Be ready to pay more to fly

Flight fares to rise in India? I thought, they should go down. Already flight fares are high in India. Flying is still a luxury that can be afforded by only few. This should change. When Deccan Airways started up, I thought this was finally going to happen. But, recently I have noticed that their fares are also high!!! Now, given this news piece. I guess fewer people will be traveling by air this air. Also, Lalloo seems to be doing very good in promoting the great Indian Railways!! 🙂

The Government has decided to double airport charges at peak hours, which comprises of charges that that airlines pay for parking and landing facilities.

So the flights between 0700 and 1000 hrs, IST and between 1800 and 2200 hrs, IST will be more expensive compared to afternoon and night flights.

The charges will remain normal in the afternoon, while airport charges for night flights between midnight and 0500 hrs, IST will cost 50 per cent less.

The measure is aimed at reducing the rush during peak hours but will result in the airlines raising fares. It will be applicable in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore till the airports are upgraded.

The charges are likely to come into effect by March end.

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