Never Forget an Anniversary!

What else now? We are living in interesting times!! So, here’s the latest gadget in the block. A ring that heats up to remind you of something! Now, thats cool! Isnt it? Check it out. If you are interested and have $760 to spare, jump right in and place an order! 🙂


Hot enough to cause discomfort but not hot enough to burn-the Remember Ring™ is impossible to ignore!

The Remember Ring™ utilizes patent pending Hot Spot™ technology to deliver a reminder that it’s “That time of the year again!” 4 hours before your special day, the Hot Spot™ on the interior surface of your Remember Ring™ will warm to 120º F for approximately 10 seconds, and continue to warm up every hour, on the hour, all day long!

It’s maintenance free! Using a micro thermopile, The Remember Ring™ converts the heat from your hand into electricity, keeping the battery charged and microchip clock running perpetually. Just specify your anniversary date when you order, and we’ll program your ring for you. Set it and forget it-until your anniversary!

PS: Dont know why. But, this ring reminds me of LORD OF THE RINGS! 😉

[ Remember Rings from Alaska Jewelry ]

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