Microsoft Surface

Is this the best thing since sliced bread??? Wow! This stuff is really cool. Over the last year we have been seeing in the news many prototypes which take the human-computer interaction to the next level. Remember the gadget from Spielberg’s Minority Report? And its finally a reality.

Now, M$ is coming out with something like that for home users? I guess, M$ is finally waking up to the reality that they may not be able to depend on Windows OS for the key revenue. Maybe they are diversifying into other untapped areas of computing. I can see a clear trend here – ZUNE, Surface, Silverlight etc. Apple did this years ago and they came out with Newton, iPod, iTV, iTunes etc. Mayb, M$ has learnt a thing or two from them! Whatever. Competition is always nice to have! 🙂

The M$ Surface is like a tea table which has a touch sensitive top. So, users can use fingers to operate the surface of this ‘table’. To me, the best part of this whole gadget is how it integrates with other gadgets placed on the ‘table’. Check out the videos at

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