Medical Prescriptions by Indian Doctors

Last week, I had taken my mom to a local doctor here as she was suffering from high fever. And this doc prescribed some medicines. The medicines work liked magic. Even before she finished the first course of medication, she is hale and healthy again :). But, Another thing that caught my attention in this whole episode was the prescription that the doc had issued.

The scanned image of the original prescription

Doc’s Prescription


The scanned image of the reciept from the medical store which read the doc’s prescription without any problem and gave me the medicines

Medical Store Reciept

Now, How would you translate the scribblings on the 1st image to the medicine names mentioned in the second image? Looks impossible? The guys at the medical store did exactly that. Truely amazing! I am not sure whether the docs all around the world have the same kind of handwriting. But, as far as India goes, I know that this illegibility of handwriting is kind of a trademark for all doctors. And I have seen that the medical stor sales guys have a way of ‘decoding’ the heiroglyphics 🙂 .

That said, I have to say this – The doc’s handwriting may be illegible to me, but he sure does now his job! His daignosis was acurate and his medicines were effective. At the end of the day, do I really care whether my doc knows calligraphy? Hell, No! I am happy as long as he is good at what he does 🙂 .

  1. #1 by little indian on February 5, 2007 - 8:07 pm

    Was it the doctor who ‘prescribed’ the right medicines?
    or was it the pharmacist who ‘dispensed’ them?

    Would you be able to find from your doctor
    what medications he really prescribed.
    The perfect ‘double blind’ trial?

    Sorry, I was only kidding.
    Doctors are known for their artistic handwriting.
    More works of modern art, but not really of writing.

    I know a UK based doctor who was asked to review his notes,
    but failed to do so.
    It is true.

  2. #2 by Ivan on August 10, 2009 - 12:23 pm

    At the end of the day you would really care about his handwriting if it was the reason the pharmacist gave you the wrong medicine.
    Or you may not if you are not alive for the same reason.

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