Asianet ISS and other reality competition shows

I got this by mail today. Am posting it in AS IS condition. I don’t know if it’s one elaborate attempt of a hoax. Personally, I have always believed that most of the competitions are nothing but another variation of the mega serials (For non-indians – Mega Serial is the Indian term for Soap Opera). These competitions do not thrive on healthy talents anymore. They thrive on people’s emotions towards the winner and empathy/sympathy towards the losers.Shame on you

Remember those days of Sidharth Bhasu’s Quiz shows, Zee TV’s Meri Awaaz Suno? Now those were what I would call competitions. The camera didn’t follow the losing candidates to the green room recording them weeping pathetically uttering stupid brave condolences, close kith and kin of the loser showering assurances full of artificial wordings.

Today, trading on emotions is just another business. Just like the Mega Serials work. Don’t you all see the pattern here? On top of all this, people send SMS to support their favorite contestant. Come on, now. What credibility can you attach to those SMS? For all I know they would be voting from the contestant from their hometown even if his/her voice sounds like frogs croaking when being beaten to death. So, basically the talent turns immaterial here. What really does matter is does the contestant come from a city or town or village and how many of the local population there use cellphones and how many actually know how to send SMS and how many are actually stupid enough to waste money on that.

And what can I say about the judges? In real life, I don’t know how they are but on screen as the judges of the show they sure act like competing for the titles of – The most-arrogant-ba$tard, the most-ignorant-incredibly-stupid-moron, the pathetic-crybaby-bitch etc. I know. I needn’t be so offensive. I know they are probably just doing their job and they get paid for it. But, still i just seem to have a real problem when I see them torture the candidates emotionally and sometime break them down to just a bundle of nerves!!!!

This is for Asianet ISS viewers. Some of you might have wondered why good singers are going out. They are telling its because of SMS. But actually nothing like that. SMS is a real drama. Last elimination round was shoot almost one month back (I knew the yesterday’s eliminated list almost three weeks back through ISS blogs) but they were asking to send SMS until day before yesterday. Still do you think that ur SMS counted? So this is to inform u that don’t send any SMS further. Elimination round drama is purposefully created to promote SMS. (Sending some good candidates out in the name of SMS)

Just forward this mail to as many to stop SMS drama.

If you want to know about the real background play, read following. I copied it from one of the blogs.


Hi everyone… I have been a silent spectator in the forum right from day one… I guess its now time for me to spill out some beans… Pls dont ask
me how I know these info… cant say that atleast for some more days…

Answering to Parvathy question “Anybody has real first hand information? eg: – any audience here who have already attended the elimination show?
Any of the contestants/parents – can you please respond here? Is this true?”

the answer is – the contestants and all staff part of ISS are made to sign legal contracts that refrain them from going public even if they are eliminated. If you guys remember, we had one of the contestant publishing the results of elimination in Orkut but remved it soon. The contestant got away with a strong warning.. Now if the question is about the audience, the answer is there are no audience when eliminations are shot… even if they are shown, its edited…

Answering your SMS doubts…

do you guys know each of ur sms cost Rs. 4 to 6 depending on carrier… Out of this the carrier (Idea, Airtel, etc.) charges Rs. 1 and the rest goes to ISS. Cant disclose the no of sms’s received so far but the fact is ISS and organisers have struck it rich…Rs. 40 lakhs is small piece compared tothe big pie Quote

Now answering to the doubts on the biased judgements, the answer is the sponsors have a lot of take on this… the strategy is to pick one or 2singers and portray them as favorites… automatically fans of other singers flood in SMSes to keep them going… eventually some deserving candidates turn out to be scape goats and get eliminated…Some even withdrew from competition knowing this… This is a common strategy used in almost all commercial reality shows… actually the concept originated from American reality shows…

Well thats ISS for you.. I might be banned for this… but I feel you guys deserved this info…Now let me give you another piece of info… shud be my last… and I deceided to let this out only after seeing some ppl blindly believing on some contestants…

You all shud now be thinking SMSs are meant only for adding public support to contestants… but the fact is, they are used to measure the popularity of the candidates.. in marketing, we call this “consumer psychology”…  meaning change the strategy depending on how viewers react to the show… there is something called as Popularity Chart which is drawn for all these contestants…there are various factors which goes into the popularity charts..

e.g. region/city which the contestant represent, background of the contestant, and special abilities/disabilities which can draw viewers attention / sympathy, and ofcourse last but not the least, SMS votes… In other words, Judges award marks to contestants depending on where they are
positioned on the popularity chart (in other words how much votes they have received till date) … if you are at the top, no matter what mistakes you
do, you still get more marks.. and if you are at the bottom, tough luck… and u get to hear all sorts of critisicm from the judges… ultimately the
contestant receive marks based on the popularity chart and not totally on  their performance… and thats why you see some contestants scoring mor

even if their performance in the performance rounds are worse than other better performing contestants… the internal rumour is there are opinion
differences on this concept within the Judges… but for the sake of the show, it remains backstage… Moroever do you guys know how much each of
the judges are paid to be part of the show… I ll give you a hint, the  host of the show is paid approx 10K per shooting day… so u can guess how
much judges are paid.. so they dont bother even if deserving candidates lose out…

If you still believe you should continue watching that crap. Forget you have even read this post. No offense to anyone. Not worthy


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  1. #1 by Kalpana on October 30, 2007 - 5:44 am

    Your blogs are simply mind blasting…….

  2. #2 by asokan.g on November 14, 2007 - 3:43 am

    What you mentioned is correct…to say all malayalies to keep away from sending SMS

  3. #3 by sunilk on November 23, 2007 - 8:03 am

    u r right

  4. #4 by john on February 4, 2008 - 4:30 pm

    u r a fool……

    u r telling that the ISS is over…

    i will tell

    look the difference of all contenstants after round 10 comparing round 1.. everybody’s body shape is different..

    i wanna tell that u r a su_ker…… _ is ‘c’

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