Gandhi’s Way Isn’t the American Way

Maybe Gandhi’s way may not really work in the real world today! Fred Thompson could certainly have put it in a more tact manner. But, then some of his logics really sound sensible to me. Non-Violence in India worked probably because the English (our enemies then, but friends now !!! 😉 ) were intelligent and understood that the fight is getting futile and there is no point trying to suppress a growing movement of independence.

Even though the English had ruled in India and set back India’s growth by many folds. We have to open our eyes to the fact that the British started many technological and political improvisations (The legal system, railways etc.) on which today’s India is being built. So, even though they wanted to rule and keep India under their feet. They didn’t want to destroy India. They didn’t want a land thats useless. But, The enemies of the world of today do not really care about any of these. They don’t care about their own self. They just want to destroy their enemies even if its going to cost them their land, their life and even if at the end of the day, they wont have anything for victory except the blood of millions of innocent people.

I really don’t think preaching non-violence to these people is really going to work. Maybe for them, the American way of “Bang! Bang! Goodbye!” would work better 😉 .

Gandhi apparently took the whole non-violence thing much too far. Instead of joining the British army to fight the Nazis in World War II, he continued his protests against British rule in India and got himself locked up in a British prison for two years. Thompson also points out that Gandhi even stuck to his principles when it came to the Holocaust. He believed that Jews in Germany should have committed suicide en masse because it “would have aroused the world and the people of Germany to Hitler’s violence.” It’s a good thing Jews stuck to the plan they had instead of following Gandhi’s advice, or a lot more of them would have died in the Holocaust.

“The so-called peace movement certainly has the right to make Gandhi’s way their way, but their efforts to make collective suicide American foreign policy just won’t cut it in this country,” says Thompson. If Gandhi had his way the more than 3,000 soldiers who died in Iraq would have just killed themselves instead, which would have accomplished nothing. Liberals who oppose the War in Iraq apparently want our soldiers to stage sit-down strikes instead of military strikes. They think peaceful protests will make the terrorists cry uncle. Thompson doesn’t share these liberals’ simplistic views. He knows there are only two solutions to the situation in Iraq: victory or surrender.

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