no more games with this hard headed bull. Taurus men are just like Geminis just without the lies and sexual addictions. Hope this help you…email me for further talk… Peace.

  14. #14 by Talkdatishgirl on December 24, 2008 - 10:10 am

    Now…I am so relieved that other people are going thru this because I really thought that I was the only one going thru this…

    Now check it…I have been dealing with a Taurus for 6 months now. He is one of the most amazing men that I have ever met in my life. He is sweet, kind, talkative (when he’s not in a bad mood), and honest. He makes me wanna do better because he is constantly telling me things that I could do to improve myself.

    Unlike most of the other men I have dated in the past, I really like being with him but he is crazy, lol. One moment he’s the happiest person, the next moment he’s upset (about nothing) and wants to cop an attitude and not speak to you the rest of the night.

    He likes to have his alone time and cops this major attitude which lasts about 2 hours. I have found myself many days saying F this, this is too much work but later on catch myself because I was taught that the good ones are worth waiting for but goddamn, why does it have to be so much work loving a Taurus????

    Like someone said in the previous post, when its good, its great and when its bad, its bad… I find myself always cursing him out because he said something I didn’t like then being the one who ends up crying and apologizing. He acts all tough but he’s sensitive and he will remember some ish u said like a month ago.

    I am a virgo so I don’t play with him but he still has me on a rollercoaster but after reading this and coming up with my own suggestions- I think u just have to date them and have other people around until they come around because if ur only dating them- ur gonna wanna shoot em when he gets in those weekly moods and stop calling u. How I handled that was- I told him that I’m not accepting no man not calling me for no week or two weeks and after that we had no problem.

    I’m starting to get used to his “bi-polar acts”…when he get that attitude I ignore him now. Like someone said earlier- u have to have another life besides them…meaning make sure u have hobbies and homegirls- other wise u will drive yourself crazy. Hell, let’s start an internet support group for women who date Tauruses. I feel me and him are great together we just have some issues that need to be worked out. Now that I figured out all that stuff… I’m working on getting him to stop being so cheap. He will take me everywhere but when it comes down to gifts and stuff- he’s a little cheap (if u ask me)…once he get past that- he’ll be mine forever but until then…we shall see.
    All I can say is- this will be my last Taurus man… Yes its like the most beautiful experience I have had since my first love but its entirely too much work- real talk. I hope we make it work because I’m not playing no more games with this hard headed bull. Taurus men are just like Geminis just without the lies and sexual addictions. Hope this help you…email me for further talk… Peace.

    PS- this is how I know he might be the one…today he told me I’m the juice in his life because before me his life was simple. With me I have always been juicy just always needed some simplicity- that’s crazy right!

  15. #15 by taurus man on January 11, 2009 - 4:24 pm

    virgo ladies… he loves you very much. trust me. But why does he act all crazy?

    b\c he wants a certain kind of honest attention from you…and the mood swings is his way of getting that attention from you… with your reaction…a ‘truthful/sincere/honest” reaction from you (face, body language, otherwise)

    When actions are dubitable …reactions are what we we’ve got to keep us ‘in the know’

    sometimes your a bit preoccupied with worries or perfecting something else that you forget what matters to him? affection.
    dont ignore him. (give him space to breathe? sure) but if you ignore him. It’ll make him cheat on you, or some resentment will grow. He has the heart of a child… and so be appreciative of it… not critical… b\c thats the same passion you fell in love with him for, its the same trait in him that all your girlfriends are jealous about you in your couple, and its what calms you down after you go on your mental lockdowns

    even when he doesnt call… your taking this as him being indifferent…in my experience… really, its like savoring the moment and waiting to to free up my schedule, so I can give my all to her.

    hope this helps

  16. #16 by pampula on January 16, 2009 - 3:10 pm

    thank u for writing ur experience especially talkdatishgirl. really similar experience. why cheap gifts though,do they do that just at the beginning when they r not sure yet about us?and if a taurus man start to feel something in 5 months does he controls himself and doesnt express it and push u back, or would he start to date someone just because his love dumped him two years ago and she will get married with another so he s got no chance with her anymore? so my real question is do taurus man get over heart break after two years.and as they say is it just friendship between exes? please anyone reply to this.thanx

  17. #17 by meanttobe on February 20, 2009 - 3:05 am

    OMG!! Yeah, let’s start a support group for dating taurus men. I have been dating a taurus for 4 months now…OH! I’m a Libra btw…Goddess of love…needless to say…he’s very faithful etc…bla bla bla…but dang it…I’m working way too hard. If I had to rank his communication skills…it’s a 2!!!! Make it so bad he’s in customer service. Go figure! I love him really I do..but he’s confusing the fk out of me. He told me it was love at first sight…then just recently…he tells me that he can never say I LOVE YOU due to bad relationships…yes, it was bad. I’m in the process of telling him that we need to take a break for awhile but I feel like I’m letting him down….I don’t know…just confused. He’s going through a transition…and asked me for his support….but, I feel he doesn’t need to be with any woman at this time…he needs to focus on what he needs to do. Need advice on what to do…..

  18. #18 by Libra banana on March 13, 2009 - 10:32 am

    meanttobe and talkdashit girl. I agree with you. Have the same problem. Been out with 3 taurus in the past three years. They found me, have a big crush on me, beg me to like them and make me fall and then going all hot and cold.

    Can someone tell, this last one I am starting with we live in diff countires, he chase me for few months. then I went to see him had a wonderful weekend then disappear with nothing for two weeks now.

    I know I am quite patient since I got tons of experince . but why can a taurus tell me??

    Thanks 🙂 I am a libra by the way

  19. #19 by Virgo on March 20, 2009 - 3:13 am

    I have been reading what everyone has been saying, and I am also going through a similar experience myself, with a Taurus man. The only thing is, we aren’t dating, but he did say that he is attracted to me and also mentioned the “possibility” of us getting together in the future. I get mixed signals from him. He has shown signs that he is interested, but at the same time, he says that he doesn’t want a relationship with anyone. It’s driving me nuts. I won’t hear from him for a while, and then all of a sudden out of the blue, he will call.

    He even told me one day that he didn’t want me to start having feelings for him, but then one day he wanted to come over to see me, and we were drinking, and he started kissing me. So naturally, this stirs up my emotions a bit and I start thinking that he is starting to change his mind about wanting to be in a relationship with me. But still…..nothing. He told me that it shouldn’t have happened and said that he is attracted to me, but he has no feelings for me. Huh? Why would he kiss me? It all makes no sense. Most men, if they really like a woman and he is attracted to her, he will just be with her and make no excuses about it. For some reason, this guy is different.

    I spoke with him on the phone the other day, and was asking him why he would kiss me if he has no feelings for me. All he could tell me is that he was attracted to me, which frustrated me to hear such a simple explanation after he told me not to start having feelings for him, and then later he kisses me. We ended up arguing and he hung up on me. I have not heard from him since and don’t know if I should call him or just wait for him to call me, which may never happen.

    I believe that I made him mad by asking him about the situation, but I feel that I have a right to know what in the world he is trying to do, especially when what he says and what he does are two different things. I am so confused by the way he is doing things that I don’t know whether to be a little more patient with him and try to figure out where he is coming from, or to just forget about him altogether. Maybe by me asking questions, he may have seen this as being too pushy at a time when he might not have been ready to discuss this. I don’t know what to think at this point.

    I want to call him so bad, but knowing how stubborn and moody a taurus man can be, I am afraid that he will be cold or distant towards me if he is not ready to talk yet, and things may end up worse than they are now. Also, I don’t want him to feel pressured, so I have just been waiting for him to call me. Up until this point, we have been very close friends. I hate not knowing if he is ever going to speak to me again, or if he is so mad at me that he could care less if I even existed. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  20. #20 by Virgo on March 30, 2009 - 12:46 am

    Wow.. this site pretty much sums my ex up. He is a taurus and we dated for 2 years up until last week. We broke up and he thinks its all my fault (because they are never wrong). So he breaks up with me and that SAME night is holding my hand, crying(which I have NEVER seen him do) and kissing me. Then, he ignores me for 4 days all the while I’m calling him (not good) then finally calls and we talk normal. He says its not a good idea if we start dating right away but he thinks we can make it work if we are mean’t to be. Then, the next day he says he has no faith in this relationship. But we still talk?! Yesterday, we went to a park and had a picnic to talk and he says he’s not looking for anyone else and not going to be hooking up with other people and neither am I BUT he doesn’t want to date. F-ing confusing! He is so bad at communicating it drives me absolutely crazy! We also had sex yesterday…he says thats not what he wants from me but I have a feeling it is… Now, he is being a jerk and saying he will call me later. I mean what the hell am I supposed to do be patient and wait probably 5 months until he calls me?! F-that.. Does anyone have a similar situation? I mean i have so many mixed emotions…he wants to be with me, he doesn’t, he wants to have sex, blah blah blah. I don’t know if I can do this much longerrrr! They say virgos and taurus are the best match but I’m thinking other wise. I’m really hurt right now because he is giving me mixed feelings and I don’t want to move on but I think I need to?!

  21. #21 by jess on April 12, 2009 - 6:52 pm

    lol I have so much fun reading thur all the comment and admit that it makes me feel so much better. I stumble across this site as i’m now getting involved with a taurus guy. I’m Aries by the way. If anyone would start a supporting group or know about where we can get and share idea about ‘taurus guy’ please tell me. Or you girls can add me:

    I never realized before the sign play so big part in relationship.

    I’m not even know if what I’m having with this guy is a relationship or not. I call it a somewhat semi-relationship. I only dating him for 4 months. We manage to meet like every 2 weeks mostly for dinner (we did have sex but only 2 times and the fact that he still being sweet and want to see me just for dinner and sweet time make me feel right and good that he is not after me just for sex)

    Like some said above, when its good its great. But when we parted we are like stranger who only contact thru text message like once a day or once in two day…

    I’m not sure if he is having someone else at home or dating other women also. Not that I dont care but I was hurt in my previous relationship before so I’m very cautious not giving my heart out so I dont bother (or atleast convince myself not to) finding out about him.

    Its funny because I also give him a comment that he should get checked because he looks like having those ‘bi-polar’ personality since one minute he is super sweet and was about to tell me the ‘love’ word but the next minute he can just turn thing around by picking on me or making a mean joke. I was upset and took it as offense before and almost giving up on him too many times but as i know him better now I start to get used to…

    would love to read more from girls who are seeing taurus guy (hope I’m still having something to do with him though…)

  22. #22 by ARIES GIRL on April 20, 2009 - 5:52 pm

    OMG… i have read these posts now over the past 1/2 hour and they all ring completely true…. why were Taurus men invented, they are completely BI-POLAR, but completely addictive…. There should be a channel on TV dedicated to these strange creatures !!!

    I am head over heels in lust with a Taurus guy, i am an Aries girl. They say we are not a good match, but being honest that is an absolute load of baloney. Aries need Earth, Earth needs fire. He can be an absolute pain in the butt, and calm me down one minute, only to infuriate me the next.

    Very loving, attentative guys… they know how to suck you in. The minute you lose there trust, that is it!!

    They dont like head games, yet they are the ones ACTUALLY doing it….

  23. #23 by jess on April 21, 2009 - 2:02 pm

    Anybody have any idea what would be a nice Birthday gift for a Taurus guy?

    I was thinking to get a perfume but not sure its a good idea because this bull can be so blunt and hurt my feeling if he doesnt like the my tast as I sent him a few song lists before and he return my favor by telling me none of the songs I sent he find interesting, they are bad melody with uninteresting lyrics….. shock? No. But sensitive, yes.

    So may be its better to get something around his taste and his usual ways. As I see my taurus is so set in a way for everything. Eat at same place, stay at same hotel, wear cloths same color (I even suspect if he wear the same old cloths everytime but no he just have a dozen of the same pattern/same colour!)

    Would appreciate some idea, Thanks

  24. #24 by jess on April 21, 2009 - 4:02 pm

    Oh cant help to add some more, my taurus guy is very arrogant with his sharp toungue which is ready to cut anyone who want to fcuk with him up, his attitude is like go ahead fcuk with me and I fcuk you more…. crazy!

    And what annoy me from time to time is when he is not there for me when i just need him since we dont contact everyday or as often as any other normal couples…

    So apart from his insensitive dry-to-even- mean humour and the fact that he is not always there for me, He is just simply irrisistable!

  25. #25 by scorpio on April 22, 2009 - 4:44 pm

    hi scorpio bown eyes…i too am a scorpio and married to a taurus man… now let me tell you few things about them..”T’ are very straight forward ppl but set in their ways..They like girls who are very feminine and behave in a feminine way…they are very look concious so they always look out for attractive girls… now if you like him and keep him then you need to slowly n steadily push him to your side…thats what i did to my “T” husband…they are very indecisive ppl…sply when they are matured and also your case is also of a guy whi is been he will take a lot of time to decide what he wants to do…they take very deliberate n measured steps….when i was dating my husband he never used to say anything concrete to me so all i did was dress up to my best have polite converstaions with him…and once the dating was over after few days ask him for will have to take all the steps..they are not the kinds who will show how excited they are to see you…you just need to be there for him,talk to him often and show him that u r very interested in him… he will slowly but definitely moves towards you…. also never be tomboyish infront of him..if you get hurt ..just show how upset you are with tears and hust few words…dont go on and on about it… You are scorpio iam sure he does find you intriguing..he will be yours one day…but do all this only if you want him 100%..these guys are very tuff to deal with..ask me now that i have him as my husband… You can also win him by baking a cake or whtever he likes…and tell him you made it..(even if you bought it from market;)… he loves all this kind of gestures

  26. #26 by patience on April 27, 2009 - 6:19 pm

    Wow, wow, wow! I thought I was the only “good looking, sexy, intelligent, and confident woman going through this! Truly, I am relieved. This Taurus goes months without setting up a date and I’m like “what the hell”! I actually met my Taurus when I was seperated from my first marriage. This man came into my life and gave me hope that I will be treated like I deserve to be treated some day. I really love this man, really. He has gone as far as to show me the diamond ring he bought me. He says “whenever you’re ready” That’s how he presented it to me. I respond by telling him I can wait until he’s sure. I don’t want him to later blame me for dragging him into a commitment with me. I just want things to fall in place. After all of that this man still moves at his own pace! Ha, and I still have these days when I’m like “what the hell”. Now he has moved a little further, he calls when he feels like it. That pisses me off all the time. But check this out! He’s always asking people about me and always talking about me, I have never in my life met a man like this one. I want more but, I am so scared to sit and wait for this man just to have him break my heart, I’m really scared about that. I do have a life outside of my relationship, however, he’s always on my mind, and I’m praying to God this man is well worth the wait but, only time will tell. I just don’t know how much longer I can wait.

  27. #27 by Taurus girl on April 29, 2009 - 7:03 pm

    Slow to move and slow to make a decision, which is what is said about the TAURUS man, which is all true, My Taurus man I have known for almost 12 years, we dated back when I was 21 and did not want a committed relationship? As the years moved on and we went our separate ways, we made it back together, and I can tell you that he is very, very difficult, he is not sure what he wants, very fickle minded when it comes to relationship he will want to be in control.

    But it does not mean that he does not care about you, he just has a hard time showing it. He will say I don’t want to be in a relationship today , and Wednesday call and tell you that he cant live without you, and by the way, please don’t ask him “ how he feels about you” you will not get an answer. He will avoid the question and find ways later to show you how he feels.

    Taurus are very loving, just don’t like to be rushed into anything, time is the only answer and when he feels like he can trust you, he will give you what you want. You have to basically act as if you don’t care about him in order to get his attention. He will like to have his space.

    Once he is involved with you he will not cheat on you a very loyal man. I am a TAURUS and I am still having a hard time, although we are born the same month says apart we are so very different, we have some characteristics alike, but he wants to have his way and so do I. but we can’t leave each other alone. He has told me three times within one year that he does not want a relationship. So I am letting things go as it should..SLOW!!!

  28. #28 by jess on April 30, 2009 - 12:48 pm

    Anybody can suggest me an idea for a birthday gift for a taurus man?

    I’m so nervious because I used to send him some songs and he replied me those songs are uninteresting with bad melody…. so i doubt if i give him purfume and he didnt like it he would return me the direct and mean comment. Thinking about an electric shaver but since he likes to be in control so he only use normal shaver…

    Since everybody said food is a way to Taurus, so may be i should just get him chocolate or cake?

  29. #29 by Taurus girl on May 1, 2009 - 3:07 pm

    It depends on his personality, I know from being Taurus women and dating a Taurus man, we can be very picky at times. Does he like jewelry? If so get him a silver bracelet he would like that. Make it simple, he is not a fussy man; if you did get cologne make sure that smell is not to it strong.

    Or just surprise him and take him out to eat, but ask him first if he has any planes for his birthday. What day is it?

  30. #30 by A frustrated girl on May 1, 2009 - 4:12 pm

    well………….what a suprise! im dealing with the same situation…..I have been dating this taurus guy for a few months. He is exactly a taurus to a tee. Simple man, stubborn but very sensual and loving. Our situation is a little difficult because we work together and its strictly against the rules to be dating but we are anyways. I thought things were going well until sunday when he told me we shouldn’t hang out anymore. hes confused, doesn’t know what he wants, doesnt know if he wants a relationship, etc, etc, etc. But he still likes me and hopes there is more in the future. He still calls me babe, and sweetie but doesn’t want to hang out cuz he is confused. I dont know what to do but the more i want him the more I feel he slips away. He feels one thing one minute but then an hour later I feel like he changes his mind. This roller coaster ride is making me crzy. I am patient with him and I try to give him his space but that doesn’t seem to work either. Im truly lost because he is such a great guy. Are all taurus men the same??? seems that way. Every time I ask him to talk about it he doesn’t know what to say. But last week I thought everything was great. We don’t always talk on the phone but when we see eachother its awesome. Somehow I feel like i shouldn’t give up on this just yet……I know there is something there just by the way he looks at me. I try not to push him because the more I do that the worse it is. But being a Leo woman I am very agressive WANT TO KNOW NOW kinda person. But since I know my nature as a leo I have compromised and let down my guard for this guy. He doesn’t want a relationship but still is attracted to me and wants me. I wish he would make up his mind instead of playing me for a fool. Cuz i am that fool that will wait for this great guy!

  31. #31 by Taurus girl on May 1, 2009 - 6:22 pm

    Frustrated Girl,

    You just have to wait it out! because he does not know what he wants right now, believe me. Dont pressure him you have to act like your not interested, and make him chase you.

    Taurus are very moody, and like to be bothered at his/her own time. Just remember, if he didnt want you, he would have left a long time ago, he is worth the wait. its the gettitng there that becomes so hard.

    Get busy, find things that will keep you occupied. because he will drive you nuts with his roller coaster swings. I am involved with a Taurus man and he drives me crazy, but at the same time, I understand him because i dont like it when guys pressure me, I come around when I am ready. and it may take a long time before he trust you, he needs to feel comfortable with you before he gives you his heart.

    so just sit back and enjoy the RIDE!

  32. #32 by jess on May 2, 2009 - 5:29 pm

    Thanks Taurus girl.

    I dont see him wear any jewelry at all so not sure if he would like any on him even as a gift. This guy is very strange he only wear white tshirt and black trousers!!! I mean he really only wear this as if its his uniform. I saw his photos of 5 years ago exactly on his black n white uniform!!! so i can cut out the choice about cloths because I’m sure he is not going to wear anything other than his uniform…and I’m not going to give him one more set.

    His birtday is on 16 of May which is approahcing. But this taurus can be just a pain in the butt sometimes. Today I text him to complain about he not contacting me for few days he replied in mail saying sorry and that he tried to adjust since we cant be together so often so he thinks its no need to think too much of me… but know that he always happy to see me and want to see me everytime it is possible…. I’m just speechless.

    I cant think of a perfect gift for such an arrogant with a sharp tounge, isolated and worlaholic taurus than a kick in the butt… (but a kiss on the cute face after)

    But the fact that he gaves me a limited edition of the classic chanel no5 perfume (even i dont really like the smell) it tells me this guy got taste so i want to give him something classy but also useful. Thanks in advance for any help but if I cant find anything better I will stick with the electric shaver (atleast if he hate it he can put it as decorative item a face vibrator…)

  33. #33 by jess on May 2, 2009 - 5:44 pm

    Frustrated girl,

    One of my bestfriends is a Leo girl so I know how aggressive and hot tempered you guys are. But try to take it easy and slow.

    You really cant push the Taurs. I remember when I first get to know my taurus he also told me he doesnt expect anything with me. He just like the way things go and how it feels hanging out with me (i dont know how he can call it hanging out when we only see each other once in 2 weeks and never talked on the phone just 1 text every other day…) He never even mentioned anything about relationship but i know taurus guy (at least this guy) dont really care to have more friends as he is satisfied with a very few but quality friends he already has. Months passed by and now its 5 months he started telling me more his feeling yet never slipped out the L word. I doubt if he ever felt it to anyone and if he would ever feel it with me. I hope I have all the patient to wait to find out…

    So if the taurus guys still hang around it means he wants to have something with you but he will need time to feel what it is he wants.

    Like Taurus girl said get busy with your own thing, sit back and enjoy the ride 😉

  34. #34 by catlover on May 4, 2009 - 3:50 pm


  35. #35 by saggi girl on May 4, 2009 - 4:07 pm

    hi, everyone, wow, i am not surprised that everyone felt the same way about taurus guy as i am one of you guys. i have been seeing this guy for over a year and we became boyfriend and girlfriend after 2 months as i am a really into title person for what you are going to do, it has to match up with the title. so he gave me the title after 2 months while he was asking me if i would be ok if things did not work out. He approached me on the street and finally got my phone number but you are not gonna belive that he finanlly asked me out after over 1 month talking over the phone. but make the story short, i broke up with him after he gave me the title as girlfriend as he drives me crazy, well if i have found this site earlier, maybe i wouldn’t have done that to him. anyway, we got back together, seeing each other every week, he called me every other day to make sure i am safe and ok. Taurus man does have a protective side of the one he cares about, when i asked for the title back, he refused to do it. he said that he only wanted to give me the title back when things are stable. i don’t understand what he means stable, argument and fight are inevitable right? i totally lost, well, i just wanted to let you guys know that he did say he loves me but also told me that he is not ready for commitment. so, i dumped him and got him back, God, it happened a few times, i do not even remember. Those taurus man are the pain in my ass and huge pain i never expected. My case is little bit different, he is seperating from his wife for over 2 years and will get a divorce this year, his birthday is approaching in a few days. i saw him yesterday and i cooked the meal for him and he spent 3 hours at my place as it is the only day he is off. he has to go home to do the laundry or get ready to work as he is having a new job. He called me on the same night to say good night, but still thinking about the meal i did for him over and over again, Taurus man did love eating, so i think if you are a good cook can win some point, but i don’t know if it will work on the commitment issue that we all are waiting for. I don’t know, they are like that, one time you feel they love you, the other time you doubt it. so, i just wanted to let you guys know not to feel bad about what you have, me? like over a year dating and still did not get the commitment yet. you are not alone, but i think it is good to share the experience here, since we are all dealing with the pain in the ass…….. I think it would be nice if someone has some positive experience like married to one or engaged to one, so we can have some tips, you know……

  36. #36 by jess on May 5, 2009 - 1:42 pm

    To update my situation, I just decided tonight I will stop seeing my Taurus date now, after I text him that I felt bad for him not sending any contact for almost a week and he text back and told me to meet but he failed to do that 2 times now. Tonight we suppoed to meet and it was him to ask to meet fast. I realized now he only ask to see me on his own convenience without making an effort when I wanted to see him. I guess it will be a problem in the long future so better I break it off now that letting time pass by too long to get hurt in the future.

    Now that I already bought a gift for his coming soon birthday (I shouldnt have bought it too soon…damn the 10% off) now I doubt how I will give it him or may be give it to one of my friends instead.

    Also I dont know how I will tell him all the reason for me to stop with him, may be do it in email since his life is all about on the computer almost 24/7.

    Will keep you update (if you dont get bored yet)

  37. #37 by saggi girl on May 5, 2009 - 2:51 pm

    wow, you are a very decisive girl, i admire that. i tried to do that for a few times but it always ended up forgiving him by going back to him. it sounds so familiar with my situation with him whenever we decided to see each other. Most of the time is on his term, i do not know if it is the typical for taurus or they are just not that into us. I think someone will need to share with us…..

  38. #38 by jess on May 5, 2009 - 3:48 pm

    Yeah just like yours, most of the time (actually every time) is on his term and I already gone out of my way giving in as much as possible and I have the same doubt if its anything to do with Taurus or he is just not that into me… so now i’m giving up.

    But consider his lifestyle and his personality I’m sure if I continue to stick with him I’ll have to put up with this for the rest of our course… which he even said it himself that he is sure this is not the last time he made me feel bad…

    Believe it or not he never called me, claimed that he hates talking on the phone and that he almost never called his mom (only chat from computer) why would he call me… yeah sounds arrogant i know.

    I’m an Aries, I’m very sensitive by nature. Now that I cant talk to him on the phone, used to get a text message like 1 message everyday but now only 1 every other day… and we never chat since he think chatting is a waste of (his working) time. And now that we only see each other less than 1 time a week. You tell me seems there is no way for me to reach out to him when i need! what good is a deal! I know he is super busy (i’m smart enough to find a way to trace his movement;-)) but if he is happy and enjoy living his bull(shit) world then i better leave him alone than get myself crazy from time to time…

    Wish me luck!

  39. #39 by saggi girl on May 5, 2009 - 8:24 pm

    yeah, you are right. let me know how it turns out when you tell him your decision. mine does call every other day but does not like to talk much over the phone, it normally 15 minutes, but he did tell me that he does not like to text, so i text him a few times but he only text back when he was needed. I have noticed that he does not text back when he receive the text message from anyone including from his sister. so, yours does text. so, they are so weird, right? never be normal, or maybe they are happened to be the abnormal one that we happened to meet. wish you good luck and keep me posted….

  40. #40 by Taurus girl on May 7, 2009 - 4:58 pm


    The only reason that your Taurus does things on his term is because he has to be in control of the relationship, Taurus is control freaks. He will not always be this way, but you can’t keep breaking it off with him unless you really mean it, because Taurus like stability, although he may not want a committed relationship at this point, he will at his own time.

    He has to be able to trust you, and start looking at this relationship different, if you act as if you doesn’t care, watch how he acts. I am a Taurus; believe me, once we think that a person is crazy over us, we than pull back. Or if we feel as if things are moving to fast, we slow it down, by not answering your text, or phone call.

    if you text him and he doesn’t text back, don’t blow up, act as if it doesn’t bother you, i know it sounds weird and crazy, but Taurus men act as if they are bipolar. You can’t think rational with them in the beginning, and your relationship is still new. He doesn’t know if he wants to be your friend or you man, he is confused because Taurus men are slow to show their feelings, and once he does you will be chasing him away with a stick, he will not let you breath, Taurus men are very possessive.

  41. #41 by Jess on May 8, 2009 - 5:00 am

    @Taurus girl, really appreciate your contribution!

    He always text/email back (but takes him hours to do so…) but what annoys me most is the fact that I cant reach out to him when I need him. What a ridiculous rule: he told me to misscall when i send him email, we use text to arrange meetings and when any of us arrive first we misscall… so phone is for text and misscall… I never met anyone like this (and I doubt if this is just a rule for me as he might already have a gf and secretly see me I dont know) and I tried to act like I dont care to find out and dont care the facts that his weird things bother me but believe me as an Aries who love being active and going forward all the way, its just so hard.

    Once I had a hard time and couldnt reach him I text him what can i do, he replied if I dont abuse the system he can use msn to chat sometimes if it helps and if we cant meet, i just have to ask him… i was speechless!!! why so many conditions?! and i even have to ask!!

    What is it about the Taurus needing to feel the trust first to be able to move forward, while sending all those mixed signal, not to mention about trust but we doubt if he is playing us or what! Trust should be reciprocated.

    I know its very difficult (if not impossible) for a Taurus to change but would you never compromise?

    Not just Taurus wont change but you want to change the other. He tries to push me, to break my wall (that is what he comes up with a term I didnt even know I have a wall…) to convince me to his term…. I told him it is about respect and he said there is no such thing, respect is bullshit… if we are seeing each other we need to be very comfortable to each other. yeah but he keeps acting bipolar I doubt where is my comfortable zone…

    Sorry for a long ranting, see how a Taurus drive me crazy!

  42. #42 by iamgladiamwhoiam on May 8, 2009 - 6:10 am

    Virgo from March 20th. (Above) I am going through the same thing except he says he misses me and enjoys being with me. He also said that every time he has feelings, he runs away. Sounds like yours is being truthful with you, Virgo. Don’t let him play the games and forget about him. Tauruses don’t usually lie about their feelings. Don’t let him use you! They are too difficult for me so I’m gonna have to bounce. Good luck all of you patient/ Taurus lovers. 🙂 I was already married to one, I’ve had my share!! Except my ex husband didn’t play games with me. He did ditch me on our first date but I called him and yelled at him….lol. I guess he liked that.

  43. #43 by saggi girl on May 8, 2009 - 2:21 pm

    i am saggi girl and i don’t have patience, but this relationship really tested my patience, see, i am still hanging here stupidly but it almost run out. yesterday was his birthday, we did not see each other as he needed to work and will get off very late, when he called me the day before yesterday, he was telling me that he might go for a beer with his boss after work. I was little jealous and joking that i can not believe that you go with your boss instead of me on your birthday and he is laughing and saying that it is just a beer and we will make up some other day. and also asked me why i always put myself in his schedule everytime when he does something. It will make him nervous. then i told him it is because he is important to me, he said ” yeah, by making me feel guilty”. Jesus, i didn’t get it. so, he told me that either he call me or i call him on his birthday, which was yesterday. he told me that he will probably by home at 9:15pm. so, i called him but he did not anwer, he called me back 10 minutes later and sounds very tired and moody. i do not know why. i asked if he went with his boss, he said that he did not as some work issue got in the way and they will make it up another time but everyone at work wish him happy birthday. He sounds very moody and i do not know why. he was telling me that it is not easy job to do and he talked to his dad but his dad stressed out too because of his work. his mom did not call him and he will call his mom on mother’s day and also has to make a trip to see her ( her mom is not in good shape). so, I just want to cheer him up by saying something he might like, so i asked what does he do at his work as it is always interesting to me, He went like” why you have some many questions, i don’t want to talk about it, what do you want to know?’, i was like” well, i am just interested in your job and want to know how you do it, that is it”. i don’t know why he became so defensive and very moody. then he briefly explained a little bit, so, i told him to go to sleep as he sounds very tired. he said that he is. so, he gave me the kiss-good-night over the phone and told me that he will call me on Saturday if we don’t talk on friday( he might go out for a beer with his boss). i said ok, we hung it up. Jesus, everone told me that they are very manly but is it the characteristic of being manly. sorry for naging here but i am just tired of all these moody bullshit. I thought being moody is supposed to be the patent of woman. could anyone happily married with taurus tell me what to do?

  44. #44 by Taurus girl on May 8, 2009 - 3:32 pm

    SaggI Girl,

    Taurus are very moody, especially when there is a lot going on, and because you are a Sagittarius you are very laid back and easy going, you want the attention from the Taurus, but because of your lack of patience it can tend to come across as being pushy. It sounds like he is into you, but once again, Taurus man like to take it very slow, its because Taurus over analyzed everything, he has to take extra steps before giving you all of him, anything that you have told him about yourself , believe me, has analyzed it. We literally do, we have a hard tuff exterior but we are very loving and are very sensitive to the core, so he must make sure that you are the one that he can spend his time with, Taurus take relationships very serious,

    He sounds as if he has a lot going on, and all you can do is be there as a friend, don’t expect anything from him, and try not to sound disappointed when he doesn’t call, he will take that as you trying to control him. I know this sounds a little crazy, but I am so familiar with the Taurus characteristics because I am born under that same sign And I have been told by every man that I have ever dated that I am a HAND FULL!!!

    So just do your own thing, try calling him once in a while and act as if you got so much going on. Sound up beat. If you are interested in sticking around you have to make yourself busy. My Taurus man drove me crazy for the first 6months, until I started analyzing him, his moods swings, You can tell when the Taurus is in a bad mood, he really want have to much to say, but when he’s feeling good you cant get him to stop talking.(smile)..

    Just pay attention to his actions. And once he feels like he is getting close to you, he will pull away, because he has to be in control, even his feelings, up until he cant take it any more. And he is very honest about his feelings if he was opposed the question.

    Just relax and try not to look to deep into it, he likes you. He is going through a lot he will come around, he is born under the Month of MAY, may Taurus are different than April, he has more a mixture of the Gemini characteristics because of the date I was born the 18th of May, so believe me, if he was not interested, you would have been gone a long, long, long time ago, because Women flock to him…

  45. #45 by Taurus girl on May 8, 2009 - 3:41 pm


    My Taurus man did the same thing to me in the beginning, and I used to go off on him, and he would act even worse, wouldn’t answer text, email, phone, nothing until he was ready, it literally drove me crazy. Until I started analyzing him, I turned it around on him, if I called and he didn’t answer the first time, I wouldn’t call again, and if and when he called me back, guess what? Yep, I wouldn’t answer. I would wait until two days later to call again, and I wouldn’t mention that I called you and you didn’t pick up. It was crazy in the beginning, but I got it under control, were if I call him and he cant answer right away he will call later on to say “what’s Up”..

    And I doubt it if he has a girl and didn’t tell you the truth, Taurus men are very straight forward, sometimes to straight forward,

    But remember, who wants a relationship that you didn’t have to work at, anything quick and easy don’t last, Yes he is a lot of work, but if you feel that you don’t have the patience and that it is not worth your time, yes leave. Don’t stick around and get hurt, move on.

    Taurus are always misunderstood, because we don’t let our true self be known until a year later, or when the wall has been broken.

    I wish you all the best!!

  46. #46 by saggi girl on May 8, 2009 - 4:11 pm

    hi, Taurus girl,

    Thank you so much for your help and i am so glad that we got you here. yeah, you are right and i have to analyze the situation when i deal with him, which would be better for me as i always act on my emotion, which i can see it is hard for him to deal with. i cried a few times over the phone when there is an occasion i felt that i was being ignored. so, he turned into very soft man that i wanted and tried to give me attention by texing me one time to see if i did well with my test( i suggested him when i cried over the phone to text me sometime to let me know he is thinking of me even though he does not call me on the day), so he did it but a few days later everything was back to normal. Taurus girl, how often do you talk to your guy? as mine just call every other day before he go to bed to say good night . he does not like to talk long only 10-15 minutes, sometimes, only 5 minutes….

  47. #47 by FabLibra on May 9, 2009 - 6:28 am


    OMG….Ive been reading the posts and everyone is so on point with the Taurus man. I am going through the same exact thing as most of you are.

    Ive been seeing my Taurus for about 4months. In the beg he was HOT & HEAVY over me! I wasnt really that interested at first. Hed call some mornings just so he’d be the first person I talked to, hed txted just to say hey, he’d sneak and call me while he was at work (he does overnight shifts) we communicated alot. He was so sweet, that he swept me right off my Libra toes. Then this second full-time job came about. Thats when it ALL changed.

    No more phone calls, no more txts. We’d make plans..he wouldnt show up. Now Im the one calling, txting, trying to reach out to him, trying to let him know Im here. He doesnt have time for me. I feel like im pushing to hard, but he will NOT budge. When I ask to many questions he shut dwn. He answers when hes ready! And as a Libra, my ego is very bruised. Im thinking how come he’s not falling at my feet?

    He keeps telling me he likes that give me hope. Hes the type that likes a lady lady. No loudness, no cursing…basically know your role. So yelling at him does me no pushes him further. Weve gotten into a couple of disagreements over my tongue. He wont yell back..he wont fight..he IGNORES me, and that is the worst. Eventually he forgives me..he says only because he likes me. Otherwise he wouldnt go for it. IDK what to do at this point. I feel like Im competing with this sec job. Hes so mean and snappy now. I knw he works 24/7..but I feel like he takes it out on me. I ask him if he wants me to leave him alone..he says No. But I keeping asking myself am I just here for decoration..someone he keeps in the back of his mind? Because there is almost NO contact now. I feel like if I dont txt or call…I’d be waiting forever to hear from him!

    When will it be our time..when will I knw hes ready??? I know they have to make up in their minds about the girls that they like. But what else can I do to prove to him that Im ready..and he can trust me? Im so ready for this guy to sweep me off my feet again, and make me his forever. When were together the chemistry is so right. He is such a man. The first night we shared was heaven..he held me the entire night. I was thinking my god…where did this man come from? I am intrigued by I think i can be patient a lil while longer..but will this be in vain?

  48. #48 by Jess on May 9, 2009 - 6:42 pm


    I been dating my taurus for 5 months now and going thru the same thing (but mine is worse because we never talked at all on the phone! and the text used to be 1 message everyday but now 1 or 2 every other day…) Mine also work 24/7 I even doubt may be he works 48/14?? (if there is such thing) and one thing I can tell you from my little experience with Taurus, dont push him or you will push him away. Try to make him want to push you instead. Like Taurus girls suggest: act like it doesnt bother you, get yourself busy with your own things. I know it’s hard to practice but it works (I say this but I dont know how long I can keep doing this)

    Since I really hate fighting as much as I dislike the feeling that I have to push the other. So what I do is trying (ie pretending) to act cool like this never bother me. This might sound crazy but I can feel the more he opens up his feelings to me the less contact (on text) we have but we see each other more but then that lure me wanting to see him even more. So when he withdraw his contact, its now that it starts to annoy me. I told him right out and that is when he finds it’s surprised that I feel that way, he even said he never knew I think so much (excuse me? what?? me think so much? you dont contact me at all for almost a week and you say I think so much?!….)

    To update everyone, today out of the blue my taurus text me that he feels down feel like he failed, said may be he works too much and he wants to see me…. well, how can i say no?!

    So i went to see him and yeah you all can guess how it’s like spending time with a taurus. This time it surprises me because he suggested I should add him to chat on MSN!!! That was a big WOW. Yet, when I told him I’ll be on a trip to a beach with my gfs next weekend then he seriously asked me if its ok for me and my gfs if he wants to join us (even bigger WOW!!!) Really I was stunned.

    Is this normal? does this happen when a taurus doesnt sleep enough and get weak and emotional?

    But he also said something strange tonight, that he never keep friends with any ex but he likes me and think I’m interesting so if i found someone I like to have sex with I can tell him and he thinks he still want to have me as a friend as a person so i will never be a stranger to him… well I dont really like it the way he sounds, like he doesnt care… I dont know. And we never talked if we are dating exclusively so now that he mentioned that it just put me off from asking anything further.

    @Taurus girl,

    again thanks so much for your advice. You does help! Now I’m back on the ride, dont know what my taurus is playing trick or what this time.

    Will keep you guys update.
    Good luck to all you bull fighter!

  49. #49 by saggi girl on May 9, 2009 - 11:42 pm


    your situation is similar to mine at the beginning, and i have been dating with him for over a year and a lot longer than you and we are still not official yet. He does not see anyone else and does not want me to see anyone else. he told me that he has not made up his mind yet. Taurus man does take a very very very long time to decide but you have to tell him upfront about what you wanted out of this relationship and you are serious with him and you are not sleeping around but at the same time, you have to be prepared that nothing will be changed after the talk but at least he knows what you are thinking. Mine does ignore me sometime and also shut down when i asked him too many questions, so he told me to get out of my head and enjoy the time with him when he is with me. Also, sometimes, he was telling me to not worry too much and take it easy on myself and on him, otherwise, it makes him nervous. Let me tell you one thing, i do not think they are lying when they said that they are not ready to commit, as I asked for the commitment back one time after i broke up with him, he kept asking me why i broke up with him in the first place( if the same reason still exist, he won’t give me the commitment), so time went on, i moved into a new place and cooked a nice meal for him and he really saw a new side of me which kind of surprised him totally, i asked for the commitment( he is separating from his wife for 2 years now), he told me that his biggest struggle has been is if he is really for a relationship, then he told me he is ready, then a day goes on, i do not know what i did, he backed off and told me that he is not 100% sure that he is ready, then i broke off with him and 30 minutes later, he left me a very depressive message and sounds very sad and also crying…. so, I don’t think they are playing game because they are afraid of being hurt, so they won’t give their heart fully unless they are fully sure that you won’t hurt them…

    i just hope you good luck and sometimes, we do need to get out of our head and keep busy and dating someone else on the side.

    good luck and take care.

  50. #50 by FabLibra on May 10, 2009 - 1:48 am

    Jess and Saggi Girl,

    Do you guys ever want to just give up and walk away?

    I think about it all the time, but then I think that someone might come and take my place and he may make her his girl. As a Libra I am in love with being in love..I live for the moment that my Bull will make up in his mind that I am the one. So thats why I dont give up. Even though they say Libra and Tauruses arent meant to be…I think there are some exceptions to that rule. I can adapt to any situation. He makes me want to change. Then on the other hand Im like My god this man drives me nuts…Im outta here!

    I havent gave backing off a try…if I do will he come back looking for me? I dont want to start playing these games and have him gone forever.He knocks my scales all off balance…LOL!

  51. #51 by Jess on May 10, 2009 - 2:18 am


    I cant count enough times I was about to give up on him!!! But he always pull it back just right by a whisker!

    DONT play game with Taurus!!! “if you fuck with me I fuck you more”, this is atleast my taurus motto. Taurus can appear to be like ignorant or take thing for granted but he is not, he actually gather all the details. He just act like he doesnt notice but believe it he does more than just notice it!!! Taurus has an incredibly good sense of smell, this also means he can smell shit or mind game out of you if you try to apply it to him.

    When we told you to act/pretend like you dont care we dont mean to pull back off. Dealing with a bull, you need a lot i mean REALLY A LOT patient (if you dont have it enought, you really need to work on it if you really want to be with him). And dont make yourself too available. Just try to keep busy with your own time your own things. Yeah it could sound a bit like playing game but dont make it look like you are playing game (crazy huh) because that could send him a wrong message that you are being insecure which means no trust which you know its important for Taurus to know that he can trust you.

    I’m sure if you can stick around you will know more of the way to put up with him.

    Best of luck!

  52. #52 by 2nd Saggi girl on May 10, 2009 - 6:22 am

    I m another saggi girl in despair over a taurus guy. can’t say how i got involved with him in the first place. I was trying to get over my LEO flame of 16 years and it was’nt easy. I have known this taurus guy for 3 yrs now but nothing sentimental as he is a married man and very much resposponsible towards his family. But somehow we got involved i knew from the onset that nothing serious could ever come out of it and neither did i want to enter a serious relationship with anybody. I was just thankful for a diversion from my leo.
    But now that i know this guy more intimatley I have begun to care more for him than i liked. I cook for him whenever he wants to come over. But what intrigues me is what he thinks of me. How he looks at me and what i m to him. The famous moods and disappearing phases are there but I feel he cares for me. I have not allowed him to cross the final line yet but cuddling and prolonged kisses are there. I fear its the promise of final limit that brings him back to me and once i give in to his demands he will stop seeing me altogether.
    Another thing that worries me is that when he is being intimate with me I more often than not end up spilling tears for no reason at all. Do u think my tears will disturb his sense of well being and he will be repulsed by my tears + setting limits.
    Plz somebody help me understand, I do’nt want any commitments from him i just want to undertsand what i am to him?

  53. #53 by lionsroar on May 10, 2009 - 5:00 pm

    Oh my so glad to research this site. I am a Leo in every sense. The man I am seeing is a Bull. And after reading this in EVERY sense. WTF? I am suppose to be the dramatic one, he is blowing me out of the water. We are both adults, been through relationships. I am going through what everyone else has written about. On 4 months and so ready to take my pride and get the hell out of dodge. What gives? Although some of you have way more communication than I do. I get a text out of the blue (phone calls are RARE!)…do you want to do something tonight?. Then I get nothing. I do not check up on him, nor am I chasing him. However, I think after reading this I am making one mistake. He will send me a half ass text.. “I got no plans tonight, do you want to do something or come over?”. Every damn time I have shown up. Yes because he is wonderful, but I’m pissed at myself for being available. But I make myself available because I do not want to miss out on the night. He has slipped a few times and given me wonderful compliments..usually when we are intimate. Other than those moments..Nothing. I feel like I am on a business dinner or interview. Egads! And is this really normal….basically the several dates are at his a movie, sitting outside, not always intimate either.. It’s like the more we chat, the more we retreat to his cave. I am calling him the Man in the bubble. Is this a good sign? There is no talk of being a couple, no deep conversation… some nights its like we’ve been together 40 years and he is just so relaxed and BOARING.. Is this yet another Taurus test? Anyone else have this kind of bull they are trying to ride? Oh yah and some nights there is cuddling on the couch, other nights nothing.. Honestly I dont know how to read him, so being the Lion I am, I ignore him..

  54. #54 by saggi girl on May 10, 2009 - 7:18 pm

    hi all,

    i just wanted to update my situation which happened today, hopefully it will help all of you still hanging there to wish something deeper will happen.

    he called me last night and we chit chat a little bit and then i got comfortable. we normally see each other every sunday, before he took this new job, we spent a whole day together, but right now, after he took this new job, we only spent a few hours on sunday, like last sunday we spent 3 hours history with him is alwasy i am pushing for commitment back and forth and he kept telling me that he is not ready, somehow, i mentioned this last night and asked him if he loves me( he said he did before), he refused to answer and told me that he know i am targeting for the commitment by this question, he said that he cared about me deeply and missed me and also felt very strong about me. but he refused to answer my question. He also told me that sunday will be in question but he will try and will call me by noon as usual to see if we will meet, so, i asked him if we could reschedule next week. then he asked me why i asked him this question, i don’t really know what he meant by this(why i asked him or why i can not meet with him this sunday), so i confused a little bit and kept saying that i want to know if it is possible to reschedule, he went mad and told me that he is a simple man, just tell him why i can not meet, then i understand he is asking this, so i told him why. anyway, make the story short, since he refused to answer my question, i was not happy, he kissed me good night over the phone as usual, asked if i could give him too. i said no, then we hung up. so, he called him this noon, told me that he needed to do something and also need to get ready for his tomorrow. he will call me tonight when he gets home and asked me to concentrate on studying. he does not mention anything happened last night. so, i mentioned the same question again, then he raised his voice and told me that he can not deal with that all the time and he said that he kept telling me that he is not ready but i am still asking, so I insisted saying that i am not asking for commitment, he said that i am. i also said that i understand you do not want to talk about it, but i just hope he understand my point to want to know if a guy i am dating for over a year if he loves me or not. it is a very simple question, the answer it either yes or no. then he raised his voice again said, you just want to push, so listen, ” i do not love you, i am sorry, i care deeply about you but i do not love you”. so i said thank you for being honest, that is all i want to know, so he said” just concentrate on study and i will call you later.” Jesus, everyone, that is my story, it is so sad, right? staying with a guy over a year, at the end, he told you that he does not love you….., i just do not understand why he told me that he loves me before, why he lied before? anyone who is taurus man or anyone knows to tell me what to do? i guess i need to walk away…….

  55. #55 by saggi girl on May 10, 2009 - 7:24 pm


    hi, i guess that i need to walk away this time, yeah, for answering your question, i want to walk away through the whole course, but i think the problem about us is that we always think there is a hope, what if, what if, right? i do not know, i am not in a position to give any suggestion, but i think i need to walk away now… especially after he told you that he does not love you….

    what a shame..

  56. #56 by FabLibra on May 11, 2009 - 2:59 am

    Saggi Girl,

    I totally understand your frustration and I think this point maybe it is time to walk away.

    At least you have some type of idea how he feels, even though its not what you wanted to hear, mayb its what you needed to hear. At this point thats all I want my Taurus guy to tell me. I need for him to tell me this is not what he wants, or he is not ready for committment, or simply he dont want to be with me and I shouldnt keep hanging on to hope. Thats what I NEED to move on. It would bother me, but I wouldnt be hurt because I dont have as much time invested as you do.

    I cried most of the day today because its Mothers Day, and I lost my mom a yr and half ago, and my dad 2months ago. So Im pretty much alone, and he knows this…but he wouldnt even pick up the phone to say hey…are you ok today? I think its pretty f’d up. But then I think about it he NEVER calls. He doesnt reach out, the more questions I ask the more he IGNORES me. So I asked myself today…if I stop calling him will he notice…or will he even CARE???

    I have asked him time and time again…please tell me what do you want me to do. He IGNORES me. Like is this really a Taurus being a Taurus or an Asshole…being an Asshole? He is just so MEAN now. I feel like he just dont want me in his life and that whatever I decide to do he could care less.

    My friends are so tired of listening to me, as they have no more advice left for me. They all think he is the biggest jerk ever. But I keep thinking…OMG he was not like this before. Is it the second job? Why this studden change. Im so CONFUSED I just want to scream! Im almost afraid to txt him again because Im pretty sure he’ll IGNORE whatever I ask.

    Im so OVER this!

  57. #57 by Jess on May 11, 2009 - 4:40 am

    saggi girl,

    I’m sorry to hear about the situation you are having with your taurus now.

    As I dont know how your relationship have been but I know this: taurus is very very very logic and objective type of person. Even I think he cares for you from what I read about him calling you and caring for you to focus on your study and still trying to make a plan to meet. And what a taurus said when he is forced to say thing he not sure or not ready to say yet, i dont know if you should take his answer as a final answer.

    But all in all its up to you if you feel its just too much and you cant handle the madness with him anymore (because you know taurus will not change)

    You have my best wishes and please update us your situation.

  58. #58 by Jess on May 11, 2009 - 4:52 am


    Sorry for the lost of your parents, I wish I could find a word to comfort you but please dont feel too sad. Things happend for a reason and atleast for you to be stronger. If you dont find anyone to turn to, you need to find back to yourself first and get some peace inside of you.

    Just ignore the Taurus now. I know what you mean. Its ironic but I actually said exactly the same thing to my taurus one time when he made me cry. I told him I dont know if he is just having bipolar effect or he is simply an asshole! I told him it would never worked fpr is because I’m too sensitive and caring while he is just insensitive and mean and selfish.

    My taurus NEVER call me at all. Not to mention how he can be there in time I need him. I text him when my problem was over that he was never there for me. He simply reply he didnt understand what I mean but its ok as long as I’m better now….. I was speechless.

    I still think about the issue of how we are going to have any kind of meaninful and promising relationship at all when I cant find a way to reach out and to find that he is never there for me. I know this issue will get back to hit me again one day soon.

    I hope you feel better that atleast there are others out there who share the same problem and those who even got the worse problems.

    Be strong.

  59. #59 by Jess on May 11, 2009 - 5:34 am


    Not only he never called me, he never invited me to his place, never wanted to hang out with my bestfriends (eventhough he met couple of my bestfriends few times)…

  60. #60 by 2nd Saggi girl on May 11, 2009 - 12:22 pm

    I just realized he never asked me what i liked, i m the one always probing for his preferences, what he likes to eat?, what annoys him?, what music he likes? and all. And i actually tried preparing menus to his liking. But he never once asked me what i like? or what i do with my leisure time. Its been a week since i last saw him and not a single word so far. I m not msg-ing either.
    Did my tears mangled his comfort zone?

  61. #61 by saggi girl on May 11, 2009 - 2:15 pm

    hi, Jess,

    thank you so much for your concern and good wishes. I hope i am doing ok. I couldn’t concentrate on my study yesterday and how could i concentrate on study when someone riped your heart. i am sorry that i am not that insensitive maybe he can do that because he does not care. or maybe woman and man are different. i just do not know. This is not the first time he riped my heart but i am still stupid hanging here to wait for him for the 2nd stab in my heart. I remembered that there is a time, i got hurt after he told me that he is not ready for commitment and i walked away. and then we got back together, he saw me losing my weight and felt very sad asking me if he put me through hell and told me that he felt so sorry and he will be careful. sometimes, i hate myself and asked myself what i am waiting for and why i kept hurting myself. I need to love myself and make myself happy. I guess he is just a man who can not give you anything but to hurt people who loves him. He told me one time that he felt so guilty that he hurted his wife so so bad after she gave herself to him completely. so, his wife moved on with another man now and his wife told him that she can love anyone but him. i think i could imagine what he has done to her to make her say something like that back to him. I just do not know, Jess, if we all need to hang in here. Jess, i also want you to know that he never invited me to his place too, because he told me that his wife’s stuff is still there and all the picutes and her personal belongings are all there. he does not think it is approporiate for me to be there while her stuff was all over the place. his wife want to have this apartment after they divorce, they both agree on this. so she is waiting for him to move out and right now she is living with her boyfriend for 2 years already. I heard a few times when his wife called to ask him to move i guess she lost patience to wait. He told me that if he moves out and have his own place, i will be invited. so, i think you need to ask why you can not be invited to his place, maybe someone is there? i am saying that you need to be pushy but be cautious, if you know what i mean.I will keep you posted.

  62. #62 by saggi girl on May 11, 2009 - 2:28 pm


    hi, be strong. we are all here for you, it is not the end of the world. I told myself this morning to be strong and God will take care of us. I think we all need to live with our choices regardless. when our heart told us that it is the time to move on, i think we will move on happily. but right now, i think what we are having is the obsession about something we can not get, which makes us blindly fall in love. but do we really happy with them? do they make you happy? is that because of the happiness they gave us to make us to stay or becase of the obsession about something we can not get makes us to chanllenge our limit to stay? I think i need to find out the really deep though of myself toward all of this. He kept telling me that he wanted to make sure that he was doing the right thing for commitment, so what about us? don’t you think we need to do the same thing? to make sure that we are doing the right thing to stay? asked ourself why? what makes you to stay? love? Obsession? Obsession is always on way street, but love needs to be both ways, right? are we getting both way? I hope you are feeling better, i hope myself the same thing, i know it is easier said than done, but do not be afraid to try, at least try. I registerred with some dating services, i will see what will happen? i will keep you posted, and if you want to talk, you can email me at ”“. or posting here.

  63. #63 by Derin on May 12, 2009 - 7:21 pm

    I’m so glad I’ve found here.

    I may be jumping into conclusions too early (and I probably am… ) because I haven’t even started dating this Taurus man yet and I’ve seen him only once. Ok I know it sounds strange but we met on a blind date. I need to spew it all out here. He’s the friend of my friend’s brother. He’s 37 and I’m 32. He’s never been married and me neither. I’m a Virgo by the way. Anyway, as any virgo, I very rarely like someone and I haven’t been seeing anyone for a year. You can say I’m too picky but i don’t like being too picky :/ I don’t want to sound arrogant or anything but I am a very beautiful girl, everybody says so at least and if I really do like someone I’m mostly pretty sure that I’ll get him. Ok that sounded arrogant 🙂

    Anyway, so this guy told my friend’s brother that he was not into blind dates so he didn’t really want it to be like a blind date, he wanted it to look casual. As if we met by coincidence you know. However, my friend of course couldn’t help it and she told me, so I knew. And of course he knew too but when we met in a cafe, we both tried to make it look like it was coincidence. So let me tell you about the scene: me and my friend, we are sitting at a cafe and then we see my friend’s brother and his friend and we try to act surprised just like they do. Well did it work? It seemed so 🙂 Does it sound silly? Yeah it does, I know;p

    Anyway, we had quite a good time. He was an overall nice guy and better looking than I expected. We first had a few drinks and then had dinner. He’s into football, a fanatic I should say and I’m not at all but it’s ok. He loves animals etc. He asked me a few questions… the dialogues were natural and although he looked at me right in the eye while speaking, at other times I was aware that he couldn’t really look at me. Shy? Maybe. When we were ready to go to our separate homes he took me by his car to the place where I parked my own car , so I sat next to him. He asked me where exactly I lived and you know we had some small talk and a few laughs during that very short trip to the parking spot. Then, when I said that I didn’t really know how to go out onto the main road (I really didn’t!) he asked me to follow him by car. So I did that and as we were about to go to our separate ways, he rolled down his window at traffic lights and asked me if I’d be ok from then on. I said I could find my way home since I was on the main road now. He humorusly said he asked me because he felt responsible for me already! Now what to make of this?! Well I was a very happy girl driving back home. That night when I talked to my friend on the phone she said her brother asked our Taurus man what he thought of me and he was positive but he said he thought that I had known that I would have met him! And that he felt strange. And he could learn from me whether it is true or not on a second or third date. That’s a good sign. Well, it means that he wants to see me again. He said he would get my number from his friend and call me in a few days! Then of course he also asked him whether I liked him or not and my friend’s brother said “she is very positive” … now we first met last Wednesday. And he still haven’t called. I’ve been waiting , kind of impatiently, because he’s the first guy that I have really liked in a long time. Maybe he is shy or he doesn’t know what to say when he calls but he’s 37! Not a teenager… Can he be really that shy? Or I will start to think that he didn’t really like me but then why did he talk about a 2nd or 3rd date? I think maybe since we are supposed to have met casually, it will look strange if he calls?

    I’ve been reading about Taurus men online and try to get some idea but I’m feeling quite hopeless now. So can you please tell me what you are making of all this? Sorry this post has taken longer than I expected but I’m feeling kind of obsessed and hopeless, I also fear that I may lose interest… I shouldn’t be taking this too seriously but as I said it felt quite right when I met him and I was thinking he felt the same too. Can I be wrong?

  64. #64 by saggi girl on May 12, 2009 - 7:48 pm

    hi Derin,

    i think that it just takes time for him to call you, the one i met approached me on the street and asked for my phone number, but he did not called until a week later when i almost forgot such event. But do not expect too much, well, it is hard to say maybe whom we met are all the jerks out of those taurus group, but generally, do not expect too much and do not fall into love too quick as you will be hurt as they do not know what they wanted, well maybe like i said that your one maybe different. But remeber, do not give your heart before he gave her yours. that is the rule, because they are too complicated to understand, so once again, before they gave you the commitment, do not give your heart to him, otherwise, you will be ended up like us on this site with a broken heart……

    good luck.

  65. #65 by Derin on May 12, 2009 - 10:17 pm

    Thank you so much saggi girl,

    You have made me feel better. You’re right I shouldn’t fall in love, it’s too early but because I rarely find someone that I like , and when I find one I tend to rush in.

    So yours called a week later. Wow ok. Mine may be waiting for a week to pass too maybe… interesting people. If so, then they are very calculating. Ok I should be patient. I’ll probably see him again, because when we were sitting at the cafe my friend and her brother arranged a party in a pub for sometime towards the end of this month (where our Taurus celebrated his birthday before) right on the spot (they actually did it just so that you know we would see each other again) so this Taurus guy may as well wait till then to see me. It just makes me mad that he can wait for such a long time! Ok I’ll be patient. : ) And I won’t give my heart before he gives his.

    Thanks again for responding saggi girl,

    Good luck to you too!

  66. #66 by lionsroar on May 13, 2009 - 12:41 am

    Thanks for the reply, I’m even more confused. This bull of mine likes being in his own cave but the other night I was meeting a few friends for drinks afterwork, since it is near his house and figured he would see my car I told him. When I got there I kept my word sent him a text where I was, I also told him I had to leave at a certain time to give a friend a ride. He replied he’d come up ‘have a few drinks with me and my friends”. *Which he only met the one briefly. He said when I left he would go get something to eat. When he got there and it was time for me to leave he asked if I would be coming back up to meet my friends, I said Yes. “He stayed”.. My friends said he barely spoke two words. Total shy guy. When I returned he was Mr. Chatty. Back to his house, blah blah blah.. and up to today Nothing! This all happened Saturday night. What gives? Doesnt want to leave me alone, and PLEASE THIS IS A CORNER BAR.. OLD FOLKSVILLE, LOCALS! We are not talking a club, Gets me for the night and BAM! Nothing! I shouldnt say nothing, I did get a text Monay that he cut his grass?. WTF? Not Hi, How are you, Wanna get together.. just “cut my grass”. I replied back, “I’m sure your grass thanks you”… Ladies I am clueles. And yes we are both 40 something. EGADS!

  67. #67 by Jess on May 13, 2009 - 3:55 am

    hahahaha @ Lionsroar!

    Sorry for laughing! I couldnt help when i finish reading about ‘cut my grass’ text and the way you replied! (well if it was me I would have replied back ‘wanna cut my grass 😉 But really this is so typical taurus (atleast with the one I’m dealing with now)

    Really I wish I know how to read them taurus people but I find it’s in vain to try reading them. I rather work on my patient as I know I will need extra more than normal to put up with him (if i choose to give it a try)

    Now my situation is calm but I know I’ll be looking forward to my next round for drama with my bull (I know its coming)

    Stay tight and enjoy the ride!

  68. #68 by Jess on May 13, 2009 - 4:09 am

    saggi girl,

    Thank you for your concern, I understand what you mean. I asked him at the begining when we start dating if he has a wife or gf or in any relationship which he said no and I will respect his answer but I know men can be a jerk and a complete liar regardless of zodiac sign. At my age and where I am at this point in life, I dont bother to dig in and find out if he is lying or not because it will show by itself in time.

    You sound like a young girl and you are not just dealing with a bull but a married one, this is tough. As he experienced failure from his first marriage, I think he will be very cautious the next time around. I can only tell you to take time and let things and him prove it. Dont put yourself too hard trying to figure the bull out. If you think its too much now (but you still wont give it all up) then step back and take it easy.

    Take care and keep us posted!

  69. #69 by Jess on May 13, 2009 - 4:47 am


    Welcome to the club 😉

    A week of not calling sounds typical. Really please take it slow with your feeling for the Taurus. He will make such an incredible impression and take you higher when you are together but when you parted then you will see why we are here ranting lol 😉

  70. #70 by saggi girl on May 13, 2009 - 2:51 pm

    hi everyone,

    i am glad to see the postings here from all of you and i like this site. It is like we got friends here. I finished the final test yesterday, it is not bad at all like i expected myself to get. I am a little released and at least one thing got right and one thing got off my shoulder…..Salute….

    hope all of you are doing well and i will keep you guys posted with any of my progress including dating with other people, so we can encourage one another. you know what, some though just came across, if someday any of us are married with the taurus guy we discussed about, we all should be invited to witness the final victory…. hehe.

    take care, Jess,Derin, Fablibra,lionsroar….

  71. #71 by Derin on May 13, 2009 - 4:11 pm

    Hello Jess,

    Thank you for the welcome 😉

    If a week of not calling sounds typical, then I’m kinda relieved. 🙂 However, I now really think that he won’t call me because he might be feeling awkward, you know. We were supposed to have a chance meeting (though we didn’t) and he can’t be sure whether I knew or not, so calling a girl that you met on a “chance meeting” may be strange… oh well. This thing he is doing, I mean passivity isn’t working. I’m even starting to forget his face, lol. I like man who go after what they want. I like a little shyness in men but this is kind of too much. In fact I like Taurus guys (my brother is taurus, an excellent husband and father) so I have always wanted to meet a Taurus man, and he is the first one I’ve met but now he’s not calling!!

    Anyways, you say “when we parted” , hope this never happens if we ever date, but first we have to meet again! lol

  72. #72 by Derin on May 13, 2009 - 4:15 pm

    saggi girl,

    nice to hear that you are feeling relieved. I know tests can put real strain on people. I need some time off too, from work, from everything.

    it’s really nice here, sharing ideas and helping each other out. yeah keep us updated and I will too 🙂 and good idea , if we ever marry our guys, we will all invite one another to the wedding, lol!

    you take care too saggi girl.

    and nice to have met you.:)

  73. #73 by lionsroar on May 14, 2009 - 1:30 am

    Okay I really need a reply to this… tonight (Wednesday) a few of us stopped after work at a regular little pizza shop; pizza and beers. I did not mention it but he does work right near me and we travel the same roads.. Okay HE STOPS IN., yah .. hi ..glad to see you, blah blah, he eats, chats even plays the stupid video game all of “us girls” were playing. We were all done and ready to leave, him to. Does he walk me to my car? NO. Does he acknowledge me as someone he dates or sleeps with? NO. Does he flirt with any of the women there(no one knows we date) NO!. So we all leave together. I end up behind him on the freeway home, he calls my phone and sounds almost panicked… did I say something why are you driving this way home? I replied it is the fastest way home,. He says “okay” I tell him “hang up and dont crash” It was raining horribly. Figure that is the end, he THEN SEND ME A TEXT THAT HE IS “SAFE AT HOME BUT WET”… WTF!!! I replied “ditto” He totally could have invited me over, this was 6;30 PM!! Instead he was freaking out I was behing him and then he lets me know he is safe????? Ladies I think I need a real man, again we are over 40. Oh and I am sure I wil get a text on Saturday that says “I have nothing going on If you want to come over” I am so saying.. “busy”. He is leaving for Germany next Tuesday for 3 weeks, I am so not feeding the bull in his pasture this weekend… Totally pissed off tonight. Sorry to rant but this is just stupid.

  74. #74 by Jess on May 14, 2009 - 3:44 am

    Hi lionsroar,

    If It was me I would talk to him and ask him why he treat you the way he did when infront of friends. If you dont want to make it sound like pushing there is no need to question about your relationship status (4 months could be a bit too fast for Taurus to conclude what the relationship status is for him) But ask him directly and see how he reply, that would give you a subtle hint.

    As being straight forward is one of Taurus trait, I almost never asked my guy first about relationship. It was him who keep raising it up from time to time, eventhough he didnt say anything exactly about ‘relationship status’ like what we are at this stage. But he will tell me how he wants to take thing slow. I remember he even said it so clear that HE DOESNT HAVE ANY FUTURE PLAN ABOUT US, just enjoy our time and conversation and want to take thing as it comes. Also he NEVER have problem to give me any mean answer or say rude but the truth even knowing it would hurt my feeling.

    I think the facts that you always make yourself available for him and now that you seem ok (from how you talk on the phone with him when he call during the road) after he treat you indifferently in public, he might just take it as a sign that you accept and its ok. So if you dont like it you should talk to him so he gets a message that you dont appreciate it this way.

    Wish you the best!

  75. #75 by Jess on May 14, 2009 - 3:49 am

    Hey saggi girl!

    Your idea is awesome but really for me ‘marriage’ seem so so far away. I cant even call him as a boyfriend now. Oh well I even dont know what we are… lol

  76. #76 by saggi girl on May 14, 2009 - 7:49 pm

    hi lionsroar,

    Even though i am not in a position to tell you what to do, but based on my experience, you have to stand up for yourself. i remembered when we are dating at the initial stage, i made sure that i told him what i wanted, if he did something that i was not happy with, i will tell him. He will be careful next time, that is way he joked with me that i am his biggest pain in his ass. People gets to know each other at the initial stage where you need to let him know what you are not comfortable with, so that way he will know you better before both of emotions were too much involved.
    when i felt that i was being ignored, i would tell him that i was not happy about it. I remembered after we were dating 3 months, he was attending school temporarily for a class, he needs a lot of time to study, so he turned off his cell phone during the night, which bothered me a lot. so i told him next time he called that it bothered me a lot when he turned off his cell phone, then he understood it and kept his phone on after that. and also told me that he would need a lot of time to study and needed to concentrate, he told me not to be panic if he did not call. so, this way, we understood each other’s need and we were ok with it as i think if i did not let him know what i like and dislike at the beginning, how could he get to know me? it will be very dangerous when the emotion invested too much, then we found out that we are not for each other…. you know what i mean?

    for the titling thing like girlfriend and boyfriend, i think it would be too earlier to stress it as you are not dating long enough especially for Taurus guy, but i will ask him how you would introduce him to yourfriend, as a friend or a date? this way he will know that you know what you do, and you are seriously taking your time but not jump around with anyone without caring what you are getting, and also this way you will know who you are to him, and how much time you need to invest.

    My problem is that i made sure too much with each step i was with him, from official Girlfriend at the beginning to breakup to unofficial couple( i asked him one time who i am, he was telling me that pratically we are couple but not offical yet as he is not ready to be official), so i know what i am to him, what i was supposed to expect from him. this way you won’t hurt yourself for expecting something he is ready to give. at least, whom you are to him. I think they are very honest if they really cared about you, if they are not playing around with you.

    hopefully, it will help…..

  77. #77 by lionsroar on May 15, 2009 - 12:31 am

    Hi Saggi girl and Jess:

    Thank you both for sharing your experiences with me. I really like what you said Saggi Girl.. Ask him how should I introduce him. I think that will work. I really am not ready to be “that” serious myself. But I also, dont want to wait around for a weekend date when i am being asked by others. He is a wonderful person (so far) and I am prefer to date one person at a time. I think, for me that is, that is the fair thing to do, and that is what I would like out of any man dating me. Anyway.. Okay here’s todays update. I was not in the best of moods at work and he sends me a email. Typical dry humor.. nothing great, personal etc.. so I replied. “LOL”.. gotta run – have a great day. Which I did have to go I was late for a meeting. Well then I got totally blown away he called me on my cell phone to ask me if I wasnt busy would I like to got to dinner and a movie Saturday night. ! Okay.. this is an advance ‘invitation’, like really being asked out on a date. Then if that didnt trip me up enough, he said he knew I had plans to work around my home Friday but he figured I wouldnt be outside (yardwork) all night, and “If you are not tired, how about you meet me for something to eat, or I can order in and give you a back rub..figure you will need one”.. Okay ladies, YES I DID pull my cell phone away from my face and double check who I was talking to. Wow-Wow.. I said yes to Saturday night and I told him I am not sure the best I can do about Friday is call him when I am done and see how tired I am. I actually got some control here! Crazy.
    And I do plan on asking him exactly what is the best way for both of us to introduce the other to our friends. That should be interesting. Oh yes and he said he hoped I didnt mind him popping in the other night when I was with my friends, he saw my car and had nothing going on so he thought he’d stop. I so totally believe he was checking up on me!

  78. #78 by saggi girl on May 15, 2009 - 2:16 pm

    hi lionsroar,

    i am glad that you will have fun on Saturday night, good luck, enjoy the best of it.

    keep us posted….

  79. #79 by lionsroar on May 16, 2009 - 9:50 pm

    Hey Saggi girl…I will NOT have fun tonight (Saturday).. I just got a text a few hours ago here is what it said, “kinda tired, need to do some stuff around the house, ate to much and need a nap, did you still want to do something later?”…

    ahhhhhhhhh… after that text I really did not ‘feel’ like he really wanted to hang out so I replied, “sounds like you need some alone time, we can skip tonight, another time”..

    about an hour later he replies to my text with “well we can go out for a little, are you really hyped about going out”. So I replied, “not sure what I am going to do, might head out might not..enjoy your sleep”.

    He then replies well if you’re out and want to stop by, come over or I’ll be at the bar”.

    What in the hell just happened? I do not get it.. as soon as he shows 1 – 100th of a bit of emotion, interest – he takes it off the board. And obviously I read his email correct and cancelled.. then he all of the sudden flips it..
    I am not changing my mind. Again, first Taurus for me, been through a Gemini and Virgo.. none like this though.

    I cant tell if he wants to date or not. Totally throwing mixed signals. And I will be $20 I get a text tonight..Got my Laundry done” or something insane.

  80. #80 by FabLibra on May 16, 2009 - 11:16 pm

    Hi Ladies,

    I totally wish I could give advice but, I can only nod my head in agreement as I am still going through the same with my Bull.

    Thursday was the last time we had contact. It was a week b4 that. Of course I was the one who reached out. I totally feel like I want to just walk. Ive been feeling more like that lately. If only i could find the right words to say to him to get him to come see me so we could talk. Why is he avoiding me???? Im starting to feel hes just not that into me.

    I texted him thurs and said: “I hope I havent pushed you away. Ive been through alot. You make me want to be better” he replied “Thats whats up. How are you doing”

    That was IT. No im coming by or anything. I throw my hands up in defeat!!!

    We are young. Im 24, hes 26. Are younger Tauruses different from the older? You guys get alot more attention than I do.

  81. #81 by saggi girl on May 18, 2009 - 12:36 am

    hi lionsroar,

    it so pissed me off when i read it as i have no patience at all. i pictured what i would react if i were you, piss off, piss off, that is my reaction.

    it happened to me 2 times, after dating for 3 months, he wanted to reschedule next day at the last minute because of the road condition, i was so pissed off as i was waiting for him to pick me up. so, I screamed at him, he then showed not understanding why i was mad at him. Then the next day, he saw me, he asked me if he can punch my arm after i got in his car to vent his anger. i don’t know, i just so confused. I don’t know if they really do not understand woman or just pretend not feeling it. It seems that they are so damn lazy at some point; another time is when i was looking for apartment asking him to shop the furniture with me, he half agreed in the first place and then the next day, asked me if i have someone else to go with, if not, he can go with me, he told me that ” hi, you decide for me, i am in your hand now’. Bull shit, my first reaction is bull shit, so i told him that i was not gonna decide for you, if you wanna go then go, if you do not then say it, do not throw the bull shit, then i also said ” you know what right now, you do not need to go as you are a free man like a bird now”. Then he went with me next week even called in the morning to wake me up to go on time. well, i think we need to let them know what we are thinking and set some rule, i think they appreciated it. sometimes, we think that we need to make them comfortable by swallow the bitterness, but if we are pretending we are ok when we are not, he can see it. it is even worse. anyways, i guess this sign is not good for us, it killed my a few years of life…

    I am waiting for my next romance coming but it won’t be taurus, i think they deserve to be lonely( sorry, my bad)…., well, lionsroar, if you want to date him, you have to set a rule for him at the begining……do not be afraid… Keep me posted…

  82. #82 by saggi girl on May 18, 2009 - 1:00 am


    one thing that i do not understand why you do not call him to chat because i think the communication is very important. why you always text him, if i were you, i will just call him to tell him that i am not feeling well if he wants to go for a beer or something, you have to demand without fear. what you are afraid of, if he wants to go away just because you need his concern as a friend, then fuck him. it won’t do better for being shy with your own need. as this way, you will see if he cares or not.

    tell you my story, i had a fight with him one time over the commitment, then the next day we were supposed to see each other but we did not, he said that he wanted to do something himself, but i did not feel good, so i called hm and told him that i was not feeling well to see if he could come to see me, he was really mad at first and asked me why i made myself sick over a fight, he said something very mean at the beginning and then came over to my place taking care of me, bought me the soup and meal and sit on the side until i am OK and also apologized for being mean at the beginning.i did not know if i was doing the right thing or not by the time, but i have need to meet, if the one we are dating can not meet our basic need at all, then fuck them. ( sorry for saying that). Because when they say they cares about us, how could we know? we couldn’t smell it, we couldn’t eat it, we need to see and feel it.

    how long you have been dating? if he never called you then forget about him. or tell him what you want, you want to date like a normal dating couple at least with some basic communication involved…if he wants to date you, we are talking about the commitment here as it is too earlier to mention that, but at least dating was supposed to be like a dating….he is not from outer space..
    it might be easier said than done as i did not have this problem since beginning.

    do not be afraid, keep me posted, always remember to get your need met first….

  83. #83 by lionsroar on May 18, 2009 - 1:51 am

    Saggi girl:

    LOL love your post… here’s the update, of course I got a text Saturday night, .. the night we were suppose to go out. You’ll love this. he sent it at 10pm “im still in my pajamas I’m such a loser”.. I replied a hour later…”LOL, maybe you shoudl get out of your cave”… Today (sunday) he sent me a text, now this is reall f’d up… “went to lunch and then got ice cream, I feel fat”……

    I DIDNT EVEN REPLY! THIS GUY IS SELFISH!!! HE ONLY THINKS OF HIMSELF. Sorry but after today I am done, pretty sure I wont be posting anymore. Leo and Taurus DO NOT MATCH! This guy is beyond self absorbed, not a hi, how are you, how’s your day, miss you NOTHING… I have wated Feb. thru May on this nut job…… The Lion is done. There is nothing to hunt.

  84. #84 by Jess on May 18, 2009 - 3:23 am

    Hi to all,

    wow looks like many got fed up and give up on Taurus already…. well that includes me also 😉

    Yeah I know I said before that I have decided just I still need to give him the Bday gift first (yes it passed his Bday already and yep i didnt get to spend his Bday time with him just as I expected) But I already bought a gift and I really want to give it to him. I really dont want to owe anyone anything and since he has been treating me very nice all along.

    I tried to get him out to meet but seem no luck the past 2 days but I will try again today. You know as an Aries when I have decided I want to get thing done and just wait till I’m over there is no turn back time.

    I will still coming back here to see how things are going for you girls, so please keep me posted may be who knows we might run into another Taurus nest time 😉

    Good luck to me…haha!

  85. #85 by FabLibra on May 18, 2009 - 2:41 pm

    Saggi Girl,

    You are absolutely right. Fuck Him. I dont call alot because I dont want to bother him, but I called him last night because I really needed someone to talk to..I wanted him to come over. He didnt answer. I texted, I left a vm. I know his excuse will be ” I was sleeping”. Sunday is his day off from his 24/7 schedule but STILL. I am so fed up with this GUY. Like you said if my BASIC needs cant be met…then FUCK HIM! Its just so hard to back off. Its not a committment that I want to discuss with him..I simply want to know where this is going.

    You just dont know how a complete 180 this guy has done on me. The begining was SO DIFFERENT. He was all over me. This second job has made him change. I cant compete. I feel like wounded road kill. My ego is so bruised so yea I think Im going to lick my wounds and walk away.

  86. #86 by saggi girl on May 18, 2009 - 2:57 pm


    it is so sad that you won’t be here anymore but the good part is that you saved your headache. it is true that they are selfish and always thinks about themselves. I do not think that they will change, they won’t. do we want a selfish boyfriend or husband, i think part of me always want to challenge, that is why i called the obssesion. I think even though we got them finally, if they are still the selfish person and also stubborn about their selfishness, we are gonna be in trouble. I think the worst part about taurus sign is that if they are good, so they are very good, like loyalty, because of their stubborness and they won’t change. but if they are bad, they will be bad forever, also due to the stubborness. Ex mine is very selfish, he only thinks of himself. sometimes, like a baby. I don’t think that they are strong enough, sometimes, they are too much self pity themself like the whole world owe them if they were not in a good shape. they took it out on the person who loves them instead of chaning themselves……

    good luck with your next romance……nice to meet you here

  87. #87 by saggi girl on May 18, 2009 - 3:28 pm

    hi Fablibra
    it is true that they can only focus on one thing at a time, your guy just started a new job, he must pay a lot of attention to his new job. I felt the same way when ex mine started this new job not long ago, he paid a lot of attention to it as he is very nervous about losing it and also he wants to be competitive. so, he will need a lot of time to himself digest the new knowledge or something new. i do not blame him for that as they are taking job very seriously and they are hard working. but the point is that we can be considerate as we are not selfish bitch, but they need to see what we have done for them as a woman who have certain need to meet, I think if they really care about us, they should talk to us about that, so we will have an understanding not just went on with their busy schedule as if we are not existing. Maybe, there is a difference due to age, mine a lot older than yours, he is in his early 40s, he had a marriage before, maybe he understands about woman better then yours as he still calls and still make effort to meet after got his new job but i can see a difference about his time spending before and after……

    you are very young and got a beautiful ahead, why wasting your time on one person, i think what you need to do right now is to date some other guys and leave him alone. if you do not want to give up on him, it is fine but you need to date more guys to occupy your time, maybe, when he is back, you no longer need him. Trust, it happens. You just need to step out of your comfort zone to do it, you are ok before you met him right? you will survive…..

    good luck and feel better

  88. #88 by lionsroar on May 18, 2009 - 11:45 pm

    saggi girl.

    Egads..Thanks for the words and listening. I so had to write today.. Okay after my great done and over. Which I still am, but I thought you ladies would love to hear this. So he is leaving for business today he will be gone for a few weeks. Today he “calls my cell phone” RARE – VERY RARE! And he talks as if nothing has happened between us in the past few days, no issues, just a regular day. Then he lets me know he will be leaving but he will send me all of his travel itinerary so that ‘I DONT WORRY ABOUT HIM’… Ahhh I think that would be normal if we were a couple, BFF, something but not what we are. He then lets me know he will call me when he gets there and he will call/text periodically when he can. Oh yah and then he says that he will be home on a certain day (late at night), but will call me and we can get together the next day.!!!

    SELFISH BASTARD.. All about him, his trip, what he wants, when he wants it, even advising me to worry? !

    Nope not, he’s crazy.. Oh and he NEVER SHUT UP ON THE PHONE! I could not get more than 3 sentences in the whole 10 minutes….

    Goddess love you woman that go through this stuff with these folks. But honestly I’m starting to think I might not get rid of him as easy as I thought, I assumed he really did not care, now I get this. These guys are bi-polar!!!

  89. #89 by saggi girl on May 19, 2009 - 5:54 pm

    hi lionsroar,

    i am glad that you are back to the site, where we can share the story and experience regardless, it might be the help to others who were stuck with this group of bi-polars. i like it, we can share good and bad experience with everyone to vent or get through the hardness with them.

    love you all….

  90. #90 by lionsroar on May 20, 2009 - 1:07 am

    Thanks saggi girl and hello to everyone else!

    Just giving you ladies my update, not changing my position..this lion is done. Anyway Bi-Polar Taurus guy sent me a text this am to let me know… “I can not believe I am going to be inside for over 12 hours”… LOL Is that not heart touching.. All about him. His trip is over seas with a long lay over. Anyway, obviously I replied the best I could without saying F-U.. delete my number so I replied “Poor thing, take a good book” What ever! then I got another text… Yah 2 in the same morning, Stunning yah think! The next text was… “I do not think I can find one healthy thing to eat in this airport:… The last text I did not even reply too… I’m pretty sure I’ll get a few more updates on “him and what he is doing” of course there will never be a hello, how are you in the messages.. I’ll keep you posted girls and remember this guy is 40 plus! Oh and foot note he is very close to Gemini.. could be even more the reason he is bi-polar, perhaps there are two bulls in there … yuck!

  91. #91 by saggi girl on May 20, 2009 - 1:32 pm

    i can not believe that he sent you text in the earlier morning(how earlier is it?), what a selfish shit, the thing is that he does not think that he is selfish at all. why he does not consider that you are probably sleeping by the time. keep us posted, it is getting fun now.

    as for me, i think my feeling is cooling down now and getting better day by day…

    keep us posted…..

  92. #92 by cloud9 on May 20, 2009 - 11:12 pm

    Hey all,

    I have been reading these posts for the longest and now its time for me to respond!

    i want to say to those that are having a hard time with the taurus man, to please stop with the negative thoughts. keep reading about the taurus man traits until you really understand what kind of man you are dealing with. he is not stupid, at all and doesn’t like to deal with all the craziness we women do when we are upset.

    i am deeply in love with my taurus man and he loves me, too. we have been together for about 10 months and its progressingliy getting better!

    in the beginning, i, too was confused, angry and decided to walk away on many occassions. however, to my ADVANTAGE, i have a close taurus friend who would tip me off on how to deal with him. she would explain to me his actions and his intentions because i guess as a taurus, she understood. on top of that, i did lots of research on this man, so, i learned to NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY. one thing i learned is that if a taurus is interested in you, they have intentions on being in a long term relationship with you.
    OMG, i am so in love with this man!

    anyhow, i went off on him twice in the beginning, but in a very feminine way. he loved it, but i got my point across, yet it didn’t move him. i kept myself busy and ALWAYS looked irrisitable to him. he always compliments me on my figure and loves touching me. infact, we touch each other whenever we are around each other.

    i think the key thing is to be ultra feminine, almost like the damsel in distress. the funny thing is he likes for me to TELL HIM WHAT TO DO. he opens the car doors for me, he opens doors for me and i don’t ever carry anything, but my purse around him. he asked me, one day, what i expect a man to do for me and i told him. everything i told him, he does!!!

    i compliment him alot and am sincere about it. i talk to him ABOUT HIS INTERESTS, which are also the same as mine.

    i also told him i will support him in anyway i can and has not let him down. i am open and honest with him. i know he appreciates that.

    i am a cancer and we compliment each other like you wouldn’t believe. i truly feel this man is my soul mate and i expect us to be married no later than 2011.
    he has told me he loves me, during our “intimate” times together, but he will not say it otherwise. i accept it though, because i see it in his eyes and THE WAY HE IS WHEN HE’s WITH ME. just recently, he started playing golf twice a week. am i mad? no, but i am ok with the time we are away from each other because when i am with him, i feel there is nothing else that exists but us two. plus, i am giving him his space. i need my space, too, so i am good with that.

    you have to remain positive with this man at all times. you can not be nervous, upset or even angry. remember this man is intelligent and he can pick up on it and you will continually get him not calling back or delaying his time to contact you. his actions are actually messages. pay attention. if you have to, don’t get upset. matter of fact, “send an email,telling him off” by this i mean actually type an email, telling him how you feel, but save it as a draft. don’t send it. you will feel much more relieved. when he calls you a week or two later, act as though nothing happened. call him, text him or email him as if he has done nothing to make you upset and he will most likely respond a little more often. once he feels that you are not going to create a negative environment, he will want to be around you more often.

    trust me, as a cancer, we are sensitive to everything. i shed a few tears, getting mad, but once i opened my mind to understand more about him, i relaxed and focused on the positive, now this man spends time with me quite a few times out the week! we get together on the weekends, either saturdays or sundays. sometimes, we may not talk that weekend, but i will send him an email. usually he doesn’t respond, but he will let me know he got it and we will talk about it.

    this man always lets me know that he will protect me and to know that i am safe when i am with him. i feel it and he knows that he can calm me down.


  93. #93 by lionsroar on May 21, 2009 - 1:36 am

    cloud9 and all others:

    Okay update and I read Clou9’s post first.. have to say I may actually believe some of her post is true… My Taurus update is as follows he arrived at his destination across the world I woke up at 6am with a text that he made it and was tired. Selfish or thoughtful I couldnt decide: it was 6am my time and he is now 6 hours ahead of me… However Noon my time I got another text and he was questioning if I got his text I replied yes, etc… 30 minutes late I got another text from him that obviously he is having troubles with texting from another country.. still couldnt tell if he recv’d my message and if this was just a blind text going to everyone. Here’s the part that makes me thing Cloud9 is right… 6 pm my time, midnight his… I recv’d an email from him on my personal email that said, I just wanted to tell you I made it and that I have been trying to get intouch with you, I will send you emails when I can, hope everything is okay at home,the time difference makes it difficult I will try to call you tomorrow before you leave for work, if I am not stuck in a meeting, if not check your email before you go to sleep.

    Allright he scored points there..But I still do not understand why he is pouring it on now instead of prior…
    Anyway that’s my update.. Best to everyone

  94. #94 by FabLibra on May 21, 2009 - 2:07 am

    Hi Ladies,

    I CANT do this anymore…

    Saggi Girl I took your advice and called him Sun. No answer I fig he was asleep since this is his day off. I told him I really needed someone to talk to, and wanted it to be him. No reply back…not even on Monday.

    Monday night I txt him..”do I ever cross your mind..youre always on mine” he had the nerve to txt me back “man whats up with you?”

    I txted back: What did I do wrong NOW? If I should leave you alone PLEASE tell me..he ignored me.

    Did I miss something here. Did he seriously get upset that I txted him that?

    On thursday he was ok with me…I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPEN??? I feel so embarrased…he makes me feel like Im a nat that just wont go away. I am too afraid to say anything else. I felt like he BARKED at me. My feelings are hurt..I am very sensitive. Why cant he just be honest and tell me to go away if thats what hes feeling..I will NOT be hurt. Hed actually be doing us both a favor.


    Good night..and good luck to u all.

    PS- Im going to change my name to tired and wounded Libra. I dont feel so fabulous now.

  95. #95 by cloud9 on May 21, 2009 - 3:13 am

    Yes, some taurus folks have a sharp tongue. My girlfriend is like that and she is so bossy. I can hang out with her, but after a certain amount of time, I start to get tense around her and cut the visit short. My man, on the other had been like that andclaimed to have worked on himself to not be like that, anymore. I have not seen that part of him. I know he was furious when I was two hours late, to meet him. He was silent and would not look at me. When I apologized and decided to leave, he didn’t want me to. However, he gave me a piece of his mind without insulting me or hurting my feelings. A few minutes later, we made passionate love.

    Let the taurus man keep texting you. Act like things are exciting where you are. If you can take it, don’t text back until an hour or longer. Don’t Ever expect him to call or text back. I can almost guarantee he will begin to call and text more often. Just busy(wink wink). Many may say you should not play games, but this is effective strategy to getting YOUR man. They have strategic and creative ways to get us, we can do the same.

    Taurus men are sensitive, too, but typically speaking, they will not come out and say you hurt them. They act out like children.

    Take it day by day. You will see how he will keep after you. You will see.

  96. #96 by Jess on May 21, 2009 - 6:12 am

    Hi to all,

    ++ CLOUD9 ++ Thank you for making a notice here, I guess we need some positive story about the bull.

    ++ SAGGI GIRL ++ look like you are really on a good way, I’m impressed you are really standing firm not shaken by the bull (yet) Anyway I’m happy for you to be cooling down and getting better and better.

    ++ lionsroar ++ Thank you for the update, I will keep checking you out.

    ++ Fablibra ++ I think you need to stop contacting him atleast for now (no matter what is on his mind about you) I know I would. Its not a good idea to text after text trying to get the answer for his silent. I know it bothers so much but it is using doing that and it only hurts your even more. Now please try to make peace by yourself and let him contact you back.

    To update my situation, I asked him out on monday night to give him his Bday gift. I wasnt plan to tell him i want out because it wouldnt be nice saying that after giving a person a gift but he pushed me to talk as he noticed i wasnt normal.

    So i said everything in my mind: how his disappearing act made me feel bad, how i start to feel he might seeing other girl or already got a gf. When i start to smell stinct is when I know i need to stay away and i dont bother to ask for explanation because i know whatever his answer i will continue to doubt and dig more to it. I told him the more i keep seeing him the more i would feel for him so i want to stop here and be just friend (with no benefit)

    He explained, its not disappearing for him, but having a life and that i never leave his thought. And that he likes me very much (i said obviously he doesnt like me enough as he can go few days without contacting me at all) He said he understands how i feel. He asked if this is my decision and thanks me for being honest.

    He told me he’s confused how he feels with me. He doesnt know if he really like me very much or it is because we dont meet so often that it makes he feels so much with me. (actually i have same doubt for us too)

    He also said he is not the kind of person who make future plan now atleast not until he can moves his mother to stay with him but he asked me how much and how often i want the contact. I told him its not just about the amount of contact eventhough 1 text a day would be nice but I dont want him to change because he cant. I like him to be him, but when his normal and my normal doesnt match, when he his completely normal keep making me feel bad is when I know we are not match.

    Girls, now he is acting strange. The next day I turn on my computer to find his offline message. And I got 4 sms on the same day and I got another offline message when I got home after work on computer…..

    the second day and third day is the same. I was surprised and I dont know how to act. I have my msn status hiding because I dont know how to react. If I respond to his contact and keep things going between us like before, then I will activate to start falling for him again. But I dont like playing game so when i got his text I reply back on a same manner.

    Now I feel like I’m hiding and trying to avoid his contact. I just dont know what i should do with him.

  97. #97 by FabLibra on May 21, 2009 - 1:01 pm


    Thank you for your input and advice. Like I said I’m too hurt to say anything to him. Then I sit and wonder will he ever call? Im in a lose lose situation. I said to myself to give him a couple of weeks and try to apologize for my emotions being all over the place. I have been through SO much this past year. He happen to just walk in my life where I feel alone. I thought he’d be my comforter, and now hes desserted me. I just dont know what to do.

    Anyway, I think you should stop running and hiding and let your man do what you asked. We are ALL asking for that quality time and effort. Hes trying to reach out and give it, TAKE IT. I know I would…lol! All I ask for is a simple text message to let me know he’s thinking of me, and youre getting attention…exactly what you asked for. Dont play the games as he probably will pull back again. Soak it up!

    Hope this help!

  98. #98 by saggi girl on May 21, 2009 - 3:06 pm

    hi Jess,

    it is obviously he likes you, that is my perception as he was making effort to let you know that he thinks of you. you should not have hiden anywere as it is not healthy. Just give it another try to see how far you can go, at least from my point of view, he is trying.. if you do want to be with him, accetp his effort, do not be afraid of love or being hurt as in a relationship it is inevitable, if you are afraid of being hurt and you will neven get love…. but at the same time self respect your own need. i am glad that you finally spoke it out and stand up for yourself. One thing i know about taurus man is that they really appreciated that a person will stand up for herself and state her own need, this way, he knows you instead of guessing around.

    Jess, do not hide, comes out and give it another try to see how far you can go since he shows you that he is trying…..

    good luck and keep us posted

  99. #99 by saggi girl on May 21, 2009 - 3:30 pm


    i am sorry to hear that but do not contact him anymore until he contact you back as you did already. And also do not show your emotion to him anymore it seems that he can not handle it.

    i remembered ex mine that he dropped a girl after he knows me, and she called him when we were together talking in his car after the movie, he ignored the call and told me it was her, and then 30 minutes later, she called again, he ignored again and then she called again 10 minutes later, he was tellling me that it started bothering him and even wondered if he wanted to be friend with her, later on, he told me that he called her back and told her to forget about him, that was almost a year ago. 2 months ago, i asked him if he was still talking to her, he said that he spoke with her one time when she called when her dad passed away, he told me that he comforted her as he wanted to be decent and but did not see a reason to see her, but felt bothered if she called all the time especially kept calling after he did not answer. so, i do not know if that is in their trait or not, but one thing for sure is that he hated being called all the time especially he did not respond. So,FabLibra, REMEMBER, do not call anymore, do not, let it cool off for now until he reached you back since you already told him what’s on your mind…

    DO NOT CONYACT him until he contacted you back…….

    keep us posted….

  100. #100 by saggi girl on May 21, 2009 - 3:40 pm

    hi cloud9

    i am glad that things have worked out for you, at least we got one with the positive experience here on this site, thanks for sharing with us.

    Just out of curiosity, did he tell you anything about where this relationship is going? or ever hinted?

  101. #101 by Jess on May 21, 2009 - 4:02 pm

    Good day to all,

    Thanks to both FabLibra & Saggi Girl for the advice and support!

    I know I should sound happier and reap what this bull is offering now (because may be this is what we all are looking for from the bull) but call me skeptic, I feel its not real him. Eventhough he might be genuine in trying to change or do what I asked for. But we all know how the bull can really change?????? I feel sooner or later he will be back to his real state.

    Besides as I start to really feel he might has a gf or seeing other girls besides me (As I’m being more realistic regarding his disappearing act than basing mostly on zodiac sign)

    But I dont want to ask him to explain because I know I would doubt his answer if its true or not. I still like him a lot and think he is such an adorable and interesting person but I dont think I can handle him and I dont want to lose my sanity later and get hurt. Yes I’m afraid of being fooled (after my lastest heartbroken with the ex bf I swear no guy would get me torn apart like that ever again) if there is another chance for me to have a relationship I would like the real thing with a real man.

    Sometimes I feel a bit ridiculous for myself to rely so much on zodiac sign inorder to read this (bull)guy but somehow its true, still i need to feel my feet on the ground, my soul within my body, and my mind in peace. I’m glad though to find this website and to have sharing story with you girls!

    I’m writing this reply while hiding my status from him again lol. I dont know why but I need to feel stronger to resist his charm. Saggi girl I dont know if I want to give it another try. (after soo many try) So until he’s back to his normal state.(hot and cold)or I figure out how to do with him, I’ll try keep my contact only to necessary.

    Will keep my story posted and I wish to hear from everyone too.

    All the best to everyone and please take care of yourself,

  102. #102 by Jess on May 21, 2009 - 4:21 pm

    Btw, back to read posting from Cloud9, yes sharp tounge!!! so true! I cant remember how many times i shed a tear because of his bad mouth which he even think i made a big deal from his little (little my ass…) nasty joke…

    And yes about the feminine part, highly suggest you girls to act and dress up all feminine if you still hanging around with the bull. Oh one more thing: Please do smell nice!

    Oh well,

    Ok off to bed now…

  103. #103 by kk on May 21, 2009 - 4:35 pm

    hi everyone.
    jess dont feel ridiculous to try to understand ur taurus through his zodiac sign because TRUST ME this is the only way.
    if i didnt try this way i would have stopped with my taurus guy a long time ago.
    i normally understand any person i have in front after a while, even gemini, but this taurus MAAAAAAAAAAAN!

    i ve beeing dating one for about 10 months now. i say dating yes: it s cause they date for a long time before they decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend.but in th emeanwhile they talk and act like u r, and they even talk this way: ” if we get married we gonna have these plates”, or he says im ur rock u can tell me anything” and i reply “i am not supposed to tell u everything we re not married”. i just use the same language now even if i used to act different before, like used to tell him all my problems and he was listening to me and giving me advises. the thing is they keep asking u all the questions they want like where hav u been and stuff like that even just for conversation, but when u ask em they dont like answering.

    this man has been the only one that really drove me mad but im still with him.after all this time i understood a lot about him and taurus thanks to these kind of sites and forums plus through the sign and birth chart.
    what i am asking my self do u think they wait for a financial stability to start thinking seriously when everything else seems to be there, and he seems as well to love me but he denies that, he says he really cares about me.
    do u guys think they tend to hyde what they feel?
    he know i love him but i dont tell him all the time just rarely.

    he told me at the beginning to control my feelings but at the same time when intimate he asked me : “do u love me?”———————————-NOW ISNT IT CONFUSING???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. #104 by saggi girl on May 21, 2009 - 5:59 pm


    wow, it is really true. i do not know why it takes them a very long time dating before they recognized you as their girlfriend officially. as deep inside they think you are. there is a time we were talking, i mentioned something about my friend and her boyfriend, i said this couple is reallly funny like us, then i said:”no, we are not couple.”, he said” you think we are not couple?”, i said” we are not, right?”, he said” practically we are, but just not official yet.”, what the hell?

    another thing is that they tend to say “care about” instead of “love”, i do not know why? what the huge difference between these two. anyways, they are not the people i could understand as a human being like me…..haha.

  105. #105 by saggi girl on May 21, 2009 - 6:00 pm

    Jess, you are off to bed? where are you? i am at work now…

  106. #106 by kk on May 21, 2009 - 6:28 pm

    so saggi girl see they re all the same!
    so do u think when they say i care it means i love u but they dont actually say it because i think they just wait for the right time (which for me is after a year or two). what think is they just decide that for example if after a year things go right they can do a step forward like calling us boyfriend and girlfriend, just because they dont want to show their “weakness”(?) before.
    and do u guy go out together with other friends too?

  107. #107 by FabLibra on May 21, 2009 - 6:52 pm

    In General:

    If I back off…what if he NEVER calls back???

    I think Ive ruined it…its official

  108. #108 by kk on May 21, 2009 - 7:03 pm

    fablibra if u back off from my experience u can get something.
    i know that normal people would do the opposite but we re talking about taurus man!lol
    trust me ive been through this before
    once he sees ur not contacting him anymore he will start again. REMEMBER : THEY RE SLOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW. give him time.
    if normal people take one hour to think about something they take at list two days.

  109. #109 by saggi girl on May 21, 2009 - 7:44 pm

    hi kk,

    you are so funny. i don’t really know if “caring about” means love but i just felt it is so disturbing when he said that. i have been dating him over a year but my case is little different because he is currently seperating from his wife for more than 2 years, and is getting divorce. we were boyfriend and girlfriend after 2 months because i asked for it( but i do not think he is that serious when he gave me the title because i demanded it), he talked about moving in together with me, so we even talked about which area we are gonna live, but after he made a trip to see his dad and i think he cooled off because his dad told him not to be so hasty. after that, he cooled off and i broke up with him for some reason, then i called him, we got back together. but when i mentioned the titling thing, he refused to give the title to me. he said:” you gave the title back to me, and right now, you want the title back, i don’t think it is a good idea, i only give you the title when we became stable.” it has been over a year, i haven’t gotten the title back, i don’t think i will, that is why i gave up, i have no patience…..

    no, we never went out with friend together, he asked to see my best friend a few times, but i refused to do it as he refused to give me title, how could i introduce him to my friend? a date over a year? so embrassing. but he said he does not care if i told my friend he is my boyfriend. but i won’t do that as i knew i am not his official girlfriend yet.

    did you even go out with his friend? how often you talk to each other, it seems that we have similar situation. we normally see each other once a week normally on sundays.

  110. #110 by FabLibra on May 21, 2009 - 7:45 pm


    Thank you SO much for…I hope youre right. I just wiped a tear

  111. #111 by saggi girl on May 21, 2009 - 7:57 pm


    if he never called back, which means he never intend to contact you, that is how i name it. if he intend not to contact you, he won’t contact even though you contact him initially. from my point of view, i will let it go for now, and find something else to do. Just pretend that you have never known him, i know it is hard, i have been there before, i was s out of control sometimes, i wanted him to tell me what i wanted to know RIGHT NOW, so i pushed it and got the answer” i do not love you.”, remember my story?

    so, forget about him for now. if he wants to contact you, he knows where to find you. also, tell you one thing, they are so patient and slow, i remebered our last fight over commitment issue, he called me one time after that, i did not answer. he never called again until 3 weeks later i called him back, so i asked him if he would ever call if i did not call him back, he said that he will but he wanted to give more times before he call as he was still angry and want both of us to cool it off. so, FabLibra, do not call. if he does not call, like i said, he neven intended to call….

    be strong…..even though it is hard….

  112. #112 by cloud9 on May 21, 2009 - 10:48 pm

    Yes, he has hinted to the future on many occassions. He also said that he wish that we could have met in our 20s. We are in our early 40s, so we relate very well.

    The thing is that when we got to know each other, I honestly didn’t have, nor did I make the time to see him. We would catch a few moments here and there. I enjoyed his conversation and intrigued him with my extreme feminine ways. He was amazed! I thought I got his attention quickly. As I remained BUSY, he would seek me out, to talk to me(we work together).

    The KEY to my success with my taurus man is I studied him as much as hee studied me. He knows me well, so, I am fast learning him. I always bring him food every now and then. I send him nice emails. So, now I have been CONSISTANT with my behavior and actions, he feels more comfortable and is revealing more of himself to me. I know what makes him tick. I make him laugh. He just wrote me a little poetry and this is something I wanted for a long while( he wrote me beautiful poetry in the begining).
    Ladies, it is well worth the wait. This man is worth it. But let me tell you, if you are truly not the feminine woman, you may just turn him off and he will serioously drag his feet.

    Stop worrying about what he is not doing and look at what yoou are doing. Trust me, I know the pain, but once you master his “game” you will win this man over, you will see the beauty and happiness that comes from this man.

  113. #113 by cloud9 on May 21, 2009 - 11:38 pm

    oh, i was typing from my phone, so i could not make any specific comments or give help to anyone.


    once he told you he was confused, you should have told him that you will be there for him, if he needs you and left it at that. DO NOT TRY and pry into his brain. it will only make matters worse. these taurus are so good, that they will have you thinking they have a girlfriend and they won’t have one. give him his space. when he asks what you are doing, tell him you are doing something and cut the converstaion short. always let him know you will be there for him, but try to not show any emotion. these men feel deep and they get scare of that. let him ease on into it.

    you are playing the wrong kind of games with him. he can sense your relcutance and he knows how you feel-trust me. one thing i know about men in general and they know what they want. if you keep doing the wrong things with a taurus, he will start getting angry and lash out with that sharp tongue of his.

    be ultra feminine. act like you need his help all the time. don’t over do it, but let him know. it makes them feel more like a man. they feel thats what they are suppose to do.


    oh and about the length of time talking, my guy says that he doesn’t talk much because he doesn’t feel its necessary to talk alot, unless there is meaningful converstaion. when i want to talk to him about anything, i will send him an email, first and then we will talk about it, when we are in person. you have to get creative with these men.

    understand their nature. they are not your typical men!!

    remember, if he is moody, leave him alone. he will come out of it when he is ready. when my guy used to get in his moods, i let him know i am here and then i go on my way. trust me, there is nothing that can bring him up out of it, if he doesn’t want to.

    oh and about hinting towards the future, he would hold me and tell me that he is going to take care of me. i take it that one day he plans to marry me and do the things a man should do(take care of his woman). now, i am not one to sit at home bare foot and pregnant. i like to do the type of work i do, so we will be fine. trust me.

    each and every day, this man moves closer to me, not only phsycially, but spiritually, as well.

  114. #114 by saggi girl on May 22, 2009 - 1:14 am

    hi Cloud9,

    thanks for sharing and this site finally got some positive point of view for taurus man. one thing, you mentioned that do not show any emotion to them, because they got scared of it. why? i do not understand, if someone loves him, it is a good thing, right? what he needs to scare about? he got scared because he does not love you? I told mine that i love him upfront as that is my nature, i am very outspoken and i do not play game, well, i guess, maybe you are right, that is why he said that he does not love me when i pushed for answer.

    anyways, i gave up on him as he told me that he does not love me when i pushed for answer, he told me that he will call me later afterward, well, he has not called yet. whatever, i go on with my life. but it is really a shame, we ended with him saying that he does not love me. sometimes, i felt that he does not know what he is talking about, he told me that i am very important for him and he put me in his prayer ever time he pray, but look at what he did to me……

    good night, ladies… sharing….

  115. #115 by cloud9 on May 22, 2009 - 3:08 am

    hey saggigirl,
    he was being honest with you. i think he likes you, but he has not fallen in love wit you, yet.

    keep it moving, nut you may want to keep the door opened, perhaps?

  116. #116 by Jess on May 22, 2009 - 3:48 am

    Hey Saggi Girl, now I’m at work and you gone to bed! LOL!

    ++Cloud9++ really appreciate your advice!

    About hinting for the future, I cant really tell if its just his typical joking personality or what (apart from being super sharp tongue, he always make joke) he told me he want his future daughter to look like me and got my personality, told me he wants to get a place to stay close to my place. (but he never invited me to his place) I really dont pay so much attention to these sweet talk as I know action speak it better.

    About having me think he has a gf, actually it was me doing some online research (lol) as I know how he take his privacy seriously and he doesnt like to have friends, he told me he never and has no interest to keep any of his ex as friends. But I found out he still having contact with this latest gf as I saw her posting around asking advice about his work concern. He even use her name as a username for posting around regarding his work concern.

    She also has some business online which I see it has something to do with him.

    Yes I know they can only be just work relating but the fact that he trust her enough to get her involve in this important zone, I feel I should step back.

    ++ KK ++ welcome to the club 😉

    ++ FabLibra++ wipe your tear and please follow others advice. Dont worry about him not coming back if you stop contacting. It will take some time but I think he will get back to you. Now try to focus on something else that make you feel better. Cheer up!

  117. #117 by cloud9 on May 22, 2009 - 9:37 am

    hey jess,

    ohhhh, i see. i am not too crazy for anyone staying friends with an ex. however, if they started a thriving business together then maybe thats different.

    even though you have loyal tauruses, you have some that will lie like a rug. i did date a taurus 10 years ago. this man lied about so much. we dated for about 6 months, when i found out he was not divorced, but legaly separated! i got rid of him real quick! he didn”t know i found out he quit his job, instead of taking a leave of absense. he clained he wanted to go back to him home state to “deal with the divorce.” i was furious!

    my thing is: if there are many tell tale signs that a man may have another woman, just ask. don’t tell him you snooped around. he will not trust you.

  118. #118 by kk on May 22, 2009 - 10:07 am

    yes finally after 10 months i met his best friend once, at his girlfriend’s birthday party. apparently he liked me. i dont know if it s a positive thing for me.
    i thought that taurus men dont get divorsed or if they do it takes a long time to recover. i suggest u to find out if she cheated so that means he wanted to devorse.
    if my taurus said he never felt in love how can he say i care a lot about u but i dont love u. how can he know the difference. i asked him once but he changed the subject. i think he gets scared about what he feels and tries to control it until he is ready to commit.

  119. #119 by Jess on May 22, 2009 - 12:22 pm


    The problem is I cant tell him how I know about him and this gf still having something to do with business because he would hate it so much how I even find it out by spying…. (i’m getting a bit scared of myself too) and even he can explain I dont know I can believe it.

    So when things get too complicate for me to understand and it doesnt make sense and I smell shit…. i better back off.

  120. #120 by saggi girl on May 22, 2009 - 1:49 pm

    hi Jess,

    i agree that you need to back off as it seems that he is still hanging around with his ex, you never know. it seems that they are still very close to each other, and you can not beat it.

    My instinct tells me that you need to back off, invoving with someone who is still cloudy to you is not good for long run especially you are looking for relationship. Mine at least does not lie to me about his ex, he told me everytime she calls or everytime, he asked if he can answer when she calls for something when i was with him by the time, one time she called, he ignored the call and told me that he will answer later as it is not appropriate to do that in front of me, and asked me if i was upset, i said it is ok to answer the phone in front of me but i would feel upset if you do behind my back. He said ok and called her back in front of me. Jess, I think trust is very important even in friendship but it seems that lack of trust is coming from both side of you especially he does not tell you the truth, it does not mean he has to telll you everything but at least he is not telling you the most important thing which relate to your feeling…..

    I think you need to back off before it gets too complicated.. do you agree?

  121. #121 by saggi girl on May 22, 2009 - 2:14 pm


    mine does the same thing, he always say that i cared about you deeply and feel you very strongly. so, what the difference. He said that he loved me before, but most of the time he says ILY instead of saying i love you. I remember one time that i texted him my doubt when he was at work, my line is like” baby, i was just wondering if you were in love with me, i want to know” then i add a sad faces. I did not expect him to respond that way as i know how he is, i thought he might just ignore or something, he responded like” baby, ILY, do not worry, today looks nice, have to back to work.” can you believe that, then i asked him about the message when i saw him, he told me not to send those message all the time as he can not respond at work all the time, i asked how he felt when he received the message, he said” firstly, i was like what is going on, then i want to comfort you”, then i asked him” you sent it because you want to comfort me?’, he was like” no, i just want to let you know how i feel .” KK, did you see that? they are something, one minute you feel like he loves you but another minute he told you that he does not love you( mine told me that like 2 weeks ago when i pushed for answer). i do not know about this creature at all.

    for answering your question about his wife, he cheated on her first after 4 or 5 years of marriage, then they tried to work things out but it failed. his wife got a boyfriend and told him that she no longer loved him, She has been living with her boyfriend more than 2 years. He pushed for divorce last year, he told me that she cried. He told me she might not be ready yet, so he will give her more times. I don’t know, i do not want to involve with their case, he is very careful of not mentioned her name in front of me because i really got upset.

    actually, he did me a favor by saying that he does not love me, as i am doing ok now. i do not know how the future will be, but at least i am doing ok now. i am in control of myself…

  122. #122 by Taurus girl on May 22, 2009 - 8:48 pm


    Cloud 9 is 150% correct, you can’t really show too much emotion and you have to stay busy doing your own thing.

    I also had to study my Taurus man, but it was easier for me because we are born 6 days apart and we have some of the same characteristics.

    You take it one day at a time, and to be a lady at all times, and make sure that you are well put together, because Taurus man are easily turned OFF!

    I had to basically reprogram my way of thinking when I starting dealing with my Taurus man, because I am very bossy, he was not going for it. I would push and he would pull away.

    But Taurus are very upfront, like I stated earlier, Taurus man will not stick around if he had no future planes because Taurus are not known for having flings, WE like relationships, it takes him awhile before he gives his heart to you. I am the same way.

    Patience is the key. YOU will not regret it!!

  123. #123 by lionsroar on May 22, 2009 - 9:11 pm

    Hi all.. just wanted to give you gals the update… have not heard a peep, no e-mail, no call, no text.. .no notta! Love how this guy runs hot and cold. And they say Women are fickle?.. HA!

    Been reading your posts, wishing all of you the best.

    And fyi.. went out last night after work and bumped into an old flame. The sparks were there for sure, but that guy is a Gemini and I can tell yah first hand there are two complete different people that occupy those minds.. haha

    Good luck to everyone and I think it is awesome all the support and advice that is flowing on these pages!

  124. #124 by kk on May 22, 2009 - 11:46 pm

    what do u excactly mean when u say taurus men dont stick around if they dont have future plans and it takes a while before they give their heart to u? how can they plan if they havent given their heart to u(love u)?

  125. #125 by cloud9 on May 23, 2009 - 2:18 am

    so, i got an invitation to a cookout, from my taurus man. this cookout is being given by a very close friend of his. i want to look hot, but appropriate. i am excited that i am meeting another one of his long term friends. i only have all of saturday to find something! sunday i am having a cookout with family, so i only have tomorrow.

    this all feels good and i know i am still going through the initiation period with him. however, things are creeping along. i can’t complain. the fact that he has shared some very intimate things, exposing his feelings, leads me to believe he is becoming more trusting and our time being spent together has become more consistant and natural.

    i must say during our most intimate moments he has shared his feelings with me that he would not normally say otherwise. you all may think its the heat of passion and just that, but, i think this is probably when he can best express himself.

    other times, he lets me know he cares, as well.

    ladies, be patient. don’t try and pry his heart open. it won’t work. he will only tighten the grip. trust me, i am so glad i was patient with him. it was hard, but trust me, i am really in love with my taurus man.

    be patient stay focused. its coming.

  126. #126 by Derin on May 24, 2009 - 10:30 am

    Hey all,

    I haven’t updated since I last wrote. Well, he called me eventually, and then we met last Thursday. He took me to a fine restaurant overlooking the sea, (great view) we drank, ate nice fish and had great conversation. He was talkative and quite charming. Then he drove me home. While we were being parted he said he might be out of town for the weekend, but if he doesn’t go, he’ll call me and we’ll do something for the weekend. I said “ok”. Then the next day he called me at noon and said if I had any plans for the night. I said “no” Then he asked if I wanted to meet up. I said well, ok… he said “we’ll go to see a movie” I said fine, I haven’t been to the cinema for a while”. He said he would call me in the evening again. So he called and here comes the shock. He said ” there must be traffic and everywhere must be crwoded on a Friday night, so why don’t we go to his place and we’ll watch a dvd and grab some food, and he’ll bring me back home again?” I was like “well, I thought we would really go to the cinema” I gave the name of a shopping center…he said “ok fine…I’ll come and get you” I said “there’s no need, we’ll meet up there.” He said then he should go home and change and then he’ll meet me.

    Well, we met.

    But I couldn’t feel the connection we had the previous night. I mean first of all I felt somewhat detached because I was taken aback by his “dvd at home” offer because we only went out once… and I might sound pretty conservative but I should have a steady relationship with a man before I go to his house alone, and although there will be those who say that I am wrong but going to a man’s house you have only seen twice is open to different interpretations, you know what I mean. I’m not saying that I am afraid he’ll jump on me, lol, of course he won’t, but it’s just too early. I thought he would know that. I thought because our close friends introduced us, I’m not someone he picked up at a bar and then resorted to the cliche “let’s watch dvd in my house” line. That’s so lame. I have received offers like that before… so in fact that’s an early indication of his motives. That’s how I see.

    Anyway, when we were together he was a little different from the previous night. Obviously, he was either surprised by my refusal or he was angry, I mean he didn’t look happy much. We drank coffee, then ate something and then went into a movie. Oh what a movie!! Our choice was excellent. Its name was “he is just not that into you”… a wonderfully awful first date movie. Our choice couldn’t be worse. It was about relationships, how women and men meet and then women pathetically waiting for the men to call, and men wanting women for sex mainly, and how women always try to marry men but they run away!! It was awful! Ok we laughed and had fun but it was a disastrous first movie. Isn’t it funny, lol?

    Anyway, he drove me home, and he was going away for the weekend, so he said we’ll see each other when he returns. I said fine. Then I called him yesterday. It was the first time I called. I never called him before that, he always called. He sounded quite happy and asked me what I wanted from there, blah blah.

    Well, but I already have this bad feeling. I was very happy in the beginning but his “dvd move” ruined it all. If he tries another time again, he’ll get the same reaction, I mean I won’t go. Then we may go to our separate ways, if he’ll leave me just because of that it’s fine. He can leave. But I thought maybe this time it could work. Apparently we have different world views on relationships… and I may appear too conservative for someone in her early 30s but that’s who I am. I’ve got principles and I see that there’s no need to spend time with someone if he’s not serious. Well we’ll see…

    By the way, he was born on 24 April but he doesn’t seem Taurus to me, somewhat. Or all men are the same , lol.

  127. #127 by kk on May 24, 2009 - 10:51 am

    hi derin. yeah i watch that movie but just with my sister not with was a great movie. i am kind of like the girl that is herself, the one that doesnt play games. u know the one that finally learns and then gets married with the ex playboy.
    i should have gone with my taurus man perhaps : )

    i suggest u to wait and see how he behaves and stick with ur principals anyway.the only think u shouldnt do is rushing into conclusions.

    maybe he thought about watching a movie at his cause he feels more confortable in his house, u know they like doing this a lot. watching a movie at theirs and have a might have been just lazyness perhaps.
    keep us posted: )

  128. #128 by Derin on May 24, 2009 - 11:50 am

    Hi kk, thank you for your advice 🙂

    Yeah I should wait I guess. I know I might be rushing into conclusions. Lol, like in that movie, men do or say something and we tend overanalyse their every word. I hate playing games too, so I just wish we would be both open to each other on what we eaxctly want and get it over with:)

    Yeah you may be right, he probably feels more comfortable in his house but arrrggh I don’t know, lol. If he ever asks me again, I don’t know how to say no… I must say that ok I am conservative but I haven’t done “it” yet. This may sound strange to some but I prefer to wait till I get married. Ok, so you think now our relationship will probably not work, right? 😀

    I once had a bf once, he was doing everything right. Very courteuous, called me everyday, made me feel good, always complimented me but our relationship was short-lived because he couldn’t get what he wanted! I went to his house, ok, we cuddled and kissed alright (btw he was a bad bad kisser, lol) he didn’t jump on me ok, but he was probably waiting for me to make the move. Then he suddenly ended the relationship, right after the day he made plans for us to go to the theater next week and that night we went out with his friends (and it was like he was showing off with me in front of them, kissing me, hugging me but as soon as we went out of the door, he changed! stopped speaking, started acting moody and didn’t call me the next day till I called ) isn’t it funny? I couldn’t see how shallow he was back then, I was blinded by love and I was much younger. So when he dumped me it was devastating… I cried for days. Can you believe that? I was a fool. The only explanation I can find to this is that I didn’t go to his place once, just before we broke up, for a sleep over you know. I was gonna spend the night… I wasn’t ready for that. So I didn’t. But as I said he was too shallow and a fake. Anyway, I’m so happy now I didn’t spend more time with him… plus he was a terrible kisser. lol Btw, he was a sagittarius. 🙂

    Anyway, I have always had good feelings about Taurus men, (my brother is taurus and he’s a great family man) but this new guy is starting to change them… ok I shouldn’t be rushing into conclusions, so I’ll stop.:) Oh btw, he’s quite social, he’s going to his hometown most weekends and meet his old friends, they swim, have barbecue etc. He loves to travel… and he’s a sports maniac, I mean he watches every kind of sport on tv and he’s an avid fan of a football team. This is kind of scary too.. 🙂 Did I tell you girls, I was a virgo? lol

  129. #129 by saggi girl on May 24, 2009 - 6:35 pm

    hi Derin,

    you will be ok, do not jump into conclusion too qick, just wait and see. I know taurus man will chase the woman he is interested first and then started slowing down, which seems like you chase them back at the later stage….

    Hang in there but not to give in what you demanded…..

    happy long weekend to you all, tomorrow will be memorial day….another day off…

  130. #130 by lionsroar on May 24, 2009 - 10:38 pm

    Hey All.. Happy long weekend.

    Derin, read your post and I have to tell you the one I think,still not sure dated, attempted to have a relationship.. and I say all of this because of the way he acted.. Was ALL ABOUT BEING AT HIS HOUSE!!! It is like a safety net, literally I had 3 dates describing what you said.. my house a movie and order dinner. It did not involve the exchange of DNA samples (hahaha) either. I can tell you I found out quick they are about comfort and control.. Theirs! I have known the one I was dating for many years as a friend first, never really knew how he was until we dated.. very weird…

    And to up date everyone, just recv’d an email today letting me know he found a postcard to send me?? HU? Whatever and of course it was backed up by havent found postage yet, that is to be determined, hanging out at video cafe’s and they have phones so that you can contact anyone worldwide….

    Okay….. he told me this, finally sent a email that I am getting a postcard, he’s hanging out where their are phones and HE HASNT CALLED ME WHY???? Can I tell you as I type this I could bang my head on the kitchen table… This is why I said this one has to go, but going he is not.. I dont get these men.

    Sorry wish I could add something/anything, so I guess my two cents is letting you all know what this Taurus is up too..Best to everyone, enjoy the extra day off if your employment allows it!

  131. #131 by Jess on May 25, 2009 - 7:56 am

    Hey Derin,

    Glad to hear from you again (as we all knew it the bull will come around! lol)

    Your ‘dvd at home’ killer reminds me so much of my ‘porn link’ version! On our 3rd date I was out party with him till 5 in the morning. I told him I will get a cab right back to the office so I have an hour to wash up and get ready to work but he asked and insisted for me to go back with him to his place to get couple hrs sleep. I tell you I like it when people cant wait to show me their true color and for me sex is not going happen unless i allow that so i wanted to see how he is goind to do so i joined him and we only got half an hour sleep (after listening to his 1.5 hour talking since he insisted me to listen to compensate from not getting sex…)

    A week after that night I went to see him just for dinner, the next day I got his email. This is the shocking part…. he sent me some website trying to make joke but when I checked it was a porn site (totally nasty kind)

    I was shocked (eventhough we been dating 4 times already) so I reply in email how i dislike that and perhaps he misinterpret me joining him back to his place that night gave him wrong impression of me being easy.

    There comes another shock wave, he replied me: he never has a bad impression that I’m easy, ATLEAST NOT EASIER THAN THE OTHERS!!!!!!! and he said i’m too uptight as i should have known him by now that it was joking (how could u send a porn link to your date as a joke!) and that he is not interested in my moral value.

    OMG!!!!! how an arse this guy could be!

    But after we talked about it and he admited he did that on purpose. Its his natural protection (my arse) when he felt being attacked but now he is not being an arse with me anymore.

    Sorry for long story, anyway though I cant say for all but the taurus I’m dealing with, is very direct and never have problem with speaking his mind even it sounds rude or offensive to the others (funny i suspect he even love if it does). So I think it could be that your Taurus is giving you his ‘dvd at home’ version out of no real bad intention but remember he is also observing your attitude.

    Take sometime to learn him and keep us posted.


  132. #132 by lionsroar on May 26, 2009 - 1:10 am

    Hey Derin this one is for you (and everyone else, laughing, sharing and following along)

    The darling Bull I have been involved with since the beginning of February who is half way across the world sent me an email a few hours ago. He has only been gone one week and has a little under 2 more weeks oversees for business.

    Anyway… laughed and though of you Derin. His e-mail was..
    “Will be home on June 5, keep June 6th open to come over, DVD and dinner at my place”..

    Had to share that with you. Again for the rest of the group, No Hi, How are you, Miss you, Did the U.S. blow up.. notta. Just a “Save the Date” and “come sit in my cave”.

    LOL.. Best to all. Oh and I did not reply yet. Still dont think I like playing with these guys. I am a Leo and we are definetly two different types.

  133. #133 by saggi girl on May 26, 2009 - 7:17 pm

    hi, all,

    i did the stupidest thing in my life that i went to the psychic reading to get a tune in about my future. After that, i went to online and found out that people all complained about the psychic reading, which is always fraudulent.

    i can not believe that i did that, anyone did that before?

  134. #134 by lionsroar on May 26, 2009 - 9:58 pm

    Hey Saggi Girl.. had to chuckle… We had a company employee appreciation function, the theme was “carnival” and they even hired a psychic lady.. yes I did sit down with her. This was 15 years ago.. she predicted I would have 3 children.. wrong! ONE child would be in the armed forces.. wrong!, my spouse would retire early.. wrong.. This lady even gave you a cassett recording of the reading.. I might still have that thing, You have inspired me to go look for it and have a good laugh tonight. hahaha.

    Luckily I did not have to pay, sorry for what ever money you lost out on that. I know you are just trying to get a good answer from anyone.. Chin Up.. At least you can now use this experience to help others…

    Bottom line if you want to know what to do, etc.. you need to just listen to yourself! You have the answers and you know what is in your best interest and goals in life.

  135. #135 by lionsroar on May 26, 2009 - 10:02 pm

    Saggi Girl

    Oh one more thing.. it you want a fun site to poke around on about horoscopes, meditations, self help, chat rooms, etc… go to

  136. #136 by saggi girl on May 27, 2009 - 1:17 pm

    hil ionsroar,

    thank you so much for your response, i like what you said about “chin up, Bottom line if you want to know what to do, etc.. you need to just listen to yourself! You have the answers and you know what is in your best interest and goals in life.”

    i kind of told myself on my way to work that i can not control tomorrow or how future turns out to be, maybe in a way i desired or maybe not, but all i can do is to make sure every step i moved is right from my point of view, i know we have to trust our own judgement, no matter how hard it is.”

    thanks for your message and hope you are well….

  137. #137 by Derin on May 27, 2009 - 7:48 pm

    Saggi girl, thank you. Yeah I’m hanging in there for now 🙂 He called me yesterday, asked me how I’ve been and said that he’s having a busy week, maybe we’ll do something this weekend? I said sure, why not but also I may be out of town, but it’s not certain yet. Anyway, so he called… and I don’t wanna think he called me just to ply me for now… well but he wouldn’t have called if he didn’t want to, right? You know last week, right after we went out, he wanted to see me again the next day but for now he seems to be delaying it. Oh well, as you said, I guess, starts fast and then slows down… 🙂

    Btw, my friend called me today and told me that her brother, who introduced us to each other you know, also talked to him on the phone yesterday and asked him how it was going with him and me. My Taurus’s response was “very good!” , he told him that “we see each other, though he was absent for the weekend” and “we talk on the phone” … well, two weeks from now they’ll be playing basketball and my friend’s brother told him that he wants more details then, and he answered “sure” , lol. Well, I don’t know if this is a good thing but this makes me think that if this is his idea of “very good” , what’s gonna happen when we start seeing each other more often – if that’ll ever be of course –

    Jess, oh my God! how could he do such a thing? You are definitely more patient than me, I’d cut it out right there I suppose lol, but definitely your questioning the whole thing and trying to understand why he did it was the reasonable thing to do. I jump into conclusions too easily, I don’t like being like that. Yours sounds like a very interesting man and I’m glad you are happy now 🙂 Well you must be right about him observing my attitude also, I wonder when he is going to make another attempt and then really understand my attitude 🙂

    lionsroar, I can’t believe this, you cracked me up! What a coincidence! His timing was perfect, lol. Wow, men should thank God the dvd was ever invented, then how else could they have an excuse to invite us to their house, oh wait the stamp collection! lol Please keep us posted on your decision. Whatever you decide I’m sure it’ll be the right one,

    best to you, best to all.

  138. #138 by Derin on May 27, 2009 - 7:57 pm

    I almost forgot.

    saggigirl, yes i’ve been to a psychic, only once. about 8 months ago (with a friend who went to psychics all the time) She knew things about the past but nothing about the future, apparently because i’m still waiting for that man with a gorgeous smile who I shoudl have met by now! haha I believe that they can sense things, about the past and maybe the immediate future but nothing beyond that.

    so yes I cannot believe I did that either and actually paid for it but we all do such stupid and harmless things, lol.

  139. #139 by lionsroar on May 27, 2009 - 9:46 pm

    Hi all…. and here is todays update….. You guys will love this. Here is my text message in its full..ready…

    “I think I have gained 10 pounds since I have been here, I must be retaining beer, found stamps and mailed a post card to you”

    HAHAHA… That is it! No Hi, How are you, How’s work, etc… I guess this means he is thinking of me. Well the next time Chucky is chewing on my uterus I will explain to him what real water retention is! What a moron!

    Egads… anyways I guess this is how he shares himself…LOL

  140. #140 by saggi girl on May 28, 2009 - 1:34 pm

    hi Lionsroar,

    i kind of like your guy, he is so funny. when i saw his line ” i think i have gained 10 punds,” i was picturing a guy dip his head into food plate, and lost control and overeaten. then he laid on the couch and thought about you, then sent you this message. actually, i was at work when i read your message, i laugh out loud unconsiously, my coworker all asked me what happened. but the bad thing is that i can not share with them….

    keep us posted…. i want more laugh….

    hope all is well.

  141. #141 by kk on May 29, 2009 - 7:47 am

    hi everybody.

    saggi girl ur talking to someone that has used psychic a lot to understand this taurus man otherwise i would have quit before with him. cause i normally figure out people after a while even gemini ones but these taurus men r unbelievable. i think they re good actors. anyway from my experience u just have to find a good one. most of them r crap, just mind about money and tell u what u want to hear, and i would say “negative” people if u know what i mean.
    if u want i can give u a few ones but if u dont mind through email.these ones r not expensive. normally good ones r not. well i ll explain u that later on.

    lionsroar u crack me up!if u think taurus men would express themselves in a normal way ur wrong. they never express what they feel, or never completely. they fear people can take advantage of them. they re not able to understand people a lot , so they test u and observe u etc.
    but if we did the same with them they would quit instantly.
    with mine i just lost my pacience suddenly the other day. i guess ive been too much patient for 10 months and he took all my energy that after i found out something i exploded and couldnt control myself anymore with anger.and u know what who gives a shit!
    i did what i had to do till now. now if he wants it s his turn to show a lot put some effort cause i have nothing else to give and show and no patience anymore. i think i have for sure a place in heaven saved for me after this, TRUST ME.
    he took advantage of my patience,for being there, for being patient, for being trasparent. u know they re manipulative people and controlling, and coward.
    he put me through a lot of shit and now im gonna stay quite for a while and think about me, AND TRUST ME IT COMES NATURALLY IT S NOT A BIG EFFORT.
    what i ve learnt from him is that now i m gonna be like him regarding men. i am gonna treat em the same way he treated me.

  142. #142 by Jess on May 29, 2009 - 8:53 am

    ++ Wow KK, hope you are OK! You sound furious but i totally understand. You are right about Taurus is about money and only express themselves in an unusual way!!! Really never in my life so far to have met anybody so eccentric! But tellin what you want to hear I’m not sure, atleast mine only tell me straight forward all the shit i dont want to hear (even its true). Calm down and relax and please let us know how the situation going for you.

    ++ Lionsroar, I think its funny the way he text and you should ignore what the ‘text message’ (yeah its all about him him him…) but hey thats his way to show he cares (enough to let you hear news from him ;-))

    ++ SaggiGirl, dont feel bad about going for psychic reading. Its not stupid (it is only stupid when you take the advice and let it lead your life). I never tried psychic reading but I had my fortune reading before (something pretty much like astrology). You know I was talking to my girlfriends about how astrology interests me. And I explain them its not the same as ‘fortune telling’ or psychic reading. And my girlfriends find it interesting too, I think girls are pretty much open minded about this stuff.

    How are things with you? you stop completely with your Taurus? Hope its not too nosy…
    Take care you all.

  143. #143 by kk on May 29, 2009 - 9:28 am

    hey jess sorry. when i was talking about “most of them r crap and negative i meant psychics : )

  144. #144 by saggi girl on May 29, 2009 - 3:17 pm

    Hi Jess,

    It is not nosy at all as we are all women, hahaha! actually, i got a call from him last night after over 2 weeks of silient treatment, i am kind of surprised as i expected not to hear from him again after he said that to me. but i did not answer right away as i was on the phone talking with a guy i just met until 50 minutes later. he left me a message on my voice mail, let me share with you:” hi, XXX, it is me, i just want to say goodnight and see how you are doing. sorry that i have not called for so long, but all i want to is to take a little bit break and been busy too. Give me a call back later when you get chance. i hope you are doing ok and hope you had a good week and everything is geat.” his voice tone is kind of timid, low and nervous. so i called him back as it is not a big deal, as we are all human and have freedom to love or not to love, at least he is honest with his feeling. so, he is kind of cautious and intense when he answered the phone, he asked how i was, i said” i am ok, enemy.’ he was laughing and loosen up immediately, then he told me that he is going to visit his mom and his cousin as he is getting married. but he will be back on sunday, want to stay in touch and will give me a call on sunday night. at this point , it is all ok with me either call or not as he is no longer my attention. i do not want to drive me crazy again. but i was a little bit upset when he asked me how come i never called, is he insane? is he selfish? is he insensitive about people’s feeling? how could he expect me to call after he told me that he does not love me, so i stay silent and asked ” are you senstive? how could you asked me a question like that?”, he said ” i am a sensitive person, that is why i called and want to make sure you are ok.” but i think he is afraid of me mentioning what he said to me before, so he said immediately like” i don’t want to get into that.” i was like” me either, not at all.” he was like” ok, that is good.” we said good night to each other and he wished me a good day today. That is my story with him so far, at this point, i really do not care whatever comes later and i do not want to be with someone who does not love you, not at all.

    Hi, jess, how is with yours? are you done with him?

    Have a nice weekend to you all..

  145. #145 by saggi girl on May 29, 2009 - 3:36 pm


    i agree with you, they re manipulative people and controlling, and coward. and also they are cheap, ex mine is cheap. he told me before that there is a difference between being broke and being cheap, but i doubted if it is his case. KK, my suggestion to you is to be true to yourself…….

    keep us posted….

  146. #146 by lionsroar on May 29, 2009 - 6:11 pm

    Hi Ladies.. Here’s my update: I got NOTHING~ HAHAHA

    Guess he doesn’t have anything clever to share with me, yah know something like.. “I had chili on my hotdog for lunch”..LMAO!!!

    I have to say I am enjoying reading the posts and I think that everyone might be onto the “cheap” thing and I missed it in the initial stages… Probably why he always wanted to be at his house watching a DVD.. I think you can rent movies for free from the library.. hahaha

  147. #147 by kk on May 29, 2009 - 6:17 pm

    he is unbelievable. he never ask u what did u have instead or something even if stupid questions.
    trust me he is gonna ask u always the same questions after a while.
    these will be non direct q. to get to know details about what u do etc.
    anyway this updating about him is because he goes so slow that he has to talk about bullshits…….u know they go with the flow……..and what a flow

  148. #148 by lionsroar on May 29, 2009 - 10:22 pm


    Well if that’s how these guys are he is in for a rude awakening, unless you ask me a direct question get nothing out of me. he’ll get the same bullshit back Maybe if when he gets back next weekend that is how this will go away we will sit in his cave, with his ‘cheap/free movie rental’ and comment on the pizza all night until we get into a yawning match and then I can say.. uhm, yah know what this isnt really going anywhere, gotta go.! HA!HA!

    i dont know how everyone says hang in there, Taurus men are worth it.. honestly to go with nothing, upon nothing, but petting thier ego’s on your weekends off to get zip, notta, at best a text or call here or there, or a ‘invitation’ to get to gether once a week in return and hope/wonder if they will one day open up is just too much work for me. Seems like alot of self sacrafice for nothing. I think if its there it is there right from the beginning..Cant imagine ‘thinking for the rest of the year if it’s there… Really isnt it better just to have fun/talk/interact right from the word go and enjoy each other while it lasts and see where it goes from there? Whats the worst that can happen, you make another friend? I dont get their make up at all.. Maybe because I am a Leo.. who knows.. but I’m still going to try like hell and stick to my guns and say bye-bye. Unless of course while he is over seas and gets infected with some disease the activates a part of his brain that he isnt using (you know the one.. the male/dating gene).. I dont think these guys are worth it.. I think they are more full of themselves than us Leo Woman. And girls that saying some shit right there. I should know! hahaha.

    Great weekend to all.. and dont stress over realtionships, there’s always another one around the corner, you cant see it because you havent turned the corner yet .. 🙂

  149. #149 by Jess on May 30, 2009 - 2:56 pm

    ++ Hey KK, oh sorry I read it wrong, hahaha. Now I got you!

    ++ saggi girl, you are amazingly strong, determine and persistent! (I doubt if you got it this trait from hanging so long with Taurus ;-)) Anyway I admire you! Yes, his message and question are lame… sorry to say it. He is such a selfish to asking you that way after disappear for 2 weeks!!!

    About my situation, I still keep seeing mine. I honestly dont know where it is leading to but I dont have a future plan about us. Just like it that I always have incredible good time, a good/bad joke and he always make me laugh. Still I doubt why I still not falling in love with him. I never asked or mentioned to him about what we are to each other in this relationship… I dont know why… May be the bad experience with my last relationship, I kinda take thing very cautious now and I dont care much anymore if I dont find ‘the one’ for me to settle down with.

    5 months so far after 2 tears and hundred smile, I’m still happy spending time with this taurus as i get to know him better (who knows we might become great friends in the future if i dont fall inlove with him). Also since last time on his birthday, he works harder on me. Now we chat some times and I often find his offline message when I turn on my pc, and got his text more often.

    I asked him about that girl (but i cant tell him how i find out he still contact her about work related) he cant understand why i make such a big deal from his past. He asked me also if i want he can shows me he also find my pics with my ex from internet… He said normally he doesnt put up with such shit, as soon as we need to talk about this, it means its too late already but he guess its not too late with me because we never have plan for each other lol. I like that though! Funny that he thinks I found someone else and just made this excuse for breaking up with him since I told him on his birthday better to be just friends.

    So, I will just keep it going and take thing as it comes. No push nor pull. But as we all know we cant expect too much from Taurus and I feel we can just finish any day… until that day to come, all the best for me and everyone! 😉

  150. #150 by JMC on May 31, 2009 - 9:38 pm

    Hi everyone. I am a Capricorn girl about to marry Taurus man! OMG….he is an April Taurus. He told me on our second date he was going to marry me. Sounds great huh! Well he was very consistent, however reading the blogs I am seeing what everyone is saying even though we are engaged now. BIPOLAR for real. He is very kind, sweet and loyal…very important to me. However can be mean, moody and lack communication. However, I know he doesn’t mean it, just the way he is. I give him his space and act like he is hurting my feelings then he feels bad…sometimes! Although we are engaged, we have come very close to calling things off twice even though while we were dating he always said I was the one for him. Yes this relationship is difficult more so now, but I believe this is just his nature and don’t take it personnel. If you take it personnel it will frustrate you even more. I know it is hard not to at times. But believe me, it is not you or anything you have done. It’s just how they are built. They are much weaker than they seem and very simple. Just make them think they are the boss, you have to use reverse psychology with them. However, I don’t ignore my man to much because sometimes I think that’s what he wants and will fine with it. I don’t leave him to think alone to long or else it may stay that way. I am still learning. Maybe they all need anti-depressants. I think they are their worst enemy and don’t even know why. This is why you can take it personally, because they don’t even know themselves. You just have to be patient. The grass is not always greener on the other side. I feel once he is married he will be fine and a good husband. Like Taurus girl said don’t push them, tell him he is your king, and let him think he running things and he will be yours. I need to take my own advice. Like I said I am still learning.

  151. #151 by Jess on June 1, 2009 - 11:36 am

    Hi JMC,

    Wow finally we got a successful story here! Congratulations on your engagement and a wedding to come 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your stroy with us. Very good advice from you! I like it what you said about you not ignoring him nor leaving your man to think alone too much or it stays that way! Never have thought about it this way.

    Wish you all the best, and everyone too!

  152. #152 by saggi girl on June 1, 2009 - 4:52 pm

    hi JMC,

    congratulation, like Jess said, we finally got someone that we can share positive thought from as we are all on negative list. You should have come earlier….hehehe…

    i am really glad that things have already worked out for you, how long you have been dating? does he confess his feeling to you often? sorry, i am just curious…

    once again, welcome to this site and come to visit more with your update, so more ladies here could get some tips….

    take care to you all…

  153. #153 by lionsroar on June 1, 2009 - 5:47 pm

    Hey ladies,
    Well I got my postcard from overseas from this wonderful Taurus man… LMAO…

    Post card said, “It will be interesting to see how long this takes to reach you”

    Yep that’s it… Guess he cant get me off his mind…hahahaha…

    I am more conviced now than ever, that he and I will not make it in the least..

  154. #154 by Derin on June 1, 2009 - 8:35 pm

    Yeah congratulations to you JMC! Really nice to hear of a succesful story as Jess said. All the best to you!

    lionsroar, your guy makes me laugh. He can’t get you off his mind indeed! well it seems like he’s going with the flow and but also putting some real effort! can’t you see that? : p I think calling or even sending postcards, that’s a big progress for Taurus men! lol I think you should write a postcard back and just say how long it has taken to reach you. Just that. Unbelievable.

    Well, as for mine. I have nothing. He called me friday evening, saying that it was a busy week, asked me how mine was. Then he said he was invited for dinner at a friend’s that night (a couple actually) and he asked me if I was still going to our summerhouse for the weekend. I told him that our little family trip was cancelled. So he said, well if you are around here too, maybe we can do something for the weekend. I said, ok, why not. Then saturday and sunday passed… but nothing! No call. No message. (in fact he never send messages, always calls) So I called him on Sunday afternoon, thinking maybe there was something wrong… (a typical girlish thought, isn’t, lol) but his phone was turned off. In fact he should have seen that I called as soon as he turned it on but he didn’t call me today either. I think he’s either seeing someone else or I don’t know… this past weekend was an opportunity for us to see each other but he didn’t take it. So I’m not hopeful at all about this guy. Well my friend (who introduced us) called me today and asked me how it was going, I told her it wasn’t going anywhere because we don’t see each other. She was kind of surprised… because you know after all he’s the one who told my friend’s brother that it was going “very good”, just last week! I don’t think he’s sincere. I think he’s calculating. Plus, he changed suddenly after I refused to go to his home and I’m almost sure he spent the weekend with someone else…. oh well. I think I’m done with him. If he calls me tomorrow or this week, I’ll be busy. I’m not someone he can take for granted.

    Love and peace : )

  155. #155 by LIONSROAR on June 1, 2009 - 10:52 pm


    Good for you, be busy. And do not feel bad for every calling anyone after a lull especially when they make a point that they will be in touch.. You have to be who you are. Never be the person you are not, you will only hurt yourself.

    And to everyone on this site, I just want to say: You are all PERFECT, Just as you were intended to be! Never ever let a relationship make you feel other. Most of the time if you think about it when we get pissed off, it is because our “ego’s” are hurt. We are not physically hurt, it’s just our ego’s simply because we expect people to reciprocate the attention, affection or just kindness we give to them. Some are takers, some are givers and the rest are Taurus Men!

    Honestly I’m pretty sure I just got a post card so he can have a open “if” he chooses to contact me after he gets home.

    Chin up gals… you are all B E A ….UTIFUL!

  156. #156 by cloud9 on June 2, 2009 - 3:13 am

    hey all!!

    i just want to update you all on my situation.

    we went to the cookout and A was very attentive towards me. he kept rubbing my back and making jokes that we met on the highway because he was “holding a sign up: will dance for a beer.” all the guests laughed at his jokes.

    anyhow, i notice when we are intimate, he tells me how he is going to take care of me and how he doesn’t want any other man to experience how is feeling with me.

    the funny thing is he won’t say those things any other time!!

    someone had mentioned that you have to let them feel they are the boss and this is true. I always talk to him when making certain decisions. He likes it. I love it.

    however we had an incident…

    i hadn’t seen him in one day(since we manage to spend 4-5 days a week, together. i tend to miss him very quick. so, anyhow, saturday came and i hadn’t seen him since thursday(he was out on business). i knew he was back in town and i knew he was going to call me. instead, i called him. he was busy doing something and called me back. during the las phonecall, he told me that he would call me back at 6:30 and made implication that he would “see what i was donig”(this means he wants to see me). well 7:30 came and i was thinking this is not like him or maybe i was suppose to call him back because i was cooking and may have told him that i would call him. i called him and he said he would call back and he called me around 9ish and by then i was pissed off.

    he then left a text saying: “please don’t be mad…i want to see you.” i was thinking: “fuck you!” but, knowing how he is, i lost control of my emotions and didn’t call him back. it was best that i did it this way because we would have gotten into a serious argument.

    well we ended up talking 8am the next morning and he thought of a resolution. i accepted it and i apologized to him. he also apologized to me. later, we went to the movies.

    as much as i love A, he makes me want to go off on him! its get extremely annoying when he doesn’t say anything and i am suppose to guess what he is thinking or i should accept his silence. i am trying to get him to realize that being silence all the time creates problems and that if i should bend for him, he should bend for me. plain and simple.

    i really don’t think they realize the havoc they cause with their behaviors.

    i am so greatful that someone said to not take personal, what they do. this is true. this is very valuable and helpful in formation.

    i still feel we us getting closer.

    right now, i am looking to buy a house. i will talk with him about it.

  157. #157 by Jess on June 2, 2009 - 3:26 am

    Hey Lionsroar,

    What a beautiful and encouraging words from you! Thanks.

    “Some are takers, some are givers and the rest are Taurus Men!” hahaha this is so funny! 😀

    By the way, dont let me say about the postcard hahaha what a typical taurus we all know! 😛

  158. #158 by a on June 2, 2009 - 7:09 am

    Hey guys everyone is curious about the Taurus man what I have noticed is they like a challange. Dont be too available thats where I made the mistake. Well I ‘ve been dating a guy for 4 months. We see each other sporadically he didnt want me to tell him I love him early, but during sex he asked me to marry him and if I would have his baby. I dont know what to make of him. I am totally into him. I’m annoying myself at this point all of your ladies stories I can identify with. My guy travels, has multiple children loves to be out of pocket. He’ll not respond to my text or calls for a day or so. Last nite I cried for several hours because I really wanted to be with him. Then today I text him about a situation and here he comes to my rescue. He texted me and sd lets me I replied when he says now. Then he automatically says later is better. I dont respond exactly 15 min later he text gain meet me now. We meet and of course I want to be intimate with him. He comes to my place gives me the oral sex he promised then we have unprotected sex. Im ashamed of myself he has two children and see’s them rarely due to business. I want him so bad I got caught up. My friend counseled me for hours telling me to respect myself. Hopefully I wont get pregnant. It was a quickie at that but he always makes sure he gives me the foreplay. When I asked why he had been so distant he said he wanted to make sure I wouldnt start acting crazy on him and he wanted to make sure he wants to share his me to share his life with him and his kids. Currently he has more income then me and has accomplished more I havent met any of his friends or family just talked to his daughter on the phone occassionaly saying hi. I ‘m becoming obsessed with this guy its sick. I want him to want me but I respect honesty and truth. And he wont give it he just tells me to stay close and he’s not having sex with anyone. I dont know what to think.

  159. #159 by kk on June 2, 2009 - 7:21 am

    hi a,

    they always tell u to be there, to stay close and they say they dont have sex with anyone. they have a weird way to show respect. for me this is not should come natural not to have sex with anybody apart from u and making u feel like he is doing a favour to u. they still think about themselves when they think of u. they dont wanna get hurt so they keep the distance. and what about us?they shouldnt say they wanna marry u and have kids and then react like that. if they re not sure yet just take it easy and dont step forward and then step back.this is unfair. and they still want us to be there………..WHY?
    These people have to learn not to be selfish first and then we can think about it and we can be there etc.
    i talk from my experience which is similar to urs.i doubt if they say things like these to keep us around, and if they do they re really mean

  160. #160 by FabLibra on June 2, 2009 - 1:38 pm

    Hi All,

    I know its been a while since I wrote, but just know I get on everyday to get a laugh or an awwww in. *wink*

    I dont have an update on my selfish Taurus guy. I did say “hello” to him last Tue. He replied back, but afterwards NADA! Today makes a week that either He or I has said anything to each other. Im trying to hold my ground and keep busy but Im starting to miss him.

    I had the weirdest dream last night where he called and said he wasnt ready to go there with me. I feel that was my subconcious mind telling me what I already “THINK” I know. He makes me want to call him and ask him, but i KNOW i wont get a response. I cant believe we ended up here. As I stated before, the commmunication stopped a long time ago. I shouldve got off that train as soon as I noticed the change. I held on to the fact that I knew he liked me, and developed feelings. Now I feel like hes moved on and fell in love with hisself…LOL! I would like to say a few words to a least know he still KNOWS who I am..But I dont know what to say.

    I empathized with all of you ladies…all I can say is keep your head up, and try not to kill your Taurus. In some way or another we are all in the same boat trying to be rescued/ captured by the Taurus Man.

    Lionsroar said it BEST with her quote


  161. #161 by saggi girl on June 2, 2009 - 3:10 pm

    hi all,

    i am really glad that more people shared the stories and experience with us. In general, i think Taurus are nut….

    let me share with you about what happened during the last few days, remeber in my last post, he called me after 2 weeks of silient treatment and acting like nothing happened but a little nervous at the begining of the conversation and he told me that he is visiting his family during the weekend and probably back on sunday and will give me a call? but he did not, i was thinking maybe something is wrong, i know that i said that i wouldn’t care if he calls or not, but i still a little worried about him( he is very reckless driver and he will call if he said that he will). so, i called last night, which was Monday at 10:10pm, he did not answer the phone, so i text him a good night. I assume that he might go to sleep already, but i still worried this morning, so i texted him” you ok”? on my way to work, he responded like” yeah..just have a cold. call you tonight. you ok?” then i responded like” yeah, i am ok but a little worried about my enemy.” he responded” Don’t worry, talk to you tonight.” Jesus, right now, i really do not know what to do with him, they are so bull……

    I am going on a date with another guy this Thursday, wish me luck, everyone…..

  162. #162 by Derin on June 2, 2009 - 10:02 pm

    Lionsroar, thank you for the encouragement. : ) “Some are takers, some are givers and the rest are Taurus Men!” LOL! You rock!!

    But I’m now a little ashamed of myself, because he called me today and said that he couldn’t call me this past weekend because his father was ill and he got hospitalised! His father lives in another city btw, tough he didn’t go visit him, he still found time to watch the matches of his fave team. And on Sunday night he went to a basketball match. (he told me). He’s a fanatic, I get it, and we still don’t have a relationship, so I shouldn’t be complaining about that but although I felt sorry for his father I also felt that he was using him as an excuse. Oh am I bad? I guess I am, lol. Also, I was so sure that he spent the weekend with someone else that I felt sort of paranoid after he told me about his father. Anyway, I told him I called him on Sunday but his phone was turned off, he said really? He didn’t see my number… I was quite cool, there was no resentment in my voice, nothing, well I understand while his father was sick he might not have wanted to do anything else, except watching the matches but this is sort of getting weird. I don’t even know why he calls me, in fact. He said he’s also busy today and tomorrow, and on Thursday there’s another match (!!!) and then he’s going to his hometown to see his father this weekend, so he said, he’ll call me and we’ll meet before he leaves. Probably Friday… Well I said ok… but I’ll be busy when he calls. I’ll tell him that we’ll meet when he comes back… oh and even if he didn’t ask I told him that I was going to see a dance performance tonight (which was true) Is it pathetic? lol i just wanted to look busy as well… haha.

    Fablibra, I so understand what you mean. I also feel like we have entered a deadend street already, like our communication (if there’s any, lol) depends on his calls, his schedule etc. When you say he’s moved on and fell in love with himself… wow, I think actually that’s so true for not just Taurus men but for any guy. They don’t want to sacrifice anything and also want to have something with you only on their own terms. How wonderful.

    saggigirl, best of luck to you with your new date! Let us know how it went.

  163. #163 by Jess on June 3, 2009 - 7:38 am

    Hey saggi girl,

    Be yourself and best of luck to you! Yes keep us posted how it was going (hope you are not running into another Taurus… LOL)

  164. #164 by saggi girl on June 3, 2009 - 1:47 pm

    hi Jess,

    this guy is not a taurus, he is a saggi same as me. wow, we can see how similar we are when we talked over the phone. he asked me so many questions like” what kind of flower i like, what kind of romantic moment i would think of, do i like chocolate. well, so many questions.” but the ironic part of all these are that Taurus guy never asked me the questions like that. He bought me roses on valentine’s day but when i counted, it is 11 but not 12, we both were laughing. then he was telling me that from now on he will count the flower whenever he buys it. I guess they are just so different…….

    he called me last night and he almost lost his voice due to a very bad cold. i feel so bad for him as i did not believe it when he texted me saying that he caught a cold. so we did not talk long just a few minutes as i can barely hear him. he said that he just want to say good night and make sure that i am ok, then he kissed me good night and said that he will call me on Thursday. Jess, i think i still love him and i do not feel bad about this, i think we can not force us not to love somebody but what we can do is to take care ourself. He was so soft yesterday when we were on the phone( i guess maybe he was sick, has to be soft, hahaha) especially when he said” i will call you Thursday, ok, babe?” well, i am just that simple and easy…..and totally forgot that he said that he does not love me……

    i will keep you guys posted about my date with Saggi….

  165. #165 by Jess on June 3, 2009 - 2:21 pm

    Hi saggi girl,

    Wow, what a coincident, my Taurus also got sick! I didnt think he got really sick until he text me today that he just really start to recover. Because he almost never get sick (as far as I know) so when he told me on Sunday about him vomit and more I thought it was again his bad joke so i ignored it… (and no i dont feel bad…hehe)

    Well, from what I read, you seem to know well what you should do and how you feel and you accept it without a problem. Also I think its very nice because you put yourself out there for a date not to retaliate your Taurus guy but to give yourself a chance to be happy. The saggi guy sounds sweet on the phone but i guess you need time and more to learn about him in person but atleast this is going to keep your mind busy away from the Taurus and for you to see things (men) in different ways.

    Saggi girl, I want to say something may be I’m not in a good position to say and I could be wrong but I doubt if you can really take his ‘I dont love you’ word seriously. I know atleast my Taurus guy can be very mean and say mean thing he doesnt really mean it when he got hurt or got attacked. I would let his action prove his words either negatively or positively. And oh, dont get too soft too soon with his ‘babe trick with a soft sick sound’!!! LOL.

    Anyway you are on the good side now, have fun with your date tomorrow! 😉

  166. #166 by saggi girl on June 3, 2009 - 2:29 pm


    did you leave a message with him when his phone was off. if not, there is no phone number shown after he turned back on. If you did leave a message, that would be a different story.

    i think at least he is honest with you by telling you that he went to a game. they ARE selfish, period. like ex mine, his mother was diagnosed with cancer, he just went there to accompany his mom for surgery, then he drove back next day. I guess it is hard to understand them because i will at least stay for a few days with mom if i was in the same situation. He did the similar thing before when his mother was sick, he just spent 3 hours with me and told me that he wanted to go home earlier as he is worried about his mom, but he still watch TV when he’s back home. I thought the same thing as i do not understand how his mom’s sickness has anything to do with spending time together, as it does nothing help the situation. I guess that is who they are.

    there is also one time when he told me that he can not come to see me as he wanted to stay at home to do some work. I was pretty upset as i think it is an excuse. he told me ” i do understand you feel upset if i spend time with some guy friend instead of you, but i just want to stay at home to do some work,” but i guess maybe that is an excuse, sometimes, they want to do something on their own, or just relax, does not want to give out the affection when they are not in the mood of doing that, don’t you have that moment as well when you just want to stay on your own, as i do. does that mean that i do not want to spend the time with my friend forever or i do not like them at all? no, just not that moment. so, do not take it too personal. if he does not want to spend time with you at all, he won’t call you.

    i know it is hard to deal with them, but do not take it too personal….. but i think the thing is that you can not focus on them especially at the initial stage of dating with them, i kind of obssessed with him at the begining, he felt choked. he was telling me before that no man will bear a girl like that, you have to have your own life, not just focus on him. as he has to worry if i would be mad if he did not call or did not spend time together.”

    you are still getting to know each other at this point, so take it easy……

    good luck to you.

  167. #167 by saggi girl on June 3, 2009 - 2:46 pm

    HI Jess,

    thanks for your message and i will keep you posted about my date with saggi….

  168. #168 by Derin on June 3, 2009 - 9:58 pm

    saggigirl, no i didn’t leave a message, but we both use the same operator and it has a service that shows you who called you while your phone was turned off… so i’m pretty sure he’s getting the same service. plus, the job he is doing requires him to keep his phone on all the time… even if it’s weekend. so that was weird.

    you are right he’s honest with me… i guess maybe the reason also why he tells me that he’s watched the match is to let me know that it IS important for him… he’ll watch the match no matter what, and I should get used to it!

    what you told about your ex is really so similar to what i’m experiencing now but I’m not obsessed yet, or am i? lol ok I maybe a little obsessed because I’m not used to being neglected like this but apparently everything is going fine on his side because you know he told my friend’s brother that it was going “very good” ! So far I have called him only twice and the second one was when his phone was off you know, well I think he is probably very much ok with the fact that I don’t call him… so keeps his freedom. What you said is quite reasonable, I’ll try not to take it personal. I’m having my own life… but I just wish he was aware of it too… lol

    anyway, thank you so much saggi girl, as you said we are just getting to know each other, so I’ll take it easy… : )

    waiting for the good news with your saggi guy.

  169. #169 by lionsroar on June 3, 2009 - 10:28 pm

    “Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause”

    Hey all.. guess what… Meathead (my newest name for him)

    Wow he really used his cell phone and called me at my office today..*probably set him back around $10.00 HAHAHA…Best part I havent heart squat other than the few posts I have told you all about in 3 weeks.. he comes home Friday.. today is Wednesday!! Hello…. 2 days before he comes home and NOW he calls. (let us not forget the postcard).. The conversation was simple… all about him. No – No I did not get a miss you, how are you, nor did I get a invite to see him when he return this weekend… Just a typical one sided conversation… hahaha

    A couple of things hit me.. like the postcard, this was a ‘keep in touch’ – ‘leave the door open’ tactic he is using in case he wants to see me. *Ass doesnt get that it is my choice.

    Also, I have decided the perfect birthday present for these guys are MIRRORS… That way they can talk to themselves and hear what they want to as safely as they do and they will be only dealing with themselves..fricken cave dwellers they are..

    Also I think Taurus men should all be born with Glass Belly’s, that way they can see how far their heads are shoved up their asses… 🙂

  170. #170 by JMC on June 4, 2009 - 6:38 am

    Hi everyone and thanks for your kinds words. Iam happy to have found this site as well.

    Saggigirl states:
    I am really glad that things have already worked out for you, how long you have been dating? does he confess his feeling to you often?

    We have been dating for two years and yes when he is ready he will pour his heart to me. About 50% of the time. In the beginning all the time and was very, very attentive. Personally I think we met at the right time. It’s all about timing. I shortly dated another Taurus guy, he was nice but saw signs like you all stated in previous posts. “He just wasnt that into me”. So I moved on. I believe sign or no sign when a guy loves you he will commitment no matter what sign. So for all of you who dealing with Taurus guys and it’s not going well just keep dating. When a guy loves you he will show you, not just talk the talk. My guy is consistent for the most part, but when things are not going well in his life he can sometimes feel bad about the relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love you he just feels bad that he can’t give you all the things he wants to give you as a man. During this time I just stick by him really hard even if he doesn’t want me to. But like I said it hasn’t been easy but I am very determined but that’s becuz I have a ring! But I just think it all about timing and endurance. Hope that helps.

  171. #171 by kk on June 4, 2009 - 7:06 am

    hi again.
    i wanted seriously TO ask something to anybody that knows taurus men please.

    my taurus man hurt me, i hurt him back but nothing compare to what he s done.
    i am heart broken.
    he screwd it up but im ready again to pursue with my effort. knowing him he focuses just on what i ve done after as an excuse not to take his responsabilities.

    i sent him an email to tell him how i feel and what he caused by hurting me, that i didnt expect that from him at all.
    but still forgave him.

    he replied back saying just that he wouldnt do anything to hurt me ( I REMIND EVERYBODY HE DID FIRST) and that he is really disappointed with me(????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    he said hope u gonna be happy in ur future.

    as soon as read this freaking email i called him strait away he unswered he was calm but when i started reminding him about what he s done he just focused on what i ve done after,( basically nothing major or nothing that hurt him).he then started to make me feel worse with his words, i guess cause he felt like shit.

    i cant say a lot about what happened on this post cause i dont know who reads that .

    does anybody know if I think that this thing with him it s screwd up or him answering back the email and phone is a good sign he doesnt want to stop?

    i should be the one to tell him to off but i didnt and instead of taking his responsabilities cause too proud he screws it up more.

    does anybody know

    PS: i ve been always there for him accepeted till now all his mistakes and never betrayed him, and this is how he thanks me. i think it s easier for them to find an excuse to screw up things instead of getting more committed cause they re cowards

  172. #172 by lionsroar on June 4, 2009 - 1:52 pm


    I am sorry to hear of your pain, but I can tell my reading your post that you are definetly shaken to the core with this issue.

    It sounds to me like he was taking your call, etc.. so that he is not the bad guy in his eyes. it is always easy to point out the errors of others it is the hardest to look in the mirror and look at our own faults. Ask you self this question now.. if he acts like this now, how would handle anything extremely important that would come up in your lives together say 10 years from now, a tragedy?, a death?, a human error that caused issues?… if you can not honestly say he would work with you, forgive you and give unconditionally as it sounds you can do for him … tell him good bye and thank the heavens that you were blessed to find out NOW how this person is, because honestly a relationship is about the good, bad and ugly, it is like a dance; when one person moves left your partnere should move right..a beautiful waltz. It should not be when you move left they walk off the floor!. Say what you mean and mean what you say. there is nothing worse than being ALONE IN A MARRIAGE/COMMITED RELATIONSHIP…

    This I can tell you from first hand experience.

  173. #173 by saggi girl on June 4, 2009 - 2:23 pm

    hi KK,

    i am sorry to hear that and hopefully you will feel better. I do not know what happened with you guys as you did not articulate what had happened and it is hard for me to relate.

    but in general, i would say give it a time if that is really just a small argument, but if that is a really big thing like betraying you, that i would not forgive. so, it really depends.

    one thing i know about my taurus guy is that whenever we had an argument like misunderstanding or he said something hurtful, i would hang up the phone immediately as i need to respect myself. one time, he said something really bad even though it’s just for venting his angerness, i hang up the phone immediately even though i know he hates being hung up but i did. so, what he did is that he did not call back right away as that was late night, but he called back next day during my lunch break and left me a message saying that he needs to talk,but i did not call back right away until he called again during the evening, we talked it out and apologized to each other even though i did not think i was wrong but i think he expected it from my side too.

    but if that was my mistake, like one time, i said some very hurtful thing to vent my anger, he did not say anything at that moment, but next day i felt so bad about what i said to him, so i called him to apologize and told him that i did not mean it. so he asked me if i really mean the apology, i said yes, then he forgave me.

    so, like i said, it really depends how big that matter is, because if that is something really cross the line, i would stick to my position even risk losing the relationship. i can spoil him but not without respect for myself……

    sorry, i can not help further as you did not give any detail… hope you will feel better…

  174. #174 by Jess on June 4, 2009 - 3:30 pm

    Hi KK,

    I’m so sorry to hear your situation. But please calm down first. Lionsroar put it best on how a relationship is about good bad and ugly. As I dont really know your exact situation so what I’m telling you now is based on my experience with my Taurus and how I see your situation.

    I think he answered your phone and email is because he is at his own peace now and really conclude (or truely convinced himself) that it was not his fault so he doesnt have any reason to hide from you or not answering your phone/email. I’m not sure you want to take this as a good sign.

    I think at this moment its not a matter of who hurts who first because its not doing anything better discussing it or to point out to him what he did first. Besides I dont think you make any good out of arguing with taurus; not only you are not making any good from it, he will only take it as a negative sign for relationship if any.

    And I would tell you DONT try to hurt him back. Atleast I know my Taurus motto ‘you fuck wtih me and I fuck you more’ he can be the worst enemy you ever want. I know mine can return the same favor but in double or tripple intensity.

    Like Lionsroar said, you should think if he worths anything at all meaningful in the future.

    Cheer up!

  175. #175 by Derin on June 4, 2009 - 8:22 pm

    hi kk

    you write that “he said hope u gonna be happy in ur future.” I think this is not a good sign. I mean it looks as if he’s letting go of your relationship, so I think you should move on and not waste any more of your precious time with this man. I’d hate to say anything to hurt you or offend you, so I wish I could say something positive, but from what you wrote, his answering your call or writing an e-mail back may mean for him that he’s just being polite because even though it may look like those are positive actions what he wrote or said indicates otherwise. So I agree with Jess on that.

    I don’t really know what really happened between you two either but his reactions and words say it all, at least to me. However, you are the one experiencing this, so you should know better.

    I had a bf once, whenever I got angry about something he managed to make me feel like it was all my fault and never let me pursue the issue further, because he was getting frustrated then. It took me a while to understand it was all about him, he was the center of the world and I had no right to express my dissastisfaction in any way. I’m so glad now that i have left him, he was going to make my life miserable but as I said it took me a while to understand this because I was in love with this “thoughtless” and “selfish” man. When I left him, I was still in love with him so it was a very hard decision but I had to do this for myself because I could also see my future with him, which was not very promising, I’m telling you.

    So, no matter what you decide, best of luck to you. Remember please, the most important person in your life is you and don’t let anyone to hurt you and then put the blame on you. Anyone who does this is not worthy of your love and attention any more.

  176. #176 by saggi girl on June 5, 2009 - 1:50 pm

    hi all,

    i went on a date with saggi guy last night, the date went well as we are all easygoing person, but i do not feel the chemistry or anything, then he walked me home and hugged me for good night.

    i think we can be good friend as we have so many to talk about and we are like 2 peas in a pod, but chemistry…..?

    i got a call from taurus last night when i was on a date, i did not return the phone call until i got home around 10pm, he went to bed already, so we brifely talked like a couple of minutes and he said he would call me during the weekend, then we kissed good night…… I think we are in peace now, i do not know how the future will be but at least right now we are in peace, i will keep going on date with next guy, remember, i signed up for dating services, they will keep sending me referrals……, so this way i can feel that i am in control of myself…instead of waiting for taurus…, so i can save a lot of dramas….

    i think that we all should do the same thing, keep the option open, this way we can free up ourself and taurus….., leave the future to God…

  177. #177 by Derin on June 5, 2009 - 2:52 pm

    saggi girl, i see what you mean, if there’s no chemistry, then there isn’t, i don’t believe love at first sight but i believe in chemistry at first sight : )

    and you are so right, i’ll keep my options open too. today my taurus has called me at noon, which i was expecting, he said he was going to his hometown to see his father from tonight, but he decided to go in the morning (his father got hospitalised again) he asked me what i was doing tonight, i told him we are going to our summer house and we’ll spend the weekend there, which is not quite true, we are going tomorrow morning and I’ll be with friends tonight : ) . he said he’s gonna spend the night at home then , he was quite tired. wished me good time and said we’ll talk when i come back. so I’m planning to call him maybe tomorrow or sunday to ask about his father, but that’s all. I’m quite neutral now, I’m going with the flow. and I really didn’t feel like going out with him tonight because I feel as if he is asking me out not because he really wants to… I don’t know. I feel as if he’s squeezing me in the little “free time” he has, 2 weeks passed since we’ve last seen each other for God’s sake. maybe that’s all my paranoia because after all don’t they say that a man who doesn’t wanna call never calls at all. anyway, this time I’m busy…

    well saggi girl, as you said i’m in control now, we should free ourselves and not get stuck with one guy… leaving the future to God, best option.

  178. #178 by kk on June 5, 2009 - 4:01 pm

    hi everybody

    thanx for the support and suggestions. i put myself on god’s hands. will see if He wants me to be with him it will happen no matter what.
    thanx again.x

  179. #179 by clou9 on June 6, 2009 - 9:04 am

    Hey All,

    I had gone through the posts and I want to point out a few things. First, let’s keep in mind the Taurus tongue is sharp like a razor. One of my closests friends is one. I love her to death, but can only take so much of her. I have told her on many occassions what she said was offensive and she apologized. Every other word is F*** this or F**** that, but when I need her for anything, she is right there, for me.

    My Taurus man, as I refer to as “A” knows how sharp his tongue is and is very careful as to what he says. However, he is always prepared for ANY verbal disputes. So, I say that to say that some Taurus guys have either no real understanding of the damage they cause or don’t care or they are only going by how they feel. A has stressed in many ways that he is mindful of my feelings. I think this comes after the realization of hurting people in the past.
    Yes, I let him be the boss, but best believe I am pulling some strings. Taurus men have to feel in control and when they do, its smooth sailing. Lol!

    Timing is everything. I think once the taurus guy realizes and actually understand the impact they have caused, they will redirect their actions.

    Please, let them be. You must also control your feelings, until they start expressing theirs more. Trust me, you will win every time. I know its difficult, but you will come out on top. The funny thing is, they will look at you side ways when you want to go off on them because of how you feel. They are taking their TIME! You can not rush them.

    If you want your taurus man:

    KEEP THE FOCUS on yourself, I know…
    I have to stop and charge my phone and I need to get back to sleep, but I will get back on to say more.


  180. #180 by lionsroar on June 6, 2009 - 8:41 pm

    HE’S BACK………. And guess what? I got a call today to let me know he made it home safe yesterday, and that he was tired and they only had budlight at one airport, no other options which totally upset him and yes.. he has an a ton of weeds in his yard…

    HAHAHA….Oh yah he also said on his voicmail (I didnt take his call) that he doesnt think he has any plans Sat. or Sunday although he wasnt sure, if I wanted to come by GIVE HIM A CALL and he will let me know if he’s open!!…

    HAHAHA… Had to share that, wow he loves himself more than Brangalina!! No I am not going there.. if he wants to see me ever again, he can be a real person and ask me directly… I have never been sloppy seconds in 40 plus years and would not start today.. On a better note I have a date tonight… wish me luck.

    Best to everyone and remember YOU ARE PERFECT JUST AS YOU WERE INTENDED TO BE!!

  181. #181 by saggi girl on June 7, 2009 - 1:18 am

    hi, Lionsroar,

    good luck to you and have fun…..

  182. #182 by saggi girl on June 7, 2009 - 1:19 am


    you are so right. i agree.

  183. #183 by Jess on June 8, 2009 - 12:56 pm

    Hi everyone,

    Saggi girl– your very short update about your date says so much of how much chemistry you (dont) have LOL.

    Derin–keep busy and stay focusing on yourself please lol.

    Cloud9– wake up yet? waiting to be continued! 😉

    KK–hope everything alright and that you feel better now.

    Lionsroar– keep the entertainment coming. 😉

    Just stopping by to say hi. Not feeling so well lately may be its that time of the month coming soon again. I’m going to bed in an hour.

    Good night and take care everyone!

  184. #184 by saggi girl on June 8, 2009 - 1:40 pm

    hi, Jess,

    you are so funny, yeah, it is true that it says how much of the chemistry we had based on how many lines i put in…..

    i saw my taurus guy yesterday, we spent 2 hours together as he worked 6 days a week, but he is still new to the job and has a lot of reading to do. he went home earlier. Let me tell you something which is so typical of taurus:

    i walked him out to where he parked his car but it is kind of chilly yesterday. I was wearing a short sleeve inside my house, so when i was leaving with him, he told me to wear a coat, i said that i am ok, he said “no, wear a coat.” i insisted that i am fine. so, he was wearing a long face like ” i am serious, wear a coat.”, so, i did. and then, we went out, after we walked 2 blocks, he said” i want you to go home, i do not want you to walk me all the way to the car, it is too far.” i said that i am ok, it is earlier afternoon, i am ok. he said” ok, another block, then go home.” we are like this back and forth a few times, so i explained to him that i wanted to walk even though it is chilly, but i want to walk, he said” ok, another few blocks, you have to go home.” God, i was telling myself, he has to be in control of everything, then i listened to him and turned back. he said” i will call you later before i go to bed.”

    Jess, did you get what i am trying to hint, ” they need to be the boss.”

    hope you will be ease on your day of the month….. i had just done mine…. hehe.

  185. #185 by Jess on June 8, 2009 - 2:00 pm

    hahaha Sggi girl, dont let me pick on you on how many lines you talked about your taurus guy… now who is funny! lol! 😉

    Yeah saggi girl, let him (atleast think he is) be the boss all he likes and in this case it sounds reasonable with good intention and care so… i guess you dont mind at all 😉

    Well, we all know how Taurus are so irrisistable with their eccentric charm! I better not pick on you too much it will be my turn soon (to get mad at taurus) anyday…

    Ok so now we all are in peace hahaha (are we really? ;-))

    Okok, i go to bed now, just come back for a finaly check!

  186. #186 by Mist flower on June 9, 2009 - 11:51 pm

    Dear girls, dear sisters,

    I am so glad I found you here! When reading all posts about Taurus man I don’t feel so lonely anymore. My story with the Taurus started about a month ago. Till now I always avoided Tauruses because their longing for the material wealth, self-absorption and carrierism never attracted me. I am a Libra with ascendant Cancer. Since I met this guy during a wild dance party I never stopped thinking of him. During the party he told me ‘Well, I would like to meet you again’. A week later he send me an e-mail and invited me to meet him in the park. We were sitting on a bench, talking about our jobs and about our passions in life. Then he touched softly my face when saying goodbye. Somehow this gesture of him kept staying in my mind. Two weeks later, after I returned from a short trip to France I noticed he had send me an e-mail asking how my trip was. I called him and we met the same day. He told me he doesn’t have so much time but he would like to see me. We went to another park and I showed him my favorite tree there. We went sitting under the tree. He was silent. We were looking at the late afternoon sky, listening to the birds and observing the landscape. Suddenly he hugged me and started kissing me. I was surprised, I didn’t expect this so early. And then I said things for which I really regret now. I told him many things about me – that for me such an intimate contact comes a bit early, that I was not having any intimacy with a man since 5 years because I am living with my ex-boyfriend who is very depressed and doesn’t go out for months and I am taking care of him. I told him I would like to marry and have children. He asked why I don’t ask a friend to help me with having children. Can you imagine, I said this to him on the 3th meeting with him. It was stupid to do so. He told me how I know he is the man of my life and then he made a sarcastic remark ‘ Does it mean that after I sleep with you I have to marry you?’ We were excited when hugging each other and then he told me ‘I want you!’. I told him I am looking for a flat for myself and I am planning to move and live alone. At the end of this evening I told him I would like to cook for him soon. The following two days were a kind of disaster for me. I cried a lot and had a self-pity on me. All my bad memories with men came suddenly up. The Taurus guy succeed in provoking my female side. He didn’t call me for 3 days. When I called him he asked ‘Are you ok?’
    This simple question made me very sad. We were having very formal conversation on the phone. He told me he might call me in the weekend but he didn’t. On Monday, after having delete his phone number and e-mail address I found his number somewhere and called him without any hesitation. I said I am very sorry for my behavior last time we met. I told him I was exaggerating and I am very sorry I said so many things without thinking. He was calm and said ‘I didn’t call you during the weekend because I was having lot of work to do.’ He is leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks to Italy for his job. He also said on the phone ‘Somehow I will find way to see you before I leave’. Today he called me and said he is very busy so he doesn’t have any time to meet. He would send me an e-mail when he has the time to do it.
    I m very curious what is he going to write me. Maybe he doesn’t want to see me any more because of my problematic situation. Or maybe when saying he is going to mail me he thinks of keep going with me? What do you think? Any comment will be helpful!

  187. #187 by lionsroar on June 10, 2009 - 12:02 am

    mist flower & Gang..

  188. #188 by lionsroar on June 10, 2009 - 12:13 am

    mist flower & Gang…

    Hello Ladies, Lions Roar here. Yah I’m like napkins at a party always around!! hahaha..

    Well Mist Flower if you read the posts, re-read you have the celestial twin of the meat head Taurus I met. Just different countries. Lucky Gal.. look on the bright side you will have something to laugh about and compare your past, present and future too. It’s to soon to stress! Do not make apologies for expressing your emotions to anyone. For whatever reason you needed to get it out, it had to happen. It could have been him or someone on a train, street corner or store. Life is funny that way. Dont take yourself that serious (its just your ego kicking the shit out of you right now, nothing more than thoughts in your head) and NEVER APOLOGISE FOR BEING OPEN! It is probably one of your best qualities. Just sit back and see what he does… let it go and flow.. As far as him touching your face… let me give you a trick.. Any time you end an evening or date, before walking out the door, etc.. turn back and give them a ‘bubbly happy smile’… it’s the same shit, just the girl version. That will burn in his brain just as long. Every man loves a happy, carefree, smiling woman.

    Everyone else.. Okay ditched the Taurus this weekend, had my date.. it was okay for me, great for him. Soooooo we all know no chemistry on my end: Aint gonna happen.

    Anyway Meathead called me Monday, Yep I gave him a call back today with the old “sorry my cell phone was on the charger”.. Hey it beats changing a flat tire right? LOL…

    Anyway, he has to travel again tomorrow will be back Friday.. So I say. Oh that’s nice, have a safe trip. He then
    says, “I will talk to you when I get back, Later”… “I got no plans, would like to see you again” HAHAHHAHA… We have hit 4 weeks of nothing but his stupid texts, contact. Now he is chasing. I gotta tell you the guy is funny. Now he is making the lion want to the chase.

    That’s all I got. Hope you all are doing well. Remember girls without bad relationships you would have nothing to compare the keepers to. Thank Goddess for the ones that didnt cut it so that we may find the keepers.. Your all perfect just as you were intended to be, not for you to prove it.. its for others to find it!!

  189. #189 by Mist flower on June 10, 2009 - 1:41 pm

    Hello Lion’s Roar,

    Thank you for your encouraging message! You are completely right – I shouldn’t be shamed for being open and showing emotions. I kept for so long my fears, emotions and feelings for myself that now the first person who gives me attention and who I like have to witness my frustration. I hope he didn’t see it as a frustration. Anyway, before starting something new with someone I have to clear the road and make myself ready. You are also right when writing I take myself to serious. By avoiding intimacy with men for so long I probably developed a kind a fear and give much more meaning to it. From experience I know I can’t expect someone to make me happy – this is my own task.
    I see relationships as a contribution to the personal growth. I’ve learned most from unhappy relationships. Now I feel ready to face new challenges.
    Thank you for your advise!
    I’ll keep you informed about further developments with the Taurus guy.
    Good luck with your Taurus!

    All love with you,

    Mist flower

  190. #190 by saggi girl on June 10, 2009 - 2:13 pm

    Hi Mist Flower and Gang,

    you need to calm down. sister…., you will be fine.

    when i saw this line, sorry it makes me laugh: “He was calm and said ‘I didn’t call you during the weekend because I was having lot of work to do.”, It is so typical of taurus’s behavior, they are slow to fall in love but you are buring the other end. You need to cool off your feeling, sister, otherwise, you will look so dramatic for him which they hate most. It is just your 3rd meeting, you were open to him about your dream and plan in life, it is nothing to aplogize about, you are true to yourself as you are not playing around. Taurus love family-oriented woman, so i do not think you did anything wrong even though it is too earlier to discuss about it but you were just randomly chating, right? It is fine.

    like i said above, the thing you need to do is to cool off your feeling and let him roll the boat to you. I have seen a lot of postings on different sites, they all talk about feeling control especially that you are just on the initial stage of dating, if you have already been crazy about him like this degree, i doubted your following journey…., how could you survive. if you want to talk about something, come here to talk instead of acting dramatic to him….

    i think he likes you, but do not act too crazy about him(no offense). Let me tell you one thing, which was what happened with my taurus, he dated a girl before me like 6-7 months, he dropped her after he knows me, that is what he told me. so, I asked him why and when he did that, he stated that he dropped her right after we started talking and the reason was that she was acting too crazy and scary even though he knows that she will give him everything he wanted but he said that it was too uncomfortable and scary to stay. I think at some point, they wanted you to be loyal to them but not too crazy about them before he felt crazy about you, it will scare them off. I am saggi and i am dramatic sometimes, but i gave people space and also wanted space for myself too. But also i found that itwas very hard not to be clingy when i met him, and i was never like this before. i guess they did have irrisistable eccentric charm,(like Jess said), hehe.

    so, back off a little bit and control your feeling…… as they do not expect you to be this serious about them this earlier… you will be ok.

    by the way, welcome…. sister

  191. #191 by Mist flower on June 10, 2009 - 2:45 pm

    Hello Saggi girl and Gang,

    Thank You for your tips and advises! Yes, I am to tensed and intense and have to change this attitude. It brings me always trouble with men. When I am in love, or think I am, I want to give everything of myself at once. Maybe my Chinese horoscope helps for this – I am a Fire Horse. Being in love brings me in confusion. I’ll cool off my feelings and do something good for the world.
    Thank you for making me aware! I’ll not forget to see the bigger picture instead of focussing only on the thought how to win the heart of this charming Taurus.

    Light and Love to all,

    Mist flower

  192. #192 by Jess on June 10, 2009 - 3:34 pm

    Mist flower!

    Are you French? and you are horse? wow I’m also a horse 😀 (what is your zodiac sign by the way?)

    Welcome to the club 😉

  193. #193 by Mist flower on June 10, 2009 - 4:08 pm

    Hi Jess,

    Thank you! Are you Fire Horse too?

    I live in Holland. My zodiac sign is Libra with ascendant Cancer and Moon in Aquarius.


    Mist Flower

  194. #194 by saggi girl on June 10, 2009 - 4:24 pm

    Holland, hm, good place to live, i have been there once and went to the red light area like a few year ago, it is SO cool…. hehe

  195. #195 by Jess on June 10, 2009 - 5:02 pm

    Mist flower,

    You sound like you have some knowledge about astrology.
    Well, call me crazy but I happend to be curious about it also since I met this Taurus… hahaha! what an interesting side effect. 😉 So I did some research to find out I’m Aries with ascendant in Pisces, moon in Aquarius, and Venus in Taurus (but no idea at all what it means… hahaha)

    According to Chinese astrology, I’m an earth horse. And it reflects very well my personality…

    About relationship with Taurus, patient is the key and dont get caught in the act of romance or get too carried away. I think you will get about the same advice and idea from us as we are somewhat in the same boat… hahaha.

    Good luck to us girls!

  196. #196 by Derin on June 10, 2009 - 10:21 pm

    Hello Gang ( i love this word, lol) and welcome aboard Mist Flower : )

    I agree with what lionsroar and saggi girl said, and just like Jess mentioned we should be patient and focusing on ourselves. Cloud9, thanks for your insightful post too… I have been trying to focus on myself all this time but at the same time checking our horoscope forecasts daily, visiting tarot sites online… lol. I have never done such things before but now I can’t even recognize myself.

    Well, my Taurus was going to his hometown to see his sick father you know. So I called him last Sunday to ask about his father, he said he couldn’t go because something came up the last minute, but his father was ok etc. He was outside at a shopping mall. He thought I was still at our summerhouse but I told him we came back that morning. He was surprised but then he said “ok you take a rest today”, we’ll talk during the week. Nothing about “let’s meet”… nothing. Anyway, since then he hasn’t called…. I’m still expecting he might before the weekend and he’ll probably go away again during the weekend, maybe we won’t be able to see each other again. This is getting really frustrating but I think I wouldn’t be too hung up on him like this if he didn’t act like a damn tortoise!! He’s so sloooow. Maybe he doesn’t want to meet up at all but then why does he call? Plus, all the tarot cards I have chosen so far indicate positive (please hope you are not thinking bad of me because I’m involved with tarot now, it’s embarassing I know ;/ ), so I still have hope but at the same time I feel silly. I don’t really know what he makes of my not calling him at all (I called him only twice) but how can I call him while he’s busy all the time? My friend who introduced us, told me that maybe I should invite him somewhere but what am I gonna do if he tells me there’s a match he has to watch that day? That would be embarassing. Maybe this is better, maybe I can’t do with a man whose number one priority is sports, not the girl he likes. He acts immaturely. God, they are so immature.

    Anyway, I met another guy last week when I went out with friends, (he’s my age) he found me on facebook later and asked me out, I’ll probably go and have coffee with him, though I don’t really like him but I didn’t want to refuse him either (in fact I refused him first but he really insisted, first asked me to dinner and then to coffee) He’s a Libra btw, i have never dated a Libra, we’ll see.

    Take care all, and patience… breathe in and breathe out… that’s what I’m doing now.


  197. #197 by saggi girl on June 11, 2009 - 2:33 pm

    hi, Derin

    don’t feel embrassing for checking horoscope forecasts daily as that is what i did before.

    i have some thoughts about your situation, it seems that you have only met each other once, i mean the first blind date, right? did you meet after that at all? I think you can ask your friend to ask him if you guys have met again, like a casual inquiry. you know.

    how long you have been talking? how often you talk?

  198. #198 by Derin on June 11, 2009 - 4:55 pm

    Hi saggi girl,

    after the blind date, we met twice in a row. We first had a very nice dinner together and then he called me the next day and asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema, I said ok, then later that evening he called again and asked why don’t we go to his house instead, we’ll watch dvd and have dinner and then he’ll bring me back home. I said I thought we could meet at a shopping mall instead (i didn’t wanna go to his house right away) he said ok, but when he came to the mall he was somewhat different from the previous night. his face was kinda sullen. I think he didn’t like the fact that I didn’t come to his home. (and then we saw that horrible movie called “he’s not that into you”… horrible bad awful movie for potential couples). Then after that day we have never met again : ) He’s been always busy. But he called me once in 4 days or something, but now it’s been almost a week since we last talked. (I called him to ask about his father last Sunday) My friend’s brother actually asked him last week how it was going between him and me, and he said it was going “very good”. Interesting, right? This week they were supposed to meet again, they go to basketball games together and he was going to inquire casually like you said…

    So what are your thoughts? : )

  199. #199 by Derin on June 11, 2009 - 5:03 pm

    Oh and we first had our own date, apart from the blind date, on May 22 I think. But of course after the blind date, his calling me and asking me out took him like 2 weeks, lol. hen one week later we actually met. So we met on May 22, then saw each other again on 23 but after that, he hasn’t been available. Oh just one more thing, he called me last Friday and asked me what I was doing, but I wasn’t available then : )

  200. #200 by saggi girl on June 11, 2009 - 6:58 pm

    hi, Derin,

    based on what you said, it seems normal. at this point, you can not do anything about it, but luckily you have a friend around him, which can be a bridge between both of you. but just asked your friend to ask it very casually without mentioning your concern, not at all….. let you friend ask something like this” hi, how is everything between 2 of you and did you meet again recently?”

    Derin, you are fine……

  201. #201 by Derin on June 11, 2009 - 8:32 pm

    Thank you so much saggi girl, I’m feeling better now : )

    My friend’s brother might have already asked, maybe tonight, though I’m not sure. If he tells him something like ” man, you invited her to your house on your second date!?”, then we ‘re through, lol. I’ll call my friend tomorrow and ask her if her brother talked to my Taurus.

    I’m expecting a call from him tomorrow, before the weekend, if he doesn’t call… then i’ll start thinking something is wrong.

    I have never encountered a man who is that slow… so I’ve been feeling hopeless and clueless. But you think I’m fine, which is great. I think you should have your own problem page and help people, I’m serious! Your comments are always so insightful.

    How are you doing? Have you talked to your Taurus again?

  202. #202 by Jess on June 12, 2009 - 3:27 am

    Derin my dear,

    I been reading your post and was not going to say anything until I read to this line……

    ” I’m expecting a call from him tomorrow, before the weekend, if he doesn’t call… then i’ll start thinking something is wrong.”

    Ok, now you are going to make a mistake by EXPECTING! Dont expect. period. (atleast try hard not to expect) because you can be sure to be disappointed by the Taurus. And the ironic is they just dont see anywrong with that… (while you already go so far feeling hurt and think he’s not intersted and that something is wrong)

    Just my 2 cents right from my very best intention!

    Anyway keep us posted.

  203. #203 by saggi girl on June 12, 2009 - 2:26 pm

    hi Derin,

    i agree with Jess that do not expect a call from him, otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy if he does not call.

    if he calls, it is great, if he does not, then do your own stuff, i know it is tough, but you have to do it.

    for answering your question, yeah, we did talk again. He called me on Tuesday night before he went to bed, that was we normally do if we do not fight, it is like a routine already. we do not talk long and just make sure each other were ok and nothing bad happened during the days we did not talk. like Tuesday, we only talked 3-4 minutes as he said that he was very tired and kind of crashing, so he generally asked how i was and if everything was ok, i said yes, then he said he was very tired and just wanted to say good night. so, we kissed good night and that’s it. Derin, i was so crazy before as i wanted to talk long whenever we talked, so if we did not talked long, i would think that he did not want to talk to me. but right now i am ok with this after i went through all the dramatic stage( you do not want to go through that, LOL).

    also like last night, based on the routine schedule, he was supposed to call me but he did not, did i beat myself down? no, i did not, i just went to sleep as i did not take it too personal right now as you have to give the other person space to digest his day the way he wanted. But if you do want to talk to him, just give him a call and asked how his day was but do not question why he does not call as it is not his job to call you when you expected in your own mind unless he said that he is going to call on paticular date (if not, i would call to see what has happended and told him that i was worried as he said he would call), this way he will think that you are worried about his wellbeing but not question his behavior. so, next time, he will remember to call when he said he would. This way, you set your own rule without confronting him.

    well, i am still learning and never know when the next drama will be on the way towards me….. but we got sisters here to share….LOL

    keep us posted…

  204. #204 by Derin on June 12, 2009 - 2:45 pm

    Dear Jess, I know, you are right, I shouldn’t have said that because he didn’t call! lol. Then of course I couldn’t help it and called him. His number was busy and then I didn’t try again. He might have seen my number or not later but at this stage I don’t really care. Ok, that was wrong I still care : ) but I’m learning not to expect.

    Saggi girl dear, glad to hear that you are ok with it now…and you are handling the situation well. I know you’ve been through so much drama and I think it’s great that you can keep it cool. I think you are on the right track.

    I don’t think I’ll call him ever again. He hasn’t called me in a week and if he doesn’t care “how I am doing” , then I don’t care about him either. I know that you guys are telling me to be patient but I really think it is over. He has started calling me more and more scarcely and then he cut it out. That’s how I see it now.


  205. #205 by Derin on June 13, 2009 - 1:35 pm

    Alright, some update.

    I called him. Today. I shouldn’t have, right? But I did. I feel like an idiot, though he didn’t make me feel bad for calling him. Of course he’s been busy, he was away for two days on buiness, then of course he had been to the basketball games. Now he’s again away for the weekend and then next week, he’ll come back the week after next week. He said sorry I couldn’t call you, blah blah. I said it’s ok, I’ve been busy too. I asked him about his father first though, he said he’s out of the hospital and quite fine now. He gave me like a very detalied description about his father’s situation. Then he asked me what I was doing. And then he said “what are you doing next week?” Why don’t you come over and escape for a few days. It’s a seaside place that he’s going to. I said “I wish, but I have to work” Then I regretted saying “I wish” because “I really don’t wish” lol, He’s not my fiance or even my boyfriend yet, so I would never go. Anyway, he said “take care” and wished me a good day.

    Well, I still think I shouldn’t have called. At least I know what he’s up to but… I still find his casual approach irritating, I mean his inviting me over just because I called…

    I keep contradicting myself I know, in the previous post I was saying I would never call him but now here I am, I’ve done it. Stupid.

    Btw, I went out with the Libra guy last night, it was ok but I don’t think of seeing him again. He called me today but I didn’t even pick it up. I am baaaad. I know. The same night, after I left him, I met friends (a couple), and they had another friend with them, who they brought along for me to see. He has a huge motorbike and seems like a nice and kind guy (although with earrings and a freshly made tattoo, lol) but I didn’t feel attracted to him a bit… so I don’t know. I’m hung up on the Taurus guy, still. Although I know he’s probably no good for me.

    Ok focus. Focusing on myself.

  206. #206 by Jess on June 13, 2009 - 5:24 pm


    May I know what your sign is ?

    Anyway, DONT feel stupid especially with putting up with the bull! because then there will be too manyyyy more times for these stupid feelings in the future! LOL.

    Let me share something with you. After I read yours, it was like seeing myself 6 months ago… I swear I got easily nervious anything to do with my taurus guy. Almost every text i got: was excited to see the message, had to wait like half an hour or more to reply so not look too attentive, think of how to reply so it sounds casual. I swear I did all these because of how he makes me feel without any astrology concern, never known anything about Taurus or even my own sign before! LOL.

    When I first met him I was amazed how this arrogant guy can manage to provoke me, confused, and challenged me yet I cant get him off my mind so I did some research and it brought me here.

    Derin, dont call him anymore. You are still in the early stage with this guy. YOu are so much into him already! Next time he calls if you hear it, just pick it up and keep it very short and simple. Dont play his game. Just because he is a Taurus it doesnt mean you have to be one too hahaha! Well that is my motto! I dont want to be an arse like him hehehe. What I always do is, I always reply his contacts but in my own sweet time and way (hehehe) I know Taurus is very smart and very observing. I dont want him to smell the sulky poulty from me. (because then he will know he got me) So I try (suuuperrrr hard) to convince and train myself to act on my normal term. I want him to think that as much as I care and want to be with him, i wouldnt mind and he can feel free to leave anytime.

    Oh, one exception: YOu can copy some of his game, like the thick skin approach! Pretend like you dont feel anything hahaha! thats why I told you NOT to feel bad just because he asked you to a trip over your call. Also you can be sure to feel worse in the future if you still stick around taurus (until you got his heart). You will see in time how taurus can make you feel as best as worst… hahaha!

    This is how i counter back his game. But I keep in mind i might win or lose him i dont care atleast i have fun with the ride (well… cant fully say i dont care hehe because if i lose him i know i will be sad but i know also i’ll be ok no matter what)

    Just remember: when you out to meet him, be at your best! dress up real nice and BE VERY FEMININE AND SMELL GOOD! Thats all you have to do.

    Sorry for the long post! And excuse my craziness today. I have also those sad and tears moments Taurus cause me…will share with you on other occasions.

    Cheer up Derin, and Hello to all!

  207. #207 by Derin on June 13, 2009 - 6:46 pm

    Dear Jess,

    I am a Virgo. Tauruses and Virgos are supposed to be highly compatible, so that’s why I’ve been overdoing this horoscope stuff lately.

    My brother is a Taurus, but he got married quite early, when he was 26 and now he’s a great father and husband.

    However, my Taurus guy is a never-been-married 37 (I am 32) and still I think he has no intention of marrying or anything, then why did he agree to meet me in the first place? I mean my friend’s brother asked him if he wanted to meet a girl (who is serious, lol) and you know he came to meet but as I said I think his idea of a relationship is very different from mine apparently. Mind you, I can sound quite conservative to some. I have never been out on a holiday with a boyfriend for example. If he is looking for someone that he can hang out casually and call in his own time, then I am the wrong person for him. I think his inviting over for the trip is an indication that he has aboslutely NO idea what kind of person I am. And I said “I wish I could come” !! arrghhh

    Thanks so much for sharing. What you’ve been through is so familiar : )Your tactics sound great and I think you are doing the best right now. The “thick skin approach” ! YEAH! I try to act like I really don’t care either but my calling him today may have boosted up his ego… oh I don’t know.

    Anyway, thank you, you are making me feel better. You are right, I won’t call him again. Plus, when he calls if he again invites me to his house or something, he’ll get a no answer and that maybe the end of it all. If we go out to somewhere, then as you said I’ll be very feminine : )

    In fact, strangely after I called him I felt stupid first yes but then gradually I started feeling better, and everything was back in its place in my mind. That call , his casual treatment made me realize something I’ve been avoiding, that he is actually not a relationship guy and I have blinded myself all this time.

    At this point, like you said, I don’t care if he calls me or not. It’s even better if he doesn’t because that way I’ll be sure of something I’m already almost sure of.

    What’s your sign Jess? Sorry if you have said it before.

  208. #208 by Jess on June 13, 2009 - 7:36 pm

    Oh Derin, you are a conservative Virgo! By the way I’m Aries.

    You sound to me as a very fine lady! I start to feel sorry you run into this butthead! lol.

    I think I know how you feel now but like I said its still very early stage for you. At my early stage I was also very confused and upset (now still confuse and upset but less…) is very unpredictable/unual/mental/extreme/insane/selfish/etc etc…you name it! But believe me if Taurus really interest he will stick around (same as men in any sign) and the only way to find out is TO WAIT AND SEE.

    Really, Derin, please dont get too quick to conclude anything, he is or he is not into you. It doesnt make sense to Taurus how he should be into you only after seeing you just few times. Taurus is very OBJECTIVE.

    Believe me, the only way to know: you MUST NOT EXPECT OR CONCLUDE of what/when/how long/how much/how shoud, he contact you! Just wait and be there and observe. Dont get upset or go so far wondering why he did what he did because ITS USELESS trying to figure out! Believe me I repeat again. Why I’m so sure? I cant tell you enough how he told me one thing (such as he doesnt want a relationship and have no plan for us) but act the other way (plan a trip for us on my holidays) then told me the other thing (that he wants his future baby to look like me…) then told me some more the other thing (that if i find someone else i can tell him…) Now you see what i mean……

    If your mind are clear and free from wonder and grief from the mental game, you will start to see his super slow but sure action. He never go away! I repeat! wait until you can see his (slow) motion and then you can decide if you can accpet a guy who dont contact all the time but CONSTANTLY contact may be once a day or once in 2 days. Being an aries I like it fast its so hard for me to accept this but I think of it as a lesson to slow down my pace. He never disappear from me more than 3 days (and that is only 1 time)

    For me now I’m sure he is into me, yet its another story if he ‘loves’ me or not which I can answer now for myself, No he doesnt love me and I dont know when he will or if he would ever at all. I will leave it to the future.

    Atleast I say thank you to the Taurus to teach Aries like me to learn how to slow down and wait.

    Oh, dont feel too bad or being offend for your guy ask you on a trip, I’m sure he didnt have any bad intention! wait to hear my episode you will be shocked!

    Anyway i need to sleep now. If you chat and would like you can add me

    Take care and FOCUS ON YOURSELF! 😉

  209. #209 by Derin on June 13, 2009 - 8:39 pm

    Dear Jess,

    Ok I’ll try not to conclude anything , though he has killed all my enthusiasm already!

    Wow your Taurus sounds like a real challenge. So yeah I see what you mean. And I can’t wait to hear you episode! What happened?

    And thank you, you sound like a very nice person too. I still think we deserve better, but at least it seems like we came to the point where we won’t really care whatever happens, in fact I came to that point exactly today, lol.

    Btw, I have already sent you a request on gmail. So I guess you’ll see it when you wake up!

    Have a good night’s sleep and take care. 🙂

  210. #210 by saggi girl on June 14, 2009 - 7:07 pm

    Hi Derin,

    do not feel bad for calling him. you will feel much better if you heard my story happened yesterday and today, i am sure that i am still learning hard and torture myself hard…..

    remember that i said in my last post that he called me on Tuesday acting normal and sound very sweet when we kissed good night, then he did not call me until Saturday noon, i did not hear it , so he left me a message like” hi, baby, it is me, i am sorry that i did not call you earlier, as i was having a busy week and i was very tired and did not feel good. and also has been dealing with my family and my mom. I don’t know, i guess everything is ok, i am going through my saturday now and call me so we can talk for a while. call me and talk to you soon.” He sounds very depressed even though i do not know why. so i called him back 10 minutes later he called, he told me that he was driving to the surburb to meet with his customer then he asked how i was, i said that i was helping my friend’s own business today. He said that it was nice to help friend, he has not heard from his sister for 2 days and wondering how his mother was doing( his mom has a brain cancer), he needs to see his mother soon, and he will call his mother on sunday…, then he wished me a good day and be careful, blah blah, then said that he needs to go as he was driving on high way( he had car accident before), kissed me good bye and asked for mine. and then said that he will call sunday to see how the day will be or i can call him after getting back from church, the whole conversation is only 5 minutes

    so, i called him today and he did not answer and then called me back 2 minutes later, it sounds like that he was driving. he asked how i was and how was church, and told me that he needs to do a few things today and he called his mom and was told that she has been sleeping a lot. he might need to see her for the next 2 weekends, so he needs to take care a few things today and go to bookstore to buy a book to read for work and do laundry if he is going next week. i said ok, it is fine. he said ” thanks for your understanding”, i said” it is alright”, but but but deep inside i am not feeling ok at all, i started feeling like that i am faking myself…… something even pissed me off is when he said” i am sorry that i can not see you today, but i promise that i will see you next weekend if i do not go to see my mom.” It makes me feel so weird like that i am begging him to see me, it really destroy my ego….

    then he said that he needs to get his day going and will talk more later tonight after he has done his thing. then i said ” i feel bad.” he said ” i am sorry that i can not help.”(bastard !!!!!). then i said that i feel bad for him as he has to go through that, he said” oh, it is ok, thanks for your concern but i have to go through whatever it is.” then i said” you think i feel bad for myself for not seeing you when i said that?” he said ” yeah, as you are always like that.”, then we kissed goodbye as usual and hung up.

    I am feeling really bad bad bad bad…., why he does not care when you feel bad, he just simply said ” i am sorry that i can not help”, i was wondering what if i said that to him, how would they take it? Selfish Bastard…..

    you know, i hate myself as i was never like this before, never…. so, i am not cool today, not at all. I was almost texting him to vent my anger saying something bad but i hold it back and came here to talk to you guys….

    sometimes, i just want him to disppear from the face of the earth, sorry, my bad….

  211. #211 by saggi girl on June 14, 2009 - 7:25 pm

    oh, one more thing he said in the conversation today that he miss me. what a huge bullshit, You are saying you miss me and at the same time that you can not come to see me? Why he lie????????????????? it does not make sense. as i know myself, if i miss someone then i make effort see that person. otherwise, i won’t say something i did not mean to confuse people. It sounds to me it even makes things worse……

    sorry, i just want to vent…..

  212. #212 by Derin on June 14, 2009 - 7:50 pm

    Oh saggi girl

    Please don’t feel bad. Please please.

    At least you’ve been talking all this time and he was explaining to you. However, he made you call him first, that’s another story but , from the little experience I had with my Taurus, they are “carefree” as you know it , and “the world is turning around them” as you know it.

    Please don’t text him, don’t do anything, wait for him to call you and be casual… don’t let him know that “he’s hurt you” . I don’t believe anymore that they are not doing it unintentionally though , they are firstly MEN before they are Tauruses, and I think they are trying to maintain the myth that men are actually SIMPLE, we are COMPLEX, so they can get away with everything.

    If you text him and vent your anger, it’ll make you look bad and you’ll be the one with a problem, because you know he thinks that ” he hasn’t done anything wrong”, and his mother is sick and you’ll be there “whining” while he is concerned about his family.

    You know my Taurus didn’t call me for 5 days – including the weekend that he promised we would see each other- then he called 2 days later, told me that his father got hospitalised ,so he couldn’t call me blah blah but he still found time to go to the game of his favorite basketball team that weekend!

    I think we deserve better and we should not let them know that we are weak with them. We are not weak, they can’t cause us sadness and they should know that.

    Sorry if I sound harsh or preachery. You know I’m new at this but right now I also feel free of my Taurus because our last talk on the phone made me ask the question: what am I doing? what am I doing with this man, thinking about him while he’s out there somewhere living his own life? Apparently, he has no space in his life for a steady relationship and all I know is that right now, I’m too good for him, really. You are too. Please be sure of that and don’t let him make you feel bad.

    saggi girl, be strong. don’t call him. when he calls, be casual. don’t let a man know that he’s got you. don’t let him trick you into thinking that he’s the one who is busy and you have no life but waiting to meet him all the time, because that’s not true.

    be strong. as usual, focus on yourself : )

  213. #213 by saggi girl on June 14, 2009 - 8:18 pm

    hi Derin,

    Thanks for your message and it helps me a lot to calm down to a point that i can get my day going. i am so glad that we have each other’s support…

    you are right and let’s stop calling them from now on. and i agree with you too that do not let them know that they have gotten us, as that is my problem with him now, I gave my heart to him completely, which makes me stupid. i think at this point. why those man was being invented in the first place?

    one thing is very funny that your taurus invited you to his place even though it is too earlier but mine never invited me to his place as he said that his wife stuff are still in there and it is not appropriate for me to be there. when he moved into a new place, i will be invited. well, I think it is just an excuse……

    i will be strong and focus on myself. i hope you will feel better too….everytime, i went through drama with him, i felt that it makes me a few years old on my face….., i could be his aunt now….

    i will keep you posted….

  214. #214 by Jess on June 15, 2009 - 3:16 am

    Oh Saggi girl,

    Please please like Derin was beggin you and I’m doing the same, DONT feel bad. I only finish reading your 2 posts and I need to say to you now that it sounds you guys are going well. This time he didnt sound too bastard to me… (sorry dont mean to take his side…) I know how it was like for a person who has to deal with the love one who got brain cancer because I have a very close friend whose bf got brain tumor (I can feel so much part of their pain). There are too many times to recall that my bestfriend called me just to cry for the misfortunate and how hard she has to handle everything.

    I need to go finish some work and will write you more.

    Oh, I’m so happy to read that you didnt text him or said anything to vent your anger with him! instead doing it here LOL! smart choice!

  215. #215 by Jess on June 15, 2009 - 3:20 am

    Oh saggi girl, if you do chat or if you would like at all, please add my email:

    I vote we should start a supporting group (not just particularly to fighting with Taurus but any other signs haha)

  216. #216 by saggi girl on June 15, 2009 - 6:29 pm

    Hi Jess and Derin,

    update with my situation: he called me last night and told me that his day was busy but very productive, asked how mine was. I told him that it was ok and got a few things done. i was trying to sound relaxed but i think he is too sharp that he sensed that i was not very happy as i am not very sophisticated to hide anything, it either carried in my voice tone or showed on my face eventually.

    i think i got a little bit comfortable and then let my guard down. so I told him that i was not very happy that he only called on Tuesday,saturday and sunday, and he was too short with me on the phone when we finally talked. he said that he was very busy and got a lot on his mind, i have to understand. he also said” we are having conversation now, it has been more than 30 minutes already. you know that i do not like to talk a lot on the phone.” but i told him to understand me too. he said that he will try to call me earlier next time, so we can talk a little bit longer……well, based on my experience, i do not think he will change, maybe once at the begining, then he will change back.

    i realized that it is so true impossiblely to change them, even though they know they are wrong but they won’t change it, i don’t know if it is because they are lazy or not…. or they do not care…
    anyways, that is my update. i was really grateful that i have you guys on here, so i could hold my anger back to myself and vent it here. but i still do not know if we matched…. i do love him and not sure if we matched….. as i have to swallow a lot of bitterness or angerness on my own if i want to continue with him…. it is so hard… i do not know when the next drama will be??????????

    Thanks, Jess and Derin, hope you are well too….

  217. #217 by saggi girl on June 15, 2009 - 6:33 pm

    HI jess,

    i have no internet access at home as they charged $75 monthly, which is too much for me. I will add your email to my account when i do set up the internet access at home as it is not good chating at work…..hopefully i can chat with you soon.. i am looking forward to it.

    i definitely vote for starting a support group, i think it is a really good idea to do that, so we won’t be miserable on our own and vent the anger here or share anything, which i believe it is good for health…..

    love you, girl..

  218. #218 by lionsroar on June 15, 2009 - 8:09 pm

    Well hello BEA..UTIFUL LADIES!!!!

    I have been reading over the posts, wow I missed alot. But sounds like everyone is lending a cyber shouler when needed.. How AWESOME are all of You!!! Too bad these knuckleheads dont see it. LOL

    Anyway, thought I’d give you gals a chuckle.. I did see Mr. Taurus Sunday evening. He gave me a johnnie on the spot call Sat. saying “Uh, did you want to do something”..hahaha, luckily I was with friends already. So I declined and he asked for Sunday… Waited for the call, waited for the text.. nothing finally later in the eve. got the call from the ‘bone phone’ (haha)…

    Yep you guessed it… wanna come over and sit in my boaring cave and watch a boaring movie with me.. So I thought what the hell. Well I’ll tell yah what the hell I lost 3 hours of my life that I will not get back, watching him yawn, tell me about his useless weekend (only after I asked, and NO he did not ask me what I have been upto)..then I watched a boaring movie. So when it was over I got up and put my shoes on. Then and only then did he show any type of affection. He then gave me a kiss goodbye, No nothing passionate either.

    I dont get it, they call, they dont call, they want to see you and then they act like they didnt. Crazy.. I think this is how they hooked everyone, it’s like building a puzzle without all the pieces!!! You get sucked into it, trying to see how it all fits and what the hell it really is. hahaha

    anyway..gotta run. Keep your heads high and never feel bad for feeling!!!

    Peace Out

  219. #219 by Mist flower on June 16, 2009 - 10:03 am

    Hello dear Ladies,

    I just came back from a 4 days festival in the forest in North of Holland. It was a great time of sharing joy and happiness with many others. I’ve got a psychic reading and guess what – the first thing I asked was how is going to work out with the Taurus I met. I was told his role in my life will be much more important than he thinks because he is provoking my female side which I neglected in the last 4-5 years. It is not clear what is going to happen between us. It’s important I started dreaming about having a boy friend so my wish is send to the Universe.
    I didn’t hear from him since he left to Italy a week ago. Mr. Taurus said he will send me an e-mail when he will have the time for it. Who knows, maybe he is not intending to do it.
    We will see… I am following your advises and am not planning to write him before he writes me. I feel I am more open for him now but will control myself till I am sure he has serious intentions and till I know him better.
    Life is much bigger than the love and attraction for one person. I am happy with my friends and all people in my life. It is a blessing to find you here!
    I realize our relationship to ourselves is the most important. If we have enough love for ourselves, self respect and don’t relay on a person to make us happy we will attract the person who deserve us. Maybe it’s easy for me to talk like this because the Taurus man is not around now. I hope to keep this feeling even if I would meet him everyday in the near future.
    Wishing you all joy and light!
    Mist flower

  220. #220 by Jess on June 18, 2009 - 3:45 pm

    Hi to all,

    Been so busy and some family problem but still make it ok.

    Saggi girl, dont worry and keep in touch!

    Lionsroar, you are so funny! movie at home and goodbye kiss eh? what a boring romantic! lol.

    Mist flower, glad to hear from you again and good to hear you sound positive. Yes I agree life is all about too many things and should not only revolving arond the bull and the shit…lol. Keep on with life and be happy no matter what!

    Hope all is well for everyone else.

  221. #221 by saggi girl on June 18, 2009 - 4:31 pm

    hi Jess,

    i am glad to hear from you and hope you are well….

    have a nice day to everyone….

  222. #222 by Mist flower on June 20, 2009 - 12:19 pm

    Hello girls,

    How are you doing? I didn’t hear anything from my Taurus yet. Two weeks have passed already. I don’t expect anything – if I would be attracted to someone I would at least send him an e-mail even if am abroad. Or maybe he is very involved in what he is doing in Italy and doesn’t have time to think about me?
    Maybe for him the kisses were just a moment expression of his instinct and nothing more and I made a big story out of it.
    I was so stupid to tell him I still live by my ex-boy friend. I can imagine he thinks the situation is to complex and he wants something easy. Yes, he told me this literally when I cold him 2 weeks ago before he left: ‘Let’s meet but do something easy’. After that he called he doesn’t have time to meet.
    It doesn’t look very hopeful, does it?

    Anyway, in the meantime I found a flat for me and am going to move in 10 days. For me this is a big step. We will see what will happen next.
    How are you?

    Be well!

  223. #223 by saggi girl on June 20, 2009 - 11:48 pm

    hi Mistflower,

    do not feel bad and i think he is just too much involved with what he is doing now, and just wait and see if he will contact after he returned from his trip.

    I went for a business trip oversea for 3 weeks last year, and i missed him but i did not email him at all. and i just called him a day before i returned to make sure that he would pick me up from the airport. you are just knowing each other not long at all and take time for things to be developed. so, be well……

    how is everyone else? i hope all is well…. i am going to see my taurus tomorrow like he promised he was going to do last week. Hopefully there won’t be a drama, otherwise, i am going to be here to again….

    it is so hot today….

  224. #224 by lionsroar on June 21, 2009 - 1:31 pm

    Hello Fabulous Friends of mine….

    Mistflower..congrats on the pad, that should make you feel better. New place, new start, no male DNA insight!! haha.. Therapy girl, it will be total therapy….

    Saw Mr. ahmmm Wonderful. Well I bet thats what he calls himself when he looks in the mirror anyway.. HAHA Hooked up Friday night for a few hours, not a planned date. I was out with friends and he called he offered to meet me there, and my friends looked like cockroaches when some turns on the light.. they were like OH NOOOOOO… Not Mr.Personality.. (He is very shy around them)..So I finished my good time and met him. Went to a local pub, chatted ..Okay I did most of the talking as ususal.. back to the Den for a little and that was it!…. Nothing.

    Havent heard a peep since. I can safely say that I believe we are nothing more than acquantinces with an occasional benefit. Kind of like when your company throws a little extra in your 401K..A suprise, not to much but a little something. HAHA.. Well it is Dads Day here today suppose to be a hot one.. Looking forward to spending the day in the yard.. And ahhh yah I will be ignoring any incoming calls… Extremely rude to spend an evening with someone and not follow up with a text or call.. Dont yah think?

    Ha… Best to all..

  225. #225 by saggi girl on June 21, 2009 - 5:57 pm

    hi all,

    i just got off the phone with him and have to come here to vent, sorry…..

    we did not see each other last weekend and he said that he would see me this weekend, which is today. we talked yesterday and he was out for his own business, who knows if it is true or not, he told me that he would see me for sure and go to the restaurant if i want to.

    so he called 30 minutes ago and told me that he was not very hungry as his contractor called him this morning and met for a late breakfast together, he said that he would take a light bite if i still want to go to restaurant. and he told me that he will be here at 2:30 pm or so and will spend a couple of hours together as he has something to do later for the day. I was not very happy and actually want to say “f” word but i swallowed it but right now it is still in my throat. and he appologized” i am sorry, baby, that is the only time that i have right now.” what a “f”…., does he really understand how i feel? next weekend, he will be visiting his mom, so 2 hours is all i got? he called less and spending time less after he got this new job, i do not know if it is because of the new job or because of me? if he does not want to see me, why arrange for a couple hours? is he acting a show? for this whole week, he called me on wednesday when he said that he will call on Tuesday but i did not answer the phone and then we spoke again on Thursday night for only a few minutes, and then Saturday. i don’t know what to do. i probably will lash out to him later i see him as right now everything is in my throat…

    i changed a lot right now as i probably would say something very bad and cancel it right away if i was acting on my own character…..

  226. #226 by lionsroar on June 21, 2009 - 9:32 pm

    saggi girl….. Bottom line, men are like women; if they want it that bad they will cancel plans, make excuses, lie and move heaven and hell to be with the one that gives them those great ‘private alone thoughts’… Dont invest more than you can afford to lose……

    Every time you let him pull the trigger on you, you are doing ’emotional cutting’ if you are going to bleed, bleed for the people that love you unconditionally and are always there regardless…

    Bottom line; Do not be the person you are not.. which sounds like you are becoming..for what 2 hours??? People are in your life to enhance it or not.. be kind, helpful and friendly to those who do not enhance your life, and unconditionally love, forgive, give and give more to those that enhance it..

    Chin up, Girl you know your value. Why would you discount it..

  227. #227 by saggi girl on June 21, 2009 - 11:30 pm

    hi Lionsroar,

    thanks for your message and i came to the internet shop again to give you guys an update right after he left. there are some dramas to share….

    We met at restaurant around 3 pm and grab something to eat, actually majorly it’s me eating…, he showed me the book he was reading for his work, wow, a lot of notes on it. he told me that hopefully it would be better very soon about his work situation and blah blah…. anyways, he paid the bill and we were ready to leave for my place, and then a guy come in, he was laugh at the guy for something he did but i did not know as i was not sitting facing the guy. so, the guy walked past us and then turned around left, so i turned around looking at him as i did not know why he laughed at the guy. then he was very mad and said:” why you looked at the guy and even turned around, do you like him, so go ahead, why don’t you talk to him? why not? It is not the first time you looked at other guys, like last time we were on beach, you…..blah blah blah….”
    Jesus, i do not even know what happened. where does he get this? i tried to explain but he won’t listen, so we walked out and i tried to reach his hand but he won’t let me. telling me to leave him alone for now. i was really mad and asked for his apology when we got home, he refused to do it and even told that he was never with a girl doing that in front of him…… so, he also said it was already very bad for a guy to do that and even worse for girls, blah blah blah and then asked me to lay down next to him so he can hold me….. God, are they insane? i was still very mad and insist his apology, he finally apologized and said that it might be his missight over this….

    oh, let me tell you the favorite thing for him to do with me is to lay down on my bed and hold me into his arms snoring….he finally left at close to 6pm….

    they are just crazy…..plain crazy…

  228. #228 by lionsroar on June 22, 2009 - 2:13 am

    In a nut shell….. Big Baby!! Head Games. He is shifting his own personal internal troubles on you. Making you feel bad for nothing. He is validating himself through you… Let it go…

    You have two choices. Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy. Sometimes not reacting to the problem is the fastest way to defeating it… Be happy girl… There would be a hell of alot more fish in the sea if they didnt open their big mouths and take the bait.

    Let him eat his own me, it will leave a bad taste in his mouth.

    PS The only way I would have held anything around him would have been a pillow over his big fat head! But hey I am a Leo and more than a tad bitch.

    Remember live life looking out the windshield not the rearview mirror…there’s nothing back there but ground already covered and you cant go back..there’s only ever one route in life and that is FORWARD!!! Be glad every day you get to do a do-over and go forward. You could not learn and become who you are if not for those bumps in the road that made you take notice….

  229. #229 by Jess on June 22, 2009 - 5:09 am

    Hi to all the ladies!

    Been super busy and just back from a weekend trip with my taurus and his bestfriend who came to town for a short visit. Gosh! lots of talk and walk and exercises…I just love it!so hard to find a man who is not too lazy and able to keep up with me for outdoor activities.

    ++ Mist flower, I agree its not so smart to tell him (or any men) how you are still having a thing or two to do with your ex. Not to mention Taurus but any men who look for relationship would take it as a bad sign… But dont feel stupid either, atleast you are being honest and Taurus usually look for and honour that for a person.

    I would tell you dont wait for his contact. Just live on your life and be open for any opportunities but if your Taurus guy think it thru and is really interested to keep contact with you, just be open but DONT expect too much. Treat every opportunity as a chance.

    ++ saggi girl, I’m sorry to hear you were in a bad mood before (but i guess you calm down now)

    I can understand how you could get upset for not spending enough time. (considering how these Taurus usually acting weird on not giving enough time but disappering act instead…)
    However I personally would not get upset over meeting for only 2 hours. The thing with me is: I’m normally a busy person, always get complaint or nagging from friends about being difficult to make time for them… So unless I regard them as ‘important’ enough, i wont even try to make time to meet. But even so, too many occasions I cant help but calling to cancel or delay it (if not important people I wont even bother to call…) many times I can only make it for couple hours, yet some (who dont really know me that well) still think i take them for granted and not really interested… As for the other way around, I normally appreciate when people try to make an hour just to see me especially those i know they are busy people. (because i suppose nobody like to go thru all the deal with dressing up and traffic just to see nobody for just an hour)

    I would like to tell you try not to act your emotion up on every disappointing act caused by Taurus. Not only it sure as hell will be too many times but it causes you unnecessary unhealthy feelings and unproductive relationship if any. Decide for yourself now this is what you are going to deal with for the whole course if you want something to do with him. Take it (and live with it) or leave it (sorry girl for being straight) because we all know they are NOT going to change!

    Please take care you ladies and hope the rest are doing well.

  230. #230 by saggi girl on June 22, 2009 - 2:55 pm

    Hi lionsroar,

    thanks for your advice especailly the line like”Remember live life looking out the windshield not the rearview mirror…there’s nothing back there but ground already covered and you cant go back..there’s only ever one route in life and that is FORWARD!!! Be glad every day you get to do a do-over and go forward. You could not learn and become who you are if not for those bumps in the road that made you take notice.” it is really true and i like it…….

    i guess it is really hard for me to be myself when i was with Taurus as i did not want to lose him by acting too much with my negative emotion whenever there is a disppointment occured…, but i think the case for me is to either live with it and stop complaining or leave it and never look back…..I guess that i am not brave enough to leave it right now as I……

    have a good day…

  231. #231 by saggi girl on June 22, 2009 - 3:11 pm

    Hi Jess,

    i am glad to hear from you again and knew that you enjoyed your weekend with your taurus and it sounds going on pretty well….

    thanks for your insight and advice, i guess you are right that i need to decide to either live with it or leave it, well, i don’t think that i am ready to leave right now, so i guess that i have to live with it….hehe… well, you know, i always thought he has been lying about his time until he showed me the book that he was reading at the restaurant, wow, there is a lot of notes on it, it seems that he does take it very seriously. but i said that i did feel bad because i did not get his attention but he said that he did as much as he can right now because that is how much he can do…. and hopefully this situation will be changed soon. he also said that he was not seeing anyone else but just to put a lot of time to study for his job as he is kind of new to this field and he is under a lot of pressure…..i think it is just so hard for me to understand when it comes to emotion…., he also said the same thing as you stated that i should be happy that he made the time even though it is not enough for me and we should just enjoy the best of it because it is very precious…

    so, he left for home after we spent 3 hours together, i sent him a message before i went to bed like” good night with 8 kisses and have a nice day tomorrow.” he sent back like” you too and 9 kisses for you.” sometimes, i felt like we are just like a kid….or maybe i need to be mature…. but it is hard….

    thanks Jess……

  232. #232 by Jess on June 23, 2009 - 9:58 am

    Saggi girl,

    I think its hard already trying to be in control of our own emotion so dont worry too much about trying to understand the others…

    To all the ladies,

    I have some idea to share:

    Since we are not the first hand experience. We all have gone thru some series with these eccentric bulls (thats why we are here). But what we are doing are either feeling sad yet tolerate it and stay hoping patient will bring it all. Or entering into a fight then we say we quit (but i doubt if we really do…)

    I think to get what we want, only patient is not enough. We have to outsmart them and their game. Now we know their way and start to figure out their reaction. We have to use some receptive offensive approach…lol oh me sounds so serious hahaha.

    Taurus is all about sensual and passion but stubborn head. They dont do when they are told or pushed. So if we want more than he gives (time, attention, romance) we dont ask, dont sulk and pout. Instead of focusing on them to find out why he did that, we work on our charm to lure him to want more, work on the puzzle to have him wonder about us with the Questions: why, what, who with.

    I been doing this for a while now and notice things between me and my Taurus are getting closer. Surprisingly my mind get some distant from him. Ok this might sound a bit mental but when i get the feeling that he is playing my game i get satisfaction and his existence seem to be less important to me than before.

    Just to share my approach with you girls, it works well for me so far and hope it does in a long run but I will keep posted. If anyone else have some tricks to share please do. 🙂

    PS> I cant imagine if my taurus ever found this site….

  233. #233 by saggi girl on June 23, 2009 - 4:42 pm

    hi, Jess,

    i am glad that you figure it all out so far and worked well for you.

    so, your generally saying is to distant ourselves from these tauruses? and make them wondering what we have been doing and do not nag or demand for more romance, time and attention than they can give but to lure them to give voluntarily, as nag or demand won’t work for them as they are bullheaded and not gonna give you anything because we demaned or nagged , right? because they were hated to be asked to do or pushed to do.

    Well, i will see how it worked for me…..hehehe. thanks for sharing, obviously i am not in a good place to share but to complain and nag…..sorry….hehehe

  234. #234 by jenaali on June 24, 2009 - 2:07 pm

    Hi, pretty and gorgeous girls,

    I have been reading your post about Taurus since a week or so and landed to this site searching for my answers to those typical taurus reactions i endured during my latest and experience with a taurus man. Got so relieved to find out that these are there characteristics that they can’t help so true it is that i felt amazed how a birth sign can relate and influence your personality all along.
    I am an Aries with a moon in Libra have never been involved with the taurus man before and this is my first time experience although i had a hard one long ago with the scorpio that are bit same like the taurus never telling you any thing not even giving a slightest hint of there feelings puting plain face in front of you all the time, any ways i am with this bull since one and a half month or so and after two or three days of our acquaintance he expressed his love for me as he has his moon and venues in aries so reckless of a kind after three dates he told me that he has to visit his sister’s house in another city for a month or so as he left he kept messaging me and than after three day or so he just vanished not answering my sms and calls eitheir that left me so amazed and heart broken that i thought that i did a terrible mistake letting my guard down so early and confession the same love for him now its been 4 days and i haven’t heard from him yet and i am wondering how to cope up with this situation as i know going after him will further kill my attraction and pull him away.
    I know one taurus how is my cousin and to be very franck i see him not so committed to his wife although he had a love marriage and was once ready to commit suicide for her I feel they have infidelity in their personalities because they are so sensuous and love sex as well so because of these things they keep themselves attracted to many.
    Ladies please come to your senses now if they really love you they will come after you and if they don’t they keep you as a part time hobby.
    You know what makes us less attracted to them is our loss of famine grace and by providing them sex as well we become “a girl of now” not that one that they want hard to get and than take into commitment.
    Now as my Taurus is away i analysis his stories how he used to tell me that he tortures those girls who used to love him a lot ?
    that is their personality they act like a prince and after getting your heart in their hands they feel that you are theres and they possesses you they really enjoy playing with you like a piano. please do consider this and i will discus more what should we do in this regard.
    So happy to find you all.

  235. #235 by Jess on June 27, 2009 - 4:15 am

    Hi jenaali,

    I’m an Aries too. Dont get heartbroken too soon! You been getting involved with your Taurus man for only couple months, its still a longgg longgg rocky way to go 😉

    My impression with Taurus so far is that even they are fixed sing which means they are set in their way and next to impossible to move them to change but they get bored easily. My taurus guy told me he usually lose interest as he finds it boring after spending some times with a girl then he moves from one to the next.

    Guess what? we’re an Aries and he just run into the most fast and furious sign of the zodiac, I doubt who is losing interest first…

    Heartbroken? Mind you, lets it get all broken up! Faster than a bull finish his shit a ram is just good to go for the next time round 😉

    Welcome aboard, i hope you enjoy your ride 😉

  236. #236 by Soaries on June 28, 2009 - 12:34 am

    Hey ladies,

    Any tips to learning my man would be awesome. I read through the posts and see quite a few of my fellow aries on board. Ladies how do you deal? Not sure if I can take it anymore.

  237. #237 by proud lioness on June 29, 2009 - 6:49 am

    Hi All,

    So here is my experience:

    Last August my taurus man and I began our roller coaster of a (relationship??) whatever you want to call it after reconnecting during our high school alumni picnic.

    after two months of “i want you….but i dont” he asked me to be his girlfriend at which point i asked if he was sure. He said yea and so we bacame.

    Stable happiness lasted for the next 2-3 weeks and then I began to notice he was saying inappropriate things and they were adding up to “i do not respect you…or i think very little of you”

    let me tell you as a Leo i do not take kindly to disrespect or belittling. So when he called one afternoon, i explained how his rude comments did not support his claim that he was in love with me and that in fact i could see a break up if that was his true feelings. He did not respond well to this and in fact begin retreating at this point.

    In December he decided not to talk to me (without notice) for over eight days when i finally confronted him saying if its over then just tell me that he called my phone and explained everything was fine and that we are definitely still together. this phone call lasted for 1 hour and when we hung up i felt relieved and had a big smile on my face

    2 minutes later i get a text saying whats up buddy…i responded i dont like that word…he responded i think we should just be friends for now…….and so it ended.

    because he has a brain tumor i wanted to stay his friend and so responded everytime he texted faithfully “goodmorning” everyday since the break up. everything else is sporatic but he treats me as his wife or gf sometimes, his friend other times. just recently he told me he is open to us getting back together and i believe hinting around to marriage… but i have no idea if this is worth it (something tells me it is….but my Leo pride fears he is just at home laughing at how he is playing me for a fool)

    Doctors have given him 3 years max and so i think this pushes him along a bit more….but he is still selfish, arrogant, controlling….etc etc.

    sigh (am i being a good woman/person by sticking with him…or just a complete idiot?)

  238. #238 by saggi girl on June 29, 2009 - 1:57 pm

    hi Proud Lioness,

    it is so sad to hear that your taurus will only have 3 years max and if you love him that deeply, nothing is a problem……, my taurus mother has the same sickness, he can even forgive his mom for her misbehavior when he was little, why can not you forgive him for whatever he did, i mean if you truly truly love him, otherwise, do not stay. I am trying to be selfish here but trying to make you see the reality. He is dying and you are whining for nothing. Tauruses are not gonna change unless they want to change, they are very hard to understand, sometimes, you think they love you , sometimes, you think they don’t. But in your case, i would suggest that you stay with him if you truly want to( swallow the bitterness) and give him your love, but if you think that it is not fair for you to stay while he gave you all the rollar-coaster thing, then do not stay, because fighting is not good for both of you especially his health condition….

    sorry, my opinion sounds harsh but it is just my thought…. be peace.

  239. #239 by Jess on June 29, 2009 - 4:58 pm

    proud lioness,

    Strange that one of my bestfriend is somewhat in this kind of situation dating a guy for few months to find out he got brain turmor… and she choose to stay with him but being a Leo is not easy. She has a very hard time putting up with all the mess now. Mind you, people with brain tumur become aggressive and emotional.

    In this case its not about how compatible a sign or anything to do with astrology. Forget about being a good woman or a completely idiot. Those are out of questions. Its about your life and his life.

    You really need to feel it inside of you if you really love this man as a person for his good and flaw. Look inside of you if you are ready to put up with any intense and extreme moments during the 3 years you can be sure its full of deep attachment and depression and when the 3 years is over…

    Oh, dont listen too much to what a doctor say. Tumor is not cancer. I have seen 2 people very close to me have it, one is cured and ok now, another one still getting treatment with his leo gf being supportive (in a somewhat furiously as a Leo way…)

    Cheer up!

  240. #240 by saggi girl on July 2, 2009 - 4:14 pm

    hi ladies,

    hope you all are doing well, it seems a little quiet in this land recently, well, it might be a good thing,which means “no complain”……

    Have a nice long weekend and happy 4th of July.

  241. #241 by Soaries on July 3, 2009 - 3:06 am

    Hey Saggi girl,

    Oh i could complain but why bother. My bull is still giving me the blues. He still has not called it is now going on week 3. I thought he loved me, but I guess I was wrong. I give up!

  242. #242 by saggi girl on July 6, 2009 - 1:22 pm

    hi soaries,

    what’s going on? did you guys have a big fight? or he just suddenly not calling?

  243. #243 by saggi girl on July 6, 2009 - 2:35 pm

    hi ladies,

    i need your opinion on my situation. my taurus recently got a bit job problem and might lose it soon. we saw each other yesterday, he mentioned it is time for him to move out of his apartment , the one with his wife’s stuff hanging around. he is so determined to move out( it is kind of surprising me) as he was so hesitant to move out before and just said it but never acted on. He told me that he is looking for one but with his job situation like this, he might need to cut the cost on renting, actually my girlfriend rented a room to a guy who just moved out a week ago, i kind of mentioning it before, so he asked if he can temporarily rent my girlfriend’s place for a few months until he is stable with his financial and job. but i do not want him to move in to my girlfriend’s place as it will be very strange for me, he said that i should trust him and my girlfriend. actully it is not because that i do not trust him and my girlfriend for not allowing him to move in but because i do not want my girlfriend to know too much about the things between us,(no privacy at all), and also if something goes wrong between them, it will affected the friendship. so i told him that it is not an option. but he said that he really need to figure something out, so i said that he can move in temporarily with me until he found a new place but he said that he wouldn’t start looking for new place right away as he wanted to settle down for a while and does not want to move in and out all the time, he is very honest that he want to cut the cost. he said that he will consider it and will decide by the end of this week.

    my problem is when he mentioned that at least he will stay at my place for 6 months, i got scared( but i did not say this to him) as i will lose my space, my alone time as i need it and not ready for another person to move in, what if we got a problem as we are not stable yet, what if this, what if that… oh, god, so many negativities came across…..

    also, i kind of feel like that i overdid it for offering this to him, we are not official yet, you girls know it, so i kind of feeling weird, what should i need to do? offer him as a friend, live together as a roomate? or what? sorry, girls, i kind of feeling stupid, very. don’t you think?

  244. #244 by Jess on July 7, 2009 - 3:07 pm

    Hi ladies,

    Been out of town for business for several days, now back in another business here! lol.

    Saggi girl,

    I think its nice you offer your hand when he is ‘in need’. It will be good for you that you will take this time to learn about each other if its possible for the two of you to develop into some serious relationship in the future. YOu can also observe his manner and attitude when he is not at work. I think its more important to see a person when he is in a bad time of his life; how he handle stress and problems, how he get thru it, when he is in a bad shape.

    But on the other hand, its perhaps more on your disadvantage because I assume its hard to avoid any intimate contact living together so if its not going well you might feel like being used. Especially now that you guys just get ‘reconnect’ again.

    All in all its your decision, but you already offer this. I would say let’s see how he accept your offer. But you need to set a ground for yourself and talk to him how you are going to treat each other.

    Personally I think this is not a good timing to assume anything about ‘relationship’. Besides you are just getting back on a ‘ contacting basis’ so may be not moving in as a lovers or bf/gf for him.

    Take time to think about it and decide the best option FOR YOURSELF and talk to him. Just remember one thing, it doesnt need to be with a Taurus but anybody, its always better to be honest and straight forward. Especially he is open up and honest with you about wanting to cut cost, I think he would appreciate and understand you being forward and honest with him.

    Good luck and let us know how things going.

  245. #245 by saggi girl on July 7, 2009 - 4:43 pm

    hi Jess,

    what a great, smart lady you are, it must be very lucky to be your friend as you got brain…hehe.. you know what i mean, right?

    it made great sense to me on my situation, it is right that i need to seperate the relationship from the temporary living arrangement,otherwise, i would be confusing myself more. but at the same time, i need to see how much i could handle if something goes wrong, and how to handle it. Actually, i was thinking to talk to him to see if he could find a cheap place without living with me, i could help him to hunt the place, otherwise, financial issue will destroy everything even our friendship, don’t you think?

    hi, Jess, do you think it is a good idea for him to rent my girlfriend’s room in her place?

    looking forward to hear from you, smart Jess. Thanks a million…

  246. #246 by Jess on July 8, 2009 - 9:49 am

    Wow Saggi girl, that was the best thing one could say to a friend 🙂 Thank you.

    The idea of him renting a room from your girlfriend, I cant say for you but I know I would not like it. Eventhought the concern with trust vs jealousy for your gf and him is out of the question, I would still be afraid if this is going to put any one of you in a hard position in the future. For example if you think you are going to check up with your gf many times (like all the time…lol) what he is up to and would your gf think its annoying?, or if your taurus guy is going to complain something he finds it uncomfortable with your friend that make you feel bad for put you in hard situation? or if you might misinterpret or happen to signal jeolousy to any of them? I wouldnt want to put my friendship with my loved ones at risk.

    Saggi girl, does he already agreed to move in with you? or does he really show interest to share a house with your gf? If not, I would tell you to just relax and wait for him to decide. If he is a true Taurean, he might not go for either options because what I read and experience so far, Taurus seem to like to have own space. He rather distance himself to go figure out what to do and try to fix his own problem, than risk messing up with you or your gf and put you in a hard situation.

    Take time like Taurus do, you dont need to give him the answer immediately if you will talk to your gf about this or if he can stay with you no problem (even you already mentioned that.. so what? Taurus keep going back and forth on us all the time too…hehe)

    Atleast I like that he tells you about this, be there to listen to him, he will take this as a support. Let him first try to fix his problem as a man but re-assure him in any worse case he can count on you.

    Hope this helps a bit but no matter what just remember: take time and be honest like a Taurus do! 😉

  247. #247 by saggi girl on July 8, 2009 - 1:43 pm

    hi Jess,

    thank you so much for listening and supporting as a friend, actually he shows strong interest to rent a room from my girlfriend, but i strongly declined. and I told him that if he thinks about this option again, he won’t hear from me anymore. he asked if i was serious about this, i told him “yes”. he said ” if this is the case, he won’t mention this again.” it seems that he does not understand why it sounds a big deal for me for renting a place from my girlfriend. He might be that desperate to move out.

    Actually we talked about this before like over 6 months ago when he had a little problem with his last job, i offered the same thing, he told me that he will consider and then told me later that he does not want to move in with me just because of his financial problem, but to move in because he’s ready to. so he did not and got this current job… i do not know what he is going to say this time but for me, i had 2nd thought for him to move in as he is very lazy and stubborn. You know how taurus is, mine is very lazy. so, i do not want to end up fighting with him about some house work…… i do not know. I think i will be sit back like you said and see what will be happening… but i will keep you posted.

    Hi Jess, personally, would you deal with someone with financial problem? sorry for being nosy……

    thank you..

  248. #248 by Jess on July 8, 2009 - 4:00 pm

    Hi saggi girl,

    If you already mentioned about him moving in with you, then leave it at that dont mention about it again. (this is just not to make you look like trying to convince him to your way, besides Taurus never forget! We all knew that…)

    When you said you guys talk about it 6 months ago, I notice this trend in my Taurus too, he talked about doing something but up until now its 7 months so far since I know him, he still not really put it in action yet…

    Oh, try not to make it sounds like the ultimatum that he can’t definetly rent a room from your gf, you know they hate being rejected in the face… Pretend that the problem is not on you but something else (i dont know how you can cover up but try to convince him to otherwise) because I dont want him to feel you dont TRUST him (again we all knew the Taurus with Trust issue…)

    Well sorry if i make it sounds like too many points to be careful but I know atleast my guy is like this too in which we are deliberately keeping all these points in mind but pretend like being ignorance…

    Would I personally deal with someone with financial problem? No, I wouldnt unless its someone I TRUELY LOVE AND CARE ENOUGH FOR. But Saggi girl, dont take my advice on this one because I’m really not in a good place to answer you as I never experienced this. I believe one can say anything until one is really in that particular situation and you will see what one used to say he/she will do and what he/she actually do can be totally opposite…

    At the same time, dont feel you are compelled to deal with other’s problem (him) just because you had and still have some kind of intimate relationship so it would make you a bad or selfish person if you dont help or it would cause you a risk to lose him.

    If I was in your place when I’m not sure I can or am willing to help him because I might be trapped and get involved in a deeper shit (if his financial problem keeps going…) I will still help but only what I can afford. But I will be honest and find a way to tell him (if its too ashame to be straight forward because I believe if you had some connection before, he will get your clue)

    DEALING is a process not the end result, you dont know where and how it lead you to the result. Wait and see. If you reach to the point where out of any logic you cant afford to be ‘in’ anymore, that is time you DEAL it as adult if you want to terminate or hold on or whatever.

    At this point, relax and support him the way you will do if it happens to other good friends of you.

    And dont worry you are not nosy at all and I’m glad if i help.

    All the best saggi girl!

  249. #249 by saggi girl on July 9, 2009 - 12:31 am

    hi Jess,

    thank you so much for your advice and i will keep that in mind. i will keep you posted….

  250. #250 by Jena ali on July 11, 2009 - 2:53 pm

    Hi Jess,

    Thanks for your warm and sincere reply.
    Iguess you are absolutely right about us as an Aries being bored by the slow and secretive taurus attitude. To update you my taurus did not contact me when he returned and i was so angry with him that i sent him an sms that i am going to leave him and taking myself out of his life forever instantly he massaged me again claiming that he lost my contact number than i replied that if he really loved me he would have e-mailed me or something and that he showed me by his actions that he is not in love with me. To my amazement he replied that if you want to leave me than its ok but he was not wrong. The moment i read this i asked him to explain how is he claiming not being wrong? than he said that he will call me when he will be free from work. (i think just to make up his mind what to say) and than on the same day he chat with me on-line and told me a story that i think was a lie as three or four days latter he asked me to meet and to come to my place (which i know for sex as a major)the moment i refused(because i don’t want to be fooled around and i want him to respect me and my feelings as well)he said because i said no that “we should try to create a distance between each other as we have come closer too fast in our relationship” and he was thinking not to meet me after returning to the city.

    Now after two or three times talking he is again vanished not calling not chatting and not even replying my massages strange for me as we are on those grounds in our understanding that we can talk for hours and hours and even we talk like great friends .
    jess i think he is not sincere with me and even don’t want to maintain a relation ship at all i think he was after sex and thats it as i asked him when he said so many times i love you that is this love if he is sure ?and he always said yes he is sure that it is love
    now that i have known about him i felt played and used as i love him and thats is so heart breaking for me even if i let him go i will be so heart broken and sad.
    jess as you have been through many hardships in your love life with your taurus man what do you think of my situation?
    and what should i do in this regard? I am amazed that how he can be so naive and reluctant to leave such a nice relationship based on friendship and instant spark?
    I sometimes wonder that may be my velnerability and love shown to him or deep emotions has triggered him off or something but as you know we are Aries and we just cant quit something worth fighting for or even just can’t stand to a rejection at all.
    The problem is that i am so simple. i have very little experience in relationships and in handling men and don’t now how to keep Tuarus around. Need your help in this regard. Should i say that i am leaving you before he insult me or i am so much confused as i messaged him couple of time wondering what has got into him but he didn’t replied to those as well which is very humiliating for me.
    Need to hear from you soon thanks friend again.

  251. #251 by saggi girl on July 11, 2009 - 7:29 pm

    hi Jess,

    you should open a second business here as you seem so popular here to get advice from, keep it up, hehehe….

    sorry, i do not have good news for you today as i fell into another drama during last few days. hope you have the patience to listen

    the story started from last last Friday, actually it was before my Taurus mentioned to move out. Actually i love my apartment, it is close to lake and it is a very nice area for single to live, i have been living there for a year and just renewed my lease the past May. Last last Friday night my Taurus called me and left me a voice mail saying that he wanted to say hi… call him back if i can otherwise, he will call me next day. so i called him back 10 minutes later,he did not answer, i assume that he might be driving, so i left him a message , but he did not call back . so i called 2nd time 40 minutes later, but he still did not answer the phone. so i text him another message saying to call me back, then i found a big bug in my apartment and it was almost dead, but i was so scared, so so so scared, it was huge, then i trapped it in a shoe box and called my ex(not taurus) about it, he told me that he will come over to kill it when he got off the work( he owns a restaurant), while i was talking to my ex, My Taurus called in and left me anther message, i called him back after i got off the phone with my ex, then he answered and told me that he was very tired and the reason he did not answer the phone is because he was on the high way and came home very tired. he was really moody and upset and told me that he just wanted to go to sleep, it seems that i bothered him by calling twice and text once, then i mentioned that i found a bug on the floor and very huge and i was so scared, then he was like” oh, kill it.” i said that i can not as it was very scary, he was like” well, you have to do it, do not act like a baby, it was just a bug.” i said that i can not, then he was like” well, i am sorry, i can not help.” then i said ” i do not need your help as i have already found the help.” then he was like” who?”, i was really upset by his reponse and all the cold moody tone, then i said” why you care?” then i hung up the phone. so, my ex came and killed the bug and left…

    next day, around noon, Taurus called me and left me a message, apologized for his behavior last night, and stated that he was very crappy and got a lot on his mind, he just want to apologize and asked me to give him a call.

    i did not call back but text him saying that sometimes he just hit me so hard but i chose to forgive him.” then he text back saying that he will call me later and wished me a good day. 4 hours later, he called me again but i was busy at the moment, so he left me another voice mail, then we finally talked again later the day, he told me that he was very tired right now and his job might be that stable, blah blah…, then we talked a while, he said that he was still outside working and will go home later as he was very tired, so he mentioned that he wants to see me tomorrow( which was last Sunday—-when we talked about moving in stuff…)

    so, Sunday i saw him, and his phone rang, he told me that it is his aunt and he needs to answer. His aunt told him that his mom was up watching TV today and it was such a surprise as she has been sleeping a lot and very depressed about her brain cancer, so he was very happy to hear the update about his mom and finally his aunt put his mom on the phone, he said” mom, i love you, it is great you are better.” but his mom can not hear him, so he kept telling her that he loves her, but his mom seems having a difficult to understand over the phone,( it seems related to her brain problem), so he told his aunt to tell his mom that he loves her and will see her very soon( actually he came back from the trip to see her 3 weeks ago). i kind of feeling bad after hear that especially the communication was happening right in front of me. so, we talked a little and that is part of the reason why i offered him to move in with me.

    the drama started last night, as i stayed with my friend for a few day as i saw a few bugs again and i was so scared to stay, so the past wednesday i called my friend to pick me up and pack a few clothe to stay with her for a few days to decide if i need to break the lease or not, but on the same night, i called him after i found a few more bugs around, it was around 8:45pm, he answered, i asked him if he was at work, he told me that he is not at work but busy with work at coffee shop but still in downtown where is close to his work. i told him what has happened about the bugs,( as it turns out the plamento bugs, the kind can fly and nasty. i told him that i got panic and scared, he was like” pick your shoes and kill it.” i said that i can not, then he is like” do not cry like a baby, do it right now, i will stay on the phone, kill it.” then i said” i will look for help.” he sounds not happy to hear me say that. so i hung up the phone and called my girlfriend and she picked me up to her house, i called property management company and then they said that they will come to exterminate tomorrow. on my way to my girlfriend home, he called me to check on me, but i did not hear, so he left me a message and hope me ok, and problem got solved. i texted him back and stated that i was on my way to my girlfriend house, might be staying for a few days, might break the lease as i do not want to live there anymore regardless, then he texted back like” be safe, i will call you tomorrow and think of exterminate before move out.”, he called me next day as he said, he just got off the work around 9:30pm, and asked how i was, if i checked with landlord, if i have made a decison, and asked if i need to consider to give landlord a second chance, how was the stay with my girlfriend, how long i will stay over there? so i said” i need someone to protect me.’ he was like: i want to protect you but not tonight.” so conversation was ended well, then he said that he will call me next day which was last night, but Jess, i feel so bad when my cowoker to their own home but i can not return. i know i might be overacted over this accident, but i was just being me, i never experience this before, so i might be overreacted at someone’s eye. so, last night, my girlfriend went out but i stayed in her house, i called him before he called me( as he said to), he was driving and told me that he went to see the doctor after work, as he needs to do a surgery on his neck due to car accident. so, he asked how i was, then i told him that i felt bad, then he started like” you need to grow up, there are so much hardship in life, things are bigger than that, if you run away even think to break the lease, how could you handle the bigger thing in life, Blah Blah, what if you move to another apartment with the same problem?” then i felt really upset for hearing this, as i need comfort but not like him pointing his finger telling me what to do, what i should have done, why i have not done? so, i confronted him and stated that i was very disppointed and why he can not offer me the support like my girlfriend does( not point finger just give me time to make up mind), then he was like” i can not do that right now, you know my living situation, if i have my own place, of course i will pick you up to stay with me. you think i do not feel bad about it, my life sucks, i am supporting you, i was trying to find you a solution and just try to talk to you as an adult, i only deal with my job, my mom and you, i was exhausted right now about my situation, i do not talk to any other girl at all, you are the only one i talked to, i have so many shits in my life i need to deal with, my mom is dying. what do you want from me? I was lost , i called to check up on you right after the work even though it was late, but those are the only things i can do right now. i care for you a lot but i can not put down i was doing to come to your apartment to kill the bug for you, i can not give you more than that. blah blah…then i asked what he is going to do on sunday which is tomorrow, he said that he needs to do something but he can see me, so i was like” could you go back with me to my apartment to check how it went as my landlord stated that they have already sprayed the whole building? he said ” yeah, so just go there to check your apartment? i can meet you there, or pick you up from your girlfriend place.” i do not know, Jess, i do not know if it is because of me or him, just feel like i am not getting what i wanted, is he selfish or i asked for too much, i think what i am asking from him is reasonable, but it seems that he can not do like i expected him to do. then i went crazy, i told him that i want to get married, then he was like” what did you say?’, i repeated, the he was like” well, it was sweet, but i am ready to get married for sure.” then i was like” what we are to each other?’ then he was like” Jesus, again, i know it will come again, i do not want to go there right now, i do not.” then i was like” did you ever picture me as your wife or anything even though you are ready to get married.” then he was like:” i do not even think about the marriage right now, how could i picture?’ i do not do that at all, i can not give you the promise that when i am ready, i will marry you. i need to divorce first, i want to get marry someday when i am ready, but not right now. i do not even think about it.’ i was really upset by him saying that, so i said something very bad by saying that he is using me, stringing me along, blah blah, he said that i will call you tomorrow, the i was like” do not call me anymore, this will be last conversation we have.” then he was like” i will call you tomorrow.” i hung up the phone. 10 minutes later, i felt very hurt and texted him a message Like” just pretend that we never know each other, i am always on my own, i know that. you do not owe me anything, but we need to turn to a new leaf of our lives, do not contact me anymore, please, i mean it, take care.” he did not reply, this morning when i wake up, i felt so bad , i do not know, so i called him( i know i should not have done that, it was stupid after i sent the text message like that) left him a message apologizing for the harsh text message, he did not return my phone call, so i text him again saying that i was in my apartment checking and sorry for the text message, i only do this to the people i was close to but unfortunately he is one of them. if he would forgive me for that.” then he texted me back like” i will call you later, busy now. tell landlord that your drains do not work right, that might be a part of the problem.” well, i lost, it seems that he is ok……

    Jess, what do i need to do? i really want to walk away especially after he told me that he is not ready for marriage, but i just lost my face to walk back, he must look down on me, right? am i really dramatic? what do you think his reaction to the bug issue? you think he is right on that? did i expect too much out of him with his situation? what will you do if you were me.

    sorry, Jess, i feel so bad today…. be honest with me if you think i was wrong or he was wrong. as i was lost in this situation.

  252. #252 by Jess on July 12, 2009 - 3:17 am

    Saggi girl,

    You really sound so saggiiiiiiii just like my another 2 saggi girlfriends…lol Your bug episode recall me so much of them both lol…

    Saggi girl, if you go back and read your post again, you will see you consciously express it how unnecessary this should not happen. And how deep inside you knew you are overreactting and how your man did his best to help you.

    Nobody is wrong here but to be honest, i have to say you are being childish saggi girl. I’m sure you genuinely get scared of the bugs otherwise you would not leave the apartment. When you reach out to seek help from him but be let down by the phone conversation to tell you need to take care it (alone) as adult, you get disaapointed and feel like.. “i knew it, at the end he let me down again just like any other time before” Then you let your sensitivity grow and taking over you, you top it up by bringing in the issue of marriage to him hoping to hear the positive feedback so that it calms your mind, so that it confirms he truely love and care, and if he says he wants the marriage too then all your disappointment will be washed away and you will be happy again.

    Did you see it Saggi girl? its all about what you want and how you want it (for him to come and help) without seeing what he can and already did (give you support over the phones after phones) what you should not over look is that he called a lot and did the best he could under his circumstance to support you. Eventhough you feel its not good enough, your gf, you another ex bf did it better while your own taurus bf can only help you from a distant (doesnt that sound so Taurus? lol)

    At the end of the day, bringing the question about marriage really sounds irrelevant…

    Saggi girl, you CAN NOT always pull up the issue of love and marriage over the minor argument or when you are being let down and feel bad. In my opinion, you talk about marriage when you really mean it and you talk about it when you are in a stable and calm and happy moments. You dont ask about it just so you can go to sleep with happy mind or just to reassure if a guy really love you or if a guy really want a future with you, ESPECIALLY NOT when both you and your bf are in a hard situation and both are tired and emotional.

    Please always remember, Taurus is VERY OBJECTIVE people in any circumstance. If he told you he loves you and even want to marry you, that is a commitment!

    Saggi girl, a guy is having a real hard time of his life with job and mother. (I cant think how i’m going to go thru it if it happens to me, just hope when something like that happen to me I will atleast have someone when i look back) And now his gf is seeking attention and support over a bug life (lol). Saggi girl, if you are his girl, you need to be stronger than ever to be a force and support for him. When one is down, one have to be up. You need to pass this because there will be a time in your life you will go thru more hardships. And one day in your life this experience will help you become very strong when you will be someone’s mother.

    Forget about a bugs life, about losing face or walking back, you havnt been walking much anywherere as far as I can see lol… haha sorry girl! Dont get lost saggi girl, I read you and I see you are not lost. You only get too emotional and only see thing more on your side. You knew well your story and his story.

    Drama doesnt necessary make a tragic ending. Rest your mind, get some more sleep and eat healthy food. When your mind and body is stronger you will get stronger spirit then you will have a stronger heart to handle not only you but your man’s problem. He will call again soon and you knew that so be nice to him 😉

  253. #253 by Jess on July 12, 2009 - 3:40 am

    HI Jena ali,

    I dont remember we talked before? but welcome aboard!

    First of all, NEVER and NEVER take it as humuliation or offensive when Taurus dont reply your contact! You need to calm down and stop acting up to any reactions OR NON REACTIONs from your taurus. Its good that you are simple and in general, Taurus men are simple also (despite of their twisted and bi-polar behaviour!) I say they are simple before if you really look you will see the kind of repeated behaviour in them: chasing hard, distant himself, coming back again to chasing hard…. and the twisted cycle go on and on, on and on…..

    You just need to be calm and try to figure out his way. Ask yourself if you think you are able to put up and live up with that. If you want to give it a try, when he is far too much and you get upset then talk to him face to face. Dont ask to break up or to leave hoping it will signal a threat and it will make him scare and try to improve. No, it only signals as a blackmail to him. And guess what unless he already decided you are his girl and that he really loves you, he has no problem you want to leave him.

    If you feel you are being played, then back off and reclaim your balance state. Being an ARies I know we need it! Then talk to him like adult when you are not overflooded by emotion. And if you still want to have anything to do with him, expect the twisted cycle I mentioned above lol.

  254. #254 by Jess on July 12, 2009 - 5:41 am

    Oh Saggi girl,

    I forgot to tell you, dont worry about him looking down on you or what he would think after your text to leave you alone but call to apologise and lose face by walking back…. lol.

    The fact that he not only just text you back but even urge you to tell the landlord to check the drain! That shows he truely care for you and for your (bug) problem. Saggi girlllll, when a guy truely love you, he is not going to break up or leave his gf just because she is being overreact (and make a big deal over it by asking about marriage and ask to break up but walk back by herself…. hehehe sorry saggi girl i just cant help picking on you, you are too funny ;-))

    He is not angry at you for sure! (but may be feel sad and tired that his gf dont understand him), probably he angry for himself that he cant be there for you. Its understandable you expect help and support from your partner when you in need, but dont get disappointed when he cant help to the maximum (and you know why), but look at his will and intention and how he tried to be there (even not physically but he is there all the time isnt he?)

    So, yes you are a bit dramatic this time lol. And how he would think about you and your bug? if he wasnt in a bad shape you would probably giggle (like I did) and think you are silly but now that he is in a deep shit, he probably feel sad and tired but I guess he knows you well and his last text shows that he feels bad he cant be a man you want him to be there for you but he is not leaving 😉 So what you should do is when you talk to him next time dont mention about this too much, try to make a joke out of it if you can. Humour always ease the tension. I know atleast for my Taurus he absolutely loves joking. If he asked about the bug, say the problem is fixed then ask him what he thinks to do with this little bug (you;-)) and when you see him again, be sweet and bring him food (never forget Taurust trait!)

    Well, saggi girl, when you look back I’m sure your bug life story will make a good joke that bring a good laugh to both of you in the future 😉

  255. #255 by Jena ali on July 12, 2009 - 1:11 pm

    Dear Jess!

    Thanks for your kind reply i must say you are great in understanding the relationships matters and we have accepted you an expert in that! lol
    hahaha any ways we did talk some days back as on the same platform which further encouraged me to wright to you again.

    Jess i sometimes wonder why we are with the bulls waiting and waiting for them to turn to be open and understanding to us and to be emotionally available but 99% of the time they are not there for us when we need them the most to share our feelings as we Aries are open and sincere and need our partner to be emotionally available to us we hate ambiguity and wish things to be simple and easy.

    Just because they are far to reach and Aries love the thrill to chase thats is the reason we can’t quit or just that attraction they create,the charisma of youthfulness,hard to reach or signaling unavailable all the time keeps us on our toes.

    The problem with me is that i don’t know i am missing him ! Should i contact him or call him or just stay still not making any move? i think i will signal nagging or clinging if i will do that or what if he will not answer?

    it will paint me needy in his mind or he will further pull away
    there is so much confusion in my mind as he said that “we are so fast in our relationship and we should slow down”

    May be it signaled me that he has lost his interest in me and he is trying to cut himself out of it or to turn his back on me.

    Should i call him to discuss this matter or should i leave this realationship position in ambiguity and to his end?
    it kills me day by day never keeping my mind out of it.

    Please advise!!!

    And for sure i want to be friend with you because you sound so sensible and understanding.
    thanks for your support

    Love u.

  256. #256 by saggi girl on July 12, 2009 - 4:36 pm

    Hi Jess,

    Thank you so much for your advice and comment over my dramatic situation, i just wake up and first thing i did is to turn on my girlfriend’s computer to see if you have already replied, when i saw it, i blured out” thank God, Jess replied.” then my girlfrind asked me” who is Jess?” I said” you do not need to know, she is my Jess.”

    It makes a lot of sense to me after i read your comment, how could you be so calm and so considerate, i think whoever fully have you as his girl must be the luckiest man in the world, i hope i could be that man, hehehe, sorry for being so silly, as i am silly sometimes….

    Jess, yeah, like you said that he did call last night, but i did not hear, so he left me a message asking for a call back, so i called him back and he asked how was the apartment, if i asked the landlord about the drain, so i said that i did. then i told him that i felt sorry, then he is like” i will get over it, but do not want to talk about it.” i was like” i felt very tired and felt into sleep on the bus today.” he is like” yeah, you made me tired too.” i said” i know i was a little crazy.” then he is like” a little??” then i was like” well, yeah, a little too much, but you have to understand me too, as i was just scared and need time to adjust, and felt a little disppointed that you can not help me the way i want you to.” he is like” yeah, i know.” then he told me that tomorrow he will be busy with his work and do something, then i was like” wow, i thought you could go to the apartment with me to check a few things as i felt safer when you are there with me.” he is like” i know, i will try and try hard, i mean it.” then he told me that things are always back and forth, up and down, he got to concentrate on his work, then i was like” i am sorry, baby.” then like you said that i joked a little bit about something, then he laughed, then i asked him” are we ok now?” he was like” yeah, we are ok.” then he told me that he will call me tomorrow which was today before 12pm to inform me if he could go with me or not, then he said” have a good sleep, baby, i will call you tomorrow, i gotta go now back to my study for my work.”

    so, that is the update and it seems ok this time, i do not know if he will remember this or not later on use to against me, but i will remember this lesson, trying to be understanding and like you said to grow stronger…. if i want to stay around…

    Thanks Jess, you are my hero, i really hope some day i could meet you in person…dreaming of that day…hehehehe.

    have a nice day, Jess, oh, you might sleep right now, then have a sweet dream. Hope all is well with you…

  257. #257 by saggi girl on July 12, 2009 - 6:08 pm

    hi, Jess,

    “When you reach out to seek help from him but be let down by the phone conversation to tell you need to take care it (alone) as adult, you get disaapointed and feel like.. “i knew it, at the end he let me down again just like any other time before” Then you let your sensitivity grow and taking over you, you top it up by bringing in the issue of marriage to him hoping to hear the positive feedback so that it calms your mind, so that it confirms he truely love and care, and if he says he wants the marriage too then all your disappointment will be washed away and you will be happy again.”——————————Wow, i was so shocked when i saw this, you just knew me so well. is your major psychology?

  258. #258 by cloud9 on July 14, 2009 - 4:58 am

    Hey all!
    I have been missing in action, but I always seem to make my appearance eventually.

    As of july 10, my taurus guy and I have become much closer. Once we had one big fight(a mont ago) and I didn’t talk to him, he came to realize he did not want to lose me(per him). We have had talks about the future and heis constantly making references about my wife-like qualities. He pays attention to EVERYTHING I do. I have met his friends and I am going to meet his cousin, this week. I guess, I won’t meet his mother until much later.

    At any rate, what I have noticed is that first year with taurus is the worst. This man knows I have his back. He returns what I give to him. He rubs my back. He brings me food and is my rock, when I need it. I know that he has been hurt so many times before, so I make sure he is feels comfortable and not feel I am going to purposefully hurt him.

    He is spending lots of time over my house, so I must say it has been a bumpy ride and PATIENCE has paid off.

    I am going to bed because I am soooo tired, but will continue….

  259. #259 by Jess on July 14, 2009 - 12:10 pm

    ++ Jena ali,

    Being an Aries, I just dont know if i will ever find that man who can support me emotionally and keep up with my up and down fast and unstable emotion! LOL I get distracted too easily , having a hard time focus on one thing at a time, besides i get bored of thing too fast… Really i even think Taurus might make a good match for us since Aries, because we seek challenge and need to be ignored to get interested…haha i guess we are also twisted somehow.

    Well jena, dont call him. Dont show just yet your feeling for him. The fact that you are always there when he contact you is good enough for him to see you are interested. Taurus is very smart! Until YOU can figure his way out, and until he starts open up his feeling to you first, that is when you can start signal how you feel but on discreet.

    ++ Saggi girl,

    Your reply really put a smile all over me! Thank you! I’m sooo happy my words can calm you down and that everything is ok for you again. I think your Taurus sounds genuine, and truely care for you. Really I wish things get better for him with his mom and carrer, and that your relationship will lead to marriage one day!

    ++ Cloud9,

    Hi! wow very nice to hear from you again! Looking forward to your continual!

    Take care everybody and hope the rest of us are doing just fine!

  260. #260 by saggi girl on July 14, 2009 - 3:23 pm

    Hi Cloud9,

    i am glad that things work out for you very well. I guess you are the only one here getting something out of your taurus. Congratulation….

    keep us posted…

  261. #261 by saggi girl on July 14, 2009 - 4:21 pm

    Hi Dear Jess,

    thanks for your message and i am happy you feel that way.

    i am sorry that i am always one drama after another especially recently we fight a lot even on sunday. He picked me up from my girlfriend’s house and we went together to my place, once i got in the car, he told me that he only got 2 hours orso, so i’d better hurry up and he got some reading to do for his work. so he also said that he is happy to see me even though i drove the shit out of him, so i was joking like” yeah, even though i drove you crazy but you still love me, right?” he was smiliing and said” i wouldn’t use that word.” then i was not very happy but did not say anything but he sensed it and then he said” can we just stop it, i just want to spend happy time together, you know i am not ready for that word.” then i was like:” hi, i am just kidding, as you can say that to a friend too, right? like even though you are the pain in my ass, but i still love you.” then he was like” yeah, right, stop playing the game, what you think i am, a idiot, a kid?” so, i changed the topic right away and then we moved on until i asked how he feels about my girlfriend, ( actually there are 4 ladies in the room including me), then he made the comment one by one, until i asked how about the other one(i mean me), he said” who?”, i said”the other one.” he said” who, i have already told you for all of them.” i said” the other one.” then he lost his temper and yelling like” who????.” then i was like” me.” then he was like” oh, my god, i am sorry, i am so sorry, i felt so bad for doing that to you, Jesus, it is so embrassing.” so i cried in the car because his yelling at me, so he was like” sorry, baby, i am so sorry, of course you are pretty, very pretty, i think you drive me crazy, but i need to settle down a little bit too, i am so sorry, then he kissed my hair and hold my hand in the car while he was driving.” then i tought the drama will be end for the day as i can not take any more dramas, i am at my breaking point….

    sorry, bear with me. we walked to my place and then i started cleaning while he is talking to his mom on the phone( she called him), i did as quick as i can, then he told me to leave the table for him to move, i said ok. then he asked if i wanna go grab something to eat, i said my girlfriend was waiting for me to cook together but i could grab something to eat. while i was cleaning, he kind of rushing me to do it quick while i have already done it as quickest as i can, until i am almost done when he said” hi, hurry up.” then i was like” be patient.” then he was like” well, i told you i need to do some reading for my work.” then i was like” well, you do not have to drive me to my girlfriend’s place, i can take bus.” then he was like” is that what you want? so, i can go now, right?” i was like” yeah.” then he jumped up very mad and started putting on his shoes, then Jess, i was really lost, then i said” how about the dinner.” he was like” i am not hungry, you take bus to go back when you are done. ok? i am leaving and got some stuff to do, we will talk next week but right now i need to go, do not stay too late.” then he was trying to kiss me goodbye and kept telling me it is ok but it does not look ok at all. then i walked away and said” i really do not know what i did wrong, you kept saying you are ok, but your action was not saying that.” then he left.

    since i was almost done, then i packed up a few things getting ready to take bus, but on myway to bus station, then i stopped by a coffee shop to get a iced coffee, i saw him sitting in staring at his computer, then he saw me while i was waiting in line for my coffee, then i was asking myself if i need to say hello or just left, then i looked at him and then he was shrugging his shoulder and asked what is going on. then i was like” i am getting my coffee.” then i decided to say hello before i go, then he ended up accusing me of stalking him, he does not think it is a coincidence even though i explained, he was like” i can not deal with it right now, and i do not think it is a coincidence, you just wore me out, well, i need to get something done right now, so just take bus to go.” so, i was like” let me say something very quick, i do not know what is going on, i appreciated your help but you kept rushing me while i have already did the quickest i can, then i was thinking maybe you are really in that hurry, so you do not have to drive me home.” he was like” you just wore me out, i do not want to talk about it.” then i felt very hurt and embarrasing when he accused me of stalking, then i was like” why you think i am stalking, you are just embrassing me.” then i walked away…….

    Jess, i was really hurt really by he treated me, what i am to him? a toy, he can scream at whenever he can? then i went to my girlfriend’s house, 2 hours later, my phone rang, it is him, so i did not answer the phone, then he left me a message like” hi, it is me,give me call back and let me know where you are at, i want to make sure you are safe, call me. bye.” i did not call back, then he called again 20 minutes later, i did not answer either. 40 minutes later, he called again. i still did not answer as i was really hurt…

    Jess, i do not know what is going on between 2 of us, or him. it just kept getting wrong. i do not know if he is playing a game or just trying to push me away instead of saying that to my face. I heard that taurus man sometimes does not want to dump you by saying it, instead, they want you to go away on your own. is that the case? i just do not know, i think either he has some issue or i got to see the doctor. i just do not know what his intention is….

    really tired.. really..

  262. #262 by Jess on July 15, 2009 - 12:19 pm

    Saggi girl,

    I would guess what is going on between 2 of you are tiredness and strain. How could small things go so far and creat such a big reaction…

    You are still vulnerable propably from suppressing your sensitivity from the last drama, while your taurus is about to collapse from all the problems and cant be at his best to handle you. This could lead both of you to emotional breakdown.

    Saggi girl, it doesnt look like he is playing any game, look to me like he is very tired he losing his temper so easy. It doesnt matter now everything that happend, why he accused you and how he yelling at you. He is not leaving this time?! and giving you a call constantl. Saggi girl, the guy is running out of his stamina soon… I think I might need to remind you Taurus can be incredibly sensitive too (but they just hide it so well)

    Saggi girl, get some sleep then please pick up his phone or call back just to leave a message that you are ok. When your ego get hurt, its not easy to be that person who pick up the phone to make a call first. I see his caring is in there.

    Give each other some time off, get rest and leave it a few days before you meet again.

    Cheer up and hugs,

  263. #263 by saggi girl on July 15, 2009 - 1:45 pm

    HI Jess,

    Thank you so much for your advice, i think i passed the good time to call as right now it’s Wednesday Morning. You really caught what was going on between 2 of us, i think it is like you said that we both were just tired, and he lost his temper so easily, which makes me think that he just does not care how i feel, especially when he accused me of stalking, i think he insulted me by saying that……., a guy friend of mine kept telling me to give up and he thought that i might be too nice to him, so he took advance of me, like i always tried to help him with his problem, when he has a problem, i thought as mine too. when he was in bad mood, i feel it and always tried to find a way to cheer him up. so, when we have a fight, i always got back with him even after he said that he does not love me(remember?), but i still got back with him right after he called. so, he thought that i can not live without him, so he can do whatever he wanted to me as i won’t leave no matter what, just a phone call, i will be there again. i do not know if that is the case, but it might be true….

    I think we both need a break especially when his situation was not stable( job and his mom), i wanted to be there for him with all my heart, but i just do not know how to deal with it without hurting myself……

    Jess, again, thank you so much for your patience with me…. i know it needs a great deal of patience …

  264. #264 by Jess on July 15, 2009 - 2:14 pm

    Saggi girl,

    I think he does care for you. But your friends see that its hard and troublesome having a relationship with him. What about when he seems to be in a bad mood or not getting enough sleep, perhaps you want to avoid seeing him(?) I know I would do that and I also avoid people myself when I was in bad mood or didnt get enough sleep. Because its so easy to take it out your temper on the person who is there close to you…

    Instead be there when he is down and emotional, (when his spirit is low and need a person touch) this way you will reap the effort.

    May be you just send him a text instead of calling back (to avoid the heat) just to leave him a subtle note that you are tired but will be ok in time.

    Dont worry, because when things get tough that’s when you see the truth. Get rest and get your spirit back soon.

  265. #265 by saggi girl on July 17, 2009 - 1:49 pm

    Hi Jess,

    Just want to give you the update. Actually after i read your last comment, i texted him saying that being sorry for late in responding and thank him for thinking about me, and also gave him a little update on my house situation. then he did not reply my message( it was ok as he does not reply unless it is a question asked), then later in the afternoon, then i saw a few post for apartment rental which fits him, so i texted him again about the posts, asked if i need to reply to the post. 2 minutes later, my phone rang but it showed unknown number, but i answered, it was him. he was telling me that he can not make a decision right now about the apartment, but i can keep the information so he can call later. then he told me that he was at work and his phone got a problem but he can receive text message, and thanked for my text message letting him know that i was ok, then he said” wow, it has been a few days i haven’t heard from you, i worried about you.” i said” ok.” then he said” you were just crazy, blow the beautiful afternoon off.” i wanted to keep in silience, but i said” i think you were just tired, so you lost your temper so easily.” he said” no, it’s not like that, but i do not want to talk about it right now.” i said” ok.” then he is like” so, you are ok, it is good. i will call you later the week once my phone’s problem got solved.” i said” ok.” then he said” i need to get back to work, bye.” well, that is the update, Jess.

    actually, i was picturing myself in his shoes like” job was not making money to cover the expense or maybe lose it, and so many things to learn if he wants to make good abuot the job while his mom’ life is on the line.” i think it would be very hard to deal with, right? i think sometimes, i do need to take the focus off myself while the other one has the worst situation. It IS ridiculous that i bothered him that much with my bug problem expecting that he gave me full support( like coming in to kill it for me), probably it is very hard to his mind fccusing on my bug problem while dealing with job and thinking about his mom…. i do not know,sometimes, i was thinking that he was using those as an excuse, but i never picture it how i would feel if it happened to me, i guess it is hard… that’s why he kept telling me that he did give me attention but his priority right now is his job and his mom….

    Hope all is well……

  266. #266 by cloud9 on July 19, 2009 - 11:52 am

    HEY ALL!

















  267. #267 by Saggi girl on July 19, 2009 - 11:04 pm

    Hi Cloud9,

    Thank you so much for your advice, and i think it is the golden thought that silence is the best friend. I think my problem is that i talked too much, i was trying to get back at him whenever he said something being judgmental, I do not know how is your Taurus , but mine is always want to be in control. Like yesterday(saturday), i finally talked to him after his phone problem solved, he was telling me that he will go to his friend’s house later the night to spend the 1-2 hours for dinner as they invited him, he then said that he will call me on Sunday( that is what we normally do) but he did not mention that if he wants to see me or not( he normally said it on saturday), so i went out to my friend’s house when he called around noon, he asked where i was, i said that i was at my friend’s house, will be back home around 4pm, then he was like” well, it seems that we are not able to see each other today.” then i was like” i will be home at 4PM. the he was like” no, i won’t be able to see you by that time, i was thinking to see you in an hour around 1pm, then i will go home to study for my job.” then i was like” well, you did not tell me you want to see me.” he was like” well, i did not plan you on my schedule today as i got a lot of things to do.” blah blah, i kind of feeling bad as he does not want to make effort to see me, everything has to go with his way…..i do not know if your Taurus is like this or not… anyway, mine is like that,and sometimes.

    well, i do not know how far i could go with his way, but i am still hanging in there until i can not someday… I am really appreciated that you could share some tips with me, keep me posted, i want to learn more since you are very successful…

    have a nice weekend to you all, hope you are doing great with your weekend…

  268. #268 by Jules on July 20, 2009 - 10:09 pm

    Hi Girls

    I have been reading all your comments for days now and have been in stitches. I am a Taurus and have been dating one of these creatures for two days now and had I not come across this site and all your experiences, I probably would have gone totally insane by now. Can relate to each and every one of you. Thought I had the upper hand in the beginnning being a Taurus myself, but no I am just as confused as all of you are. Look forward to telling you the whole story some time.

    Hang in there girls, we may just all have a happy ending sooner or later for some poor sod to read about in a year or two.

    Speak later

  269. #269 by Jules on July 20, 2009 - 10:16 pm

    Hi Me again.

    Have been dating for two months now not two days (Sorry)

  270. #270 by saggi girl on July 21, 2009 - 6:23 pm


    hi, welcome to this site, looking forward to hearing from you more…

  271. #271 by cloud9 on July 22, 2009 - 1:31 pm

    Saggi girl,

    Your taurus guy has done very similar things my guy does. I had my taurus friend guide me along. She told me I had to do more than him. I was like WTF?! I figures it was worth a shot, since we clicked so well and I wanted to know more about him.

    When you act in a way that taurus feels threatened of unfamiliar with, they are not going to “put you on their schedule”. Once they are comfortable with who you are, they will make sure they see you more and more. Also, if he is trying to get his life straightened out, you might want him to know how supportive you are of him. If he is studying for his job, offer to help in any possible. Tell him you don’t want to disturb him, while he is studying. They like to know you take interest in what they do. He will appreciate it. You will start to see a change in him. Gotta go, but will continue.

  272. #272 by saggi girl on July 22, 2009 - 7:55 pm

    Hi Cloud9,

    thanks for your comment and i think i am learning everyday….

    looking forward to hearing from more good news from you…

  273. #273 by kk on July 27, 2009 - 2:38 pm

    hi everybody. how r u all. i ve been away from tyhis site for a while but just came back to say hi n ask u guys something of course about taurus man behaviour.
    has anybody experienced this with taurus men?:
    he asked me a month break to think. that happened after giving me mixed signals of commitment or take the relationship farword.does it happen when they have to decide this important decision , like if open up and take the next step. he sayd im not dumping u.

    well i never heard about that before.
    could u guys share any similar experience plz?
    thanx a lot n speak to u soon

  274. #274 by taurualovingvirgo on July 27, 2009 - 5:12 pm

    ladies ladies ladies! hello…i feel so @ home after reading all the posts…me and my taurus have been off and on for 9 years!!!!….where to start…hmm…ok me and my vousin were at a walmart shopping when we were about to leave she realized she had locked the keys in my stepdad’s truck and we had to call a locksmith…so we were waiting at the door and I see this guy who was soooo attractive everything that I say I want physically when I describe my “type” and he’s just standing outside of walmart with his friend and he keeps turning around staring (as i am behind him) (oh yeah did I mention I was 17 at the time and he was 22) so I’m sittin there pissed because we are locked out and my cousin decides we should go stand outside and wait and I told her ni because so dude is out there staring at me…it just felt weird when he looked at when I look back it wasn’t creepy weird but just weird like he was looking straight into my soul…so as soon as I walk out he starts talking to me introduces himself etc etc I gave him a fake name…lol..he asked for my # and I gave it . I forgot all about himas I had a lot going on at the time..i had just finshed school in ohio and I was back home in illinois but I had to go back for my graduation(i graduated in jan. but had to wait for actual graduation until june) so anyway I hadn’t noticed he hadn’t call and really didn’t care cuz he was cute but it was just too much for me the way he looked me in my eyes….so a almost a month later I get a call and he keeps telling me his name and I’m trying to figure out who he is then we conversated for a little bit and he began calling pretty regular we dated for a bit he kept asking me though in the beginning when I was gonna be his girl and I jus looked at him like he was crazy because we hadn’t know eachother anyways we dated about two months we were exchanging “im falling in love’s and I heard from his cousin he was looking for a ring that he later bought. he asked me to marry him and that he knew the day he saw

  275. #275 by taurualovingvirgo on July 27, 2009 - 5:26 pm

    me at walmart sitting there all upset in my little red sundress(maybe that’s what attracted him ha) that I was the one…so a couple months later when I turned 18 he was ready to get married but I was back and forth between il and ohio helping my sister with her baby and we went our separate ways… we’ve been off and on ever since…now I’m back in I’ll and he has a girlfriend I don’t like the fact that he refers to his relationship with her as a business arrangement as do a couple family member of ok I moved back a year ago and we had been talkin about is he let me know he still has feelings for me and he doesn’t know how I feel but he always thought somehow we would be..he said he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings because she’s a good person and she’s done a lot for him and he CARES about her alot…sound familiar?? lol.. so I was like I understand o haven’t been here in 9 yrs actually living here so I woyld give it some time to see how we both actually feel…so a couple (3) months pass we are constantly fighting because me being a virgo I know what I want I expect u to know when I know and I want an answer now…idk why I even started it but we began arguing because I was rushing him and yes I know better but I couldn’t help it lol…so anyways he got into some trouble went away for 6months and when he left we weren’t on the best of terms bit we had said our apologies and I said I’d be there if he needed me. sooo during those 6 months I would drive up the highways to go and see him and we would write and he called everyday..he said he coulnt wait to get home and we would start to work on us…sounded as if he was ready to make his decision ( the other girl does a lot of things monetarily for him which I have never been asked or any other girl expected to do so but idk why he’s all about money with her) so she had paid for his lawyer and was sending him $ while he was gone …and when he got home he was supposed to work on us…he tells me all the time he loves me and its different than with anyone

  276. #276 by taurualovingvirgo on July 27, 2009 - 5:38 pm

    (sorry on my cellphones web) else he’s been with before or after me…i feel like after me breaking his heart by not coming back when he was ready to get married and a failed marriage after that he’s kinda soured on love…he tries to come this way but I think he’s not too trusting of me he always tells me I’m playing with him but I’m not….so I think he really doesn’t put his heart out for people any more he’s very suspicious if everyone…but this girl is always giving him money…she just opened up and detail shop for him and he and his brothers work there….no one in his family….(his cousin is my friend) has ever heard him say he loves her but he tells them he loves me but he is mad becaise he found out I tried to move on while he was gone…i started to get nervous things weren’t going to work out as he said when he came home and I started dating..somehow it got back to him and possessive taurus….he thinks me dating is like a bigger crime than murder!! he gives his cousin this big long teary eyed talk about how I did him so wrong by dating but remember he still has this chick he’s hanging onto for the check and he’s standing here ranting and raving to his cousin about how I was so wrong and damn near crying!! so we’ve talked but then he gets sooo close and I think as soon as he starts to feel something he throws the situation with me dating someone in my face YET he doesn’t want to talk about it he just say u know what I’m talkin about and leaves it at that… so we’ve been playing hot and cold…he texts and calls then he stops so I don’t call or text..then after close to a month I drove past his shop and he’s standing out there flagging me down screaming hey… I pull over we talk (about a whole buncha nothing) and he calls me for two or three days after and then he brings up the situation and stops…we are not sexual he won’t even let me get too close cuz I think that’ll open the floodgates…its exhausting so today I’m done but tomorrow if he calls I won’t be…i kinda feel sorry for her

  277. #277 by taurualovingvirgo on July 27, 2009 - 5:47 pm

    because he’s milkin her for every penny he can get but he’s never been like that with any other women he dated since I have known him..he likes to take care of women financially….idk its weird….we’ve been playing hot and cold for a couple months and I wanna slap him silly but I know he’ll be back…i kinda feel like he’s using her until her kids father comes back then he’ll walk away because he really doesn’t care and he’s trying to keep me on hold for when he decides he’s ready…but I’m not waiting…i date I just don’t let him find out….but I feel like as soon as he calls my name I go running…9 years is along time….it was never this way until I moved back! I’m trying to let go (today lol) but his cousin is always like just wait it out she sees a breakthrough coming soon..i try to watch both of our daily horoscopes….i don’t know why when I don’t call him or text he can’t jus let go and move on…he jus has to say something…lately he’ll see my car at a store and come in being loud so I hear him…hels so not a loud person. then when I speak he smiles soooo hard but I can telll when he talks he’s tring to play it cool…why??? I feel like we’re beyond that and I’m ready when he’s done with the games but he doesn’t believe me..he told me I’m playing games because I’m not sitting here lonely and waiting…….lol he’s a fuckin nut!

  278. #278 by taurualovingvirgo on July 27, 2009 - 5:58 pm

    I love him to death and me aand everyone else can tell he loves me but he soooo acts like I’m the bad guy for trying to move on but what can I say it gets tiresome waiting for those slow bullturtles to make a decision or take a step…he was soo ready when he was 22 now he’s 31 and he’s sooo far from it….i don’t feel like waiting for him to work through all his midlife crisis craziness but yet I wait and I answer and I go run to him when he calls….love him with all my heart……….he sucks lol!

  279. #279 by Jess on July 29, 2009 - 12:38 pm

    Hi Ladies,

    How is everyone doing? Just drop by to say hi, I havnt been doing so well, so much conflict going on with work and family caused my nerve so strain… The past week my head feels like blowing up!

    KK, I cant say for such act as I never experienced it. I thought Taurus will only take an action after a long deliberating time but act it then out again… I really have no clue, sorry. How long you been with him? you might want to give him that space he needs if you have already gone thru a certain time having ‘relationship’ with him. Good luck to you anyway!

    Hope everyone still there safe and sound! LOL, take care ladies.

  280. #280 by saggi girl on July 29, 2009 - 1:35 pm

    HI Jess,

    nice to see you here and hope you are getting better. take care of yourself…..

  281. #281 by foxygrl on July 30, 2009 - 2:11 am

    Hey guys! OMG i feel all your pain! ive been dating this Taurus guy since may. i wish i saw this site from the day i started. Its was the same thing in the beginning (He was crazy for me) he would chase after me and do sweet things. Ive met his family and friends and we all got a long. i got very close with his mother as well. But since things started getting serious, he ignored me! i would always have to call him. then all of a sudden. NOTHING! he disappeared and never called.

    The first time he ignored me, he called on the 5th day and said he was sorry and was busy and blah blah blah… he sweet talked his way out and i gave him another chance. I wish ive never falled for that crap! cause guess what?!? hes not talking to me AGAIN!

    he invited me to a party and when i showed up. he IGNORED me COMPLETELY! his friends and family was giving me more attention and asking “where have you been? we missed you!” and his own friends were hitting on me saying “you look great?!? you wanna dance? everything okay with you 2?”

    I was so annoyed that I left the party, said bye to all his friends and family. when I went outside he was talking to a girl! and I left without saying bye. I was so pissed! this is day 3 and i have not received any calls from him.

    If he ever calls im gonna be a Lady and tell him how hurt I was showing up to the party that HE invited me to. and say…

    “I have no time playing mind games. if you dont want what i can offer you, (kindness, loyalty and friendship) then go find another Girl, you know where to find me.”

    Im not gonna tell him off. i just want him to be shocked, cause EVERY girl wants him. and im not gonna cry or fight for him. if were meant to be, then he can chase me.

    to all you powerful woman out there, dont let these men walk over you!

  282. #282 by foxygrl on July 30, 2009 - 2:15 am

    Oh yah, i forgot to mention. that i think hes a commitment phobe cause his exes broke his heart “BOOOWHOOO!” i was there for him and he felt so sad about all his pain and blah blah blah! we both broke up with our exes and started dating each other. we NEVER EVER fought. thats y i dont know y he would ignore me! Everything was good untill we got closer. hes just a coward! im sorry girls, but im just impatient. i cant just sit around waiting for my phone to ring.

  283. #283 by scorpio gal on July 30, 2009 - 3:08 am

    Hi everyone! I stumbled upon this site when just looking for tips for a situation. Let me explain…
    I dated a Taurus guy for all 4 years in high school. It was on again/off again, mostly due to immaturity on both of our parts. After high school, we went our separate ways. That was 28 years ago, believe it or not. Strangely, the Taurus guy is the one that I’ve always compared all of the guys I’ve dated. BTW – I’m still single…
    Anyway, the Taurus guy found me on Facebook and we started communicating through email. He asked for my # and we have now started chatting on the phone. Unfortunately, we live 11 hours apart. Things are great when we are talking and emailing. He is not overly chatty in his emails and texts, though some of them surprised me. From past experience with him, I know that he is not that chatty anyway.
    He told me that he is in the process of going through a divorce, because his wife of 20 years cheated on him, and he does not tolerate cheating. As a Scorpio, I totally understand! Well, the other night, he asked me to meet him halfway and go camping for several days. He promised no pressure, though in HS we had some SERIOUS chemistry so it will be interesting to see how that part works out. After thinking about it (over night) I decided to say yes. He sent a detailed itinerary – it looks awesome.
    At this point, I’m very excited about it, but nervous. So, I started looking for some tips on dealing with this situation. Any ideas and guidance are greatly appreciated.

  284. #284 by saggi girl on July 30, 2009 - 3:46 pm

    hi scorpio gal,

    if i were you, i would just go and have a great time together. but you also need to be careful and just go to have a look as your romance was from long time ago, he might change to a different person, or you might not be the one in his old memory. well, at this point, i would just relax and have a great time, and catch up the old times…..treat it like a reunion event… nothing more and see how far you want to go or how far you can go. as you might not like him anymore or vice versa…

    good luck

  285. #285 by scorpio gal on July 30, 2009 - 4:50 pm

    Saggi girl,

    That is the way I am looking at it. I just don’t want to mess things up if there happen to be any “sparks” still. He is genuinely a nice guy. So far doesn’t seem like any of the “bi-polar” guys that have been discussed on this forum. Maybe since he’s in his 40s, he has learned to control some of his ways. Who knows. I’m looking forward to the trip just to rekindle our friendship – he was my best friend as well in HS and I have missed that relationship.
    Thanks for the thoughts!

  286. #286 by saggi girl on July 30, 2009 - 6:19 pm

    good luck and have fun….

  287. #287 by SweetinChic on July 30, 2009 - 8:22 pm

    Hello everyone!

    This is by far the best site I’ve found on how to deal with dating a Taurus man. Thank you for all of the great posts.

    Now a lil about me…I’m a Cancer and I’ve been friends/dating a Taurus for about a year now. I was going through a divorce and he was a good friend to be there. So naturally I fell head over heels for this person and it’s been a rollercoaster at best.

    We’ve had our share of outbursts but somehow we always managed to find our way back. So just recently we started hanging out again and he know’s that i date other men etc. and he’s even given me advise on some of them. Now b/c we’ve been hanging out again my feelings have come back even stronger. Even as I dated others it’s always been him that i adored. If I knew he wanted to be an item I would stop seeing them all at the drop of a hat.

    This time around I’m trying to learn to be patient and just be there for him but as you all know when they stop talking or as i say retreat within themselves, it drives me nuts but …. at least i have other distractions this go round to help.

    So my question is since he knows i see other men is that hurting or helping the relationship? I don’t want to pressure him but at the same time i want to know that he’s my number one.

    thanks in advance =)

  288. #288 by SweetinChic on July 30, 2009 - 8:25 pm

    *Correction to prior post – i want him to know that he’s my number one*


  289. #289 by Jess on July 31, 2009 - 11:47 am


    Its strange and rude that he ignored you at the party consider he is the one who invited you!!! I doubt if he did that on purpose (to test or observe you) or he is just being as ass… Anyway you seem to have your situation under control, hope to hear how he would make an excuse for this one!

    Scorpio gal,

    Just a small trick: show up on your best cloths! and dont forget to always smell nice!!! (yeah I know its camping! but do look and smell nice! its a must! LOL). Oh I would guess its going to be an intense and romantic trip, so try not to get carried away by the moment and tell your emotion unless HE DID FIRST! The rest is just be yourself and enjoy! All the best and keep us posted!


    From my experience I would say knowing you are dating other men is definitely not helping the relationship between you and your Taurus.

    I recall a time having the first Taurus, a young one who was always appear as immature and shot tempered chasing me, he knew i was having problem with my ex that i couldnt move on and that a few guys were after me too. That made him jealous and work harder and once i open up more to him but I kept telling him I tried to give it a chance but i cant commit anything with him than just keep on dating, I was honest and he accepted that and will wait until i can decide if i want ‘relationship’ with him. But he also told me if i was out dating other guys then its over, he admited that he was too jealous to handle that and it was disrespect for him.

    I’m not sure he likes to know that he is number 1 for you. I mean Taurus guys I know, they only want to be ‘THE ONLY ONE’ not number 1 out of many numbers out there…

    Take care all you bull fighting ladies!

  290. #290 by SweetinChic on July 31, 2009 - 3:15 pm

    Jess –

    Thanks for your response. The reason why its so confusing is that he doesn’t come off like we’re exclusive and that i’m his girlfriend. To me I just assume that we are friends who on occassion engage in the best passionate love-making this side of the Mississippi!

    I desperately want to ask him what he wants but when i did that in the past it was “we’re casually dating” so i took it for what it was and kept it moving.

    I’m just torn on if I should let him know completely how I feel about wanting to be with him without putting myself all out there to only later find out that he is seeing other people as well.

    Sigh ….and on top of all of that of course he has gone MIA again. We hung out for two consecutive weekends so i’ll probably won’t hear from him for about 2 months!

    It’s a LOVE / HATE relationship at best! But the challenge of getting him drives me wild! Lol

  291. #291 by saggi girl on July 31, 2009 - 3:19 pm

    I am really mad at him, really mad, what he is doing? is he insane? playing game? sorry to vent here, but i have to, otherwise, i will text him like” you are piece of shit.”

    Last sunday when we saw each other, everything is ok, actually he is kind of sweet. He also told me that this week is very important as he needs to make a decision if he needs to keep this job or not, as this job does not pay him to survive( his boss changed the pay structure), so today will be deadline to decide and he also wanted to talk to his boss about it, that is what we left over the sunday. i also told him to check his car as his car got a problem, but he needs to see his mom soon, as his mom probably won’t make it… so when he left, he told me that he would call later and keep me posted. but it has been 5 days, today is friday, i texted him last night to check up on him, he did not reply, so this morning, i text him again to see if his job worked out. he replied an hour later, like” i will let you know at the end of the day, and have a nice day yourself.” that is it, WTF, is he seeing someone else? or i went too far? is he playing a game? why he is so calm, it seems he does not care that i care……my coworker told me that he might be seeing someone else…

  292. #292 by saggi girl on July 31, 2009 - 3:35 pm


    do not ask as it will not work. He won’t tell you that you are exclusive even though you are threating to leave. mine has been dating over a year and half, we are still not exclusive…..

  293. #293 by scorpio gal on July 31, 2009 - 4:00 pm


    Thanks for your response. I am so looking forward to this trip. I know, that if nothing else, it will definitely be fun. I’m still trying to decide what to take/wear, etc. 🙂 But definitely agree about looking and smelling good.
    Interestingly, we chatted online for more than an hour last night. He’s sometimes so chatty, then other times, not. It is funny to me that he feels the need to explain why he didn’t call or this or that. Maybe the more “mature” bull has learned some lessons. If so, those of you out there with young ones, just wait! =o)
    I’ll be sure to keep ya’ll updated on what happens and any insights I gain into the complicated Taurus mind.

  294. #294 by Jess on July 31, 2009 - 4:31 pm

    HI SweetinChic,

    What is MIA?

    Yes, you would put your heart at risk telling him how you feel, what you really wants with him but its the only way and the only truth. If he is a real Taurean he will appreciate your honest even he doesnt feel the same. I know how you are afraid of losing his touch but the truth is you are not going anywhere than a ‘casual dating friend’ if you keep doing this with him. Are you really ok with the 2 weeks on/ 2 months off? Taurus read things as what they see, misleading him to see you are fine with casual dating with him and out dating other men is not a good signal to send.

    My experience dating a Taurus guy for 8 months so far, we never talked about being exclusive. (actually we still NEVER talked on the phone!!!!!) Its so much frustration and irriation about his weird/mixed/bipolar/twisted personality. But I know he did those crazy things on purpose and he notice my reactions. I never asked him what we are doing together or how he feels about me and us, but i always be honest about how i feel and what i want to him. I never told him how i feel for him though, I had to wait until he did first and finally he gave up, after a few months he lose a patient and finally speak out some of his feelings for me then start doubting why i never talked about my feelings for him.

    I will tell him when thing he did bother me, if he cares he will do something about it (but dont expect so much that things will change for better, because it wont, just see that he care enough to TRY)

    One point in time you will have to finally decide what to do about him so that you can have a normal relationship with any guy at all. (without your feeling always clinging on to him)

    A broken heart hurts but traped in a lifetime fatal attraction is such a vain.

    PS: even he told me his feelings, send me love songs but he never literally said he loves me. Oh and his distant/twisted/bipolar actions are still the same… so may be i’m driving myself wild too! LOL.

  295. #295 by Jess on July 31, 2009 - 4:46 pm

    Saggi girl,

    Please calm down.

    He is about to lose his job and his mother…. its a real big stress. Really I never experienced any of my love ones dying away. Really i cant think how crazy i could go.

    About a question wheter he is seeing another girl or not, if the losing job and dying mother is not a lie… I cant foresee myself having a mind or a heart for another girl at this moment. First you need to calm down and be at your own peace so you are able to spot on it if things start to smell fishy like bullshit… patient saggirl, patient and peace!

    PS. LOL @ your ‘you are piece of shit’ text! Really its just what i secretly say it in mind many times. Saggi girl, go ahead and vent it out here! lol.

  296. #296 by Jess on July 31, 2009 - 4:54 pm

    Scorpio gal,

    Yes, please do update! 🙂

    I cant think of time that my T. is not talkative… he is more than talkative, completely shut me up…

    If we have to wait for the ‘young’ bull to be more ‘mature’ ones to learn their lessons…. Scorpio gal, now you just shut me up!!! Are we talking about this life? LOL.

  297. #297 by saggi girl on July 31, 2009 - 5:18 pm


    God, I miss you…

    i know i need to calm down but sometimes it is just hard. The thing i do not understand is why they do not call as they said that they will be…it bothers me a lot… as it is against my nature–honesty and do as i promised…even the tiny things in life…

    actually, it is kind of interesting how he did it on last sunday, i went to the restaurant earlier waiting for him, actaully he is always not certain about his arrival time, it is always a range. then he called me and told me that he is gonna be a little late, then i was sitting quietly reading my book waiting, then he came in and walk directly to me and kissed on my lip like a normal couple do, and then sit down to his side. he kind of suprised me, as he never did this before in the restaurant, sometimes, i do it. but he normally just came in and sit down and smilie at me… it is kind of wierd. did i just over react it? did your guy do that to you???

    sorry, drama, drama..

  298. #298 by Jess on July 31, 2009 - 5:46 pm

    Saggi girl,

    Atleast yours call!!!! Mine NEVER did… you know what is funny, he was talking the sweestest shit last night how he wanted to move to stay closer to me so we can meet more often like 3 times a day (morning before i go to office, lunch, and dinner before i have to go home) as he wants to feel we are staying together. So he keeps asking to meet today so we can check out apartment together. I have been so busy and stressed out that my nerves strain and hurts so i told him i need to see again but as i wanted to see him too so i text him i can meet for dinner after work. But guess what…. the bull was still sleeping!!!! and replied my text when we woke up at 8 pm!!! WTF! i was already home (to pretend all cool and writing the best reply to you girls as a way to distract my emotion from the shit LOL)

    Yeah I also do not understand why they do not do/call what and when they promise for, even they are the one who suggest it!!??!! So I just decide to not trying to understand anymore… they are out of any logic!

    Haha Saggi girl, your Taurus is so cute what he did. That must have carried you away! 😉 I think the fact that yours did that once in a while makes it cute and special. What mine normally do? he would either go hide behind the electricity post or some poster so we can play a little hide and seek…

    Dont push him now Saggi girl, it must be very important and hard time for him and perhaps he need to be left alone to make own decision. Well, a bull got to do what a bull got to do! hahaha (Yep i wonder also what is it that a bull got to do!…. (shit?) LOL!)

  299. #299 by saggi girl on July 31, 2009 - 5:58 pm


    oh, my god, it is so similar.mine did that too, like a baby. sometimes, he will hide in the hall way trying to scare me, if i do not jump, he will ask why i did not jump. they are just funny. do you know what i found in his car last sunday, a stick candy, you know the one the kid was always licking on with the beautiful wrapper, the round shap, it is strawberry flavor, when i found it, he was asking me if i want it, it is very tasty, when you licked down to the end, it has a little strawberry in it, i said no. but he is just funny sometimes, he is 41 already, can you believe it?

    so, we got off the car walking to my friend’s apartment, which is where i am staying now, so i draged his t-shirt, he was like” you fixed me up to see your friend, how is my hair?” sometimes, i know i got a little carried away… yours sounds good too, so he is trying to move close to you, isn’t that a good sign???

  300. #300 by Jess on July 31, 2009 - 6:03 pm


    Something came across my mind and i just had to come back writing you this message.

    In case you decide to tell him what you want and your feeling, just dont say you LOVE him. Taurus is very objective and skeptic, for them LOVE takes time. They will find it hard to be true when someone declare the love to them too easy and too soon (yeah we think 1 year is too long but for them 1 year could be too soon… WTF! lol)

    Sorry if i sound too fussy, but hope all the best for you!

  301. #301 by saggi girl on July 31, 2009 - 6:15 pm


    I read your post one more time, so your taurus did not make it the meeting he asked for in the first place? when will they grow up eventually? first of all, i thought it is the problem of all men regardless of the sign, but right now, i found out it is something about his sign. i saw a lot of posting in diffrent site about how confused they are, everyone was complaining about their disppearing act, so IT IS something about their sign… it is kind of scary, isn’t it? how come we did not hear any successful story here, probably, they won’t come to this site if they are successful, right?

    but sometimes they are just so cute to make you stay..

  302. #302 by Jess on July 31, 2009 - 6:21 pm

    hehe saggi girl, yes I can relate so much your guy being childish and funny with mine. Mine like to scare me when i was trying to park a car in a small space… he just scream with a very a sharp noice to scare me hoping i hit the speed than the brake… crazy!

    Yes its a good sign, if he can actually make it in THIS LIFE!…lol.

    Cheer up everyone!

  303. #303 by Jess on July 31, 2009 - 6:45 pm

    Saggi girl,

    I’m sure there are many successful stories out there and I wish for us all to be one of them! I agree with you that those with a happy ending wouldnt be looking for answer here and there.

    Dont get too scared saggi girl, Just go by the truth and stick to the ground. Something i notice about Taurus from mine, he really did take long time to do things but he will eventually do it. Many people only talk but no action, but when Taurus talk about something they want or plan to do, even they leave it for too long time that people think he just do the good talk, actually they are keeping the plan in mind, gathering information, compare, and the rest of the bull shit process (which we could never understand…) to finally do it when everything is ready.

    I know mine will suggest a meeting to check out apartment again again soon… i admit i was a bit sensitive but dont want to get upset when i know he will come back for a return match. (so i get on here discuss with you girls instead! :-D)

  304. #304 by SweetinChic on July 31, 2009 - 7:30 pm

    Jess –

    MIA is missing in action. lol I just feel that we stretch the length of time that we see each other. I’m so hesitant to say anything b/c so far it seems that he is really getting comfortable with us seeing each other regularly and my gut/intution is tellin me that this episode from this week is a test to see if i can deal with him being a lil distant. Sorta to see if i’ll explode on him like i have in the past.

    I have a sure fire sign that he’ll call today or tomorrow to see what’s up ….however what i was considering to do is NOT answer or respond but that’s risky too. =/

    Oh I’ll never tell him I love him until he says it to me lol

    Saggi –

    lol its so very true b/c the words exclusive is soooooo far out of reach in there minds.

    Overall i guess the main thing is how do I approach this situation to flip it in my favor??

  305. #305 by SweetinChic on July 31, 2009 - 7:32 pm

    Ohhhhh and this is also something on my mind …. we always talk about him getting ready to buy a home …he brings it up on nearly every time we are together.

  306. #306 by saggi girl on July 31, 2009 - 7:46 pm

    hi Jess,

    it is smart to discuss with us instead of blowing off. but i just realized that taurus has a new name from now on , their names are Satan… as they make people suffer…

  307. #307 by taurusgirl on July 31, 2009 - 8:25 pm

    I am a Taurus, I have been on this site before but I will give my story and your guys can tell me what you think.

    I have been dating my Taurus guy for 1year in some months, he told me that he did not want a committed relationship, I was fine with that because I am a full time mom, student and employee, so that was cool. We would hook up once in a while, and it got to the point were he was using me only for SEX, he would call all the time and when I would ask about going out he would say” it feels like I am in a relationship if we did” so I decided to not pressure him, and only hang out with him when I felt the need to.

    Months went by, we went through all the holidays together and he discussed his financial situation with me, family, just opened up about a lot of things, so one day I asked him if he has been intimate with anyone other than me? He paused than said Yes. So I was pissed, I told him that I would not have stayed around for so long if I thought that you were seeing other people, I mean I went complete off on him. I told him that if he ever sees me any were for him not to say a word to me; I changed my phone number, so that he can’t call me. I have seen him out after the incident happened but I did not speak.

    He played games with me for 1 year, knowing that I would not have stayed if I knew that he was seeing other women, I am a Taurus, I have to be the ONLY ONE! So my question

    Will he care that I have changed my number and have moved on? I only want to know because he hurt me, I can only wonder if he is feeling bad..

  308. #308 by SweetinChic on July 31, 2009 - 8:46 pm

    Taurusgirl –

    I can tell you still care about him b/c otherwise you wouldn’t be concern if he is upset or not. When you went into the relationship were you really fine with it being “open”? Because at some point you have to be honest with yourself and know that he may or may not have intimate relationships outside of the both of you.

    I would ask myself the question – do you want to be with him even after that or have you been able to really move on?? Because if I don’t know one thing about Taurus men is that they stamp something on our souls that just draws us back yearning for more.

    Think about what it is you really want from it and him too …. Good luck miss!

  309. #309 by saggi girl on July 31, 2009 - 9:03 pm

    hi Taurus girl,

    i do not know if he cares or not, but it seems to me that he is not the one you could trust. which is the foundation in the any relationship… and also i do not know how you guys comunicate in the first place even though you are not in a commited relationship… as mine, we are not in a comitted relationship yet, but we discussed a few times, he was telling me to tell him if at some point i want to see someone else, he will do the same… i trust him that he did not see anyone else so far. the girl he was seeing before, he dropped her after he knows me, he was not dating 2 at the same time. i do not think it will work if he sees someone else at the same time he was seeing you. but it really depends on how you communicate, if you never discuss about it, then it was not his fault to see someone else, but if you did and told him that he is not allowed to see anyone else while seeing you, then he is just a jerk. I told mine that if he sees someone else, we are over, and he said” i know.”

    taurus girl, i am sorry to hear that….

  310. #310 by saggi girl on July 31, 2009 - 9:12 pm

    i think i should change myself after i read the note, we are not in a commited relationship even though we do not see anyone else, but i think i treated him like he is the only one while he is not ready to be the only one.

    i think i should stop taking his problem as my own problem as he is not either my boyfriend or my husband, it is not my reponsibility to do it, i should treat him casually too. as in general, we are just casually dating, I should treat him really is.

    i think causually means just less 50% of the time focus on him but i did 100%. which makes me suffer.I guess they do it less 50% too… that is why we are suffering….. i know it is hard, but i will try…

  311. #311 by lionsroar on July 31, 2009 - 10:37 pm

    Hey ladies..Lionsroar here… It’s been ages I know and my life resembles the ‘crazy train’.. All aboard!! LOL….

    I have the evening off and a bottle of wine and plan on reading the zillion posts I have missed tonight.. Just wanted to give ya’all (is that a real word?) an update… Yepperz…I still have the Bull in my life.. Crazy Train!! haha… Since months ago I kept it to once a week… yep he still doesnt really understand the concept of ‘talking’ on a phone.. he still texts and IM’s.hahah anyway we were basically on a Saturday eve. Schedule Once a Week, a few times we saw each other twice… Well being the gal I am, I continued on my life.
    I do have allot of friends, male and female… so here’s where it gets funny..

    We have some mutual friends, he did not want to tell anyone we were ‘casually dating” Yah that was his words, so it made it difficult when we were at the same place, so I did what I do best, had a good time and chatted lightly with him HA! I also have a male friend who was going through a hard time and was helping him out.. Which I did tell that bull headed SOB..HAHA,

    Anywho a few weeks ago he mentioned that we really dont see each other allot, in the beginning we saw each other more. WTF?? Like 3 times since Feb we saw each other twice in one week..haha.. Anyway I said No its cool, you have a life, I have a life we are busy people..I’m not dating anyone else are you? He said NO.. So I thought we were cool… anyway since then a few times out in front of people that do not know we we were very casual in public and my needy guy we go; Can you hear the Whistle on the crazy train blowing??? He called last weekend and said he felt we should take a break, what do I think.. I said, “sure”..doesnt matter what I think if thats how you feel and said thanks for your honesty.. Last night I ran into him in ‘public in front of a mutual female friend’.. after she left.. he asked if I wanted to come over, I told him I though I was in a time out!! hahahaha.. he said well you always talk about that guy friend of yours and I thought we were on different pages, I explained I told you I was helping him because he is nothing but a friend and I was letting you know what was going on in my world, If I was dating him I wouldnt have told you. I also said if something bothers you you need to talk to me about it”.. His reply was “Well I’m not really good at that and it was pissing me off”…. then he gave me a kiss.. hahaha So I said Something tells me you are going to be calling timeouts allot with me, he laughed and said probably. Then he called me today and asked me if I wanted to get together this weekend.

    Man they are jealous arent they? He hasnt showed 1 pinch of it since Feb. and all of a sudden Wham, Bam.. like I said…. Trains coming…

    Best to all of you

  312. #312 by taurusgirl on August 1, 2009 - 2:18 am

    We dated before, I would say 15 years ago when I was 21 and he was 31, we had a good relationship, but what he was ready for I wasn’t, I was straight with him and we had fun, but I left him alone back than because it was brought to my attention that he was fooling around on me, so I left him, here it is later in life I ran into him again and we started seeing each other, he explained to me that he was not ready for a relationship, but he would not see anyone other than me. and I brought that to his attention when he told me that he stepped out on me, but only after a friend of mine told me that she saw him at the supermarket with a women, I called his cell phone three times within 15min, he knew that someone saw because I don’t call him like that, although I am a female Taurus the phone thing is correct, I don’t call often unless I want to talk, so he knew that I found out, so he decided to text me and asked me” what’s up” I didn’t respond, I went to sleep because I was upset.
    The next morning he started calling at 8am, I didn’t answer, I waited for 30 min and called him back, and would you believe that he had the nerve to have an attitude with me when I called him back; he said you called me last night? I than asked him if he is seeing other people, or intimate other than me? So he knows that I would not stand for it.
    And he is crazy because he always put it in my face” oh I don’t trust you” you are cheating on me, and he then will change it around and act as if he forgot that he said that to me.
    I honestly believe that he has his own insecurity, when he drinks he has another person that comes out, so he starts with his jealousy, only when he is drinking, he constantly brought up my ex husband, and I thought it was strange, but didn’t think much about it.
    But we have, well I thought we had chemistry together, he is just a damn jerk! I normally don’t put my heart out there, but I have asked him about relationships before and he was in a three year relationship and the women left him without an explanation, and this was 4yrs ago, so when we started dating he wasn’t seeing anyone, I would go to his house and stay there all day alone, while he was working, sleep over, all that.
    This guy is 46yrs old. He was nervous when I confronted him, we don’t like to be confronted about anything, so when I started telling him how he disappointed me, he was silent, but then he started acting cocky like” I told you I didn’t want a relationship and started blaming me for this whole thing.
    I still love him, and I know that it will eventually go away, I hope. But I also want him to feel bad about what happened because he led me on.

  313. #313 by taurusgirl on August 1, 2009 - 2:20 am

    and by the way, when i told him that he stated that he would only see me, he stated ” oh that was last year…

  314. #314 by taurusgirl on August 1, 2009 - 2:26 am


    I have that same affect with men as well, but this guy did me in. I am going to move on, i would not have changed my numbers. but it is hard, Taurus really dont open up and once we do it is a scary when you find out something other than what you expected.

    I will be fine, this only happened three weeks ago, so its still new.. its like dating myself, so i didnt expect him to do that, cause we are faithful, he just didnt want a relationship. And i stuck around thinking that he would, only because he told me that he would not be intimate with anyone other than me.

  315. #315 by Jess on August 1, 2009 - 5:22 am

    Hi Lionsroar,

    Nice to hear from you again! Glad to see you are still on the train having even more fun! just dont disappear for too long and keep us posted, Enjoy! 🙂

    Hi Taurusgirl,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story, you give a very good pictures of weak side being Taurus: dont like to be confronted about anything… especialy when they are the one who did wrong, they turn thing around throwing shit on the other…

    Its a bit strange though because as far as I know, sensual as Taurus, they are not only after sex without emotional attachment, i mean if they keep seeing the same girl for long time, its not only just for sex even they wouldnt seem to make long term plan or any commitment but they will take and keep ‘thing’ on day by day basis and work from there. (me think)

    Anyway, I really feel bad for your pain from being mistreated by this guy, but Taurus girl, I would say if he cant treat you RIGHT now, he probably doesnt have that respect for you to treat you differently in the future. First, the fact that he told you he is not seeing any others when he actually did it behind your back, shows that he is not trustwrothy, secondly it shows that he is not emotionally available. All in all, being a man at his age, he still cant get his life together to treat a woman right then I dont think he is going to make it in this lifetime.

    He obviously doesnt deserve any look or even a glance back from you. So dont worry if he would feel bad, I’m sure he would atleast feel bad to himself how he takes his own pride.

    Cheer up and move on!

  316. #316 by saggi girl on August 3, 2009 - 12:51 am

    HI, Jess

    i am back here after my taurus left like a few hours ago. remember i said that he did not call for 4 days, i text him on friday morning, he reply” will let me know at the end of the day.” remember that? so, i waiting until 9:50pm, he has not called yet, so i called him as i was really mad. but prepared to stay calm.. he did not answer, but called back a few minutes later, told me that he was still outside and really tired, on the way home. then asked how i was, i want to calm down but i guess nobody can hide who they are eventually, then i said” not good, why you did not call for so long. i know you are busy but why not make time to call, too busy to call?” he was like” you can call me too, you did not call either. i would love to hear from you even though i am busy..” then i was like” well, you are acting so strange, are you seeing someone else, if you do, let me know, you will no longer to hear from me, why i care so much about you, i think i need to change myself not to care about you this much, it seems become a burden to you.” then he was like” baby, you went too far, i did not see anyone, i missed you, even though i did not call, i have been thinking about you, i guess i just got distracted too much, i am sorry, i will be more sensitive, i am sorry.” then i was like” you do not miss me, as if you do, you should have called.” then he was like” cut it out, i said that i was sorry, ok?” i was like” i do not want that happen again, if so, you will no longer to hear from me/” then he was like” stop it, i said that i was sorry, you talked too much, i was on the street right now, people are looking at me, i will call you tomorrow, we will talk more, ok? do not worry, then he gave me kisses good night, then asked if i felt better, i said ok, talk to you tomorrow. then 20 minutes later after he hung up the phone, i was still mad, then i text him a message like” i am still mad at you. i am a very considerate person but it does not mean people could take advantage of that as i have my own rule and limit. so do not push it, just respect that, otherwise, there is no foundation to build anything. especially when people do not deliver what they promised, it bother me a great deal. period.” then next day saturday, he called me as he promised on friday night, left me a voicemail” it is me, i just want to call you to talk more like i said last night, hope you are not upset anymore, forgive me, i will learn from it, we will learn from it, that is it, let it go. called me back, it i do not pick it up cause i was busy, i will call you today, tonight or evening, i will try to call you again, and i do want to see you tomorrow….” then i called him back and did not mention it.. i saw him today and had a lunch together, but like i said that he was kind of broke with his job and probably hang in there for now as this job got so much potential. so i paid 1/3 of the bill, he paid 2/3 of the bill, well, what else i can say, he is broke….

    Jess, we stopped having sex for a few months, so whenever he came, he just lay on the bed and hold me to sleep after meal, it is kind of boring. when i asked him if we will do it, he was like” we will do it, but not right now,.” then i confronted him if he was still attactive to me, he said yes, but how come? we just spent a few hours together, then he left for studying, then i kind of felt bad, called him later, he was in the coffee shop studying, then i said that i was worried as he is no longer that affectionate like before, he kissed me less, he was like” we will have more time together later when his job was getting stable, means started to make money, probaby we will go to see a movie or something, then i was like” no, even when we spent time, you are just not that affectionate anymore, was your heart changed? he was like” no, i think it is just the time of pressue, you worried too much, just enjoy the afternoon, it is beautiful.” Jess, i do not know if i got a problem or not, he also told me that it is very hard to enjoy the time with me as i was always too serious…. kind of hard to relax…

    do you think i have a problem? i just want the assurance, but i know i am not getting it. like today when we had a lunch, i said that my friend he visited the other day want me to start looking another guy, then he was like” do you really want to?’ i said” no, do you want me to?” he was like” no.” then i asked him if he wanted to, he was like” i answered like millions of times already, i did not see anyone else, and also do not want to.: i do not want to talk about it anymore, why we can not relax for at least for a few hours… if you do want to see someone else, please let me know…

    Jess, why he can not say” you are mine, you are not allowed to.? i know it is kind of stupid for expecting that, but it seems that i just can not relax cause i am afraid that i am going to be played by him, what if he chose someone else at the end, what if he is playing with me, what if he is just stringing me along while looking for someone else… too much what if occupied my head…… i am just crazy…

    hope you are doing well…i know you are mature enough not to be crazy like this..

  317. #317 by Jess on August 3, 2009 - 5:13 am

    Saggi girl,

    Astrologically speaking, Taurus is extremely concerned with own stability. Now your Taurus’s security and comfort zone is shaken big time. He will drop everything (including sentimental and sex) to stubbornly determine on working to bring back his secure state. (atleast to be able to pay for the whole meal whenever he goes out with his girl… consider this guy at his age, this must feels bad for him…)

    Besides Astro, its about TIMING which I think is quite important. You guys are at different timing with diffrent issue. Your man is having a difficult time keeping his job, money is tight, and family. He needs time and endurance and moral support to go thru this to carry on his life. At this timing I dont think he is so capable at supporting you emotionally. He is not in his timing to talk about relationship or commitment when he cant take care of you as he should be.

    And you saggi girl, are having an issue with commitment and assurance. As you need it to carry on with him so that you guys can start a normal relationship like others. But again and again, you keep getting frustrated by what it seems to be ignoring and unstable and unfulfilled promises from him. Despite of your attempt to understand to ignore his fault, he keeps failing you. You get tired and your confident is shaken.

    Saggi girl, can you follow? did you see the picture?

    You know him better, so ask yourself even what seems to be careless and ignorance, but is his word trustworthy? if he is a liar? If he told you he doesnt see other girls than you, would you believe that?

    Saggi girl, I would say yes, you have problem and its for you not him to fix it. You need that assurance for love and commitment “TO BE SPOKEN” (that you are mine, that you are not allowed to see others and that i love you, etc.). But should you not look at how they are taken in his action? (even still not good enough) how he is still there with you (while he should be the disappearing Taurus? remember?) the callings, the texts, the apology, etc.

    Saggi girl, so pity too many couples wont make it because of the bad timing where they are having different priority so struggle for the different things. After fight and fight till they cant take it anymore and parted seperate way. But there are some who hang in there and make it thru.

    Saggi girl, as a woman I also need to hear the ‘love’ words from my guy from time to time. But I will tell you something and its also what I do and hold, people at my age we wont say what you want to hear. But when we say those love expressing words becaus we feel it even its that time you dont want to hear. They are not spoken to please you but to express when we really feel.

    As much as I always tell you to be patient and hang on to him, because he sounds to me as a nice guy who is genuine in his expression. But you need to see and decide if its too much for you to bear. He might not be right for you if he cant make you happy.

    When you are not happy with something inside that keeps bother you, you can share it with him (but in very feminine way…lol) but at the end its you who can fix it for yourself.

    Dont overthink or worry too much. Get some sleep, eat some sweet and feel better!

  318. #318 by saggi girl on August 4, 2009 - 1:15 pm

    HI, Jess

    i wanted to reply to you but the internet had been down whole day yesterday. i was always wondering where you live but right now i know the answer, you live inside of me as you know me better than i am and nail the issue just right on….thank you for your understanding and interlligence for thinking of my issue… thanks like a million

    i think what you said is right, i better stop forcing anything he is not ready for, as when i look at the bigger picture you laid out, i can see he IS NOT ready as he can not even take care of himself always wondering if he can pay his next month rent with this job condition, so i think i have 2 options: 1—get out of this hanging-on relationship, forget about him, leave both of us in peace; 2—stay around, support him whenever he needs me, and work through the problem…., work on myself and stop forcing anything he is not ready for, there is always a risk there, right?

    I will think about it, i think he does care about me as much as i can see, and i should trust him that he was not seeing anyone else….stay calm,enjoy what we have….

    do you agree? smart Jess…

  319. #319 by saggi girl on August 4, 2009 - 1:26 pm


    i saw on the other site, a girl just experience another taurus guy, who actualy a con artist that she met on Craiglist, he lied that he went to london to take a new job making 250K per year after 8 months dating, in 7 weeks, he only called once, and emailed twice, he talked about the marriage with her before he left for london, but when she tried to reach him by calling london the company he said that he was working for, she couldn’t reach him, so she emailed him afterwards to complain that she tried to reach him in London by calling the company, he broke up with her through the email… she has been very sad and always on that site to share how he broke her heart, and believe he will return. but it turns out that he never worked in London, and is not he said who he is at all except the birth date and name, he has multiple social security number, and she called PI to investigate the whole thing, It is kind of scary right??????

    how she found out is by typing his last name on Facebook, and his ex wife pop out, he has been leaving message on her wall and told her where he has been every day….. can you believe that? the one who said to get marry with you, and then all of the sudden, you do not even know who he is, I think if she did not tell him that she called london, he might still hang in the game…. the funny part is that this con has the same first name, so i asked her to email me his picture, it turns out not the one i am seeing….. hehehe… everyone, be careful of the people around, if you feel something fishy, let me know, i will email you the picture before we went to far…..

    Scary, scary, i think i need to be careful too… be rational, if i have been very emotional and that is where the fishy part was being ignored….

  320. #320 by cloud9 on August 4, 2009 - 3:09 pm

    hey everyone!!!

    you all have to remember who you are dealing with. the more you try and get the bull to do certain things, the more you are going to push him away!!

    they do things when they are good and ready. the sooner you get this the better it will be for you both. you have to learn how to coax them into doing what you want. its not that hard. taurus men love sweet, feminine women(you may have to tell them off every now and then).

    when a taurus man sees that you are dating more than one man, he is basically watching you to see if you may e the one for him. a taurus man could also be such a good friend that you may even swear its something other than what it is(a friendship).

    i think why my taurus man and i are still together is because he has matured. i could imagine what the others have gone through. when he is mad, there is nothing you can do. he has to run his course. then you can pull his coat tail later and let him know what he may have done wrong.

  321. #321 by Jess on August 5, 2009 - 7:30 am

    Hi saggi girl,

    I agree with you! I think you are very smart girl who is also very emotional…lol.

    You are so funny! how you suspect that con Taurus artist with yours because they have the same first name… hehe. Sorry i laugh but I know i would get scared too… Actually I have couple girls, who are seeing Taurus guys and experience similar problem to us, wrote to my email so we share story and advice to one another. But earlier I was skeptic if it was my Taurus guy in disguise catched me on this site and pretend to write to seek into my mind…

    See how these Taurus guys turn us into… scary scary LOL.

    Hi Cloud9,

    Glad that you keep checking back on us to remind who we are dealing with! You could be right about being ‘mature’ for them to act differently and I think they need to run into the right woman also for them if not completely to stop but slow down their bullshit acting, because they dont seem like to compromise or settle for less…

  322. #322 by saggi girl on August 5, 2009 - 1:22 pm

    HI Jess,

    hehehe… It is funny when you said ” see how these Taurus guys turn us into.”, i thought about the same thing…God must be laughing a lot everyday seeing us or ME creating too much drama…

    He decided to stay with his current job because it got so much potential, i called him last night, he just got off the work by 9:15pm and on the way to the training station, he told me his decision but asked if i support him on this one. i said “Yes.” but the thing is that if he wants to stay with this job, he has to bear the low pay for a short time, his boss told him that he is the top 3 in the firm but making big money takes time.. either he leave, giving up what he has been trying hard or stay and things will get better eventually. but how could he survive to pay the bill????? so he kind of hinted that he will try to avoid needing my help at all, but if things did not work out like he expected, he wants to know if i have his back( you know means financially), at least lend him to pay the rent for next month… i said yes. but do not know if i should do that or not…. i try to seperate this things from other stuff, but a little bit hard….i was thinking if he is a regular friend, i would help without any doubt or holding back, but when it comes to him, i feel a little bit wierd….

    what do you think? Jess

  323. #323 by foxygrl on August 6, 2009 - 8:32 am

    hey girls… just doing an update. remember my story about the party and stuff?!? well he didnt check up on me till 5 DAYS later!!!! ughhh what an asshole! he called me up n i didnt answer the first call. so he left me a message sounding really happy and saying hell try again later and blah blah blah! when he called again i answered and was prepared to tell him how i felt about the party! but he got to it first! he said he was DRUNK! and BLAH BLAH BLAH “me me me!” i didnt even get a chance to speak! then he told me hell call me back! and guess what ladies!?! its DAY 5 AGAIN! and i did not get any calls

    when i spoke with him he i told him i didnt like the way he ignored me and he said sorry “blah blah blah”

    being a PISCES im kinda getting over him. i just cant deal with this BULL crap!

    next time he calls me ill say
    “LISTEN, CAN I SAY SOMTHING?!?” i dont like the way im being treated. im not the type of girl who you call (just because you have nothing better to do) cause IM NOT”

    somthing like that… I just feel that he wont call me anymore. cause this is… day 5 and no calls.

    i just want him to call so i can get this BULL over with and move on.

  324. #324 by lionsroar on August 7, 2009 - 12:21 am

    Hey gals I got this email today and had to cut and paste..yah its about a divorce, but I thought about this site because you know it was written by a woman who loved unconditionally .. kinda sums it up when you give 200% and still dont get your fill…. Whoever wrote this I hope she is healed and happy… anyway one worth sharing to all women.

    How do I feel? How do I explain? The love we shared, Who is to blame?
    I thought I had a beautiful life, with him as my husband and me as his wife.
    Always together, we said we would be, in each others lives, till eternity.

    In front of God we said, “I do”, believing in each other, and a love that was true. It started out, just as it should be, me for him and him for me. I did what I could
    to keep our love strong. Now I ask myself, What the hell went wrong?.

    I didn’t see it coming, but he came to me, he said it was over, he wanted to be
    free. I felt so angry and sad inside. Tears filled my eyes and my heart just died.

    Now in court, I must see, the man I loved but did he ever love me? I still don’t know
    what went wrong, I’m starting all over for my child I must be strong. I know he must be feeling sad, He’s losing the man that he once called Dad.

    To me it’s a shame a judge will decide, who gets what, my hands are tied.

    Although this marriage, I could not save….The fucking he’s about to receive, is for the fucking he gave!!!!!

    Author Unknown

  325. #325 by Jess on August 7, 2009 - 6:05 am

    Hi ladies,

    @ Saggi girl, you might not like my opinion on this one. Personally I dont lend money to anyone but my ‘family’. Its my principle which I after some time will raise it up to explain only to people i regard as my inner circle. I cant say for you because I dont have knowledge for the whole background of yours and his situation. I will tell you this though, dont do thing you dont feel right and comfortable about. Its fine you have given your word to help him, he might just want to test your reaction toward this issue. We know Taurus like to test people.

    @ Foxygrl, I dont know but waiting for him to call so you can move on? do you think by the time he calls, your frustration will either pile up or fade away?

    @ Lionsroar, Thanks for the poem or whatever it is called, beautiful but kinda sad…

    Ok, a short update about my situation, we checked some apartments close to my work last week. Today he will come and try it for couple nights first to see how it works for us if it brings us closer together.

    Girls, I got this feeling that he does this to test to understand his craving feeling for me, if it is because we dont meet so often, or because this feeling is only just with me… (so if we can manage to meet often to his satisfaction, he might finally get bored just like other girls he dated before…)

    Anyone go thru this before? any suggestion or idea would be appreciated.

    Thanks and take care everybody.

  326. #326 by saggi girl on August 8, 2009 - 2:52 pm

    Hi, Jess

    i never went through this before but i think you are too afraid to accept the fact that he might want to get close to you because he feels that way. why not give it a try? i think at least he is willing to try…

  327. #327 by saggi girl on August 10, 2009 - 3:20 am

    hi Jess,

    i haven’t finished my last post to you but was interrupted by something, i finally got back to this site and wanted to finish what i want to say..

    i do not know how you got those feeling about your taurus for wanting to move close to you, you think that he might be testing to see what his feeling is, let’s say it is true, but at least he wants to know his feeling for you but not ingore whatever he has for you, i think at least he wants to figure out what is the next step with you, which means he was starting to take it serious and facing his own feeling. in another way, he likes to stay around you, isn’t that a good foudation for whatever built up later on… i think you are not brave enough and i knew you were hurt by your last relationship, but i believe that you are mature enough to handle and smart enough to figure things out, be brave to face your feeling and fact,but at the same time be cautious with the surrouding….i think you will be fine, i have faith in you…i think your taurus saw you value eventually… think it positive but not be reckless…i think that is what i am going to do if i were you..

    keep us posted, i’d like to hear your positive story…..always..

  328. #328 by Jess on August 10, 2009 - 1:16 pm

    Saggi girl,

    You really read me thru! Thanks so much for being honest what you really think. I appreciate how you really take time giving me this insight.

    The reason I know he wants to test his feeling is because he said it and I recall he said this couple times before how he wonder why he feels this way and if it is because we never meet enough for him to get bored like with the others.. (yes he actaully said it like that… what an ass!)

    Saggi girl, perhaps you are right, I may not have the courage or I dont want to find it to invest myself in this ‘relationship’. I feel as long as I have my feelings all on controlled I’m on the good side. Its all about figuring the other person out then try to outsmart his game.

    These Taurus guys are strange, i think he has this strong feeling for me because I dont play by his game. He always wants thing that he cant have but then lose interest once he already had it…

    I doubt what is going to be after he figures out his real feeling for me. If we spent more time and he starts to get bored, what kind of shit I’m going to be thrown at? if he is going to fade himself away or being honest and tell me right out? And what if he really feels for me, what he is capable of to convince me its real and what he has to offer…

    Something with Aries like myself, once we are in love, we are head over heel! (but turn out most of the time it’s rather head over hell…)

    In normal time, we are the best bullshit detector but love turn us into bullshit lover… hate it so much!

    Really I wish we had some Taurus males here to guide us.

    Thanks again Saggi girl and peace to all.

  329. #329 by saggi girl on August 10, 2009 - 7:42 pm

    hi Jess,

    since he said that, which means he is honest with you about what he wants to do next and why he wants to do it, so right now it is really depend on you, either gamble on it or shy away…but it really depends how you feel, either worth it or not at all. i do not know what you have for each other after dating for a while, do you feel that he is someone you can trust, or just someone that is fun to hang out with, because it really makes big difference when you make decision in regard to getting closer or stay still… if you are satisfied with whatever you had for each other, then you do not need to move forward, but if if if you are interested in taking something to the next level, there is always a risk. like all the marriage, nobody can guarantee the success of it, but people still go for it, got burned for the 1st time, became a little bit cautious, but still go for next one when it is the time, as you can not control the outcome, only God can do it. I will suggest you to go with your heart, be yourself…

    remember, there is always a risk(a risk to lose the job, a risk to lose the house you own, a risk to get hit on the road, a risk to get hurt by someone you love), but people still go for it. sometimes, we learned from the mistake we made and we will be careful of not making the same mistake twice, i think it is just our life experience, no win and no lose, it is just in your fate. the only thing we can to is to follow up heart but at the same time to protect ourselves from the hurt we experience before, but also sometimes, it is easier said than done, so what we need to do right now is to not reduce the chance to regret…regret not taking the job offer, regret not buying that house when the time is right, regret not brave enough to go forward with your heart feeling for someone you genuine love.. but i think in general at the end, there is only one question to ask yourself, will you regret and if that is worth it?

    i hope you can figure things out at the end without regret, and asked youself if you are willing to take the risk and if he is worth it for you to put the heart on the edge…be honest with yourself….

  330. #330 by Jess on August 12, 2009 - 1:47 am

    Hi Saggi girl,

    Thanks a lot! I got your point now that everything is about taking risk and we never know what it lies ahead in the future.

    Saggi girl, you sound as a caring and gentle person. Sometimes I wish I can be such a gentle kind like you…

    Now I kinda know what I’m going to do. Yes you are right I have to ask myself if I will regret it later but for the question if that is worth it… I will it to him to tell me. For me not to regret later, I’m not going to move anything forward with him now. I think 8 months is too soon to take anything seriously, besides we must never forget the beginning bullshit version ;-), i need to feel more genuine sign and see more effort. I cant get swept along by his out of sudden romance desire.

    All the best to everyone who is fighting or hanging on to love or whatever. And thank you so much for the support and advice to seek in here. It might sounds a bit silly but it does help and I truely feel we all giving our best advice and opinion to each other!

    Girls, keep it going!

  331. #331 by saggi girl on August 12, 2009 - 2:29 pm

    HI Jess,

    I am glad that i could be a little help to you….which makes people worth living…happy happy….

  332. #332 by cloud9 on August 13, 2009 - 12:02 am

    Hey all!

    I tell you, I am soooo in love with my taurus man! Its unbelievable. As I write this, I am waiting for him to negociate a deal. I offered to go elsewhere, but he wanted me to be there with him. Its such a great feeling that this once distance man loves being with me. He’s the most perfect man I ever been with. Our chemistry is impeccable!

    He tells me he loves me every now and again. I asked him if my frequent, petting and “I love yous” bother him. He told me that he didn’t need to. be told every day and that he could tell I love him from my actions.

    Ladies, I am here to tell you: don’t let his quietness or calm demeanor fool you. This is just the way tauruses are. He doesn’t talk much, but at times, we talk for hours!

    There were several occasions that he witnessed men trying to come on to me and like most men, he didn’t say anything for awhile, but then he brought it up. He loved the way I handled myself, so I guess he felt good to talk about it, rather than start yelling or blaming me.

    Study your taurus man

    Control your emotions

    And this man will love you!

    This man mentions marriage to me quite often and he knows I will say yes. I have a feeling he will do it in a unique way.

    These guys are highly intelligent guys and they don’t (and won’t) deal with small time things. Its all about the principle with them.

  333. #333 by jena ali on August 13, 2009 - 8:41 am

    Hi Jess!

    I must say you are a very smart lady that you figured out what is the main driving force for a taurus man in a love relationship i think SEX is the 101% driving force for sensual taurus guys.
    You are right 8 months time is too early to decide by the way Jess these guys are like this They want sex badly and they take it for love often and when they get that sensual pleasure they start loosing their interest because they assumed that they got you in and now you are their’s as there property. To deal with these guys never gave your self 100% always try to hide your emotions (difficult though for an Aries) and if you get close to him be very slow as you have planned. i am telling you from my mistakes and the first hand experience of myself as my taurus man was crazy about me up until i gave my self to him after confession of his love for me but when i did that he started loosing interest in me and becoming distant

    I think it it the main natural law of attraction we are only interested in a thing or object when it remain at a distant the moment we get that object we get less and less interested in that so please try to maintain that attraction and love alive i pray for you that you will get your man by your side for the whole life.

    As for me i have made that mistake to be swept away by his love confessions and now what i am alone and sad he never calls and sms me and it is only me that calls him occasionally. I am reduced to the sex part now and you know once a girl gives her self to any body she cannot leave or forget him. any ways i think i will be dead someday by the pain and misery i feel inside. Do not know what to do?

    For me I never had an experience of a Taurus bullshit before. sometimes i feel that it is nearly impossible to let these men open to you and you cant even make friends with them because they don’t let you in behind there mask which is necessary for friendship.

    Love you all & wish you all the success in the world with these guys i am going in sane plz pray for me.

  334. #334 by cloud9 on August 13, 2009 - 10:56 am

    good morning everyone!

    i do have a situation that occured yesterday…

    well, my daughter had been awa for a few days and i told my taurus guy that i have free time. anyhow, we had spent every day together, but he only stayed one night. he was suppose to sleep over last night. heres the scenario:

    after his negotiation deal, i thought we were suppose to g oout with another couple and then call it a night. he then realized his friend(who’s having relationship problems) called him like 6 times. i knew they were suppose to play chess, so i fgured he’d play chess and then we would finish the night off together.

    anyhow, he noticed i was a little bothered, but i was also tired, as well. i told him that it seemed like every now and then, his friend wants to play chess when we are getting ready to do something or are dong something.

    now, he looked like he was upset at the fact that i expressed my feelings to him because he asked. what it was was that he acted as though he didn’t want to go play chess and stay with me.

    i was like NO, i know you want to go play chess with your friend. don’t stay here with me on the account that i want you here. i truly don’t want anyone around me that wants to be somewhere else.

    he seemed a little defensive. i told him to go. he said he would get his things from home and come back after playing chess.

    i woke up at 2am and noticed i got a message. he said he drank too many beers and thought it would be best for him to go home and he would come in the morning. i was seeing red.

    you may think cloud9 should not be seeing red. she should be glad that taurus called her and went home instead of driving tipsy. true. but here’s what gets me:

    he is an adult. he has been drinking beer for years. he knows the amount of beers that would get him a little drunk, so therefore, he obviously was not thinking enough about me to stop at a certain limit and come over to my house. he knew that last night was the last night we could spend together because my daughter is coming home today.

    so, it is almost 7am. i am up, cleaning the house and am pondering as to what to say to him. yes, i am pissed, but am glad that he did not drive all over the city risking his life and everyone else’s.

    true, it could be worse, but i am thinking as to say the right thing, so i can make my point. i beleive i have plenty of time because he probably may come over around 10 or 11.

    so, rather than to blow up, i am going to take the smart approach and let him say what he has to say first, and then i will say what i need to say, based on what he says.

    facial expressions and body language says it all. he pays attention to that, because he does it, too. i will keep you posted.

    let me also remind you that although our relationship is great, these are just some of the annoying situations that can occur. we still have that good repor, but as human beings we tend to do things that are not necessarily the best in any given situation.

  335. #335 by GemWoman on August 13, 2009 - 5:42 pm

    Wow all of this rings true for me as well. I have been ‘dating’ a Taurus guy and his mood swings are really starting to freak me out.

    Add to that, this is a LDR so I never know what is going on with him. He has already visited me once and extended the invite for me to visit him. BUT as soon as I booked the ticket, his mood changed again. I dont know what the hell is going on with this guy.

    I have no patience as a Gemini, but I am about as fickle as they come and this guy is totally different than any other I have ever dated. Cancer, Gemini, Leo, any others I can put my finger on but this guy is something different.

    I get bored easily and if I get the same vibes from him after this trip then I may just have to accept his friendship and realize that nothing more will come of it.

  336. #336 by GemWoman on August 13, 2009 - 5:44 pm

    @Cloud 9 thank you! I will definitely take heed to your words. 🙂

  337. #337 by Jess on August 13, 2009 - 6:15 pm

    Hi Jena Ali,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! In my opinion, it was not a mistake of you for giving in to him after his love confession. But perhaps you are making a mistake now by reduce yourself to just sex and allowing him to keep on mistreating you like this.

    Jena Ali, you said when a girl gives herself to anybody, she can not leave or forget him. This is so not true especially for us Aries, we are stronger and much better than that and you knew it! You are too smart to let this shit happens to you. We Aries can be trapped in our own drama and depression from love sick for a while but not so long ok?

    Dont pray, but play! Life is too precious to waste it with one fcking bull, get out of the useless agony, if you like you can even get a new bull and lets ride!

    For the sex part, I agree that Taurus is all so much for sex and sensual. But I dont think sex is a driving force for them in ‘love&relationship’ I agree they can say it to get sex but not relationship. I know they can wait. They are somewhat perfectionist. To them things are not accidently happend nor forced to, it happend for a reason and/or for a plan! They always want the best even it means they have to wait. And we all know they dont have problem at all with waiting.

    It was not until at our 8th date when we had sex first time. I know he can wait as long as he feels I’m not playing hard to get with him, I keep him wait for a reason and he knew it. I dont know what his driving force to a relationship, I guess I will ever find that out if he ever wants one with me. I take things on reality and at a time as long as he plays it fair. Take as much time as he likes, but for once and all. I put up and work with my patient as much as I can go, if I cant handle anymore then I will tell him, if he can fix, its good, if not then I got to move on. Its that simple. If he will see other girls or sex with, I’m out. A guy got to go not my pride.

  338. #338 by Jess on August 13, 2009 - 6:28 pm

    Hi Cloud9,

    Thanks for sharing. You are a smart girl handling the issue with calm!

    I really cant count on Taurus atleast mine to act like adult or care for my schedule for 2 scenarios: 1) when he is out party or drinking with friends. 2) when he is working!!!!!!

    Arggggggggggg! I cant count enough on how many times he will just keep on and on and onnnnnn enjoy partying or working like mad that it takes up our time supposed to be together, our plan to meet, our schedule, our…, etc. Its vain and too lazy to get mad because he will adorably coming around later with no guilt. So if i did get mad, it turns out i’m the crazy one who gets crazy out of nothing…. (can you believe them!)

  339. #339 by cloud9 on August 14, 2009 - 2:17 am

    you have to understand that the taurus guys mean no harm when they stay away for a long time. this is how they are. right now, mine had a bad situation and we talked about it and now he is on the phone with a friend and i believe he is going to be talking awhile.

    i am getting so used to him. you have to pay them no mind. they are not trying to be malicious when they do these things. its their nature. i can’t even explain it anymore than i’ve tried to make sense.

    my man is upset and i have to let him vent elsewhere. now, when he is done, i am going to give him some of the best sex he’s ever had. thats what he is going to need and appreciate.

    you have to learn how to work your taurus man.

    listen to me and you too will be on your way to the altar!

    oh about last night:

    i think i should have not been mad at him because at least he called me and explained why he didn’t come over. i know i can get so emotional that i want to slap him. being a cancer, its hard to calm your emotions.

    i am so addicted to him its not even funny.

    we are truly in love and we both talk about our problems and we don’t let any issues linger.

  340. #340 by GemWoman on August 14, 2009 - 7:16 pm

    I just need for it all to make sense before my GEMINI craziness takes control and makes me cancel my trip.

  341. #341 by Jess on August 15, 2009 - 2:37 am

    Hi GemWoman,

    Talking about making sense with Taurus? you can just forget that term! LOL. Take advice from Cloud9, I think she is very right.

  342. #342 by cloud9 on August 17, 2009 - 4:44 pm

    ZedOk, so here is how I dealt with my taurus man on a recent dilema:

    We were suppose to meet late(or so, I thought…) I got home around 12ish. I called him, as promised. However, he did not answer his phone. I fell asleep and woke up to the news about a person being shot three times in a cab. Because the news had ot that this happened on my street, I was sooo upset, because its not like him to not respond to my calls late. So, I called and called, in hopes that he would answer, I then began calling hospitals to see if he was there.

    To no avail, no hospital had his name and it was now like 5am. I got up, started cleaning and called him and left a message. He called back 20 mins later.

    I told him why I was upset and he apologized and explained himself. When I told him I thought he was on his way over and he fell alseep. We were going back and forth for understanding .

    Needless to say, he got upset for whatever reason and said he will talk to me later.I gladly hung up with him.

    It appears that he wants the conversations to be one way and I will not allow that. I don’t have to curse him out , but let him know that I am an individual with thoughts and opinions.

    We will most likely see each other later, but I don’t pay him any mind because a taurus is a taurus.

  343. #343 by Jess on August 18, 2009 - 12:34 pm

    Hmmm…. may be I should thanks my T that he NEVER called me so i never have to put up with the not there/not picking up/not returning call/not calling enough/missed call/etc… (pun intended)

    8 months so far, yet I have never seen mine get upset atleast not with me, may be because that is my job! LOL! but I dont get upset for too long because its his job to twist his ass around to get me distracted from what i was upsetting about (to upset about something else instead…lol.)

    This is how I deal with my Taurus:

    I ALWAYS do what i promised, when i told him i will text I always do, and i never missed our schedule to meet. Although I hardly plan or initiate the next meeting but I almost never say No to everytime he asked me out.(except if i already had plan). I always arrive on time even he is often late. And I never complain. I know he notice that in me and he appreciates it (but it doesnt help so much for him to get better…) One time we were talking about something, he suddenly told me out of no where that in the future he will wait for me. I had no idea what he was talking about but I didnt feel like asking. When Taurus throws subtle hint, just play dumb. Dont ask because he cant explain it either. But keep that in mind and you will find it in his action later (later = forever…lol..Joking!)

    Well, i mean i always be myself and do what i always do, no matter what shit he wants to be. (no text, show up late, disappear, cancel date, rude, sharp tongue, etc.) I’m not going to change my reaction up to his action. But when thing getting too much and really bother me, I tell him.

    I used to tell him, after dating for 2 months and he thought it was a joke and funny to send me porn link, that i find it offensive and I’m not up for sex or something fun its not my moral value. He replied that I should have known him better that it was only a joke and he has no interest in my moral value as he found it too uptight and i should find someone else with the same value… I told him its fine but i need to be upfront to tell him what is not ok for me even its ok for him. I’m not the type of girl who will just play along now to say its not ok later. Just because he thinks its a joke doesnt make its alright for me. I guess i earn his respect from that and he started chasing me harder.

    My ‘upset’ reaction is either be quiet or tears run down (in soft and feminine way) its not my personality to act loud when i get upset. My Taurus used to think i was pretending to be cool and keep the temper inside. I even feel he tried to push it to make me burst out my temper. I gave him a glance and said he can keep trying as i want to know also how far I can explode my negative emotion but if i had too much the worst I can ever give is to disappear, because to me when you treat a person like air or to disappear from a person is the worst thing. Well, now he is not getting so much on my nerve again…haha.

    Taurus men! Love them and hate them!

  344. #344 by cloud9 on August 18, 2009 - 6:56 pm


    Its so funny how you talk about your taurus guy. Mine sounds so similiar! Lol. When we had our first argument, I tried talking to him, and he didn’t listen. I ignored him the whole day and he started chasing me harder. They know their stubborness can make them appear to be real jerks. This i s why mine approaches me very slowly the next day. He knows how it made me feel, so he apologizes in his own way.

    We had a disagreement and the next day we were around each other, I hit my knee and says, don’t hurt that knee, I have plans for you. I didn’t respond. I think he wants to reassure me that we are getting married, but doesn’t come out and say it.

    Jess, you know how to handle the taurus! I wish everyone, here could, too.

  345. #345 by GemWoman on August 19, 2009 - 1:28 pm

    Jess, I know I know LOL

    well he is having another swing thingy but I know he has things going on that have NOTHING to do with me. My new motto is


    I think as long as I hold on to that, and he doesnt tell me that it is something that I did or said, then I will be fine.

    I am two days away from this visit and he was happy and planning two days ago but all this other stuff that is going on has him down. I just hope seeing me will help get him out of his funk. I just want to have fun. I will be satisfied being friends if this keeps up. I am set in my ways and adjusting to someone else’s mood, especially with the distance factor weighing heavily, will not work at this point in my life.

  346. #346 by cloud9 on August 20, 2009 - 4:46 pm

    yes, you can’t take it personal with them.

    my taurus has indirectly asked me to marry him and has indicated on many occasions that he plans to marry me. however, he was making a joke and said “when i get married…” and i was like W-T_F? so, i think it is uncomfortable for him to say this to me. all his actions show that he intends to marry me, but he is very weird in his approach to do so.

    ignoring them is one of the best things you can do. if you get into a verbal altercation, they will make sure they win, so you are best to say what you have to say and them let them have the floor, cause they have to have the last say…

    my taurus knows that i am there for him, as he is with me. so, i realize what we have and am glad that we don’t appear to have issues like other women/men, lying, and all the huge things that raise doubt in any relationship.

  347. #347 by Jess on August 22, 2009 - 3:10 am

    Hi Ladies,

    The board has been a little quite here, i guess the bulls must have been on vacation! LOL.


    Be careful even you just want to have fun and would be fine with being just friends. I personally dont buy into friends wtih benefit, it would only put my heart and pride at risk.


    I can totally relate to the bull fcuking joke! LOL.

  348. #348 by cloud9 on August 22, 2009 - 4:29 pm

    yeah, don’t settle for friends with benefits from ANY man.
    nowadays, its too much of a risk, because so many people have little or no intentions to have a serious relationship.

    i must say, i have learned to control my feelings dealing with taurus. yes, you have a right to feel whatever way you feel, when taurus does “himself” but if you choose to get angry and get upset, you are only hurting you.

    you may think i am going a little overboard with the feelings, but when you think about it, you don’t want anyone controlling your way of thinking. thats why i don’t buy into getting so emotional that i would go off at the slightest thing. its not worth it.

    you want to know something? i would get steve harvey’s book. it is a really good book and it helps you see how men act and behave and how you will look at things differently than you did before. you will begin to minimize your “typical” woman behaviors and be a pro at dealing with men.

    trust me, it works.

  349. #349 by Jess on August 22, 2009 - 5:02 pm

    Hey Cloud9,

    You are so right on! I totally agree with you! especially the controlling of own feelings! Really even though things with me and my Taurus man might not work out at the end, I appreciate and am secretly being thankful to my bull for introducing me to the world of reality, patient and self control!

    Well…it’s always easier said than done especially being emotionally and sensitive as I am… will keep on practicing on it!

  350. #350 by saggi girl on August 24, 2009 - 2:29 pm

    hi Jess,

    it is nice to hear from you, i know it has been very quite this site for a while. My taurus went to see his mother last friday and has not been back yet. one thing i did agree with CLoud9 is not to take things personal. they are just like that.

    My taurus went to see his mother on last friday, and i told him to text me when he gets there, he called me instead around 8pm, but i was out and did not hear it. so he left me a message letting me know that he got there safe and stated that he is going to call me on sunday, but he did not, so i texted him on sunday night around 9:50pm, like” got home safely?”, he did not return until 10:30pm, saying” no, i will come back on tomorrow night. good night with kisses, baby,(smiling face).”
    see, i think he totally forgot that he said that he was going to call on sunday, but i did not take it personal this time as he was spending time with his mother, who has been in hospital for a whole year, and recently got worse, he was telling me that he has to spend time as much as he can with his mother, that is what he told me during the message. i think sometimes, we all got caught up with our emotion, i think it is right that they can not deal with the heavy emotion especially hte negative one, sometimes, they do not even know where you came from.

    so, i think that i am still learning….. we recently had a conversation when he came to help moving into a new place, hi, Jess, i finally moved in with my girlfriend because of the bug problem, i know it is a little crazy, i was asking him why he stays with me: he’s like” i can not promise anything about future right now, but i think we matched up, i mean it is not great as nothing is great, but what we have is really hard to find.” i do not know if it is a good thing to take, well, still learning…..

    i think they want the harmony, peace… even though they are the one breaking the peace, but they do not know it… i think we do need to have our own rule, but sometimes, we need to control our emotion, and deal with it when the situation is positive and both are calm.. like how Cloud9 dealt with his bull when he did not come over while he was drunk.. that is smart..

    share, share… we need more…

  351. #351 by cloud9 on August 24, 2009 - 8:34 pm

    yes, we do need more.

    we can complain all we want, but until we start doing something about these bulls, we are never going to move past the BS.

    they honestly don’t think like most. once they are focused on something, they can’t and won’t be disturbed from it. otherwise, they will be pissed.

    but, they do like it when a woman gets an attitude to let them know they did something wrong. as long as you dn’t make a scene, but let them know in the exact same way they would tell you, they would not have a problem with it.

  352. #352 by GemWoman on August 24, 2009 - 10:00 pm

    Thanks for everyones responses. Fortunately for me my ‘friends with benefits’ days have passed. I am almost 40. Those days are long gone.

    When I say have fun, I truly meant HAVE FUN. Meaning we we are together, going out, hanging out, enjoying his company.

    1300 plus miles wouldnt work with my high drive anyway. If I wanted that I could easily hook up with the local losers.

  353. #353 by sassygal on August 27, 2009 - 5:53 pm

    Hi to all,

    saggi girl,

    Glad to hear from you! Look like you are having your emotion at calm and your situation under control now. I totally agree with you that we need to first have control on our own emotion, and that we dont need to deal with the situation right away but leave it until both get more positive and and calm so that we don’t destroy everything in a blast.

    Keep on good work and keep us posted saggi girl.


    You sound like a strong personality. You know what you want and what you are doing, just be careful Taurus men are so charmingggg! Anyway how was your trip? any trick from Taurus to share? lol.

    Take care everyone!

  354. #354 by saggi girl on August 27, 2009 - 7:34 pm

    hi sassy girl,

    who are you?????????? new to here?????? well, welcome..

  355. #355 by Jess on August 28, 2009 - 3:15 am


    Hi Saggi girl, hahaha. Its me. I was on another laptop last night, Sassygal is a new ID name I use to write a blog. I guess this RSS thing will remember you last ID…

  356. #356 by saggi girl on August 28, 2009 - 9:57 pm


    hehehe… it is YOU. Sassy girl….LOL

    how was your guy moving closer stuff? is that going well? i recently found that my taurus was responding to my text very ofen almost every time. As before, he hates text and told me that he’d rather call, so he just call instead of texing. he did not use to responde to my text unless it is very necessary, but right now he responde almost every time i texted him even when he was working. and very sweet tone, something wrong????

  357. #357 by Jess on August 29, 2009 - 3:00 am

    hehehe saggi girl! now you think something might be wrong with your Taurus??!!! Isnt that good sign?! hehe.

    Saggi girl, mine is the same too! looks like we chat and text everday now and we start calling each other ‘sweety’. He starts to tell me his schedule whenever he will be out of town. As he wanted that we spend more time together, He already spent 2 weekend at this service apartment close to me but I cant do this too often. It takes too much energy from me!!! Because I work on Saturday too and it seems like I didnt get to sleep when I’m with him… then I had to rush to work on Saturday morning and rush back to him after work then rush to my house on Sunday because its cleaning day…

    Hey saggi girl, i dont know may be it’s paying off after all the patient we put up with them?! LOL. Let’s hope they keep it this way and getting better.

    Happy weekend!

  358. #358 by SadPisces on August 30, 2009 - 6:40 pm

    I should have read this before getting involved with this man! I feel so silly for studying up on the taurus man and getting the idea in my head that I was really falling for a lover that is capable of a real loving relationship with just one person. What I got is a man that tells me he wishes we were closer to each other, and we are at the same point in our lives where we want to commit, and that we just fit, and when I respond with a caring, agreement of his statement plus a little of what I feel too, I get IGNORED! 😦 I mean he just doesn’t respond at all! He works outdoors (very skilled craftsman) so I know that he has been out of work from the rain for a week now, and still nothing. We talk mostly online and phone because we live far from each other and I am not worried about his talking to someone else, I don’t think with my intuition usually being correct, that he is straying. I just feel like I have to walk on egg shells and completely do every tiny thing right or I have failed and he has shut me out. Pisces, DONT DO IT!!! RUN!!

  359. #359 by Scorpgal on August 31, 2009 - 11:00 am

    I’m a Scorpio woman that has been dealing with a Taurus guy since the beginning of the year and this is the first Taurus guy I have dated and let me tell you…they are very weird indeed! I mean, they tell you how much they are falling for you and they make future plans with you and then the moment you start to tell and show them any kind of emotion, they get VERY distant and start to ignore phone calls, text messages and emails…what is up with that?? He finally reappeared after almost six months and surprised me by coming to a concert(totally unexpected). He even brought up our anniversary and told me that he trusted me. Ummmm….excuse me?!?!? I was offically convinced that this man has some mental issues. He still ignores some of my messages and does not initiate communication with me unless I make the first move. He confuses me soooo much. I just want to know if he is playing games or does he really have feelings for me??

  360. #360 by saggi girl on August 31, 2009 - 2:48 pm

    hi Jess,

    i am really glad to hear from you and also like the fact that you and your taurus are getting closer… as for me,
    i did not have a good weekend as something happened…

    Remember the thing about text that i mentioned in the last post, he was acting very sweet and i got sick during last last weekend, he even told me that if i need him, i could call him, so he will get off the work earlier to take care of me, It is very sweet for him to offer especially he was very busy and we lived kind of far.
    i guess i got a little carried away about this text stuff, we talked on saturday, everything is ok, then he told me that he will call again on sunday and does want to see me on sunday as well. we did not see each other on last last weekend as he went to see his mother, and this weekend he will go again, so he wanted to see me last weekend. He told me that he will be busy with his own business today and he was driving at the moment of speak, so we talked briefly and he hung up the phone. later on, i texted him with unidentified ID like” love you, babe.” i thought it is funny and he does not know who sent it. then 2 hours later, he texted me with a smiling face on the text. so, i texted him back with a question mark to pretend that i do not understand why he sent me this message but i forgot to change back the ID, so it still shows undentified ID. then my phone rang, i did not answer, then i changed back the phone with my ID shown and texted him with a smiling face, then i called him and left him a message asking for a call back. he called back and i was pretending very inocent, he was like” what are you doing?’ i was like” i did not do anything, why?” he was like” why you kept sending me those message while i told you that i am busy.” i think i kind of stupid and embarrased myself too bad, then i kept silence, then he was like” from now on, i have to change it back, i am not going to respond to your messages, you stil can send it as i always love to see it, but do not expect me to reply.” I was like” i just want to let you know how i feel.” then he was like” sweet heart, i am not mad at you, it is sweet, but i can not keep up with those games as i have no time for it. i got to be busy with my day as i got a lot of things to do.’ then i was like” what about that message i sent to you?” then he was like” it is sweet.” then i was like” that’s it? you have nothing to say to me?” he was like” fuck, i got go, i am still gonna call you and see you tomorrow, bye.” then he hung up the phone. one minute later he texted me like” i will tell you when i am ready. do not ask me.”

    we saw each other yesterday, he answered a few phone calls on the way from his mom’s nurse and his sister, we had a good time together, he was kind of money tight right now, so i treated him about the lunch…. on my way back, i mentioned that thing again, he was like: i will tell you when i am ready.” he kept saying that, then i mentioned that he answered this question before by saying he does not love me, if he means it. he was like” i just do not want to be pressured.” then i was like” are you in love with me or not.” he was like” i will say it when i am ready.ok?” so, i was like” so, you do not love me, if you don’t, why you stay with me? because of the help i can offer you and i can treat you the meal?’ he was like” you went too far, it is kind of harsh. i will say it when i am ready.” then he started raising his voice, i was trying to get out the car, he hold me back and trying to give me a kiss, then i was like” no, let me go.” he was like” do not go like that, give me a kiss.” then i insisted going, then i finally got out of the car, he was like” you just go like that, it is too bad.” then i walked away, he drove the car closer to my back and called me name, then i looked back while i ws walking , but i did not stop, then i got into my building. he did not call after that…

    am i wrong????????????????? why he kept telling me” i will tell you when i am ready.” does that mean he does not? if he does not, why he stays with me? because i could offer him help in case????????

    i do not know i am really mad at him, he was explaning to me in the car that he’s sorry that he could not spend much time with me because of his constant traveling to see his mother…. he does not get why i was mad at him, he thought it was because that he can not give me much of his time…. i do not know, jess, i kind of feel that he is closer to me before, but at the back of my head that i was thinking that he can use my help, that is why he is sweet to me, but at the same time, i felt that he was acting a little bit wierd as the attention he gave me is too much, and the way he spoke to me is too sweet, i suspect his intention….

    something funny aside from this is that i found that when he is mad and even though he is yelling, when you changed the topic to something else, like look at that person, he will be like” which one?” it is funny…

  361. #361 by saggi girl on August 31, 2009 - 3:02 pm

    hi Jess,

    called me name Means” called my real name, it is not the cursing name.” hehe, want to clarify..

  362. #362 by Jess on September 1, 2009 - 7:43 am


    Please, whatever your Taurus ‘TOLD’ you whether how sweet it may sound (how you make them feel like never felt before, how they feel you are meant to be, how they waited for years to always want to be with you, how they wanted to spend more time to know you, how they talk about future/moving in/marriage/kids/etc. etc. etc…) Just ignore it! You need to look into their ‘ACTION’

    Yes, Taurus are direct and honestly tell you what they think and what they like BUT it is what they think and like ‘AT THE MOMENT’. They dont make plan now because they are kind of animal who is not going anywhere and can wait forever if it takes for the good things, the great things, the next to the best thing/even the best thing (well…actuall it means ‘everything’) to just fall right on their laps until they run into THE BEST&PERFECT ONE! then they are going to pursuuuuuuue to the end get it!

    Now you ladies, decide which one you want to be: the good/the great/the next to perfect/or even the best.

    You may think I exaggerate but according to Taurus i know they have definition to what is best&perfect in their own sense. They are not in a hurry to find one because they know nothing best come in rush and the last one standing will find it eventually, meanwhile there are so many beauties in this world along the way for them to enjoy.

  363. #363 by Jess on September 1, 2009 - 8:22 am

    saggi girl my dear,

    You are just being childish (again…LOL.) The ‘i love you’ feeling is not for him to answer, but for him to tell you by his own heart, his own term, his own moment. Yes, when he is ready.

    I know it should not be a problem or any myth to know and to say ‘yes I do love’ to a person you care so much and have a feeling for. But dont you think if he is supposed to say it, he would have said it long time ago (without you even having to ask) BUT then saggi girl, you are going to ask me…’well then it means he never loved me? otherwise it shouldn’t take a person so long time to know if its love or not’. I will tell its not true. Its easier when you are young to tell whether you love a person or not because a young heart is lighter without so much bad experiences without so many bruise not so much life burden.

    I been dating my Taurus guy for 9 months so far, I can’t even tell myself if I ‘love’ him or not. (are you surprised?) I dont know about him and I hope he is not going to ask me that question too soon atleast not in this year because I don’t and am not preparing the answer (luckily he is a Taurus so I can expect he will wait forever to ask me or anything with me at all)

    Eventhough you see that I try to figure him out and take it by psycology+ astrology+ strategy+ etc… LOL. I know I will tell him when I actually feel it, even he might not feel the same because its my own feeling that I want it to grow and mature before I deliver it to the person who i hope worth it at the end.

    Dont get mad at him saggi girl, you are wasiting energy for nothing and try not bring up this question unless you are planning to give him the final shot and leave for good if he still cant tell the love. You can and it’s understandable to doubt if he stays because you pay but its not wise to say it to him because you are hurting his pride. Saggi girl you are not lending hm money yet? right? if not then its good. You will not push him to the edge, if he tried to hold you, let him and give in after his few attempt.

    I’m sorry to tell you that I cant accept if my partner leave the car in the middle of the road like that… (please don’t hate me for i’m too logic sometimes…) I really can’t handle it.

    Oh saggi girl, your Taurus funny thing is exactly the same as mine, and actually he also like to use that trick with me too!

    I hope I didn’t sound harsh on this one. And please keep me posted.

  364. #364 by saggi girl on September 1, 2009 - 2:47 pm


    Actually, i can not lie to you that i did lend him some money when he was really in need, i can not see him suffering….i know he is working hard to make the ends meet, i guess he did not make that well. he has been in his own business for a long time and it did not do well, so he just took this job for doing the commodity broker, but it seems he is having a hard time… i complained about doing that, he said that he will fix his financial problem and take this money issue off the table in our relationship… i do not know, i feel bad and good at the same time, i do not know if you can understand… but that is where i am now.
    i actually feel that we are closer started like a month ago when we have a huge fight, but i soften up and let it go. i text him after the fight like” it is too bad to fight like that, let us cool it off and we can talk later, do you agree?’ he texted me back like” yeah, I agree, we can talk later.” right after that, i do not know, i just feel that he is acting all different, more caring, more patient… it is hard to explain.

    he called me last night, asked me if we are ok. I said yes. then he told me taht he has already bought the ticket to his hometown to see his mother, she might not make it in a few weeks and she is sleeping away according to the nurse. but what suprised me is that he said taht he wants to see me before he go for his trip on this friday, actually we just saw each other 2 days ago,he never did this before, he is normally just went to do his own thing and take care of me after that, like i have to fit into his schedule, otherwise, i can not see him.. but this time is really suprising me, he kept apologizing that he can not spend much time he can because of his mother issue, but he will see me soon… i do not think he will do that before…

    Jess, i do not if it is a good sign or not, but it was too stupid to mix up with the money issue in, hopefully, it will pass soon..

    thanks Jess, big time

  365. #365 by Jess on September 1, 2009 - 4:43 pm

    saggi girl,

    WoW do you think there is such thing as seasonal behaviour for these Taurus men? The reason I asked because you said yours getting closer and sweeter and want to see more, its the same with mine! Mine also asked to meet a day before he had to fly out of town. When he’s back I see him again that same evening and it was only 2 hours after he arrived to the airport. Then 4 days later which is yesterday, we meet again!

    Saggi girl, I understand what said that you feel good and bad at the same time for lending him money… Yes I agree it’s not so smart to mix up money issue because it can jeopardize any relationship but it can also be a prove as a basis of trust and something else if you are able to handle it well. You already given him a shot, so its no use to worry now just try to keep this issue aside not to bring up in every argument. If it was meant to be and if your guy can make it pass through this tough time, Taurus will always remember for the rest of his life.

    Just go and meet him before he fly to his mother. Be easy of letting go of hard feelings and silly arguments (he shall appreciate that) but hold on tight to any good feelings you have for each other.

  366. #366 by saggi girl on September 1, 2009 - 5:57 pm

    HI Jess,

    it is good to hear your advice on this, which actually ease me up a little bit…

    it might be a seasonal behavior of taurus man. LOL, i just like it. i reminded him last night about what we did in the car: he hold me while we were listening to a romantic song.” i said it is romantic, he laughed and said” yeah, it is cute, i miss you.” i just like it when he is all soft and sweet, it is irresistable….

    i will cross my finger and pray that this season will last longer…LOL.

    love you..

  367. #367 by GemWoman on September 1, 2009 - 10:55 pm

    Last Friday I decided to email my Taurus guy my needs and he basically said that he wasnt in a position to meet them. I wont settle soooooooo……….friends it is. No benefits.
    I was a little sad but after we spoke we didnt rule anything out. Just not ‘now’. Me and my patience level will be tested. 🙂

    My trip was fab, he took me out on a series of ‘dates’ in a short time. It was cool. We had a GREAT time.

    We spoke today (he called me after I left a vmail yesterday. I couldnt bear to call him direct so I cheated and responded via vmail LOL) and I thought that it went well. Like nothing had changed but who knows with this guy. LOL

    ………..and YES I am a strong personality. LOL tough as nails, but a big ole softy when it comes to him.

  368. #368 by cloud9 on September 5, 2009 - 5:03 pm

    hey all.
    my taurus guy and i have been together, going on over a year. it seems like forever! he sent me a text one night, saying ” i love you”

    i was so moved by it.

    what i have learned is that to rarely call them, no matter how much you want to talk to them. i think its too much for them.

    we have both been on vacation for the last few weekes and ahve been seeing each other just about every day. i got so used to him being at my house that i missed him, when he wasn’t there.

    anyhow, with taurus, they take a long time to process information, so when you say something or do something, you have to give them time to digest it. once you understand this, you will get mad alot less. you will also be alot less prone to excessively call them.

    i tell you i read steve harvey’s book and its almost like my bible.

    anyhow, i told my taurus man that i am in full support of him and if he ever feels like no one cares, to think of me. i have always been there for him and he is there for me, now, that i am in a crisis situation.

    finally, i recieved the title of being “his lady” to be honest, i was trying not to get stuck on titles, but i felt good to hear him say that to his friends.

    that took a little over a year. within the last month, he mentioned to me that he was my future husband and asked me if i knew that. i was like WHATTTT???!! i am happy to have heard that, but until i am Mrs. Taurus, i will be comfortable.

    he, now shares his ideas with me and even asks me to read over his writings. i feel honored because this man is a writer.

    he still does his little taurus shindigs, but i address the issue and its over. we don’t have shouting matches(since that one incident) because we talk about things before they get out of hand. sometimes it takes me some time to get what he is saying and some times, it takes time for him to get what i am saying.

    i asked him: how do you feel about me; how do i make you feel?

    his answer was that he is usually at peace with me. he thinks i am funny and very accomodating, but he didn’t have time to finish because i asked him at the wrong time because he had to go somewhere.

    anyhow, remain feminine with these men. they love it.

    i know at times, mine acts like he wants to be with his friends, often. i have accepted this, so as long as it doesn’t intefere with our relationship.

    trust the taurus man. if you place doubt in your mind, its going to take over and cause problems within your relationship. they need to feel free. hell, i need to be free, too!

  369. #369 by Mimi on September 6, 2009 - 1:08 pm

    girls i’ve been reading all of these statements and you have no idea how much our problems are alike!!

    so, i’ve been seeing my taurus man for a year now, he’s a Steward so i hardly ever see him, but we spent valentine’s day together, his bday together, myy bd togetherr and the new year’s eve.
    to him it’s like that is “enough” to show that u’re “the one”..on the valentine’s day he gave me a heart with “only you” written on it..prettyy graphic yet i still wish it was true lol
    anyway, he hates calls, never replies to text msgz, yet once when i felt like i really needed to hear his voice i texted him at midnight saying ” mum just got into a bad accident” and he called right away and asked about her..yea talk about weird behavior!
    i know all of his friends, i make sure i go out with them although he’s not around cause that gives him a security feeling, like ” you fit in ” with his clique.
    when i call him he’s very polite, sometimes he sends me long kisses through the phonee lol but yes he’s a moody person..
    our only problem is we can’t manage to meet often..being a steward makes it harder for me to know when he’s back to the country and when he’s off, but if i call him to ask about it he’ll surely tell me..but well he doesn’t like getting called ALL the time so i do it rarelyy to show him that i can give him his space.
    oncee he told this man we hardlyy know ” here is my wifee” and he held my hand tight, that was likee..shocking to me.
    i really don’t know what to expect with him to be honest, cause when he’s in love with me, he really is, but when he’s away, he’s faar away..but all of his friends say whatever he does he keeps coming back to me, like am “family” to him now or smth.
    so i hope you girls give me some advice about how to make the meetings more frequent and i really need your opinion!
    love you guys and goodluck with you T beast lol

  370. #370 by saggi girl on September 8, 2009 - 2:07 pm


    i am glad that things are working out for you and sharing with us.

    it is very interesting when you mentioned that taurus does not to take calls. i agree with that as it is like that.

    i rarely called my taurus during over a year and half dating, it normally he calls me. there are some occasion that i called him and he is glad to hear. but i agree not to call them unless they are waiting for you to call when you know. it is hard to explain but it is strange that they are this way…

    Cloud, nice work, keep us posted. i’d like to hear when your are married to him….. at least, we got one fruitful..

  371. #371 by GemWoman on September 8, 2009 - 7:12 pm

    Well as much as I tried to be ‘strong’ (UGH) I did call mine last week and spill my guts. I told him that he is the most fun to be around guy I have met in a long time. I told him that I wont run this time. That I wont use my ‘issues’ to keep him at bay. I also explained that I will stick to the ‘no benefits’ thing but that I dont want to rule out more than friends in the future. that if he has already ‘switched gears’ and moved on thats ok but I needed to let my feelings be known.

    I didnt hear back from him, until about three days later. I got a text, “got your vmail, will call soon.”

    Well soon was five days later. We chatted it up a bit about something re: my visit his way. I was impressed that he wanted to remind me of what I was supposed to do. I went into too much detail about an ex bf and a convo I had with him re: ‘us’. He asked a few more questions and then shut it down, pretty quickly.

    I sent him an email Labor day to say hey and that I hope his holiday was going well. No response.

    I was in a minor accident this morning and I IM’d him to let him know aobu tit (I am fine) He responded and we chatted for about five minutes. I called him at lunch time, no answer. Soooooo I wait………………to see if he will call me this week???? right???? LMAO

    Gemini says LEAVE HIS A$$ alone but reading your posts makes me think that I caused this (by maybe rushing him a bit) and Im going to fix it. I am no pushover but my track record for being patient and giving things time to progress is pretty lousy (ya know that convo with the ex, yeah that was the subject)

    I am going to stand firm but give him time to come around. No date or time frame. I think if I wait (still dating and not really waiting for Hhim) he will be THE one!

  372. #372 by GemWoman on September 8, 2009 - 7:16 pm

    sorry for the typos, rushing at work. 🙂

  373. #373 by cloud9 on September 9, 2009 - 4:47 pm

    ok, here’s the deal, ladies:

    taurus guys don’t like small talk. mine told me from day one!

    this is why they don’t respond. so, stop driving yourselves crazy! its not you! its them. they do this to EVERYONE.

    i know.


    but thats our men!

    i still have the emotional issue, but if you look at what they do, not so much how they do it, you will be fine. mine told me he was going to call me back friday after he is done with his mom at the hospital(her friend is in there). he didn’t call me. i texted him a sexy message. he didn’t get back. i kept thinking and remembering the typical behavior of th taurus. so, right when i was ready to burst. he calls me on sunday. i acted like nothing happened and he did the same.

    i am still like: WTF??!!

    anyhow, he tells me he is playing chess with a friemd of his. i am somewhat annoyed cause this friend is single and i guess he is hanging around, until he gets a woman of is own…


    i know.

    he then tells me he will call me the next day to see what i am doing.

    so, then he calls me.

    by then, i am missing him and all that mushy gushy stuff.

    now, part of my problem is that i some times lose control over my emotions. i have to keep busy.

    this man tells me he loves me on the regular. he is attentive to me. what more could i ask for? i am not saying to settle to maltreatment or any type of abuse. i just know that these men are not typical and we need to keep that in mind.
    my man loves is when i am soft and pink. he sees the ultra feminine side of me and he loves the strong portion of me, when i need to do the things i need to do.







  374. #374 by Jess on September 10, 2009 - 3:32 am

    Hi everyone,

    My update:

    I have been through so much stress and drama for the past 2 weeks. Start with argument with family which ended up pretty nasty is more than enough to keep me at the bottom of the world…

    Then my Taurus got sick with a strange symptom which I first thought it was nothing more than some kind of infection. I told him to leave it for few days if it didnt get better we see a doctor. So we went for a doctor to get appointment for checking, I didnt join him on his appointment day because I had to work so he only text me after finished that it will take a week to know the test result. That was the only thing he said without mentioning anything more or detail.

    So I didnt suspect a bit but notice he keep making joke about what we should do and where we should go for a trip because he might be dying soon. 2 days before his test result appointment, he told me how the symptom can be indicator to cancer… now I was like WTFF!!! (what the fcuking fcuk!!!) He still make a joke that if it was cancer he will take me for a Carribean trip…..This stressed me all the way, I couldnt sleep staying up searching internet about it so i forgot to ask what time for his appointment. I text him to ask just on a night before it, he didnt reply. So i text again that I want to join or if not possible could he keeps me informed during the day. Again he didnt reply…. Now this is not normal, he always return my text. In the morning I woke up to turn on computer the first thing, he left me offline message saying some cute words but nothing to tell about his appointment at all. I was anxious but i had to go to work. While driving, i saw a guy look so much like him (but for sure it was not him because my house is very far from the city) That got me so scared. It just top up all stress and depression. I feel like every bad feelings attack me to my heart so i got freak out and cry. I arrived to the office and figure out a way to get him to get back to me.

    Anyway at the end of the day we found out it was not cancer but lung infection. I’m so relieved! (but now the question is that what kind of infection in the lung…)

    Really sometimes I feel so much like giving him a lady slap at his face, but many times really feel like presenting the whole art of ass kicking and punching face plus smacking his head as a bonus!!!! Arrrrrgggggggggg!!!

    Ladies, I wonder if any of your bulls got problem with his health?

  375. #375 by H on September 10, 2009 - 1:01 pm

    Seriously, I’m so glad I found this website. It is really freaky and scary that Taurus guys behave like this because I have been seeing one (nothing official) since May this year. At times I wonder what the hell is wrong with him, hot and cold all the time.

    But I figured it’s my fault as well because I wasn’t too sure he was into me and constantly left him. In his words: “you are always leaving me/dropping me”. Yes, I did it so often, because in May, I was still attached to some other guy (we weren’t doing well, just hanging on for comfort and this Taurus male knows it).

    It was all sweet in the beginning; I saw the sensitive side of him and even noted that when he spoke to me in person and on the phone, his voice changed (something softer). Which I noticed was the same tone as when he spoke to his mom.

    But things are starting to change a lot because of me constantly dropping him in the past, I realised I must have hurt this bull a lot. I recalled sometime in June, he dropped me a message telling me that he was very happy to send me around/pick me up – all I had to do was call. Now it’s a whole new story.

    He doesn’t reply my sms,IM, calls. Emails are still okay or if I sound desperate enough, he’d reply me, other than that, it’s all silent. He really does speak to me at his own pace, I still hear from him daily, but starting to be twice a day once. What does this mean really? Sigh.

    He did tell me to be more understanding, after me desperately asking him what going on, for he has been very busy with work and family issues (mom’s not feeling well).

    Well, I’m an Aries girl and boy is this a big change for me. I’m actually very attracted to his stability.

  376. #376 by H on September 10, 2009 - 1:05 pm

    oh, may I add, we are constantly fighting but the last one came and went by sometime in late Aug. Since then, its been good because his been busy.

    He said he can’t promise me anything, but if I had to know, he still misses me and likes me alot. Well, Unless I decide that’s not enough for now. so ya. 😐

    Rules rules rules.

    These bulls really work damn hard don’t they?

    I just hope its the truth.. because the sudden change of affection is getting very difficult to cope and I have to understand it. sheesh.

  377. #377 by saggi girl on September 10, 2009 - 2:07 pm

    Hi Jess,

    OMG, i am so sorry to hear that. are you ok??? i know it is very hard that everything happened at the same time especially your tarurus situation. thank god, it is not cancer, it is not that bad, right???

    sometimes, i really hate how they take things in a way making people worried but they just did not get it. I remembered one time my taurus did the almost the same thing but not that serious symptom, i was so worried and kept texting and asking how he was, when he did not return the message, i freaked out…. when we finally talked, he was laughing and told me to relax…. i think somethimes, they are testing if you really care or they might enjoyed being worried by the one he loves, even though they told you to relax and not a big deal but deep inside, they are happy as it seems like they are precious to you…

    Jess, do not think too much, try to see the bright side, he is not a cancer patient(LOL)…. right?

    as for my taurus, he is ok but his mom is sleeping away…

  378. #378 by saggi girl on September 10, 2009 - 2:29 pm

    Hi H,

    welcome aboard. now we got another member in our family…

    wow, your post makes me scared and was wondering if we are dealing with the same guy. but i started dating him over a year and half ago, but recently his mom got health issue as well.

    is that a coincident? or they are the same person???? what does he do for a living?? if you do not mind me asking???

  379. #379 by H on September 10, 2009 - 5:47 pm

    Hi Saggi Girl,

    His still pretty much a student, and although this bull is highly secretive, I do trust him for some reason.

    Taurus pple are pretty reliable in this sense ain’t they?

    Oh, when he told me that he could not affirm me with regards to status and that he could not give me what other guys could potential do right now, I got a little cheesed off.

    So I said, ooh, so you want to go dating other girls now eh? If so, I just need to know.

    He got so offended! Its funny. He said something along the lines of…

    Date other girls? No such okay. What do you mean I want to date other girls. No such thing at all.

    Weird weird.

    I don’t think its the same person anw 🙂

  380. #380 by saggi girl on September 10, 2009 - 7:02 pm

    hi H,

    lOL, sorry for being too cautious, i am released now..Ou, sweating…

    with regard to the status thing, they are always like that. i am saying 100 percent with all taurus, but at least the one we are dealing with on this site, probably we are just the failed one. LOL…

    mine was still not giving me the title but only dated me i believe.. even though i got scared earlier, hehehe…

  381. #381 by GemWoman on September 10, 2009 - 7:02 pm

    LOL probably the BEST quote I have heard all year is….

    saggi girl

    “wow, your post makes me scared and was wondering if we are dealing with the same guy.”

    I have been saying the same thing myself after reading these comments. LMAO

    I tell you what, if this is the same guy (which we pray that none of you/us is actually seeing the same guy) he is a busy one AND keeps us all in a tizzy.

    BUT if this is Taurus male(s) in action, we sure have found one heck of a support system in dealing with them. HA!

    For the record mine is black/in his 40’s.

    I havent heard a word from him the past couple of days. I figure since my accident on Tuesday he should have at least called or responded via IM. NOTHING, now I am all for Taurus male having his ‘ways’ but when selfish and lack of concern start to factor in…..hmmm old Gemini gal steps in and starts telling GemWoman that its not worth it.

    We shall see……

  382. #382 by saggi girl on September 10, 2009 - 7:07 pm

    HI Gemwoman,

    LOL, it does make me scared…

    i agree with you that they are very selfish. but the funny part is that they are criticizing us for being selfish when they are the worst……

    I thought he spoke with you right after the accident for short conversation, right??? if so, they are not gonna call again to reconfirm if you told them that you are ok… sometimes, i think they are like cold-blood animal and hard head bull…

  383. #383 by saggi girl on September 10, 2009 - 7:15 pm

    oh, Gemwoman,

    mine is in his 40’s too…. we are in silence right now for a day as we had a small fight on Tuesday night…. he said that i was immature and selfish. then i was calm and told him” well, i think you are right, i am.. thank you for your comment.” then he told me that he does not want to argue and would like to talk about something else, then i told him” whatever you wanna talk about.” then he asked how my day was and how my parents was doing. i just gave short answer for all the question he asked as i hate when they are judging while they are the one should be judged.. then he said “good night’, i said the same and did not wait for him to give me the kiss as i normally did. then he called back 2 minutes later, but i did not answer as i was still mad. so, he left the kiss in the message like” hi, good night, i just want to kiss you good night. talk to you later, goodbye.” that was one day ago, i haven’t heard since. actually, i texted him some information he needed long time ago, he did not reply yet, i guess he does not want to talk to me, i guess… but i got my own reason to be mad as i hate their harsh judgement… you know they have sharp tongue…

  384. #384 by GemWoman on September 10, 2009 - 7:16 pm

    @Saggi girl…..

    It was a short IM convo and since I wasnt in the office on yesterday (no Instant Messenger, no facebook,etc) I thought FOR SURE he would notice and at least call to say hey are you ok?? Like when we were really ‘into it’ if I wasnt at work by a certain time, he would text something like ‘you working today” now its like NOTHING AT ALL.

    I messed up by stating my ‘needs’ too son but I tried to fix it and I think I have lost him.

    The other side to that coin is that if he doesnt want me after that then he may not be the guy for me after all. 🙂

    Can’t knock a girl for trying to right her wrongs, huh?

    Cold blooded eh? well I tell you what, if Im being rejected, he hasnt SEEN cold blooded yet. If I ever get a call after being rejected……it wont be pretty. I am a SWEET as pie…….and they dont understand why…..gets em every time LMAO

  385. #385 by saggi girl on September 10, 2009 - 7:43 pm


    you are funny.. so you haven’t talked after the accident, so,you did not tell him that you are ok, did you? I think it really depends on how long you have been seeing each other, if not long enough, he probably won’t be that considerate… you know how they are…mine takes a long while to concern about me….. they are just strange people. sometimes, you think they do not care when they acutally do in their way, but honestly, i do not get their way when they claim they do in their way… it is just BS…

  386. #386 by GemWoman on September 10, 2009 - 7:59 pm

    We ‘met’ in February but didnt actually try to do anything about it until July. I was seeing someone else and kinda forgot about him, BUT after that ended I contacted him. He responded and we were actually getting pretty’close’ until I messed it up and blind sided him with my four page email….sigh………that damned writer in me. Its a blessing and a curse. LMAO

    sooooooooooo that is why Im still feeling weird about not hearing from him. I told him that I was ok, but STILL if it were him in this situation I would have called to at least make sure he was STILL Ok.

    WE will all get through this. I just have to keep busy and focus on other things. I have plenty going on in my life to stay busy but this Taurus guy keeps creeping into my thoughts throughout the day……and night (yes I miss the phone calls before bed, yeah they were regular…..sigh….)

  387. #387 by GemWoman on September 10, 2009 - 9:57 pm

    HA after reading my posts the past month or so I am just as confused as I wanna be.

    This man has my mind scrambled.

    gotta get it together!!!!

  388. #388 by aquariusgirl on September 11, 2009 - 7:07 am

    Hi all,

    I came across this site after some frustrating issues with my Taurus man, and figured it wouldn’t hurt to look up astrological traits. And wow, I’m a believer after reading this.

    Some background? I’m a very easy going girl, I hate drama, don’t like to make waves, and am always trying to please everyone. He and I met at a bar (I know, I know) and hit it off. Spent 2 hours talking and exchanged numbers. He told me that night he’d never met anyone like me before. He waited the full 3 days to call me and ask me out. The third time we hung out he told me all about how he hasn’t had many official girlfriends (a few that only lasted 6 mos or less), but how he just “dated” most girls for 6mos to a year without any commitment. I thought, well I think it’s pretty clear he’s a commitment-phobe, and he’s obviously trying to warn me. We both said we wanted to just take things slow and see how it plays out. We spent a month hanging out together at least 2-3 times a week. We just clicked.

    After the month he asks me if I want to take things to the next level and make things official. Shocked the hell out of me, because even though I was falling for him, I thought he didn’t want that. I even joked around with him about that conversation and said he threw me for a loop. He said he realized after he said all that to me that it may have come off a little weird, but that with most of the girls he dated before they wouldn’t have that talk and 6 months down the road they had a completely different idea of where the relationship was or was headed and it made it awkward. He figured he’d get it out up front.

    Anyways, we’ve been together officially for 3 months now, and almost everything about him is wonderful. He’s introduced me to all his friends, I recently had dinner with him and his parents, we’ve both been to each other’s family functions, we’ve been on a few trips together, he is always talking about future plans or trips he wants to take with me, etc etc. All the signs of a guy who is totally into his woman and in it for the long haul, right?

    The main issue I have with him is the calling thing. A couple months in he starts flaking. We’ll be hanging out and he’ll say “We should hang out Saturday”. I say “Yeah that sounds good”. And then Saturday comes and he either disappears, or after I call him and leave a message asking if he still wants to get together, he’s made other plans. The thing that bothers me is he doesn’t call to say “Hey I know we said we’d hang out, but I’m gonna go do this instead”. I’m fine with that. I’m not fine waiting around for him to get back to me. He’s done this probably 5-6 times already. And he goes through periods of not calling or texting back. A month or so ago I felt like I was the one to always call or text him and maybe I was bugging him (and mind you I would send him maybe 1 text a day about random stuff), so I stopped. It took him 4 days to call. And he never plans weekends or things like that. I work 2 jobs, one full time and one part time on nights and weekends, which always changes around each week. So sometimes my work schedule gets in the way of us hanging out. I am usually always the one to say, hey what are you doing this day, even though I tell him what days I have off. He doesn’t make weekend plans. I feel like he just expects me to be available for him whenever he wants to get together. It seems like he’s doing this more and more.

    I have asked some guy friends their advice about it, and they think it’s super weird. We don’t talk on the phone, really the only communication is to find out when we’re going to see each other.

    So I decided to try an experiment. We’ve been short staffed at my 2nd job so I was scheduled every night during the week. And I decided to book myself solid through the weekend as well. Friday after work I’m seeing a movie with friends, Saturday morning I have a work meeting, Saturday night I have dinner with another friend, Sunday my sister’s baby shower, and Sunday night meet up with another friend to catch up. I figured if he calls with the usual last minute “hey come over lets hang out” I can say “Sorry, I have plans”. Maybe he’ll realize he has to let me know when he wants to see me instead of expecting me to be available. But one thing he did that royally pissed me off was: He sent me a text on Tuesday basically saying he needed some loving and if i was free. I told him no, I had to work, in fact I was working every night through Friday and I was having a brutal week. He said he was bummed and maybe I needed a little TLC too. I told him “Yeah, maybe this weekend, but that’s booking up pretty quick too.” You know what he sent back? “That’s cool. I only need 5 minutes of your time”. I almost threw my phone against the wall!! Granted, I know he was joking around, and he probably thought he was being sexy/cute, but really? I tell him he’s probably not going to see me for a week and he says that’s fine all he needs is a booty call? I responded back to him “…wow… such a romantic… *rolls eyes* i’m really bummed we can’t hang out either”. He responds “Haha you know I’m kidding. This work stuff’s getting in the way of our special time. But we’ll manage”.

    We’ll see how it works out. I really would like this to work out between us. Have any of you tried this approach? Does it work or am I wasting my time, and he won’t take the hint?

    I love the fact that you all share stories and have this whole support group going 🙂

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  389. #389 by saggi girl on September 11, 2009 - 2:10 pm


    when i saw your post, it is like that i saw myself struggling with that sometimes before. but right now, i am ok with him in regard to this going out on weekend issue. but let me assure you that they are like that, it does not surprise me at all. i remembered when i started dating him like for the first 2 months, we were seeing each other at least once a week, but after 2 months, he will start like not sure if he can make it for the next date, i have to mention it a few days before that, then he will be like” i am not sure, i will let you know the day before.” i was trying to hint a few times, it won’t work. as that is who they are, that is how they handle things. and they do not think they are playing game, as like i said that is who they are. one time he cancelled at the last minute, i was really pissed and then i spoke out my thought and hope he can respect my time too. then he did. I think they will appreciate your speaking-out but not in a dramatic way. Do not make it big out of this and just tell him how you think and they will respect it. I think. as mine does improve.

    as for calling and texing, how often you talk to each other? as we normally talk to each other every other day, but sometimes, we did not when he was very busy. but one time, he did not call for 4-5 days, then i started wondering if he was ok. so when he finally called, i went off on him as i was really mad as i was worried. so i told him that i was worried and thought something was wrong. then he applogized and stated that he will be more sensitive next time and did not know that i was worried like that. So, i think, when you were mad that he did not call ofen enough, just let him know that it will worry you in terms of his wellbeing not because of your insecurity.. then he will think you were mad because of the concern toward him. i think he will appreciate it..

    well, i am not an expert to give you any suggestion to follow, it was just my experience on mine. but we had a small fight 2 days ago, he has not called…LOL

  390. #390 by GemWoman on September 11, 2009 - 5:03 pm

    @Saggi girl you ARE an expert LMAO

    If this were any other guy I would SWEAR I was getting played, but with this one and his awful traits Im gonna see what happens. I will not sit by and just wait but I will try, try try(did I say that enough times) to be patient.


    Too all ladies, hang in there if you must. If you love the guy, then do it, but if you kinda like him, make sure you have options.

    Who knows you may miss out on the RIGHT guy waiting for this guy to act RIGHT.

    Smooches GW

  391. #391 by saggi girl on September 11, 2009 - 6:54 pm


    thank you.. very proud… LOL

    have a nice weekend, girls. wait to see the drama next week..

  392. #392 by GemWoman on September 11, 2009 - 7:21 pm

    Ha! my patience level is ZERO!

    Update, last one.

    Well, after reading through these posts again, and seeing how distant they can be for no reason at all. I couldnt take another day of ‘not knowing’ so I sent another email.

    This one asking if I was being avoided or if he was just busy.

    The response I got was straight and to the point, YES THINGS HAVE CHANGED but not in friendship, we are still cool. BUt another email like this one and that can change, WTF??

    Not this direct but thats the gist of it. Its a no go! shyt!

    Ah well, tis life. You ladies enjoy your Taurus men but after this one I think I will run like the wind if I meet another one. LMAO

  393. #393 by Jess on September 12, 2009 - 5:08 am

    Hi ladies,

    Saggi girl,

    Thank you for concern. I’m ok just very busy and very tired. I should have got used to it because with me things always be coming at a time. About my Taurus, we still dont know the problem since he is too stubborn to make it to see specialized doctor.

    Now we have more choice than cancer, which is tuberculosis… I really admire the calmness and stable in Taurus in the way he handles such a terriying situation. But it could be nothing so until he see a specialist to know know exactly the problem, I will do my best not to be panic and overreact…

    Hi Mimi,

    Your story and situation with your Taurus seems very well and going great! I wouldn’t try to push or pull anything more or less than where it is now. Because it seems that most of the time it’ll be Taurus who need to signal a green light first before thing can be moved forward… (yes it doesn’t sound fair but it is a must that this man has to be ready on his own will/time to really move at all)

    My little trick is: every time you meet, make it so very intense that even you guys ended the night passionately, yet fulfilled! My Taurus told me I make him feel different from other girls he dated. With them he always feel the more they meet the sooner he get bored, but with me the more we meet, the more there is and the more he feels… (not sure i explained it well)

    Anyway, you are doing just fine, so keep it going!

    H, and aquariusgirl,

    Hi and welcome! as long as they keep contact constantly, it’s good sign. Dealing with Taurus, you are dealing with PRESENT! not past nor future. Stick to the present and take thing as it is step by step, simple and easy. Not Try not to jump in a conclusion too soon or make yourself miserable with too much details.


    You can’t expect definite answer (or any exactly plan) out of their ass… LOL sorry but that is what I said to mine T. You need more than a patient but strong and positive mind to keep going with the guy. I would tell you not to look for the ‘sign of love’ by expecting the same favor in return (ie. call or text back, speak up feelings, plan for next meetin, etc.) you can forget about that pattern. Think this way if he calls/text/email back it’s good, if not no problem. It doesnt mean it’ll be good as long as he calls/text/email back.

  394. #394 by H on September 12, 2009 - 1:49 pm

    I don’t understand why Taurus guys behave this way and really don’t understand how or why we girls can continue attempting to love one.

    My grandma and mother both married Taurus man. Both don’t seem all that happy in their marriage and thus, I’ve been a little wary of Taurus guys for some reason.

    But this one just made me trace alongside and now, I wonder why the hell I let my guard down. I should have known right from the start, but still did it anw and I know there’s nothing I can do to make him speak to me when he doesn’t want to. Or do I really have to wait for him? Till when?

    Honestly, even if he spoke to me a few days down the road.. it doesn’t mean anything. He comes as he please and go as he likes, what am I to do? Wait?

    Is he keeping a distance a mere sign that he feels afraid from investing too much emotions or is it a sign that says… I’m really not so sure where this is all heading. How does one go from one extremely (showing a lot of love and care) to disappearing entirely without a trace, without saying anything at all?

    This keeping a distance.. is it a test for us to see how long we can hold out for, just because he feels that he is going in to fast, too deep or because we are starting to show our interest? hmm…

    I should have known better somehow.

  395. #395 by Jess on September 12, 2009 - 4:35 pm

    Hi H,

    Regardless of any sign, I hardly find one woman who is truly be happy in marriage life…

    Speaking about Taurus and distance thing… it depends on your definition toward ‘distance’ For me, meeting like once in a week or 2 weeks sounds acceptable if not reasonable. I’m not a big fan of talking on the phone but i need to hear something from my guy everyday either text or email or chat.

    I will say this, it might not be right but it’s what I stand firm for, that you won’t disappear too long from someone’s life if that is someone who you truly care. Don’t get confused with love because love is another story and that takes more than just time. I personally don’t buy ‘fear of commitment’ story, i find it totally bullshit… I mean it’s true and perhaps I’m one who also got this issue. I mean if a guy let this fear take over and lose the chance to have what could be meaningfully last for life, it means he did make a choice, a lousy one. And that makes him a loser. So why bother keeping a loser? or trying to convince a loser to be a winner? is that possible? is that worth it?

    But ladies, before giving up on this, play it nice and fair. Ask yourself are you being realistic and reasonable with the situation? Are you sure you want to conclude a 3 months (or so) romance story as ‘love’? and that 3 months is enough for us to expect a somewhat commitment sign from the other? Thing contrary, despite of this passionate feeing burning inside of you, can you truely believe if a guy confess his love only after few moths? Sorry but I for one am not going to buy into any of these scenes.

    Cheer up everyone!

  396. #396 by Jess on September 13, 2009 - 2:24 pm

    Hi ladies,

    Just today that I have time to stay home relaxing and sleeping all day, I get on here to read a few recent comments again.


    Your Taurus man is very funny and cute! hahaha (sorry i know it was not funny for you at time but you knew he was joking and i cant help laughing my ass off!) looks like things are going pretty well for you guys though.


    I’m Aries too. I agree that it seems the reason he can’t promise you anything might because of the way you were taking him for granted in the past. But this can’t be fixed by how much text, words, or explanation. You can’t convince him but show it in time. Try not to text him too often. Do it as in Ping Pong game, text one back as a reply only if he text you first.

  397. #397 by H on September 14, 2009 - 12:33 am

    Hi Jess,

    I actually took in some of the advise here and went through what I did for the past few months. All I can say is, I must have overlooked the fact that they are in fact, very sensitive people.

    Come to think of it, he was already observing me right from the start, and I must have failed it. Thus, explaining why he can’t promise me anything.

    From the way he remembers what I say, to the way he reacts (he remembers and I’m just shock now – to think of it, there were subtle hints that he remembers!), I drew together that he was very attentive in listening to my answers and really, I think I must have blew it all up.

    We are still in constant contact, sometimes daily, sometimes a couple of text per 2 days. I guess its a good sign, from what I see? Feels like he is ‘trying’ again, just feels as if we are back to the point whereby we just met. Slow contact.. hahah.

    Good luck girls, these bulls are really slow but I guess, its just sweet to see how they are willing to drop everything, I mean everything for their family (parents, siblings) without a blink.

  398. #398 by Jess on September 14, 2009 - 2:40 am

    Hi H,

    Yes I totally agree with you! and defenitely confirm about Taurus observe us and remember details! They really do but they pretend to be ignorance and act as if they are reackless and not paying so much attention.

    About sensitive, Oh yes they are! One thing I come to notice with people/or sign who appear to be strong and tough from the outside, actually to protect how soft and weak they are inside… Atleast ARies like me, and I’m pretty sure my Taurus even I realize now he’s sensitive but he can’t beat me for being sensitive and emotional.

    All the best for you and your Taurus. I think once he really let you in, he will be the most person you can really put your faith and trust in!

  399. #399 by saggi girl on September 14, 2009 - 2:40 pm

    Hi, Jess

    i am glad to hear that you are feeling better but you got to be careful as the tubercolosis is a infectious disease. i mean to be careful before he was really confirmed..

    It seems that you are doing good with your taurus. mine is ok too. we saw each other last sunday and everything is ok except one thing when he mentioned that he is really to have sex… we haven’t done it for over 6 months due to his thought about his marriage. he told me the reason we did not do is not because he was not attactive to me is because of his marriage. he said right now the reason is getting distant…he has moved on…. i do not know if it is a good sign… but i really saw a different side of him yesterday, wow, someone told me that taurus loves sex, i did not believe it unitl yesterday, it seems that he has been controlling himself and has been holding it up but right now, he is a little bit… hard to say.

    But, Jess, I know deep inside that he was not really actually enjoy it when we first time did it like over 1 year and half ago as i do not know how to sexually please man( sorry, i am blushing.. now) as i am kind of shy.. so, i told him that i know he did not enjoy that with me, he said he can teach me. then i said not to force me, then he said ” but do not resist.” then i said ” if you do not enjoy that with me, i want you to be happy, so you can find someone else. as i really want you to be happy. i know the sex is playing a big part in a relationship.” then he said” thank you, baby, but i am not going to.” am i too stupid to say that, but i really feel sorry for not making him happy when he finally decided to proceed with me for doing that stuff after over 6 months of holding up… then i felt bad and told him that he might need to find someone else, he told me to stop…it is not that bad, stop alway being negative about everything, we will work it out, he will teach me….

    what do you think? Jess….

  400. #400 by saggi girl on September 14, 2009 - 2:48 pm

    Hi Jess,

    something to add, we are discussing about sex yesterday, it is kind of too open for discussing that with him as we never really discuss about it. I told him that i might need to buy some sexy sleepingwear, as all i have it hello kitty sleeping wear, he was laughing out loud and told me that what i wear is really does not matter, actually hello kitty wear is cute… he said if a person he is not attactive to, even though she is wearing a see through, still not making sense to a guy… is that true??? but i think the sexy wear will turn a man on, right?? it does matter, right??? i am just confused..

  401. #401 by Confused Libra on September 14, 2009 - 6:32 pm

    Wow! How great to read about all your experience dating Taurus men. I spent all day yesterday reading everything and finally just finished it. I wanted to search and know if I am getting confused signals because he is just not into me or because there is something else going on. I’d appreciate everyone’s input.

    Here’s my Taurus story.

    We met in an online community in July where he sent me an email also indicating that he is looking for a long term relationship. We moved rather quickly and exchanged numbers 2 days into email exchange. We have been talking on an average of 3-4 time for the first 3 weeks and on 4th week, every night for a hour or two. Finally after a few weeks, he asked me out so we went hiking together. All the chemistry and connection were there. He kissed me and held my hand and he revealed the whole picture. That he has three children and a wife he is waiting to divorce (due to her sexual orientation). I was shocked but the mental connection we had built prior to our meeting has long planted in my head so it wasn’t easy to let go. Two weeks after our first date, he still didn’t call. So i called him up and invited him out for last minute dinner. As confusion as it was, everything seems to be normal and our interaction seems to be great when we were with each other. We spent hours together that night, he invited himself in when dropped me off, for the first half of the night, we cuddled and slept together. Second half of the night, we became intimate. Well, i am not regretting anything decision we have made together and we have talked about this soon after. We are still interested in seeing each other and learn about each other. Since that, we pretty much see each other once a week and we always have sex. As much I enjoy the intimacy with him, I couldn’t help to wonder if it is just SEX and nothing more. The thing that makes me uncomfortable is that his soon to be divorced wife is living in his guest house in the backyard while he stays with the three children in the main house. Out of the several times visiting him at his house (as he needs to stay in due to the children, so i come visit him after they are in bed), I have met his children’s mother 3 times out of 5. The first encounter was rather uncomfortable for me that i did not expect to meet anyone but to spend time cooking with him. She happened to be home (their children were with relatives), he did not introduce me to her nor did he introduce her to me. I introduced myself to her and invited her to stay for dinner (and I genially mean it). He seem to be a bit preoccupied that night due to the fact that he almost lost a finger at work that day so I’ll give him a pass on that. The second and third time when I came by to visit him and saw the children’s mother, she was on the phone with her new partner in the office and she acknowledged of me being there and I said hi. It does not seem like she cares for him to have me around there nor was he uncomfortable about it so I have no doubt that what he told me about his marriage situation was true. One of these night when I also met the children’s mother, I also met his youngest, who is 3. The introduction was rather weird (In my Taurus’s bed because the child woke up suffering a stomach flu and he was taking care of him, he came out and took my hand asked me to sit with them in bed). He introduced me to his three year old as a friend and was positive and said good things about me to the child. The three of us co-slept for a while. The child cried and asked for his mother, it was rather late so he handed the child to his mother after several attempt to clam him down. The mother went to bed with the child next door to my Taurus. We spent the rest of the night talking, cuddling, sleeping, and some intimate moments till dawn then I heard the child cried (I was under the impression that the mother would take the child to her bed instead of the the child’s bed that is next door to my Taurus date) and I realized that everything we said or did could have be heard.

    According to my date, we are casually dating since he just got out of a relationship and everything is so new to him. I once brought up my concern that I am getting a “Friends with Benefits” feeling as he can’t devote time on the weekend to see me, and can’t really leave the children on the weekday. I always go to his house to see him (not that i have problem with that, but i want to know that he is taking my needs into consideration). He was definite and sure that we are not FWB and that he has feelings for me. He thinks of me when I am not around (Yet, i am not sure why he doesn’t call. He used to all the time). Last week, I told him that I would like to hear from him perhaps every other day or so just so we have a connection going on during the week. That was on Thursday night when we went to bed together. He acknowledged my needs and I must admit that I was disappointed that he didn’t call at all over the weekend since I mentioned on Friday am that I’d like to see him before next week and perhaps we can watch a movie after the children are in bed. I have not heard from him yet and I don’t know what the deal is now.

    Once I expressed that I prefer to date one person at the same and I’d give a block of time to that person until I find out this person is not a long term relationship material. I told him that I understand it takes him time to figure out what he wants and do take as much time as he needs, but not too long (in a playful way). I also told him that I try not to call him before he calls me because he had expressed that certain thoughts can not be rushed and that he appreciates that I give him time to do so. He commended that most girls would keep calling till he gets on the phone V.S i’d call once (and seems like he doesn’t really pick up his phone anymore and he doesn’t call back till he is ready) leave a message and end of the story. There could be a lot of reasons, kids, work, and whatever he is focusing on doing. But I wonder, where is this going? And of course I understand it’s only been 2 months. I do believe we have the mental connection, but perhaps physical connection is taking majority of our interaction now? He commended that it is between a 60-80% physical attraction now depends on the day and we maintain a 20-40% mental attraction. I told him that I’d like to bring that closer to close to 50-50 and that that 20-40% of mental connection will fade away if we don’t communicate on the regular bases. Anyone have similar experience with Taurus man?

    I think I have made myself clear that I am willing to give him time to figure out and make sure everything is in place in his life. However, I am not willing to wait forever so he can continue dating others and shop around. I know I am a darn good woman and there are others on the line waiting to go out with me again. I don’t want to date others now. His children are not an issue and I love children in general, I just can’t be their mother because they already have one. I’d be there for them and support them if they need me. One thing also bugs me is his house is very messy and dis-organized. I doubt I can spend time with him at his own house where there is no room to walk around, dishes uncleaned, and laundries laying around the room. Perhaps that’s why he feels most comfortable in his room and I feel comfortable there too. I continue to show him affection, and i don’t deny his requests when he wants to see me or have sex with me. But i don’t want to be fooled, played and I need more substance to build a soild relationship. Help me please. I am very confused.

  402. #402 by saggi girl on September 14, 2009 - 8:58 pm

    Confused Libra,

    welcome aboard…we got a lot to share.. LOL

    you reminded of myself like over a year and half ago when i was dealing with my taurus. It was such a ride…. confused, want to dump him and want to keep him, he likes me and where is this going? what is going on with his wife? as mine was seperating from his wife for almost 3 years. i was always wondering what i am to him. so, i broke up with him. got back together, then i did again. right now, we are not defining any term of what we have, but he was telling me that what we have is really hard to find and when we saw each other, we are more like a friend that we can trust each other. it has been a long journey, one particular thing i learned during years of dating is that they can not be pushed, no matter what, they only do things on their own term.

    Mine stopped having sex with me over 6 months ago when he needs to figure something out about his marriage,there are some moments we got excited, but then he stopped… he said that we will do it when time is right. i did not understand before but then he told me that he was ready to move on…. so i figured that the drama he gave you has something to do with his marriage as she is always in sight…. so, how long they have been seperating? do you really know? i heard that taurus was not easily to get over his past, they need times, when it is time for them to move on, they will…so, it is hard to say…

    trust is the big issue for them, they need to trust you first before start anything with you….. but trusting a person does take times… so, you are only dating for 2 months, i will say it is too short…. believe me..

    If you really liked this guy, really want to start something in the future, i would say patience, patience, patience…. you have to be ready for the ups and downs.. mine does not have kids, he does take a lot of time to think over his relationship wit his soon-to-be-ex as far as i see…. but also one thing you need to be sure if that he does not date anyone besides you, otherwise, move on…

  403. #403 by Confused Libra on September 14, 2009 - 10:57 pm

    Hi Saggi Girl:

    I think his wife being around really makes me uncomfortable. He has not referred her as “wife” rather “the children’s mother”. She even got condoms for him from Costco. I mean, there must be something seriously wrong in their relationship so after three children, she can seriously not care he is having sex with other women. i understand her sexual preference can not be changed and that my Taurus must be hurt. According to him, it’s been about 2 years since she confessed that she is not into him anymore. It was only last Nov he moved on. One time he mentioned I am the third women he’s had sexual relationship with since that (in the course of last 1.5 year). The last year, she has been in and out of the guest house and the last 3 months she only sleeps in the guest house and that they no longer share a bed together even though she still has some cloth in his bedroom (???? this confuses me a great deal. Either you are out or you are in, not setting boundaries would really hurt either of their potential relationship and eventually will confuse the children more). I do not mind the facts that she is living in the guest house there since they have children together and economy is hard at the moment. However, i do believe there need to be a define schedule for the child care and personal life purposes. How is my Taurus suppose to date others if he is constantly being tied down with the children and household chores? Even though he said he wants to date others, I seriously doubt he has time to do so with his job, his children and he seems to be a very devoted father.

    A few weeks ago, he mentioned that he was thinking a lot about a question i had asked him and that was “whether he can devote the sort of time and emotional energy to establish a strong partnership, of the kind i deserve and the kind he thinks he wants” I think he is still thinking because that he said it clear that he does not like to rush certain thoughts. I have also indicated that I am only willing to come in second next to his children,nothing more and nothing less.

    I am not a typical Libra and I have lots of patient. However, I would hate to devote time and emotion on him knowing that he never has the intention to know me as a whole person. It is perfectly fine if we spend time together and found out we are not right for each other. I have no trust issue and in fact I am very straight forward with him and don’t play games with him. Sure I like to go out and sure I like to socialize with others. My friends continue setting me up with their husbands’ friends and coworkers but I just dont’ feel like dating others now. i am dating him and him alone. I also am not resenting him about the calls or outings and i respect his limitations due to family, work, and children.

    My frustration comes from he was very communicative, and all the sudden nothing? He agrees and acknowledges of what I said and what I am feeling but he is not doing anything different. Should I have try a more direct approach and just ask him to call me and take me out? I certainly noticed the difference in his time planning since his children returned home. The last time we went out doing anything before dark was the two weeks his children were out of town with relative. I am confident that he will not deny my request to want to see him during the week after his children are in bed but has said that he can see me one day on the weekend every 2-3 weeks because he doesnt’ like to be away from his children and he feels guilty when he does. I am not trying to take him away from his children and I am fine with him seeing me just one night a week if that’s all he has (he allows/wants me to stay over till right before the children wake up since her two older children haven’t met me yet). I just need him to talk to me and tell me that we are on the same page. I’ve come to realization that either I need to slow down and follow his lead or we are going no where. Am I dating a typical Taurus? Why is he so passionate and so warm when I am around and doesn’t seem to care when I am not around? I don’t doubt he said he misses me when I am not around . But is it really hard to pick up phone or just email ?

  404. #404 by Jess on September 15, 2009 - 3:01 am

    Hi saggi girl,

    Yes I confirm that Taurus men love sex! I feel like they are created only for this purpose hahaha ok ok I exaggerate it a bit 😉

    saggi girl, I’m glad you are doing well with your Tarus also and things are getting intimate now 😉

    Please dont worry too much about you being inexperience or getting no clue how to please men sexually. Let your man teach you, and yes, dont resist it!

    Remember one thing that Taurus seek and get pleasure not only from getting sex but from pleasing and giving it to his woman! Trust me on this one!!! I confirm again!!! Don’t worry that you are not good at giving him orgasm, the more important is for you to be open minded and let him lead and guide you.

    As for Sexy lingerie, I personally think hello kitty would work just fine! 😉 You might keep sexy wear for special occasion once in a while. As long as you are being open minded, with body feels good smells good, sexy or not sexy wear (or even better not having any wear at all…) is not so important.

    I highly suggest you to listen to your man for this matter and STOP being negative or feel bad or PUSHING him to get pleasure from other women!!! (Oh Nooooooooooo!)

    Let me know (if you dare ;-)) how much you enjoy the heat and fire of passion next time 😉

    PS. Thank you for your concern about my T illness, seems like he is not ill at all… I’ll be careful though.

  405. #405 by Jess on September 15, 2009 - 4:23 am

    Hi Confused Libra,

    I can not say too much about your Taurus because I personally believe having a wife and children make the story different.

    However I think 2 months is too soon to conclude for a definite status. Obviously attraction and passion is there between 2 of you and I say from personal experience with Taurus that they will only see one woman at a time once they have sex with. From your story, my point of view is that you focus too much on his situation and what he can offer. You are being honest and upfront of what you expect. Now you have to give him time and space to decide and manage it on his own. (I know it is so easy just to pick up that damn phone and call) But Taurus won’t do what they are told! I dont know the reason why yours called and talked lot at the begining then changed now because most Taurus I’m awared of, they don’t like talking so much on the phone. Mind you, I never had to worry about the phone thing nor ever been through experience of hot then cold like you guys only because MINE NEVER CALLED!!! (ARggggggg!!!!!) haha… so he basicly saved me from grief of wondering.

    Focus on yourself, trust your instinct and go for what makes you feel good, hold it down what makes you feel bad or awkward. Don’t accept thing now, just so the relationship can keep going, and find that you can accept no more in the future. Taurus is really slow as he will observe and calculate the surroundings until he is really sure. Therefore Taurus can be indecisive at time until he figure out and make decision, so meanwhile input him with beautiful data but never forget to stand firm on your ground too because he will secretly check on you whatever getting thrown at if you are still remaining your own ground!

    Good luck and cheers.

  406. #406 by Confused Libra on September 15, 2009 - 5:21 am

    Hi Jess:

    Very well said. I am not sure if it is his potential I am after. We had some very great email and phone exchanges prior to our first meeting. And even at our first in face meeting, there was a lot of chemistry, a lot of passion, and a lot of communication. I know for sure that he did not tell me anything about his wife, his children and the whole time we were communicating before meeting in person, he never had a chance to tell me about this? I asked him right after he told me that he has three children and I asked how long he had been divorced, that’s when everything came out. He told me that he feels it was respectful to tell me in person. As i recall on our first few email exchanges, I expressed strongly that I’d rather not be involved with someone who is already involved. I don’t know. I am very confused. But I know he is a good guy and I know we are not only thinking alike, we can think together. I wanted to take things slow but sex happened and happened more than once, I am not sure what to do now. I can’t withheld sex now because it already happened but I really want us to do things together. to discover each other, to learn about each other.

    What should i do? if he calls again, asking me to come over? and I know sex will be part of the entertainment. I want to go because I really want to see him and it makes me happy to see him (just not his house though. It depresses me whenever I see his pigsty). I enjoy time with him and I can overlook that. I even want to clean up his house for him but thought i should have his permission or at least have him invite me to do so. I remembered one occasion when I was cooking at his place, I had to clean the kitchen for 30 minutes before I can start anything. There were dishes in the sink, no clean knives, the counter was a mess. I scrubbed it top to bottom and cleaned the clutter off the dining room table so we have room to eat. I even folded his laundry. All for the facts that i can’t stand clutter and the place being messy, well, part of it is because I want to take a load out of his shoulder. But deep inside, I seriously wonder how could he, his children’s mother allow their children to live like that? There was no room to walk around. The children have been home for 3 weeks now and the suitcase is still sitting in the livingroom, as well as the mother’s suitcase from her recent trip over a week ago. There is no room to sit on the couch. I have a feeling he doesn’t like clutter, or mess but he can’t do anything about it? I understand he works, I understand he takes care of the children. But if while his children’s mother are living in the same household, cooks for them, and they still manage to have a messy household, where is hope?

    I understand it’s too early to have a relationship with him. I am a patient person and I am slowing down to find that good pace for both of us. I do not want to rush him but at the same time, I am confused with all the signals he is sending me. He is caring, nice, and warm when we are together and acting indifference while apart. Today I messaged him and asked about the chicken coop he was building with the children over the weekend, he said hi and sorry in a meeting. That was the last i heard form him. Well, i suppose I know what i am getting into. Prepare to hear a lot of venting everyone. 😦

    I truly hate this. I’d like to think being in any sort of relationship I need to be able to communicate with him first about how I feel and to compromise through open communication. He acknowledge my feelings, my needs, but takes no time or effort to compromise and fulfill my needs. I know I am asking too much from him now as he has his plate full. And I am just frustrated with myself.

  407. #407 by Jess on September 15, 2009 - 7:53 am

    Hi Confused Libra,

    Despite being confused, you spot all the odds pretty well (hiding the facts about his wife and kids at the beginning, the messy house, the wife in the same house but backyard, etc.)

    I imaging how you described him, his house, the relationship with the wife and you, I can’t help but think he probably was looking for what he lack in life which is romance, someone to cuddle and talk, and sex. I’m not sure he’s looking for or want someone to share his (messy and unorganized) life right now.

    In my point of view, I understand how you want to spend time and do thing together as to discover and learn about each other but looks like the only thing or mostly you are doing is having intimate course (sorry to be blunt) I understand it’s easier and better to be at his house so that he can be with his children too. However consider from your 2 months ‘relationship’ (?) I dont think it is your concern now and for you to worry about. You might argue it’s your concern of course because you want to be with him. You are his date not his gf, be it. It’s only 2 months but after you seeing his surroundings, you get sympathy and understanding for his situation, you got excuse to make it easy for him but how you gonna know a man effort how much he is willing to work for this.

    Despite 2 months dating + some period of email/phone contact, are you sure you have enough knowledge about this guy to be willing to go thru this at this moment?

    Also please dont think you can’t withhold sex just because it already happened. Unless you want it too, keep having sex while being confused it could lead you to the doubt of being used for sex or being there just to fulfill sexual desire… Next time he calls, tell him you feel it’s better to meet outside for a coffee or dinner or small chat. This gives excuse for not ending up with sex at his house (UNLESS YOU WANT IT TOO) and also to give something for him to work on.

    If you want to learn about him, dont rush it. Tell him what is ok what is not (which you already had) and see his effort. Sometimes you can learn so much about a person by just ‘GIVING IT TIME’ not only by spending time because people tend to be nice and form attachment by spending time, by giving time you go through frustrations, patient then you see how the other handle it.

    Speaking from personal opinion and hope I didnt stir up more confusion because I only mean well.

  408. #408 by saggi girl on September 15, 2009 - 3:56 pm

    hi Jess,

    thanks for your comfort and it does make me feel better.. hehe, you are good at it…

    i want to share with you one thing very funny… my taurus texted me last night like” good night baby with kisses. i will try to call you tomorrow.” i did not respond right away as i was busy at the moment checking something with my girlfriend. then i was thinking to respond later, 10 minutes later, he called me and then i answered the phone, he was like very cautious to find out if i was mad or something like” hi, how are you?'” then i was like” good, baby.” then he was like” really? ok. how come you don’t respond to my text?” then i was like” oh, i was busy, just finished.” the he was like” oh, ok.” when he said that, i can feel that he was release from whatever the reason or doubt he has when he called…

    then he was like telling me what has happened in the office, his boss gave him compliment, so i said” oh, i was realy proud of you.” he was like” thanks.” then i told him that i have been thinking about him all day. he was like” i thought about you too, but not all day, you know.” i said” ok.” the funnist part of the conversation is the end, he told me that the sticky rick snack i let him taste on sunday, it was really delicious, he loves it. so i was like” you really like it? ok, i will buy it for you.” then he was like” really, buy me the whole box?” i said” yeah.” he was really really happy….

    Jess, he is like a kid sometimes, loves to eat delicious snack. one day over, still thinking about it… when he heard that i am going to buy it for him, he was delighted… was your taurus like that? then i thought about the astrology thing, it was true for some part especially about their appetite, they love to eat and lazy… it is so true… hehehe.. just want to share, i thougt it is funny.

  409. #409 by saggi girl on September 15, 2009 - 3:57 pm

    oh, Jess, forgot to tell you that i am glad that your taurus is ok…cheers..

  410. #410 by Jess on September 15, 2009 - 4:44 pm

    Oh saggi girl,

    I can’t get enough talking about food and Taurus! Astrology really got it right! I agree with you when it’s about food or snack they are so much like a kid! they actually get excited about it. I was amazed when I first get to know mine to see how much he can eat! He must finish everything on the table even mine if i can’t finish it. It’s so funny his action when he gets to eat his favourite food, the way he makes noise and the way he describe about each dishes without caring if people is watching or laughing… Is your Taurus like this? Really they are so much into food! They are really all about sensual, anything to do with the 5 sense: look, taste, touch, smell, sound…

    Tomorrow my Taurus will be away for a 2 weeks trip to some islands with his friends. I’ll join them the last week for a few days. And I really get excited this time I don’t know why I just feel it’s gonna be different than other trips we had before. I’m trying and wishing to lose 1-2 kg in 2 weeks… LOL.

    About his health, I still make an appointment with a specialized doctor for him the first week of next month after we back from the trip. I’m not happy until we get final confirmation. It irritates me how he seems to take his health issue for granted and keep making joke (but i managed to keep it cool and pretend like I’m not so interested…) I don’t want him to smell too much caring and worry from me (when actually I was crying over this…hehe… women!)

  411. #411 by saggi girl on September 15, 2009 - 5:12 pm

    hi Jess,

    you crack me up when you mentioned that he even finished your plate. mine does exactly the same thing, oh god, they are so same…. mine even steals my food from my plate sometimes… you are not gonna believe, they are just like a kid, sometimes, i feel that i am his mother in some ways….

    one day, we went to the restaurant, we made 2 orders of the crab legs, when i got mine, he was telling me that i got more legs than him, can you believe it?

    then next time, when we order the same thing, he got the bigger portion, so i was joking that the he got more than i do, the he was like” no, you got the bigger portion last time already.” it was so so so funny..

    Jess, i am happy for your trip and enjoy the best of it… i am glad that you are taking good care of him and yourself, do not forget they are the kids…LOL

  412. #412 by Confused Libra on September 15, 2009 - 5:51 pm

    Hi Jess:

    You are perfectly fine and did not stir up more confusion. Oh, well, it’s already pretty confusing as it is anyway.

    I will tell you what. I know he will call or text when he wants to see me. But somehow, I’d like to see him in my own term like the normal courting and dating relationship. For some reason, I actually feel guilty asking him to go out with me because of his children situation so I end up compromise. I think courtship is about both people put into effort and you make a good point that I need to push and see how much he is willing to give in and how far he’d go to pursue me. I have a strong feeling that either he is not in a place that he is ready (though he claims he is emotionally ready, he is unsure if he has the emotional energy and can devote the sort of time into giving me the relationship I deserve and the one he thinks he wants) or he just doesn’t think I am the one. I also found it hard to believe that he’d continue to want to see me if he doesn’t think I have the potential. He was straightforward and asked how I’d deal with the children situation and if I enjoy being physically intimate. I think these are the two of his concerns. According to him, his ex rarely likes to have sex (yet, how did they get to have three children?) and when they did, she rolls away and does not like to be touched after. I know this Taurus enjoys to be touched very much and he touches me sensually. Every time he opens the door for me at his place, it always starts with a kiss and he takes my hand to walk me into the house. In fact, if i recall correctly, he takes my hand anywhere in the house. When we sat down to read to see photos, he’d touch my arm subtlety (so light and almost feels like an innocent touch, but I know it wasn’t after he repeats a few times). There were certainly tenderness and gentleness, perhaps romance in it. We had a discussion one day about difference of sex and love making and he concludes what we do is a mixture. Love making is delightful and sex is fun too. Well, still confused and I think i need to let my head cool off. Yet, I sent him a postcard just to let him know I thought of him just this morning and last week the children that I work with and I made some home made french bread and I sent him some as well. I think of him when he is not around and probably more than he thinks of me (I think he also said that too when he told me he misses me when I am not around)

    I know and understand how occupied he can become with work and with children. I have witness once that he almost lost a finger at work and that whole night his thought was occupied, he had two nightmares, that was also the night he didn’t want me to stay over after being intimate, he held me and he called right when I got home at 3am and we talked for about an hour).

    I don’t think it is love, as i tend to fall in love slowly but I certainly think there is something about this man that drawn me to him. I need help figuring it out. What is it that I see in him that makes me behave this way? that i can’t wait for his phone call. I know I can’t grasp him too tight or he will fly away, if i stand still, he’ll return when he is ready (that is, if i am the one)

    I think this board gives me the ability to vent and to clear my thoughts when I actually get to think about what others said and look into my own situation. Thanks everyone 🙂

    Still pretty confused Libra

  413. #413 by Jess on September 16, 2009 - 11:46 am

    Confused Libra,

    Yes, we all want to have a say in the relationship. Well, I’m telling you dating this bull brought me to this site because I can’t find any logic left to explain the weird behavior and twisted pattern of how he handle ‘dating and relationship’ and I was so relieved I found you girls the bull fellow! LOL. I have to tell you almost 10 months with my Taurus so far, most of the time our meeting were on his term. I also learned that he expressed this kind of controlling force in other manners too. I don’t have problem and accept it ok because while he wants to have control on how much and how often for our contact, he always make sure we meet on my convenient time and place.

    There is this saying, that came across my mind keep me thinking about so much lately, that trust your instinct as it never failed you. From my experience when I get lost or confused I will not drop the subject nor moving all forward, I will just wait until i can get in touch with my inner again. When your brain and mind and heart and body all work together in harmony and peace you will see the wisdom and handle things best.

    Seems it’s a long ride ahead so let’s vent and share all we want here 🙂


  414. #414 by Confused Libra on September 16, 2009 - 6:08 pm

    Dear Jess:

    I totally agree with you that there is no sense or logic left in my dating relationship with him. I doubt a few times if we are dating as most of the time at his house (besides the several weeks that his children were out of town with relatives) It wasn’t that I am not comfortable being there, I just need to know that there is something else there. And physical intimacy is just a part of it. I feel that everytime we are at his place, we ended up having sex. I have no problem with that when we are in a steady relationship but so far i feel that I am pursuing him and he is just going along the ride.

    I would like to think that his children are very important to him and he certainly will not want to interrupt that. I have not asked him to go out on a week night yet but i’d like to know he is open to take me out elsewhere like a normal courtship. He did say that we’d go hiking or do other things together every other 2-3 weekends so he is not away from his children too much. I can totally understand that and I have no problem. Perhaps when we do get together, we need to stay in the living room (and how do i give him the subtle hint to keep the place clean?)

    Last night he called on his way home (boy, finally since we parted on Friday) and said he was thinking about watching a movie with me a few days ago but he fall asleep when the kids went to bed. He told me that he’d call when the children were in bed last night, guess what, that phone call never came. I was disappointed and I waited till 11pm and went to bed. When i woke up, I was much better. I think i was tired last night but the excitement of able to see him kept me up. I would have called him and left him an angry message if i were a few years younger. But I know it happens and it might just be another case that he falls asleep when the kids are in bed. Sigh

    Confused Libra

  415. #415 by saggi girl on September 16, 2009 - 6:49 pm

    hi confused libra,

    I went through some of the similar things with my taurus before, when they are preoccupied with certain things, or they got their plate full, they are not able to act in a normal way.. i guess his priority is his children right now, but that is understandable… he must be a good father and felt sorry for the kids because of the broken family…

    My taurus went through the same thing with me before, when his going through seperation with his wife and his job was not really making profit and his mom was sick in the hospital, he was acting like that. i was always feeling hurt that why it is always me to wait on him to call or check on me or like going in a circle. he streighted things out with me that he has no time or energy to think about something serious right now as he was not able to afford or ready to do that. so, 2 years of dating was such a long ride, right now, i felt better with our situation as i think he is more ready to do something he wants to do.. we were discussing last sunday in regard to his marriage, i was telling him that even though the marriage failed, she will be still close to his heart , right? then he said” yeah kind of, but got to move on.” then i was like” did you?” he was like” getting to,or i have already as we were a lot closer than before.” i never heard him saying something like this in this kind of tone, i am not saying he is ready for a relationship with me but i just felt little by little he is getting better. when a man felt good about themself, they will feel good about the surroundings, when they feel good about themselves, they will have the energy to deal with the extra..

    so, Libra, don’t be confused. i just do not think he is in a position to do anything serious with you. why don’t you work on yourself to see how you can fit into his current situation, show some understanding if you really want to be with him( really want to be), otherwise, it will be too much work for you, it will come back to haunt you again sooner or later…

    why don’t you try to be friend first? i do not think you need to offer too much sex now, this way you can protect yourself…

  416. #416 by Confused Libra on September 16, 2009 - 9:47 pm

    Dear Saggi girl:

    I am totally with you and I start to understand dating a single father (sort of, even though the wife is still in the picture and live very close by) isn’t easy. I do not have children myself but I have been working with children for the last 10 years. I understand and give great appreciations for single parents particularly. In fact, if a man can’t put his children and their needs first, it is a no brainier to me to not continue dating them. I don’t doubt that I am ready to date single fathers and in fact, he is everything I am looking for in a Life Time Partner. He is trying to do his best for his children and with the change going on at home. I think in a way he is trying to do as much work with the children now as possible so when his children’s mother finally moves away (which he anticipate in the next 6 months or so, she just started working about 4 months ago and should have her medical insurance through new company in about 2 months). He is not so much concerned about his youngest, but his two oldest girls, 7 and 8 have already suspect and asked questions about why their mother is no longer sleeping with their father. I know for the facts that he is trying to be even more involved in the children’s life (he was before according to him but is practicing to be a single father while his children’s mother is around). He honestly said once that he felt physically tired at the end of the day, in particular on the weekends and when the kids are in bed, he is drained physically.

    I am just venting and I have great respect to what he is doing for his children. I don’t mind to have to work around his schedule and I know he is doing his best. He is not ready for anything serious but he gave me a six months timeline to straight out his life. He said he had never thought about it because no one before me had given him something to think about (there was this one email we exchanged after our first date and he revealed he has children and an ex living in his guest house). It took him a whole week to respond that email and he said he was thinking a lot about that email and in particular to the question of whether he is ready/has the ability to devote the time, the emotional energy to give me the kind of relationship I deserve and the kind he wants. My gut feeling tells me that he is putting out all the test he can to find out if I am more than just a potential.

    I remember first time meeting his children’s mother out of surprise. He did not introduce neither one of us and went by doing his own thing (he got hurt at work that day too so was a bit preoccupied as well). I went ahead and introduced myself and invited her to have dinner with us (I had asked him before hand and in private if he is ok with the idea and would it be appropriate , he said he doubt she’ll join but fine with him). When we finally sat down for dinner. I told him it was rather uncomfortable as i did not expect to meet her so soon and unexpectedly. He commended that he thought I handled it quite well with class. Meeting his youngest who is 3 was a the same. I am not sure if he did this purposely or it was coincident but in general, I think i broke the stereotype of how most women would behave and react in this type of situation.

    I think one thing I am really concerned is that the children’s mother is always around when I am there. Either he is really over her or I am a show off to his ex. But it does feel like they are over. She’d stop what she was doing and say hi and go back to the phone (she’s on the phone with her new partner a lot). She has no problem that we cuddled up, watch tv or reading together, or even in his room alone so I suppose this is a good sign as well.

    Again, I am not saying what he is doing for his children is not right. I just have not came across anything like it before. He is the third person that I dated in my entire adulthood. My first last 2 years, my last went on 10 years and became my ex husband. I would not be stress out if i didn’t know he might be the one.

    And you are right, we wanted to start and take it slowly, but somewhat along the way we became intimate, I just don’t know how to take that back. Any tips? I want to know there is more than just SEX but it’s hard to do when we do meet, we are at his place (convience for sex) so I am confused if it is just for SEX or if there is more. He also commended that sometimes it’s a 60% sex with 40% mental attraction and sometimes there is 80% sex with 20% mental attraction. IT will be a long haul.

    Thanks again,
    Confused Libra

  417. #417 by Confused Libra on September 16, 2009 - 10:14 pm

    Saggi Girl:

    To be honest, i don’t think i was offering sex to him. I think it is mutual. He never forced me nor did I come up on him. Just a (sort of stupid too) question:

    What do I do if he initiates sex? since it has already happened, i don’t believe in withhelding it to get what I want is right and I think men have tendency to say or do what they think we women want to hear to get laid. As intelligent as we are all, it is still a million dollar question. What do you say or do to get to to not have sex with me volunteerly, doesn’t hurt him and his ego (particularly his ex partner has a different sexual orientation) and protect myself?

    I have a feeling we are going to be meeting at his place a lot if we plan on seeing each other at all. It took him a whole month to clear off his schedule to see me after a marathon style of phone conversation and email exchange. (also makes me wonder what does his children’s mother do with the children? I mean they have three children, I can understand he spends a lot of time with them, but what about her?) It was an parental instinct on how he reacted to his youngest in the middle of the night (though she was still awake and chatting away on the phone) he was the one that got up to get him, and he was the one that took care of him in the middle of the night (i witness because i was there). In a typical household, mothers take majority of parental responsibilities and in general, when the children cry, the mother will go and get the child (under the assumption both parents are not asleep yet and in their family situation. she was a stay home mother till recently). I work with children and study them if it matters, the only exception i have seem so far is that the mother and child do not have strong bond to start with and the father has a stronger bond with the child; therefore, the child prefer the father more so than the mother unless something triggers the child’s conscious.

    I need to do more observation on him and his children and also their relationship with their mother. He has mentioned more than several times that he feels guilty being away from them as well.

  418. #418 by saggi girl on September 16, 2009 - 11:10 pm

    hi Confused libra,

    i would be very honest with him about the sex issue. i mean i would say it straight forward that i felt complicated to have sex right now, we will do it when the time is right. like how my taurus told me to hold on it as he felt very complicated to do that with me… i think he will respect that unless you really want to do it…( no offense)

    as for children’s mother, i do not think it is your business to get involved or to point finger about what he should do or his wift was supposed to do. either you help or you do not. I am sure that there are so much stress going around your taurus, and i am sure that he knew that his wife was not doing her job enough as a mother. I guess he does not want to create the stress or confilct over who was supposed to take care of them or who should not. it will add more stress into their life, he felt sorry to those kid having to grow up in a broken family, he just wanted to do what he can for the kids to compensate. i think you need to help if you really care or want, otherwise, i do not think it is your position to judge or tell him that his wife was so wrong. i think as a human being, or as a husband or father, that is common sense, he knows it. so like i said: either help to reduce the stress or stay away do nothing…. sorry, does not mean to be harsh, but it is what it is…

    taurus man is family oritened , their priority is always family…. right now, his family is his children…

  419. #419 by Confused Libra on September 17, 2009 - 4:40 am

    Dear Saggi Girl:

    Thanks for the tip on the sex talk. I will make sure we have an open understanding on this one next time when we meet.

    As for the children’s mother and her relationship with mother, I am curious but don’t particularly care since it is non of my business. And you are right, I also feel he is trying to compensate to the children on the partially broken family and trying to spend a lot of time with them when he can.

    I am willing to help and want to help but I think it would be better if the request comes from him. Is there anything I can do to offer him or let him know that I’d like to walk beside him and help in anyway?


  420. #420 by saggi girl on September 17, 2009 - 1:51 pm

    hi confused libra,

    i think you can just tell him that you are here for him and sorry that he has to go through all of this. if there is anything you can do for him, just let you know…

    i think he will appreciate it…

  421. #421 by Confused Libra on September 17, 2009 - 4:07 pm

    Dear Saggi Girl and Jess:

    My Taurus called last night after I went to bed around 10:30. I got his message about midnight and he sounded very stressed. On the phone, he said that he was very tired today because he didn’t go to bed till 1:30am the night before because his ex and him talked about following divorce and child custody, things regard to the future. I could not help to call him back and he does sound stressful. I made sure he was going to be awake for the next few minutes (we live only 10 minutes apart), drove to his place and gave him a good night kiss with a super big hug. Coincidentally, the card I sent him yesterday arrived today as well. In it, it said: I know I have never been where he is and that I have never walked his shoes, but I would like to walk beside him, and help however I can, always. As we were cuddling on the front porch and talking (he invited me in but I insisted that we stay out). Two of his children woke up, he went to attend to them and asked me to wait because he’d be more stressful if i left when I offered to leave so he can attend to them. I think it must had been over 30 minutes or so, he finally returned and then the youngest woke up again. I told him to go ahead focus on the children and get some good rest tonight and we’ll see each other again.

    I am so glad I was patience waiting for him to call. He has his plate full. I had no idea that he didn’t call the night before when he had promised and then had to deal with some harsh talk. It looks like they have the children’s schedule figured out. He is planning Thanksgiving and Christmas Trip and wondering where I’d be for both holidays. I already have a trip booked to go to Europe but could easily go to Illinois instead, he is going to be visiting his parents in the nearby state so driving up to visit for a day can be arranged if things continuing going well and also depends on if the children and I are being introduced to each other. I think I will make him a peach cobbler today to cheer him up.

  422. #422 by saggi girl on September 17, 2009 - 8:38 pm

    hi Confused libra,

    nice work. keep it up. Patience, patience are always the key to everything… and understand him and demand less when he has already gotten his plate full.. this way he will see you as someone can make him feel good. when he feels good, he will want to be with you more, more and more… then you will get what you wanted… eventually. Hopefully…LOL

  423. #423 by GemWoman on September 18, 2009 - 3:06 pm

    I am still reading these comments. I see so much of my T friend in these posts.

    I cant help but wonder if he will return. I havent heard from him in almost 2 weeks (phone) and a week (via email). I hope he goes on and leaves me alone because I cant take the dissappearing acts.

    I deleted him from my fb friends(couldnt stand to see him online and not be able to send an IM) I deleted him from Yahoo(Im on all day and he hasnt sent a msg either), I took his numbers out of my phone (thank goodness I didnt memorize them) and although I know his email addys I wont send him anything.

    That last email was my cue that he does have a temper and it caught me off guard because up until my email he had been the happy go lucky fun friend to have. Those horns were in full blast and it cut like a knife. I still shed a few tears (yeah ME) when I think about how his words of ‘reversing’ the friendship came through that email.

    He said he would never hurt my feelings but that did. I dont know if he fell back because he knows that it did or that he just doesnt care anymore.

    I wish you all the best of luck. I have googled other sites and hear the same things about them. It will be a tough ride ladies, but stay strong. They may be worth the wait. I just realized that I dont have it in me to feel that way all the time.

  424. #424 by Confused Libra on September 20, 2009 - 2:33 am

    Well, I am back with my updates with the taurus this last week.

    Tuesday he promised he’d call and we’d watch a movie after the kids are gone to bed. The call never came that night. The next night, I was in bed and the phone voicemail system alerted me that I have a new voicemail. I looked and it was him, curious of what he had to say and that he had a rough night talking to his children’s mother who is still living under the same roof with him and the children and that’s why he did not call on Tuesday night as promised. We saw each other on Wednesday and again on Thursday night. Both nights were cut short because his youngest woke up and wanting to be with him. I had no problem with that he had to attend to his child. But I feel that it is not respectful to his children of my presence without proper introduction. Thursday night while he was in the restroom, his youngest came in to his bed while i was in it, grabbed my pillow (fine with me, not even worth mentioning) and layed his body on top of both pillows, made eye contact with me and i smiled at him, rubbed his back for a second. Then the Taurus returned, took him back to his room and did not return for the rest of the night (I suppose he was too tired then). I ended up being in his bed not sleeping for the rest of the night. I finally got up and saw the same pile of laundry laying on the ground of the living room that I had seem last time when seeing him so I started folding them (Don’t know why, it was just natural for me, I dislike clutter, unorganized home, and hate being in a place that’s messy in which his home not only is messy, clutter, and very unorganized). I purposely left his children’s mother’s laundry on the side -unfolded with everything else neatly in its order. I am not oppose to help him with certain household chores but I am not mature enough to handle folding his ex’s underwear.I got home and started thinking about him and his children. His youngest always ended up in bed with him on the second half of the night between 1-2am and he always lets him (despite he does not like the idea of co sharing a bed with his child every night), when I am there, it is of course not appropriate for him to share a bed with us. I feel this is confusing for the child because some days he is allowed to share a bed with his father and some days (especially he had seem me twice before) he can’t be on the same bed with him. I’d like to talk to Taurus about my concern but don’t want to come off as I am giving him parental advice because it is not my business how he wants to raise his children (at this time). I met his children’s mother again on Thursday night when we were having wine and peach cobbler in which I had invited her to share with us. She made an unpleasant commend that there are so many of my dishes laying around in the house (well, there was one topper ware). Not sure what the deal is. I think now I need some down time to think all these over and that my taurus needs to figure out what’s going on with us. I don’t want him to take me for granted. It was two weeks ago that he said we’d do something outside the house every few weeks so I am just going to sit and wait for our next meeting—which I hope he’ll initiate and outside his house and i am going to take a backseat in all these for a couple of weeks and observe how he reacts and deal with this. I don’t mind doing things at his place with him but I also feel that he needs to at least show me that he is interested in knowing me outside physical activities we do together. Being at his home is just too convenience to have sex.

  425. #425 by emma on September 20, 2009 - 6:41 pm

    hey guys 😀

    i really enjoyed reading ure posts .. sounds so similar 2 my case !!

    i’ve been thinking .. why don’t u summarize those tips ??!!

    love it all !!

  426. #426 by Confused Libra on September 21, 2009 - 6:34 pm

    Well, these last few days, I think I am progressing with the Taurus. He called on Saturday night (which I missed the call) but didn’t leave a message. Sunday night, he called again and said that “I was thinking that we’d watch a movie together when the children are asleep” —If recall correctly, this is the way he asked me out at first place, there is no–would you, will you. Just plain and simple on how he feels we should do. I got there at 10pm, the children’s mother wasn’t there and the youngest has yet to sleep. He opened the door for me and I waited in living room reading till the child falls asleep a hour later. We started movie and had a great time with it, even though the children’s mother came home right before the child fall asleep and was kind of in and out the house doing some stuff. But the Taurus reassured me that there is nothing to be concerned and that the only relationship they have is coparents. It is not an open relationship that they have and they are not getting back together. We slept till around 4am and the youngest woke up, he was not able to put him back to sleep on his own bed (the child normally sleeps on the Taurus’ bed on the second half of the night) so I decided to get up and leave. He had him in his arms and managed to send me away to front door with a kiss. He also said that he’d take me out on Wednesday (and we will see).

  427. #427 by Confused Libra on September 23, 2009 - 1:50 pm

    Dear All:

    As confused as I am now, it gets more complicated. We had orgionally setup a date to go out tonight. He did not call or email or text to confirm any details. Last night, as I was unable to full asleep due to some work related stress, i gave him a ring. he was in the middle of finishing up work and told me he’d call back in 20-30 minute frame. He did call back, but an whole hour later because he had to take a shower and brush his teeh???
    To make the matter worse, he mentioned nothing about our date tonight so i asked him if he’d pick me up or he’d like to meet somewhere. Then it hits him, he said when he purpose Wednesday date night, he had forgotten that his mother was coming to town for a week visiting some friends and would stay with him on Wednesday and will stay at his brother’s on Thursday. My question is, I am already feeling that I am pursuing him and starts to resent the feeling. It seems like I am putting in more work than him and I am furstrated. I was really looking forward to seeing him tonight. Would this be an excuse that he might have something better to do tonight? I’d like to think not but given he had history not being honest with me (during our initial phone conversation stage), I have doubts althoguh our interaction has been ok so far (less than what I desired to be but I know i can’t rush this man). He did say we can go out either Thursday or Friday night and that he’ll call me today to firm it up.

    Help me please, I am sitting here and just wanna cry.

  428. #428 by GemWoman on September 23, 2009 - 10:04 pm

    @Confused Libra

    Your relationship is a wee bit too complex for me. Too much give give give on your part. So…….I only have this to say.

    “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”

  429. #429 by Jess on September 26, 2009 - 2:56 pm

    Confused Libra,

    From what you described about your guy and his house sounds to me like he is lack of order and discipline and sound to me it keeps bothering you. You need to get this over with or get over him. Eventhough my motto when it’s about relationship is ‘compromise’ but that won’t happen until I’m committed. So at the early stage of getting to know each other, if you will take him you need to accept him for what he is now (and be prepared for a few more space when you both become comfortable and start to show a true colour…)

    However, I’m not telling you nor support anyone to put up with all the shit a man is going to throw at you.

    Do not listen to any of us here what we told you is good or bad about a person, you see and decide it for yourself if you can live with that.

    I tell you my Taurus NEVER called me… can you live with that? everybody told me that’s more than odd. I agree but i need to prove it for myself. You said about your Taurus didn’t call back or forgot his mother was coming? Tell me about it! After the 3rd date, my T suddenly told me he need to go upcountry tomorrow because his friend’s house got some leakage problem and he was the only one who got key… I was like WTF! because he NEVER mentioned anything at all about this friend or the damn house before!!! And suddenly he told me those shit like I got the background and he left tomorrow. Oh, except the first few dates, my Taurus make it late for the meeting almost every time…. but I accept it with no problem because I understand him and I saw that he always make sure that I have a nice and safe place to wait or I’m waiting at one of my friends’ place. My Taurus never invited me to his place (even he said I can come but I never asked and I’m not going to) everybody told me that’s red flag, and I agree but I need to prove it. While I never introduce him to any of my family or friends, only told a few best friends that he is a date not a bf. It’s 10 months so far and getting better. And I’m telling you he NEVER disappeared from me (yet). But if one day he choose to do, nothing I can do. And it doesn’t has to be Taurus to be all the disappearing shit. I had a bf who was head over heal with me, we almost get married but one day when he decided to be an ass… Boom! He just went and became the biggest asshole… I tried to do many things to get him back to be human… such a vain, nothing i can do also.

    Don’t stress yourself out, play it by ear and take it by the moment ok?

  430. #430 by Jess on September 26, 2009 - 3:07 pm

    This board is pretty quiet lately. How’s the ride everyone? Anything to share?

    I’m just back from mountain trip with friends and super tired. Instead of losing weight like i planned, I ended up putting 1 more kg… and got some rash on my face… and I’m going to join my Taurus his island trip on Friday.

    I try to keep a bit away from astrology because… Oh Boy I miss my guy! hate it this feeling!

  431. #431 by H on September 27, 2009 - 12:26 am

    Hi Jess,

    Its really funny, my taurus guy does the same thing too. Late for appointments but making sure I’m comfortable somewhere.

    To the others:

    I guess one way to keep yourself from going crazy with this guy is to understand and know that they do things reaaaaaaaalllllyyyy slllllooooowwwwlllyyyy.

    Actions and messages sink into thier minds so slowly, but I feel that it does eventually get to them (just observe his actions and you’ll see it). Its like.. throwing out a lead or message, don’t expect to get a reply or a reaction, they are thinking abt it! Sniffing the air, looking at signs and simply waiting for the right time.

    I really do think so, because it happened a few times.. and it took him a few days or weeks to react to it. To change for the better somehow. It also means that whatever you say, they remember and will action on it later (if your looking for some sort of change). Kinda scary really, because by then, when we have mentioned something and completely forgotten about it, they do remember the whole time, thinking about what to do.

    Say something negative about their character and you’ll surely get an immediate attention just because they don’t think they are like that, they just need time to think about it. Its an innate thing! Just like how some of us love shopping to the max, its the same theory. HAHAHA.

    Best part of it all, they can’t help it! On the positive side, since we know they can’t do things at a quicker pace, it probably means that they have to cater to their practical needs first (daunting issues) and will probably have no time to do other things, this might just yell *loyalty* doesn’t it?

    Old-fashion romance.

  432. #432 by H on September 27, 2009 - 12:30 am

    One more thing, it is a fact that the longer the relationship or date (unofficial status) is, the better it gets. I don’t think they do fool around due to their practical side, or basically, too much things on hand.

    Oh, I’m an Aries Girl as well, this chap is teaching me a whole lot of practical lessons. Brings in a completely new perspective on things. I might not agree to it at first, but try to look at it from his perspective, you might learn something, I did and still am. I like what I’m learning, gives me a balance to my impulsive side. HAHA.

  433. #433 by Confused Libra on September 28, 2009 - 3:02 am

    It is very much a roller coaster ride. I spoke to him on Tuesday and he said he’d call back on Wednesday to let me know to go out on Thursday or Friday night. The call never came. Today, I called him let him know that I thought of him and that if he will make time to watch the moon with me tonight. I have not heard back from him. I also went out with a friend who is very concerned about my relationship with him and totally told me that he is not into me because he is a guy and speaking from a male perspective. I want to give him the benefit of the doubts and believe that he must have a really good reason not calling. I want to seek to understand him and then seek to be understood. My head hurts all day just by listening to my friend and then did some thinking myself. I know and understand life with three children can be demanding even on the weekends and I am not trying to take him away from his children. I am glad i have a place to vent (here) my frustration.

    I can live with him not calling if he wasn’t a calling type. He did say that he had never talked to someone on the phone so much before when we were on the phone stage and had not met yet. And he has a very old fashion phone that doesn’t even take photos that also tells me that he is not so much into phone communication. It takes him forever to response to a text message (if he ever responses) at work or when he is with his children as he is very devoted with his children and work when he is with both. I do not have problem helping him out with the household chores but i thought the request should come from him. I’ve done a little here and there with folding laundry and picking up a piece or trash here and there and put them in the garbage when I see them and wipe of the kitchen counter and made sure I clean after ourselves when we have a meal, snack, wine together, and to totally transform the place so it’s livable to my standard will take some time as the children will also need to be involved in this process. Yes, honestly speaking, his place bugs me and I am sure it bugs him too. I can’t never imagine someone living like that. I got to thinking today that he has a lot on his shoulder, with a divorce coming up, with three children (and I can clear see that he is a devoting father and committed to his children but i can’t say the same to his children’s mother–but seems like she is out of town or not home a lot for as long as I know him). It is not my business how their relationships with their children are and for what he has shown me non-verbally, I understand he’s got a lot of to go through, a lot of readjustment, and a handful of children, I am just hoping he is not depressed or stressed and willing to give him as much support as I can and as he needs. I consider myself a patience person. I only call because I truly miss him and want him to know that I was thinking about him. I don’t want him to feel that I must be mad at him now because he didn’t call me back when he said he would. I don’t want to assume he is just into me and not given us a fair chance. It’s hard but I am hanging on here.

  434. #434 by Lioness on September 28, 2009 - 3:18 pm

    Hello everyone,
    Man after reading all you guys stories I thought that I was the one going nuts and thought what the heck is wrong with me. My taurus guy and I have never dated. We happen to be neighbors when I first met him I talked to him for an hour or more just getting to know one another. I wasn’t really looking for anything at this point in time and here was an instant attraction I think he was glad to have finally met me as he was so nervous. I never talked to him again until a month later when I found him on myspace and I added him. Ever since then it has been a rollercoaster he would ask about my ex’s and stuff like that. I always had to be the one to message him very rarely did he ever write me. So I gave up on him and was tired of it being a one sided friendship. A month or two later he started to date this girl and he deleted me off of myspace. I asked him why and he said that he was dating someone now and that he was going to be taking some other friends off as well. So I quit talking to him except if I were to see him out I never heard from him either. A month or two goes by and I had heard a rumor about him so I messaged him on yahoo and later messaged me back and told me about the situation he acted so pissy. I told him that he was once my friend and he had responded well I never quit being your friend I am not going to have a bunch of girls on myspace and facebook when I am seeing someone. So I told him he didn’t have to change his life around for a girl. He said by having all those girls online when he is seeing someone causes alot of problems. So then I don’t hear from him and I message him 5 days later asking him how he is and such….. nothing no response at all. So I text him back the next day asked him if he was pissed at me and he said no, not at all says that I never talk to him so he doesn’t say anything. Then I write him a message kinda beating around the bush that I like him and he never writes back. So 4 days later I message him and tell him that I like him his response: I don’t know what to say I am flattered but not sure…. he goes on to tell me that he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings and he doesn’t want anything serious now. So I was gonna let him go after that then he precedes to ask me about how my nite went before… so we chatted it up about that. Then he starts to avoid me or something I don’t know I messaged him 10 days later asking him if he is pissed again and told him flat out if you don’t want to talk to me then I won’t even bother with you. So then of course I get sucked in again writes me back telling me that he has been so busy. Well come to find out this man had been watching me on yahoo in stealth mode. I couldn’t see him on but a mutual friend could see him on and say hey he was on all afternoon. I went invisible one time on him and looked like I signed off well he got off the same time. He would watch me out his window, listen to conversations, he even would bring women over and flaunt them in my face while staring at me the same time. I got so mad at him one time that I wrote him and asked him what the deal is with him not talking to me and told him flat out that I was trying to be his friend and it was too much for him. Well I saw that he went to the bar that nite and in the morning I got sucked in yet again this time he calls me honey and apologizing profusely…… never has called me that before I was astounded. He told me that he doesn’t check his email throughout the day because he was so busy and I was like yeah I know better than that. I wrote him a message asking him what he wants and then 7 hours later I get a message I am sorry but I am already with someone but I am glad to be your friend. This man sits at home all through the week when he gets home from work. I never see any girls coming in except for the one and she was there 3 times and hasn’t been back since. He told our mutual friend that he is moving in 6 months and he was talking to his ex-wife and trying to work it out for his child . He divorced 2 years ago because she cheated on him with his best friend. I don’t know what the hell he is thinking anymore I am beginning to think he doesn’t know what he wants. I wrote him a message 5 days ago and he was online…. Yeah he took me off of stealth mode for some reason and I told him that I was happy for him and that I was just trying to be his friend. He read it and signed off never responded at all. It was the night our mutual friend asked him y he was playing all these games and of course he denied everything wasn’t listening out windows, none of it! So I saw him in person the other day when I was taking out my trash and he was just staring at me and says Hello how are you doing and I am thinking how the hell do you think I am. But of course I was nice to him and asked him how he was. Now I haven’t seen him in 2 days and I haven’t heard from him in 5 days. I have no idea what to do about him any suggestions besides ignoring him???

  435. #435 by Lonelycancer on September 29, 2009 - 2:31 am

    Hi everyone, I’m upset i see no cancers in this, i feel like im the hopeless only cancer left in love and always after the same taurus for many many months now, on and off we’ve been together since june 2008. Recently we got back together, we don’t have a relationship gf/bf status, never have because he has always had a gf when we were off they were on, basically he loves her still and hasn’t gotten over her yet and doesnt think he can get into a relationship yet. well all the times we keep going back to eachother he’s still not ready… now it doesn’t matter i guess cause im moving out of the country. I wish i could just forget him but he’s the first guy i ever loved, and i still would like to spend time with him until i leave, considering we said i love you to eachother. of course i was first, but he said it back so he must mean it right? ha, well that im not sure of. I thought love meant one wanting the other to be as happy as the other is, and spend time together, and talk to each other. the only time i feel he really loves me is when we hook up, the way he looks at me, and the sing he says, always bring me back after him being a complete jerk. He doesnt call when he says he will, he doesn’t text back till hours later and when i call he bearly picks up and last time he didnt even call back, he just texted me…asking what was up?! that was the last of what i put up with. he couldn’t even call me back, so i flipped out on him, nicely. like always cause im always too nice to him, i been putting up with his bullshit for the longest time, i mean since JUNE 2008! he left me every time for her and i was still there waiting for him, when he ended up fighting with her. Ya now it just seems like im a tool, and he jus uses me when he needs me, well yeah maybe it is that way. But if so then why can’t i just let an ass like him go? after he didnt call back n texted me, i decided to be as much as a jerk as he is to me most of the time tho he “loves” me. i know this is super long, but please someone bear with me. anyways, so as i was saying i decided to just stop going after him, and getting so hurt all the time by waiting for him to show a little bit of care, he says he cares about me but he doesn’t show it very much like i said unless we are hooking up. when we are around friends its like as if we were just friends. so after that one night that i called n he didnt answer and texted me back, i said to him to him that i was sick of all his bullshit, sick enough to never talk to him again and be happy. i said this many times thinking to put a little more intrigue in him and make him regret treating me lk shit. but i always came back, so this time i decided to just ignore his texts and let him wonder. He texted me saying he thought i didnt want him to call back?? and i was lk why wouldn’t i? if i called then obviously i wanted to talk to you, i dnt call n text all day it was ONE call. and he said maybe if u werent acting like this i would’ve called u back, so thats when i said i was sick of his bullshit. n stopped texting him back, i turned my phone off for the first time n went to bed, i woke up turned it on scared of him probably bitching at me through texts but he just said, honestly i didnt call because i was doing coke (he sstarted this habit and i been trying to get him off it but its hard) so he said he didnt want to tell me cz he knew it would upset me and he said im srry im hooked on that shit i wish you could understand me, but you know deep down i care about you babe. and i still ignored it, that day went by i didnt txt back to that or call, because i just figured he made that shit up. lk other excuses he has given me, even tho i was feeling guilty of it maybe being true but i still tried my best n ignored him, thinking i deserve better (cz i do) n so another day came n we didnt text or call again, and i woke up the day after that n had 2 missed calls at 2am n a text saying i wish you would pick up but since u dnt fuck it. so i got mad that he had to say that so i said well sorry i was sleeping, i bet if i call back u wnt pick up so ya fuck it. and he didnt answer the text the whole day went by, then another day went by and that night he texted me at 4am saying i wish you wouldnt stop talking to me cause i miss u very much and no matter what i want u to be my friend, i just wish you would call. …….um i seriously didnt know how to react to all this, onlny times he would try to reach me where lk u can see in the early am, which obviously i was asleep. that night i knew i was gonna see him at our friends birthday. so after thinking it through all day on if i should or not text him back, cz the two times he tried reaching me were pathetic were they not? times, and he said he wanted me to b his friend no matter what? wtf does that mean? so confused n still mad a bit, tho i was feeling guilty at the same time for not ever texting or callin back, anyways i was feeling the whole week in between guilt and rightness, i felt guilty at times cz i love him n maybe he was being honest, but then i felt lk i was doing right thing by ignoring him to show him to not fuck with me anymore n that i wasnt gonna put up with his bs anymore. anyways the party that night came, and as soon as i walked in and said hey to one of the ppl there i see him stand up n head straight outside, we didnt say a word to eachother, i was hoping after ignoring his text he’d have the balls to come up to me n try to talk n work things out but no instead i hear frm his friend sayin to another that he (myguy) was planning on hooking up with this girl at the party……….so what am i suppose to feel now? …….i should be even more pissed well at that point i was, we ignored eachother i just went home later on, and that was that, its been two days since then, we still hvnt spoken, i feel sad cz i miss him, i feel some guilt for never texting back but i usually do n its the first time i play hard to get to see if it changes anything, and then i wonder what he feels, i wonder if hes thinking whatever she doesnt give a shit she never texted back or fuck it shes moving anyways, see i’ll never know….and i know how he is, he’s not gonna text me or call ever again unless i do, and i miss him i want to cz i still love him despite all the shit he puts me through, n despite the fact that im moving i still want to b with him till then, i feel lk at least i deserve that after waiting on him for so long, but idk what im expecting for anyone whos reading to say anyways, i can’t say im hopeless cause i actually have hope he’ll wake up one day and realize what he let go….i was always afraid to b the one to walk away cz i knew he wasnt gonna come after me, he was jus gonna let me go just lk he did….but then i think he kind of didnt? since he texted me, n i was the one that didnt asnwer, but i feel lk he should’ve tried harder if he “loves me” lk he says… im sorry im probably not making any sence and now im just rambling my crazy thoughts, i seriously just dont know what to say or do about him anymore, and i know i should probably let it all go… but for some damn reason the love i have for him wont let me 😥

  436. #436 by saggi girl on September 29, 2009 - 2:35 pm


    i do not really know your story but based on what you mentioned here, i think i would leave if he was trying to hook up with another girl and left me for his ex-girl friend a few times as i do not deserve to be a backup for love. my guy has not been offical status with me yet, the only reason that i am still hanging in there is because that i am sure that he did not see anyone else, he told me that he is not going to. this way makes me think that he respects me…..

  437. #437 by Lioness on September 29, 2009 - 3:06 pm

    Lonely Cancer,
    I totally understand what you are going through as I am kinda going through the same thing. I think you should leave your guy alone and let him think maybe talk to him one more time and tell him hey these are the things that I want. If he can’t give you what you want and keeps on running to someone else then you don’t need him anyhow. I was never in a relationship with my guy and I am just ignoring him now because he needs to decide what he wants.

  438. #438 by InloveCancer on September 29, 2009 - 11:31 pm

    Hi guys,

    I’m also a Cancerian girl. I’m suffering in an ocean of sorrow now just because I fell for this Taurus guy. I was so sad, but after reading all these comments, I start to laugh. So the problem wasn’t me, or the situation but it was all about the crazy Taurus guy. I start talking to this Taurus guy for 4 months. Like what you guys have shared. Before telling me that he liked me, he took good care of me. Everyday we talk, chat and text to each other. He even turned his wc for me when we are chating and please me for anything I want him to do. He helped me to study, called and wake me up every morning, texted me goodnite every single night. He was so sweet, friendly, smart. I started falling for him more and more everyday. But he seems never want any further. I don’t see any signal that he will ask me out.

    So one day, I asked him what he really thinks and what he wants for our relationship since I start treating me sweeter everyday, we talked like bf/gf. He called me honey and told me that he missed me alot. But guess wat? This is unbelievable. He said that he really cares and loves me but he is not sure if he want us to be together. He thinks that I deserve a better guy who can take good care of me. He thinks that I won’t be happy to be with him… And finally he confessed that he had 2 gfs before and they only last for 3-4 months. Both of the girls were really hurt. But he said that I’m very important to him because I’m the one that make him feel strongest. Still, he doesn’t want me to get hurt.

    OMG… I was so dissapointed. I asked him so what is everything we had for the whole time? He said he is not sure, but to him those were the most beautiful and happiest time for him. Well, aftet that conversation, I tried to cool down and later I talked very sweet and tried to convince him that everything gonna be fine, but he is not saying anything, he still think it’s better for me if I’m with someone else. The funny thing here is he asked me if he still can take care of me as he did? Talk and be with me like how we used to? I got so mad I said no. But after that I try to calm down again and be nice to him. These days, he is busy with his school so much, he start not text me me alot as before. He doesn’t call me at all. When he is online he talks to me but not alot. When he is no longer call to wake me up in the morning. He text me every morning and night before/after he go to bed.

    I don’t know. Before reading these comments from you guys. I though I would put my pride down abit to show him how much I love and want to be with him. Because he live 2 hours away from me, so I planed to surprise him by driving up there and hang out with him. I also bought him a little gift and I about to mail it out 2morrow. But now, I’m twisted. I don’t know if I should do all that for him or not? if he worth it? if he care and feel for me as much as I do to him?

    I’m a Cancerian girl. I’m very very sensitive and emotional. Things he has said and done hurt me alot. What should I do? I’ve never deal with this kind of man before. With the other guy, at least I can be so straight/play game. But with this one, I don’t know what to do. I just can’t explain why I fell so much for him. Anyone out there could give me advice? Especially for Cancerian like me? Thanks alot and good luck to you all.

  439. #439 by Lioness on September 30, 2009 - 1:27 am

    Inlove Cancer,
    your story is kinda like mine. My taurus guy if I should even call him that likes to play games also…. I felt like he couldn’t be straight with me and he just wanted to play games why I don’t know maybe for his ego, stringing me along and use me as a backpocket girl which I am not gonna do!! I am currently ignoring my taurus he says that he still wants to be my friend but I haven’t seen him in 3 days or he hasn’t messaged me in 11 days I wrote him 6 days ago he read it and never responded back… go figure so I am returning the favor to him and testing him also to see if he truly cares…. if not then he can be with his other sideline girls and whoever! I fell also for him and I don’t even know why it was some kind of connection I guess and I still think about him and get obsessed and I don’t know why…. I never used to do this before. If I were you just back away and see what happens…. Good luck!