Windows Vista arrives with a Thud

I personally was very much excited about the new Vista. But, sadly, my laptop purchased during the pre-vista ages (jan 2006) doesnt have enough hardware support to be compatible with Vista. So, I guess I will have to live with Win XP till I change my laptop.  😦

That said, I also did notice that the VISTA release went by without any hue and cry. I attributed it to the fact the Vista has been available for all as beta for quiet some time now. But, I still microsoft will soon regain the market share they lost to Linux. Its only a matter of time (Unless really Ubuntu evolves into what it promises to be!) 😉 .

[[H] Consumer] The day has finally arrived: the retail launch for Windows’ new ambitious operating system. Surely with an event as highly anticipated as this one there would be PS3-like mayhem in the streets. Except there’s not. We give our thoughts on why.

As this goes to print, Windows Vista is available in the retail channel. Can you feel the buzz? I can’t either, because there isn’t one. If anything, the buzz has been negative, and more along the lines of “Tell me why I need this again?” than a laundry list of Vista features that users can’t wait to get their hands on.

This is obviously not the position Microsoft wanted to be in leading up to launch day. I remember meeting with Microsoft last year at E3 where I had my backside filled with smoke for an hour by the Vista PR crew. The gist of our hour-long meeting was, “It’s going to be awesome!” I kept asking them specifically about DirectX 10 and what it would bring to the table, and they said that since no DX10 hardware was available at that time, they didn’t want to comment. But it would, without question, “be awesome!” They also didn’t have a lot of specifics about how Vista would specifically and tangibly be better than XP, but man oh man, it was going to be great.

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