News channels, Celebrity Weddings & Viewers

Today morning, I switched on the TV and moved to one of the news channels as usual to catch up on whats been happening around the world. And found this Astrologer sitting there in the studio giving out predictions. About what? No. Not about Iraq, Not about India-Pak relationship, Not about NASA’s space research, not about the Oil prices rocketing upwards. He was earnestly predicting… Whether Aishwarya’s horoscope matches with Abhisheks. In other words – CRAP!

What have the news channels reduced to? Yesterday inCNN-IBN I saw this reporter girl running around with a microphone asking public if they think Aishwarya’s wedding with Abhishek will last for long or will it end in a divorce. Don’t you have anything better to do? Yesterday, when the news broke out. CNN-IBN had a couple of reporters positioned outside Abhishek’s residence trying to cover the story and reporting live from there. What’s this? A war zone? It’s a Marriage. Stupids! It’s a private affair. Which means YOU are NOT welcome. Stay out! and keep the rest of the gossip mongers out of it. There are other channels which specialize in it. It’s simply not your cup of tea because its not what your viewers would want to watch.

I agree it’s a celebrity wedding and its news. Even I was interested in hearing the news. But, making a story out of it?!!!? Is this what serious journalism has been reduced to? Just filthy papparazzi?

I wouldnt have been surprised if I had seen this in a entertaintment channel like Zoom or Zee cinema. But, seeing it being the top news in channels like CNN-IBN, NDTC, 24×7 etc really breaks my heart!

Why in the world would I be interested inthe Astrologer’s opinion on whether the celebrity wedding will last long? Why would I be interested in a college kid making statements on whether the Ashiwarya-Abhishek onscreen chemistry is bad so their off screen chemistry is more likely to fail. WTF???

Reporters! My advice to you. Go out and get a life. If you dont have anything worthwhile to report, then DONT! Wearing colorful dresses and standing outside celebrity houses making statements in english does not constitute to journalism. I understand it’s the Channel’s fault that they spend their resources in covering these stories. I wouldn’t be surprised if news channels turn up with a cover story on what the celebs did on their first night! You people seem to sensationlize even the most sleaziest of events.

Media is for presenting news as it is. Not sensationalizing it. Media shouldnt add emotions to the news. Media shouldnt influence people’s decision making capabilities. That’s the role the media has been trying to play recently.

So much for media being the voice of the public!

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