Yahoo! Pipes – The latest web 2.0 beta

 After a long time, Yahoo is out with something BETA. I have always believed that Yahoo were the first to launch many of the online services that we know today. Yeah! They did miss the bus on stuff like Blogs etc. But, this time I think they are there first!

Honestly, I am still trying to figure out what I can do with Yahoo Pipes. But, It does look cool. AND the whole damn thing seems to be taking AJAX to the next level! Check it out! Its worth the time & bandwidth. 😉 The Ajax UI is great! Its so smooth that I thought it was Flash. And the curving connector pipes are really goooood!!!

[LifeHacker] Today Yahoo! launched a brand new web service called Pipes that mixes, mashes and – you Unix geeks will appreciate this – pipes feeds through filters you define in an attractive, visual IDE.

What the hell does that mean? Basically with Pipes, anyone can create a web mashup, no programming knowledge required. For example, in about 3 minutes using Pipes, I made a feed of just posts with the word “Trapani” in the description, effectively creating an author-specific feed, something we don’t offer here at the site. After the jump, check out a screenshot of that pipe.

[ Yahoo! Pipes |

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