Killing me softly???

Aah! At last, here are some reviews on Vista. I have been wondering why arent we seeing any vista-bashing lately. I just assumed that the whole blogosphere is staring with blinking eyes and open mouths at iPods, iPhones and other “Beta” stuff on the net.

This review is definitely different and hilarious. It has a poetic touch to it and a kind of an eerieness like one of those Stephen King books.Its a bit long. But, read it. It’s worth your time. 🙂

[So Beautiful, So Disturbing] I wake. For a moment, I stare at the ceiling trying to remember something. Something important. Something important happened last night, but the details escape me. Something fascinating yet sinister, like touring the CIA offices. Something exotic yet somehow familiar, like putting hot sauce on meatloaf. I wonder if I have a hangover. I wonder why I am thinking about the CIA and meatloaf. I roll onto my side.

There is a strange woman in bed with me.

A lot of things happen at once. First, I realize that this is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I am a lucky, lucky man. Second, I realize that this is not my wife, and I panic. Third, I realize that she’s awake, has been watching me sleep. Fourth, before I can really react to thoughts 1 and 2, she smiles at me and speaks with a lovely accent I can’t quite place: “So. You like new wife, yes? Yes. Up now, I make breakfast.”

She gets out of bed and stretches, perfect curves sliding under silky lingerie and momentarily making me forget about breakfast, meatloaf, and whoever it was I was married to before last night. She seems to know this, and smiles at me again, but apparently she’s serious about making breakfast. She turns and strides confidently from the room. As she does, I see for the first time the large Microsoft logo splayed across her back. My stomach lurches as I suddenly remember everything.

Windows Vista. I bought a new computer yesterday… and it came with Windows Vista.

By the way, here’s a list of ANNOYING features of Vista.

[ Read Original Post (Believe me! It’s worth the time!) ] [source: ForgetFoo]

  1. #1 by Jason Drohn on February 21, 2007 - 5:11 pm

    LOL. Fanstastic find. I think that is one of the best reviews I have read yet..

  2. #2 by Deeps on February 22, 2007 - 4:34 am

    ha ha ha.. good one dude… nice interpretation of ur thoughtS!!!!

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