The chocolate girl

Roshan! I am not sure how good a doctor you are. But, You are one of the best I have ever come across when it comes to writing. Maybe you should seriously consider it as a career alternative at some point in your life. If you have a fan following for your stuff, consider me there right in front of that queue. 😉 Keep writing!
I liked the way you have described the typical airport lounge. There’s no better way. I could almost relate to every word of it.

…An old man apologising when he accidentally just brushed against me with his bag as he passed by. Worldspace playing Chiquitita by ABBA, a song which flooded my senses with memories of a more innocent age when I along with 4 other talented musicians were disqualified for our awful rendition of the song in the group song contest.. sigh. ( who knows how high this eagle would have flown had my true place beside Himesh been spotted earlier ? ) A group of oh-so-obviously Indian girls in transit sat chatting and I picked up the gorgeously funny Americanized Indian accent that has been injected into them. “And I was like -Oh My Gaaaw ! I have no seat and she was like Oh mah Gawww you have no seat and the staff were like Oh mah Gaww they had no seat and I was like so bummed I could weep and I was thinking like…what was I saying ? ( I’m guessing , at this point, you computer folks would insert the html code for “GENERAL FAILURE READING DISK..ABORT, RETRY, CANCEL ? In medical terms, we stick to “What was I saying ?” )…

And the actual content of the post was also really touching in many ways. At the end of the day, isn’t that what everything’s about? Love?

And then there was the chocolate girl. A cute little girl, maybe 5 years at best, watched her dad get her a chocolate. She opened the wrapper with due diligence, making sure no chocolate was stolen by the evil wrapper. She had almost put the choc in her mouth when she spotted her mom watching her a few feet away. And then, this little angel did something I haven’t seen in all the years I’ve watched families and children aplenty in wards. She walked up to the mom and put the chocolate in her mom’s mouth, no questions asked. The delighted mom obviously responded with a big hug, but there was just something in that moment. I mean, When was the last time you’ve seen a child give up a chocolate without being asked to ? When was the last time you gave your mom a chocolate without being asked to, for that matter ? Slowly, it all began to make perfect sense. This was what it was all about, wasn’t it, Big G ? We keep looking for the next big event to focus on. Meanwhile, we’re missing the whole picture he painted for us. It’s not the canvas. It’s the small things in life that are painted into the canvas. They all add up. To Love.

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  1. #1 by Dr roshan on May 10, 2010 - 5:20 pm

    the crazy part is this is the first time I’m seeing this man, thanks to google blog search.. thanks a lot..

    seems like ages ago 🙂

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