Now ADs using Bluetooth?

This is the last thing I need. I am already fedup with calls from those stupid tele-marketing characters. I already receive around 5 to 8 SMSes every day with some marketing stuff. All I need is messages popping up through my bluetooth when ever I walk around. Still got no clue about what I am talking? Read on…

The next time you walk by a shelf stacked with goodies in a superstore, don’t be surprised if your mobile phone starts beeping with a message offering short recipes that can be “cooked up in minutes” with the product on the shelf. Or a message that urges you to try Lee Jeans’ “skinny” style at the next shop.

Welcome to the world of BlueCasting, a system developed by the UK-based marketing firm, Filter UK. Through this, marketers can offer branded content using Bluetooth technology. Companies that have experimented with BlueCasting include The Economist Newspaper Ltd, Idea Cellular Ltd, IBM Corp., Lays Chips from PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd, and retail chains such as Shoppers’ Stop from K. Raheja Corp.

With telecom operators adding more than five million mobile subscribers every month in India, advertisers and agencies are tapping into this medium. Though in its infancy, BlueCasting or Bluetooth advertising is a proximity branding solution that is increasingly being used by advertisers to reach target audiences within small enclosed areas.

The process is quite simple: Marketers use a server that sends out messages to all Bluetooth enabled handsets within a particular radius. The user then receives a “prompt” asking if he wants to download the file. On clicking yes, the message is downloaded onto the handset. “Nearly 30% of all new mobile handsets sold in India are Bluetooth-enabled. That is a great opportunity just waiting to be tapped,” says Nilesh Kale, director, One-2-One Technologies, a Pune–based firm that specializes in BlueCasting technology solutions.

BlueCasting is a good way to reach out to urban audiences in the 18-35 age group, with large disposable incomes. That is probably why apparel major VF Arvind Brands Pvt. Ltd has been using BlueCasting to promote its jeans brands, Lee and Wrangler, in major cities. “BlueCasting really works for us, as we’re targeting the section of youth which is very fashion-forward.

  1. #1 by Gayathri on August 4, 2007 - 9:00 pm

    This is just waayyyyyyyyy too much!!

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