YouTube under Fire over Gandhiji

WTF???????? Gandhi with AK-47 doing a pole dance? What has the world come to? Ok. Lets forget for a second what he has done for india. He was a philosopher who inspired millions. Now why isnt he allowed to rest in peace? If the video was some kind of a joke. Then my opinion is that it is a SICK joke. Ok. Maybe i am over-reacting here without actually watching the vid. Is this dude – Gautham Prasad, taking the new hip “Gandhigiri” to the next level? BTW I never liked the “gandhigiri” term!!! Come on people. Follow his principles if you believe in them. Else shut the fuck up and stay put. Dont make a joke out him. We owe him atleast that much!

Two Hindi news channels and one Web site are under scathing fire – for airing footage of what looks like Gandhiji peforming a pole dance and brandishing an AK-47.

The controversial video clip stars NRI comedian, Gautham Prasad, dressed as Mahatma Gandhi, making lewd gestures while pole dancing, and even shooting people with an AK-47.

While both Hindi news channels; IBN-7 and Sahara, have been issued showcause notices by the I&B Ministry, sources reveal that the Web site,, on which the video clip was originally posted and then lifted by the TV channels could also be at the receiving end of the goverment.

I&B Minister, Priyaranjan Dasmunsi, said the two Hindi-language channels tried to denigrate Mahatma Gandhi in a way that is tantamount to an assault on the dignity of the Father of the Nation.

The minister said the channels have been asked to issue an unconditional apology at prime time, and have been given time to explain why they aired the video. The ministry will hear what the channels have to say, but will take a stern view of the matter.

Meanwhile, the channels have issued clarifications that they did not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

The Managing Editor of IBN-7 defended his station’s decision to air the video, saying the video was originally posted on the popular social networking Web site, YouTube.

Apparently, the video shows Gandhiji shooting at people with an AK-47, holding a knife to someone’s neck, and roaming around with two half-clad women. It shows Gandhiji doing a striptease, and passing vulgar gestures while pole dancing.

As for YouTube, Dasmunsi said he would be meeting officials from the IT ministry to discuss the nature of “action” to be taken against the Web site.

In the meanwhile, the video in question has been taken off the Web site,

*Update – Here‘s the link to the video. After seeing the video, I have to say. I was wrong when I said the idea was sick. I correct myself. It’s not sick. It’s DISGUSTING! I have said this before and am saying it again. Forget that he was Gandhi. He is an old man who has passed away. Respect his soul! I guess if this video is considered funny, then the whole meaning of “funny” has changed over the years. What else is that? This guy coming on stage making lewd sexual gestures!!! How can anyone relate Gandhi into that scene? Why would anyone do that unless he has a disgusting perverted mind?

There! My mind feels much more at rest!

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