When the Judicial System fails

Ok. So, let me just sum this up here…

  1. Our politicians are corrupted
  2. Our Police are corrupted
  3. Our Government officials are corrupted
  4. Our intelligence agencies have holes/moles in it
  5. Our brilliant brains are working in other countries
  6. and now… our Judicial system / Justice system fails miserably

Whew! What more can make me happy and secure to be in my country. To really under stand what I am talking you will have to read this post that I found in IBNLive Blogs. I am posting here, a small portion of the entire post.

To cut the story short, Vijay went to Meghani Nagar in Gujarat, near Ahmedabad. The modus operandi is very simple. There are agents and lawyers who sit outside these lower courts. You have to approach them and tell them that you need warrants against so and so persons under these charges. Money is charged on the basis of seriousness of charges. These lawyers then make all the papers and also bring witnesses (either fake or real) to testify. Vijay gave four names:

  1. Former President of India Abdul Kalam
  2. Former Chief justice of India V N Khare
  3. Supreme Court Judge R K Jain
  4. Supreme Court Judge BP Singh

He paid 40,000 rupees for all these four warrants. Though we could not reach till the magistrate or his subordinates due to the ineffectiveness of the hidden cam, the lawyers went inside and got the warrants in no time. That means the above mentioned four persons could be hounded by the police since a warrant was issued on their names.

[ IBNLive : VK Shashikumar’s Blog ]

Now, the first question that came to my mind on reading this post was – “What were the morons thinking when writing out those Warrants? Or didn’t they even know who Abdul Kalam was? And if that is the case, what were these stupid idiots doing in the judicial system?”.

What’s even more pathetic is that the brave journalists who uncovered so much weren’t allowed to carry on and complete the work of de-masking the integral backbone of the Republic of India.

I am slowly losing hope that things would ever become better. I am losing hope that India would ever become a developed country while remaining a sovereign secular state.

“Sau mein se ninyawey BeyImaan, Phir bhi mera Bharat mahan.”

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