Sai Baba “Darshan”

Saturday was filled with a lot of religious activities. The day started with escorting mom to get Sai Baba’s “darshan”. We reached the spot by around 9:00 am and the place was already as busy as a hornet’s nest. As one would expect in any place in chennai, CHAOS RULED the place! Amidst this, suddenly sirens started sounding and a bunch of guys were running in front of a car which was being driven at very slow speed. As the car passed, I saw a yellow clad solemn figure in the front passenger seat. That happens to be the first time, I am seeing him in blood and flesh – Sri Sathya Sai Baba; a man about whom I have heard so much. I felt really amused the kind of attraction and devotion a single man can attract from millions of people. Most of them educated and many of them holding high offices. Do all these people really have any personal experience to believe in Baba so much or are most of them just being safe by not disbelieving in him. I guess most of them believe that if so many people are believing in him then there must be something about him that makes him divine.

Standing there amidst the crying crowd, I felt alienated. Here I was – a person who does believe that Sai Baba is a philosopher who has attracted the belief and devotion of millions; he is a person who has managed to do what the governments have not been able to (Like build good quality educational institutions and hospitals); he is a person who brings people from various religions under one roof of love and peace. But, I dont really wish to see him as a god. He is mortal and a human being.

In google, I found many websites which are blatantly claiming with photographic elements that his “David Blaine” imitations is what is fooling millions. Really, there are quiet some really interesting sites if you have enough time to kill πŸ˜‰ . Anyway, I really do respect that he as a human being has managed to change so many lives. But, still I would place him a few steps below god. Mother Teresa has been the symbol of sacrifice and love to all. Even she is placed only below god (For that matter, I have never heard her claim to be God!!!!). And I am definitely not going to honor anyone else as God! And thats precisely what the mass has started to cast him as. Another Avatar of the supreme self.

But, here we come across another interesting question – What or Who is God? I would rather not get into that debate at this point. But, for sure, I wouldn’t consider any human being/mortal to be a god. But yes. I would look upon Sai Baba as a saint or philosopher. Over the years I have read many scandals and stories aboutmost of the self proclaimed “god-men/women”. I may or may not believe in any of those. But, I surely do believe in god.

Stuff to read on this topic –

But, like the other millions who believe in him because millions believe in him, my mom also believes in him. And I love her so I would rather not dissapoint her by trying to make my point. I would rather humour her and take her to the darshan. Hey, Who cares whether I really believe in it or not. At the end of the day, if my mom is happy, thats more than enough for me! πŸ™‚ But yeah, such generosities lead to me venting out my thoughts out here on my blog.

In God, we trust – printed on the US Dollar

*Update: After posting, I was just reading through the links in the google search, and some really scary stuff seems to be out there. Not sure of the authenticity of these content. But, still worth the read!

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