Michael Jackson – How he should have looked?

This is something different 🙂 . Here’s a guy – Stephen Mancusi, who is an expert ub Forensic Art. Somebody has actually placed an order to create portraits of how MJ would have looked with out all those surgeries. I dont know what worries me more – That somebody has actually paid Stephen to do this, or That a man can change his appearance so much, or That going under the knife to look good can sometimes make you look scary!

MJ at young age

Original Photo – At young age
MJ at middle age

What he should have looked like in middle age!
What MJ should have been now!
What he should look like little later from now!

Check out Stephen’s site Here.

This age progression is the result of applying basic aging trends to one of Michael Jackson’s childhood pictures. It is not meant to be a definitive result. This was a client requested age progression.

While on the topic, here’s an interesting video from Youtube.

BTW, I love MJ for his music. His music was ahead of his times. His dance set trends that still continues after all these years. In many countries, western music/english songs still means MJ. I still love many of MJ’s songs. But, wierdly, he screwed up his life in a most pathetic manner. I guess these are attributes that just come along when one gets too rich and too famous. In his history album, there is statement – “Micheal Jackson, your success is an American dream come true!”. Today, he is the center of most internet jokes on sex and perversion. what has he been reduced himself too? On one side, I feel bad for him when i look at him as a really multi-talented star. But, on the other hand when I see jack-whacko as a perverted pedophile, I think he bought himself his own downfall. Too bad! 😦

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