Bangalore Traffic

So, am back from the 10 day trip to Bangalore. When I left for Bangalore, one my friends told me – “Hey, you are always complaining about Chennai traffic. Go to Bangalore. Check out life on the roads there. You would feel glad to be back in Chennai”. So, When I reached Bangalore, I was preparing myself for the worst.

On Landing at the Bangalore Airport, one of the first things to catch my eye was a hoarding inside the Airport campus put up by the Police Department. The content on the hoarding was the penalty fines for different traffic crimes. With that in mind, I stepped out of the airport into the chaos that reigned supreme in the Silicon Valley of India. First let me list out some really important points I noticed about Bangalore roads –

  1. The roads are all very very narrow.
  2. All the roads have been designed with ample walking space on either sides for pedestrians.
  3. There are no signals at most roads.
  4. And most importantly, Indian two wheeler drivers irrespective of which state they belong to, don’t know driving!
  5. Two wheeler drivers take to the pedestrian side walks at almost all junctions.
  6. The entire city is choked with vehicles, and the City’s infrastructure is pretty bad.

Now, let me just compare this with the situation in Chennai.

  1. Unlike Bangalore, Chennai has a much better road infrastructure.
  2. Chennai doesn’t have pedestrian walking spaces on most roads.
  3. Chennai signals on almost all major roads. Yes. We could do better with a lot more. All the signals that are working are mostly mis-positioned. But, the condition is much better than Bangalore.

Beyond all these, the most important factor is the DRIVER. The drivers in Chennai as well as Bangalore. None of them have common sense nor should they be let on the roads. Bottom line – Chennai is no better than Bangalore. It’s just as bad. Check out the last snap to get an idea of the peak hour traffic condition in Bangalore!

Fine Board
The penalty fine information hoarding.

Peak Traffic
Peak hour traffic at one of the major arterial roads near Koramangala.

  1. #1 by Connie on June 6, 2007 - 4:04 am

    Love the pictures,
    I have a email friend from Bangalore and find this very interesting, and India is fascinating.
    came here from Zoho – just realized they were from India, not surprized.


  2. #2 by Munim on June 28, 2007 - 11:30 pm

    The fines are so low…. The parking fine is just 100 bucks! You can consider it as a parking fee in some of the crowded areas if you want parking!

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