"Brahmin guys are not love/marriage material", Says Brahmin girl

*UPDATE: I get a lot of requests (sometimes in the form demands and threats) to close down this Blog. Let me make it very clear to all my readers. Please understand that I am responsible only for the original post above these lines. I am NOT responsible for any blasphemy typed out in the comments by half-brained retards who are turning this into a religious / caste debate. My original response to the girl had very little to do with the religion. My response in the form of this blog post was to a ‘specific’ person who had posted a ‘specific’ comment on a different blog (quoted above).

If you don’t have the brains to understand the English that I have written, you shouldn’t be reading this post in the first place. No religion needs you or any of your likes to defend itself. So, instead of self proclaiming yourself as the sole savior of a religion, Go out and get a life.

Sorry for being harsh here. I am just sick and tired of idiotic morons spamming me with silly threats.*

Recently Dilip had posted a very interesting post @ Chennai Metblogs on the subject of castes and religion. It evoked a wide variety of responses from readers. One particular was interesting Whew….. Am posting it here with my comments inline Whistling

i am a brahmin girl. you brahmin guys might not realise it, but brahmin guys are not love/marriage material. i dont blame just you guys – the current social setup is also a reason.

most of my friends (brahmin girls) DONT want to marry a brahmin boy. even i am like that. the reasons? read below:

Here starts the fun part!!!

1) in the current, very competitive setup, brahmin guys – from childhood – have been programmed to take advantage of ANYTHING and everything that comes their way – to the point they will not be even be good friends. this might earn you a good job and a arranged marriage bride in later years. but dont expect a girl to like you after they know about you (and brahmin girls are no exception).

I really thought that was supposed to be good thing. Dear friend, This is a dog eat dog world. If you are not an opportunist, you will be a loser. Whether such people will have friends is a different equation. That would really depend on how friendly they are, how much they care about others. One can be an opportunist and still be ethical.

2) by the time a brahmin guys is settled in his life he is almost 30 or after 30. almost all have bald heads when they get married. most young brahmin girls find other attractive guys by this time.

That was a trend 10 years ago. And that was because any person in those days would take that many years to settle down in life. This may not sound right to you at your age. But, being settled in life is very important for a guy to lead a happy life with a girl. Otherwise, their beginning years of marriage would be spent in worries and trying to tackle everyday’s problems instead of being together and affectionate. Today, almost all brahmin guys I know get married pretty early. Today, almost any guy out with a decent college background is able to earn a decent salary. He can apply for loans and all that. Financially, today a guy can plan his marriage much before than guys 10 years ago. So, this is only a question of changing times. Not related to Brahmins!!!

3) the western influence (thank god!) is making parents realise that love is important for their girl children also. so many parents today are open to a good educated son-in-law from other castes.

You are basically wrong and prejudiced that all brahmin guys don’t know the first thing about love Thinking. You may have come across a few in your life time. But, do not generalize based on those few select cases. One question – If your dad a brahmin? If he is… does your theory apply to him as well?

4) in my college, and in my class, you can see that the brahmin guys are the puniest, cunning fellows – i am sorry to say this. but thats the reality. you can say whatever – but a girl wants a man who can protect her financially and PHYSICALLY. physical charms like well built body, broad chest and strong shoulders give us that impression. while i can point out many good looking, normal guys who are funny, willing to share from other castes, i dont see ONE brahmin boy in my college like that. there is only one love story that involves a brahmin guy – he is super rich, btw.

This again is just baseless. Shame on you lets try think of good looking, tall handsome brahmin celebrities – Madhavan, Kamal hassan, Arvind Swamy, Jayaram, Rajiv Gandhi… I believe of them were brahmins and good looking too. That apart. Some day, I hope that you do wake up to reality. Looks are temporary. No matter how good looking you are and or how good looking a guy is. At old age, when you have only the guy left for you.. It wont really matter if he is bald. What will matter then is not how he looked during college days. But, how caring and affectionate he is on those lonely years with you. And believe me. Real life is not like movies where you need muscle men to protect you everyday. You should be looking for a soulmate not a bodyguard or a joker. You need a person who will provide you with love and other basic necessities. You need a person who would serve your physical, emotional and materialistic needs not a person with a six pack abs without enough earnings to provide you with what you need. You need a person who can protect you by providing you with a decent place to live in, by providing you healthy foods, by loving you.

5) many brahmin guys are hypocrites. while most cringe at the thought of eating meat, they relish alcohol – and some even blog about wines! while y some act non-meat eating at homes, they eat meat with their friends. most talk about the glory of their caste, but fail to read even the basic texts that would give them some understanding about what they are talking!
most other caste boys (not FCs), dont have these faults (they do other common faults – common to all men – but brahmins have the above in addition to what can be considered normal deviations).

I have often come across this statement. I am a brahmin. I eat eggs. I drink wine at parties. I am NOT a alcoholic or a hard core non-veggie. I don’t call myself a vegetarian. All these are just a matter of pure choice. Being brought up the way I was, I grew up hating meat. I can’t stand the smell of fish. Nobody is forcing me not to eat non-veg stuff. It’s my choice and my preference. You are talking about college guys who are forced to stick to the rules of the house. Check out independent brahmin adults. They wouldn’t even pretend that they don’t drink or take meat if they do it.

i come from a family where my decisions will be respected. and i am sure that i will NOT marry a brahmin boy – my parents know this and they respect my desicion. any brahmin girls reading this message and shaking their head, try spending some time with boys from other castes – not FCs – but from bc/mbc/sc/sts . you will find them so much better than the cynical, cunning brahmin boys.

I guess your problem is that you are still in college and still in the fairy tale world of a knight coming galloping on his horse to sweep you of your feet and ride away to a castle far far away. It’s nice. It’s romantic. It’s time to wake up!!! Winking

i wrote my mind (and this is the frame of mind of many of my relatives and my friends in college). i really feel sorry for brahmin guys who are being trained this way from beginning. but i think they should change atleast after they graduate from college.

Posted by: brahminponnu at November 14, 2007 08:39 PM

Just my personal thoughts!!!! 🙂

*UPDATE: I get a lot of requests (sometimes in the form demands and threats) to close down this Blog. Let me make it very clear to all my readers. Please understand that I am responsible only for the original post above these lines. I am NOT responsible for any blasphemy typed out in the comments by half-brained retards who are turning this into a religious / caste debate. My original response to the girl had very little to do with the religion. My response in the form of this blog post was to a ‘specific’ person who had posted a ‘specific’ comment on a different blog (quoted above).

If you don’t have the brains to understand the English that I have written, you shouldn’t be reading this post in the first place. No religion needs you or any of your likes to defend itself. So, instead of self proclaiming yourself as the sole savior of a religion, Go out and get a life.

Sorry for being harsh here. I am just sick and tired of idiotic morons spamming me with silly threats.*


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  1. #1 by Ramesh Natarajan on November 16, 2007 - 1:35 pm


    Interesting post. I appreciate your courage to bring up this issue in a open forum.

    I too saw this talk show in Vijay TV and was shocked to see, how that girl is saying in pride that her community is ‘The Great’ and blessed.

    Anyone for this matter, if they beleive, being part of a community is a great thing, i would ask them, do u have a different color or blood?

    Please learn to value people by their character and not by, which community they belong too.

    Ramesh Natarajan, Dubai
    Global Indian

  2. #2 by Dilip Muralidaran on November 17, 2007 - 7:47 am

    Fantastic Response mate. I will post mine and of course i wont be as nice as you are though. Time to give hrahmin ponnu some fire from my end.

  3. #3 by Dilip Muralidaran on November 17, 2007 - 7:47 am

    Fantastic Response mate. I will post mine and of course i wont be as nice as you are though. Time to give brahmin ponnu some fire from my end.

  4. #4 by chennaiboy on November 24, 2007 - 5:44 pm


    That was an interesting post.. But you missed one thing. This post could be a Fake – Maybe it was some DK type ideologue, masquerading as a bramin ponny. Remember the famous Dilber’t Cartoon that came 10 years ago with the Caption “On the Internet , you never know that the one posting is a dog “!!!… This could be someone intended to create a false impression and/or maybe some jealous guy who is angry and jealous about the men of a certain caste…. there is more inside than what is said in her (or his?) words…

  5. #5 by Ramanathan on December 14, 2007 - 7:31 pm

    It is wrong to castigate Brahmin boys. All the qualities you have listed are there in all castes. Being a Brahmin I would like also point out that we would like not to marry Brahmin girls. The reasons:

    1) However they may look now they will become round, plumb maamies soon after marriage.

    2) They have a big ego problem. They think no end of themselves and I am sure the same girls if they are born in other castes they will be different.

    3) Other caste girls are sympathetic of Brahmin boys and they like their intellactual, soft attitudes.

    4) They consider speaking in Tamil below their diginity and speak broken English.

    5) They are all hypocrites when it comes to eating, going out etc.

  6. #6 by CREDIBLE on January 2, 2008 - 5:23 am

    From this post, it seems to argue that the brahmin guys with a good education, who are likely to do well in their lives later on, are bypassed for average, sluggish and agreeable/friendly guys who the author contends to be the archetypal of non-brahmin guys. If this is true, this reflects towards a deterioration of standards in the choice of a mate. Also seems like a bunch of crass caste-based generalizations.

  7. #7 by sady on January 6, 2008 - 10:29 am

    If the author has any bad experiences in her life its her life. She cannot blame a boy (of any caste here). Let her know that there are mean / cheats in all communities and races. Are christian boys not forcing the girls to convert if they want to marry them? Same with muslim boys. Inspite of a love marriage they insist on conversion and expect to follow their religion. At least a brahmin boy is not like that.

    dont categorize everybody based on your experiences. Pl broaden your outlook and respect all.

  8. #8 by Srivatsan on January 7, 2008 - 6:08 pm

    Hi … Friends… What you said is 100% correct.Nowadays brahmin guys,where ever they go… they are working..but they are not true to their caste… “it’s fact” religion is apart from friends… i know but y they should go and have meat,drinks and other activities…Brahmin guys might be intellectual… they might but i don’t want them to be true to their religion…..”PARENTS”…..

  9. #9 by Brahmin Misra on January 19, 2008 - 3:45 pm

    As far as i have understood, the basic problem which brahmin guys face today is of Reservation. There is X% reservation for girls, Y% Reservation for Other casts etc. But even after all these odds brahmin guys always are on the top and will always be on the top. They might just take a little more time than others, but at the end its the Brahmin guys who are the most successful. And its the Brahmin community only that offers the respect and freedom (to girls like this one) to express her views and live her life according to their convenience.

  10. #10 by Av on January 19, 2008 - 7:27 pm

    This article only proves that you are extremely narrow minded (like most Indian (Brahmin) girls),
    and it seems to me that you may have had a bad experience and you are just venting out your frustration and generalizing that all Brahmin boys think and act alike,my advice to you would be to go out and mingle with new (Brahmin) people.

    Have fun and let us all know how things go.

  11. #11 by anuj sharma on February 1, 2008 - 5:42 pm

    i am looking a girl for marry.

  12. #12 by Ramesh on February 11, 2008 - 10:10 pm

    All those negative things that you’ve said about brahmin boys might very well be true. You must also think that every action has some kind of reason behind it – might very well be unconscious or conscious reasons. You know what brahmins are supposed to be like – so I am not going to go in to those details. The reason they enjoy eating meat/drinking alcohol is purely due to the fact they are brought up from not enjoying that sort of freedom. If you tell a child to keep away from something, that child will very well do the opposite. So brahmins are kept away from enjoying those kind of things that they later on will explore them eventually. As far as finding boys from other castes more attractive than brahmin boys, I dont agree to that. I dont know where you have been looking but when you look at a face of a brahmin boy, you know right away that he is brahmin. The color of skin, the facial features, you will not find them in other castes. The reason why other caste boys are well-built is purely DNA related. Their father, grandfather, greatgrandfather, all have been enjoying meat for generations and generations – which btw gives protein to the body thus enriching the muscular feel to the body. How can you expect those from a brahmin boy? Sure these days they are starting to eat meat, but generations ago, which brahmin ate meat? maybe not a lot…

    Try to be open-minded…Think out of the box instead of confining yourself…There are many brahmin boys that are good looking/ and well disciplined. I am not a caste feeling kind of person, but I have been brought to believe in what I am and to respect other faiths as well. Plain and simple!

  13. #13 by Sethu Iyer on February 29, 2008 - 3:40 pm

    I smell DK here. This kind of Brahmin hatred posts typically comes from DK Rouges.

    The reality is many boys in Brahmin community are intelligent, hard workers and they don’t go to girls and say I love you as you see in most (third rated) Tamil movies today

    An intelligent girl will look for decent, cultured, educated, financially stable, long-term looking boys and not just the one with broad shoulders and chase girls and say ‘I love’ you.

    Seems unfortunately the person who wrote this is influenced by today’s Tamil movies which are full of crap about love (actually lust)

  14. #14 by OMkar on March 4, 2008 - 2:58 am

    Well…whoever you are Ms.Brahmin Girl, if u cant be proud of what you are where you belong to and how you have been brought up, proud of your family your ownself…you will never be proud of anything..

    The day when one understands the difference between Respecting Our Caste Religion without Degrading others’ and the Same vice-versa… you will understand the importance and pride of being a part of his religion.

    It is but human to say such things…just as some Indians prefer to tell bad things about India…on and on and on… u are one of them who dont like what they have but think what others have is a lot better…even if u get what others have..u still feel thats not all that good…

    PS: If u really a Brahmin girl..u will understand what i have written..cos that much of intelligence u shud have 🙂

  15. #15 by Sriganesh on March 5, 2008 - 12:04 pm

    I would like to share some thing with u all. I have studied in tamil medium from 1 to 10th; I have studied in english medium upto +2 and have not studied in college; i was at working and i have completed my degree by correspondence. I have been exployed from my 10th; I can challenge the world. In no way my family, society have helped me. I respect God; My country men soldiers and farmers for their service of giving me shulter and food. Beyond these three people; I am pleasureful to serve my daughter who is 3 years old and my mother. All the other relationship have some motive to be close to me. Always in the history strenthiest with win the battle. Mostly people have forgotten that the britishers have made money to remove batter trade system; Converting human efforts of product or services in to money; Now only money makes the man; respectable and non-respectable. You should understand that if a man has much money it means that many people efforts have stolen by him Or else he should not forget there are many people effort behind his money. It is only true. Some great people has been great because of Many people sacrifises him to be great. The only mistake of brahmin boys and girls are that they do’t want a risk. they want a risk free life. all the other religion does not allow women to take like this as in the brahmin community. The Brahmin Boys require long time to achieve their goals; to achieve their goals nothing will support either family (inclusive of wife),society and countries policy. Present day girls are so much impatients; Normally any girls can’t wait for such a long time to settle. Ultimately these will marry some body and they are not normally admitted in any cast; ultimately they do’t know the way to proceed further; they will be orphaned or they have to lose their identity forever to be them because they cannot think and take independent decision. Brahmin boys lose their opportunity to lead a happy and joyful life always behind money. Ultimately lose their age and youth unable to see any beloved for his own which he have ignored earlier. die as an orphan. In my case I strong I eat only fish of any kind. I am ready to eat even human at on extrem case. As far as i was a vegitarion my mind was not this much strong I advice all my brahmin guys food is our quality If you have to go a long way of life you can walk in two ways Weak and Strong. To walk and have a strong feeling eat only fish nothing else is required. Now, U r fit for anything. If you could study then you should win only number one position; Even one seat is available u should win it otherwise study your own work and establish busitness sooner. Life is a one way traffic if one day passes that one day can’t be given even by god; Enjoy the life get marry earlier. settle down soon. If you say that u do’t know anything practice constantly one or two times u will make a mistake then you could fly as u like. Do’t hate any religion. you could see if u say bird there are parrots, eagle, love birds,etc… nature itself provide differences in bird to u to watch and take good out of bad. Keep the strong faith in the god. He will never leave you or let u down. Do you know why all the other religious people is so strong? Because they meet their community people with a frequent intervel; christian meet every week end, muslim meet 5 time in a day at the time of prayers and their motive is unified. You also encourage group prarthanas. Wish u all success boys May the god bless you. I say god with is global I rely on god which could be no form and which could be any form. Now, Things are global and our next generation is beyond planet earth target to contribute your part for the best society. Brahmin womens have patients even if not helping. Only millions of people mind puts the pop on position and the same millions put allah on position. you are the one to put every mind in position “WHAT IS THE WOMEN MORE THAN A MOTHER TO THE CHILD; YOU ASK THE CHILD IT’S PULSE SAY WHAT IS MOTHER AND IT’S BREATH SAYS WHAT IS FATHER; BUT WHY YOU ARE CORRUPTING ITS BIRTH AFTER ALL IT HAS DONE WHAT TO YOU”

  16. #16 by shrikrishna on March 10, 2008 - 4:03 pm

    Hi guys / girls ……..
    I am krishna from pune. I am a college student. I am not agree with the statments given by that girl. This article only proves that you are extremely narrow minded (like most Indian girls).
    I agree with Mr. Ramnathan, but i am going to marry with only brahmin girl, because we are proud that we are Brahmin.
    Dont categorize everybody based on your experiences.
    ……… SO you have come out & see what is actual fact. …………….. then you change your think after meet to another brahmin guys……OK

  17. #17 by Josie on March 15, 2008 - 5:36 pm

    I think its narroww minded to say that ALL brahmin girls are narrow-minded. Not every brahmin girl feels that way. The fact of life is that most girls (not just brahmin girls) want muscular men because of biology. Would you marry a girl who has muscled arms and deep voices? Culture has changed, both males and females need success and looks to find a good match. One may outweigh the other depending on gender. The other truth in life is that it is not only girls who age lol, yes many do turn round and flag. However every male does turn old and wrinkly.

    There is a lot of stereotyping here. Please open your eyes before you make such statements. And what is wrong with a girl dreaming of a prince riding on his white horse? lol. He does not have to be a handsome prince and he might not be riding a horse, but he can still be a prince. Life is about accomplishing dreams, why cannot a girl find the man of her dreams? Sorry this blog made me a little mad with all the men writing and assuming things about brahmin girls. Hope everyone the best search in finding their soulmates!

  18. #18 by Kamala on March 17, 2008 - 4:56 pm

    I love your post! I just want to let you know that being a Bhramin Girl, I was never attracted to any ”hero” type looking guy, for me it always matters his education, how successful he is in his life, and how well he can take care of me, irrespective of his caste!!

    Very good post.. not sure why there should be soo much aversion towards castes.. we are just Indians..

  19. #19 by Kamala on March 17, 2008 - 4:59 pm

    there are poor brahmins and rich SCs and STs?? I believe we should concentarte on economically backwards classes and not just by caste.

  20. #20 by Lakshminarayanan on March 18, 2008 - 4:45 pm

    That gal must be a victim of some or the other brahmin guy in her college…or must be a victim of so-called western modernization…all baseless accusations…nice replies buddy…but has that gal happened to see this?

  21. #21 by anuradha on March 20, 2008 - 11:42 am

    hari om.is this is what is called broad mindedness of todays generation?its pathetic.we always peep on to the other side and find it greener.if u cant respect ur own community how will u adjust elsewhere?ur in a fantasy land and its better for u to come to face with reality.i agree all brahmins are not clean but an known devil is better than an unknown devil na?looks,intelligence,maturity,where do they lack?and few less strands of hair is not the criteria for a marriage………………a non brahmin man can go bald soon after marriage and getting hooked with a girl of ur thoughts he will surely go bald,deaf and dumb too.sad….be proud of what u are first…………..let fresh wind blow in……………think twice before making any decisions.all castes have their own devils and superman…….after all all of us are human na?wake up child…hari om

  22. #22 by Karthik Gopalakrishnan on March 20, 2008 - 2:40 pm

    Very gud response dude….!!! This is the mindset of almost all brahmin girls now a days…!!!

    They fallout in front of the gimmicks tht other caste guys show…, and most of them will repend later in their lifes…!!!

  23. #23 by Pandian on March 23, 2008 - 2:48 pm

    The girl must be one of the following :

    – A daughter of a mix breed i.e Non-Brahmin Father and Brahmin Mother. She must have been exposed to guys from her Father’s side and reflecting her ideas and generalising on to all otehr Brahmin girls.

    – A typical cine-type girl who gets impressed by the raw behaviour of guys from other castes (I am not generalising here, but just explaining the girl’s mindset) and “thinks” that Brahmin guys are not jovial, strong etc..

    – Or she must have been dunped by a Brahmin boy (probably a one-sided love)

    I come from a forward community (not brahmin) and there were two Iyer boys in our class who were good in studies, good in karate and frequent gyms. One of them got the best toned body award in our college. Girls go ga-ga for these guys and they maintained their respectfulness for other colleagues. They had the best friend circle and had even launched a “save youth” forum where they helped non-performaing poor guys irrespective of their caste. They got married happily, of course love marriage and both got married to Brahmin girls, not by force, but by choice..

    Huh this girl sounds psycho to me !!!

  24. #24 by leena gupta on March 28, 2008 - 6:58 pm

    This is a highly interesting post. Perhaps you have lead a repressed life and want to show rebellion by choosing a boy from another community. Perhaps you have seen some duplicity in some people and are generalizing. The problem is that the grass looks greener on the other side. I have known of many of my friends (girls) who have had these thoughts and gone on to marry some guy without any brains or capability – merely looking at his built. All of them have regretted and are still regretting. But then it is not possible to turn the wheels so easily. They got an itch to have sex with someone different – no problem. But then they are facing the consequences now. There is no problem marrying someone of another caste/religion, as long as you are ready for big shocks……….all the best.

  25. #25 by ava on March 30, 2008 - 8:07 pm

    I think Brahmins men are usually best among Indians. If they come from good educated families, they are likely to have good breeding, they are apt to be mild in manners and a well brought up brahmin can be a gentleman because of hundred of years of good genetics and breeding. I am not saying that all Brahmins are intelligent and good looking, but if they are brought up with good Brahmin values, they can be impressive in ways that is hard to describe. I would prefer good genes and education over some rich sleazy business man or the type that can only talk about sports, women and drinking. Were not most Indian nobel laureates Brahmins? Moreover, while not all Brahmins are good looking the best looking ones I have seen among Indians are Brahmins.
    Also Brahmins differ according to differ regions they are from.

  26. #26 by RAVINDRANATH THIYGARAJAN on April 1, 2008 - 6:47 am

    I feel very bad from the comment given by that girl regarding brahmin boys. If you take any example of a brahmin guy. He will respect the values of brahmin community, affectionate towards parents,continous hard as well as smart worker. Now a days some girls are deviating from their path seeing some third rated movies. From the comment given by that girl I can understand that she is immatured, moreover she should not calculate that mentality of all brahmin guys will be as such. Brahmin community is most respected community. The values should not get detoriated because of such useless girl who gave that comment

  27. #27 by nandini on April 1, 2008 - 1:49 pm

    this girl is depressed in life and so talks all ths.i think she,s a non brahmin,otherwise she wudnt hve spoken such things.grow up girl and see the world is not wht u want to see.

  28. #28 by Raj sharma on April 6, 2008 - 7:44 pm

    i myself wont like to marry such girl..
    n m handsome rich n successful and a person with values

    this girl is mentally sick

  29. #29 by chastik on April 8, 2008 - 10:02 am

    don’t get so much frustrated by this silly girl’s comment. Belive in your basic genetic pride that u r best amongst all races. you will definately get (and r getting) best gals to marry.

  30. #30 by Jokes on April 13, 2008 - 4:30 am

    Haha, this girl is truly dumb. First of all little lady, wake up stereotypes are not cool. Believe me when I say you are wrong. I actually have to say that my friend is Brahmin, a real one who follows it, and he probably is one of the best athletes at pretty much any sport and can beat the crap out of most people if he wants. Same with my Brahmin Tamil friend, who can deck black and white guys like toys. Also my Punjabi Brahmin friend has no problem with the ladies, they seem to love him. Maybe you need to wakeup out of your fantasy land.

  31. #31 by Pariyanayagam on April 14, 2008 - 6:35 am

    I am surprised by this girl’s posting. I am a FC and had many brahmin friends and class-mates in school and college. We all moved well with each other and never had any issue with caste. Of course most of them were vegetarians but some did enjoy eating meaat and having alcohol. They were no differrent from the rest of the student community. To single out brahmins for criticism like this girl is no longer relevant in today’s society. Every caste has its good and bad men so choose your partner based on good qualities like education, employment, decent family, decent habits etc.

  32. #32 by vikrant on April 22, 2008 - 9:22 pm

    what the things u are telling is all fuck about brahmin
    I don’t know well u are a frog of well or something else
    I am a brahmun and what ever the things are goin now a days that brahmin are struggling every where, Since I am doing all the things a bad man supposed to. Coz government given all the privelege to all other casts so here we have no time to struggle for fitness well when i am finding myself I bodied my self in all aspects,well about marry I think if ur thoughts are matched with a boy then it doesn’t matter whatever be the cast and u couldn’t blame on brahmins for that.Its a human nature. And when I am finding my self those people are basically real intelligent then compare to others.
    Well I had a love wid a girl that is SC but I don’t care about that untill she screwed me out now I hate

  33. #33 by vikrant on April 22, 2008 - 9:25 pm

    see miss nandini
    I am totally agree with u.
    well u can blame all muslims as terrorist if some of them are doing gunning……
    She must realise this thing I think its a boy and given scrap on the name of girl ,,,,,,
    and seems very frustrated.
    god help him/her to recover

  34. #34 by RAMESH on April 25, 2008 - 12:39 pm

    Good Evening.

    I am looking for a brahmin iyer/iyengar girl for my youngest brother who is doing his own business and earning about 15 to 20,000 p.m. with clean habits. Both father and mother not alive. We are staying as group family. No expectations/demands. Educated/non-educated no problem. Horoscope match is not at all required.

    We are financially sound and having everyone is having their own house at Chennai.

    A Brahmin preferably Iyer (Any subsect) or even from iyengar poor family is acceptable.

    A girl with minor physically challanged also acceptable even though he is not having any problem.

    If anybody is interested, call me 94446 29700.

  35. #35 by RAMESH on April 25, 2008 - 12:55 pm

    Refer my earlier note of Serial No.34.

    If anybody is interested, they can call me at my residence no.044 22234517 also.

    Further, I would like to mentionmy email id also. ramesh26164@yahoo.co.in.

    If a girl is lesser than 35 and if she is seperated/widow BUT HAVING CHILD can also be acceptable.

    Any poor/middle family brahmin iyer girl can use this good opportunity.

    Regards & all the best.

  36. #36 by RAMESH on April 25, 2008 - 12:56 pm

    Refer my earlier note of Serial No.34 & 35.

    Please read as SEPERATED/WIDOW girl NOT HAVING CHILD instead of HAVING CHILD.

  37. #37 by Brahmanapayyan on April 28, 2008 - 4:24 am

    Dear All,

    The “brahmanponnu” from the reading of it sounds counterfiet.”She” itself is doubtful.

    My guess is :It is a Non-Brahmin boy from a community/caste which hates brahmins.

    However, the blogger(Udyams) has done a good work replying to the write-up beautifully.Much appreciated.

    Brahmins are genetically superior too. Iam not saying this because Iam an Andhra-brahmin but because my sister who is a leading Genetic scientist here in USA also found the genome pattern of both Tamil and Andhra brahmins to be the most superior and even better than Azhkanazi jews in certain respects.

    This I attribute to not some genetic programming but because of spiritually cleansing practices like Gayathri Mantras, Homam,etc which mutate the spiritual genes(yet to be researched) and thus affect the intelligence genes.

  38. #38 by west on May 5, 2008 - 3:00 am

    As per Vedas – Truth is One. Whatever not Truth is UnTruth. So, if we go by that philosophy, then you are not a Brahmin girl, though you say you are because for Brahmin girls, spirituality comes first and then the rest of the things.

  39. #39 by bhupathiraju ramesh on May 7, 2008 - 9:42 am

    first of all let me make a point
    the castes in ancient india were divided according to their occupation, the knowledgable and intelligent were taught relligious scriptures and made priests and if taught administration were made local headmen given administrative responsibilities if they were stong but limited intelligence were made labourers
    caste system at one point was not at all rigid, based on their particular abilities a labourers son could be a headman
    though there was some racism involved (b/w aryans and dravidians usually, aryans became priests and administrators and held higher office)
    once there was intermixing of races this distinction was forgotten and lost only rigid caste systems remained which came much later
    but since they have come(rigid herditary caste systems ), you can expect a puny mans(priest) son to be puny and strong mans (manual labourers) son to be strong
    so being a brahmin girl you cannot expect an arnold swarchenegger in your caste
    just as i cannot expect a brahmin girl to have 42d size tits and to measure 5’9” tall with a 24 inch waist !!!!! sorry iam getting carried away but i think u get the point mylady
    iam a brahmin too


  40. #40 by A.R.Krishnan on May 8, 2008 - 4:55 am

    Advise to Brahmin Boys:
    1.World is changing.Girls are educated.They make choices because they are independent and well off.You need to attract Brahmin girls or they will be lost other communities.
    2.You should keep yourself healthy,fit and good looking. Work out every day, have a good attitude, be a good brahmin. Feel cool about being a Brahmin.You do not need to eat meat,drink or do any immoral activities to be cool and recognized. Muslims will not drink alcohol.
    3.Wear simple but stylish clothes.Be neat ,clean and well groomed.
    4.Make good friends in all communities.Help your Brahmin friends and relatives in employment,marriage and family matters.
    5.Find a good job,but more importantly do some business.Be your own master even if it is a small business.
    6.Spread the virtues and values of our Dharma and attract people to join us.
    7.Get into public speaking,debate and politics.Develop your clout at least in a small way. See how our society changes. Use your success to help all communities, but support and bring our Brahmin community out of current state of suffering.
    8. If our younsters do not support the community,we will be decimated.
    Hari Om

  41. #41 by Larissa on May 9, 2008 - 6:11 pm

    I find Kashmiri Brahmins to be the best looking and most pleasant in India. This girl does not know what she is talking about. India exists as a cultural entity because of the legendary learning of the Brahmins–they seem to have deteriorated in modern times and are no longer creative. Moreover some Brahmins like the Kashmiris eat meat. I believe Bengalis do as well.

  42. #42 by Whatever on May 11, 2008 - 8:27 am

    Ok, this is the most hilarious blog ever, why do u segregate people on the basis of caste? this is ridiculous. Sheesh, if this is how indian society is progressing, then its sad, people like you should be dragged down to the streets of kolkata and someone should use a 0.22 caliber pistol and fire a lead shot up ur scrawny ass.

  43. #43 by Ramesh on May 12, 2008 - 10:48 am

    Dear Friends,

    ‘Brahminponnu’ is the id of a girl on yahoo chat who will talk ill of brahmins and make sexy remarks and embarass everyone in the room.

    Once I changed my id to a name of different religion and spoke of myself as dark, tall, and handsome and was surprised to find that ‘Brahminponnu’ was a homosexual!

    So much for this anti brahminism tirade.


  44. #44 by Rajiv on May 16, 2008 - 9:28 am

    My dear friend,

    I do not agree with your viewpoint,we can not genaralise this.Am sure that you are either a non brahmin or a homosexual

  45. #45 by dr sanjeev on May 17, 2008 - 12:57 am

    what i can understand from this gals talk. she must got hurt by a brahmin guy….caste system has basis of biological system. You really dont have any right to be a brahmin. you get marry to a schedule cast and then see your life. You will come to know the reality….writing blog is very easy my dear friend…

  46. #46 by Dennis on May 21, 2008 - 11:29 am

    I know about this girls not only bharimin girls. Almost 90 % of the girls want love for just time pass and want a rich guy to hang out in the free time, but the guys always dream that he should marry the same girl. This 90 % of the girls want a rich guys and out this 90 % only 10 % girls get marry to the same person who they romed. All other girl go for arranged marriage that too with rich and well settled guys. Go and see the matrimony how many girls are ready to marry a business person (small business ) and most of this girls want a guy from USA.

  47. #47 by Dennis on May 21, 2008 - 11:33 am

    It’s easy to write blog girl when it comes to reality u will not marry a person who is poor (even though he has talent).

    Will you marry me? I am non- Brahmin and not rich too.

  48. #48 by karthick on May 21, 2008 - 2:46 pm

    Hello, Some brahmin girls were married a non-brahmin boy. When she was searching groom for her daughter, she is asking we are looking for brahmin boy. Why? she can look a non-brahmin boys for her daughter, right?
    During my college day, one girl loved me. She is non-brahmin.
    Why non-brahmin girls are affected by brahmin boy. She is very attractive, beautiful and intelligent, University rank holder.
    R u agreeing, u r better than her.
    From your words, i found either u r sex-worker or ur a DK.
    We brahmin guys are clearing our education and job by our own skill and we are very good hardworkers too.
    All non-brahmins guys are getting their education and their job by their caste name, not by their own skill.
    You can find married males with “keep” in other castes, not in brahmin castes.

  49. #49 by Sakthi Krishna on May 30, 2008 - 11:04 am

    Dear All,

    Arguments. If she could have pointed out a strong argument for being not married to a brahmin guy would have been acceptable. the reason she had mentioned here are not deserving any response.

    This shows that she is not matured enough and does not have any idea about what is life. So the readers can imagine what will happen if a girl like this got married. I can give in writing that if she gets married, she will get problem or even go to divorce situation within six months. Nothing should happen like that.

    So one way a brahmin boy is going to be saved becasue of her attitude to marry a non-brahmin boy.

    If a girl says that she like the purse of a man, his muscles, she likes him because he is an open drinker and flush eater, then let her do what she wants. We should not discuss and give her prominance. She do not deserve that.

    She will realise what is life soon, but that time the time would have gone to a great extend and which she wont get back.

  50. #50 by raghavendra on June 8, 2008 - 10:45 am

    i really agree with what karthik said,

    We brahmin guys are clearing our education and job by our own skill and we are very good hardworkers too.
    All non-brahmins guys are getting their education and their job by their caste name, not by their own skill.

    and we are really proud of that fact isnt it guys

    thats the fact,instead of getting angry over the comment made by that girl,i really pitty on her ,for her ambigious and un realistic thoughts and and uncontrolled mindset,i believe that she has lost the control to judge the people by their character and not by their community,she really needs a good doctor

  51. #51 by giridhar ragavasimhan redivari on June 13, 2008 - 12:06 pm

    There is no bramhin now a days, even bramhins [ by birth should not talk to themselves that they are bramhins

  52. #52 by Muslim 786 on June 15, 2008 - 11:22 pm

    Haha this is not a brahmin girl, its a muslim guy trying to split Hindus by taking advantage of the caste system, our main aim is to F**K u hard

  53. #53 by sasa110 on June 23, 2008 - 5:15 pm

    wow… i am amazed that caste is still such an issue for some people.. As a non-brahmin girl not from India, i really don’t see what the fuss is all about. I’m sure there are others who feel the same way.

    I am really amused by Brahmanapayyan who averrs that brahmins are genetically superior, presumably as a result of mutated genes. It appears that the Gayatri mantra may even be more powerful than than radioactive substances! Who knows, there may be some truth in his claims as I have been saying the Gayatri mantra since 3 and let me tell u Albert Einstein has nothing on me! just kidding..haha

    As for racial stereotypes wrt brahmin girls… i have brahmin girlfriends who are pleasant, down to earth and intelligent indviduals. But I have also seen some bitchy and nasty ones. I have seen brahmin guys who are nice and normal as well as seen some who are unrepentant players. So i think caste-based stereotypes are unreliable..

    At the end of the day..every person is just who they are…not what caste or race they are.. i guess the girl who wrote this post may possibly have had some bad experience with a brahmin guy. i think stereotyping is a normal response to a bad experience but one we shd avoid..

    overall this post has provided an interesting insight for me!

  54. #54 by Priya barti on June 25, 2008 - 5:09 am

    Hi all,
    Nice to see such an interesting and sensitive topic being discussed !!!!
    I agree, all good and bad virtues are common to all communities. People had a prejustice against brahmin boys(especially) about their selfish nature(persumed). But these days I see that trend changing.

    Being from a cross cultural family, I dont see any negative traits in people that is based on caste. It is common to all.

    – About brahmins being non vegetarians
    After all food habits are one’s personal wish that shouldnt made an issue just because they belong to certain community.
    But being vegetarian is a wonderful thing provided you understand the purpose and the value behind it.

    I have many vegetarian friends who are all non-brahmins. So being a vegetarian is not only for brahmins.

  55. #55 by dfsdf on July 2, 2008 - 10:00 pm


  56. #56 by Anu on July 2, 2008 - 10:10 pm

    Dear All,

    I am a Brahmin gal working in Washington DC. The girl comment shows she is very immatured. When I don’t agree with all her points, but still nowadays I am also frustrated with my matrimonial search and really I suspect the ppl whom I interact for marriage are Brahmins.They ask weird questions, talk for a month, ask us to send 100 pics, gives all hopes and finally will vanish. I see ppl advicing the gal who posted this comment no to give importance only to the manly look.I also like to pinpoint this applies to even boys in Brahmin community.
    One thing what I feel is brahmin boys do not exercise properly after they come to US especially. If you see 9 ppl out of 10, will have tummy and looks aged at early age. The worst thing is they still reject gals irrespective of how they look. Everybody looks good in their own way. It’s the character and love that is going to last long in this relationship. Most of the guys after coming here sets very high standard for them.Though I look good and have all qualifications, still gets rejected by ppl who really look very ordinary and would have even crossed 34 years. Myself and my parents are really frustrated and feels sometimes we should stop looking for brahmin boys. I just request everyone reading this comment to value this realtionship and take it seriously and please do not talk with any gal for time pass.
    PS: Applies to Brahmin gals too

  57. #57 by sunil haleyur on July 5, 2008 - 8:01 am

    I wanted to advise both gals and boys of the brahmin community.
    1.every caste/community has its own customs.If u think it is a wall,its your problem.
    2.respect should be given to the customs with scientific approach.
    3.apart from all of above discussions

    tell me one thing

    How many of Brahmin gals/boys are really happy after intercaste marraige?

    opinions are welcome

  58. #58 by sudarshan on July 10, 2008 - 8:30 am

    dear aspirant,

    do not believe all these words , really its not the scenario in practical life and most of the girls are happy within the caste (communal ) marriage and happy living might be this is her personal experience and this shows as if she is most experienced in the post marital activity and attained the complete grahstashrama ( family activities).

    this is for the composer of this article:

    please do not reveal such immature expression and condemn the respect full community

    this not only happens in Brahmin’s community but in all the community because most of the times are spent for corporates and unwanted gossips so the time are not properly utilized to share love and affection

    i accept some activity should be rejuvenated within dhampathis (couples) so its better to practice to share love and affection with intimacy within the couples instead of complaining the community because this is purely depends on the individuals but not a word BRAHMIN because the word have got different meanings.


    all guys are same to each other with same emotions so don’t misunderstand that if u make intercaste marriage ur life will glitter like a gold, Might be ur intention to make some love with other castes guys but this is not practical and its not going to be a good manner by generalizing the charectar in the community this is not done by any community by any people better understand the society first and ourself and make better love and prosperity to the nation and our ancient cuture

    we have to self analyse first before blaming others that how far we are self trained to express the love with our mates.

    best wishes


  59. #59 by Mohammad saleem on July 15, 2008 - 11:55 am

    “brahmana ponnu is a mad girl..
    She is not worthy of saying a Brahmin”
    take my words as I belong to a true Islam.

    She is going to give tears to her parents.

  60. #60 by karthik on July 15, 2008 - 5:04 pm

    wow..i am a little late in reading this. i am surprised that discussing caste and caste based issues still invokes way more responses that any other threads or discussions. but unlike on rediff where some folks lose their mind and start typing expletives atleast no one here has done that.

  61. #61 by Balaji on July 17, 2008 - 12:57 pm

    I dont agree with that girl at all because she is generlizing due to her own experience and seeing world in a small way.

    I am a Tamil Brahmin. . To add a twist, I a tall guy, six feet, broad shoulders. I am taller than most of the Punjabis, Gujaratis or for that matter any tamilian. I can handle atleast two men at any time.

    I am financially sound. I am just 24. Above all I have amazing charisma, physical presence and roboust presence. The girl has not met a Tamil brahmin like me.

    Oh! I forgot to mention about General Padmanabhan. Can anyone forget his personality. He is also a Tamil Brahmin and as Sunderji. Even in army not only the physical abitlity is needed to protect but the mental tenacity to last in anything. I hope that the girl understands this.

  62. #62 by Raju on July 19, 2008 - 4:05 am

    Leave beside Hollywood media…

    Bharatiya culture is beyond Hollywood.. when the vedas were compiled the red Indians where dancing in Northern Americas.

    This matter is really hotly debated one. One has to think that a person is thinking in this way because he/she is exposed to films and entertainment. It is really unfortunate that many youths still live in movies and dream about a boy or girl in the films. Moreover frequent exposure of models wearing exposing dresses are available to be seen in nooks and corner. Obivious are the chances of people dreaming in this fashion…

  63. #63 by RAM on July 21, 2008 - 11:52 am

    He he heee… I fee like laughing…

  64. #64 by Badri on July 22, 2008 - 11:20 am

    Anu there are good human in india also first you are your parents have to search for some bharmin boys here in india. Even I am also getting rejected by lot of bhrmin girls but I can’t find fault them may be I am not good and my education is not good for them it’s their wish to reject me, but till this date I have never rejected any girl.

  65. #65 by Anu on July 23, 2008 - 7:14 pm

    Badri, I appreciate you. As you said, It’s individual’s decision to reject anyone but what I emphasize is not to talk to a person for time pass and it really hurts to know even our guys are changed after coming to US.

  66. #66 by Badri on July 24, 2008 - 2:23 pm

    Hi Anu,

    Thank you very much for the same. I feel very bad that people are just talking for time pass and rejecting some girls , yes I do agree that our people are changed after going go US, but its the case with all the people they change their mind and character after earning some money and status in the society.

    Anyway all the very best for your search.

  67. #67 by Anu on July 24, 2008 - 6:35 pm

    Badri, Thanks and Wish you also good luck..

  68. #68 by Ravishankar on July 26, 2008 - 5:25 pm

    i totally disagree with that girl. i think she is an evil to the brahmin caste.

    i strongly agree with ‘Mohammad saleem’.

    Now-a-Days, the brahmin caste girls are marrying with other caste guys. this is totally not acceptable. castes are provided by god. we should respect god as a brahmin.

    if a brahmin girl marry with an other caste boy then the father of that girl should remove his poonool and he should get out of the brahmin’s activity. he should not talk to any brahmin further more because all faults are lying with that girl’s parents only.

    all other caste guys in hindu are roaming for a brahmin girl as a third-rated boy. those boy’s parents are also work with them. they are giving ideas to their sons like how to get a job. and how to perform in the first night with the wife.

    i dont like the behaviour of other caste boys especially in hindu. what is their family culture? everywhere the boys are talking using bad words…

    As a pure brahmin boy following brahmin culture saying this…

  69. #69 by Sankaranarayanan on July 27, 2008 - 2:36 pm

    i agree with the words of ravishankar and Mohammad saleem.

    i want to dicscuss more on this.

    the castes were developed by god to manage the world and now it is in a destroyable way for Brahmins.

    the reason is that most of the brahmin girls prefer the guy having gym body. most of the brahmin girls prefer for Sex. If a brahmin girl prefer a guy for Sex, she should not be a brahmin girl and her ancestors are not brahmins. the brahmin community should welcome those girl’s intercaste marriage.

    Most of the Brahmin girls indicates fault on brahmin guys. some girls having the attitude that brahmin guys are not doing Gayathri Jabam. Some girls having the attitude that brahmin guys have no gym body or broader shoulder. what these girls are thinking about brahmin’s life and their marriages?. if they need the guys only for sex, they can go to the corresponding centers etc., my advice for them is not to marry with brahmin guy or any other caste guy.

    A pure brahmin guy should know the slogas of god and in the morning and evening she should prey in-front of god. A Pure brahmin guy should do Gayathri Jebam in everyday morning and the brahmins should not eat meat, Alcohol and they should not think about to do bad thinks to others. these are the basic qualities of a brahmin. but now, the brahmin community is not following it up.

    The Brahmin girls are not thinking about their community. their attitudes are wholly concerned about their future. while studying in a college, some non-brahmin caste people approaches these brahmin girls for love & marriage by showing their richness, bandha, property and political power. they also convincing them by giving a powerful position in an orgnization or by giving a social response to his father (this is the reality happening and believe it!)

    Also, the attitude of other caste guys are that the brahmin girls will easily fall in love and they are more sexual related girls.

    parents of these non-brahmin guys marrying brahmin girls are also co-ordinating with their sons. there is no control among them.

    some of the brahmin guys are eats meat, alcohol. by mentioning very few percentage of these brahmin guys, the brahmin girls are rejecting other brahmin guys and marry other caste guys. there are lot of brahmin guys are honest, obedient and calm but the brahmin girls are not preferring them.

    the non-brahmin guys are very serious in marrying a brahmin girl. they watches every brahmin girl in school / college / companies and about their family background. if that girl’s family background is low, they approach to her easile. if she is having good family background, some other powerful person will contact her. this is the reality going on. the total attitude of non-brahmin persons is to demolish the brahmin community.

    there is no support from the government for the brahmin community. the poor brahmin persons are still facing many more problems apart from the above mentioned problems from other caste guys. because, the government also encourages to demolish the brahmin community to stabilize the person’s knowledge level.

    most of the films are produced by critizicing brahmins badly. here there is no need to give examples. all brahmins knows this.

    parents should control the brahmin girls. the brahmin guys knows the spirit of brahmin community by doing gayathri Jabam and by attending functions like Avani Avittam but for girls, there is no function/responsibility for them. i think so only they don’t know the spirit of Brahmanas.

    the parents should give advice to their child regarding this in stage-by-stage. the objective is that a brahmin guy should mary a brahmin girl and viceversa and not with other caste guy/girl.

    if the marriages with other caste guy/girl by a brahmin girl/gut continues, the brahmin’s society name will get spoiled. the remaining brahmins will be treated badly and it will lead to no meaning of life in the country to other brahmins.

    the companies come to india to start a business. because of the culture in company especially in IT companies, the intercaste marrige with brahmin girls are happening. the girls should also aware that they come to company only for job and not for other unwanted activities.

    if the intercaste marriages with brahmins happens continuously, the brahmin community will destroy very soon. so, it is a warning to the brahmin community.

    this is right time for brahmin to follow the principle of unity. there should be a centre for organizing brahmins. it is better to maintain a database of all brahmins in the world by excluding these intercaste married brahmins. All brahmins should become a member in this and a monthly or yearly twice magazine should be distributed among the brahmin circle.

    so, the brahmin community is going in a dangerous and destroyable way and atleast the other caste persons will impose a bad name to the brahmins in 19th, 20th century and onwards in the history.

    All brahmins should put effort for the next generation brahmins. Now-a-days, some non-brahmins are saying that the brahmins and their culture ended to 18th and 19th century. is it true?

  70. #70 by SUBBU on July 27, 2008 - 7:10 pm

    Hello Friends,
    The problem is neither with brahmin boys nor with brahmin girls. I am a non-brahmin but experienced in the matter of brahmins.

    It is easy to seduce a brahmin girl. while brahmin boys are brilliant and serious in the improvement of their life, brahmin girls are soft in nature and easy for seduction. The brahmin girls easily fell down for sex.

    Also, there will not be any opposition in the brahmin community while seducing a brahmin girl. Non-brahmin boys can easily go to agraharam and pick up and develop a brahmin girls. Generally and truly, brahmin males are cowards and hiding behind the sarees of mamis. Mamis made them so selfish so that brahmin dont care about their caste at all.

    So, unlike other communities, brahmin girls are easily seduced by non-brahmin boys without oppositions. Brahmin boys are not talkative and too much afraid of their parents. So, normally a brahmin girl prefer non-brahmin boys as they are bold to have sex activities.

    I have seen brahmin women living as concubines of non-brahmin rich men not because of poverty but due to the poor sex character of brahmin male side.

    I myself had two brahmin concubines, both married and i use to go to agraharam and have them in my bed. No male in agraharam have guts to ask me which encouraged me and helped me to seduce pappathis easily.

    Also, friends, if u dont mind ( i dont have brahmin hatred at all) , brahmin pappathis give more pleasure to u in bed than a non-brahmin lady. So , try to seduce a brahmin women( if u r lucky, brahmin girl) because brahmin community is the only one where u can move freely . If any brahmin mama questions u , threaten him and he will run away behind the sarees of mami.

    good luck….

  71. #71 by Dennis on July 28, 2008 - 2:40 pm


    Never ever do this kind of sin again as like you I also seduced girls and thought that her husband knows that but he dare to ask me about this, but for which i am paying price till this date.

    I am actually very smart those days and girls will flow behind me those days. But after all thse kind of plays one fine day I got affected by vitiligo and over a period of years it got worse and now I am paying the price for seducing all those girls.


  72. #72 by Babu on July 28, 2008 - 3:35 pm

    This 100% Acceptable, compare other Hindu community Bhramin gril’s safariing too much related to marriage and sex,
    now a days parents r given lit bit freedom,in generally bhamin guy’s r taken alcohol Meet etc even my close Fred’s his mother is
    very Orthodox but he sleep with red-light girls, Hindu community particularly bhamin girl they should marry other community guy
    even they not happey with Bhramin Guy after arrange marraige


  73. #73 by saravanan on July 28, 2008 - 4:16 pm

    hey brahmin girls, if u want a gym body, don’t go to any company job. follow the steps below to get a gyb body based on ur wish…………………

    1. Marry a Brahmin Guy
    2. Develop ur brahmin husband by cooking food
    3. Let him go to gym etc., for one year
    4. Do sex with him.

    but never give burden to ur aged parents by marrying a non-brahmin guy.

    what a world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. #74 by SUBHASRI on July 30, 2008 - 5:50 pm

    Hello everybody,

    I am a brahmin girl, working as a clerk in a reputed bank.

    I disagree with the points made against brahmin girls.

    I appeal Brahmin community to be beware of non-brahmins.

    Brahmins only taught culture to non-brahmins .

    But non-brahmin males want to seduce a brahmin girl with the aim of destroying the brahmin community.

    Even you can see non-brahmins trying to destroy the business of a brahmin in public place.

    Brahmins , both boys and girls are innocent in general and no unity among them.

    I agree with subbu that brahmin women made their husbands selfish and the main weakness of brahmin community is their womenfolk.

    But, u just think………..

    A sheduled caste person, after attaining status in socity prefer to marry a brahmin girl. Why cant he marry his own caste girls? Does he think his caste girls are inferior than brahmin girls?. or, does he want to tronounce his caste by mixing with brahmin blood?. Then, does he agree that he is a low caste person? Why a brahmin boy, who is in fond of love marriage , never marries a sC girl?

    Brahmin community should awaken to get united and preserve girls being seduced by non-brahmins. Brahmin women particularly housewives should change. They should mind their caste also and should watch what is happening wrong in nearby brahmin families and try to stop it>

    Brahmin unity brings progress to our country also. Remember it.

  75. #75 by Rajneesh on July 30, 2008 - 6:28 pm

    i believe that this is well educated and that s why she talks like an real human well education means thinking and using your own brain not others
    she is an innovative thinker
    keep it up
    Rajneesh gautam

  76. #76 by aishwarya on August 1, 2008 - 11:53 am

    i agree with them brahmin community should be preserved.Already brahmins are few in number so atleast preserve this.Love is not wrong u can do it within your caste.There are so many inside your caste just look forward to them if u prefer love marriage

  77. #77 by Not reqd on August 7, 2008 - 4:15 am

    I suggest all of you stop wasting valuable time on blaming each other based on a caste system. Please do not commit the same mistakes as done by people before independence. While most of the things said above by all the people may be true, it is hard to generalize a entire sect of people based on few or one person/s. I dont have the patience or time to read teh whole thing. Please try to use the time on some value Added activity for you/ nation’s benefit.

    P.S.: Dont B.S me saying that i should not be in this blog, this was the second website on google when i searched brahmin. Imagine some foreigners reading these things. And they might confirm what they heard about india “Indians are destroyed separated by themselves internally, there is no outside force required”

  78. #78 by Karthick on August 7, 2008 - 2:40 pm

    I 100% agree with subashree’s comment.
    I also little bit agree with anu and nandini. I want to tell, i am also facing the same problem. We are searching a brahmin girl for more than 2 years. Currently working with Yahoo, bangalore. I am also facing the same kind of problems what nandini has mentioned.
    Still i want to marry a brahmin girl. I will wait and marry a brahmin girl.
    Be unity, We all overcome this problem. First, “Caste based reservation” has to be removed from the indian history. I am asking god after finishing santhyavanthanam and gayathri on everyday. If we are coming into unity everything is possible.

    I want to make unity of brahmins. If anybody is interested, please mail me to the following mail id.
    My mail id is —- sundaram(DOT)karthick(AT)gmail.com

  79. #79 by Karthick on August 7, 2008 - 2:41 pm

  80. #80 by Karthick on August 7, 2008 - 2:41 pm

    In my point of view, brahmin girls are our assets. We should not loose them.

  81. #81 by jayaraman on August 9, 2008 - 3:09 pm

    i read all of these comments. it took 3 hours to complete!. i
    am a 70 years old person and watching the brahmin community from the past 40 years. some of the person’s words are correct. we should not say, people done the mistakes before independence. we have no capacity to say it and no capacity to compare us with the people lived before
    independence. now we are changing the procedures and
    systems for our convenience. now, the people are looking towards money and colourful life. so, their attitude are also getting changed and they are trying to change the procedures and systems.

    yes, the brahmin community should be well organized otherwise other brahmins will get a bad name. my openion is, there are lot of brahmin boys need to wait for marriage even after 32 or 35. (The brahmin girls rejects the brahmin guys having the age above 30). This is because of the Brahmin girls getting married with other caste brahmin guys.

    For one example, if you go through the Hindu Classifides, u
    can realize. this is the talk which i had between my friends

    my question with brahmin community is, are we destroying
    with the effort of other caste person or with the effort of some
    group of persons or with by looking towards money and for a best life?

  82. #82 by Malarvizhi on August 9, 2008 - 5:00 pm

    Intresting post.I am not a brahmin girl. I married a brahmin boy 6 years ago.We live a happy family life.Brahmin boys are excellent family loving people.I thank brahmin community for producing excellent guy for my life.

    Brahmin girls – don’t lose the best.

  83. #83 by vandana on August 9, 2008 - 5:14 pm

    Brahmin girls don’t know one thing.Other community girls like me are jealous of brahmin boys & couples.Most of brahmin boys are hard workers,intelligent,decent & teatotallers.They are loyal to their wife.It is not the case in our community.

    Our community boys speak well,show their muscular body & pretend as if they take care of us. Really they don’t make a good family man.

    So my dear brahmin girls,dont’t get carried over by emotions.It is your life not somebody’s. Give first preferance to your community boys.Life will be easy.

  84. #84 by Krishnamoorthy on August 10, 2008 - 10:54 am

    i was not watched that vijay tv show. but i can confirm that girls’ words because the brahmin community is great and the persons are great by having good quality and characteristics than other caste persons.

  85. #85 by subha on August 10, 2008 - 6:21 pm


    Marriage is a complicated and difficult one in brahmin community. Brahmin boys are obeying their elders too much. Bride’s father expects a lot of immaterial things. For example, a bride’s father asked salary, bank balance , permanent or temporary , whether company has good name in market …..these details about the bride groom. Elders should know one thing. If u r confident of your own brahmin community boys, dont suspect them. They will save your daughter, provide her all the amenities surely. Dont expect too much. This in turn, increases the marriage age and decreases the population of already minority brahmin community.

    simplify the marriage procedures, reduce the material expenses, respect mantras and sastras(even mantras are enough for marriage) and arrange for early marriage.

    Then , no situation arises either to blame brahmin girls or boys

  86. #86 by hariharasubramanian on August 11, 2008 - 12:21 pm

    hello dear,

    good keep it up…it s the problem of our community..no unity..
    they critisize their own caste and laugh…so we are not able to raise in our life and in this society…others are also mocking at us…in cinema and all levels of life…so respect our caste and other caste also…
    there is a proverb…
    “When u r not able to love urself,how do u love others…”

    u dont have maturity to understand things…u r n childhood level only….there are many problems in our community like this …

    1. expectations r increased…every girl wants luxiourious life and comfortable living…in all levels…their parents also encourging this…otherwise u ve not written like this…no muslim girl or some other caste girl written a mail/statement like this…

    i ll give continue this reply in future also..wait for that

  87. #87 by Arun on August 11, 2008 - 6:04 pm


    Let us discuss the topic in realistic way. Brahmin marriages are symbol of inequality in sexes. In brahmin marriages, there are two opposite sides, like DMk and ADMK, bride side and bridegroom side. On the marriage day , both the sides look each other differently. Bride groom’s side behave like masters and bride’s side behave like servants.
    Bride groom’s side traditionally have the practice of insulting and criticising bride’s side. (Even after the marriage, my friend’s wife after having one children, still getting insulted for the bad rasam poured during the marriage day)

    Bride’s side is so keen to get good conduct certificate from bridegroom’s side. Of course, all the expanses borne to bride side only. Bride groom side generally create trouble in the matter of food only.If the food is bad, a big quarrel may arise. All the persons involved in quarrel are educated and 21st centrury human beings.

    So brahmin marriages are not happy occasions. Brahmin marriages are sad ones to bride side. Brides side will have a long breath after the marriage is over.

    I have heard my friend’s father always mentioning the bad quality of food served during his son’s marriage.Even the food went out of his stomach, but didnt go out of his mouth.

    Brahmin people are really funny people and l jokers. So, dont blame cinemas or megazines for insulting them. Brahmins are like that.

    I am a non brahmin but not a DK. Those who criticise brahmins are labelled so. Try to take it in a positive way.

    I also appeal brahmin youths to advise and direct the elders in a proper way and save the name of the community as we are living in 21st century.

    Also most of the expanses did for food items only. Try to avoid it.

    Share the marriage expanses as non-brahmins are doing. Otherwise dont blame brahmin girl going with non-brahmin boy.

    Brahmin girl who loves and marries a non-brahmin girl should be praised for reducing purdon to her father and saving him from getting insulted.

    So, make changes

    dont think these are the statements are from non-brahmin.

    Brahmins are by no way superior than non-brahmins . understand…….

    Good luck

  88. #88 by sukumar on August 12, 2008 - 4:59 am

    Hi Arun,
    Dont blame, brahmin guys.
    Do you know what type of insultations from girl’s family. Do you know about that.
    You non-brahmin guys want a girl, thats it. You caste people killed girl children. In tamil it is called as “kallipal koduthu kolai”.
    Did you hear, any brahmin people killed any girl child?
    Not only girl child, Brahmins never killed any human being by telling caste. Other caste fellows only killed other caste fellows by telling caste name and did for their caste.
    Did you hear, any brahmin boy married a non-brahmin girl when they were in power.
    Brahmin is a very good tradition, it is having very good cultural value, believing god and honest.
    Please simply dont blame brahmin guys n brahmin community.
    Brahmin girls are the heart of brahmin community.
    Even my friend was telling, no dowry is needed. They are searching for a brahmin girls more than 3 years.
    I am simply asking, no other caste boy is asking dowry?
    You people are not asking money from the girl’s family?
    Following are general questions to all castes:
    Do you know what type of questions are asked from girl’s family?
    Boy has to earn good salary and he should be in a good company. He has to have a own house. He has to have car or at least bike.
    If everybody is telling “no dowry” concept, Girl’s family should not expect a boy should be rich.

    Current mentality of all caste people:
    Have money, be rich. Enjoy life. That’s it.

    Why dont poor brahmin girls are not ready to marry a poor brahmin boys?

    Still 90% brahmin marriages are happening. only 10% girls are useless and cultureless girls.

    We dont care about that girls.
    Brahmin community is respecting all brahmin girls and brahmin boys.

  89. #89 by sukumar on August 12, 2008 - 5:04 am

    In other caste, girl will be punished and she will be tortured to get money from her father.

    This was not happened in brahmin family. It wont be happened.

    You can see lot of old brahmin couples, you will come to know, how they are close, understandable and adjusting to each other.

    In our family, after eating, we are only washing our plates.
    Other caste, girl has to clean boy’s plate after taking food.

    This simple example is enough to tell about brahmin culture.

  90. #90 by sukumar on August 12, 2008 - 5:05 am

    Brahkmins are always superior than other caste people by thinking, mentality n culture wise.

  91. #91 by Raja on August 12, 2008 - 7:12 pm

    Hello to every body

    Let us turn this forum casteless one. What if a brahmin girl marries a non-brahmin boy? what is lost? If a nadar girl marries a devar boy , no matter. Brahmin are also ordinary persons. They are also like us, tamil speaking , they are also living with us , a common life , they have some traditions of their own but it doesnt make them different.
    They are our breathern.

    As brahmins are innocent and lack of unity, we people are playing with them, But now, brahmin have become brave and unity comes among them slowly.

    Also, brahmins , dont think non brahmins as your rivals. they are also hindus. Mind hinduism only. We are all praying the same god and following the same culture.


  92. #92 by Nagoor Meeran on August 12, 2008 - 7:35 pm


    DK has created inferiority complex among brahmins. DK has succeded in pushing them down . Brahmin community has lot of enemies in their own community like kamalahasan,anuradha ramanan.

    Brahmins are people of circumstances. They will change their customs, culture , language etc. according to the place where they live in. In USA , brahmin have become half whites, eating meat, consuming liquor etc.

    DK made them to struggle in life and made them mute in public.

    Prostitution, poverty, illitercy and conversion to christianity is on increase slowly among brahmin community.

    It is in their hands to decide future course of actions to preserve their community.

    I am a strong supporter of brahmin community as i like their way of life and their spiritual face. To my knowledge, they are more civilized than other people.

  93. #93 by sanjiv on August 14, 2008 - 5:47 am

    Brahmin is a not a caste name. Brahmin is a beautiful culture and it has own duty.

    Every brahmin has to do their duty.

    Happy “Avani Avittam”!!!!

    If an other caste is proposing a brahmin girl, she has to ask the following questions to that boy:
    1. What is your caste name.
    2. We are having cultural and seperate duty which you can not do.
    3. I got my education and job by pure merit. Without telling caste name only i got my education. What about you.
    4. My parents can arrange a marriage for me within our caste. Your caste boys rougues. Non-vegitarians and drinkers. In our caste i can find a good boy for me.

    Brahmin girls and boys has to save brahmin culture. We are having duty to spread this culture to next coming generations.

  94. #94 by kumaran on August 14, 2008 - 6:32 am

    If other caste persons are telling, no difference brahmins and other caste means, why other caste people are asking caste based reservation for getting job and education?

    You people dont have brain to get education and job by your own skill?

  95. #95 by kumaran on August 14, 2008 - 10:26 am

    Brahmin is not a caste, It is a duty.
    Brahman people has to do their duty.

  96. #96 by Arun on August 14, 2008 - 8:00 pm

    You brahmin people created an unequal society, barring non-brahmins particularly SC ST from learning and framed Sastras accordingly and made the rulers to follow it. By what way u people are brilliant? Do u know in open competition, in one third of seats , how many non-brahmins are coming up. brahmins got only 2 seats in MBBS and only 2% in open competiton. How many brahmins i can show u dull in education?

    If u people are brilliant, why your caste came down due to reservations? your socieity also can improve with Government’s support like other communities.

    What type of mentality do u have? Treating hindus unequally and making them to convert to other religion…….. u people never had high and generous mentality throughout the history.

    u people dont know to arrange after all marriage for your women folk properly. Many are remaing virgins at the age of 40.

    Whole india was in your hands. If u people are brilliant, how the muslims and british came inside and ruled all including u?

    You people are begging for jobs to non-brahmins.

    Try to understand………

    Remove superiority complex……..

    Be realistic……….

    Be generous…………

  97. #97 by balamurugan on August 16, 2008 - 4:50 pm

    Dei Arun,
    Why you are worrying about our caste girls da.
    Are you agreeing all non-brahmin women satisfied with sex.
    Are you agreeing no non-brahmin women is having relationship with another male after marriage excluding her husband.
    Why you are worrying about other person’s wife is virgin or not.

    Regarding education, do you know onething…Still IIM is not filled the seats for OBC. They have announced some cut-off marks, but no OBC guys are achieved that. Know about your people’s knowledge. Then talk….OK.

    I am simply asking, there is no girl(beautiful and brilliant) to marry. I knew, even they are they like brahmin boys. They knew about your people.

    All brahmin girls married a non-brahmin boy they are searching a brahmin boy for their girl’s marriage.

    I am really proud about brahmins for the following:
    1. They never accepted or wanted to marry a non-brahmin girls when they were in power.
    2. They are sympothy minded. We are having sympothy about animals also. We never killed animals for eating. What you non-brahmin people are eating(Mostly all are non-vegitarians, right?)
    3. We never asked reservation for getting education and job.
    4. Our ancestors never killed a girl children(All villages, mostly killing girl children was happened, right?).

    If your community dont have girls means your community is a waste community. Do fight with your father and mother and your community.
    Dont type like this about brahmin community.
    We never begged a non-brahmin girls.
    You non-brahmin boys are only begging to marry a brahmin-girl.
    Our brahmin girls are good compared to your community girls. Thats why you people want to marry our caste girls.

    We brahmins are always great.
    Brahmins are always superior than you people. You people are drinkers and sex workers.

    We dont need to understand anything. We are traditionally very good. Dont blame us.
    By marrying a brahmin girl you cant become a brahmin. Your mindset will always think about non-veg, drink, cheating and only sex.
    Sex is just a part of life. It wont fulfill a life.
    If you like more sex means, you are a call boy.

  98. #98 by balamurugan on August 16, 2008 - 5:06 pm

    Should know onething, brahmins never ruled any part of india. Are you agreeing this?
    Brahmin people concentrated only education, vedas and praying god.
    In “Kalingathubarani”, clearly mentioned as “children, elders,persons who are physically not good and Brahmins should not participate in the war.
    Beofre british all non-brahmin rulers respected brahmins.
    We brahmins fully supported non-brahmin rulers. Relationship was very good.

    Why reservations not asked during all non-brahmin rulers or mughal periods?
    Why it was asked after british.
    British demolished the king rules and kings. They seperated the government into department. And the postings are done by education wise.
    Who were educated at that time? Only brahmins.
    When education was coming into getting job and power, reservation was coming into the picture.
    SC/STs not created by brahmins, it was created by BC/MBC people.
    No dalit word in Vedas.
    You have to understand this truth information.
    Brahmins never went to do fight with others. We never killed any non-brahmin by telling caste name.
    Can you remember “Uthamapuram Issue? Who were created and what caste created that issue?
    This problem were between pillai and SC.

    Now are you agreeing SC&ST was not created by brahmins.
    All BC/MBC people only did this caste politics.

    Brahmins are always great. My wish is, they have to do their duty(“Gayathri and Santhyavanthana”). Mentality wise they are very good. A very good community among other communities in hindu.

    Dont ask caste name for getting education and job. Beleive your skill. Think brahmin is a duty and it is not a caste name. Brahmins now also doing our duty. Mentality wise brahmins are superior.

  99. #99 by balamurugan on August 16, 2008 - 5:09 pm

    Some SC/ST people are converting into other religion was happened by BC/MBC people. Not by Brahmins.

    A very good event for this is, “Uthamapuram” event. Pillai caste people did that.

    Brahmins are always superiors by their mentality, politeness.

  100. #100 by muthusamy on August 17, 2008 - 6:56 pm

    Hi to all

    I have lot of brahmin friends who are nice and social minded. No body treated me differently.

    But i am eager to mention the weakness points of brahmin community, as i like brahmins. Dont mistake me.

    Most of the brahmin families are Femdom families. The womenfolk made them so weak and restrict their revolutionary talks, fearing the consequences. They dont even have normal boldness . So, politicians never care them at all.

    Brahmin womenfolk also made them so selfish. Other caste people think that a brahmin will help other brahmin . But , to my knowledge and experience, brahmin wont help to another brahmin……. really.

    non-brahmin boys have an aim of seducing brahmin girls. That is why , the problem of intercaste marriage arises. Everybody likes and want to live like a brahmin . So they prefer brahmin girls and try to get them.

    If the womefolk of brahmin community becomes caste minded , then , i think, brahmin communtiy will not bow their heads to non-brahmin politicians.


  101. #101 by Nagarajan on August 17, 2008 - 7:03 pm


    Brahmins know nothing. They know only applam, rasam, poriyal and thoppai.

  102. #102 by selva on August 18, 2008 - 6:47 am

    Non-brahmins know drinking alcohol, eating non-veg, forming a group, vettu-kuttu(killing activity) and talk about girls.

    India is having good name because of brahmins. Everybody has to be proud.

    Brahmins never killed other caste persons.

  103. #103 by Muthumanikam on August 18, 2008 - 4:29 pm

    hi Malarvizhi, all the successes were because of help from external persons like relatives, parents etc.,

  104. #104 by Venkatesh on August 18, 2008 - 7:08 pm

    Hi to all,

    I guess some of the posts made by members are immatured and short temered without any realistic and broad minded approach towards indian society.

    I am a brahmin man,worked as a sales representative for some years and doing business now. In my life, i have seduced and enjoyed many girls of non-brahmin communities.

    Remember that a girl or boy while approaching for sex never minds caste or religion. I have fucked and still fucking two muslim girls (even after their marriage) . A girl or boy doesnt want to know or care about sex. Sex is common. It has no boundary. Generally , brahmin boys (not like me) are not interested in seducing girls. Brahimins have moral value.

    U might have come across the society. In non-brahmin communities, if a person engaged in women matter or in any other sin, it is not serious one. In SC communities , if a person drinks, it is not a matter at all. But in brahmin community , they have some moral values. They dont have guts to committ sins. Parents and community perosns heavily oppose any such adultary or other sins like drinking.

    When i seduce non-brahmin girls in my life, i didnt bother about the caste of those girls as i am not going to marry. Like me, my friends also enjoyed lot of girls of all communities.

    Problem is, the girls i fucked, wanted to marry me after knowing that i am a brahmin.

    Persons who have brahmin hatred or who are DK minded should know one thing. Even your people want to give their houses for rent to brahmins only as they are clean and honest.

    A perfect and true brahmin is neat, honest, brilliant , loyal, god fearing and peace loving.

    Every community or religion respects brahmins for their morality . Not for anything else. Private comapanies are interested to recruit brahmins not for brilliance but for their loyal and honest nature.

    All girls are interest in all boys. Brahmin boys are also enjoying and doing adultary with non-brahmin boys.

    But unlike non-brahmin boys, brahmin boy dont have an aim of loving or seducing other communty girls.

    Brahmins are like Sun and if a small dust on them will become focussed.

    Brahmin girls never want to live with non-brahmins as she very well knows the spiritual values of brahmin community.

    So, dont talk about sex or love. It is common to all castes and communities.

    Brahmins are role model in society. Of course, no body including DK persons hate them.

  105. #105 by Muthu Mariappan on August 18, 2008 - 7:24 pm

    Hello to all,

    I object brahmin boys have moral values.

    Brahmin boys are coloured and nice . So, girls of any caste likes them. But brahmin boys don have love mentality.

    I myself have a brahmin friend. He has seduced and fucked few girls in my class of low caste. He is always interested in seduction of women and expert in seducing girls.

    So, morality and immorality also is common in all communties

  106. #106 by Mukilan@krishna on August 24, 2008 - 6:00 pm

    Hi to all,


    I went thorugh this interesting forum and article. I agree with the points mentioned by muthusamy about brahmin womenfolk.

    Here is the intereting real incident which made me and also many brahmin friends laugh for many days.

    There was a police van , empty , nobody inside, standing in the middle of agraharam. By seeing the police van, all the brahmins remained in door. At that time one non-brahmin was sitting inside his brahmin friend’s house. He asked his brahmin friend to go out to a place for an urgent matter for which he came there.

    Immediately, the brahmin mami , with tension, ordered her husband not to go outside as a police van is standing. She told ” What guts u have? r u a fool? how dare u go outside? ” Immediately his non-brahmin friend told her ” we havent done any crime. why should we bother about the police van even if the IG is inside?”

    Brahmin mami rushed quickly “YOur friend has two girl children. Already he is irresponsible/ How can u call him out? “rendu pen kulanthaikalai vachundu veliyila poraram veliyila” …… u go out …… i wont allow him ” ……

    Then my friend came out and still laughing at this incident.

    Brahmins , are really jokers, cowards and even below normal………By no way they are brilliant….. Privat companies are recuriting them for their cowardness ………

    Really………. Brahmins are jokers and funny people …………

  107. #107 by raj on August 24, 2008 - 9:00 pm

    stop this now
    Now this makes us to be storng in any field,being in any field.
    Non brahmin peoples are just taking advantage and creating some kind of clusters.
    Please note that i am being a brahmin and aged 33 no married,waiting for the real brahmin girl still, we will not marry non brhamin girls,i have seen people who did that are suffuring a lot in life.Please wake up now and make our community storng.I have been rejected by many girls just because i ma not graduate,but did with my diploma i could not get any girl.Hope one day i will.
    I recieved lot of offers form non brahmin girls with good education and positins,but i have rejected.
    Once again please stop doing wrong things as a brahmin ,and have courage with unity.

  108. #108 by raj on August 24, 2008 - 9:12 pm

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    This article is about the Hindu varnas. For other uses of this word and similar words, see Brahman (disambiguation). For brahmin moths, see Brahmaeidae.
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    Brahmin, in Hinduism, refers to the priestly caste. According to Hindu dharma, it is the highest caste among the four varnas of Hindu religion. The Sanskrit word Brāhmaṇa ((Devanagari: ब्राह्मण) denotes the poet/scholar/teacher, priest, caste, class (varṇa), or tribe, that Hindu tradition enjoins to live a life of learning, teaching and non-possessiveness .[1][2][3] The Sanskrit terms Brahman and Brāhman (“belonging to Brahman”) are also used.[4]

    The English word brahmin is an anglicised form of the Sanskrit word brāhmana, however they are not necessarily the same things. Vedic brahman (bráhman) loosely translated means sacrificial poetry and one with such knowledge was a brahmin (brahmán) The acquisition of this knowledge was increasingly confined to men belonging to the brahmin caste. Few others could acquire brahmán.

    Brahmins are also called Vipra “inspired”,[5] or Dvija “twice-born”.[6]

    In 1931 (the last Indian census to record caste), Brahmins accounted for 4.32% of the total population. Brahmins even in Uttar Pradesh, where they were most numerous, constituted just 9% of the recorded population. In Tamil Nadu they formed less than 3% and in Andhra Pradesh, less than 2%.[7] In Kerala, Nambudiri Brahmins make up 0.7% of the population.

    Contents [hide]
    1 History
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    5 Brahmins taking up other duties
    6 Practices
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    [edit] History
    Main article: History of Hinduism
    The history of the Brahmin community in India begins with the Vedic religion of early Hinduism, now often referred to by Hindus as Sanatana Dharma, in ancient India. The Vedas are the primary source of knowledge for brahmin practices. Most sampradayas of Brahmins take inspiration from the Vedas. According to orthodox Hindu tradition, the Vedas are apauruṣeya and anādi (beginning-less), but are revealed truths of eternal validity. The Vedas are considered Śruti (that which is heard, signifying their validity or relevance and are the paramount source of Brahmin traditions. Shruti includes not only the four Vedas (the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda), but also their respective Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads. Brahman and Brahmin (brahman, brahmán, masculine ) are not the same. Brahman (Brahman, neuter) refers to the Supreme Self. Brahmin or Brahmana (brahmán, brāhmaṇa) refers an individual. Additionally, the word Brahma (brahmā) refers to first of the gods.

    [edit] Brahmin communities
    See also: Brahmin communities
    The Brahmin castes may be broadly divided into two regional groups: Pancha-Gauda Brahmins and Pancha-Dravida Brahmins as per the shloka,however this sloka is from Rajatarangini of Kalhana which is composed only in 11th CE and many communities find their traces from sages mentioned in, much older Vedas and puranas.

    कर्णाटकाश्च तैलंगा द्राविडा महाराष्ट्रकाः,
    गुर्जराश्चेति पञ्चैव द्राविडा विन्ध्यदक्षिणे ||
    सारस्वताः कान्यकुब्जा गौडा उत्कलमैथिलाः,
    पन्चगौडा इति ख्याता विन्ध्स्योत्तरवासि ||[8]

    Translation: Karnataka, Telugu (Andhra), Dravida (Tamil and Kerala), Maharashtra and Gujarat are Five Southern (Panch Dravida). Saraswata, Kanyakubja, Gauda, Utkala, Maithili are Five Northern (Pancha Gauda). This classification occurs in Rajatarangini of Kalhana and is mentioned by Jogendra Nath Bhattacharya in “Hindu Castes and Sects.” [9]

    [edit] Pancha Gauda Brahmins
    Panch Gaur (the five classes of Northern India): (1) Saraswat,(2) Kanyakubja, (3) Gauda brahmins (including Sanadhyas)) (4)Utkala Brahmin, and (5) Maithil Brahmin( including Saryuparin Brahmin. In addition, for the purpose of giving an account of Northern Brahmins each of the provinces must be considered separately, such as, Kashmir, Nepal, Uttarakhand, Himachal, Kurukshetra, Rajputana, Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya (Oudh), Gandhar, Punjab, North Western Provinces and Pakistan, Sindh, Central India, Trihoot, Bihar, Orissa, Bengal, Assam, etc. The originate from south of the (now-extinct) Saraswati River.[10]

    In Bihar, majority of Brahmins are Kanyakubja Brahmins, Bhumihar Brahmins and Maithil Brahmins with a significant population of Sakaldipi or Shakdweepiya Brahmins.

    In Haryana, the brahmin classified in mainly Dadhich_Brahmin, Gaud brahmin, Khandelwal brahmin.but large proportion of brahmin in haryana are Gaud(about 90%).approximately all brahmin in west U P are adi gaur.

    In Madhya Pradesh, the Brahmins are classified in mainly Shri Gaud, Sanadhya brahmin, Gujar-Gaud Brahmins. Majority of Shri Gaud Brahmins are found in the Malwa region (Indore, Ujjain, Dewas).Eastern MP has dense population of Sarayuparain brahmins.Hoshangabad and Harda Distt. of MP have a considerable population of Jujhotia brahmins.

    In Nepal, the hill Brahmins are classified in mainly Upadhaya Brahmin, Jaisi Brahmin and Kumain Brahmins. Upadhaya Brahmins are supposed to have settled in Nepal long before the other two groups.Majority of hill Brahmins are supposed to be of Khasa origin.

    In Punjab, they are classified as Saraswat Brahmins.

    In Rajasthan, the Brahmins are classified in mainly Dadhich_Brahmin, Gaud Brahmin,Sanadhya brahmins, Rajpurohit / Purohit Brahmins, Sri Gaud Brahmin, Khandelwal Brahmin, Gujar-Gaud Brahmins. Rajpurohit / Purohit Brahmins are mainly found in marwar & godwad region of Rajasthan. In Sindh, the saraswat brahmins from nasarpur of sindh province are called Nasarpuri Sindh Saraswat Brahmin. During the India and Pakistan partition migrated to India from sindh province.

    In Uttar Pradesh from west to east: Sanadhya & Gauda(western UP), Kanyakubja( Central UP), Sarayuparin (Eastern, NE,& SE UP) and Maithil(Varanasi), the South western UP, i.e. Bundelkhand has thick population of Jujhotia brahmins(branch of Kanyakubja brahmins:ref. Between History & Legend:Power & Status in Bundelkhand by Ravindra K Jain).Mathure or mathuria brahmins’choubeys’ are limited to Mathura area.

    In West bengal the brahmins are classified in Barendra & Rarhi corresponding to the ancient Barendrabhumi(North Bengal) and Rarhdesh (South Bengal)making present day Bangladesh & West Bengal. Besides these two major community there are also Utkal Brahmins, having migrated from present Orissa and Vaidik Brahmins, having migrated from Western and Northern India.

    [edit] Pancha Dravida Brahmins

    Paara Thrivikraman Namboothiri, Priest of Guruvayoor Temple in Kerala, 1960’sPanch Dravida (the five classes of Southern India): 1) Andhra, 2) Dravida (Tamil and Kerala), 3) Karnataka, 4) Maharashtra and Konkon, and 5) Gujarat. They originate from north of the (now-extinct) Saraswati River.[10]

    In Andhra Pradesh, Brahmins are broadly classified into 2 groups: Vaidika (meaning educated in vedas and performing religious vocations) and Niyogi (performing only secular vocation). They are further divided into several sub-castes. However, majority of the Brahmins, both Vaidika and Niyogi, perform only secular professions. [11]

    In Kerala, Brahmins are classified into three groups: Namboothiris, Pottis and Pushpakas. (Pushpakas are commonly clubbed with Ampalavasi community). The major priestly activities are performed by Namboothiris while the other temple related activities known as Kazhakam are performed by Pushpaka Brahmins and other Ampalavasis. Sri Adi Shankara was born in Kalady, a village in Kerala, to a Namboothiri Brahmin couple, Shivaguru and Aryamba, and lived for thirty-two years. The Namboothiri Brahmins, Potti Brahmins and Pushpaka Brahmins in Kerala follow the Philosophies of Sri Adi Sankaracharya. The Brahmins who migrated to Kerala from Tamil Nadu are known as Pattar in Kerala. They possess almost same status of Potti Brahmins in Kerala.

    In Tamil Nadu, Brahmins belong to 2 major groups: Iyer and Iyengar. Iyers comprise of Smartha and Saivite Brahmins and are broadly classified into Vadama, Vathima, Brhatcharnam, Ashtasahasram, Sholiyar and Gurukkal. There are mostly followers of Adi Shankaracharya and form about three-fourths of Tamil Nadu’s Brahmin population. Iyengars comprise of Vaishnavite Brahmins and are divided into two sects: Vadakalai and Thenkalai. They are mostly followers of Ramanuja and make up the remaining one-fourth of the Tamil Brahmin population.


    Main article: Kannada_Brahmins
    In Karnataka, Brahmins belong to 3 major groups: Smarthas, the followers of Sri Adi Shankaracharya, Madhvas (or Vaishnavas) who are the followers of Sri Madhvacharya, and Sri-Vaishnavas (Iyengars), who are the followers of Sri Ramanujacharya and Srimath Vedanta Desika. Major subsects of Smartha Brahmins of Karnataka are Hoysala Karnataka, Mysore Iyers, Ulucha Kamme, Babboor Kamme, Badaganadu, Sthanika Brahmins, Kota, Havyaka Brahmins, Moogooru Karnataka and Devanga Karnataka. All the sub sects just mentioned either follow the Rigveda or the Krishna Yajurveda. There are two other groups known as Sama Vedi’s (affiliated to Sama Veda) and Shukla Yajurvedi’s (affiliated to Shukla Yajurveda); all the Sama Vedi’s are Smartha’s while the Shukla Yajurvedi’s are either Smartha’s or Maadhva’s. Other traditional non-Kannada speaking Brahmin groups in Karnataka are Mulukanadu (Telugu speaking Smartha’s), Gowda Saraswat (Konkani speaking Maadhva’s), Deshastha Brahmin (Marathi speaking Maadhva’s) Konkani speaking Daivajnas and Sankethi ( Sankethi speaking Smartha’s). Irrespective of their denominations, customs followed by all the Smartha’s mentioned, are to a very large extent, identical.
    In Maharashtra, Brahmins are classified into five groups: Chitpavan Konkanastha Brahmins, Gaud Saraswat Brahmin, Deshastha Brahmin and Karhade Brahmin, Devrukhe. As the name indicates, Kokanastha Brahmin are from Konkan area. Gaud Saraswat Brahmins are from Konkan region or they may come from Goa or Karnataka, Deshastha Brahmin are from plains of Maharashtra, Karhade Brahmins are perhaps from Karhatak (an ancient region in India that included present day south Maharashtra and northern Karnataka) and Devrukhe Brahmins are from Devrukh near Ratnagiri.

    In Gujarat, Brahmins are classified into Eight groups: Anavil Brahmin, Awadhich Brahmins, Bardai Brahmins, Girinarayan Brahmins, Khedaval, Nagar Brahmins, Shrimali Brahmins, Sidhra-Rudhra Brahmins and Modh Brahmins.

    [Modh Brahmins] woshipped MATANGI-Modheshwai mata (MODHERA).Most of these found in North Gujarat and in ahd,baroda region…they are known as BARA BAVAN MODH CHATUVEDIY BRAHMIN…..

    [edit] Gotras and pravaras
    See also: Classification of Brahmins
    In general, gotra denotes any person who traces descent in an unbroken male line from a common male ancestor. Panini defines gotra for grammatical purposes as ‘ apatyam pautraprabh*rti gotram’ (IV. 1. 162), which means ‘the word gotra denotes the progeny (of a sage) beginning with the son’s son. When a person says ‘ I am Kashypasa-gotra’ he means that he traces his descent from the ancient sage Kashyapa by unbroken male descent. According to the Baudhâyanas’rauta-sûtra Viśvāmitra, Jamadagni, Bharadvâja, Gautama, Atri, Vasishtha, Kashyapa and Agastya are 8 sages; the progeny of these eight sages is declared to be gotras. This enumeration of eight primary gotras seems to have been known to Pānini. These gotras are not directly connected to Prajapathy or latter brama. The offspring (apatya) of these eight are gotras and others than these are called ‘ gotrâvayava ‘. [12]

    The gotras are arranged in groups, e. g. there are according to the Âsvalâyana-srautasûtra four subdivisions of the Vasishtha gana, viz. Upamanyu, Parāshara, Kundina and Vasishtha (other than the first three). Each of these four again has numerous sub-sections, each being called gotra. So the arrangement is first into ganas, then into pakshas, then into individual gotras. The first has survived in the Bhrigu and Āngirasa gana. According to Baud, the principal eight gotras were divided into pakshas. The pravara of Upamanyu is Vasishtha, Bharadvasu, Indrapramada; the pravara of the Parâshara gotra is Vasishtha, Shâktya, Pârâsharya; the pravara of the Kundina gotra is Vasishtha, Maitrâvaruna, Kaundinya and the pravara of Vasishthas other than these three is simply Vasishtha. It is therefore that some define pravara as the group of sages that distinguishes the founder (lit. the starter) of one gotra from another.

    There are two kinds of pravaras, 1) sishya-prasishya-rishi-parampara, and 2) putrparampara. Gotrapravaras can be ekarsheya, dwarsheya, triarsheya, pancharsheya, saptarsheya, and up to 19 rishis. Kashyapasa gotra has at least two distinct pravaras in Andhra Pradesh: one with three sages (triarsheya pravara) and the other with seven sages (saptarsheya pravara). This pravara may be either sishya-prasishya-rishi-parampara or putraparampara. When it is sishya-prasishya-rishi-parampara marriage is not acceptable if half or more than half of the rishis are same in both bride and bridegroom gotras. If it is putraparampara, marriage is totally unacceptable even if one rishi matches.[13]

    [edit] Sects and rishis
    Due to the diversity in religious and cultural traditions and practices, and the Vedic schools which they belong to, Brahmins are further divided into various subcastes. During the sutra period, roughly between 1000 BCE to 200 BCE, Brahmins became divided into various Shakhas (branches), based on the adoption of different Vedas and different rescension Vedas. Sects for different denominations of the same branch of the Vedas were formed, under the leadership of distinguished teachers among Brahmins.

    There are several Brahmin law givers such as Angirasa, Apasthambha, Atri, Brihaspati, Boudhayana, Daksha, Gautam, Harita, Katyayana, Likhita, Manu,[14] Parasara, Samvarta, Shankha, Shatatapa, Ushanasa, Vashishta, Vishnu, Vyasa, Yajnavalkya and Yama. These twenty-one rishis were the propounders of Smritis. The oldest among these smritis are Apastamba, Baudhayana, Gautama, and Vasishta Sutras. [15]

    [edit] Descendants from rishis
    Many Indians and non-Indians claim descent from the Vedic Rishis of both Brahmin and non-Brahmin descent. For example the Dash and Nagas are said to be the descendants of Kashyapa Muni, the Gotamas (including Lord Buddha apart from the Gautam Brahmins are said to descendants of Gautama Muni. It is also believed that Buddha was a descendant of the Vedic Angirasa Muni.[16] Visvakarmas are the descendants of Pancha Rishis or Brahmarshies. According to Yajurveda and brahmanda purana They are Sanagha ,Sanathana,Abhuvanasa,Prajnasa, Suparnasa. The Kani tribe of South India claim to descend from Agastya Muni.

    The Gondhali, Kanet, Bhot, Lohar, Dagi, and Hessis claim to be from Renuka Devi.

    The Kasi Kapadi Sudras claim to originate from the Brahmin Sukradeva. Their duty was to transfer water to the sacred city of Kashi.[17]

    Dadheech Brahmins/dayama brahmin trace their roots from Dadhichi Rishi. Many Jats clans claim to descend from Dadhichi Rishi while the Dudi Jats claim to be in the linear of Duda Rishi.

    Lord Buddha of course, was a descendant of Angirasa through Gautama. There too were Kshatiryas of other clans to whom members descend from Angirasa, to fulfill a childless king’s wish.[18]

    The backward-caste Matangs claim to descend from Matang Muni, who became a Brahmin by his karma.

    The nomadic tribe of Kerala, the Kakkarissi according to one legend are derived from the mouth of Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu, and came out Brahmin.[19]

    The Sikhwal (also known as Sukhwal or Shringi) Brahmins of Rajasthan claim descent from Ṛṣyaśṛńga.[citation needed]

    [edit] Brahmins taking up other duties
    Brahmins have taken on many professions – from being priests, ascetics and scholars to warriors and businesspeople. Muslim Brahmins, e.g., the group known as Hussaini Brahmin are the disciples of Imam Hussian, grandson of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. (see below for more on these Muslims).

    Brahmins with the qualities of Kshatriyas are known as ‘Brahmakshatriyas’. An example is the avatara Parshurama who destroyed the entire Haiheyas 21 times. Not only did Sage Parashurama have warrior skills but he was so powerful that he could even fight without the use of any weapons and trained others to fight without weapons. The Pallavas were an example of Brahmakshatriyas as that is what they called themselves. King Lalitaditya Muktapida of Kashmir ruled all of India and even Central Asia.

    Today there is a caste, Brahmakhatris, who are a clan of the Khatris, however this is suspicious since Khatris are a business caste/community of Punjab and belong to the Vaishya caste. Khatri has often been misinterpreted as a variation of the word Kshatriya, meaning warrior, however there are no records of any Khatri kingdoms or empires in Indian history and this claim to Kshatriya is recently made in the 20th century.

    Perhaps the word Brahma-kshatriya refers to a person belonging to the heritage of both castes.[20] However, among the Royal Rajput households, brahmins who became the personal teachers and protectors of the Royal princes rose to the status of Rajpurohit and taught the princes everything including martial arts. They would also become the keepers of the Royal lineage and its history. They would also be the protectors of the throne in case the regent was orphaned and a minor.

    Kshatriyan Brahmin is a term associated with people of both caste’s components.[21]

    King Rudravarma of Champa (Vietnam) of 657 A.D. was the son of a Brahmin father. [20]

    King Jayavarma I of Kambuja (Kampuchea) of 781 A.D. was a Brahma-kshatriya. [20]

    Brahmins with the qualities of a Vaisya or merchant are known as ‘Brahmvyasya’. An example of such persons are people of the Ambastha[22] caste, which exist in places like South India and Bengal. They perform medical work – they have from ancient times practiced the Ayurveda and have been Vaidyas (or doctors).

    Many Pallis of South India claim to be Brahmins (while others claim to be Agnikula Kshatriyas.)[23] Kulaman Pallis are nicknamed by outsiders as Kulaman Brahmans.[23]

    [edit] Practices
    Brahmins adhere to the principles of Brahmanism or Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism, such as acceptance of the Vedas with reverence, adherence to the position that the means or ways to salvation and realization of the ultimate truth are diverse, that God is one, but has innumerable names and forms to chant and worship due to our varied perceptions, cultures and languages. Brahmins believe in Sarvejanāssukhinobhavaṃtu — Let the entire society be happy and prosperous and Vasudhaika kuṭuṃbakaṃ — the whole world is one family. Many Brahmins are reformers. Most Brahmins today practice vegetarianism or lacto-vegetarianism. There are some Brahmins who are non-vegetarians, mainly the Brahmins of cold mountain areas like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Nepal, and coastal areas like Bengal, who are fish eaters. However, even the meat eating Brahmins shun beef in India although some American and Western Brahmins eat beef.

    [edit] Traditional duties
    The six duties of Brahmin are given as per the Sloka

    adhyāpanam adhyāyānam
    yajanam yajanam tathā
    dānam pratigraham caiva
    brahmanānāmakalpayāt[citation needed]

    Teaching, study (svādhyāya), performing Yajna, make performing Yajna, accept Daana, and give Daana are the six duties of a Brahmin.

    samodamastapah saucham
    jnanam vijnānamāstikyam
    brahmakarma svabhavajam[citation needed]

    The Brahmins are expected to have control of their emotions, control of senses, purity, truthfulness, tolerance, simplicity, renounce material wealth and have sustenance from other community, belief in God, and studying and teaching of sacred scriptures.

    The daily routine[24] includes performing

    Snana (bathing),
    Aupasana and
    The last two named Yajnas are performed in only a few households today. Brahmacharis perform Agnikaryam instead of Agnihotra or Aupasana. The other rituals followed include Amavasya tarpanam and Shraddha.

    See also: Nitya karma and Kaamya karma

    [edit] Samskaras

    A young Shakdwipi Brahmin boy during his UpanayanaMain article: saṃskāra
    Brahmins also perform sixteen major Samskaras (rites) during the course of their lifetime.[25]

    In the pre-natal stage,
    Garbhadharana (conception),
    Pumsavana (rite for consecrating a male child in the womb) and
    Simantonnayana (rite for parting the hair of a pregnant woman) are performed.
    During infancy,
    Jatakarma (birth ceremony),
    Namakarana (naming ceremony),
    Nishkarmana (first outing),
    Annaprasana (first feeding solid food),
    Choodakarana (first tonsure) and
    Karnavedha (ear piercing) are performed.
    During childhood and adolescence of the child,
    Vidhyarambha (starting of education),
    Upanayanam (thread ceremony- initiation),
    Vedarambha (starting of the study of the Vedas),
    Keshanta or Godana (first shaving of the beard) and
    Samavartanam or Snaana (ending of studentship) are performed.
    During adulthood,
    Vivaha (marriage)
    Nisheka (first sexual intercourse, 4 days after marriage) and
    Antyesti (funeral rites) are the main ceremonies.

    [edit] Sampradayas
    The three sampradayas (traditions) of Brahmins, especially in South India are the Smarta sampradaya, the Srivaishnava sampradaya and the Madhva sampradaya.

    [edit] Vaishnavism
    Srivaishnava sampradaya and the Madhva sampradaya are the two major Vaishnavite sects. From these two were influenced several other Vaishnavite sects such as the Ramananda Sampraday, and Ramdassi Sampraday. The chief propounder of the Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya was Ramanuja while Madhava was the founder of the Madhav Sampraday. The Pushtimarg Sampraday, founded by Vallabh Acharya is yet another sect influenced by the other two major Vaishnavite sect.

    Vaishnavism included many sect such as the Swaminarayan Sampraday.

    There are many members of the Swaminarayan Sampraday founded by Bhagwan Swaminarayan, born as Ghanshyam Pande a Vaishnavite Brahmin of present-day Uttar Pradesh. He later settled in Gujarat, wherein the highest density of sampraday members live. This is a Vaishnavite sect. This sect was founded in the latter part of the 18th century.

    There is also the Varkari Sampraday, which worships Sri Krishna as “Vithal”. The word “Varkari” means travelers because members of this sect travel from their home towns on a pilgrimage to Pandharpur, almost always on foot! Important saints of this movement were the Brahmins Dnyaneshwar, Muktabai as well as several non-Brahmin icons.

    There is also the Mahanubhava sampraday founded by King Cakradhara, known popularly to members as Sri Chakradhar Swami, in the 12th century. The members of this sect worship Lord Vishnu in His five forms; Lord Krishna, Lord Sri Dattatreya, Lord Sri Chakrapani, Lord Sri Govindaprabhu, and Lord Cakradhara (the founder Himself).

    [edit] Shaivism
    The Shaiva Brahmins have important icons such as, Basava Swami of Karnataka, Kungiliya Kalaya Nayanar or Tamil Nadu, and Lakulisa of Gujarat.

    [edit] Other sects
    There are additional sampradayas as well which are not as widely followed as the rest.

    The Mahima Dharma or “Satya Mahima Alekha Dharma” was founded by the Brahmin Mukanda Das of present-day Orissa, popularly know by followers as Mahima Swami according to the Bhima Bhoi text.[26] He was born in the last part of 18th century in Baudh ex-state as a son of Ananta Mishra. He was Brahmin by caste as mentioned in Mahima Vinod of Bhima Bhoi in Vol.11. This sampradaya is similar to Vaishnavism. Although the members of this sect do not worship Lord Vishnu as their Ishta-Deva, they believe that the Srimad Bhagavatam is sacred. The founder of this sect was a Vaishnavite before founding the new order.[26] This sampradaya was founded in the latter part of the 18th century.[26]

    There is also the Avadhoot Panth, wherein Lord Dattertaya and his forms such as Narasimha Saraswati and Sai Baba of Shirdi are worshiped. Lord Dattatreya is worshiped by many as the Hindu trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in one divine entity. Many even worship Dattatreya as an avatar of Vishnu or of Shiva.

    [edit] Brahmins in Buddhism
    Brahmins feature extensively in Buddhist canonical texts i.e. the Tripitaka, and are found among the chief disciples of the Buddha. The Brahmana Varga (section on Brahmins) contained in the Dhammapada lists down the Buddha’s views on Brahmins[27]

    [edit] Brahmin bhikshus
    Abhaya Raja (built Mahabouddha temple with his descendants in Patan, Nepal in year 1604)[28]
    Asvaghosa (wrote the ‘Buddhacharita’ and is considered along with Nagarjuna to have founded the Mahayana). His philosophy was favored in the court of King Kanishka.
    Bhitka (Buddha’s fifth successor)
    Cuda Panthaka[30]
    Harita[32] (wrote the “Harita Dharmasutra”)
    Kamashila (Kashmiri Pandit)
    Kumarajiva (was imprisoned in China for spreading Buddhism)
    Kanaka (Yamantaka Tantra)
    Manjushri (The mentor of Asoka)[37]
    Padma (woman)
    Palden Dekyong[38]
    Pingala-Koccha (preached to the Buddha the Cūlasāropama Sutta, after which he became a dedicated student of the Buddha)
    Radhasvami (another mentor of Asoka)[37]
    Narpola (student of Tipola)
    Sahara (master of Tipola)
    Shantarakshita (Kashmiri Pandit)
    Subrahman (coming father of Bodhisattva Maitreya)
    Tipola (Mahasiddha, from modern-day Bangladesh)

    [edit] Brahmin Bodhisattvas
    Aryadeva (successor of Nagarjuna) Asangha (from Hinayana sect and Peshwar city founded the Yogacarya and established the Classical age of Buddhism)

    Nagasena (the famous teacher of the milindapanha)
    Bodhidharma (royalty of Pallava, from Kanchi) that went to China
    Nagarjuna (founded the Shunyata concept and considered along with Asvaghosa to have founded the Mahayana)
    Vasubandhu (Brother of Asanga and one of founders of the yogacara school – only historical Buddhist to be called the ‘second Buddha’)
    Dignaga (5th century Buddhist logician from Kanchipuram)
    Dharmakirti (7th century Buddhist logician from Andhra)
    Buddhaghosa (5th century Pali scholar who led the revival of the Theravaada)
    Kusanda Buddha
    Konagamana Buddha
    Kasyapsa Buddha
    Padmasambhava (founder of Vajrayana Buddhism)

    [edit] Scriptures dedicated to Brahmin bhikkus
    Because of the aim of the Brahmins, and the Buddha following on their path, several Buddhist texts have been dedicated to them.[41]

    Annatara Brahmana Sutta: To a Brahmin
    Aññatra Sutta: To a certain Brahman (SN XII.46)
    Brahmana Sutta 1: To Unnabha the Brahman
    Cankii Sutta: To the Brahmin Cankii
    Esukaari Sutta: To the Brahmin Esukari
    Janussoni Brahmana Sutta: To the Brahmin Janussoni
    Ganakamoggallaanasuttam B: To the Brahmin Ganakamoggallaana
    Paccha-bhumika Sutta: To Brahmins of the Western Land (SN XLII.6)
    Saleyyaka Sutta A: The Brahmins of Sela
    Saleyyaka Sutta B: The Brahmans of Salahar”

    [edit] In kingdoms
    There have been Brahmin Buddhists too in Buddhist kingdoms.

    In Cambodia (Sanskrit Kambhoja) there is an edict saying that King Jayavarman and his son Rudravarman build a monument in dedication of Lord Buddha and appointed a Brahmin to protect it.[42]
    In Sri Lanka, Maha Adigar was the first Buddhist emperor of Sri Lanka, converting many to Buddhism.[43]
    In 120 BC, the Indo-Greek King Milinda converted to Buddhism under sage Nagasena.
    The Shunga Dynasty is thought by neo-Buddhists as an anti-Buddhist dynasty but the Shungas themselves built a stupa dedicated to the Buddha at Baharut.

    [edit] Brahmins in Burma
    This article or section uses the Burmese script, which may be rendered incorrectly. A Burmese Unicode font is needed to properly view this article or section as intended. More information is available at Myanmar font display issues.Historically, Brahmins, known as ponna (ပုဏ္ဏား) in modern-day Burmese (Until the 1900s, ponna referred to Indians who had arrived prior to colonial rule, distinct from the kala, Indians who arrived during British rule), formed an influential group prior to British colonialism. During the Konbaung dynasty, court Brahmins were consulted by kings for moving royal capitals, waging wars, making offerings to Buddhist sites like the Mahamuni Buddha, and for astrology.[44] Burmese Brahmins can be divided into four general groups, depending on their origins:

    Manipur Brahmins (Burmese: မုနိပူရဗြာဟ္မဏ) – Brahmins who were sent to Burma after Manipur became a Burmese vassal state in the 1700s and ambassadors from Manipur
    Arakanese Brahmins (Burmese: ရခိုင်ဗြာဟ္မဏ): Brahmins brought to Burma from Arakan after it was conquered by the Konbaung king Bodawpaya
    Sagaing Brahmins: oldest Brahmins in Burmese society, who had consulted the Pyu, Burman and Mon kingdoms prior to the Konbaung dynasty
    Indian Brahmins: Brahmins who arrived with British colonial rule, when Burma became a part of the British Raj
    According to Burmese chronicles, brahmins in Burma were subject to the four-caste system, which included brahmanas (ဗြာဟ္မဏ), kshatriyas (khettaya), vaishya (beisha), and shudra (thottiya). Because the Burmese monarchy enforced the caste system for Indians, Brahmins who broke caste traditions and laws were subject to punishment. In the Arakanese kingdom, punished Brahmins often became kyun ponna (ကျွန်ပုဏ္ဏား), literally ‘slave Brahmins’, who made flower offerings to Buddha images and performed menial tasks. During the Konbaung dynasty, caste was indicated by the number of salwe (threads) worn; brahmins wore nine, while the lowest caste wore none. Brahmins are also fundamental in the Nine-God cult, called the Nine Divinities (Phaya Ko Su ဘုရားကိုးစု) which is essentially a Burmese puja (puzaw in Burmese) of appeasing nine divinities, Buddha and the eight arahats, or a group of nine deities, five Hindu gods and four nats.[44] This practice continues to be practiced in modern-day Burma.

    [edit] Brahmins in Jainism
    The first convert of Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism was Indrabhuti (aka Gautamswami) the Brahmin, who headed a group of other Brahmins and converted them to Jainism. He was from the village Gobbar (also called Govarya) near Rajgriha. It is said that at the sight of Gautama, the tapsas who were competing with him to reach the top of a hill once, by seeing the winner Gautama at the top, achieved moksha.[45]
    Sajjambhava was another born from Rajgriha and was elected the head of the Jain temple. He is famous for his composition of the “Dasavaikalika Sutra.”
    Acharya Vidyanand is a Brahmin of the Dhigambar Jain sect and compiled in the Sanskrit language, “Ashta Shahastri” with eight thousand verses.
    Acharya Shushil Kumar, known better to Jains as “Guruji”, was born a Vaidik in the Shakarpur village of the Haryana province. At the age of 15, he took Diksha (became a sanyassin) into the Sthanakvasi, a Swhetambara sub-sect.
    There is also a story about a wealthy Brahmin named Dhangiri in the town of Tumbhivan, who, when heard the sermons of the Jain Acharya Sinhgiri, while he regularly listened to but later lost his interest in wealth and decided to take the Diksha.
    Umasvati was a composer who was so loved by Jains that he is considered by the Dhigambar sect to be a Dhigambar member and the Svetambara sect to be a Svetambara member.

    [edit] In kingdoms
    The Jain Acharya Bhadrabahu of Pundravardhana is said to be the preceptor of Chandragupta Maurya of the Mauryan dynasty, grandfather of Ashoka the Buddhist ruler.
    A copperplate grant from the Gupta period found in the vincity of Somapura mentioned a Brahmin donating land to a Jain vihara at Vatagohali.
    A Brahmin general by the name of Vasudeva in the army of Kamadeva in the Vijayaditya dynasty had built a temple to Lord Parshvanath.
    The Kadamba kings of Palasika were Jain Brahmins who supported Jainism and gave land grants and erected many temples and hence, patronised Jainism. This supports the view that Jainism entered South India through the West and perhaps from Ujjayini itself.
    King Mrigesavarman of the Kadamba dynasty of palasika further went on to give grants to Yapaniyas, Nigranthas and Kurchakas.
    The Brahmin Haribhadra was a pupil of Jinabhadra (or Jinabhata) and Jinadatta and later received the title of “Suri” (an honorable epithet of learning Jain monks.)

  109. #109 by GOD LAUGHS on August 25, 2008 - 1:23 pm

    Hi Mukilan@krishna,

    anyhow, that brahmin women’s words are correct. will your mother allow if you have two sisters and if there is a police van parked infront of your house and if you/your community have threats from neighbourhoods/other communities?

    if we take it as joke we can laugh but consider if the situation arises as per the lady’s thought in real.

    it may happen as an incident. because there is no support for brahmin community. To create a bad name to brahmin community some of political persons especially from DK, DMK may involve these kind of incidents like arresting a brahmin person and enrolling him in the FIR register in a critical case and showing him on tv, newspaper etc.,

    do you remember?, for damage of a statue of a late social leader, that political party persons were cut some of the gurukkal’s punul.

    if all brahmins have no money and if they all are poor, the anti-brahmin political parities will kill every brahmins. To secure ourself money is important. The non-brahmin’s total mentality depends on money and value. when brahmins were on power, they were not teased any persons like the way now the non-brahmins are doing against brahmins.

    what the brahmins expected from non-brahmins? be clean and take bath every day to come to temple. the non-brahmins were not followed it. so, they refused those person’s entry. even if you advice these words to some non-brahmins now itself, they will get angry.

    will the non-brahmin people allow every body to their house? or will they allow their house servent at all times to their house? or will non-brahmin persons allow their house servent to eat in their plate?

    All fights between us are because of politics in india. To run the political party, to get bulk money from people for their children, to get vote from the people of particular community, to get the government power, the political parties are creating, brain-washing, motivating people in a wrong way.

  110. #110 by Mukilan@Krishna on August 25, 2008 - 5:44 pm

    Are u talking like a male? do u justify the cowardness of people?

    Dont blame non-brahmins for every thing. Do u thing non-brahmins hate brahmins? Do u have public awareness?

    Dont the brahmin have guts to fight and win against wrong things? Dont your brahmins not ready to sacrifice their life to render justice? Do u think a person having two daughters should be a coward in society?

    Of course, u r a real brahmin ……….

    No body can save your brahmin community which is slowly vanishing down …………..


  111. #111 by Raj Kohila on August 25, 2008 - 5:56 pm


    I use to do browsing with my husband till midnight talking in a relaxed manner.

    I and my husband laughed with thunder for at least 20 minutes after reading the EMPTY POLICE VAN IN AGRAHARAM incident. My husband was unable to control and then we change our mood with a little difficulty.

    I told my colleques in office during lunch time about this……..One of the women is still laughing whenever she meets me.

    Kindly , make this forum interesting by posting more jokes about brahmins …….

    We are followers of Thanthai Periyar but not athiests…….

  112. #112 by GOD LAUGHS on August 26, 2008 - 4:19 pm

    @ Mukilan@Krishna,

    First you read my comment as a Male. If you read my comments as a Female, you have to ask the your same question to every responders for their comments also.

    do you know the history? who are the peoples involved in the major part to get freedom to india? there are lot to talk. don’t hide the history and reasons using your majority.

    you non-brahmin people fights for every very chilly matters. but we are not like that.

    u people prefers professional qualification. because this professional qualification gives you a company/government job with good position, promotions and good salary. so only u non-brahmin people are studying. if companies prefers a low qualification for a highlevel position or for a good question, you would not study more.

    most of the non-brahmin persons don’t like to study and their whole attitude are based on creating money. they decided solidly that through education only we can make more money.

    if you people not agree with this, are you ready for a economy based reservation scheme and will you people running political party accept/implement this?

    frankly speaking, we are not ready to fight for these quota, political power or our other needs. we are hard workers. we believe god and ourselves. Even if we are not able to achieve the heights, we won’t worry about it but our efforts will continue in this world and it is non-stop.

    if our community vanishes, in the history the major part will go to the Brahmin girls and to their father and mother. (at that time you people may change this in the history that only the brahmin only vanished their community). if the true brahmin community vanishes, the world will no longer stable.

    This is true……

    wait and see…….


  113. #113 by Nagarajan on August 27, 2008 - 6:31 pm

    @Raj Kohila

    For your request, one more joke about funny brahmins .

    Broken murukku

    There was a brahmin marriage going on very busily. There was a old man, a sastrikal, bride groom side, attended the marriage.

    While the marriage was going on, the sastrikal spotted out a broken murukku in the plate in front of the couple. He immediately called bride groom’s father and informed him. Bride groom’s father got angry and immediately ordered his son, the bridegroom to stand up and come his side. There was a heavy quarrel for this broken murukku. Bride’s father was summoned and asked whether this was the way , he puts the things ? bride’s father got shocked and unable to answer. He immediately asked excuse but it was turned down by bride groom’s father. While all brahmins are praising the old sastrikal for his keen observation on broken murukku, bride’s father rushed to bride’s mother and beat her on her cheeks. few women surrounded her wept for the mistake and fell down his foot. But bride’s father shouted loudly with tension ” Idhu krishnamoorthy Iyer kudumbamadi…… ippidi odancha murukka pakkama vachi manatha vankittaya kammannatti, ava mela enna thappu? periya sastrikal pakkathula otkanthukittu erukkar pakkalayo? kammanatti” Immediately, bride’s father and mother rushed to bride groom’s father and asked him a lament excuse , praying him with hands. Bride groom’s father turned his eyes towards sastrikal who told ” enakku nallathai padalai” . So, marriage became question. Bride was weeping.

    At that time, a small boy, 19 years old, came in front of the sastrikal and asked him what is wrong with the broken murukku? it is quite common….. ? sastrikal replied ” No it is apasagunam, deiva kuttham” . that 19 years old brahmin boy asked him ” Why cant u see the face of bride instead of seeing broken murukku? why cant he consider her as her daughter or grand daughter? ” the boy also asked sastrikal ” do u know how much the bride’s family spent for this marriage? will u be able to earn even a single ruppee ? dont u know already inviataion was printed ? dont u know stoping a marriage is a sin? do u want a holy marriage stopped due to this silly murukku? dont u know bride’s heart will become like broken murukku?dont u think broken murukku was so silly than the holy marriage life of bride? r u a old man? ” then the sastrikal wept with tears ” Kanna, en kannai thirunthutayada….. in every marriage , brahmins took me in car as i am expert in spotting out errors….But as u told why cant i notice the face of the couple and pray for their happy life? God has sent u to open my eyes……..” then everybody realised and bride groom’s father suddenly fell down on the foots of bride who got shocked and told ” Mama, vendam mama” …..Marriage contiuned. Brahmins became human beings …… at that place ………

    This is a real incident and u can take it as a joke also.

  114. #114 by selva on August 28, 2008 - 1:06 pm

    If brahmins are talented means why E.V.Ramasamy Paradesi asked reservation to get education and job?
    Why you people are not ready to get education by pure merit?

    Brahmins are always talented, god fearing, honest. There is no other words.

    Our caste girls and boys are good.
    Most of the Non-brahmin guys are fools, forming group, talking about only girls, eating non-veg, drinking alchohol and smoking.
    Everthing is depending on birth.

    I like brahmaniyam and brahman people. I am really proud about by birth i am brahmin.

  115. #115 by selva on August 28, 2008 - 1:11 pm

    If brahmins are not talented means, why E.V.Ramasamy opposed brahmins and asked reservation for getting education and govt job?

    Why most of the non-brahmins did not get a job in govt during british rule?
    Why non-brahmins did not ask reservation during non-brahmin rulers and mughals?

    You will laugh against brahmins, because we never killed any human being like other religion and other caste(Ex: thevar, pillai) fellows did(and doing).

    Brahmins are always god fearing, honest, talented, not interested to involve in problems.
    “Dushtanai kanda dura vilagu” is the policy for brahmins.

    Everthing is depending on birth.
    I like brahmaniyam and brahman girls and boys. I am really proud about by birth i am brahmin. We brahmin girls and boys are really good.

  116. #116 by selva on August 28, 2008 - 1:12 pm

    Uthamapuram is the best example for showing the dominating mentality of BC/MBC people against SC/ST people.

  117. #117 by selva on August 28, 2008 - 1:13 pm

    Utahmapuram event was done by “pillai” community people.

  118. #118 by selva on August 28, 2008 - 1:17 pm

    Brahmins never behaved like uthampuram “pillai” community people.
    Still now, some villages are not having the panchayat president. Because those are reserved villages. SC/ST people can participate in the election. BC caste persons are telling we are the majority, so it should be given to our community.
    Did any people hear, brahmins behaved like this?

    Brahmins are always greate. They are afraid about god. They never killed any girl children using “kalli pal”. Only other caste animals only killed lot of girl kids using “kalli pal”.

    That is brahmaniyam.
    Valga Brahmaniyam.
    We have to be proud about we are brahmins. We never killed any human being, animal, girl kids.
    valga brahmaniyam.

  119. #119 by selva on August 28, 2008 - 1:34 pm

    You people are laughing against brahmins. We are laughing against you people about killing each other and animals.

    You people are very very worst people. How you people are having mentality to kill girl children using “kalli pal”?
    You dont have sympathy. What type of people you are?

    You are laughing about brahmins?
    “Kali kalam”. Who is laughing against whom?

    Brahmins never ruled any part of india. We never killed any human being by telling caste name.

    Our ancestors wanted to be honest, clean and want to think about god for most of the life. Thats why they wanted to be seperate from non-brahmins.

    Brahmins are really greate always. You people are always worst.

    Is E.V.Ramasamy is good. Then why he married a young girl when his older age? He is a fool. His followers are also fool.

    Brahmins are always greate. There is no other word.

  120. #120 by Christal Shiby on August 28, 2008 - 6:08 pm

    Hello everybody,

    this is for brahmin joke page.

    My brahmin friend who was active in TAMBRAS (not now) use to tell a joke pathetically.

    He attended a meeting of local TAMBRAS meeting , presided by it’s district president.

    People including him raised the issue of reservation and wanted TAMBRAS to take the matter to the Prime Minister. The members also requested district president to organise a rally in Delhi regarding this issue.

    All were eagerly waiting to hear the reply of District President.

    District President told ” I am very happy to take u all to Delhi. My daughter is working there. She will serve u all. I already expected a chance to go to Delhi to see my daughter who often calls me. Now, God has given me the chance. Also, my daughter is very much fond of kallidaikurichi appalam. I request your local TAMBRAS president to remind me to purchase appalams before departure. Dont’ forget. Brahmins have good memory power. Also, i gladly announce my members to note that my daughter is expert in cooking Milaku rasam ……….” All clapped their hands. Then everybody started talking about rasam and appalam very seriously. The talks were going on for 2 hours”. My friend left the place pathetically.

  121. #121 by raja on August 30, 2008 - 6:16 pm

    What ? brahmins ran away from this forum?

    Kindly post only creative matter in this forum.

    Also , this forum is for brahmins to discuss about their community.

    Of course, all have right to tell their opinion but post something useful to brahmins.

    some posts made brahmins to hide from this forum.

    Avoid it

  122. #122 by kamal on September 5, 2008 - 5:50 am

    We are Tamil brahmins from India. My daughter says she will not marry an Indian. I love my daughter very much. Heart broken mother.

  123. #123 by raghuraman on September 5, 2008 - 2:37 pm

    i read the original thread and majority of the follow-ups.

    Whoever has written the original, (my personal belief is it’s not a girl-forget brahmin or not)

    It’s always the environment that one has been brought up in that shapes his/her behaviors and actions

    Let’s take certain qualities:

    1. Courage/Physical prowess/Daring nature- all of us know that the thevars (who are our warrior caste) possess all these qualities. How do they develop it? Is a thevar child born with an aruval in its hand? It’s the environment in which they are brought up. Their parents/uncles/relatives have always inculcated the pride in being courageous/brave and the thevar child also grows up watching their elders reacting to various circumstances and emulate them. They have been told that it is a shame to show cowardice. Obviously, this will invariably lead to situations where they are driven to react violently in situations.

    2. Eating habits: I can quote multiple examples of Indian non-veg eaters not relishing a non-veg dish that they have never eaten before or something that is not cooked like it is cooked at their home-example-there are chicken eaters who do not like fish-they might try it but they definitely do not prefer it (also indian non-veg eaters going to places like Korea or Eastern Europe just can’t even go near the meat there- it’s the same meat but the way it is cooked and presented-it is a matter of getting used to it ) (this is similar to a situation where you prepare a pure veg dish smelling like a non-veg dish-it might be avoided by brahmins) There are brahmins who just like to try non-veg just for a company but heart of hearts they don’t relish it.

    3. Cunningness: This is a common refrain to all of us-blaming another caste/community of cunningness. Having been in a Sales/marketing career and having travelled reasonably within India and abroad, i can tell you that this thing always exists between castes/communities in various parts. Touch your Heart-whichever part fo the world/India that you might be and ask yourself-if it is not true. However, what accentuates the issue of cunningness among brahmins is their particularly notable nature of withdrawing from any conflict situation.

    We all know the old adage “the barking dog doesn’t bite” (no one has really tested it) but people believe (wrongly) that the one who retaliates in words or physically doesn’t hold anything at heart. (i remember koundamani’s excellent dialogue where he says “romba naala itha kekkanumnu irundaen- olliya irukkaravanellam venai irukkaravan-gunda irukkaravanellam vella manasu ullavannu romba per sollitu thiriyaranuga”) When a brahmin doesn’t retailate, he is seen as a cunning guy. the fact is he goes through the same cycle of anger/feeling of helplessness that any other caste member would also go through but the main difference is that the brahmin guy will never get any support-primarily even from his own family or his caste members (if it happens it would be a rarity)… shall continue

  124. #124 by raghuraman on September 6, 2008 - 2:37 am

    …continuing on my earlier thread..

    cunningness has been attributed to brahmins from the age old days of the Dravida Kazhagam (kanavaai vazhiaaga pugundha kulla narigal rhetoric).

    From a sociological angle, when you have a small and a visibly successful community that in some aspects might be ethnically also different, the larger society tries to attribute negatives just as much as they might grudge that community’s strong points. This is one way of getting even. However, this is a healthy sign as long as it is done in a positive atmosphere.

    In my opinion, the brahmins are one of the few communities ( i said “one of the few” not knowing whether there are any others at all- but i believe there might be) that accept criticism of their thoughts and practices-either by their own members or others. How many communities do that willingly? Don’t we know of the multitude of cases where any member’s deviant views/ opinions or even a sprinkling of criticism was put down swiftly.

    In a larger sense, it is only the Hindu community (in India) that allows and accomodates various views/practices to the extent that even people who are opposed to Hindu Gods can still stay within the “Hindu” fold and keep opposing it. Example-how many of the so called Dravida Kazhagam-people that oppose the existence of God (it’s only an excuse for Brahmin opposition) have converted to another religion? It is always convenient to stay within the safe confines of the Hindu fold and keep throwing brickbats at it. However, it is not always possible in other religions. In a positive sense, however, brahmins could take all this as a feedback mechanism- it’s only the strong who can take criticism positively. However, criticism should be appreciated from a position of strength and not from a position of weakness-know what i mean? Just because i am afraid to oppose i shouldn’t take criticism lying down and feel that i am ok and you are ok-that’s cowardice

    i believe that a feeling of strong belonging or ethnic-oneness to a place is something that the brahmins fear. We are neither here-nor there. there are many brahmins who have over the years gone out from places like tirunelveli, thanjavur, palghat and trivandrum to Northern/Western states in India and even abroad to work and make a living. Most of them were small/medium/big landowners who had to leave their small villages because of the Land Ceiling Act on the one hand, the attraction and the anonymity that a city provided, on the other. Their succeeding generations have understood that it is education and education alone that can pave the way for a better future and there is nothing else to lean back on.

    …. shall continue—(sorry it’s becoming like my own blog rather than a reply)

  125. #125 by RealityCheck on September 8, 2008 - 2:05 am

    y’all need a reality check. stop generalizing against any one group of people. it’s a fruitless battle–no one group on the entire PLANET is going to fit these stereotypes without exception. I’m not even talking about one exception at all; I’m talkin many.

    Where is arguing about this taking you? Jis se shaadi karni/karna hai, ki jiye. If you have such problems against a group that you can’t get your narrow minds to wrap around a marriage with anyone from that group DONT MARRY THEM–I’m sure they’ll survive and find someone who really does love them without your retardo stereotypes.

    wake up and smell the education

  126. #126 by Aamir on September 9, 2008 - 3:34 pm

    I think we should give the devil his due. I have come across many brahmins. Some of them real gentlemens and some real wolf in ships clothing.

    I think its the kind of upbringing they have. Mostly they grow to hate other communities and think that they are superior, they live in a fools paradise.

    Otherwise, they are just like all of us. Assholes. So lets celebrate.

  127. #127 by raghuraman on September 10, 2008 - 8:05 am

    —-continuing my monologue—–

    over years, observing many commuinties i have started believing that each community generally develops it own style of dealing with the same issue (it’s somewhat akin to different batsmen offering a different kind of stroke to the same type of ball- azharuddin, if u remember, might just move aside and offer that classic wristy glance to the third man, Srikanth might try to hit the same ball over the bowler’s head while Tendulkar could come up with something spectacular like a well time push from the back foot straight down to the fence)

    Let us call this style of responding as the “angle of attack”. I believe that the angle of attack is something that develops over time based on parameters like ethnicity, mother tongue, the education (formal) and even things like group behavior.

  128. #128 by suhakumaraiyer on September 10, 2008 - 10:37 am


    In deed it is very interesting to note that a “PULAMBAL” of one person taken very seriously and discussed in length.

    May be the initiator is not not aware who is a brahmin.
    “To define a brahmin the sasthras say he should not earn but deliver Gyan to other continously.

    Is it happening to day. A BIG NO. Time evolves and the word change has not changed but everything changed.

    “Now everybody everywhere.

    Take BHARATHI, a brahmin who lambasted the caste system.
    Take THIRUVALLUVAR, who defines brahmin as a person who never harts any body.

    YOU SAY:

    “in the current, very competitive setup, brahmin guys – from childhood – have been programmed to take advantage of ANYTHING and everything that comes their way – to the point they will not be even be good friends. this might earn you a good job and a arranged marriage bride in later years. but dont expect a girl to like you after they know about you (and brahmin girls are no exception).”

    Can you justify that you have not taken advantage in any event. It clearly exhibits your short sightedness by attributing the quality only to ONE SECTION. If in fact you have taken any advantage over anything I am really sorry that you can not lead a normal life and can not up bring a healthy family and next generation and let the ALMIGHTY bless you to have a change of opinion.

    Please do not think that I am preventing you to have a intercaste marriage but for that reason do not scapegoat a section as such thing is prevalent every everywhere and a necessary need.


    “by the time a brahmin guys is settled in his life he is almost 30 or after 30. almost all have bald heads when they get married. most young brahmin girls find other attractive guys by this time.”

    tHIS CLEARLY exhibits the mental stature. Physical attributes are superceding the REAL LOVE. The longest living marriages are in our country and the WESTERNERS start adoring our rich lovebonds and pathetically you fail to understand the logic behing for getting settled in life first rather than torturing another soul is not appreciated. You value material more than anything and the trend is growing and with all your help we are WESTERNISED and westerners are INDIANISED very soon.


    the western influence (thank god!) is making parents realise that love is important for their girl children also. so many parents today are open to a good educated son-in-law from other castes.”

    The Initiator again think that India learn LOVE from WESTERN. The very meaning of LOVE is KILLED. Life is big circle made up of circles. We enter each circle every time and still present in all the circles every time. PLEASE READ this again and again and continue to the next Para.

    The Product belongs to the produces and must obey the producer. ( PURE LOGIC)

    If the Logic is defied. Result “VINASAKALAM:

    See the example: Money produced by Humanbeing.
    Instead Humanbeing controlling the money, not the Money controlling Human being and the catastrophic effect… “READ NEWS PAPER DAILY”

    You are the product of your Parent and if you can not satisfy them you can never satisfy anybody in the world because they are the one who love you without expecting anything from you.

    If you can not love your family you can never build a family to love. Because the meaning of LOVE the initiator have in mind can not be discussed.


    in my college, and in my class, you can see that the brahmin guys are the puniest, cunning fellows – i am sorry to say this. but thats the reality. you can say whatever – but a girl wants a man who can protect her financially and PHYSICALLY. physical charms like well built body, broad chest and strong shoulders give us that impression. while i can point out many good looking, normal guys who are funny, willing to share from other castes, i dont see ONE brahmin boy in my college like that. there is only one love story that involves a brahmin guy – he is super rich, btw.”

    The Mindset is very vital for a happy living. All along I was discussing the attitude which is very well exhibited here by USING CAPITAL LETTERS for certain words which psychologically describes the mental attitude and again for love money is vital is the attitude of the Initiator is well demonstranted in the closing words. By chance the pure love as per the INITIATORS thinking is in all likelyhodd will evaporate in case the LOVED ONES physical and material health decline.

    Become mentally pure. For this my advice is to read the rich romances of Indian epics.

    The Iniator’s next point is

    many brahmin guys are hypocrites. while most cringe at the thought of eating meat, they relish alcohol – and some even blog about wines! while y some act non-meat eating at homes, they eat meat with their friends. most talk about the glory of their caste, but fail to read even the basic texts that would give them some understanding about what they are talking! most other caste boys (not FCs), dont have these faults (they do other common faults – common to all men – but brahmins have the above in addition to what can be considered normal deviations).”

    Caste is Manmade. I am all along discussing the general nature of human kind.

    Let me say ” eating meat is in human”
    You say ” it is not inhuman but for the special section”
    Let me clarify ” If for the development of your flesh if you take the flesh of other living being, how can you be a kind being and why not in course of time fellow being are hunted for self satisfaction….. Redmember UGADA IDI AMIN. Talk about the attitude and character and not about caste and other irrelevant matters.

    i come from a family where my decisions will be respected. and i am sure that i will NOT marry a brahmin boy – my parents know this and they respect my desicion. any brahmin girls reading this message and shaking their head, try spending some time with boys from other castes – not FCs – but from bc/mbc/sc/sts . you will find them so much better than the cynical, cunning brahmin boys.

    Here a brahmin permit their daugter.
    This need to answer that either the daughter coerced her parents to permit her. In this case her action is laudable.
    She fights her parents for her so called LOVE. But her opinion about brahmin is defied. She can say there can be exception. I am also all along saying the same thing.

    If without coercion her parents voluntarily agreed for this again the INITIATOR is defeated because may be by generation the mentail attitude is developed and endowed to their parents.

    Again I am warning talk about actions and attitudes not about anything which is irrelevant.


    i wrote my mind (and this is the frame of mind of many of my relatives and my friends in college). i really feel sorry for brahmin guys who are being trained this way from beginning. but i think they should change at least after they graduate from college.

    I always stress that in a group the ill conceived ideas often catch fire fiercely. The correct ideas take more time and energy to take its root. I am really sorry you have sowed a poisonous seed in the minds of your friends. Instead if the so called BRAHMINS also gathered and if they come to know that such is the state of mind their colleagues have about them and I am sure you could have corrected such wrong notions people whom you have met very unfortunately.

    Thing about mindset and attitude and if this change a fraction and I am sure i will be happy as life is a JOURNEY not a RACE to be ENJOYED not PASS HURRIEDLY.


  129. #129 by Sitharaam Jayakumar on September 10, 2008 - 6:34 pm

    Hey Guys.

    This is definitely some idiot from DK or some such outfit maquerading as a brahmin ponnu.

    In case it interests you lady, I am married to an educated decent wonderful non-brahmin girl and when I showed her this tripe her only remark was “What stupidity! Why are you wasting your time reading blogs by ignorant people?”.

    I am happy that my wife has more sense than you.


  130. #130 by Sitharaam Jayakumar on September 10, 2008 - 6:35 pm

    I forgot to mention I am a brahmin.

  131. #131 by udayms on September 10, 2008 - 7:39 pm

    @Sitharam Jayakumar:
    “What stupidity! Why are you wasting your time reading blogs by ignorant people?”.

    There is a fine line of difference between being ignorant and discussing attitudes. Some people find some topics interesting some people find them lame. It’s better not to comment on the blogger’s or the reader’s level of knowledge by reading one post and it’s comments.

    If your wife finds this topic uninteresting. Fair enough. But, not everyone else in this world. So, please do not try to type cast people as ignorant or wise. 🙂

    It’s a free world. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Some readers find some comments so insulting or stupid that they react to it in their own manner. Please learn to respect other people’s opinions and view points.

  132. #132 by raghuraman on September 11, 2008 - 6:05 am


    good to note that you still keep track of this thread that is going on like a Hanuman “vaal” (tamil for tail)

    i am continuing on the earlier note of mine (i don’t know who has the patience to read it), anyways, let me say what i want to say.

    The “angle of attack” is an evolved strategy that each community has devised over a period of time for its survival and success.

    Coming back to the cricket example, can we say that Srikanth’s hit over the bowler’s head is a courageous shot whereas an Azharuddin’s flick or a Tendulkar’s push are cowardly shots? As long as they get you four runs they are one and the same. However, Srikanth’s shot might be a spectacular one (the crowd might enjoy it more than the other two). That’s the point. The brahmin has devised a strategy to succeed in life that is more akin to Tendulkar’s defensive but effective shot or Azharuddin’s flick that takes his way through professional and social engagements successfully. It has proven to be effective and successful. He doesn’t care if it is spectacular or not. However, the crowd loves the spectacular.

    The brahmin women want their men to be spectacular. They know that their men are successful and effective but they want to be charmed by impressive, dramatic, exciting and bold stuff

    ……to continue…..i love this topic

  133. #133 by udayms on September 11, 2008 - 6:30 am

    @raghuraman: Of course.. I keep track of every comment posted here. I read through all of them with great interest. The reason I keep quiet during most of the commenting discussion is because I have had my say. I have had my chance to speak my mind out in my post. Now, I should sit and listen to what everyone else says. Believe me… It’s very very enlightening. 🙂

    Thanks for following this post actively 😉

  134. #134 by Pinky on September 15, 2008 - 9:08 am

    Hi All,

    I come to a single conclusion after hearing you all. In my opinion, all castes are equal as god has created them. There is no harm in going for an inter-caste marriage. Today we are living in 21st century. Remember where world’s progressing. I myself belong to Brahmin caste. I am independent and liberal and hate conservative minds. It’s not like all guys are good or bad in a particular caste. It varies from person-to-person. As long as you like the guy and trust him then it’s all fair. As it goes “Everything is fair in love and war!”. So guys respect all caste people and only marry a person whom you trust and has an ability to look after you and nuture you. All the best to all guys over here who are debating on brahmin-nonbrahmin issues. Remember we all are one and we are proud to be indians. Cheers!!!!

  135. #135 by SUBBU on September 15, 2008 - 6:04 pm


    With reference to your post, i wish u to think the following points.

    If all think one, then no problem at all. But do u think that people of all religions and castes think so?

    Every caste has its own cutoms and traditions. To preserve them one has to mind his caste. But , his mentality should not harm others.

    all the people in the world can not be same. If a brahmin girl marries a non-brahmin boy , she has to sacrfice her tradtions and everything. So, people can remain without showing differences in society but all the people are not same.

    People differ in traditions, religions, languages and habits. So, all can not be one.

    Love is a mentally disordered disease in general. When a group of people , particulary brahmin girls are targeted for seduction, they should be careful. Otherwise brahmin community will disappear.

    Brahmin community has age old ancient tradtions. To preserve it , brahmins should mind their caste.

    What is wrong while even Government is minding caste and community?

    21st century? We talked the same thing in 20th century also.

    The problem discussed here is , girls of particular commuity are targetted for love by non-brahmin people with certain motives. So, we caution brahmin girls to be beware of such fellows.

    World is progressing well,. But a muslim will never leave up his traditions and religion for the sake of love.

    All the men are not same , they may be equal. So, preserve your community which has its own traditons.

    best luck

  136. #136 by Sitharaam Jayakumar on September 15, 2008 - 8:20 pm

    Sorry if I had hurt any individual sentiments. I have nothing against the blogger or the people who have expressed opinions. As you say everyone has a right to his opinion. By the same token I find it particularly insulting that whoever brahminponnu is she has made a general comment or a categorization rather, and tried to humiliate the brahmin community is general. My wife’s disgust was also directed towards brahminponnu and not the people who have given their opinions. Both my wife and myself come from cosmopolitan cities with a secular outlook and we found it a bit irritating. Hence the post.

  137. #137 by Pinky (Revati) on September 17, 2008 - 6:24 am

    To SUBBU,

    It was just a general comment made. Nothing specific. I just want to tell you all is if you love somebody by true heart then you should be able to adopt his tradition and culture after accepting him. I agree every caste has his own beliefs, tradition & culture. So try to follow both ways. This will make each one of us happy. You can take example of big celebrities like Shahrukh-Gauri or Aamir-Reena. Shahrukh/Aamir celebrate diwali as well as Eid. So does it make a difference?? And let me tell you all guys over here, inter-religion marriage is much more difficult to sustain than inter-caste marriage. And there have been examples of successful inter-religion/inter-caste marriages in the past. So why the hell fight on each other’s caste. Everbody repects his own caste or religion who-so-ever they belong to. So rather than fighting on who is superior than whom, respect each individual and stay in peace and harmony. And above all what’s the gaurantee that a person you marry belonging to same caste will not betray you?? So it all ends on personal level again. Try to understand a person first be it in your caste or outside your caste. This will lead to successful and happy marriages in future. Cheers!!!!

  138. #138 by Pinky (Revati) on September 17, 2008 - 7:17 am

    Hence, I would like to conclude here with an advice, “Respect each individual (be it any caste). There is no guarantee of what would happen tomorrow”. All the best!!!!

  139. #139 by ankur on September 17, 2008 - 8:00 am

    hi everyone

    please respect everyone as Brahmins are converting to Christianity in India because of many reasons like poverty and militant attacks on Hindus by Christianity

  140. #140 by Krishna on September 17, 2008 - 8:28 pm

    I agree that this gril (brahminponnu) is not well aware…..
    Even then….

    Please stop criticizing any caste/religion.

    Every caste is good and every religion is good.

    People who dont/cant follow them properly are degarding them.

    As globalized humans we should all try to take good things and practise them irrespective of their origin (castes/relgions/regions).

    Please stop critcizing our own people.

    Be united….Only that can take us ahead….

  141. #141 by selva on September 18, 2008 - 6:14 am

    I think “udayams” is the DK person, thats why he is keeping unwanted and unnecessary post for a long time.

    Any other religion guys ready to tell our girls can marry other religion boy?

    Why brahmins have to agree inter-caste and inter-religion marriages?

    Caste is created by british, not by brahmins. All 4 vedas are telling about “Shathriya”, “brahman”, “suthra” and “Vishya”. There is no “pillai”, “thevar”, “koundar”,etc.

    Brahmin is a duty. Brahmin is not a caste.
    No brahmin killed any humanbeing by telling caste or religion name.
    We brahmins respected our culture, cleanness.
    Brahmin girls are respecting our brahmin culture. This post is useless one. No need to spend time to type here. We brahmins knew about our culture.
    Be proud about we are brahmins, getting our education by our own skill(not by caste name), do brahmin duty(pooja, santyavanthana,etc.).

  142. #142 by vinu on September 18, 2008 - 9:58 am

    I am a brahmin boy, i dnt like to marry brahmin girl . Its better to marry other caste girls bcz they love our custom that the brahmin girls are not. Brahm girls had a huge head weight and not trust worthy.

  143. #143 by selva on September 18, 2008 - 10:40 am

    To Pinky(Revathy),
    You told, every caste has own beliefs. Can you explain me what beliefs they have, killing other caste or other religion?

    Can anybody give example of any brahmin killed any other caste people?
    How brahmin people were affected during mughals period, anybody knows about that?
    Brahmin people are simply believes about god, cleanness,peace. No caste or No religion is beliving peace. SC/ST people are created by BC/MBC people not by brahmins.

    Brahmins are always greate.
    Brahmin girls has to marry a boy within the community.

    Reservation is happened by muslims and british, not by brahmins.

  144. #144 by nirmala on September 18, 2008 - 10:50 am

    To Pinky/Revathy,
    Why the boy can be coming into brahmin tradition?
    If a brahmin boy is marrying a non-brahmin girl, will you agree her to do brahmin duty?
    Why brahmin girls has to change?
    Brahmin is a very good tradition.

    Now you understood, why people are telling brahmin girl should not marry a non-brahmin boy? Why a girl who is in a greate community and doing great duty?

    And i am asking why, girl has to be changed?
    No girl is proposing a boy.
    Boys are only proposing girls. If a non-brahmin wants to marry a brahmin girl means, he has to love her tradition, customes and it’s values. Why he has to change is, he only started to love her. He has to come out from his community.

    My simple question is, why girl has to be changed from brahmin duty to other caste? Boys like only girl’s body. No boy is good. Keep in mind. Traditional is very very very important. Marriage is the only way to pass our traditional values to next generation. Thats why our parents are preferring community marriage.
    Brahmin has lot of values. All caste people of hindu and other religions has to respect brahmin duty.

  145. #145 by GOD LAUGHS on September 18, 2008 - 4:55 pm

    @ Nirmala – good post about transferring traditional values. but transferring the brahmin’s traditional values by marrying a non-brahmin boy/girl and pulling him to the brahmin culture is not acceptable. the brahmin persons never involve in this activity. your word shows your proud about being a girl/women. my advice is to change this attitude. how can you able to think to bring a non-brahmin guy to a brahmin tradition (by changing him)? definitly, you are not a brahmin girl. i can promise this.

    the brahmin girls marrying non-brahmins are not respecting their parents, their community. they don’t know the brahmin boy’s feelings and their strugglings to live in this country. they prefer the non-brahmin boy who got his education using quota. Like these girl’s ‘appans’ expect a very high profile for his daughter’s ‘thenja moonji’. the father of these brahmin girls marrying non-brahmins are ‘porrukkigal’ and born to spoil the brahmin community and their tradition. they grown and achieved higher position in life using the ‘Allakai’ policy.

    @ PINKY, you mentioned that all are humans. when this human sentiment came-out? after looking out the non-brahmin’s pocket money or their property or ‘bandha’ or their crowd or their political power?

    if a NARI KURAVAR boy approach a non-brahmin-girl, will the non-brahmins accept it? will they let the NARI KURAVARS to the schools and colleges for education? will they allow them to use the public property (like bus etc.,)? will they bring any scheme to improve their life?

    one thing you understand… most of non-brahmins atttitude is to enjoy the brahmin girls for sex and to vanish the brahmin community.

    @ Nirmala, so, if a non-brahmin person love a brahmin tradition, will he marry a brahmin girl and he can become a brahmin? it means, if i like your words, i can approach you and marry you. isn’t it? what a bad attitude you people have about brahmins and brahmin community!

  146. #146 by SUBBU on September 18, 2008 - 8:24 pm

    Brahmin is not a caste. It is a race. It has very high tradition which is hardly preserved from conqurors by our ancestors.

    To preserve brahmin values and tradtion , a brahmin girl should marry a brahmin boy only.

    I have seen many brahmin girls married non-brahmin boys. They are not happy. They dont want to leave brahmin community. They realised that they have done a great mistake.

    Everybody can understand that the face of a brahmin is spiritual. My non-brahmin professor , in my college days, told very well. A christian , even after praying God , for many years, a muslm even after performing Namaz for many years, a non-brahmin , even after praying for many years in many temples, can never attain such a spiritual face of a brahmin.

    Brahmins are the only civilized persons in the world. If all are brahmins, no sin will be in the world, no police or law is required. Ours is a precious and most valuable community even though we are small in number.

    Everybody likes the face and look of a brahmin. Everybodsy wants to keep a brahmin by side.

    Brahmin boy or girl who respects and knows about his own caste will never think of intercaste marriage. Being a brahmin is a fortuante thing. You ask a non-brahmin. He will agree this point.

    If pinky wants love or understanding or anything, Let her ask all the non-brahmins, muslims and christians to convert to brahmin culture and tradtion. If it is possible, then love also is possible.

    If a girl of any caste, wants to have understanding with a person before marriage , to trust him in life, then she has to be with him and become mother before marriage.

    Pinky should know that most of the love marriages are failed ones. take survey. Love marriages bring tears to the females.

    Most of the brahmin marriages are successful. YOu take your own parents. What your mother lost by marrying your brahmin father.?

    Will Sharuk khan or Amir’s children celebrate diwali? No , definitelyl they will be grown as muslims. It is simpy cheating. You can not straight a dog’s tail.

    Brahmin men should watch and control brahmin girls. Otherwise, this precious brahmin community will die soon.

    Take it serious. Understand what is our culture and traditon? See the spiritual face of our people. Try to convert others to live like us.

    Brahmins never did harm to any lives. Brahmins donated many things to the world. Brahmin shines wherever he goes. Non-brahmins are happy to have a brahmin with him. Dont mislead by talking about love. Love can be shown any time , even after marriage to your husband or wife.

    The above qualities mentioned can be attained by your children , only by marrying a brahmin girl or boy i.e within brahmin community.

    Let us marry within our community and be human to all the communities.

    Good luck

  147. #147 by Pinky (Revati) on September 19, 2008 - 4:00 am

    To SUBBU,

    Wow that was a good explaination. I agree to your point. But it’s very much false that all non-brahmin community people want to marry a brahmin girl. Take an example of Kshatriyas (warrior caste-be it from any province). They prefer gals from their caste only. All community people want to get married within their own caste. I can say 95% people follow their own tradition and culture. I am a marathi brahmin. I hardly find any smart or goodlooking guy when it comes to marriage within my caste. Infact I find lot of smart looking people outside my caste who are much more efficient and good looking. And I get a wider choice. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect brahmin culture. I live a modern life style still I follow all the traditions of brahmin community.
    About getting pregnant before marriage, it is not accepted in our society. You have to follow some restrictions which are imposed on you by the society if you have to be part of it. If a girl trusts a guy, she can have a pre-marital sex with safety and precautions.

    To Nirmala,

    You said no boy is good. And all boys like gal’s body only. Well fair enough!!! But you can’t say it’s 100% correct. Sometimes sex can lead to emotional bonding. But that again depends on how other person take up the things. Some people just take sex casually. Come to Pune or Mumbai, where I’m staying (lot of people are cosmopolitan). Here you will find not only guys but lot of gals (all brahmins) who have sex for fun. So it’s a kind of requirement everybody’s wants to have, be it early in life before marriage. And now-a-days gals have pre-marital sex and it’s not necessary that they marry their boyfriends. It is done mutually.

    “Most of non-brahmins atttitude is to enjoy the brahmin girls for sex”?? Again I think it depends on his upbringing. If a guy is serious about marriage he will marry her anyhow even after having sex with her. So that’s what we call “true love”. But such examples are very rare as most of the guys do it for fun. It’s not only non-brahmins but even brahmin guys do it with non-brahmin gals in cities. So it’s vice-versa. You can’t blame a single caste for that. All are equally good or bad.


  148. #148 by Pinky (Revati) on September 19, 2008 - 4:26 am

    To selva,

    I have already conveyed my thoughts above. But simply don’t put compulsion on any brahmin to marry only within his/her own caste. If I marry a non-brahmin guy, obviously that doesn’t mean I will kill my caste. Morever I would try to learn his tradition and culture but I won’t give up my culture either. Yes but it can happen that by getting married to a non-brahmin, my children will be raised in a non-brahmin community. But we can’t help. Our’s is still a male dominant society. And a girl has to follow the family traditions in which she is getting married into. Even if a brahmin guy marries a non-brahmin girl, she has to adopt brahmin culture. So it’s both ways. That answers your question.

  149. #149 by SUBBU on September 19, 2008 - 6:41 pm

    If you want to do intercaste marriage, do it. It is your choice. But dont talk as if u r wise.

    Love wont come for all. Love is natural. It may come or may not come.

    u told u couldn’t see a smart guy in your marathi brahmin community. My brahmin friend tells that he is unable to find any good looking girl in brahmin community.

    what i understood is , pinky, if u dont mind, either your parents are intermarried or with any other drawbacks in your growth. More freedom to girls make them fools.

    If u want to marry a non-brahmin community, which community will u prefer? If all the girls do like this, how your marathi communtiy will survive?

    Love should arise naturally. It should not arise by citing reasons, blaming his or her own community, or muscle angle or hariy body. Love can come even within your community.

    After all, u r an “Avudhuvitta Madu” in Tamil. that means, u r a free cow and so u can enter into any field and wander as u like.

    Treating u as my sister, i advise u not to wander in some areas of mumbai or chennai searching for non-brahmin guys. Your life will turn to dust. Non-brahmin guys know only to rape and also to rape a brahmin girl.

    As u told, non-brahmins want to marry within his community but ready to have sex with brahmin girls like u who are open to all.

    best wishes

  150. #150 by SUBBU on September 19, 2008 - 7:05 pm


    As i read an article in this forum, women folk of brahmin community is selfish. Actually, u cant find a girl blaming the boys of her own caste except brahmin community.

    Brahmin girls are blaming the boys of their own communtiy? what sad?

    Of course, brahmin girls are bad as per me, a brahmin guy. Brahmin girls are not fresh when they marry. Still, i just want to change my community girls. I dont want to inter marry.

    brahmin girls like u are anti-brahmins worser than DK.How dare u tell brahmin guys are not fit for u girls. Do u think us so cheap. Then run away with somebody. If u love any person, it is your personal matter. But how dare u blame us, guys for your love attempt. Do u think u r fit for a brahmin guy?

    I am sure that u r not brahmin or otherwise u dont have brahmin blood.

    I also pray God …….. no unforunate brahmin should marry u……………. u r unfit to marry a brahmin guy also unfit to remain in brahmin society.

    Get away and go behind the muscular hairy body of a non-brahmin guy and have a modern life.

    If u r thrown to dust pin , god will save u…..

    God bless u pinky…….

  151. #151 by SUBBU on September 19, 2008 - 7:26 pm


    Do u think your own brother is not smart and fit to marry a brahmin girl?

    Do u think u r very very fit to marry a boy of your community?

    do u know if every brahmin guy thinks like u girls, what will happen?

    if u r grown like a brahmin girl, then u might have loved your own community.


  152. #152 by sneha on September 20, 2008 - 3:28 am

    hi udayam,
    nice post. grt courage to bring into such a topic. u r too confident. nice of u

  153. #153 by sourav on September 21, 2008 - 7:02 pm

    actually she herself is not a love/marriage material, thats why she’s blaming others.. pity on u little girl.

    its nothing about caste that love sees, love is blind and it is in true sense…

    just let us hear ur ideas more and more so that we can figure out how much frustrated u r actually….

    see ya , never gonna be ya…

  154. #154 by Pinky (Revati) on September 22, 2008 - 3:51 am

    To SUBBU,

    Well I’m not here to fight against anything. I know “Love is blind” and can happen to anyone without looking for outer factors. I am a pure brahmin by blood. So are my parents. But my brother had an inter-caste marriage too. And trust me his wife is real good. I know everybody believes in his own caste/custom when it comes to marriage. I have nothing against my brahmin community. Infact I would prefer a guy in my own caste if he is to my expectations. Why we girls are not so rigid about our caste is we are unable to find anybody of our liking. If we could have found a person of our choice then why would we look for other caste guys. If I come across two guys who are equally good (one is brahmin & other is nonbrahmin) then naturally I would prefer a brahmin guy. So if given a choice I would marry within my caste if a guy meets my expectations. The fact is we are not able to find any such guy which makes us look at other guys!!! But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect my caste. I am proud to be brahmin which is considered to be the highest class according to Hindu Dharma. All the best!!!

  155. #155 by sasikumar on September 22, 2008 - 4:04 am

    To Pinky(Revathy),
    Saying thanks for respecting brahmin community.
    Just Say, after marrying a non-brhamin guy, after having boy child, will you put White thread(POONAL) to his son? Will he do brahmin duty like santhyavanthana? and will he mention in “Transfer Certificate” as Brahmin?
    These 2 things are happening if brahmin boy is marrying a non-brahmin girl.
    Most important thing is, Veda is accepting a brahmin boy is marrying an unmarried non-brahmin girl. Do you know most of the non-brhamin girl are ready to involve with brahmin culture.
    What do you say?
    My concern is, Non-brahmin boys have to respect our brahmin culture. They should not simply want brahmin girls.
    Current trend is,
    Making brahmins are bad and asking brahmin girl to marry. I simply opposing this mentality.

  156. #156 by vanjinathan on September 22, 2008 - 4:15 am

    To Pinky(Revathy),
    Can you tell me, what type of culture and tradition other caste people are having?
    I can tell so many customs of brahmin community.
    Can any caste person ready to tell his/her caste cusoms and duties. They can tell their caste’s custom is killing other caste people. This the only one culture they are having.
    Brahmins never created a caste issue. It was created by british. Is there any proof there to show an incedent for fighing among other castes during Raja(All are non-brahmin Rulers) period?
    If you are only concerned with sex, go ahead….we brahmin dont want to marry a girl like you. So many good girls are there in non-brahmin, we can look into that girls. Interesting thing is, those good girls are not interested with non-brahmins particularly their own caste. This is a laughing thing.
    My finding is, you are not a brahmin girl.

  157. #157 by vanjinathan on September 22, 2008 - 4:17 am

    To sneha,
    You are appreciating Udaym and you are telling udayam is courageous.

    I am simply asking udam is ready to post like “Muslim girls has to marry a brahmin boys?” or “Why muslim girls want to marry a non-muslim boys?”

    Will he be ready?

  158. #158 by vanjinathan on September 22, 2008 - 4:19 am

    To Pinky(Revathy),
    If you are a sex worker, you can go with male of anything(Even animals). We dont bother about that.
    This blog definetly creates a bad impression about brahmin girls. So many good girls are in brahmin community.

    This blog poster, udam a very cheap fellow. I dont know how long he is going to keep this blog.

  159. #159 by vanjinathan on September 22, 2008 - 4:26 am

    To Pinky(Revathy),
    Read the following link:
    This is one of our culture. You will come to know about our marriage and customs. Just think, how cultured we are.
    This is also posted by udayams.

    If you are talking about sex and for sex only we are going to non-brahmin guys means, Are you telling, All non-brhamin women satisfied with sex?
    Sex is just part of the marriage life. Most of the girls love their culture, tradition and her husband. If you dont know anything about love, just see our brahmin elders and identify how they are united and coupled.
    You dont know anything about the brahmin community, please dont talk.

  160. #160 by udayms on September 22, 2008 - 5:15 am


    I am simply asking udam is ready to post like “Muslim girls has to marry a brahmin boys?” or “Why muslim girls want to marry a non-muslim boys?”

    Will he be ready?

    Yes. Of course. I would be ready to blog about that if I get a real material on that. I have posted my opinions about every religion openly irrespective of whether I follow that religion or not. Why should I not post about the stupidity of person just because she belongs to the same community as I? I don’t think twice when criticizing the fanatics in other religions. Why should do that for the brahmin community?

    Plus I hope this post serves as a eye opener to atleast some people who read the comments and the post. If atleast 1% of all the people who read this post and comments realize that irrespective of the community, race etc., its the human values of a person that actually matters in life, then my purpose of writing is served.

    This blog poster, udam a very cheap fellow. I dont know how long he is going to keep this blog.

    See my friend. This is an open forum. The original reason behind this blog post was a comment I had read in another forum which was about stereotyping brahmins. (I have given the link to this original post in the first line of my post).

    Now… this is the internet. Everything that gets posted here is open to all. There are comments in this post as well as some other posts which abuses me, comments that degrade me and my family. But, I haven’t censored them. Haven’t removed any of them. For ex:- you called me a ‘cheap fellow’ in your comment. If I were to take down posts because some people don’t like the topics I will have to take down almost all the stuff I put on my blog.

    This is an open forum for opinions. Not a political propaganda. I DO NOT have anything against brahmins. I am myself a brahmin and I respect MY community as much I respect other communities.

    I believe every community, religion, faith has got its ups and downs. Its up us educated people to learn to adopt the good things from the community and leave the rest behind as ‘practices from the past’. That’s the way to develop and go forward in our life, community and country.

    All the same, I appreciate your openness in expressing your opinion about the post and me. It’s your opinion and I respect that.

  161. #161 by vanjinathan on September 22, 2008 - 11:24 am

    To udayms,
    I think this is also posted by you. This is a very nice work. Whole brahmin community has to appreciate.
    You mentioned as “practices from the past”. I just want to tell something for this:
    As somebody posted here, Any brahmin killed other caste person?
    Any brahmin destroyed or tried to destroy other caste or religion?
    They wanted to be alone from the other communities, because they were only concentrated about culture, customes and duty. They have given importance to education and god.
    Brahmins never created a caste system. They have created a varna system. No problem was happened during varna system? Did you hear any fight in the past with respect to caste during non-brahmin rulers? Even no caste fight was there during mughals period.
    Why this reservation was started? It is purely politics.
    When british started to rule, they removed, one person rule. Everything is based on education. They have given importance to brahmins, because they were only educated. From that point only problem was happened. The non-brahmin rulers-descendants are not having importance among the society. They just taught and fight against brahmins and they told brahmins are only 3%. They started to ask reservations for getting education and govt job.
    Simply asking here, Why they did not open more number of colleges? instead of asking reservation. They told, brahmins are only 3% among indian population. This calcuation was on 1920. Is this possible, this 3% people’s children occupy all colleges in india?
    Why this IIM reservation was started?
    One Karnataka MP told, this IIM guys are getting 5-6 lakhs per month. That’s why we are asking reservation. Wherever money comes, these non-brahmin will enter. They are not considering, education means learning. They are just considering as a money-earning, prestege matter. That’s why they are fighting with brahmin people, because brahmins are giving importance to only education.
    My simple question is, We let them to study. After getting education, we let them to get job. After getting job, we let them to get marriage or we have to give girl from our community without any opposition, because our ancestors destroyed their caste or their ancestors, right?
    Why non-brahmins are not targetting muslim girls?
    Muslims killed lot of hindus, right?
    Even muslims killed lot of hindus, they wont care about them. We did not kill any other caste, just wanted to maintain our culture, but we have to leave from our culture, we have to give our family girls to them without opposition. This is what they are expecting, right?
    Why we have to tell “no caste is there” sloga. For telling this, what is the benefit we are getting? Any reservation (Atleast for economically lowered brahmins), Any support from government, any help for starting a business?
    If we are telling “no caste is there”, we are friends, we are indians, then, they will ask a girl from our community. Why dont we tell “caste is there, but humanity has to be maintained”.
    Is this good? It is total contradiction, right?
    Finally brahmins has to think about brahmin customs and traditional value. Marriage is the only way to carry forward our traditional value to next generation through our children. Brahmin boys and girls have this duty. We should not forget this. money is just a part of life. We have to concentrate earning as well as our traditional value and humanity. Brahman has a more than 10000 years value. Just for minute enjoyment and money, we should not forget or leave our traditional value and customs.

  162. #162 by Pinky (Revati) on September 23, 2008 - 4:01 am

    To sasikumar/vanjinathan,

    I am a pure marathi brahmin. But I agree to udayms’s post. He said each caste has it’s good and bad things. So it’s upto us which one to pick. We should learn to adopt the good things from each community and leave the rest behind. If I marry a non-brahmin guy obviously he would be raised as per his father’s culture and tradition. I do agree. But there might be certain good things in his caste which I am not aware of. So we can’t say it’s a sin for a brahmin girl to marry a non-brahmin guy. In cities like Pune and Mumbai lot of people go for love marriages where caste is not the only criteria. Person should be good at heart. That is more important. But I know true love is very rare. And very few people are fortunate to get it. Rest all go for materialistic things leaving behind actual ethics/morals.

    vanjinathan, “If you are a sex worker, you can go with male of anything”. Was that a slip of tongue?? I come from good family. I am well educated and working in a respected firm. Here I just put forth my views. Everbody has got freedom of speech. You shouldn’t insult anyone this way regarding anybody’s character. So that’s this shows being brahmin you don’t have mutual respect for other brahmin girl. So sad. This is your culture which you are trying depict, isn’t it???

    To udayms,
    I liked your post. Your ideas and views are matching with me. Rather than fighting within our own different castes, try to value each person as a human. That is more important. Then only we all will be united and called as true indians.

    Cheers guys!!!!

  163. #163 by ram on September 23, 2008 - 1:46 pm

    Dear friends,
    I am saraswat brahmin. I believe brahmin girls should marry brahmin boy only. Purity is in marriage and in same caste and community. Sanskrit should also be learned by all brahmins childern. Two generations ago all brahmins knew sanskrit. All pujas and required scriptures for daily use.Atleast now we should do sandhya and gayatri jap 108 times daily. Well if somebody wants to marry outside caste than they should not ask to change rules of caste or community afterwards. You cannot have cake and bread also. It is for every person to decide who they want to marry. But it would be better if brahmin girls and boys marry inside their community.

  164. #164 by GOD LAUGHS on September 23, 2008 - 3:17 pm

    it is not a matter if a brahmin girl/boy will marry a non-brahmin girl/boy. but they should not bring their child into brahmin community. this very very important to keep in mind before marrying a non-brahmin guy/girl. now, in hindu-classifides, i saw some of brahmin presons who married non-brahmin persons non-brahmin start to search for a brahmin guy/girl for their daughter/son? how they can able to do it? it is like ‘unda veetukke rendagam pandrathu’.
    @ PINKY,
    so, pinky, marry your non-brahmin lover but get out of our brahmin culture. never try to come back and never think about reentry to brahmin community.

    why this advice is, more intercaste marriages are happening in brahmin community and after 20 or 25 years, these enjoying intercaste marrying people will again come into brahmin community and they will change the brahmin blood, that is, from human character to asura’s/animal’s character.

  165. #165 by vanjinathan on September 23, 2008 - 7:01 pm

    To Pinky(Revathy),
    I am sure you are not a brahmin. If a girl is a pure brahmin, she never wanted to marry a non-brahmin boy. She never like other caste or religion.
    I can tell strongly brahmin is the only community is having lot of traditional values. No other community, caste or religion is not having that.
    I am strongly opposing guys(non-brhamin) whoever want to marry a brahmin girls, but not liking brahmin culture and brahmin girls whoever marrying other non-brahmins, not respecting brahmin culture.
    You only mentioned in your previous comment, brahmin girls in pune or mumbai, enjoying sex before marriage(It means what?). I am little bit doubted about whether you are boy or girl.
    If you are really a girl and girl like you should move from brahmin community, then only brahmin community will be cleaned. This is happening by god, not by your mentality. God is expecting all sex, non-brahminical minded and non-traditional have to go. We are not stopping. Girls like you have to go.
    Girls whoever having sex before marriage with their boy friends are prostitutes. From your word only i am telling, you are prostitude. Just move from brahmin community. We will be happy. In brahmin community so many good girls are there. If you are continued here, they will also be changed by you. You have to leave as soon as possible.
    Marry a non-brahmin guy, get child of his caste and tell in a school you are brahmin, your husband and your children are non-brahmins. God will laugh.
    so many brahmin gilrs are asking a non-brahmin boy whoever proposing her for marriage, what is your caste?, how can i marry you? We brahmins are getting our education by our own skill, not by caste name – you non-brahmins dont have shy?…This type of questions – they are asking. They are only brahmin girls. I am respecting them. Only that type of girls can stay in brahmin community. We dont want you to be stayed here.

  166. #166 by vanjinathan on September 23, 2008 - 7:05 pm

    Yeah, you are right.
    So many brahmin girls are respecting brahmin culture. Only a few girls are not respecting their culture and traditon. They are not moving, God is forcing them to move from brahmin community.
    Brahmin is a god’s community.

  167. #167 by SUBBU on September 23, 2008 - 7:08 pm

    If u love anybody, marry him. Why are u making it a public issue and influencing all to love. ?

    r u loving a non-brahmin boy after finding that brahmin boys are not good?

    do u know about all the brahmin boys very well?

    if all the marathi brahmin girls think like u and choose a partner of good heart of any caste, then will your marathi brahmin community suvive?

    dont u agree brahmin guys are better in character, quality than other boys? or at least equal to other non-brahmin boys?

    do u justify your hatred towards the males of your own community?

    answer my questions. dont escape……ok..

  168. #168 by vanjinathan on September 23, 2008 - 7:11 pm

    To Ram,
    Most of the persons dont about what 4 Vedas are telling:
    A brahmin boy can marry a pure virgin non-brhamin girl.
    But brahmin guys are not doing this.
    When brahmins were in power also, they never did raping or capturing other caste or other religion girls.
    Caste is created by british, not by brahmins.

    To Pinky(Revathy),
    You are not a girl as well as you are not a brahmin.
    You are simply blaming brahmin community.
    No other caste or religion person is having right to talk about other community.
    I love our community and our culture and its moral values even i dont like some brahmin persons.
    Brahmin is the only community is having lot of cultural values which is not existing in other castes or religions.
    Brahmins never killed any human for caste(silly thing, which is happening in tamilnadu and all over india, all are done by BC/MBC people).

  169. #169 by SUBBU on September 23, 2008 - 7:25 pm

    why your brother’s wife marry your brahmin brother?

    doesn’t she know brahmin guys are not fit.

    when your brother’s wife found a good brahmin guy, why cant u find such a brahmin guy in your community?

    Psychologically, u seem to be a mentally affected person. Dont waste our time because we are brahmins with pure brahmin blood and proud to be brahmins and wish to uplife brahmin community.


  170. #170 by vanjinathan on September 23, 2008 - 7:27 pm

    To Pinky(Revathy),
    You told about Respect, right?
    I am sure you are not a marathi brahmin girl. You are a non-brahmin boy.
    Why should i give respect to a person who is wearing mask.
    Why should i give respect to a person who is blaming our own community and our own community girls?
    My relatives are in mumbai, They are in traditional way only. They are not in a way what you have mentioned. Those all your’s imagination. Simply blaming our community.
    If you are really a brahmin girl, you should have told like, even i am marrying a non-brhamin boy, my children will be brahmins, they will get their education by their own skill only, i will put thread to my boy child. You had to talk like this, but you did not tell in this way. You told i will move that boy’s caste and i will follow his tradition(what tradition he is having, killing other caste people, eating non-veg, having sex with other than wife, having keep, etc?)
    You are simply blaming brahmins. I am 100% sure, you are not a brahmin girl. You are trying to show you are good.
    While telling we are having sex with our boy friends before marriage only i came to know what type of character you are. After that also, you told, we need it(body needs it—-you mentioned).
    I am 100% sure, our community girls wont talk like this. I am having very good idea about brahmin boys and girls. They are good. Not like you. We never targetted, non-brahmin girls. You non-brhamin boys only worst.
    I never scolded about any other caste girls. At the same time you non-brhamin boys have to stop to talk about brahmin girls. This is what i want.
    Yeah. You are a non-brhamin boy.

  171. #171 by vanjinathan on September 23, 2008 - 7:28 pm

    Good question, Subbu.

  172. #172 by Pinky (Revati) on September 24, 2008 - 3:20 am

    To vanjinathan/Subbu,

    Well far enough. I don’t want to discuss who is right or who is wrong. I am a brahmin girl and I am no way orthodox. I was just telling that every community has its own good or bad things. It’s upto us to accept it or not. I like our Brahmin culture. It is coming from our generations. And brahmins are mostly indulged in teaching , astrology, vedas and mantras. Even my grandpa was a well known astrologer. So who-so-ever person I marry I will teach him our culture and I would take whatever is good from his culture. It’s a give-and-take relationship. That’s all I have to say.

  173. #173 by vanjinathan on September 24, 2008 - 5:54 am

    To Pinky(Revathy),
    What culture you are going to take from him?
    Eating non-veg, irritating other caste people(Espicially brahmin people), asking more reservation in education, job, etc, Killing and hitting other caste or religion persons, drinking alchohol, smoking in daily?
    These things you are going to learn from other caste guys?
    Do you know onething, how much anger a brahmin person is getting, he wont think about killing him or hit him, but suppose he is a other caste guy, he will try to hit him or kill him with his same caste friends(Gundas, Rowdis and rougues)?
    Do you know tamilnadu mercandile bank problem, it was owned by Nadar community people. They sold to Upper caste guy. After his ownership, the bank got growth. What these nadar guys did, they started to ask the bank again from the upper caste guy. They simply created a problem like, upper caste should not have our bank and with political supprt, they got back. IS this good? This is the non-brahmin mentality.
    They dont like brahmin people, their culture, traditional value, but they like brahmin girls. God is laughing here.
    If you want only body satisfaction, you can go. Keep in mind, same body satisfaction you can get from the same community.
    Brahmins(both girls and boys) have to think, our traditional value should not be destroyed or broken by us. Money and sex is just a part of life. We have to save our traditional value and bring it into next generation.
    Cinema is forcing to do this.

  174. #174 by vanjinathan on September 24, 2008 - 5:59 am

    To Pinky,
    We are having lot of traditional values and dont want to take from other community.
    I can tell strongly, brahmin is the only community is having lot of traditional values. We dont want to mingle with any other cultures.
    Are other caste people ready to do that?
    They cant, because all are womenizers. When brahmins were in power also, they did not think about non-brahmin girls. We have to proud about this.
    We dont have any worries, if girl(who is not respecting our community and tradition) like you are going.
    You dont need to mingle our culture and other caste culture.

  175. #175 by SUBBU on September 25, 2008 - 4:42 pm

    To Pinky

    Now, it is clear that u have some illegal realtionship with a non-brahmin and u r bound to marry him. So, all your words are coming from frustrated mind.

    wish u all the best

  176. #176 by vanjinathan on September 26, 2008 - 7:29 am

    Nowadays, Some people are telling “no caste” is there, all are human being only. We should not be splitted.

    I am simply asking, any political party is ready to announce a brahmin candidate in muslim area, nadar area, chettiyar area, koundar area, SC area. Or any political party is ready to announce a nadar guy into koundar area(like coimbatore, erode, Tripur, pollachi)?
    Even the political party announcing this type of thing, who will vote this other caste guy? No, right?

    Then how people are telling, “no caste” is there.

    Now all non-brahmins are doing simple double game, Wherever the benefit is coming from caste(Education, Govt job, Election,etc) they are using their caste name. Wherever caste will be giving trouble(like marriage, most of the non-brhamin community is not having good and beautiful girls), that place “no caste is there slogan is applied”.

    If this is continued, how caste will be destroyed?
    Here some persons told, caste will be destroyed. These people has to answer me.

    A boy is marrying a girl from other caste, after having children, they are telling father’s caste means, the boy’s caste is growing, right?
    Then the boy’s caste party will tell, our caste population is high, we need more reservation to get education and govt jobs. This is the situation is going
    Will girls think about this?

  177. #177 by vanjinathan on September 26, 2008 - 3:16 pm

    Read the following blog

    You will come to know, how brahmin people are dominated by other caste people with caste based reservation.

    I commented there also.

  178. #178 by GOD LAUGHS on September 27, 2008 - 4:23 pm

    @ PINKY,
    bringing brahmin’s culture or any other caste culture to your child is your decision and it is upto your end. TRY TO GET AWAY FROM BRAHMIN COMMUNITY FROM NOW ITSELF. we are not worrying about you kind of girl’s exit from brahmin community.


    your friendship group is wrong. your attitude is wrong. you are not respecting your community persons (if you are really a brahmin).



  179. #179 by vasudeva kulkarni on September 28, 2008 - 1:18 pm

    who on earth told you that brahmins are weak hearted and imposters.its your point of view,i feel.see everyone he or she,have their own subset of weaknesses,which depend sometimes on the nature of their upbringing.having said that,i wud like to also tell you every individual has something which the other may not have.so going by this logic,brahmins are no exception.

    however,i do accept and understand one thing from what ever u have spoken.brahmin guys are bit selfish when it comes to studies.and i ask,why not?because if you see the reservation structure,it puts an additional burden of responsibility on brahmins to succeed. hence,they are slightly ahead in terms of maturity in asessing the situation and putting the best leg forward.so,if you feel that they are hypocrites.yes,they are.i accept.why shouldnt they be?

    one more thing i would like to mention here.whatever weaknesses u have pointed out in brahmins are a result of the ethical mindedness imbibed in them by their parents,which often tends to be misinterpreted like this.if you see,it is for the same reason that brahmins are regarded as cowards and people who dont voice their opinions so openly because of the strong orientation toward s one thing.to lead a happy life with others and the attitude to sustain in a non complicated environment as well not causing any problems to others.

    one thing finds lot of prominence in brahmin families,i accept.education.why not?i feel it is the right thing to do for college going guys to focus more on their studies rather than exhibiting professionalism in showing an adaptable attitude,which often results in a poor show.

    so only life will teach that everyone are good in a conducive enviroment.only if they are put to a torturous environment,according to their mindset,will they react abruptly.this is my notion.


  180. #180 by Jawaharlal on September 29, 2008 - 6:06 pm

    Hi to all here,

    the discussion going on is total waste.

    Brahmin women are rivals to brahmin community’s growth and unity.

    Brahmin girls are fit for nothing.

    they know only to divide the family. u might have come across a brahmin family after marriage. Brahmin women enters and divides the family , seperates her husband from their parents and chasing them to adult cottages.

    Brahmin women by birth have suppressing mentality. So, a person can not get peace by marrying a brahmin girl.

    Brahmin women make their husbands shemales acting as if they have affection towards him.

    Brahmin women are unfit for sex also.

    Brahmin women are so selfish and so a brahmin minds only his family.

    the above facts are in general…… Some exceptional cases may be there.

    I advise brahmin boys not to marry these silly, cruel , suppressing and dividing brahmin girls.

    Marry a non-brahmin girl and u will get peace and pleasure.

    after all, culture and tradition is decided by male side only.

  181. #181 by Deepak Dadhich on September 29, 2008 - 7:17 pm

    Thanks to the girl who rised a very good issue among us, well all of should also know why the girl is dislking brahmin boys, and boys must know why this is the situation, may be she didnt met a real brahmin, she must look in the history of brahmins then she will realsie the power of real brahmins, remeber chankya, and all the great politicians, brahmins have always ruled the world……. dont want to discuss some time wasting points,

    but all of must know if the position of brahmins is going down is only due to lack of co-operation within the community , like the other small community have support and co-operation between them, but that kind of support is only seen in minority caste, others you cant see and the biggest reason is poverty shows all the sins, if she would be in a contact of a rich brahmin guy then the blog may be some different,

    i will only suggest her that if she really feels that brahmin boys are not well then she must marry a brahmin boy and improve the situation in the coming generation, you should not escape from the problems of your community, if all will escape then who will solve the situation look at the JEWS, you must start yourself to change and to how many people from brahmins you have supported, every body want to be rich, and once you are rich you dont want to look back in the situation all are escaping. so the situation will continue if some one thinks like that then come forward and support each other , a jain will always support jain, a muslinm to muslin then why dont we ?

  182. #182 by vanjinathan on September 30, 2008 - 2:08 pm

    @Jawaharlal, My view also the same.
    Nowadays, brahmin girls are becoming pure selfish minded. They are seperating her husband from his family.

    Still i dont want to scold brahmin girls, beacuse they are also with us. We should not split brahmins as brahmin girls and brahmin boys.
    Brahmin word is refering both girls and boys in the community.
    All 4 vedas are telling, a brahmin boy can marry a non-brahmin girl. Mostly all non-brhamin girls are interested to do brahmin duty. They are respecting brahmin culture. My distance relative also married a nair girl. She was wearing a madisar on marriage day.
    Still most of brahmin boys want to marry a girl from the same community means, they are respecting their own community. Brahmin girls have to think and respect this mentality.

  183. #183 by Preeti LS on September 30, 2008 - 10:09 pm

    Hilarious…..man….this is hilarious….

    Rest assured any man with this women is a goner….god bless him 😉

    Its amazing to see how naively people can be hypocritical, both men and women….(few men replying to this thread for instance)

    It was not enough to be in our school, college, work places, we have dragged our caste into debates between men and women…

    FC/ 90% – No free seat, payement seat only :(((




    FC/ Brahmin man/ women – NO rejected from marraige 😀

    Best of luck brahmin men 😉

  184. #184 by Vajratanu on October 3, 2008 - 7:38 am

    I am a Brahmin (guy) and I personally don’t care whether this world exists or no, because even Quantum Physics has proven that this world is a figment of imagination which the likes of Adi Sankaracharya/Buddha/ Mahavir have long ago stated.

    So I give a damn if you guys and girls wanna take a few more thousand lives before you realize this.

    So whether you marry a Brahmin or an orang ortang is not gonna make any difference as far as your spiritual aspirations are concerned. The Varna system was designed to enable people realize their divinity based on their temperaments.But it was misused, like people misuse their freedom.
    So chill out marry a Brahmin or an ape….cool no problem as long as you live peacefully…

  185. #185 by raj on October 3, 2008 - 7:45 pm

    why r u people r wasting your time , i suggest find that bitch and teach her in your own cost.

    I request Revathi and other brahmin girls to give me their address ,let me give them a list of good handsome educated brahmin boys proposal,if they reject they have to change their sex to boy and should not marry forever.
    These people are very mean minded, so they wants to protect themselves not the community.
    For example
    i u were given a chance ……..
    i am a brahmin boy age suitable for you
    Software engr,working for MNC
    Earning in 7 fig monthly salary
    Have own house in bangalore
    Have good body, good shape

    will you marry me ………..
    I was kidding , i really do not want to marry you as you are not a good respectable bramin girl.Your bro has married to a non brhamin girl and your parents ( on eof them ) def’ly a non bramin or mean brahmin .

    As i am a brahmin and was searching for a girl in my community only i iwll not marry any other cast girls just because of your kind of bitchs.

    I know many brahmin girls who are married outside the cast are today struggling to survive and not happy ,they are like fish in the sea, one of my friend sister is married to SC boy and now hanged to death by the boys side.

    So please brahmin girls , be aware of these things , never marry outside the religion and save our community.
    It is pitty to say that u started eating meat and drinking wine by calling them as good food for thought,but stop it at least now and enjoy the veg food and juice.

    Some of brhamin girls are not getting boys as boys are also not interested in brahmin girls.it is obvious that thay may look for meterial things , sex, colour and status.

    I am new to this blog and it is very bad experience to see like brhamin girls are not helping their community.I request brhamin girls to post their problems and we could unite to slove .i am happy to save our community and help each other.

    So every city has its own sanga and go there ,spend some time ,talk to consellers and get brahmin girls and boys.

    i want to here some of the brhamin people to come forward and set up a free only for brahmin community help center,i required we will meet sometime to disciuss the same snd should start imm’ly to solve the big problem.

    many of the blogger here are from software field and could have lot of money may help to do it.

    God bless brahmin community.

    If i get some good response i will give my identity and contact details to who wants to be a team member.


  186. #186 by raj on October 3, 2008 - 8:01 pm

    This is the original post on the internet please read it
    This shows how brhmin girls are great.


    tea gardens

    Monday, January 21, 2008
    Brahmin girls and life
    Today I told myself that the focus would turn from sadness and illness and talk instead of a community that has influenced my life greatly.I hit upon the idea when going through my address and friends list
    At school all my friends were Anglo Indians,so we talked of dancing,music,food and parties besides reading.One I left the security of the Anglo Indian school,it was right into a christian college (for long the abode of the Syrian christian mallu girls.)Our class was almost full of them but we managed not to become clannish and my circle of friends had one christian and all the rest were Hindus.The interesting part was that among the Hindus,the girls who formed long relationships with me were the brahmin lot.The trend continued into university and well into work.
    There are many jokes about this community.For one they are known to suffer from a superiority complex,for another,they are very tightfisted in money matters.They would carry conservatism to the extreme of not allowing non vegetarian food into their homes,not using vessels that lesser mortals like us(the hard core carnivore) use etc.
    For some strange reason I was drawn to them(not by design).I didn’t see their community,only the nice girls that they were,but in many subtle ways they influenced my life.
    Hanging around with these girls meant that there was no extravagant spending,we spent on books,an occasional movie and the like.Since most of them are dead serious about studies,it forced me to dig into my books.The right marks were very important.The biggest asset was that my terrible command over the Tamil language became much better and by the time I was in the work force,my Tamil could put any self respecting brahmin to shame.
    At the workplace I was soon to meet three very significant brahmin girls.They were like chalk to cheese.One was a well dressed,well travelled and a very confident woman who sometimes got on our nerves for her strict rules and her attitude to life.She could make you feel like a worm very often because her choice of words and lifestyle was nowhere near ours,but we learnt from her to project a particular image,she taught us how to conduct ourselves at the work place.As a senior woman(very few in those days) in the corporate world we copied her haughtiness and carriage.She remains the same but over the years we also discovered the real person under the persona.
    The other girl was more the party kind,she was determined to live life to the hilt while at the same time investing well and always conscious of the rainy day.We learnt to relax with her,interact with men on an easier level and we had great times dancing the night away on many occasions.We were always the first on the dance floor and the last to get off.She introduced us to fun,life at its best in gay abandon.
    The third person was a lot more restrained,her head for research and business was no match for us.She would study and research the most mundane things.From buying a washing machine to planning a holiday,she collected a lot of date.Everything was an informed choice,nothing was left to chance.She influenced me so much that my first investment was a flat(she located it for me,I had to just pay up).She went on to influence the purchase of my first car.She gave me a life home in her car everyday and told me of all the good points,the sense in having ones own transport etc.She made so much sense,then she went on to give me ideas on loans,how did one get the best deal etc.Her home was the venue for our wedding planning.With her around along with the other two,everyone else found that duties were assigned and we (husband and I) had only to arrive at designated time at the place.
    Today some twenty years later we don’t meet so often but these girls have made me what I am,they have influence me in my financial planning,in my choice of jobs and maybe,just maybe in my choice of husbands.Here I am married to a nice brahmin boy with all the traits mentioned in the beginning of the article and thanks to these girls I know how to deal with his family.If there is a function in the husbands family,the girls will know exactly what gift will work,what dress code will be a hit and what to say when.
    Today I pay tribute to a community (I think of it that way as most of my friends belonged to this community)which has greatly influenced my life and I hope I have done that to them too.
    Posted by munchkins at 3:26 AM

  187. #187 by chandran on October 6, 2008 - 5:18 am

    I agree your comments.
    Can you provide me your mail id?

  188. #188 by chandran on October 6, 2008 - 5:29 am

    Are you mad?
    Make very clear what you are trying to tell.

    I got my education by Free seat only, not by payment seat. Most of the girls’ are joining engineering by payment with their father’s support. That’s why they are having head wight.

    Wait…..what you are trying to tell, if a person is not getting his education by merit means he/she should not continue?

    Most of the brahmins facing trouble to get an education by merit, some of them who are able to get education by payment, they are getting education by payment. Is this wrong?

    Why you did not mention about govt should stop reservation?
    Why you did not mention about govt has to care about economicaaly lower FC people?

    I am saying thanks to this brahmin ponnu and brahmin girls in the same mind set(If any existance) for not marrying brahmin boys.
    So many brahmin boys are attracted by lot of good and traditional non-brahmin girls. They are always interested to do brahmin duty.
    Brahmin grils and boys are always good. No brahmin girl will scold her community boy.
    I think like brahmin ponnu, you also not a brahmin girl. I think you may be pinky(Revathy).

  189. #189 by chandran on October 6, 2008 - 5:32 am

    Can you provide your mail id?

  190. #190 by siva on October 6, 2008 - 6:17 am

    Brahmins never care about prostitution girls whoever want to go with non-brahmins for having sex.
    Girls like them can go and should go then only brahmin community will be clean.
    My request, that type of girls should not tell i am belonging to brahmin community at any cost, Ok?
    Brahmin means duty. If a brahmin girl is marrying a non-brahmin boy how she is doing brahmin duty? what type of duty she is doing with her non-brahmin husband. Only one duty she can do is, having s.. with him every night. That’s it. No other duty.
    Brahmin girls whoever marrying a non-brahmin boys are prostitutes. Why i am using this bad word is, community name is spoiled by them.
    See onething, Brahmins are having good name among the society means, from 10000 years, 1000000 years, they have given importance to only education and god. Thats why everypeople were respected.
    Education is very very important for brahmins.

  191. #191 by siva on October 6, 2008 - 6:23 am

    Why this non-brhamin did not ask reservation during mughals, non-brhamin hindu rulers?
    Why this non-brahmins asked reservation after british came to india?
    Why this non-brhamins did not concentrate education before british?
    Reason for this is, Before british all educated persons(Mostly brahmins) were under poverty and they were under non-brahmin rulers.
    After british, education becomes the money-earning factor. All high level positions occupied by brahmins(At that time brahmins only educated, british gave importance to brahmins). Now all non-brhamins have to be under brahmins. From here only problem happened. Reservation started.
    Non-brhamins are giving importance to education because education is a money earning factor.
    If no relationship between money and education, then no non-brhamin will concentrate about getting education.
    See the history, bramins never concentrated about ruling people and country. They simply concentrated education.

  192. #192 by n on October 7, 2008 - 4:02 am


    I don’t understand how some Brahmins, who settle for arranged marriage, say that only non-brahmins marry for sex. it is you who don’t have love in your life. y would u prefer arranged marriage otherwise? where is the love in arranged marriaged? dont tell me u will love the girl later. thats not natural love right?

    You say very proudly that when brahmins were powerful they never married from another caste. This was purely because they thought it was degrading to marry from another caste not because they wanted to preserve their community.

    Almost all our brahmin sages have had an affair with “lower” caste women. what do u say to this?

    This is what i feel. the caste in those days is just a classification of character. an analogy will be to say the character of a military man is different from that of a scientist. brahmin is a character, not a caste. it is unfortunate that it has become so. To all the brahmin guys who angrily post here let me tell u one thing.

    a true brahmin doesnt get affected by anything. You are the ones who arn’t brahmins.

  193. #193 by siva on October 7, 2008 - 2:24 pm

    Dei loosu ‘n’,
    I want to reply for the following things you have mentioned,
    1. Brahmins never married lower caste girls because of ‘degrading’.
    Ans: They even looked the lower caste girls. They respected their culture and afraid about god. They are loyal to their words. They never played a double game what you people are doing.
    My question: Why dont you people ready to marry an SC/ST girls? (Forgot, you will marry, she should be rich. You people’s mindset is money, girls, drinking alchol, right?)

    2. where is ‘Love’ if it is arranged.
    You did not see old arranged married couples. How they are affected to each other. A very good example is, The great iyengar Kamalahasan’s parents. He only told to the TV, I born to my parents when my father’s age was 50. He added as, i am love symbol for their old age also.

    3. a true brahmin doesnt get affected by anything.
    You people will get education by quota system(Tamilnadu reservation is 74%, Rich person in your caste also can get education, job easily by caste based reservation) after getting education and job, you people will look brahmin girls to marry(While proposing her, you people are telling, “no caste” is there slogan, right?). Even you people are doing this type of double game, we should not ask. If we are asking this type of questions, you people will ask as brahmins should not get anger, are you a brahmin?
    We are proud about we are brahmins and we are getting education by open competition, not by caste based reservation. Our mindset is into god, god and god.
    We are believing “pavam” and “punniyam”.

  194. #194 by siva on October 7, 2008 - 2:26 pm

    Dei loosu ‘n’,
    I answered all of your questions, right?
    Now i am asking questions, if you have guts, reply.
    1. Why you people are asking reservation to get your education and job?
    2. Why govt has increased the average pay scale to 4.5 lakhs? If you are really believing “no caste” is there slogan, why dont you people are ready to do vote a political party which is announcing “removing caste based reservation” from indian history.
    3. Why dont you people are not ready to marry your caste girls after getting education and good job? If none is getting, simply you will marry a girl from your caste, right?
    4. Why dont you tell one brahmin guy to propose a brahmin girl, instead of your move?
    5. Any non-brahmin people are helping poor brahmin people? Any non-brahmin community is opposing “caste based reservation”?
    6. “Uthapuram” event is happening in tamilnadu. It is the caste fight between “pillai” and SC people. Why you political parties are not telling, “pillai” community is a worst communtiy and not having humanity.
    7. Why your caste boys’ are asking dowry while marrying your caste girls?

    Final question:
    Your caste dont have a good girls or good girls in your community are not ready to select your caste boys. They knew very well about your caste boys’ mentality(bloody rougues who are believing “only sex is the life”, no love is there).
    You other caste guys are giving respect to only sex. Other than nothing.
    You non-brahmins are never giving respect to humanity. You non-brahmins gave respect to only money, girl, alcholic drinks and sex. That’s it.
    You non-brahmin guys are “pombali porukikal”.
    Current situation is, brahmins have to be a brahmin with Shathriya’s character.

  195. #195 by siva on October 7, 2008 - 2:40 pm

    Dei ‘n’,
    Finally one thing:
    Why we are not preferring love marriage is, We are believing “our community is good, having lot of traditional values, so many good girls are in our community”. That’s why we are not preferring love marriage with other caste girls.
    you people are doing love marriage with other caste girls even non-brahmin girls also, because your community is not having good girls and no traditional values.
    Are you people ready to grow your female child as brahmin girl. You wont be ready to do that, right? But you are asking girl from one traditional communtiy.
    You people dont like brahmin community and brahmin males, but you people like brhamin girls to marry, because there is no opposition to marry a traditional girl, right?

    Note: We are not supporting brahmin girls whoever in a modern and non-traditional way.

  196. #196 by SUBBU on October 7, 2008 - 6:20 pm


    Once again, i wish to mention here, brahmin is not a caste . It is a race with own culture and traditon. To preserve it , they have to marry within caste only. Nation or no community will be affected by this.

    Love is affection. It can come even after marriage also. Husband loves wife and vice versa. That is why, in India, couple are living together , till death.

    Reservation is not wrong. It is aimed to bring equal society. It is good for hinduism. Otherwise, low caste persoan may convert to christianity or Islam. We brahmins, as brilliants, should accept our mistake in the past, and should sacrifice. In our unqual socieity, reservation is a must and good for hinduism. Brahmins can not occupy all the positions in the name of merit.

    Non-brahmins are hard labourers and to improve them in education and position, Government is giving concession and reservation. It is a must. Nothing wrong.

    Brahmins never loved or had an aim of marrying any non-brahmin girl.

    Non-brahmins, due to their inferiority complex, thinking brahmins high, are competing to love brahmin girls.So, non brahmins should stop non-sense.

    Brahmin girls should not spoil the name of brahmin community.

    Brahmins should come forward to launch a forum to preserve their culture and ban inter caste marriages. Even the forum members here can do it.

    If there are no brahmins, no India. Indian culture, languages, tradition and hinduism depends upon brahmins.

    best wishes

  197. #197 by siva on October 8, 2008 - 7:56 am

    Caste based reservation is for simply dominating brahmins. Caste based reservation has to be removed. It is not at all needed.
    If a person is brilliant means he/she has to get a college with respect to his knowledge. Getting college seat should not be depending on caste.
    Brahmins never did mistake.
    Brahmins never killed any other caste persons.
    Brahmins never destroyed or tried to destroy other community.
    @other caste guys,
    First try to get your education by open competition.
    Believe yourself, in your caste also, brilliant and good looking girls are there.

  198. #198 by SUBBU on October 8, 2008 - 5:56 pm


    Reservation is not a simple issue. It should be viewed in social angle.

    Ours is an unequal and caste based society. Nowhere in the world, people are divided like this. Scheduled caste and tribes, in the ancient times , were barred education. Even if they attempt, they were threatened. Brahmins , planningly, dominated the society, by not allowing education to other communities. Other community people were not permitted to learn any thing.

    the above facts are clearly proved in history.

    I, myself , a brahmin, got angry about reservation in my school and college days. But , after seeing the society , in social angle, with a broad look, i wish all the hindus to become equal . Reservation is the only criteria.

    Unlike other countries, the unequality is not caused by economy. It is due to the difference in mentality. The low and depressing mentality of certain communities are due to caste system. Even if he is rich, he doesnt know , how to learn, how to become respectable.

    If merit alone, is the criteria, then, no non-brahmin BCs will come up. they have to be given some privileges to grow.

    For example, take Africans. To make them educated, Christian missionaries, fed them, gave them clothes and provided them shelter. U can not question this. The situation there is like this.

    Brahmins caused lot of damages to Indian socieity. They kept the kings in their hand and pushed others down. This is a reality.

    Even brahmins , for their welfare, acted spies to the foreigners. It was brahmins who supported Arabs and propagated to accept Arab rule and acted as spies to the conquerors in Sindh , just to revenge Buddhist morarchy there.

    Dont think me a anti brahmin. In my previous articles , i have praised our brahmin culture and way of life.

    However, positive is positive and negative is negative.

    Let us realise the facts. Let us recommend the Government to increase seats in colleges, so that meritorious students, irresppective of communities should be assured admission.

    Also, instead of depending government jobs, let our brahmins to enter into business line and use our brilliance and come with flying colors and pave the way to all to come upp and save our hinduism by bringing equality among hindu breathen.

    good luck

  199. #199 by siva on October 9, 2008 - 8:20 am

    I want to answer for 2 things
    1. Domination:
    I just wanted to know when brahmins ruled india. Initially all are non-brahmin rulers, after that Mughals, after that british.
    Brahmins were under ruling party. Before mughals period all non-brhamin rulers respected their culture and brahmins. All the non-brahmin rulers were religious.
    Keep in mind there is no caste fight when non-brahmin rulers ruled their part of the nation.
    Caste is not created by brahmins. Vedas are classifying Brahmin, Shatriya, shudra and vysia. Caste classification was coming from British.
    From the starting time itself, brahmins gave importance to education and god. Education means learning sanskrit and vedas. At that time Education was not money earning factor. At that time mostly all brahmins were poor.
    Now tell me, when brahmins dominated.
    Simply asking, mughals ruled india nearly 300 yeras, right? Why they made their people as educated? Why they are asking reservation for getting education now?
    Why these non-brhamin people did not ask reservation to get education while non-brahmin rulers ruled india?
    When education becomes money earning factor and giving value, from that point of time only these non-brahmin people wanted to get education.

    2. Brahmins caused lot of damages:
    Can you tell me clearly what type of damages brahmins caused?
    Brahmins are always giving importance to god, culture and education. They are honest. They are loyal to their words. They wont do any cheating activity. Thats why all non-brahmin rulers gave importance to brahmins. You can’t find this type of qualities in other caste people.
    Brahmins first will ask what is your educational qualifiaction? Theie mind set is like this.
    I want to ask some questions:
    Are you sure, in olden days, no non-brahmins were rich?
    If you are saying yes, i can give lot of examples.

    Do you know, when all non-brhamin rulers were ruled india also, they never had a marriage relationship with brahmins. Because they respected brahmin culture and brahmins.
    But nowadays what is happening?
    Are you telling,
    Brahmins have to provide education to non-brhamin (Even he is not interested in studies), give job to them and give bramin girls to them?

    If it is, Any non-brhamin will provide money to brahmins to start a business, after that are they ready to give their girls to brahmins(Just asking this, i am really not interested with other caste marriage)?
    Do you know,
    If a boy wants to marry a girl(who is rich or beautiful) irrespective of caste, what will happen?
    Why these non-brhamin boys not looking for muslim girls. they can marry them, right. All non-brahmin politicians gave importance to muslims. They are giving reservation to them. Why they are not having marriage relationship with muslims? Reason everybody knows, right?

    Why seats are splitted is my question? If govt wants to improve BC/MBC/SC/ST people, govt has to provide training, scholarships(They are getting), why this activity of splitting the seats? Govt has to make a chance to do hardwork instead of dominating brahmin brillinats.

  200. #200 by siva on October 9, 2008 - 8:25 am

    Govt can provide only scholarships, free training to BC/MBC/SC/ST people.
    Seats should not be splitted at any cost. Social equality means not splitting the school and college seats.

  201. #201 by SUBBU on October 9, 2008 - 6:15 pm


    In every country and history, Priestly class is the actual ruling class. They only advise and decide the action of the ruler.

    A ruler can be from a warrior caste. So, brahmins before Mughal period, were actually the deciding factors of the country.

    For their welfare, they denigrated people , so that they can keep the high position.. they actually didnt have socialist mind. Not only brahmins (in every country)

    Brahmins were poor. What others can do for it?

    do u know one thing? Brahmins, even nowadays are fond of eating and sleeping and lazy. They dont want to earn more.

    U take a Nadar person. Even after retirement, he works hard (even if there is no need) , he is doing some business, he wanders in streets to earn money. But , Brahmins , after retirement, are interested to tell diseases, scolding their children and taking rest.

    A man can do work ,still he has strength in physique , irrespective of age.

    Brahmins are not even fit to get their daughters married at the proper age.

    Brahmins are expert in conducting a family in short income. they dont want to generate income. But nowadays, the present generation brahmins are better.

    muslims are united and so a united community has strength in politics. Brahims have spies in their own community. They never unite.

    Do u know even TAMBRAS is controlled by the politicians? TAMBRAS president supports Jeyalalitha, even after she insulted Sankaracharya?

    Brahmins form only 3% of population . Their population is going on decreasing due to late and inter caste marriages. By 2050, brahmin community will vanish . Brahmins are small drops in a big ocean. So, they can claim only 3% of seats. If they have no other work, except Government sector, Government can not do anything.

    best luck

  202. #202 by siva on October 9, 2008 - 6:49 pm

    Dei Subbu,
    You are a non-brahmin guy.
    I dont want to waste my time.

    Brahmins are doing hard word to get their education, whereas no non-brhamin is doing hardwork. Mostly all non-brhamins are roaming around girls, drinking alchols.
    If a person wants to get his/her education in a good college means he/she has to do hardwork. Earning money is happened in any way not only by hardwork.

    Brahmin people were having very good quality. Those are destroying now, because of mingling with non-brahmins.
    Can you tell me, when brahmins did business?
    Brahmins were poor, but educated.
    Non-brhamins were uneducated, but rich.
    Reservation is for non-brhamins have to get education implies, reservation in business for brahmins have to make economically sound, right?

    Non-brahmins asked education for that reservation came into education and govt jobs.
    Why dont reservation in business and provide money to start a business for brahmin people?

  203. #203 by siva on October 9, 2008 - 7:05 pm

    What you told, Brahmins ruled, thats why all non-brahmins were uneducated.
    Why these non-brahmins did not ask reservation at that time.
    Mughals ruled india, then why those people uneducated and asking reservation?
    It is very simple,
    Whenever education is not a money earning factor, non-brahmins did not ask reservation.
    When education become a money earning factor, all non-brahmins are asking reservation.
    These lazy non-brahmins are not ready to do hard work to get good mark instead of that they are doing politics for getting education.

    You are telling, brahmins are only 3% thats why less reservation can get.
    How this 3% people’s children will occupy all colleges and schools?
    Just think and try to answer.

  204. #204 by siva on October 9, 2008 - 7:11 pm

    SC/ST people dominated by BC/MBC people, not by brahmins.
    SC/ST castes were created by BC/MBC people, not by brahmins.
    Brahmins never created caste system.
    Brahmins created only 4 divisions (As per veda), Those 4 divisions also based on duty.
    In the past no educated person is rich.
    when education become a money earning factor, all non-brahmins wanted to get education. This is happened after british.
    Any people can give proof for caste fights before arrival of british and muslims?
    Upto my knowledge, there is no caste fights before british and even mughals.

  205. #205 by n on October 10, 2008 - 3:47 am


    What you have said might be true. The Brahmins by mixing with non-Brahmins might have got some bad qualties. This also means that the non_Brahmins get good qualties from Brahmins right? This doesnt happen because a Brahmin is no longer sure of his own customs whether it is good for him or not. he is confused on issues abt women, drinks etc…

    eg. A non Brahmin will tell a Brahmin to go after girls,drink n enjoy life. A Brahmin easily gets infuenced. I have seen this happening. whose fault is it?

    AFter all this mxing for so many years there is no possibilty of separating ppl into groups in terms of birth by caste.

    There are only 2 groups. good n bad. I do agree that the possibility of finding a good person is more among the Brahmin caste than the non-Brahmin caste. This doesnt mean all Brahmins are good and all non-Brahmins are bad.

    and about girls. lets not give too much importance to them. y force them to do things. let them decide for themselves what they want. they learn only by making mistakes, if it is a mistake in the first place.

  206. #206 by n on October 10, 2008 - 3:56 am


    in those days the kings had control of the weath which will be distributed. A brahmin was never involved in the distribution of wealth.

    when the british came the brahmins got all the money because they were educated. this money, they did not distribute.

    If they had given money to the other caste people who were still the hard workers in terms of physical labour, why would this issue come up.

    and siva, u say u want education for the sake of knowledge. u dont have to go to college for that. u can sit at home and study. u also get an education for money only. y else do u need a degree? dont be ignorant and say things like u go to university for knowledge alone….

  207. #207 by siva on October 10, 2008 - 5:58 am

    “Veerapandiya kattabomman” was a king ruler of devar community in tirunelveli district. Why he did not allow his caste people to get education and wealthier persons?

    “Thirumalai naiker” ruled Madurai region and he was belonging to naiker or naidu community. He was a greate religious persons. Why he did not make his community persons or SC/ST persons as educated and wealthy?

    I can give lot of examples like this.
    So, Dont tell only brahmins ruled and dominated other caste people. This mentality has to be removed from you people.

    Do you know how brahmins were in trouble, when mughals came to india? Why early marriage was happend? Ask yourself to these questions. You will get answer.
    You are asking me, Why dont you get education from home?
    I can ask why dont the other caste guy get education from home?
    Why brahmins has to leave their education, man?
    From the starting time itself, brahmins has given importance to only god and education?
    Why should leave from education? Why you people want to make brahmins are uneducated?
    If you did mistake to my family means, my sons and daughters, should give trouble to your sons and grandsons? Is this democracy, socialism, equlity?
    Govt should appreciate every persons hard work instead of dominating particular community.

  208. #208 by siva on October 10, 2008 - 6:11 am

    You talked about distributing money, right?
    Why dont manmohan singh is distributing his monthly salary to indian poor forward caste people?
    Why dont karunanidhi is distributing his monthly salary to indian poor forward caste people?
    Why dont guys whoever married other castegirls distributing money to girls’ caste persons?
    Why dont district collectors, judges distribute their money to poor people?

    During british, brahmins never ruled. They were placed in the good positions. That’s it.
    If they ruled means, who is Gandhi, is he brahmin?
    That time also, lot of non-brhamins were in a good position among society.

    I am asking simple questions:
    1. Why non-brahmins did not ask reservation to get education during mughals and non-brhamin(even their caste rulers ruled them) rulers were ruled?
    2. What is the problem to study from home(If a person is not having skill)? (It is a good point, you only remind me, Thanks)
    3. Why you people are not accepting knowledge and skill based education?
    4. If you people are telling, brahmins did domination and irritation activities, Why their grandsons and granddaughters should be in trouble?
    If you did mistake to one persons means, You will only be getting affected. Not your sons and daughters.
    If you are telling, That person’s sons and grandsons have to affected means, Why you people are not ready to attack muslims? They did lot of unwanted things in the past against brahmins and hindu people, right?
    5. If you are telling brahmins should get education from home means why dont other caste people get education from home?
    What is the problem over there?

  209. #209 by siva on October 10, 2008 - 6:12 am

    We are indians, we have to get education by our skill, not by caste name.
    While getting education everybody has to tell, “no caste is there” slogan.
    Caste can be only exising in marriage.

  210. #210 by siva on October 10, 2008 - 6:14 am

    Caste is created by british, not by brahmins
    I dont want to tell this again and again. If you want to ask questions, read the comments i typed above. It will be the answer for all questions.

  211. #211 by siva on October 10, 2008 - 8:28 am

    Brahmins are always greate. There is no doubt with that.
    Everybody has to get their education by their own skill, not by caste name.
    Only one community in the world which never tried to destroy other caste or religion is brahmin community.
    Only one community in the world which is respecting god and education is brahmin community.
    Thats it from end, i wont be back to here.
    If you want to ask questions, read my previous comments and ask yourself whatever questions i asked.
    God will make a full stop of caste based reservation which is not at all needed.

  212. #212 by KRISHNA MOHAN SABADA on October 10, 2008 - 8:55 am

    Hi Who said the first post i don’t know, if u are a brahmin girl, u should be in limitations.
    According to you Guy should protect to FUNCTIONALLy and PHYSICALLy. It means that you don’t have
    confidence in your parents. If you don’t have confident in your parents then what is that question of
    asking this query.

    Every brahmin boy is not like you saw. Brahmin are very soft natured.
    From childhood they follow the ethics of social life.

    You like that guy who smoke Tobacco and take alchohol at early stages of life and don’t do any work,
    Parents will be earning and this people will be enjoying them.

    But Out of 9 Out of 10 Brahmin boys don’t do this. If 1 is doing that is because of the circumstaces.

    You understand the first minimum functionaly of brahmin.

    If not No Brahmin guy look for the girl like you.

    Any debate message me sabada.krishnamohan@hotmail.com

  213. #213 by KRISHNA MOHAN SABADA on October 10, 2008 - 9:00 am

    Hay Siva,

    I strongly SUPPORT you.

    And I Strongly oppose who say against BRAHMINS.

    Brahmins are always great.

  214. #214 by KRISHNA MOHAN SABADA on October 10, 2008 - 9:38 am


    Yes i agree with you.

  215. #215 by SUBBU on October 10, 2008 - 5:58 pm


    u seem to be ignorent of the facts and blindly arguing due to your caste feelings. I appreciate your caste feelings and expect the same from all the brahmins. I am a realistic brahmin by birth as well as a hindu minded person.

    u asked a question.

    Why non-brahmins didnt ask reservation during mughal and british period?

    How silly ? dont u know what is democracy and monarchy?

    In democratic India, soical awareness came up to wake upt the downtrodden hindus.

    in ancient times, low caste persons (SC,ST,MBC,BC are classified now only) were not allowed inside the temple. So, they converted to other religions, as Muslims and Christians preached this weakness and got so many hindus converted. Only hindus converted to Islam and Christianity. How can remain in hinduism, if they were not allowed inside the temple? who did this? Our brahmins only.

    brahmins only created caste system. Not british. Dont be a fool and dont fool others. read the vedas …… It will tell the things.

    If a person is dull, it may due to his family circumstances. SC and ST persons were neglected for 5000 years and so a boy from such a background should be given reservation.

    Remember, SC,ST,BC and MBC persons are hindus. Only if they are hindus, we brahmins can survive. They should come up and our hinduism should become a religion of equality. Otherwise, Christianity will dominate soon. Reservation is good for hindus to uplift.

    Brahmins should not depend upon government jobs. They can start their business of their own, using their brilliant brain they can give jobs to lot of SC and ST persons.

    I have already mentioned, meritorious students should be assured of seats in colleges. Ok………..

    Mr.n also seems to be ignorent. Money can not be distributed to all either by a king or by a ruler.

    Basically, brahmins , for thousands of years lead a comfortable life. So they are lazy. They dont have hard working spirit. So, i mentioned this points to open the eyes of brahmin community.

    Brahmins are not united and also selfish coward people. they cant fight against any injustice. They have to live adjusting the situation.

    Brahmin boys are unfit for a jovial life. So, modern brahmin girl doesnt like them.

    Brahmin girls, as i mentioned in early life, are generally unfit either to a brahmin boy or to a non-brahmin boys as brahmin girls are supppressing, cruel creatures.

    If we are weak, we should correct ourselves. We should not blame non-brahmins for our weakness.

    how many non-drunkers can i show u in non-brahmin community? brahmin should keep his tradition. He should not blame others for his failure.

    We people , want to change and eradicate the drawbacks of our brahmin community and make it a brilliant one.

    But , u people have blind caste feeling, without points.

    I am pathetic towards u persons. I appeal u to read the history and have a realistic approach in life.


  216. #216 by SUBBU on October 10, 2008 - 6:36 pm








  217. #217 by siva on October 11, 2008 - 5:15 am

    I can tell strongly, whenever the BC/MBC persons lost their power, they started to ask reservation.
    Whenever the education becomes a money earning factor, they are started to ask, reservation to get education.
    I am strongly opposing what all you said.
    Answer me,
    All these, chola, cherar, pandiyar, Thirumalai naiker, Veerapandiya kattabomman are brhamins?
    These were non-bramin rulers, right?
    Why did not concentrate their caste people’s education, growth? So, these non-brahmin rulers only made the lower caste people as uneducated.
    Keep in mind, in olden days mostly all educated persons were poor. Brahmins never concentrated to earn money. A fater for them is, concentrate on learning.
    Why these non-brahmins are disturbing brhamins, if they are not asking reservation means brahmins are the number 1. That’s why, they are simply dominating and they dont want to be under brahmins.

    I am asking following questions to you, try to answer:
    1. Where is “pillai”, “kounder”, “Chettiyar”, “thevar”, “dalit” are classifieds in veda? Tell me.
    In vedas, only 4 classifications are there, “Brahmin”, “Shathriya”, “Shudra” and “Visya”.

    2. Only non-brhamin rulers ruled india (small small parts) before arrival of mughals and british, then why those non-brahmin rulers did not think about their caste people? Why these non-brahmins did not think about getting education?
    Reason is, vedas and sanskrit are not money earning factors. That’s why they did not ask reservation to get education.
    Nowadays reservation is for muslims also. Why muslims did not get educated during mughals period?

    3. Old brhamins were afraid about, loosing culture and customs to mingle with non-brahmins. We are seeing, this is happening, right?
    These non-brahmin mentality is, they wont do good things as well as they wont let others to do good things.
    Asking simply, If brahmins were told, dont drink alcohol, dont eat meat, did they agree? They wont, instead of that, they will change us to drink alcohol and eat meat.

    4. Not allowing temples was a bad thing.
    Still i am supporting old days brahmins. Why?
    Just see, cinemas, how they are showing temples, you will come to know? Are they ready to show the same thing with masjits and church?
    Brahmins treated temples as their heart, They respected much.
    Nowadays how much clean all the temples, see.
    At the same time old brahmins or current brahmins never tried to changed village temples. From the old times, villege people are only doing pooja activities.
    Did any brahmin tell, brahmins only to do poojas in villege temples?
    Then why non-brahmins want throw brahmins from pooja activities from their temples?
    Becuase money is playing in temples.
    Wherever money is there, non-brhamins want to be there.
    Their main thinking is money, nothing other than that.

    5. Persons whoever supporting reservation, the main arguement they are showing as, your ancestors (brahmin) did bad things in the past.
    i) Did they try to destroy other caste or other religion?
    ii) Did they tell, all other caste people kill each other?
    They just wanted away from this type of indecent people. These people simply forming the group and not having honesty in their mind. Not ready to loyal to god.
    They really afraid about loosing their culture and values. This is happening, right?
    iii) If one person did mistake means his grand son and daughters have to be in trouble?
    iv) Sombody are telling, brahmins can get education from home. Why dont non-brhamins get educatoin from home?

    6. Answer this question too.
    when education was not a money earning factor, all other caste people and other religion people did not ask reservation.
    When education becomes a money earning factor, all other caste people and other religion people are asking reservation.
    Why all non-brahmins asked reservation after british? This is my big question? Why they did not ask reservation for getting education before british?

    My view is, caste based reservation has to be removed completely.
    Ok, you are telling reservation is for improving lower caste people. Then why, reservation for muslims and christians?
    Simply vote bank politics, right?.

    Education should be coming from one persons’ interest. Not by forcing.

  218. #218 by siva on October 11, 2008 - 5:33 am

    You told about lower caste hindus are converting from hindu to muslim and christians. It is happening by brhamins.
    My answer to this:
    i) Nowadyas mostly all politicians and high positions are occupied by non-brhamins only. Why still conversion is happening. I can tell, nowadys only more conversion is happening.
    ii) Did you “bharathi” film(Tamil), Bharathiyar’s fried was converting into christian and becoming father. Bharathi asked him why you converted, he replied as “poverty”.
    It is the only reason. Not for brahmins it is happening.
    iii) See, brahmins just maintain the distance from other caste guys becuase of mainting their cultural values. There is no intention.
    They maintained the distance as well as they did not occupy their assets or capture their family girls. This type of indecent activities brahmins never did. They simply maintained the distance and dont want to mingle with them.
    iv) Do you know what BC/MBC people, did with SC/ST people?
    SC/ST people cant oppose BC/MBC people, because still they are dominating SC/STs.
    search “Uthapuram” event in tamilnadu. This is the fight between “pillai”(BC caste) and SC caste people. Pillai caste people are not allowing SC people in their street. They built a wall. This was the problem.
    Are “pillai” people brahmins?
    Still mostly all “pillai” community guys want to marry upper caste girls. They are telling “no caste” is there. After having kids, his children will tell, “pillai”. Is it right?

    If one person stopped to mistake means, he should not be punished.
    Most important thing is, Even the person did mistake means his son, daughters, grand sons and grand daughter, etc. should not be in trouble and punished. It is not social equality.

    If india is following social equality, caste based reservation has to be removed completely.

  219. #219 by Jeeva on October 11, 2008 - 2:18 pm

    If you see in real life scenario, Brahmins come up like anything and its something that is accepted by the society. Eventhough there are alot of things like reservation etc in this country , which is a real roadblock for us , still if you see, we are comig up between these kind of social aparthieds and that is something all shoud be agreeing!

    Marriage is something that you should do if you want to settle down or you may have a girl with you to share your feelings and to satisfy all your needs….. caste is not directly related to it….. But if you have the courage and if you have the never to face your family, then you can marry anyone…. I am a brahmin and I think its a correct statement!!

  220. #220 by siva on October 11, 2008 - 4:19 pm

    I already said,
    Lot of non-brahmin girls like, brahmin culture. At the same time some of the brahmin girls are not in brahmin culture. What is the use of a brahmin boy who is respecting his culture and traditional values and marrying a fully modern brahmin girl?

  221. #221 by siva on October 11, 2008 - 4:44 pm

    Just want to explain, why caste is needed for marriage?
    X and Y are going to marry. If they are belonging to the same caste then there is no confusion about how their children will be grown and what type of culture he/she will learn from them.
    Marriage is not only for X and Y are meeting and enjoying life. In addition to earning, eating, sleeping we have to pass our traditional values and customs to next generation. Children’s mentality will be their parent’s mentality. That’s why elders are preferring marriage within the community.
    We brahmins have to keep in mind, brahmin culture was not started on yesterday or one month back. Our ancestors saved the culture for more than 1000 years even getting disturbances in each generations. The culture should not be destroyed for simple money and 5 minutes enjoyment.

  222. #222 by SUBBU on October 11, 2008 - 6:15 pm

    Just answer my simple and only one question?

    Why we have castes in India? Nowhere it exits in society?

    why brahmin prime ministers allowed reservation? All are fools? or just for vote bank? definitely no…….

    Why there is inequality in Indian society?

    u yourself agreed in Vedas , brahmin classifed the society into four? Why?

    Why no castes in Islam or christianity?

    Why do u view non-brahmins as your rivals?

    u asked why no education among muslims during muslim period. we are talking about present day educational system only. No formal education exists in ancient times.

    u told even if the ancestors did mistake , their sons and daughters should not be punished. How foolish? This is not the matter of punishment. This is a remedy.

    Brahmins saved their culture by struggle. I agree this openly. I myself mentioned this in my previous articles.

    can a brahmin live without mingling with non-brahmins?

    are non-brahmin hindus are enemies to u than muslims and christians?

    do u think all the social reformers are fools? and all the brahmin prime ministers are fools?

    even brahmins are not mingling themselves. They are selfish, fearing and isolated people behind the sarees of mamis.

    some brahmins may be in sound position in USA etc. But generally brahmin community is coming down due to this type of false superiority complex.

    Let us realise our drawbacks and remove it and make our brahmin community a powerful one.

  223. #223 by SUBBU on October 11, 2008 - 6:25 pm











  224. #224 by siva on October 13, 2008 - 4:32 pm

    Then, tell your followers(Sons, gradsons) to other caste people of hindu community. I dont bother about that, because you mentioned that, if a person did mistake means his followers has to be affected. Then what is the meaning of “Jananayagam”.
    Then why muslim community was not affected? They killed lot of brahmins and rajaputras. They tried to capture rajputra girls. They committed suicide.
    Brahmins are always greate because of they never killed any other caste people or they never destroyed(even never tried to destroy) other castes or other caste people.

  225. #225 by siva on October 13, 2008 - 5:22 pm

    What you told, brahmins are talking much.

    Is this type of lazy persons are not existing in non-brahmin communities? This type of persons are existing in all communities.

    Other caste persons are talking, drinking alcohols and smoking. After drinking they are doing fight between them or with other persons. Making noise. Sometimes it is going to end with death.
    Is this happening in brahmin community?

    Brahmin community is the only community believing “pavam” and “punniyam”. No other community is believing this. If you are telling other caste person about dont do bad things, those are “pavam”. He will laugh. At the same time, tell him like dont do that bad thing, you will be caught by police and you may loose money. Then he will hear your advice seriously and he will follow your word.

    It is good for not thinking about only money and not giving much importance to money.

    From your words, i found you are a person and giving importance to only money. Your talking and views are around money only.

  226. #226 by siva on October 13, 2008 - 5:29 pm

    I am really proud about brahmin community for the following reasons:
    1. Brahmins never killed other caste guys.
    They never destroyed or tried to destroy other caste people or other caste.
    2. They gave importance to learning part, not earning part. They are not visya(“Vanigargal”).
    3. Veda’s classification for doing their duty. Not for irritating, dominating or destroying. Brahmins never did.
    First One person ask him/herself, was there any caste fight before british. Caste fight is caused by british’s game. He/She has to understand.
    4. Now only govt is telling, noone should drink alcohol and should not do smoking.
    usually it is the base for brahmins and 99% are following. Some are not following because of non-brhamin friends circle.

    Brahmins are always greate.

  227. #227 by SUBBU on October 13, 2008 - 5:50 pm


    It seems to be that either u r too young to discuss a matter or immatured.

    Anyway, I appreciate your caste feelings and keep it.

    I also advise u not to look non-brahmins as enemies as they are a part of hinduism and they are majority in hinduism.

    My points are to bring the reality and to make the brahmin community to remove hurdles in their society.

  228. #228 by SUBBU on October 13, 2008 - 5:53 pm


    Present day muslims are converts . Those who killed and raped our women are conquerors and rulers.

    I told that reservation is a remedy in an unequal society. Revenging or punishment is not a matter . In democracy, nobody has the right to punish others.

  229. #229 by nitesh on October 13, 2008 - 10:53 pm

    You guys are so funny. You make all kind of weird assumptions. Firstly, many people here write as if all Brahmins have the same genes. I am a Punjabi brahmin and l have traveled all across India, and I can tell you that Brahmins are of different gene backgrounds. Kashmiri Brahmins look like Kashmiri moslems not like South Indian Brahmins.

    There are also big cultural differences. As a Punjabi I have no problem eating meat unlike Southies. There are so many other differences.

    I think in the South there is a big conflict between brahmins and non-brahmins, as a consequence South Indian brahmins try to create an all-India Brahmin identity. I realised this in college where I knew many Southies.

    In Punjab or Harayna there is no big conflict against Brahmins actually I have a relative to who is married t

  230. #230 by siva on October 14, 2008 - 7:02 am

    Reservation is a simple politics – Vote bank politics.
    I am not enemy to any other caste. I cant also.
    Why no other caste persons are telling we dont want caste based reservation, we want to get our education by our own skill. Why they are not ready to tell is my question.

    Read completely the issue “uthapuram” pillai are creating problem. Are they brahmins?

    Nowadays, BC/MBC people are feeling they are the upper caste. Thats why if their caste boys are marrying brahmin girls, they wont oppose. If they are marrying SC or lower caste girl, everybody of their caste are opposing.

    My point is, “no caste” should be pronounced by all caste people, not only brahmins. “no caste” should be in all places.

    No punishment for muslims or other religion people, but punishment will be to only brahmins, means it is simple domination. See, mostly all cinemas are showing brahmins are their enemies. what they did is my question.

    Caste based reservation is not at all needed.
    Brahmins never killed any other caste or any other religion people. I am really proud about this.

  231. #231 by srivatsan on October 14, 2008 - 7:44 am

    Yes most cinemas are portraying Brahmins as their enemies.It’s become a common saying .But we all know, that Director would have consulted a Brahmin for performing puja for his film.
    Some idiots in the past have made/put rules,so that
    their predessors are suffering now.There will be a small percentage of orthadaxity in every caste,let it be muslims,cristians, or any othercaste.
    This situation is like “How Americans are portraying asians as terrorists, for the error done by few people.but we know the truth”
    This may happen to any caste in future, how will our country become a developed naion??There should be no caste reservation atleast for education.

  232. #232 by GOD LAUGHS on October 14, 2008 - 4:09 pm

    castes should live upto end of this world. every caste people have their own capacities, capabilities and talents. mingling of people for friendship is ok. but there should be a limit for it. it should not go to intercaste marriage/sexual relationship level. The holiness of brahmin community should be preserved.

    there is no need of maturity level is needed for these kind of posts. knowledge of history and understanding of what is going on now in the brahmin community is enough.

    most of brahmins are supporting/adjusting non-brahmins to drive their life in the country. if there are more than one children in a family, one of child is marrying in non-brahmin caste person. the reason they told is to secure their family in the country.

    from your words, i can understand that you & your family are in a city. have you travelled to villeges? there most of non-brahmins have the attitude that all brahmins are in higher post. companies are recruiting mostly brahmins. higher positions are going the brahmins only. they never accept/recognize their individual efforts/hardworks.

    some of brahmin persons are driving their family&life by ‘adjusting’, doing ‘allakai’ activities and torturing other brahmin families. some brahmins referring a non-brahmin guy/girl voluntarily for their community brahmin persons/friends. “what a crucial persons they are!”

    so, there are lot of crucial & selfish minded brahmins are there in our community.

    caste based reservation will go to be a dangerous to brahmin community itself. now, most of non-brahmin persons earned lot of money. they can do anything with this money for their further growth.

    your words shows clearly that you are also following the allakai policy and supporting (‘thadaval’) non-brahmins to drive your life peacefully. this is not a matured way. another name is there for this.

    @ ALL
    you are talking in variety of ways about brahmin community. why you have not started the steps to develop/form a centralized datapackage/website for the purpose to preserve brahmin community, organizing meetings in the month-ends, distributing publications, organizing a free matrimony site to the brahmins around the world?

    my suggession is to stop these kind of discussions and discuss about steps to be taken to preserve the brahmin community. all brahmins will welcome this and appreciate this.

  233. #233 by SUBBU on October 15, 2008 - 8:07 pm


    One thing is sure. Whatever brahmin shouts, nothing will happen.

    In other countries, only two classes. Rich and poor. Unfortunately , in India we have caste system, upper caste and lower caste.

    by what way , the so called people are upper caste? why cant all become upper caste? why cant we think of equal society? Why cant we allow lower castes to become upper castes instead of talking our proudness?

    brahmins are just 3% population in India and not even so much in tamil nadu. They are after all drops in Indian ocean. Just 3% people occupies 80% seats in the name of brilliance . is it correct? Then how other community persons can improve? SC boys never has an aim of scoring bad marks. But to give equal representation to all castes, some system is required. That is called democracy.

    Nobody has objection , to make poor , rich and rich and poor should become equal. But why people have objections to raise lower caste people. do they want them to remain as such now? Can they compete with FCs? what is reason for their inability?

    There is a story of C.N.Anna durai. A SC person namely, Kathan , comes in front of a brahmin priest. Brahmin shouts at him ” How can u come in front of me? I have finished my pooja and coming . By seeing you, everything got spoiled. All the effects of my pooja got spoiled due to your shadow. Go away please. u r a shudra. How can u walk in front of me?”

    After some time, a muslim , namely, Abdulla comes in front of that brahmin priest. Brahmin priest shakes his hand with him and asked him ” How are u abdulla? How is your family and children. I will pray for you also.I am happy to meet u.Let us meet often , with God’s grace. ”

    Abdullah laughed loudly and told the brahmin priest ” What foolish religion is yours? I am Kathan. sometime before u viewed me low and worried for my coming. Now , i have same physique and just changed my dress like a muslim. Now u r inviting me openly?” what a funny people u r?

    Brahmin priest bowed his head with tears and told kathan ” You have opened my eyes” .

    From ancient times, brahmins think themselves as brilliants. Non-brahmins also have the same opinion.This superiority complex barred their progress.

    Brahmins are actually fools and criminals. Their sastras are anti human. They are supporters of non-hindus. They are responsible for the growth of Islam and christianity. Yes. definitely yes.

    They treated others as slaves and lead a comfortable position. But , they lost their positon and crying now from their stomach.

    Brahmins are negligible persons . they are after all drops in Indian ocean. Their support and voice is not required at all.

    Brahmins never achieved any thing. Instead, they kept the rulers in their hand including the muslim rulers and continued their comfortable life.

    Brahmins are living under the mercy of non-brahmins. If they are attacked, no body will care. But, due to the generosity of non-brahmins, and due to hindu majority, they are still surviving.

    Brahmins are being insulted in Cinemas. Who are insulting them? Brahmin director, brahmin actors and actresses? Why to blame others?

    Brahmins are so selfish because to live , they have to be like that.

    I am a perfect brahmin by birth.

    I want my society to improve and prosperous.

    A real friend will show our drawbacks always. Like that i am a real brahmin showing the drawbacks of my community and expects my community to come with flying colors.

    Finally, if a person sticks around a point and argues without analysing the points of the opposite side is called immatured.

    Maturity is very much required to discuss a matter and we can have useful discourse only with matured persons. We can get some results then.

  234. #234 by aakash on October 16, 2008 - 11:30 am

    I would like to suggest the girl to first judge her father and make this type of rubish opinion.

  235. #235 by siva on October 17, 2008 - 8:37 am

    Dei Subuu,
    Are you fool?
    You are asking the same question again and again.
    I replied all of your questions.
    I am asking how this 3% brahmins children can occupy all educational institutions?
    If a person is not having skill means he should study in a low lever college. This should be happening, but what is the current situation?
    Read the comment already entered by me. Read multiple times.
    If you are supporting caste based reservation means, i am sure you are not a brahmin.
    Just answer me, Was there any brahmin killed any other caste person? Or they told other caste persons to kill another caste people or destroy other caste people?

  236. #236 by siva on October 17, 2008 - 8:39 am

    I can tell, you are a criminal. Putting wrong things here.

  237. #237 by GOD LAUGHS on October 18, 2008 - 8:40 am

    Hey Subbu, Mind your words.

    in what way are you matured and honest and not a criminal. you are just blaming the brahmin community and supporting other caste guys. whatever you mentioned in the story about kathan & muslim is wrong. it is self-imagined story. did your father or you worship god without taking bath? the ancient brahmins preserved the holiness of pooja trends. in vedas as there are soome restrictions to conduct & complete the poojas. the priests also followed up.

    from your words,it is very clear that you are a non-brahmin. no brahmin will say our ancestors did mistakes in preserving their holiness. they were so orthodox. to preserve it might used the word which you mentioned.

    @ siva,
    your words are very correct. as per subbu, it is not true or will become true that 3% of people occupying all seats in all collages.

    @ SUBBU,
    have a broader view and give respect & recognize the talents and capability of individulals. then, you will accept the words of ‘removing reservation system/economy based rewservation’

    you should note an importan point. caste based reservation will lead & enable the Rich non-OC community persons to enjoy and it will lead to lower the economy values of poor non-OC persons and degrade their family status.

    the richer non-brahmin persons educate their children in a very good school and they will occupy most of open and reserved seats. there are poor brahmins in our community also. they should also come up in society. if you dis-agree this, you are the person living&eating food by not sharing with others. you should follow the policy “Live and Let others Live”

    To recognize Talents in all the community there should not be any caste based reservation scheme. institutes should not accept the recommendations from a powerful person for filling up the seats. they should remove the payment system in the professional institutions.

    it is good to note that there is no payment seat in the premier institutes like IIT, IIM & NIT. if it is, all the stupid minded but rich persons will occupy in these institutes.

    did you note the judgement of Supreme Court to fill the IIM unfilled seats. if not, go and read the news paper.

    Stupid persons only will accept and use the reservation scheme. so, talk in a matured way and try to recognize, accept and try to give response to others.

    in the Kathan story, whatever you mentioned was wrong. this story should be developed for political purposes to attract the dravidans by DK&DMK parties.

    you mentioned in cinema, brahmins are being insulted by the brahmin directors,actors and actresses. why are you considering them as brahmins? they eats meat, alcohol and accepting their cine field culture. however, i disagree your words. non-brahmin directors, actors, actresses are also doing this. the brahmins in cine field are working only for money&for their children&t earn,save property. not for our community.

    do you know, DK, DMK parties grown with the concept of Dravidans. they used this strategy to get vote from their people, to get into power & to grow themselves.

    everything happened in the ancient time was correct. you don’t blame them without maturity & with your present maturity level.

  238. #238 by ARUN on October 19, 2008 - 6:10 pm

    Hi to all here,

    It seems to be that a heated arguement is going on between pro and anti brahmins.

    I am not a brahmin as well as not a anti brahmin.

    The folowwing are my views.

    1. brahmin and hard work are two sides of a coin. Brahmins used their brain and developed many valuable things for our country. At the same time, they used their brain and did conspiracy to divide and form an unequal society.

    2.Brahmin boys , generally have childish face and childish way of life. They even dont know to talk. They are too much afraid of their parents and society. So, normally a brahmin girl doesnt like a brahmin boy either for love or for any wrong matter.

    3.Brahmins are generally rivals to each other. When problem comes to their community, they (including those who are shouting for brahmins in this forum) will run away , minding their life or hearing the words of their parents . Non-brahmins and muslims are ready to sacrifice their life for the welfare of their community.

    4.As brahmins have no occupation of their own, if they feel problem to survive, they are ready to become anything. That is why, lot of brothels in brahmin community.

    5.No doubt, brahmins are brilliant and wise in administration, sincere and honest in their work and noble in their thinking.

    6.But, they have to depend upon others to survive as they are simple mosquitos in society.

    7. the main rivals to brahmin community is their elders.they obey elders blindly,loosing their self thinking. Elders can not tell anything as per present situation. Age has no relation with knowledge and experience. Even a small boys has more experience than indoor aged man really.

    8. To my knowledge, brahmins are less god-fearing than non-brahmins.

    9. The unity among brahmins will bring nothing unless they improve their population and braveness in mind also.

    If any of the above points hurt the feelings , i am so sorry. But, these points are from in depth analysis and experience.

    best wishes

  239. #239 by SUBBU on October 19, 2008 - 6:24 pm

    @Siva & @ GOD LAUGHS

    do u know the meaning of the word “Criminal”. If anybody critises in a democratic way is a criminal? How fools?

    Nobody answered my question : Why brahmin leaders supported reservation?

    does anybody know the sufferings of a SC and ST persons?

    Dont u know how brahmins and caste hindus treated SCs in an inhuman way? Then ask your parents.

    Holiness should not come by taking bath merely. To take bath, no skill is required. The situation of low caste persons should be analysed.

    Holiness should be in mind. If it was and is in mind, brahmins might have converted everybody as brahmins .

    Brahmin and hindu swamijis are spending their time only with rich people. What is the use of poojas then?

    Christian preachers spent their time with leprocy patients and poor people and earned lot of souls. That is why their religion is growing.

    If a person tells the drawbacks in a community, people should digest it. If they argue again and again, then no use of further debates. So, let me stop by this.

    best luck

  240. #240 by SUBBU on October 20, 2008 - 6:02 pm

    In my previous articles, i have shown that i am a well wisher of my brahmin community and supported the community.

    But when the issue of reservation arises, I am in a position to mind the welfare of hindus.

    I also clearly told meritorious persons should be assured seats.

    I want improvement of brahmin community using their brilliance and doesn’t want my community to spoil the welfare of other communities.

  241. #241 by GOD LAUGHS on October 21, 2008 - 5:21 pm


    you don’t know the growth level of non-brahmins. just read well my comments. the caste based reservation will lead to a situation that the richer non-brahmin persons to grow them selves. it will no way help for a poor sc or ST persons. it is very critical for the poor sc/st persons living in villages.

    from your words, it is very clear that you are not willing to improve the poor brahmin persons. it may be your personal dislikes also.

    don’t you know how many poor brahmin persons are still facing problems through reservation?

    there are already lot of people from brahmin&non-brahmin community started to spoil the brahmin community. you kind of persons are also going to spoil the community through your bad kind of attitude.

    i can say all brahmin BE qualifiers are not talents. most of brahmin guys and girls are studying & getting qualification through payment seat only and i am talking about the present situation. they just throwing lakhs of rupees infront of management (of an institute) and getting engineering seat.

    you kind of foolish persons should stop your non-sense words. dominating persons are happening now also. now the rich persons are dominating the poor persons and giving tortures in companies and work environments etc.,.

    i think your ancestors and your father, mothers were dominated the sc/st people in their young time. so only your way of talks are like this.

    you stupid know one thing? most of brahmins helped to improve the sc/st person’s life. As i mentioned earlier, some crucial brahmins are there in the brahmin community in every generation. they are the persons who dominated and tortured. for those persons we are getting trouble in education. because, now the trend is, one can get a good job through his education only.

    people other than SC/ST caste were also tortured and dominated SC/ST caste people. why you have not mentioned that? this clearly shows your anti-brahmin attitude.

    anyhow, it is upto your end to stop your argument.

    all the best.

  242. #242 by Ambarish Kulkarni on October 21, 2008 - 7:01 pm

    Hello to all,

    Firstly let me tell to all that Brahmin Boys are not weak hearted or cowards… Now i am a Marathi Brahmin but i have been brought up in Goa,Gujarat and Maharashtra….

    So, i have been through different cultures and religions… And only one thing i would like to share is Try to help other’s… B’coz when you die God is not going to ask you which caste you were born but what u did in life…

    I loved a Maratha Girl and she also loved me but i did’nt want to hurt anyone frm her family by marrying against their wishes..

    I am a total rowdy boy but i can’t hurt people… My parents supported me but the girl’s parents had not got guts to go against their relatives and the girl is still unmarried…..

    Whenever i think of such situation i think what is the use of such orthodox culture from any caste…

    If a person loves truly cares for other person and their family in today’s world i personally think that the person’s heart matters rather than his or her caste….

    So all you people just think this that if a boy and a girl of any caste are happier to stay with each other for life than no one should stop them only b’coz of caste or what society will say….

    Society fucks b’coz at the end you are the person who has to suffer not the society….

    For eating non-veg,drinking and other related things i firmly belive that it depends on the individual in which circumstances,locality he has been brought up….

    And Lastly “Give Respect and take Respect”……

  243. #243 by Ambarish Kulkarni on October 21, 2008 - 7:07 pm

    For reservations related to education..

    Just make EBC ie Ecnomically Backward Category in which put up a criteria and let all the people of every caste be it Brahmin,Maratha,BC,OBC etc should be given reservations according to his economically or financial status….

    This will do justice to each and every caste….
    so my friends d’nt fight b’coz fighting will not solve problem’s of people but pure thinking and unity will solve the problem’s that all are facing to make a future which will be brighter for generations to come and will make “India” a superpower……

    Thanks for listening…….

  244. #244 by SUBBU on October 22, 2008 - 6:12 pm

    Nobody is against giving reservation to poor brahmins. Economic criteria is good to determine the social status of a person.

    My Idea is, as far as , SC,ST,MBC,BC persons are concerned, reservation should be given on the basis of the occupation . If SC,ST,MBC and BC person is doing the occupation of his caste, then only reservation should be given to him.

    For example, if a barbar does the occupation of is caste, then only concession should be given to his son/daughter. If , the person is an educated and rich, government should not give any concession to him,irrespective of his caste.

    Poor brahmins , having low income should be given a percentage of reservation .Even the Government should include poor brahmins in BC list. In Bihar, Brahmins are in BC list.

    I am not supporting Reservation blindly. As i want social equality in my religion, i need to support something. I dont want my hindus to be attracted by some other religions.

    I want hinduism to grow. For that, I expect equality in a meaningful way.I want to eradicate castes in society.

    At the same time, as i told in my previous article, Brahmin is not a caste . It is a race having their own traditons and culture. So, brahmins should not merge with other castes.

    By no way , I am a anti brahmin. I am a person with strong brahmin feelings . I have shown this in my previous articles.

    I expect that brahmin community should remove certain drawbacks it has. To remove it , brahmins should remove their superiority complex atleast among themselves.

  245. #245 by SUBBU on October 22, 2008 - 6:15 pm

    I am using some anti and hard words against brahmins to make them realise and to activate their blood.

    I dont want to please my own community which is already thinking itself high and going down in reality.

  246. #246 by Hari on October 25, 2008 - 7:33 pm

    brahminponnu, I read your concerns and they are true. So lets get the act of unwinding the brahmin and start the Kali Yuga Dharma of sex, wine, alcohol and meat eating, along with Gambling if thats what is liked.

    But – here is the primary difference, we as brahmins were NOT to do such things but give the general public an example to follow. But nowadays things are different, so instead ask for child marriage(dating is better with one eh) and hope for the best should we have to choose from the rest. Caste alone is useless, coupled with spirituality alone can help us.

    Good luck though – Harekrushna

  247. #247 by Karan on October 28, 2008 - 12:36 am

    GUYS/GIRLS come out of the caste system. It is really screwing up for so many generations. Smart/intelligent guys knows to identify the smart grils and smart/intelligent grils can identify the soul mate (All other arguments are useless)

  248. #248 by SUBBU on October 28, 2008 - 4:41 pm

    Only brahmins have these type of “Tharkuri Puthi”. That is why they acted as spies for foreign intruders.

    Brahmin girls who like sex choose non-brahmin guys who are bold enough to perform immoral activities. Brahmin families are free to allow girls as they like and brahmin society is spillited one. So, nobody cares nobody.

    Taking this as advantage, brahmin girls are being seduced easily by non-brahmin guys.

    Of course, if a brahmin girl , fond of sex, want to do sex, she has no other option except selecting a non-brahmin guys. She cant select disciplined brahmin guys for this.
    After doing sex, she has no other option except marrying that non-brahmin guy.

    Love is natural and it cant be opposed . Caste cant stand in the middle.

    But this is not love. sex. disciplined brahmin guys are unfit for sex. they are serious in their life and obedient to their fathers.

    So, brahmin girls are not so disciplined like brahmin boys and so the problem of intercaste marriage arises.

    Intermarried brahmin man or woman are members of TAMBARAS

  249. #249 by siva on October 30, 2008 - 8:29 pm

    You asked why brahmin leaders supported Caste based reservation, right?
    My answers:
    Who told all brahmin leaders supported Caste based reservation?
    Brahmins never supported caste based reservation. Bharathi supports equality and raised his voice for SC/ST at the same time he opposed BC/MBC people for having the mentality of dominating SC/ST people. Caste based reservation was introduced after his death. If he was living while introducing caste based reservation, he was the first person to oppose caste based reservation(hopefully).
    Some of the brahmin leaders supported(Not supporting, kept silent or not supporting with their soul) becuase their position was like that.

    Now answer my question:
    Why no Non-Brahmin leader is ready to oppose caste based reservation?
    In brahmin community, Bharathi opposed the same community and supported SC/ST people, right?
    Is there any one person from BC/MBC/SC/ST leader ready to oppose caste based reservation?
    All non-brahmins need caste for getting their education and job. They dont need caste for getting marriage because their caste dont have good and educated girls or no good girl is ready to marry these rowdy boys, right?

  250. #250 by siva on October 30, 2008 - 8:32 pm

    If a brahmin boy is ready to oppose caste based reservation, how many brahmins will support him?
    Caste based reservation is community problem, not an individual person problem.
    Brahmins are always greate because they never killed any human being for caste.
    I am really proud about this.

  251. #251 by siva on October 30, 2008 - 8:33 pm

    Brahmins are always greate because they never killed any human being for caste.
    I am really proud about this.

    I can tell brahmin girls whoever marrying non-brahmin boys are not good girls. They have to go. We brahmins let them to leave from brahman culture. We have to say thanks to them.

  252. #252 by siva on November 1, 2008 - 2:18 pm

    @Ambarish Kulkarni,
    You told girl’s family is opposing me to marry her. This is the situation for all brahmin boys.

    If non-brahmin boy is loving a brahmin girl that boy’s caste people, relatives and his parents are not opposing.

    If in a case of brahmin boy is loving a non-brahmin girl, Girl’s parents and her relatives are opposing.

    And mostly 90% brahmin boys want to marry within his caste only.

    What i am trying to tell is, a girl who is marrying a non-brahmin boy is forcing or making idea about other girls whoever are younger to her to marry this kind of marriage. And i am sure nowadays people are making all intercaste marriages as love marriage. This is totally wrong.

  253. #253 by siva on November 1, 2008 - 2:26 pm

    My friend told the following:
    His friend searched a girl for marriage. His parents are fighing each other. If his mother selected one girl his father refused her. If his father selected one girl his mother refused her. And some families are not ready to give girl to him because he was in jail for 1 year.

    He started to search a girl himself. Finally he found a girl who is from brahmin poor caste and she does not have parents. She worked in a small shop. He approached a girl, she immediately told yes. On the next day itself he married her in a small temple.

    Everybody is telling this is love marriage. I am asking is this love marriage? What character they have found each other? What understanding these couple has before marriage? This is very similar to arranged marriage, right? Nowadays we can see lot of marriages like this. They are simply calling as love marriage.

    My firend told, he is having lot of brahmin friends. And some of them are searching a brahmin girl for marriage. Why he did not tell that friends about this girl and her situation?

  254. #254 by siva on November 1, 2008 - 2:32 pm

    Usually non-brahmin guys are show-case parties.
    They are just showing people as they are the only rich persons and having lot of support and having power.

    They are marrying brahmin girls forthe following reasons:
    colour, softness, no opposition (can do anything).

    I am asking simply,
    How and why politicians are asking caste based reservation and caste strength based reservation.
    If a non-brahmin boy is marrying a brahmin girl and their children are telling his boy caste name means, all caste guys want to destroy brahmin community, right?

    Wherever caste is needed they are telling their caste, wherever caste is not needed they are not telling the caste name? Why this double game?
    Brahkmins did this double game in the past? Everybody has to think about this and tell brahmins did in the past.

  255. #255 by siva on November 1, 2008 - 2:34 pm

    Wherever caste is needed they are telling their caste, wherever caste is not needed they are not telling the caste name? Why this double game?
    Brahkmins did this double game in the past? Everybody has to think about this and tell brahmins did in the past.

    Why other caste guys are not ready to accept a brahmin guy to marry their caste girl? It is purely a mentality of destroying brahmin community. Girls has to understand this.

  256. #256 by siva on November 1, 2008 - 2:42 pm

    I am really proud about brahmins because they were honest, they did not do any double game.
    Brahmins are always greate. There is no doubt.
    Brahmins never killed human being. They just loved culture and god. They wanted to be clean, decent.
    Ask, elder persons from other caste, they will tell about brahmin community. Still so many other caste people are having good idea about brahmin community.

    We current brahmins spoil that name.

    We dont need to be care about persons whoever scolding the community. Just doing the brahmin community only the answer for persons whoever is scolding or laughing brahmin community.

    Just spending 10-15 minutes to do santhyvanthanam and whenever getting time, teach our culture to children. These are good solutions for saving our culture. Marriage is a way of sending our culture to next generation.

  257. #257 by nitesh on November 4, 2008 - 12:18 am

    Hi All,

    Regarding Brahmins being puny you cannot generalize. I am a Punjabi and I think we are pretty good looking. Girls like me. But I know many southern brahmins who are short, dark, snub nosed and have small muscles. But, I know brahmins from Kerala who seem to have northern genes who don’t look puny. So this girl should not generalize. Different communities of Brahmins look different.

  258. #258 by Vijayendra on November 4, 2008 - 9:51 pm

    Hahaha there are only two possibilities for these comments –

    1) This Brahmin girl is surely a dumb one – it just means she has been pampered in true Brahmin tradition, which in atleast 50% of families pampers girls and puts boys to the grind,

    2) This Brahmin “ponnu” is a DMK hired goondi/goonda.

    Anyway, a few more things –

    1. I’m a Brahmin boy. When I see an innocent lamb, I feel so much joy. Perhaps BrahminPonnu loves to kill that lamb and eat it instead. Wow what a Brahmin!

    2. Competitive and Brahmin boys?? You gotto be kidding me! Every other fellow is! Besides, poor Brahmin boys have reservations to fight against. From the moment they are born they are always told by their Parents – “Son, I studied only through scholarships, we can’t afford donations/recommendations, study well son, so that you have a good life”. YEAH we could surely afford designer glasses, a pulsar and free cash like it grew on trees, just to make BRAHMIN PONNU feel better. Ahem.

    3. Bald heads eh? I’ve spoken to many girls, both Brahmnins and non-Brahmins, Indians and non Indians, and 80% of them agree on one thing – all they crave for is money and security. As one girl put it to me – “I don’t care what the guy does or how he looks, he must be rich!”. Looks like Brahmin PONNU has other ideas. Neat. Give me your address Brahmin Ponnu – I ain’t bald babe. One point is – Brahmins are SUPPOSED to do sandhya vandanam and yoga daily – which keeps them extremely fit and LUSH.. if only the British system of education hadn’t busted this up..

    4. Well, non-Brahmins are WORSE than anyone else when it comes to opposing intercaste marriages. They lose pride, social standing, MONEY and power and risk losing their contacts with powerful and rich friends and relatives of the same caste. They also hate seeing their family money go out of their caste! So, chill Brahmin Ponnu.. Brahmins are actually better – you’re seeing this independence only because your Parents are Brahmins. Try exercising this option with your kids!! Hahahahaha! They’ll fie on you for eternity!

    5. Brahmin Ponnu, weaklings exist in every caste and creed. Brahmins who eat meat, aren’t Brahmins any more. Its over, sorry.

    6. Your other non-Brahmin boys have reservations, money, good social contacts, and always lead a tension and responsibility free life. You want us Brahmin boys to smile and be “cool” when all the time a sword hangs over our and our families’ heads???? Brahmin Ponnu, you definitely are NOT A BRAHMIN!!! If you were really a Brahmin, who always sees HARD HARD BAD TIMES, you would NEVER say what you just said!

    7. Change? Brahmins? Into what? May be something better but definitely not what you think better is!!! You’re stupid, spoilt, foolish and totally in for trouble!

    Enjoy Brahmin PONNU!! Hahahaha!

  259. #259 by Vijayendra on November 4, 2008 - 10:16 pm

    @Anu (July 2, 2008)


    You’re good looking, earn well, in the States, and your’re a Brahmin girl! Wow I’m tempted 😀

    You’re right about the health aspect (me lukin at my new found tummy 😦 but I’ll get rid of it 🙂 through yoga)

    I know the stupidity, the whimsicalness and vanity shown by Brahmin boys – I somehow doubt, going by your problems, that you’re a Telugu Brahmin girl – are you??? In most cases, it is because of the Parents’ stupidity and ego and vanity. But, the boys are also to blame. However, its largely an upbringing thing – you know, if our traditional education was not replaced by the British bookish education, we boys would do Sandhya vandanam daily, do yoga daily, and it would give us great looks and a calm, balanced mind and real purity of soul.

    Please don’t worry about your would be husband – I will pray to Lord Vinaayaka that He sends you your perfect match soon enough – but please, don’t lose faith in our Brahmin values, traditions, culture and heritage. See, only if the Mother is someone who really values and follows traditions, will the children also imbibe those and truly prosper and become enlightened.

    So, Anu, please hang on, and keep improving – you’ll get a very devoted, honest, good, decent looking Husband AND Parents in law!


  260. #260 by nitesh on November 4, 2008 - 10:40 pm

    Hey Vijayendra.

    A polite request, I eat meat many Punjab and Kashmir brahmins eat meat. I think Bengal brahmins eat fish. Please do not apply your standards to other communities.


  261. #261 by Vijayendra on November 5, 2008 - 1:32 am

    Hi Nitesh,

    I understand you feelings and I did not intend to hurt anyone – but vegetarianism in the face of choice and availability is a fundamental concept of Brahmanatvam. Ahimsa, seeking God in all beings, is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy.

    Bengal Brahmins originally did not eat fish – proof is in the Gouda Brahmins who are strict Krishna bhaktas, and are ultra strict vegetarians. Things do change with time and hitherto unacceptable practices turn acceptable subject to prevailing conditions. Maybe a famine changed things in Bengal, or wars in Punjab (a frontline state that had to fight a lot against invaders since time immemorial), and extreme cold conditions in Kashmir. One does not know.

    However, given a choice, would you still continue killing? This is a personal choice. Brahminism and in fact the whole caste system is all about personal choices. Nothing else. Not birth at the least!

    I however would not enforce anything, other than make suggestions – in the end, its all illusory, and all is as fair as unfair.


  262. #262 by siva on November 5, 2008 - 6:27 pm

    keep reply if you have time.

  263. #263 by nitesh on November 5, 2008 - 10:00 pm

    Hi All,

    By chance I was googling today. I came across the following website – it is utterly repellent and disgusting. Furthermore, most of the people who practice this are brahmins.


    By the way, in Tamil Nadu there are some brahmin castes who also practice something similar (the Kalamukhas)

    I think we Brahmins need to see where we have gone wrong.


  264. #264 by nitesh on November 5, 2008 - 10:12 pm


    I sorry for sending this but I got very emotional about this.



  265. #265 by siva on November 6, 2008 - 11:12 am

    Brahmans should not eat non-veg is the mail rule for brahmins to follow.
    if you want to eat meat means, you are not following brahmin rule. As per the individual wish, persons are eating.
    In tamilnadu, no subsect is accepting to eat meat. I am sure.

    I dont want to believe whatever published in net.

    Only some of the brahmins girls came from indecent family only going with non-brahmin boys, but this thread is trying to show modern girls from brahmin community wanted to go with other caste boys.

    Is any other caste person will put blog like this?
    Only brahmin community guys will do like this.

    I am strogly feeling bad, Udayam is making the bad image of brahmin community.

    He can write a good blog about removing reservation or brahmin tradition or good things from brahmin community. Instead of doing these, he is simply publishing a DK person’s comment in the web.

    Really really really feeling bad.

  266. #266 by Ajnaathan on November 9, 2008 - 1:57 pm

    I chanced upon this url while googling and after spending quite some time reading the innumerable comments which this post has given rise to, feel that either the readers have gone far away from the original point viz., one brahmin girl preferring non-brahmin [preferably SC/ST, OBC etc.,] boys to brahmin boys for her marriage.

    Since the brahmin community [ln most of India] is afraid of law they will not do anything extreme to dissuade or prevent that girl from doing what she wants; but the picture will be different if a girl from some other caste or group wanted similar freedom.

    I can recount one real-life experience. A distant relative of mine got attracted to a non-brahmin person in those days (1940’s) and married him against the wishes of her parents and relatives. She had the boldness to do so since she had a good government job – a rare thing for brahmin women then. The entire brahmin community cut off all relations with her. She might have been happy but we do not know the exact position. She bore 2 or 3 children. Whether they were brought up with brahminical values or the customs and practices of their father is also not known.

    Many years later -sometime during the late 1970’s – my uncle chanced to see her in a marriage. They recognised each other and she started weeping for the mistake she had done !! It seems the husband, after so long, realised that his wife had not done many religious rites and other things which a woman from his own community would have done; he was old and senile but a fear got into his mind that because of his wrongly marrying a woman outside his fold, he might be thrown into hell !! Mind you, this was a well-read, highly placed government official in his active life.

    What I want to say is that caste and religious etc., notions are deeply imbedded in the human mind and even if we feel bold to do some things when the body is strong, it need not be the case when the body (and mind) become week. Our forefathers were not scientifically or economically intelligent but they had vast knowledge of human nature and based on that, laid down some rules for life. Let us try to follow those rules as far as possible instead of making adventurous steps.

    I do not want to compare caste with caste or anything like that. Each caste, community, has its own greatness and we should respect that.

  267. #267 by ram on November 10, 2008 - 6:11 pm

    Dear Friends,
    I am ram again. My last message no.165. What r u fighting about. Let the girl marry according to her choice. Her parents will tell her about the cultural differences. And she may change her mind. Do not call her bad things. Life is big teacher. One day it will come as full circle to all of us and her. Only future will tell her if her decision was right or wrong. There is no inbetween one likes people of brahmin caste or not. It is same for all caste and religions. But every girl wants her husband to be earning more than her. And to be rich than her family. And that he should be able to support her and her childern throughout her life. And everyone must do exercise to look good. What is wrong in that. Healthly body has healthly mind.

  268. #268 by siva on November 11, 2008 - 12:34 pm

    Just see muslim. Any muslim person is opposing his/her community.
    Only brahmin community is doing this type of silly things. Sending their daughters to any males. If the brahmin boy is not having caste feeling why he is marrying a brahmin girl. No need.

    Some of the non-brahmin girls who married a brahmin boys are wearing a “madisar(brahmin traditional saree) while marriying. This is good. This type of marriages has to be grown. Then only all other caste people will come to know about brahmin community and their culture.

    Brahmin girls whoever wanted to marry a non brahmin boy they can go and eat meat, cook non-veg, wash all of the family memebers’ plates. They can do. No problem.

    Nowadays non-brahmin girls are becoming brahmin girls.
    Some of the brahmin girls are becoming non-brahmin(slum) girls.(hahaha….)

  269. #269 by udayms on November 12, 2008 - 7:00 am

    TIME OUT FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP taking personal shots at people. Respect each other’s opinion. If someone trolls at you.. The best response is not to respond at all.

    It’s like fighting with a pig in the sty. It will take a long time before you realize that you are getting more and more dirty and filthy and tired while the pig is actually quite at home and enjoying the fight!!!!

    So, Stop insulting others. If you have an opinion. Spell it out like a civilized person and be done with it. Don’t end up abusing families and friends who are not even part of this debate/arguement/conversation!

  270. #270 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 8:25 am

    I am respecting Udayams comment.
    I am ready for the following activities, if any brahmin courageous males are existing:
    1. Strongly opposing “Caste based Reservation” in education and jobs.
    2. If one brahmin girl is going to marry a non-brahmin boy, then father of her should remove her thread. It should be a rule a brahmin girl has to marry a brahmin boy.
    3. I am ready to help poor brahmins.(How many of your brahmin guys will support this?).
    4. Believe god, dont believe persons like sankaracharya (Current sankaracharya what did for brahmins?).
    5. Rich brahmins have to help poor brahmin boys’ education(Moeny wise. At least for helping them to pay exam fee, joining fee. No need for job. They will do struggle). How many of rich brahmins respecting poor brahmins?

    Reason for not doing these activities should not be done by individually:
    It is the whole community’s problem. Not an individual problem. Then a person should ask this individually.
    Moreover it is a political issue. Vote bank politics is there. An individual cant do anything here.

  271. #271 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 8:42 am

    No brahmin should be ready to give his caste girl to other caste/religion person. Then only we will get respect from other communities. If you are not having communal feeling means how other community will respect you?

  272. #272 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 8:46 am

    No brahmin should be ready to give his caste girl to other caste/religion person. Then only we will get respect from other communities. If you are not having communal feeling means how other community will respect you?

    I am sure, if anybody is telling a brahmin girl can marry a non-brahmin boy. I will scold here only. I will treat him as a DK person.

    If he is telling why he is staying in brahmin community? That is my question. If he does not want to be a brahmin means, he should not wear thread, right? He can remove that.

    All brahmins should have a brahmin feelings and should be united, and we never loose our cultural value.

    If a person is started to use bad words, i can also use. I knew lot of bad words. I want to be a Shatriya brahmin. Not simply a brahmin.

  273. #273 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 8:48 am

    Every brahmin has to know Vanjinatha iyer. He was a greate person in brahmin community and everybody should be like him.

  274. #274 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 8:49 am

    No brahmin has a right to tell one brahmin girl can go from brahmin culture. It is not a correct word. No girl should go from brahmin culture is a correct word.

  275. #275 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 8:58 am

    Anybody can attack me if i am talking wrong.
    I am having a strong caste feeling and i wont support a brahmin girl’s marriage with a non-brahmin boy.

    If he/she is attacking me personally, like ram did. I am ready to attack him. I dont have any feeling.

    I am brahmin. I want to do something for my 10000 years old brahmin community.

    I never allowed anybody to talk about my community. I never allowed anybody to talk with cheap rated words about brahmin community.

    If a brahmin girl wants to marry a non-brahmin boy, she has to announce herself as she is not a brahmin, she should not tell brahmin at any cost. She has to remove her father’s thread.

  276. #276 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 8:59 am

    you only told, a brahmin girl can choose of her own.
    Thats why i asked you to send your sister to any of the non-brahmin boys.
    Both are same, right?

  277. #277 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 9:01 am

    if you are ready to use bad words, i dont have any feeling to scold you with bad words, Ok?

    you should not tell one brahmin girl can marry a non-brahmin boy. You no need to advice like this.

    I appreciate if you are talking no brahmin girls should go from brahmin culture.

  278. #278 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 9:06 am


    In maharashtra only,
    One brhamin poojari asked sorry to non-brhamins(SC/ST people) for his grandfather’s activity. His grandfather was closed the temple’s door while SC/ST people were entering into the temple.
    Why he asked sorry?
    This is happened in maharashtra only.
    In tamilnadu, males like me are existing, but no support. It is a communal problem, what an individual can do?

  279. #279 by siva on November 12, 2008 - 9:08 am

    no need to support Sankaracharya, What he did for brahmin community.
    I personally experienced, he is not doing anything for brahmin community, but he needs brahmin people support.

  280. #280 by udayms on November 13, 2008 - 5:51 am


    This is spinning out of control. I have always maintained that the web is an open forum. The sheer nature of the internet is that what ever gets published stays published. So, I have never before deleted comments. Even those which abuse me.

    But, this is crossing the limits. The comments posted above will end up offending people who are not even interested in this debate.

    So, i am deleting these. Really sorry for this.

    Once again, I repeat – Mudslinging is not going to help win a debate. Just because one person knows more blasphemy than the other doesn’t make that person superior to the other.

    Please respect other’s rights and opinions.

    Thanx. Peace.

  281. #281 by siva on November 13, 2008 - 7:08 am

    At the same time a person has to know himself before writing comments, his comment should not disturb other community.
    He should not simply tell one brahmin girl can go. And if a person is having money he should not having a feeling like i can capture any cultured girl. He should think and respect other people’s culture and their values.

    You deleted the above comment. Why you did not delete the Ram’s comment?

    Did he send his sister or mother to you?(Why i am using this word is, he irritated me and you allowed to publish). Upto the time you are publishing “Anit-brahmins” comments, i will be giving comment against their oponion.

    I never want my community to be vanish or destroyed. I will do my best. That’s it.

  282. #282 by siva on November 13, 2008 - 7:21 am

    If a person wants to scold brahmins or their community, he has to come with his original face and not with mask. Simply starting to tell i am brahmin after that they are scolding brahmins and they are asking brahmin girls.
    Most of the non-brahmins dont like brahmins but they like brahmin girls. Is this type of double game brahmins did in the past?
    I want to tell so many good things about brahmins:
    1. They are honest.
    2. They are respecting god.
    3. They are soft in nature.
    4. They never get tensed(Dont include me in this category).
    5. They never asked non-brahmin girls for marriage or other purpose even all vedas are accepting brahmin boys marriage with non-brahmin-unmarried girl.(I have to be proud about this. When they were in power also they never did like this non-brahmin’s mentality of asking other caste girls). This is really appreciateable mentality.
    6. They gave importance to education. Not to money. When the education becomes the money earning factor only we-brahmins are facing trouble.
    7. They always want peace.
    8. They never formed a group to destroy other people.
    9. They never killed any human being(like what other caste fellows are doing. Appreciateable). They respected life time for all human being.
    10. They exactly knew what will happen if we mingled with other caste fellows. That’s why they kept distance from other caste people and religion people.
    Again and again telling brahmin people are always greate. No caste people can come near to brahmin people. God is saving for them.

  283. #283 by siva on November 13, 2008 - 7:28 am

    Brahmins are respecting other caste culture. That’s the reason they are telling we dont want other caste girls as well as other caste boys. What is the problem if a brahmin girl is marrying a brahmin boy?

    Which caste killed girl kids by giving “kalli pal”?
    Brahmins never did like this activity.
    I heared from my relatives, some couples were having 11 girl children. That couples never killed those girls. And they arranged the marriage within the brahmin community only.
    See now, Couples are having 2 girl children. One is going with the non-brahmin boy and they are looking brahmin boy for another girl.
    They are telling simply, what we will do if she is going. Right, why they are allowing her to mingle with brahmin family? We should forget our culture and traditional value.

    Brahmins are having a greate culture. Brahmin culture was not started yesterday or day before yesterday. We-current brahmins duty is saving the culture. That’s it. If we are helping the brahmin community to destroy, we have to get punishment from god. There is no doubt.

    Again telling brahmins and brahmin culture are always greate.

  284. #284 by udayms on November 13, 2008 - 7:37 am


    Please note that I have not deleted comments which are in support or against the topic in question. I have only deleted comments which contained vulgar words and blasphemy. By deleting the comments, I am NOT trying to put down or show down the commentor.

    I have no problem if you get excited in an argument. But, I cannot let those comments stay around in the blog. This blog is read by teenagers and ladies as well. So, lets just be gentlemen and keep out filthy language.

    I honestly respect your opinions and spirit for the community. Even I am a Brahmin. But, let’s not forget that this post was never against or for Brahmins. It was about ONE INDIVIDUAL FROM THE BRAHMIN COMMUNITY (The Brahmin Ponnu) and her fantastic ideas about men.

    At some point in the comments, people turned it into a communal debate. Even that is fine as long as we respect each other’s opinion. But, when I found the comments going into name-calling and absolute abusal of the lowest degree, I had to intervene.

    Believe me, I didn’t just go through the list of comments you have posted and delete them. I went through all comments which had blasphemy in it and deleted them.

    Even now, I really appreciate the time you are spending to support the community and would request you to continue reading and commenting. I just wanted to stop blasphemy here.

    As I said, it wouldn’t stop anywhere. One commentor starts abusing, the other responds in the same manner, another writes with more hatred and the chain continues. Let’s not move in that direction.

    Peace. 🙂

  285. #285 by rex on November 14, 2008 - 5:30 pm










  286. #286 by VENKATRAMAN on November 15, 2008 - 2:34 pm

    @ Udayams,

    thanks for removing the comments. but using bad words in the individual’s comments is not acceptable. if any one try to continue to comment using bad words, many more such incidents will happen to them ….. it is better for those non-brahmim guys not to send any comments in future using bad words.

    give respect to others and take respect.

    as i read in before, my suggession is to develop a data store for the brahmins in the world excluding intercaste married brahmins and do some useful administration activities for brahmin community instead of these kind of USELESS comments expecting from every one. this is my openion.

  287. #287 by siva on November 17, 2008 - 7:02 am

    In my point of view, love marriage is a communal issue, not an individual issue.
    A FC girl is marrying a BC/MBC/SC/ST boy. After marriage she is having children. When they are started to go to school, the children’s father’s caste will be mentioned. How this boy or girl is allowing to tell boy’s caste? While proposing the FC girl the boy is telling “no caste” is there, After having children, he is telling his caste name and getting quota system for his children’s education. This is totally conflict, right?
    Then his caste leader is announcing as our caste is strengthwise high. We have to have more reservation for our caste. So love marriage is totally a community problem, not an individual problem.
    Why they are not considering “love marriages” while asking more reservation?
    I can tell strongly, “love marriage” should be considered as a communal problem instead of considering it as an individual family problem.
    Opposing the love marriage and telling “no brahmin should marry other caste boys” is strongly appreciatable. Everybody in the brahmin community has to do it. “Love marriage” is the communal problem, not an individual problem.
    There is nothing wrong to oppose “caste based reservation” and love marriage.
    Caste can be existing in marriage and not needed in education and job.
    Individualism can be existed and can only be existed in education and job, not in marriage.

  288. #288 by rex on November 18, 2008 - 10:09 am

    Love marriage is not communal issue. It is between two individuals who want to stay together and have a family. It has got to do with love. And Love is blind. Long live love and lovers. I support all lovers. But I agree it causes problems when people try to get benefits of their caste after marrying in other caste. Can there be any solution on it…..

  289. #289 by siva on November 18, 2008 - 3:06 pm

    I can tell strongly, Love marriage is a communal issue.
    If they are telling only love is important, then no need to tell “no caste” is there slogam while proposing the girl from the upper caste, after having the children simply telling his caste name as a children’s caste and getting quota system.
    This means male from the other caste is trying to destroy the other caste, right? Because nowadays all political leaders are asking caste based reservation and depending on the population they are asking more reservation.
    In this way, “love marriage” is a communal problem, not a family problem.
    “Love marriage” is marriage a personal problem to the family:
    A non-brahmin boy marrying a a rich FC girl, after one month he is asking her father’s assets, then it is a personal problem to the family.
    Marrying a upper caste girl after having children, those children coming under reservation means, it is really really really community problem. Nowadays this is the situation is going in Upper caste community.
    “Love Marriage” is purely a community problem, not only individual family problem

  290. #290 by siva on November 18, 2008 - 3:13 pm

    Solution to the community problem of “Love marriage”:
    In tamilnadu, one rule is there:
    A woman can put her initial before her son/daughter’s name. If it is happening, even a brahmin girl marrying a non-brahmin boy, the children will tell that girl’s caste. So that those children will come into “General” category.
    This is the greate solution. Who is doing this activity?

    If a brahmin boy marrying a non-brahmin girl. The rule has to be applied here also. Children have to tell their father’s caste name. So that here also they are coming under “General” category.

    What i am trying to tell is, in this way only reservation will be destroyed.
    Persons whoever supporting “love marriage” has to support this also.

  291. #291 by siva on November 18, 2008 - 3:17 pm

    If a lower caste is marrying a upper caste girl, then his children should use their mother’s name as their initial and they have to tell their mother’s caste name while getting education.
    This is has to be come into reality.

    Then the Community problem of “love marriage” will be vanish.
    “Love marriage” is the community problem upto people are getting their education and job by caste name.

  292. #292 by siva on November 18, 2008 - 3:23 pm

    I am asking to non-brahmins
    what is the problem marry a girl within your community?
    what is the problem if upper caste girl is marrying within the community?
    What is the problem of not telling caste name while getting education and job?
    What is the problem of not telling “no caste” slogan while getting education and govt job instead of telling caste name?
    What is the problem of not comparing brahmin community?
    What is the problem of “not forming the group”?
    What is the problem of thinking brahmins also your friends?
    What is the problem of having brahmin person as your boss or central minister or prime minister or chief minister or any other good posting?

  293. #293 by siva on November 18, 2008 - 3:27 pm

    I dont support “love” before marriage.
    What is the problem and supporting “love” after marriage?
    Are all love marriages are getting success? Then why dont we do only arranged marriage? Atleast tradition will be saved if arrnaged marriage is there.

    I am seeing the boys from non-traditional family and caste only doing love marriage. And they are marrying upper caste girls only. This is a big question. Why they are not marrying a lower caste girl?

    “Uthapuram” pillai can marry a SC/ST girl. What is the problem over there?

  294. #294 by rex on November 18, 2008 - 4:44 pm

    So real issue with intercaste marriage is reservation. Two issues are getting mixed. Reservation was only for 10 years initially when our country was formed. But for vested interest the politicians have continued the policy. All poor people from all caste must be given free education and special coaching should be given to them so that they match with people of open category and the level of education they are doing. This is soultion on reservation issue. If anybody marrys rich girl of brahmin caste and then asks for money than the person is greedy and he/she should be blamed why all caste. So it is wrong to blame only non brahmin caste. brahmin caste also have such persons. Nature of that person should be blamed and not caste. The girl/boy who marrys such person will suffer and family. They were not successful in finding good partner. Nehru,Lal Bahadur Shastri Indira Gandhi,Atal Bihari are brahmins prime ministers. If somebody is not able to have brahmins friends is it a crime? No. But many people have brahmin friends. Friendship is made by choice not birth. And there is no harm or loss in having brahmin boss,minister,prime minister,chief minister or as senior. Many people have. It is only that politicians have made people believe that brahmins have exploited you and cheated you. Surely there is little truth in that. Some people in past generations have exploited people of lower caste. But that does not mean that people of lower caste must now act revengefully with present brahmins now. The brahmins of today are also not following their role in society according to their varna. For last two three generations. But muslim and english rule and last 60 years of india is for that too be blamed. Now the brahmins must send their childern to learn vedas as well as present education. If they cannot teach their childern indiviusally then they must teach collectively. Vedas and other religious scriptures and other samskars. Help must be taken from Kanchi Kamakoti Math in Tamil Nadu and other maths in other parts of our great country. Now brahmins have fallen from high position as they have not done their duty according to their varna. Lower caste has not been lifted but brahmins have fallen to their level. Quality has been comprimsed for equality. According to shree krishna not following ones caste is greastest crime. So rise rise rise the great caste brahminas and become protectors of vedas again. Do not despair and blame other caste and religion. What was there for generations can be regained again with hard work and sacrifice. Send yours childern to learn vedas. Professions of today are for survival only. Not for atmic progress. Rise great brahmins and be like yours earlier generations. Even gods worshipped you then.

  295. #295 by sony on November 21, 2008 - 6:28 am

    which century are you living in? talking about caste, be happy if a boy is getting married to a girl. World is changing a lot.It is waste of time to talk about caste….can’t change the mind set of people.

  296. #296 by GOD LAUGHS on November 23, 2008 - 12:39 pm

    Here the question from majority of brahmin persons is,

    “Why most of non-brahmin persons prefer brahmin Girls and not from other non-brahmin caste personnels like kuravar, maravar, people living in hill area”

    All you non-brahmin persons should reply this question.

    i have the answer about this question inaccordance with non-brahmin person’s attitude. that is, “Brahmin persons having enough own skill and enough money. they never oppose if doing any violence to marry their daughters. they won’t go to police station and never be problematic”. so, these are the attitudes of the non-brahmin persons who are trying to seduce the brahmin girls.

    if they try a rich non-brahmin girl for marriage, those non-brahmin girl’s parents will definitely make a problem with that guy if he is poor.

    mostly, a non-brahmin guy never try to seduce a poor brahmin girl, when he wants to marry a brahmin girl. he try to seduce a rich girl whose finanial status is above to his family. this is the truth happening in india.

    most of brahmin community persons dedicated their life to this country’s growth. but this greedy non-brahmin persons are trying to seduce and spoil the brahmin girls, their family and brahmin community.

    I can Say, All non-brahmin persons are GREEDY about MONEY, ENJOYING GIRLS, BANDHA and PROPERTY. most of them never try to use positive and straight forward approach to earn this. they used to do the ways of ‘being a SOAP guy (allakkai) to their boss’.

    for Example in a company. i can see many more persons are trying to safe guard their job by compromizing (doing allakkai) their manager. even some brahmin guys & girls also. why why you kind of peoples are cleaning the manager’s ‘kundi’ (dikky). this is like begging for a better life.

    especially in software company, i can see many more girls (including some of brahmin girls) are wearing a tight thin dresses for showing all of their interiors. why why you kind of begging peoples are doing like this? does your father or husband allow this? if he allows, he is not a good father or he is not a good husband. By doing these kind of activities, are you prostitute kind of people trying to cool your manager? it is better to go for prositution instead of working in companies with these dressing habbits & codes.

  297. #297 by god laughs on November 23, 2008 - 12:51 pm








  298. #298 by pandit on November 24, 2008 - 6:49 pm

    Excellent Omkar and god laughs,

    Non brahmins who don’t know any thing about even hindu dharma/Sanatan dharma starts such faaltu posts…brahmins should awake and cut the heads of such peoples !!!

  299. #299 by nitesh on November 25, 2008 - 12:00 am

    When I read some the views of illiterates like pandit and god laughs I feel very very worried. It is people like them that creates hatred for us.

    This blog has prompted me over the past few weeks to have discussions with my non-Brahmin friends about what they think about us. They come from a cross-section of communities: Arora, Rajputs, Sikhs, Marwaris, Jats, Jains, , Bengalis.

    Let me tell you they are suspicious and distrustful of Brahmins, if not hostile. Joshis are parasites, for example. A view that I heard many times was that Brahmins kept Indians weak and superstitious which allowed Muslims to conquer India. Brahmins don’t create anything.

    Remember Brahmins are 3-5% of the population. What happened at Godra may happen to us.

    We must rid our selves of this supercilious attitude. I would hate someone if they felt better than me.. Especially Southern Brahmins who are the worst from what I see here.

  300. #300 by Krishnan on November 29, 2008 - 3:07 am

    I can see that this discussion is going on for a year. So many of us wasting our time. We have a lot other better things to do. How can one remove this thread and delete it forever. Hakers please help removing this.

  301. #301 by Niveditha on December 24, 2008 - 12:10 am


    I’m Niveditha and I’m doing my B Tech in Computer Science.

    I’m primarily an Indian. For the sake of this blog, I need to say also that I’m a brahmin girl. I totally disagree with the comment that brahmin girls don’t consider brahmin boys as love material.I dont belong to that category of girls and I also know a group of friends who would agree with me, so she can’t generalize.

    This is not a “tu tu mein mein” thing that we should hurl abuses at each other. The word brahmin is derived from the word “Brahman” meaning “god”. So a brahmin is one who knows “God”. Now how many of us have reached that stage ????! Moreover, Yudhisthira of the Mahabharatha says that not by birth can one be called a Brahmin, but only by deeds can one become a brahmin. Everyone who claims to be a brahmin (that includes me too) should strive to be truly a brahmin by virtue of his/her deeds, as dictated by their dharma.

    Over years, these things have been manipulated to suit the convenience of people and the essence has been lost. It would be really great if we all reiterate the fact that there is only one caste “The caste of Humanity”.

  302. #302 by Vajra on December 25, 2008 - 1:04 pm

    Hello everyone,

    I have been friends with a Brahmin girl for several years now… it was from the very beginning a recognition of each other’s essence… it was a sort of soulmateship… our friendship has slowly developed into a very powerful connection and are planning to marry, although her parents are very paranoid about me. Primarily because I am not brahmin. And perhaps it is not so much that I am not brahmin, but that most non-brahmin men go for brahmin girls for all the wrong reasons, and have led to terrible marriages… hence creating a deep fear about out of caste marriages.

    In the end, it’s about each individual person – it has to be. My passion for spirituality and hinduism is of a firmness, of a dynamism that sees the true meaning of “aryan”, of “brahmin”, birthed from brahman… it is no caste, no bloodline… it is in every sense a state of mind.

    And a true brahmin marriage is just this… the marriage of two spiritual wavelengths that are in perfect balance with each other… this sort of stuff may sound too “perfect”, “naive”, or like a fairytale… but that’s precisely my point. It sounds like it because it is rarer than rare, and that is not because it is not possible. That is because no one really puts the effort these days to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

    However, for those that do think for themselves, who devote their lives in the fashion of the “true brahmin”, in a quest to know themselves through the real meaning of ritual and meditation, the marriage of states of mind suddenly begins to take on more meaning and significance than a cultural one.

    This is what Ramanuja realised, what Adi Shankaracharya realised… today we give the truth behind this lipservice… and get lost in social idioms and racial differences… but the only people we are hurting by doing that, is ourselves.

    If people stopped to think about what they really wanted… true peace of mind, or “putting on appearances for social statues”… and if they really thought about what was futile, and what is worthwhile… then all this complaining about “differences” wouldn’t be so necessary. Good things will come to you all on its own, and no one will be more surprised than you to see from where it comes.

    🙂 Be blessed.

  303. #303 by Vajra on December 25, 2008 - 1:16 pm

    Oh, and as for that argument given by Brahmin’s to somehow excuse themselves for their discrimination, that “one is born a brahmin in this life because of all the good he did in his past lives, so it is false to say a Shudra who is devoted is superior to a brahmana who intoxicated himself…”

    It is a clever arguement, but with a fatal flaw… this is what I have to say about it:

    “Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” All that matters is NOW.

  304. #304 by anand on December 27, 2008 - 6:07 am

    My dear lady I really wonder how you have posted your comments. you just picturised Brahmins as Bad people

    there would be no girls or you find very rarely who raise voice against their own caste

    i believe nobody is dare to do that in other castes . your parents has given you freedom, and respected your thoughts and inturn you should have known what your parents are expecting from your end

    My dear lady it has become fashion to show Brahmins as useless ,superstitious people in nowadays world . and people like you could not lead that kind of life
    so you will raise all these kind of nonsense stuff to cover your weakness
    remember Brahmins are few but many are highly educated and respect others feeling and peace lovning ones .thats the reason why you are dare enough to raise your voice against your own people BCOZ they are Broadminded which would not be happened in other castes

    Remember lady when going gets tough Toughs get going
    which perfectly suits to Brahmins

  305. #305 by rampantheart on December 27, 2008 - 6:36 am

    A Brahmin ponnu myself, I personally feel the person who made the mistake of generalising suffers from psychological imbalances. Else, she would not leave such a comment. Now, while the sad condition that most brahmin gals are taking interest in non-brahmin guys does prevail, this is the first time I am hearing someone say Brahmin boys are wicked. It’s illogical!

    Now, psychologically approaching the issue, either the person has an inferiority complex about Brahmin boys not making a pass at her or she is secluded from her Brahmin relatives due to family problems. Or she might be having lots of non-brahmin friends! Now, when does a person hate someone? When you like something very much and your expectations fail, you automatically hate it. I guess that’s the reason why she hates Brahmin boys! Maslow’s hierarchy of needs should come in handy when we broach such topics.

    I agree with your points one hundred percent and intend to write a post on the same.

  306. #306 by Brahmin on December 27, 2008 - 4:39 pm

    Really Interesting!!. I want to share something.

    Some idea’s to women who hate brahmins boys.Sorry for the boring history.

    The Brahmin Boys have fear. I they dont involve socially. they are philosphers, loyal dogs(i am not scolding here..).During the time of kings , the works alloted to brahmin is to serve god and nothing.that’s why people of my genes are not capable to come socially, even though we have goals set high in mind and execute without world knowing it.

    The world is made of animals. even men . Every man’s minds wanders (after age 30) for another man who could work under him without asking questions.

    As Somebody said rightly Brahmin is title which is given to people who does certain things in life (like being vegetarian, no lieing,no head problem ,always fear and respect others.)

    It’s not to particular caste. Yes now comes why caste , who created this idea. These are the people who want to demarcate themselves from others(As you know all men are equal and equally intelligent).This is called as Aristocracy.This Aristocracy is inversion of control principle that makes some people to live life happily and makes other to work for them life long .

    The intelligent people at that time thought, by creating a brand called Brahmin as Aristocracy marry their daughter only to the richest and to flamboyant, or intelligible .

    Every people have their own culture . our indian women just got their degree in engg or doc or even ph.d jumpin hastily arriving to conclusions for time being(like i will not marry a brahmin he he he ..).
    you dont know the result what it takes, when ur son is born and talked badly abt others unless u are in foriegn country . you can say that i dont care abt others, but time will explain u things.

    i tell this to everybody , dont ever lose you family name and being married to other caste.every caste is great in themselves. it is worst u could do in lifetime. For those girls in india, india doesnt bend according to u , please bend urself….

    dont ever come up with western culture , the kids brought up there are 70% drugs addict and 30% brilliance .
    that’s why u see so many innovation ,ideas or skills,

    some they live life , left by parents. these kids dont know where to start (study/steal ), what i need to become this ?? . who will spend me? , they dare come out and sell themselves and becomes pretty
    prices. i even admire them sometimes.

    do u know that 30% brillaince comes by PERFECT MOULDING BY PARENTS. otherwise born for pros and cons .

    Same ways brahmin parents in india , try to mould their sons. and earns their respect from soceity when he reaches 30 . By just being a normal guy , do u deserve anythin in india. they spit at your face. do u say cheers to a guy who clean your shit in public toilets , anytime randomly..

    stop quarelling against caste. as u might know each caste are very good at their own

    Kshatreyas fighting skills
    sudras farming
    brahmin problem solving
    … forget others

    if we put all these and work towards one goal making india super power.

    dont ever copy westeners , there is no life without different culture.

  307. #307 by Rajan on December 29, 2008 - 11:44 am


    I am a brahmin from Karnataka. I have been watching these arguements with much interest. I will ask one basic question. Why so much debate about some worthless comments on brahmin boys made by some girl. NEVER give importance to such stupid remarks. You guys have been debating like this for alost a year! The girl had the last laugh.

    Remember. If some one wants to marry a non brahmin, muslim or a christian, let her do. It is her decision. Are you a brahmin in the first place? Brahminism is not coferred on you by birth to brahmin parents. If a brahmin guy eats NV or drinks he will cease to be a brahmin. Simple.

    One who follows certain priciples (know them from your religious guru) he is a brahmin. You know what? Dr. Abdul Kalam wo is a vegetarian, a teetotaller, honest and non materialistic is more brahmin than YOU and ME. Think about this. First be a brahmin yourself.

    As for the girl, ignore her. For all I know she/he may be a fake. Concentrate on how to conserve the glorious heritage called brahmininsm which is not a caste but refers to a group of people who live by good ethics. Let us not condemn ourselves. It is definitely not a shame to be called a brahmin. I am proud to be one for I try my level best to be one.

  308. #308 by kp on January 4, 2009 - 4:02 pm

    wow……. your comment is really truthfull. The tech trend grown up and Us unhealthy nonsense culture is grown up in India. Its not good at all. The brhamin girls want sex so fast. This makes all these things happen. Their mind is not grown up perfectly. They should know all the things regarding how to behave.

  309. #309 by anti DK on February 4, 2009 - 9:12 am

    I am pretty sure that the girl is a fucking DK cousine of Veeramani!

  310. #310 by Raj on February 9, 2009 - 8:33 am

    Hi All,

    This gal Swetha who wrote all this seems to be mad fool immature!!

  311. #311 by Brahmin-boy on February 10, 2009 - 10:39 am

    I don’t know what the f**k I’m doing on this site in my Aero Computer Lab at 5:38 am(EST) instead of working on my Physics homework but what I read here was the most hillarious entertaining thread ever!

  312. #312 by Common Man on February 15, 2009 - 11:44 am

    GOD LAUGHS: Wants to do a watchman job for bhramin community and girl

    Grow buddy 🙂

    Ultimately Mr.GOD LAUGHS aim

    India should be under developed and 3rd grade country(teaching vedas to there own community and eran money by praising kings)

    Because your community’s worst behaviour towards other castes now they are getting benefits in terms of reservations. and we are getting screwed up!!!

  313. #313 by Raghupati Kotemane on February 19, 2009 - 11:43 am

    hi evryone, its very interesting topic u have selected cause u can’t digest the things which brahmin boys having.
    offcourse i’m not brahmin but i’m not having prejudices as u have. i have seen many of my brahmin friends who are really interesting & trustworthy.
    can anyone tell me any place or any field where brahmins are not there? In any company u go, u find them. u know why? They know how to live with the time and situation and they know how to live on the rocks.
    Brahmins are blamed all the time whenever we got the opportunity but has anyone thought about there contribution to develpment? has anyone appreciated them.

    u must see the brahmins in Karnatka how they struggle and how they achieve the success in their life. See it may be true that br girls do not like br guys but its true only for some extent. If they don’t also there is no problem for the br guys cause there is lot pretty girls outside to flirt or to love other than br girls.
    Brahmin boys are so talented that they may hack your own person life and break ur relation with ur spouse.
    (beware of them)

  314. #314 by girish on February 20, 2009 - 6:32 am

    im completely disagrree this post…i think she may seen only one brahmin guy and written all kinda stuff…….

    brahmin boys are much smarter than others..and and disclipine and respect value is most in their tredition…

    but maybe brahmin girls dont like to marry brahmin boys..

    but u ask any non brahmin girl………………..they are dying to marry brahmin boys……………if im true…plz reply me

  315. #315 by Santhosh on February 21, 2009 - 2:19 pm

    This is LAME! Not all brahim guys are the same.. she is just a frog in the well.. tell her to come out and explore the world..

  316. #316 by Santhosh on February 21, 2009 - 2:22 pm

    Also this makes me to suspect her as NOT a brahmin at all.. So foolish..

  317. #317 by Asif on February 25, 2009 - 11:20 am

    Read all the comments and views of both gender, I being a muslim have noticed the same what the girl had earlier said during my college days.

    Even i was confused why it happens when the girls are so beautiful n attaractive in brahmin culture.

    I asked few of my brahmin friends but neither was interested in discussing this issue.

    Hope it can be discussed out here without any bad feeling.

  318. #318 by siva on February 25, 2009 - 1:30 pm

    what this girl is saying is absolutely true. I have seen many brahmin girls in our school who love rugged look guys..they even earn the name of a soul. brahmin guys cannot be believed at all. brahmin guys are overpowered by other guys easily.brahmin guys get names like luttha..etc.

  319. #319 by Brahmin-boy on February 25, 2009 - 5:44 pm

    Hey siva, tha’t’s not quite true. It’s just stereotyping.

    1. “Brahmin girls like rugged looking boys”

    Not true. ALL GIRLS like rugged looking guys with all testosterone they come with! Why? Because their subconcious mind tells them that the’ll have a better off-spring when they have sex with them.

    2. “They even earn the name of a soul” and “brahmin guys cannot be believed at all”

    I did not get you. What are those statements supposed to mean?

    3. “brahmin guys are overpowered by other guys easily”

    Stereotyping at best. I don’t know if you are against Brahmins or what but that is just not true. I personally work out AND stay away from meat at the same time and I know a lot of other brahmins who not just look good but also had girfriends or had girls very close to asking them out(Hell my cousin got laid by white girls when he came to the US(his sin, don’t blame me) and he is a gym rat). It is possible that there are guys who are not serious about lifting weights studying but when you look at a brahmin he usually has that inner glow that makes you feel that he has the capability to look better than you and probably even get your gf or wife drooling after them but he is just not doing it coz he is studying or is being very nice and innocent. They usually have the nice guy look that girls usually seem to like. Yeah they also like the tough guys look, but I have the feeling that a nice looking guy with huge guns is a “hot” guy having an unbeatable combination.

    4. “brahmin guys get names like luttha”

    I don’t know what the word luttha means but I as a brahmin am very respected by my friend. I recently came back for my vacation to the middle east(where I live) and even though my friends had the choice of ordering non-veg and eating it just like that they asked me if I didn’t mind them eating.They even went as far as to ordering fries to not offend me even though I absolutely did not mind them eating whatever they wanted as long as it was not shoved into my face or had a reeking smell. Hell, even white guys asked me if I did not mind them eating with me. I am never cursed at or disrespeted for being a brahmin. These thngs are absolutely unheard of by me! My dad gets a lot of respect even among ARABS and they ask him if it’s ok to eat non-veg with him. Highly unlikely to see brahmins disrespected usually. Maybe among uneducated communities who are ignorant of the outside world like your school(Yes, I am telling you directly YOUR SCHOOL SUCKS!! :P).

    But it makes me think again if you used the word kuttha instead of luttha…there must be something wrong. Maybe you are a “crusader for the truth”. Asshole.

  320. #320 by mohan on February 26, 2009 - 1:43 pm

    no new thing ,bhramins are always criticised , but still they are polite and western influence has crupt effect on indian girls as they arte more material stic and sexualy more active ,comment from a girl can not categorised any community ,shouting love love love the other way for sex ,so this post seems to be bias . i also want to comment that this whole nuisance is because of unwanted freedom , and not aware to use the freedom .it seems to be true that bhramin boys are not love marrige material ,but the are best marrige material,and by the the way ur are falling in love from the age 14 and may be experienced sex before marrrige , bhramin guys are more idealogical and don’t want to marry a girl of such kind and they also dont get involved in pre marrige sex/ love affair. here this is very important to understand the difference between sex and love , agirl may have her own frustration but she if she is commenting on a whole community she is sick

  321. #321 by Murali Apparaju on March 1, 2009 - 6:18 am

    My observations on the original post (rather content of Brahmin Ponnu’s comments) – to keep it simple, i am assuming its a brahmin ponnu & the feelings are true…


    “Familiarity breeds compempt – Over exposure to a certain kind makes one nauseated – the insider knowledge causing prejudice”

    does’nt this happen in your company, aren’t the insiders the last choice for the new post created & don’t outsiders look eminently more attactive than insiders to the management – this is a similar syndrome.


    “Choice of mate instincts keeps changing with age..”

    at college I’m sure the lure is of big talking, macho & adventurous guys – which an average brahmin male may not demonstrate owing to upbringing.. PHYSICAL & SOCIAL QUALITIES COUNT WHEN ONE IS LOOKING FOR A PRINCE ON THE WHITE HORSE TO TAKE YOU ON A DATE – SWEEP YOU AWAY?….FOREVER?….. THINK AGAIN…

    5 years down the line, i’m sure ponnu would settle for a Bay area techie in favor of the college stud who may not have settled as well & earning that well – MONEY COUNTS WHEN YOU ARE LOOKING TO MARRY


    “The lady’s comments are possibly reflecting the general liberation of minds in either sexes in this modern age…”

    Perhaps an indication of a growing & general reluctance to accept limitations in partners & aversion to compromise..

    May be polygamy/ multiple partners is making a come-back… (see the Axe Deo ad where mixing makes babes better….:-))

    Perhaps, the ever increasing domination of “I” over anything else


    “Brahmin men caught in a time-warp? – starting to live the stereotypes showcased by society, films??

    Someone said this before, buck-up guys, change, work-out, change your attitude to looks, you have the basics in place, all you need to do is polish the stuff..

    Forget about the simplicity your grandfather so believed in — he was in a different era… re-package your body, spirit, get attarctive to the opposite sex…

    I’m sure those who have done/ doing this already see the results,, non-brahmin girls falling for them & yearning for them… (all the above applies still to these wide-eyed wonders, grass is greener on the otherside of the fence)

    finally it’s an apprasial, part-true, part-crap —- well…take some thing good out of it…. emerge better… don’t justify & get labelled more harshly…

    all the best…

  322. #322 by kk on March 4, 2009 - 4:36 pm

    im brahmin boy
    n i realy dont want to marry brahmin girl. i hav other options so im happy…….

  323. #323 by Kaushik on March 10, 2009 - 7:09 pm

    Dear Madam,

    I really appreciate first of all for your BOLD STEP of writing this kind of a very strong message in this Blog.

    However, I shall only request you to ponder on few following things, before you write these kind of messages.

    1. Are you having any BAd experience in this area of your life?
    2. It may be True to some extent, but isit really necessary to publicise these kind of issues?
    3. How confident you are and how 100% sure you are that there are no such kind of charactered persons in every different religion?As this has got more to do with the common upbringing of the boy/man in his family, than that what the religion truly preaches?
    4. No religion preaches ill thoughts,deeds and practices, Im sure every religion’s person would agree with me on the above point?
    5.Considering all my above given suggestion/s, please re think before to write any such kind of strong articles in the future my dear friend-Brahmin Ponnu. Hope my point is made clear and simple?

  324. #324 by Rijuta on March 20, 2009 - 1:17 pm

    well well.. hvnt read everything put up here.. but let me put up my points, being a girl. let me generelise this for guys as well as gals.. well.. they may not be too fashionable, or hunky punky type, with tall features or long noses or such goldy stuff, but they have sparkling eyes and a heart of gold which stands above all humankind. i, being a brahmin girl from a very forward brahmin family, wud defend all the brahmin guys. our caste noes not how to cheat, bribe, lie and ditch people. thats why many of us cannot be richie rich. what we have is hard earned money. we have learnt to love knowledge, work and god more than looks, physical attractions and show offs. u may date other ppl from other communities but living with them is a very hard thing to do as they rarely match the intellectual level and the philosophical level.
    well this may not be fake.. a year or so ago i had the same thots as this girl. i have seen n met few brahmin men.. “not had the luck to meet a guy as yet”. n my experiences have been fantastic. there are no people like we brahmins. i felt like i hv come out of the fake world n into reality. what i truly loved was not hanging around with guys for movies eating pizzas dancing in the rain or singing songs for each other. they depth of thought that was given to me by those people was amazing. my inner philosophy was abrighted.
    what i was most dissappointed was that i have a cousin brother who is a intelligent boy but ignores his work, does taporigiri, n is not very social, doesnt love his parents, doesnt attend any family functions, protecting n loving sisters? – forget it! another brother – totally not bright, boring, only studies, hardly talks to any1, very conservative, selfish.. etc..
    so as far as brothers are concerned, i’ve had a bad experience. but i’ve met this friend of mine whoz like around 25-30 years elder to me. hez an excellent person. he n his whole family. all brahmins. he has boosted me up, given me motivation, discussed so many phylosophical social political n good-for-the-mankind stuff. same are my parents n few of my relatives. very deep seated minds. meet any1 but the kind of love a brahmin guy can give, nobody can. people will kiss u now n kick u then but brahmins wud love u no matter what. they r totally harmless, anti-violence and good-hearted people.

    trust me guys n girls.. today u may have partners who r nt brahmins.. tomorrow, if u have to live a whole life with them,, think again. fun is only for today. n trust me, fun is not only fun for body.. u need fun for mind, which only pure brahmins can provide.
    i am at orkut, http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#Home.aspx?showIsolationPromo=1
    do get back to me with your veiws.
    no offence meant for anybody.

  325. #325 by Rijuta on March 20, 2009 - 1:24 pm

    booster doze:
    a guy who is flashy fashionable, hunky punky may be successful in luring u into loving him today…
    tomorrow, he may do it with some1 else..
    trust not the looks, but the modesty.
    would u girls really like a handsom looking rich man whoz going to office, sucking money out of 5-6 innocent people, betraying his country, n bringing u home “paap” n lots of lipsticks out of that money or wud it rather be a “human” who is honestly working causing no1 harm, helping people in need n bringing u home a red rose n lots of paap??
    think about it.

  326. #326 by Rijuta on March 20, 2009 - 1:24 pm

    red rose n lots of “punya” sorry.. lolz

  327. #327 by Brahmin-boy on March 21, 2009 - 6:26 am

    @Pinky(Revathi), if you are still reading this, be bold to speak your mind out. I myself knew a couple of Marathi Brahmins(back at school). Thanks for enlightening us about what goes on at Mumbai. I personally never knew a lot about that place besides being there once. All I can say is that you CAN marry someone of another caste. But the point is, will you be OK with eating non-veg? And several other things the other caste guy follows? Just food for thought. Ignore the trollers here. Yes, it SUCKS when you don’t have the right person from your community there but all I can say is you can either wait for arranged(you status won’t come down if you marry arranged) or wait for a guy (the ‘perfect’ guy) to come and ‘pick’ you up(love marriage. Again, screw anyone who thinks you commited sin by doing love marriage. There is no such thing). As always, don’t fall into making generalizations yourself and don’t believe that you won’t find a Brahmin who fits all your “criteria”. You will, but the point is are you willing to wait for him?If you are, you are gonna feel like you grabbed a huge prize because you have found a person who fits all your wishes after a long wait(due to exclusivity factor). If you aren’t willing to wait and want what’s available to you right now, it’s up to you but then again you could have always got THAT guy…In the end could you or could you not eat non-veg and follow the rest of their(other caste’s) customs? From your posts I conclude that you DO want a Brahmiin but do not find any ‘good’ ones around you. I understand! But all I can say is wait and try looking in a different place.

    To all others: You make me feel extremely disgusted of being a Brahimn. ARE YOU FREAKING OUT OF YOUR MIND?!!!! Why the hell would you post something derogatory towards other castes or tout the superiority of our caste?? What makes you think we have “genetic” superiority??? People gain superiority by doing good stuff and thus when more and more people do good stuff, other people think that Brahmins in general must be great(generalization). But you are NO WAY superior at birth. You prove it as you grow up. That’s it. If I am better than another guy, it’s because of what I did, not because I’m a Brahmin. We should be proud of being a part of a community whether it is good or not. I’m proud of being a Brahmin but I never extolled the greatness of the Brahmin caste. I’m just happy I belong here. Likewise you have NO right to say that Brahmin is better or not because of our so-called fucking “culture”. Every community in the world has its own culture. You must be proud of being a part f it whether you like it or not coz you belong there.

    @nitesh: Try vegitarianism for atleast a week. It’s really hard but give it a no-holds barred shot! You’ll definitely love it. Not only is it religiously sanctioned but also biologically efficient and better. Try it and tell me how you think of it!

    @Rijuta; Your link re-directs me to my homepage! Try searching for your name and then copy paste the link in a dot com format instead of .com(It attracts spammers). By the way, ditch orkut. Move to facebook! Seriously!:P

  328. #328 by Anand rao M K on March 21, 2009 - 5:25 pm

    i would like to answer the girl to her thoughts;

    1)’Brahmins’ are the close friends of GOD
    2)Shankaracharya,chanukya,Aryabhatta,………..etc (infinity) for whome INDIA is proud of are Brahmins.
    3)i think ,before commenting anything u should know that thing 100 percent.

  329. #329 by sushant on April 11, 2009 - 7:58 am

    Firstly, even after progressing in modern day,the brahmins have not left the old scriptures.The scriptures wriitten by brahmins and self-proclaimed as being holy and god written.(this is to decieve the other than brahmins and establish brahmin supremacy)

    brahmins have mentioned in the books i.e vedas etc that
    1.brahmins where born from brahmas mouth
    2.ksahtriyas from the hands
    3.vaishyas from the thighs
    4.shudras from the feet

    This is simply a funny story.It is more like the “Harry Potter” story.

    If any person thinks rationally he will definitely consider it absurd and fake.

    I will definitely appreciate any person who acknowledges my comments on this.

    It is pitty to see that the original inhabitants of this country i.e
    the SC/ST community are at the bottom of the society..

    After all ,Every child comes from the mothers womb and not from any [ So called Brahma’s mouth etc]

    The brahmans must ask themselves– whether they come from brahmas mouth??

    It is the brahmans who had spread poison in the society.

    Now you people are against the Reservation policy.

    your position in the society the varna system was it not a reservation that you enjoyed for thousands of years??

    then why did then the so called Vishnu come and save the other than brahmins.

    There is nothing like brahmin and kshatriya or shudra .
    Every one is human .There never existed any Brahma or Vishnu .It is your superstitious belief.

    And please start Progressing in the real sense [Rationally]

  330. #330 by chips on April 23, 2009 - 12:00 pm

    well well clearly indiacted by the brahmana ponnu…I agree Brahmin boys are brought up in that way “FINGER ON YOUR LIPS” strategy is followed in all stages…stage 1 parents stage 2 wife….etcetc the maturity level in building mental relations with the wife/lover is absolutly lacking in these guys..they adopt a strategy….foof/study/mate like iike in Hindi Khan peena sona(includes sex in a hurry …with no mental relations)

  331. #331 by Ragnarok on April 24, 2009 - 11:11 am

    To all the profane and biased brahmins and pro-brahmins, I am a SC/dalit by caste. I have studied in some of the most reputed institutions of the country and have not used the reservation (Which you people call quota) system to gain admission to these academic institutions. Why the hell do you think has reservation status been given to us? It’s because your progenitors and ancestors deliberately isolated us from the mainstream society. It’s because they denied us education for eons. It’s because they banished us from performing any social activity like drinking water from well, eating food at public places etc. which other caste Hindus were allowed.

    @ Sankaranarayan – God created caste system?? You vile brahmins still play the age old policies devised by your forefathers. The brahmins themselves created this evil system of denial. The caste system is the most heinous and grotesque system of discrimination that exists on the earth. Even apartheid was better. It doesnt even come close anywhere to the caste system. The varna system was formulated by the hideous Brahmins only to keep all the benefits and privileges confined to themselves and let others rot. However, their scheme to deny the most basic fundamental human rights to the dalits/sudras/SC is perhaps the vilest of plans that man has hatched against man. And you call this system as divine. It’s a fucking joke….stop pretending all you brahmin bastards.

    @ Karthick – you talk of the virtuousness of brahmins??? Another age old lame fucking joke repeated time and again by your forefathers. The brahmins are the most corrupt, unholy and dirty people on the earth. To back it up with some factual and historical evidence….The Devadasi system of South India and Kulinism of Bengal….whats the difference or rather what are their unique features? While the former kept the home cleans and made the temple a place of prostitution, the latter kept the temples clean and made the home a brothel. Shocked? While the dirty, divinely-ordained priests preferred to fuck innocent girls (of lower castes…behind closed doors they dont have any problem with sleeping with SC/ST or other BCs), the Kulin Brahmins of Bengal kept the temples absolutely clean. However, these old lustful, promiscuous bastards married girls half and 1/3rd of their age (as low as 9-12 years old) and left a multitude of concubines at their homes (being old they died early, leaving their nubile, young wives without any husband) As such these brahmin ladies (obviously not to be blamed because of the capers of their lascivious husbands) were thrown out of their homes once the old brahmin husband died. Thereafter, the only means of sustenance for them was to become prostitutes…yes sluts…literally whores. As a result, the number of prostitutes in 18th-19th century Bengal was very high and 95% of them comprised of these Brahmin widows. Say what now @ Karthik, Padmanbhan praising Balaji, Subhasri and other similar creatures begot of your dirty shameless forefathers. Shocked to learn the reality of your ancestors? I know none of you would believe it…but atleast to those very few genuine and intellectual readers out there, who even believe a fraction of what i have said, you can corroborate these information from the British Government’s Census and other official gazettes of 18th-19th century. (These are officially verified and attested information).

    Coming to the question of reservation…let’s take a simple example. This is just a hypothesis. If I confine any upper caste hindu or general boy (infant…from birth) in an isolated, aloof place for his entire life and after that his child and then his child (3 generations in all) and do not let them study, let them eat from plates and bar them from doing any normal activity, then obviously the 3rd generation will show symptoms of the denial by being scared, illiteracy and conforming to what i/my descendant ask him/her to do. Eventually, after a 1000 years or say a minimum of 12-13 generations, they would become intellectually weak, ignorant, and afraid of their tormentors and would themselves live in isolated place, cultivate on barren waste land and other things. This is exactly what your bastard forefathers did to us. Do you Brahmins even realize the gravity of this? The magnitude of crafting an abominable system like the varna system based on segregation is unparalleled in the annals of antiquity. It cannot be even considered a crime. If there is something which is greater and more horrendous than crime, then that is what this act should be equated with. Who do you think are the majority of naxals today? They are all victims of ruthless caste oppression by upper caste hindus and Brahmins. The untold miseries that the caste Hindus have committed against them is beyond your imagination. So tyrannical and heinous is the oppression to which the innocent tribals and dalits have been subjected to. I myself have seen the kind of treatment being meted out to these poor people by their oppressive landlords (I have spent a considerable part of my life in Bihar/Jharkhand where such caste based atrocities are rampant even till date) Given so much of humiliation, oppression and persecution, isnt a mechanism required to reintegrate them back into the society. That is precisely, why the reservation system was made a constitutional provision by the founding fathers of our Constitution. Had Ambedkar not drafted the constitution, then perhaps you tyrants would have completely exterminated us like the Nazis carried out the holocaust of Jews in Europe.

    @ Subhasri – do not talk about teaching culture to non-brahmins. Your forefathers themselves adopted the local customs after coming here from Central Asia. Your forefathers (Aryans) were uncivilized warring hordes who were forcefully driven out of their homeland. And by the way which culture have they taught? Hypocrisy is the greatest custom that Brahmins have taught…that is for sure. I know more than 10 brahmins who said to profess hardcore vegetarianism. But I myself saw them eating beef….YES BEEF and that too in a Muslim dominated area near a famous mosque. Isnt that a wonderful culture that you possess? Since this forum is on the topic of matrimony, so it would be unfair if i do not throw some light on the matrimonial customs that have been inculcated by your “pure” forefathers. As is evident and corroborated by majority of the forum readers here, Brahmin girls are loose by character. No offence to the Brahman women folk, but that is fact. During graduation, one tribal boy and one muslim colleague of mine in hostel had bedded 3 and 4 brahmin girls each. Doesn’t that speak volumes about the ethical standard and moral values of the Brahmin girls?

    @ Karthick and Balaji – As far as physical strength, agility and mental tenacity of the Brahmins are concerned, everyone knows that Brahmins are very soft and tender race. They cannot withstand pain or do any stressful exercise which needs stamina and great strength/power. For example, cricket is the only game which is dominated by Brahmins. Why are there no Brahmin players in sports like football, hockey, kabaddi, wrestling, kho-kho, athletics, sprinting etc. at the national level. Because these are games which require immense stamina and strength…something which the brahmin race is bereft of. The great Sir Surendranath Banerjee had requested the then Governor General, Lord Mayo to send a battalion exclusively of Brahmins to England as the British government had ordered additional troops to be sent to Britain as she was waging a war in Europe at that time. After six months, the entire battalion came back to India, badly defeated and scared. Surendranath himself admitted that the soldiers did not fare “good” as they were taken aback by the foreign conditions and were not mentally prepared either. The fact is that all the Brahmins are coward and they are mortally scared all the time. None of the brahmins are ever able to stand up to any hostile situation which involves physical aggression. They are not able to protect their women folk either. In fact after the incident which i mentioned above, Lord Mayo issued an official declaration whereby he proclaimed that the Brahmans as a race are not martial and are unfit for military service. So wake up @ Balaji and stop glorifying Padmanbhan…exceptions are always there.

    To give you some more historical evidence, the dasyus or dasas whom the Aryans defeated and drove to the interior parts of the country, are the present day dalits and tribals, who actually happen to be the native inhabitants of India and not the Aryan-turned-Brahmans. So did you bastardized assholes get it, we are the real sons of the soil and Indians. NOT YOU. STOP singing false panegyrics. Before concluding, to just give an idea about the kind of culture, high degree of respect for women folk and other social activities we perform, note the following:-

    The literacy rate of girls among SC/ST is 22% more than that of the general girls (in terms of ratio of female percentage to that of male in general category). The sex ratio is 977/1000 males among SC/ST which again is way above the national ratio and obviously the general category which is 948/1000 (the national being 933/100). And as a silver lining, a lot of you were citing names of Brahman legends and people of iconic stature. Just for general information, three of the most authoritative texts around which the Indian civilization has revolved from mythological to ancient and medieval to present times, i.e. Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Indian constitution were authored by Valmiki, Ved Vyas and Dr. Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, all of them Dalits. YES…i’m sure those of you who were not aware of this must be shocked to death..say what @Balaji, Subashri, Sankaranarayan, Karthick and others ? Mata Amritanandmayi and Saibaba also belong to scheduled caste. And who can forget the greatest emperor of India, Samrat Ashoka and his grand father Chandragupta Maurya, founder of the Mauryan Empire, were also Dalits. And so is V.S Naipaul, the eminent author of Indian origin who is a Nobel laureate in literature, winner of booker and several other prestigious international literary awards. The list is endless. So before launching your tirade against us, which draws from the varna based policy of discrimination and persecution, think twice where you stand because unlike you, we are very fierce and would not take even minutes to lynch you. We had it for ages, but this time, there shall be a mass upheaval, the kind of which has never been witnessed before in history, and it will exterminate your race, once and for all. I invite comments/suggestions/feedbacks from all of you and dare you to challenge the historicity of this information. You nasty brahmins thought that we dalits are a bunch of illiterate and ignorant people, so malign and abuse us to your heart’s content on this forum and did not expect any dalit to put up such a comment, let alone read it huh???

    I hope the misconceptions that you have about us would be allayed after reading this comment.

  332. #332 by brahmin on April 26, 2009 - 2:54 pm

    I dont know who you are but you deserve kumbhipakam and suladandanam .you made a mistake by critsizing brahmin guys

  333. #333 by Ragnarok on April 28, 2009 - 10:45 am

    @ Brahmin – The very fact that made you spring up from your slumber and prompted you to talk about those goddamn ritual (again a proof of how you cowards tend to use the irrational and deceiving rituals created by your forefathers at the slightest instance) shows the frustration and pain that you have been subjected to after knowing the truth….after all, wisdom has it that truth is bitter…and it did prove so.

    Its so amusing to see you imbecile, crooked and heinous creatures writhe in frustration.

    The mere mention by a dalit of the inhuman deeds committed by your ancestors, has prompted the entire Brahmin clan to come together and forge a supreme army of sorts to conceal the reality from the world…hahaha

    Wake up you vicious creature, its not the Vedic age….its 21st century, and we are on the same footing as every one else.

    And who the fu@$ are you to judge whether i have done a mistake or anything for that matter…you are not mandated byt the heaven or divinely ordained to pronounce who is write or wrong or take calls on deciding whether the authority of criticizing rests with me or not.

    Try to get it clear in your filthy shit-filled brain you godless child of goddamn brahmin, if you can decide something effectively with full force, i can do the same thing with equal power.

    You are in no aspect, smarter/intellectual or powerful than me or a dalit in general.

    Just to give you another dosage of info capsule, the proportion of Brahmins is highest in terms of crimes committed vis-a-vis demographic aspect which translated in actual statistics would be :

    3 % of total population (i.e. % of Brahmins to the total Hindu population) commits 87% of crimes in the country (i.e. offences ranging from petty theft to robbery, grievous injury to body to serious crimes like felony, murder, rape and more grotesque crimes in ascending order)

    To buttress this statistical data, names like Dhananjay Chatterjee (hanged for raping Hetal Parekh), Manu Sharma (Jessica Lall case), R.K Sharma (Shivani Bhatnagar case) and who can forget Col P.S Purohit, Ramesh Upadhyay, Sameer Kulkarni and Rakesh Dhawade (the terrorists who hatched the Malegaon bomb blast) are some prominent ones among a sea of less reputed criminals of their ilk who all happen to be BRAHMIN.

    @ Brahmin…what’s your take on this ?

    P.S. You better shove that kumbhipakam and suladandanam up your arse and get your stinking filthy derriere purified.

  334. #334 by another brahmin ponnu on April 29, 2009 - 8:19 am

    Hi all… well it seems quite obvious that the girl who has given all these comments (about brahmin boys not being marriage material) is really immature. She doesn’t know how to view life and is stuck by the superficial ideas about life.. We should feel sorry for her and SINCERELY hope that by the time she choses her mate, she becomes much more mature and learns to see the true character in a man…

  335. #335 by oh my god on April 29, 2009 - 1:31 pm

    she must be the deffinition of an idiot..if she gets pissed off with her surroundings why on earth she is posting it tis way..
    i think she dosent get it that she is just a frog in the well..

    oh my god..she went after the whole comunity just by checking out 1% of guys..
    come on gal..check me out..i might be the right guy for u!!ha ha..
    well let me put it this way..

    ignorance is bliss my dear..other caste guys may or may not be as “cunning” as u may think..but u have hardly seen 1% of any community…
    and regrading non veg..u must be crazy(which ofcourse u are)..if people wish to eat they eat..my mom never demands me to be vegitarian..and i even dont eat egg..coz i wanna feel a poor living being is stilll alive..

    come on u “very good brahmin gal”..u define the girlish ness by tearing meat of a poor animal..u get drunk like no tommorow..do u smoke weed?..think no limits..

    actually i feel u r a no way marriage material..dont marry me plz…not me anyone..coz i pity the guy whom u marry..

  336. #336 by ram on April 30, 2009 - 5:29 am

    Brahmins are biggest bastards i have ever seen in my life.
    they lick anyone’s feet for anything, the gals are ready to sleep with anyone for getting advantage. but they dont marry between caste , religion to sleep is Ok.. brahmin girl . ussy smells so bad cant stand ..

  337. #337 by ram on April 30, 2009 - 5:39 am

    brahmins bastards kill Mahatma
    India was partioned because of bloody brahmins like
    sardar patel

    they think they are something.. but as a matter of fact they are most cowardly, untruthful, ignorant, unhealthy bastards//// if you have good food and stay at home.. you can speak, write intellectually.. where as how many brahmins can go out and work in sun..

    sons of bastards are brahmins

  338. #338 by chithra on April 30, 2009 - 6:41 am

    brahmin king spyed english to defeat other rulers.. finally english kicked brahmins asses..

    they raped & killed all low caste girls… undressed many to enjoy their beauty… they were not allowed to wear shirt…

    they killed and thrown out buddhist people from india.. buddhist used to dominant in india..

    i dont/// know what u call these after they have done so much to their mother land… m f kers/////

  339. #339 by Chips on April 30, 2009 - 8:59 am

    Brahmin ponnus have actually self imprissioned themselves because most of them dont let out their feelings about the husbands whom they live with .These guys do not know what is mental relation with the other person/spouse.Reason is brought up …They want to eat,sleep and mate …animal psychology but in “civilised” form as Human Beings …in other words the brahmin guys /husbands are selfish fellows…who dont care for the sentiments and do not acknowledge the love and affection ..in turn the brahmin ponnus get frustrated ,dejected and feel that they have to sacrifice their life for these idiots who call themselves “BRAHMIN” by giving away their life and getting locked in the relationship….They are actually spoiling the lives of so many brahmin ponnus in their community…so come on brahmin ponnus its time for you to think about it before its too late …oh yeah …!!Exceptions cannot be examples…(very rare)..Brahmin ponnus are really form of beauty but brahmin boys dont deserve it beacuse they lack the basics..they want to dive and accomplish their selfish deeds be it wife/boss or any one in the earth…

  340. #340 by Ace Maheswaran on May 6, 2009 - 4:55 am

    Very good post and I congratulate everyone who actually made this girl to bring up this issue in such a public forum. I try to look at this from a totalyl different view. Ofcourse, there is this ‘best man wins’ n other cliche phrases, but today’s world is competitive. I’m a non brahmin guy from a so called low caste background, and I play the piano and hence had the opportunity to work with many brahmins in the music industry. I beg to differ, but there is this over authoritative view in almost every brahmin. It’s like they take control of even new fields be it artistic or business. Even IT is an example. Flocks of people fell into it and now there are some problems. Thats’ a different issue. But some one talked abt DK principles. I’m sorry are you even aware of why DK came into existence? Ha Ha.. I guess your only input on that would be the PERIYAR movie. I’m a documentary film maker too and I as a matter of fact have done a lot of research on this subject and have the right to say your principles are wrong. And I also feel that what brahmin youth of today are followin is an outright insult to the word brahminism. Coz it’s so stringent, no one even in the olden days have been to do justice. You know what pisses me off the most? I don’t drink, but I accompany my friends. There, I saw a brahmin pusari or someone, he brought his very own ‘clean and sacred’ tumbler to pour whisky into it. Ha ha ha. This ‘local breach of law’ is what I hate. If you guys can talk of so much religious tolerance, equality and stuff, first take care of the minutes, the hours will take care of themselves. I don’t pray. And hence, you can’t corner me to a particular sect. In fact my parents don’t pray too. My point here is, that we should get down to the basics and then work up from there…that woman up there is not a single voice I can assure you that. Coz one very close ‘brahmin’ friend of mine loved a ‘brahmin’ girl, and you know what? She gave him simlar reasons for not loving him back. So don’t throw all your haterd on this woman, she’s just one of a billion who think that brahmin guys suck. The reason is simple. They’re a different breed of people. They’re hard workers. Everybody else should learn from them.They’re smart and tactful weorkers too. N I’m not praising them also, just a personal thought. In my view, they should start folowin their hearts n minds when it comes to their life and not follow what his/her grandpa wants them to do. Ya experince is good, but progress and innovation would be better.
    And someone also mentioned successful charming brahmins, but the reality is, they’re law-benders too! Look at Kamal, he doesn’t pray! Rajiv Gandhi married a non-Indian let alone a brahmin girl! Sujatha is an amazing thinker who writes like a non brahmin man! HeLLO!!! He’s the dialogue writer for the so called cultural bomb ‘THE BOYS’. So…naturally every other orthodox brahmin hates them. But they have to do it because they wanna do it. So my appeal to brahmin guys DON’T ACT A BRAHMIN..IF YOU WANT, BE A BRAHMIN.

    And to all the people infuriated by my comment, I would humbly like to add that I’M TYPING ALL THIS RIGHT BESIDE MY BRAHMIN WOULD-BE. SHE’S A DARLING!! (LOOK!! SHE’S HITTIN ME WITH A PILLOW!!! HA HA HA )


  341. #341 by Vignesh on May 8, 2009 - 4:10 am

    Ragnarok I love you man!!!

  342. #342 by Ragnarok on May 8, 2009 - 5:47 am

    Thanks Vignesh 😉

  343. #343 by chithra on May 11, 2009 - 9:25 am

    i luv u too Ragnarok

  344. #344 by Seast on May 14, 2009 - 2:31 pm

    If you want to marry a guy for his good looks – GO AHEAD AD DO IT.. I like that , dont marry a bald intellectual for money and financial security !!!

  345. #345 by american girl on May 15, 2009 - 10:05 pm

    i’m an american girl. i have not (yet) been to india. i have studied indian history at university but i do not know much about the various cultures within india. so i can’t follow all the nuances of this discussion.

    but i know a little bit about brahmin guys as my boyfriend is one. we met and live here in the US. i am a white protestant christian.

    my boyfriend is the first guy i have dated who shares the old-fashioned values of my family — values that are hard to find these days. he works hard, he is well-educated, well-read, honorable, family-minded, polite, respectful, honest, reliable, and fair. my grandfather would have loved him! add to that a genuinely modern partner — intellectual, loving, affectionate, sweet, open-minded, egalitarian, progressive, communicative. he is respectful of me and has gotten to know me as a person — my mind and emotions — without rushing into intimacy. he is strong and masculine but never macho. he will make an excellent husband and father — i really can’t imagine what more a girl could ask for!

    he is a rare jewel of a man and i’m lucky to have him. if he is typical of brahmin men — and brahminical values — then I am an admirer.

  346. #346 by Iyer girl on May 18, 2009 - 7:57 am

    Bhramin ponnu is fake one some girls their father / mother would be non bhramin will say as Bhramin ponnu says

    Bhramins will marry only to to Bhramin whose generation was bhramins (not non bhramin) so non bramin gals may get this idea / thinking.

    India has not gone to that worst still people are living and marring in the same cast

  347. #347 by predator on May 26, 2009 - 8:07 pm

    Though what she has said is very generic and not acceptable. I would like to present a different set of argument.

    The reasons why a woman would choose a man (without the guideline of caste ..etc) are

    1. Physical attraction (lets face it, as men its also our number 1 priority – largely speaking)

    2. Financial stability

    3. Emotional understanding.

    Its very wrong to say that brahmin boys dont possess this quality. I have know many guys who do well in all three categories.

    But I have also see guys who are simply ..umm.. rrr.. Lets just say they suck – “Totally”

    This has nothing to do with your birth and its more about your growth after that.

    So if a girl/guy happens to see this 3 qualities in a man/woman and he/she happens to be a non-brahmin, why does everybody cry foul. Thats just racist. That is the very definition of racism.

    Stop crying and whining like a baby and look for another match. Freaking cry babies.

  348. #348 by predator on May 26, 2009 - 8:12 pm

    @ american girl,

    Well if you admire that kind of a personality from a guy, then let me tell you that its the Indian average man brought up with good values. You will find Muslims, Christians, Hindus (from different castes) behaving in this same way.

    Brahmin boys as well Non-brahmin boys do it. But its silly to say that they do this because of them being brahmin or not being a brahmin. I would rather say its more about the way they were brought up, friends and schooling.

  349. #349 by Anil Nair on May 29, 2009 - 12:23 am

    I think Brhmin girls are very very horny always,May be because of eating lot of jogert and drinking lot of milk!. incontrast brahmin boys are very decent and god fearing.But brahmin girl need something else, thati s why they look outside.

  350. #350 by Tamilan on May 30, 2009 - 5:12 pm

    Brahmins are not native of Tamilnadu. They have to get out of our land sooner than later by Tamilnadu Army. Its has been 2000 years of aryan invasion must not be allowed to persuade and more. They must be chased away soon. These are the culprits sell out our internal issues to Other Countries. British invasion was only because of these brahmins in Tamilnadu and other parts of India. Everyone usually asks when India will become a developed country ?. Single line answer : If there are no brahmins and No Hindus left in India, then India is a developed Country. Hindu is a religion brought from these brahmins as a way to invade us without weapons. This is a caste based divide system brought to our society. Even though we all look same, we are seperated by casts, languages and culture. These all non-sense created by Brahmin Bastards(Iranians of 100 BC). We must opt for removal of these viruses from our society. They behave exactly like virus in our soceity.

    Example, Our Indian Government is infected with Brahmin virus that does not want to give freedom to people to speak the truth and Independence to Tamilnadu and Punjab. All Journals are infected with virus and they only spread about brahmin achievements and Muslim Terrorists.

    Tamilnadu, Punjab, Pakistan, China, Srilanka must join together and launch attack on these hindu terrorists or viruses causing huge problems to all over the world.

  351. #351 by Kedar on June 2, 2009 - 9:41 am

    Excellent reasoning Dilip.!.!
    Girls must understand that Brahmins are not meant for shields and swords and hence over time their physical anatomy is average(not like punjabi/sikhs sort of)

    Brahmins excel in intellect and brain matters more than being Johnny Bravo.

    Marriage life is not easy as lighting a matchstick. You need a partner whose intellect will be of more use than his brawn.

    Mr. Universe can’t feed u d bread & butter by showing away his butts..a similar small brainy guy can do it.
    Decide urself!

    One thing to tell this ponnu stuff is that the heart matters more than looks.!!!!!

  352. #352 by ram on June 2, 2009 - 11:57 am

    brahmin guys will feed u not to worry, but at night you can go & sleep with someone from other caste/ religon.

    thats no problems at all

  353. #353 by rd on June 6, 2009 - 2:13 am

    We have to understand that the society is formed of human beings and hence the format of the society has to follow the format of the human body .Just like the ocean is essentially chemically H2O. If you study a human being the body has parts which perform functions …different specialisations …..all are important !!

    The rule of 9 is applied to the body by doctors .the arms constitute 9% area each ,the legs 9×2% 18% each and the abdomen and back 18% each and the head 9% .This is the surface area !!

    critisizing brahmins for not having muscles is stupid ,that s not their function .Modern day brahmins means any educated doc/engineer/scientist etc also would prefer to be good in their field than build muscles.Its a time of specialisation .thats important for society .

    Brahmins should not be playing cricket sachin,movies madhuri or film making gowarikar etc .these are enjoyable money spinners actually reserved for the so called lower castes but instead the lower castes want education !!! and give the stardom to these brahmins!!

    It is not about what you do .it is about getting dignity for what you do .Thats why there is dignity of labour in the west .the white man does all odd jobs and gets it dignity and then even brahmins do it abroad .

    Its a complex thing !! a smart communty will wash utensils and make it sound important .They will use that to settle scores !

    Ram made his younger brother listen to him and krishna duped his older brother and never listened to him .

    Your position does not matter .How you derive milage is all that counts !!
    Thats a smartness you have to be born with !! No one can teach you that .

  354. #354 by Leah on June 7, 2009 - 7:51 pm

    It baffles me that in this day and age people still give importance to caste, creed and the like and worse draw some totally unwarranted generalisations. You know what is even worse? The girl who wrote this may one day fall for a ‘brahmin guy’ who according to her isn’t ‘love marriage material’… This goes to say that even if she fancies someone she will not go ahead with it if she finds out that he’s a brahmin!! Wow what an idea! Guess there needs to be some redefinition of ‘love marriage’ here to exclude specific individuals only by virtue of them belonging to a particular section of the society… And to think people said love was blind and transcends all barriers!

  355. #355 by rajesh on June 14, 2009 - 7:05 am

    u r discussting….how could u say all brahmin boy’s r all like dat….u wil suffer for this……

  356. #356 by nats on June 19, 2009 - 7:18 pm

    Brahmin are also human they follow there parents they are calm and soft nature,
    no one have right to talk about any Brahmin girl or boy, not even other cast people b’cos all have there own nature of living who are u to question them have u ever feed food for all Brahmin, they how came u people can write rubbish. I can show u so many Brahmin who are good hearted who serve education and knowledge, b4 writing wrong statement 1st see to your self, no one on earth will born good or bad its all faith according to the people surrounding will make a baby grow according to there need .people who wrote rubbish are senseless and heartless, mindless,
    first try to correct your self then give comment on others, keep hand on ur heart and say u haven’t thought wrong and have u never done any mistake in ur life . when ur not correct who are u to comment on Brahmin try to live as a Indian, all who wrote wrong about Brahmin first u thing what u have done to country, one Brahmin may be wrong for that u cant write all those things it may hurt some good person, if u search u can find bad person in all cast. Please stop all this. because of this our country is still under poverty and child labour, by seeing your comment some good person can turn bad against each other, try to change the next generation by writing good thing help to grow unity, don’t spoil India,

    Jai hind

    vande mataram …..

  357. #357 by bala on June 20, 2009 - 9:19 am

    u must be an idiot.

    Rajiv gandhi is a brahmin?

    where do you get that.

    I don’t hate brahmins. But their stupidity is disgusting. Rajiv’s father was a non-hindu. Read some history before you write your content.

  358. #358 by ravi rao on June 21, 2009 - 5:18 pm

    I read the comments of the Brahmins boys and girls.Onne thing i found that, in kaliyuka, mostly the culture of Hindus will be starting spoiled throughh Brahmin community onnly. because in kaliyuka it is very difficult , to adopt the culture , they give only preference sukaboga life, not inn vyragya,gyana, bakthi, saadana marga is going to be failed.so we cannot find fault in any body , in kaliyuka only yogyatha jeevas only will continue saadhana marga .
    vairagya has got down.
    they need only sukaboga life

  359. #359 by ravi rao on June 21, 2009 - 5:19 pm

    I read the comments of the Brahmins boys and girls.Onne thing i found that, in kaliyuka, mostly the culture of Hindus will be starting spoiled throughh Brahmin community onnly. because in kaliyuka it is very difficult , to adopt the culture , they give only preference sukaboga life, not inn vyragya,gyana, bakthi, saadana marga is going to be failed.so we cannot find fault in any body , in kaliyuka only yogyatha jeevas only will continue saadhana marga .
    vairagya has got down.
    they need only sukaboga life my age is 45 married no childrenn,doing sadhana marga

  360. #360 by ravi rao on June 21, 2009 - 5:21 pm

    I read the comments of the Brahmins boys and girls.Onne thing i found that, in kaliyuka, mostly the culture of Hindus will be starting spoiled throughh Brahmin community onnly. because in kaliyuka it is very difficult , to adopt the culture , they give only preference sukaboga life, not inn vyragya,gyana, bakthi, saadana marga is going to be failed.so we cannot find fault in any body , in kaliyuka only yogyatha jeevas only will continue saadhana marga .
    vairagya has got down.
    they need only sukaboga life
    if any body brahmin girls who till not married ,kannada madhva brahmines,aged between 30 to 40 employed as a teacher in karnataka interier may contact me over email if they really beleave my culture

  361. #361 by Rakesh Kumar Mishra on June 23, 2009 - 12:12 pm

    I am proud, this type of woman are also in my country . She is out of order…

    First know indian culture and religion. Have knowledge on gita, Ramayan.

    Then come to open blog.

    It is just personal thought and does not carry any sense.

    Rememeber you have not come across truth.

    Every human believes in love.

    Love cares life.

    It is the universal truth, and you remember humanity is the community..

  362. #362 by ParshuRam on June 30, 2009 - 6:06 am

    Dear All,
    I am here very agry with Nandini’s comments.
    that girl goona depressed and mad.
    I am very sorry about that girl, being a brahmin, if she can talk like this….She is Shame for her family and caste.
    everyone has his own mentality and thinking, and they can be of any catse.
    and now at the last if u r taking a guy as Material….then
    guys….u can think ,,what type of girl is that??????
    think….b4 talk

  363. #363 by Vjk on July 14, 2009 - 6:03 am

    From the kind of replies and comments that this post is getting from the male brahmin community…the senseless way they are trying to defend themselves, taking cheap shots and resorting to orthodox arguments…I cant help but think that the brahmin girls have got the right idea..

  364. #364 by Purushotam on July 18, 2009 - 12:29 am

    This whole argument looks senseless and biased for the simple reason that nothing can be generalized based on a preconceived notion or prejudice against a community. Even if the assumption in this article is believed to be true, hypothetically; it throws into light the environmental factors that have influenced the person in forming an opinion. I am not trying to be a caste chauvinist but at same time to belittle on community based on some ridiculous presumption is completely unacceptable. The particular community in question does not have a common lineage. Even if we assume that they are all genetically same; how will genes decide the outlook of a person. It is the bring-up, education and state of affairs surrounding that will influence a person’s outcome. Do not judge a community based on your limited exposure. It is by no miracle of vandalism that top scientists, bureaucrats, technocrats and educationist in this country are from the community.

  365. #365 by Siraj on July 19, 2009 - 1:06 pm

    With reference to Tamilan (May 30, 2009 at 5:12 pm) a mindless idiot talking about the evils of caste system and also advocating an abolishment for ever; failed to understand that he would have been no where is there was no reservation in this country. It is important for morons like him/her to understand that the Brahmins are at receiving end of this current system. In spite of these challenges if you still argue that “Our Indian Government is infected with Brahmin virus that does not want to give freedom to people to speak the truth and Independence to Tamilnadu and Punjab” it only shows the greatness of these people. I have stern warning for all those uncultured bastards; do not use offensive words while addressing to any particular community. If you think you have been a victim for ages or you are being exploited then it only reflects you inability to revolt. Do not blame anyone for your impotency.

  366. #366 by dinesh on July 19, 2009 - 1:21 pm

    hi to all. iam dinesh a student in a reputed college in Chennai. one of my classmates proposed me..she is a brahmin..i always had a fascination for brahmin girls. she herself fell in the trap. she din show resistance while i touched her in anyway. so this made me intrude more n do seduce her for twice in a week for 3 weeks. .luckly i heard about her that she roamed wit many guys from her previous school..so now i said sorry to her & separated from her. i asked her why din she lyk brahmin boys. for that she said brahmin guys are waste wen it cums to all these matters.

  367. #367 by GOD on July 22, 2009 - 2:08 am

    hi girls if u want to get fucked with the other caste then carry on but u bitches cant say that brahmin boys are not good and now in this forum who ever said that brahmin guys are not perfect is a BIG BITCH and i think the actual problem would be with her mother as she may got fucked with the servents=(i.e, NON BRAHMINS) so these bitches are supporting their dads caste.U r the real bi9tches in our caste and it will B nice for all of us if bitches like u are in other castes.so u search a nice sudra guy and fuckk off so that our caste may become clean and if we want to fuck u we can easily do that by paying your lovely husbands whom u like.

  368. #368 by Ragnarok on July 23, 2009 - 9:55 am

    @ GOD…another goddamn child of a godless, fatherless brahmin 🙂

    The truth is out of the closet and this is what is pinching you the most. You have to come to terms with the reality sooner or later.

    We Sudras are indeed nice, but we don’t entice the brahmin women. Girls from your clan themselves come running to us to feel that 8″ of manhood inside them which unfortunately the male members of Brahmin clan are bereft of (2 1/2 to 3 ” is the maximum manhood that a brahmin man ever had).

    Many of you Brahmin guys here on the forum are blood brothers of us because your mothers cheated on your impotent fathers by getting laid from our fathers (Sudra). So you see my dear GODless bastard that the same blood which flows in my vein, also runs through yours. You are not at fault. Ask your mothers who didn’t hesitate even once to get pounded n thrusted in their cunts n ass by our fathers. Your mothers royally swallowed the sperm of our fathers.

    I hope by now its clear that whose caste is clean — Brahmins or Sudras. So, you son of a cum-guzzling-brahmin-woman-of-sudra-man, step back, bend and fuck your own ass (oops…i forgot that your pee pee is only 2 1/2 “…lol)..ask your sudra servant to fuck your ass with his 8” plonker. Choke on a sudra’s dick u godless, fatherless brahmin

  369. #369 by VIVEK MATHUR on July 27, 2009 - 10:55 am

    Hey u r so so right!!! Wow,, i really like your articulate and precise reasonings,, u seem to hv analysed the situation quite well.. Actually i m a north indian from bombay,, i hv lived in madras and feel that brahmin girls are ABS SUPERB!!! They are so beautiful, charming, hv intelligent and clear headed minds, hv a good sense of humor, and above all,,, are truly SEXXXY!! What more can a guy want,, REallyy!! Sad for the brahmin guys,, they so different..Hmmmmm,,,,

    Keep it up,, god bless.. lv v

  370. #370 by karthik on July 27, 2009 - 3:34 pm

    It is not true, girls must to be honest, i am also a brahmin, there are normally well disiplined persons but the girls are not disciplined, they must control our religion rules….

  371. #371 by usa brahmin on July 31, 2009 - 5:01 am

    Dear Friends,

    The girl expressed her choice of life and let us respect that. We should not make this topic ugly by poor choices of words and remarks on monther etc.,.

    Who is a brahmin? Generally a soft intellectual person who understands Brahmam – universal soul.

    Who is a Sudra? Generally a physically strong person and runs things. Sudram means formula/technique.

    With Brahmin comes a package of qualities and same with any other. Nowadays, we can see a overlapping or a percentage of the above two qualities in both sects. I see many different people reading slokhas and learning sanskrit in US. Somehow they all come back to giving up meat, alcohol, aggression. Which is what brahmins follow. They are the model if you want to seek happiness in the later stages of life. Now you can say some are not like that. Again your choice, you can see the crystal clear water or the mud underneath.

    Say your are looking for a car some like toyota that is smooth and some like honda that is sporty rougher ride. Choice is of the person and the ramnifications are his/hers.

    Life is not a game so you can switch back.
    If you love a NB person live till the end, dont say you miss the avani avittam or mangali pondugal or varalakshmi viradham. Because you will not be invited any more.

    At the same time if you marry a brahmin boy, love him till death does you apart. Dont expect him to fight with an auto driver or rowdy in the street.

    All that matters is happiness. Some get via spiritual vedas and helping others. While others get via eating, dancing. Nothing is wrong – what you like is what matters.

    No one goes to hell for eating meat or goes to heaven for chanting vedas. But chances are high.

    Making a good decision early on will help chart your life’s course in a the way you need. Dont blame god, he respects your decisions and has solid equations built around every thing you can see and not see.

    Jai Hind

  372. #372 by rakesh on August 1, 2009 - 3:53 pm



  373. #373 by Girish S on August 8, 2009 - 7:55 pm

    Silly crap from a person who does not at all matter… I cannot believe the cumulative time wasted.

    Maybe she is a she or a he or is or is not a brahmin – whatever!!! Who cares??? This is a democracy and people are entitled to opinions – and this applies to stupid people too. 😉

    So let us all let things be as they are as truth alone prevails and wish “brahminponnu” (I wonder why go tom-tomming about being brahmin in the first place!!!) all the very best.

    May God grant her understanding soon – or keep her forever in the bliss of ignorance!

  374. #374 by Vjk on August 9, 2009 - 9:17 pm

    @usa brahmin… first sensible comment I read… I am at peace…. wont return to this page again..

  375. #375 by Human Being on August 11, 2009 - 4:40 pm

    Hi Tamil Ponnu,

    First of all i think you are an insane. I would recommend you to go for an psycho analysis. Don’t try to generalize on a specific caste/religion/creed based on few incidents or happenings. There are good people in all caste/religion and faith. Brahmins are not well build or muscle maniac, but they are tought the decipline and good habits from their childhood.

    As one of the friend said in this forum, if are now able to write a message like this where from you got this freedom. I am not a caste oriented guy, but say frankly would you have been got this freedom to write like this if your parents are from different caste. Dont blame the brahmin boys, i will say the brahmin girls are real shit. They are only hipocrates. Now a days i see more brahmin girls are having sex, drinks etc before marriage but the brahmin guys are really practical and brought up in a very nice way. I hate seeing a brahmin girl. They should be punished if they start talking all this nonsense anymore.

  376. #376 by Human Being on August 11, 2009 - 4:53 pm

    Lets all stop with this. She/He wrote initiated this conversation is an insane. Has a terrible problem with her/his mind. Dont waste your time in putting your thoughts on this shit. Shit is always a shit. You cannot put some fragrance to make shit smell good. Nobody needs to screw he/she, but will get screwed by herself/himself because of this attitude.

    So spend your valuable time in good things and in helping good people who really deserves it.

    Really care for good things in life and dont bother about these shitty insanes.

    If anybody has a address of any good psycharist, pl pass it on to that shit person… Hope i stand good on this.

  377. #377 by Human Being on August 11, 2009 - 5:30 pm

    I was bit harsh in my statement. Because of that insane. See our neighouring small countries like japan, singapore,malaysia, mauritius and other developing countries, they are having less human resource and depend on other countries for growth, but still they are in better and nice position when compared to india, india is a big country with lot of talents and resources but still we are not growing or developed. its all because of insanes like this. We are all good for talking and eating and blaming others. But how many of us can say that i have really did some good things for this country, for its development and for the people. Its all waste of time.

    Instead of chit chatting or blaming other for the failures and depression, lets try to do something good for this country and for the people.

    I am not talking phylosopy but trying to re-iterate what we are missing in life and how we need to be practical in life.

  378. #378 by arun iyer on August 20, 2009 - 3:19 pm

    I am brahmin boy, i like one gal from other cast. But i am facing 1000s of ethic probs frm her. But love not from brain its from heart. I loved her becz i thought she is brahmin. Later realised not brahmin but not left becz of my commitment. After reading the post i want to tel few things. 1 is dear friend you are also from brahmin caste, in all the caste , religion good and bad people are there. Everything depends upon the nature they brought up. Our caste system introduced according to the general nature of the people. If you track the general behaviour of a community you can understand that. I respect your feelings, but please dont blame brahmin guys. How you can say that brahmin guy cant protct a gal, cant love a gal. If you come i will show you whats love. All can love, but love has many varieties, some people marrying gal becz of love with her beauty, when it goes everything will go. Some marrying becz of her wealth and money once it goes you can see how the things will change. Pure love comes from heart, its not from 6 pack body, money, wealth, beauty, nothing. Somebody said you are still in college, may be that statement is partially true. Open your mind and think. Then you can understand whats love, whats care. Best of luck

    Iyer Boy Chennai

  379. #379 by Prasanna on August 24, 2009 - 6:01 am

    @ Arun Iyer -> Looks like someone with sense

    @ Rest of my fellow Indians

    Gods save us from Indian Racists, no wonder we were under british and its a pity that even after those many days of being colonized the lessons are not learnt yet.

    IMHO the problem is that we are not facing the fact, accept and change even we know what we are doing is absolute %&*&

    @ Brahmins -> They ( there are alwayz an exceptions ) still think they are the superior race . . . well all I can say is good luck to you guyz . . .

    @ Rest of us -> We ( there are alwayz an exceptions ) still hold a tint of grudge that something has been taken away from us because of brahmins and still have a bitter pill taste in our mouth.

    @ Future -> I say we move on . . . there are bigger things in our agenda, lets stop our petty fights and build a mighty india where churches are not burnt, sikhs are not killed, muslims are not shot, nuns are not raped . . .

    All we need is a simple will to listen when we get that feeling that urge when the devil inside us speak and say F*(K OFF bitch, I am an Indian and I have 3000 years of history behind me.

    Guyz lastly always remember we were the first to get civilized some 1000s of years ago, any outsider who sees this post would question it big time.

    Punch -> ” Its not who we are that defines us, its what we do ”

    Prasanna Mahibalan ( Tamil Nadu )

  380. #380 by Iyer Athu Ponnu WHo married A Iyer Payan on August 28, 2009 - 7:26 am

    Hi All Iyer Pasangala,

    U are all the Best OK!! Intha mathiri dumbo Iyer Pongalamum namma Kulathula Iruka! So Watch OUt! Naan Naala iyer payana than kalyanam paninden.. Although all my friends back in College were ” ALL ” non-brahmins..there is absolutely nothing interesting in them.. especially for girls who are turned on by intelligence of their partners, the true choice would be an Iyer Payan. So keep this in mid and dont at all care about Dumbo Iyer girls who go behind non-brahmin boys..

    the remaining intelligent lot is still available for brahmin boys to marry…so what say..let the weeds be removed from the community and the remaining rest who truly relish and enjoy the heavenly feeling of being a Brahmin remain.

    This is an evolutiuonary thing which we cannot stop..But be immune to from the personal and individual front..

    And for all those who are talking about equality or inequality and the color of blood and all that bullshit….Even animals have red blood…so in tghe future, ppl may even choose to live with animals. and yeah..the world is full of ups and downs and differences in class, creed and status levels…so this will continue for as long as it can..

    So long then.
    – iyer athu ponnu.

  381. #381 by srinivas on September 2, 2009 - 6:39 am

    whatever she has written is her personal feelings – those who has different thinking may not heed to her writings

    one thing should be remembered – once the milk spoilt cannot be undone 🙂

  382. #382 by shivam on September 13, 2009 - 3:10 pm

    What the fuck this fucking girl has written? Now, I mean to say come on, you cant generalise your fucking experience with a Brahmin boy to the entire Brahmin caste. This girl is in fucking dream world. The day she gets fucked up by SC/ST and all those fucking boys she will understand what this fucking world is all about. Brahmin rules and FC rules, this is a fact. Look at the fucking list of topper in UPSC, brahmins and FCs are toppers. All I want to say to this girls is GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  383. #383 by chennai guy on September 16, 2009 - 10:05 am

    Hi All,
    Please understand that we all are human beings, Caste is nothing but it is an indenty of a group. please avoid giving more preference to caste. That girl has expressed her thoughts thats all. this caste feelings are not going to heal the issues like Global Warming.

  384. #384 by rahul on September 17, 2009 - 8:14 pm

    well ,who is this virtual girl . i suspect u could be a girl. u r just making every one fool, hihihi. Tell me one thing at least, if its not brahmin boy than whom r u gonna find a better alternative. I don’t think guy of other community is as competent as brahmin.

  385. #385 by preeti koulgikar on September 20, 2009 - 11:00 am

    whta waste discussion!!….as someone quoted
    ‘people who r honest,sincere,wise r brahmin’ those who rnt r not…simple :)…..one shud not generalize

  386. #386 by Bhargavi on September 21, 2009 - 11:48 am

    Oh Mi God. I am surprised there are girls who think like data. Dear BrahminPonnu, u live way back in medieval ages…

    Granted that there is some truth but generalising those charateristics is foolishness. Ask the other caste girls, they probably will have the same views.

    I am Brahmin too, and I am scared of getting married in to an ORTHODOX South Indian Brahmin Family, not because of the reasons stated above.

    In fact I feel that Brahmin guys are some of the most smartest, sweetest ppl having a cool attitude. Most of them are pretty down to earth, a little arrogant and bossy which only adds to their charm. This on the strength of experience – My father, uncles, cousins and friends.

    As to the rest, Humans everywhere irrespective of caste and creed have the same nature and charecteristics.

  387. #387 by Brahminboy on September 25, 2009 - 1:25 am


  388. #388 by subrahmanya sarma on September 26, 2009 - 8:49 am

    congratulations miss Ponnu, we r seaking 4 a real brahmin girl to marry me. All r not ready 2 marry me. Because, i am doing archakathvam. In these days , any BRAHIMN girl can’t able 2 marraige achakaswamy. Because , they did’t want this type of Adhyathmika life, they want Jalsas and currency like U. I am slim – tall , not only i am all nice Brahmins are like this, but this type of bodies are not convencing U. U nd ur type of girls wants six-pack bodies. And one thing u r said that , “this is dogs eat dogs life” . Yes good, this is another step to down our culture like ur dogs.

  389. #389 by subrahmanya sarma on September 26, 2009 - 9:09 am

    Nd another thing, u r posted this comment on 17 of november in 2007. R u got married with this conditions?

  390. #390 by JInks on September 27, 2009 - 7:04 pm

    lol.. this is the most hilarious and most ridiculous post I have ever read.. dude.. this is amazing LOL

    I am a brahmin but I do respect all caste. Ponnu, open up youself

    But onething is for sure.. Its EXTREMELY difficult to get a brahmin girl for getting married. I am a well settled software engineer and many of my friends too are unmarried like me. not sure whatz goin on these days on marriage front !!.

  391. #391 by JInks on September 27, 2009 - 7:06 pm

    oh btw, I am well built too. 😉

  392. #392 by Ashutosh vyas on October 8, 2009 - 6:32 am

    If these are the views of brahmin girls about us then this is ridiculous.
    This caste is the only caste which had sacrificed thier whole life for mankind , you would have heard of many people who had layed thier their lifes in the time of freedom for motherland but how many non-brahmins do you know who had worked for mankind and for this reason had remained away from all kind of luxuries ??
    I know many brahmins who had worked for human life :-
    1) aadi shankaracharya : the only man rather a boy who re-established hinduism in india (and he was so influencial that he might had converted whole india into land of brahmins but he did not , cause we respect all castes and people )YET IF YOU FEEL WE R CUNNING THEN IT IS PITY OF YOU .

    2) CHANAKYA : The only man who stood against evil in the society and with the help of hih fellowman and followers was able to rectify the indian culture .That man was so soft that he forgave the person who killed his father but wen it came upon mankind and national security he vanished them . YET YOU FEEL THAT WE DONT HAVE FEELING OF SACRIFICE AND WE R CUNNING .
    And many more r
    rishi dadeech
    ram krishna parmhansa
    ved vyas


    you say that you have not ever heard of love stories related to a brahmin boy , this is because we feel love is a
    feel of admirance
    feel of devotion
    feel of respect
    as these r genetic characters of brahmin and for these we dont need to have show offs
    YOU called brahmin boys as punny .
    hav u ever visited UP , if no then plz visit ,
    hav u ever faced brahmins of marwad(rajasthan) if no then plz
    hav u ever came across brahmin of south , they r so handsome that u would not believe
    hav u ever seen KASHMIRI PANDITS they r such nice looking guys that in their comparison there is no one in whole western asia .
    i m from jodhpur (a hometown of pushkarna brahmins)
    we people r very well built , strong and stout , and I know no one in my community who looks weak or thin or short .
    i dont know of where r u talking about .

    YOU say we dont even know how to read our sanskrit shloks and dont know how to follow our rituals
    then for your kind information madam their r many many many ashrams for brahmin students , active in the differrent parts of the country , training the students thier rituals.And thus we know them and some r not then r preparing for it .

    we brahmins hav nature to observe and not react quickly and when ever their is need of change in society the first person who will stand will be a brahmin

    the genetic characters of brahmins r
    1 sacrifice(as came from our ancestors )
    2 devotion (as we r brahmins )
    3 purity of heart (as a person who can sacrifice cannot be cunning )
    4 self analyzing
    5 calm
    6 non voilent
    7 kind
    8 hard working
    9 global thinking
    10 god fearing(which is again necessary to evil away )
    11 self determined
    12 intelligent
    13 some where aggressive too
    14 nature loving
    etc etc etc .

    AND yet if you feel we r unfit then madam there r lot of beautiful girls far far far more better then you brahmin girls waiting for such heroes , inside as wll as outside the country .


  393. #393 by subrahmanya sarma on October 8, 2009 - 7:26 am

    I will clap 4 ur dialogue.

  394. #394 by o.l on October 8, 2009 - 7:22 pm

    Hello Madam,
    I don’tknow why some of the girls are like this When you are in u r young 20’s you want a other caste guy. after some years if you have child you want to do all the rituals similar to the brahmin traditions. So ultimately(40’s) your desire is that when the child grows up he needs brahmin father.So your desire is for living with two people .Imagine if we guys had the same kinda of interest .You would be shouting at the top of your voice .

    To make things clear when u get a guy brahmin or some othe caste try to analyse him as person and that too as a whole.some of the girls like you want only the shining part of evrything.Tommorow you might find fault with one guy and day after tommorow another one nobody is perfect and u don’t have any right to give a genralized opinion about Brahmin guys

  395. #395 by M S Ramesh on October 14, 2009 - 6:02 am

    I have read all posts. It is pity that Brahmins are insulted like any thing now a days. The political parties are responsible for this as the ole saying is ” yatha Raja Thathaa Prajaa” means the people will always be like Raja ( Minister’s) .

    The old Raja’s respect Brahmins and god and temples.It is true that good olden days Brahimns controlled all other sects because of their sanctity and purity,by doing duty.There was a real fear in the minds of all people on brahmins including the kings.Now a days the people do not have any fear on brahimns ,god and King too ( not even with the Police and justice ) that is why now a days you can see in every day news paper about murders,rapes and dharnaas,strike etcc which are not good sign for the improvement of any society.

    Today’s education is useful only for creating and producing new type of machines and Lot of money earning education.
    But human being is created for self upliftment by Gunaas ( Character) and not for money,as money can give you meat. wine and women and lot of property but good son good wife ( including their character) and bad thinking ,mind and deceases too . It will eradicate all the good one and if affects one man it spreads to all like virus.

    The universe and the hman being is created only for upliftment of self for elevation in the re-birth and not enjoying and spoiling the self and also the society. If you spread good it is good for the society. If you spread bad it will vanish very soon.

    Think ,the world and society is in existence for more than 5000 years ( it is more than that But Kali yuga starts only from 5000 years back after disapperance of Lor krishna to Vaikunta ) but till 1950’s there was some dharma and fear on King, police ,Law ,Brahmin and on Karmaas too. But after 1950’s it was in reducing trend and from 2000 onwards the percentage is 90% on adharma which means the world is quickly going to dip in to water in some places ( by Tsunami ) Tsunami is heard for us only in 2004. In some places by earth quakes and untolerable hot summer and winter too. The remaining places will be destroyed by the living entities by arms and weapons. This all will definately going to happen before 2025. As now itself the Snow is started melting in the northern pole ,which is the pure evidence of this.

    The girl here is not a brahming girl and those who follows braimin customs are only brahmins and those who eat meat and drink wine are not brahmins by practise ,though born to brahmin parents. The true brahmins have to evaluated only by qualities and their regular practice and not by birth.Brahmins who have failed to perform daily duty are to be considered as Shudras only (Shudra here is not a bad word here ) as sudra means those who concentrate and inclined to materalistic things and worldly activities like diging eart ,eating flesh of animal body and drinking wine –these are all required for them for doing their duty,but it was there in good olden days to but it was allowed with lot of restrictions to them.That means they consumed all these with the restricted code of conduct.

    I have a very lot more to say,but based on reply abd respones only I can able to say. Instead any body can ask any challenging questions here as I am ready to nswer with courage and without fear on present day world confusions and style

  396. #396 by narendran on October 20, 2009 - 10:14 am

    I am a non bhramin guy. what that girl has told is a common view with college girls. but that doesnt mean bhramin girls doesnt marry bhramin boys. this same girl one fine morning will sit on her fathers lap while a bhramin guy ties the knot. these decisions and declaration made during college days wont last long. as everybody are saying its immature. but to some of insensitive nonsensical bhramin guys i would like say something. learn to respect other castes and religions. stop boasting bhramin pride. aryan supremecy is one the root cause for mass conversion to christianity. you can feel proud about your community but dont degrade other community.

  397. #397 by allspark on October 20, 2009 - 4:25 pm

    i love this post …. as far as i have come in my life,
    i completely agree with the gal but i still cant believe a
    brahmin gal coming out that true…i cant believe a brahmin , either a boy or a gal…are u a brahmin gal?

    and 4 all brahmins…i have no hard feelings on ur community
    i shall prove all what i m saying is true
    to anyone who would like to mail me :avatarblues@gmail.com

  398. #398 by allspark on October 20, 2009 - 4:27 pm

    i wish tat gal replies back , i dont wish a lot , but this i must, its for my own self.,.

  399. #399 by allspark on October 23, 2009 - 7:55 pm

    @gopal jayaraman
    the msg is that they are the 2 sides of the coin and it so happens that its hard to find the better half nowadays

  400. #400 by suresh vasiraju on October 24, 2009 - 7:29 am

    I really like this comment want to give clarity to you.

    in your views you can see the small because your age and experience also will count to do any comment. For example take a dance show the judge will see 10 people performance then he will decide the judgment. Means for a coin 2 faces i believe you saw only one face see second face new generation current generation analyze with other caste people then you can comment what ever you want.

  401. #401 by allspark on October 24, 2009 - 8:24 am

    believe whatever u want to but its a fact u give 1 good person in that community and i shall point 100 others negating
    As a small example u check the whole country be it the govt bodies, politics army etc u find these people at class positions but see how corrupt they are in nepotism or bribery etc

    had the Gandhi family quit politics things would have been far better. they have been ruling for generations because they are able to attract people but not because they have done great.for the last 50 odd years see how the corruption poverty n such things have become so common .
    and they justify by saying its a dog eat dog world
    .. see i am not for a debate here anyway , although i know i can prove my point at all stages and also the fact remains that there are good people as well… after all humanity is universal
    so i don judge a person my any race ..i just gave a statistic
    i only dare any person to prove my stats wrong and
    this is it

    ps: going off the topic on specific boy brahmin issue anyway

    good to see replies as always

  402. #402 by allspark on October 24, 2009 - 8:29 am

    and for a matter of fact i found older generation brahmins more better than the new generations be it being good or bad….they not only lack the worldwide purview but also courage and dont think i havent seen better half of the going
    but i love maths because it has logic

  403. #403 by allspark on October 24, 2009 - 8:32 am

    they was meant to refer nxt gen guys..this apllies to all of them and not specially to brahmins anyways

  404. #404 by allspark on October 24, 2009 - 8:43 am

    u dont decide a generations performance by seeing its debue work but by seeing its final shots.u talking about the new generation holds no vital point as of now. lets c if things turn out good , but wats the use then to discuss about these issues aye

  405. #405 by moddalsatti on November 4, 2009 - 2:41 am

    Great article.Honestly, it looks like you were fucked and dumped later by a Brahmin Guy.

    What was your name again ?

  406. #406 by aditya on November 6, 2009 - 5:44 pm

    if you are saying that all brahmins guyy are not a person to whom an girl wanted to loeve than you are wrong… what you thnk the definition of real male… only brod soulder and musculer body. my dear friend you are wrong. the real man is the person who are able to fight with odds…
    today lot of odd things are coming in the way of a brahmin guy. but still not only we are doing good but still leading the indian socity. see in every field we are the leader . we are the winner.

  407. #407 by bharath on November 7, 2009 - 5:04 am

    Hi i am not caste oriented but I would like to mention one thing. I am least bothered whether this girl marries a fucking SC/ST or MBC caste. but I object to wat she said regardin brahmin guys take 30 yrs to settle.The backward caste ppl are big assholes that they are being given reservation in all fields to improve their standards of living. thats y they settle before 30 and by 27 or 28. Whereas the brahmin guys are deprived of all these things and they struggle hard and because fo their industrious attitude , they come big in their life and thats y thats takes time.
    If guys are all about muscular strength then this girl is not talking about marriage but she is talking about guys who can sexually satisfy her since SC/ST/MBC guys are more powerful(general assumption, even brahmins are good enough now). she is just one amorous fucking bitch who doesn’t know what the purity of marriage and its better u stop posting this kinda fucking articles . Seems like this girls neeed very muscular and young man to satisfy her sexual urge . Lastly i would like to say one thing.

  408. #408 by karthick on November 7, 2009 - 10:12 am

    i see many brahmin whores in college……

  409. #409 by muraliiyer on November 9, 2009 - 11:26 am









    Murali Venkataraman

  410. #410 by durai on November 11, 2009 - 2:32 am

    i have an house mate’s who is brahmin and other guy from a normal community they both are from northern part, every time whenever we have some drinks the brahmin guy speaks a lot about their own community and says its totally different from the other guy’s community and say words like wounding generally, i was so pissed off with this and shouted at him not to speak about any community and told him that everyone is equal the community’s are just formed by the stupid peoples,god did not make the different communities people mad for themself for their own identity if then the god made it fair enough he or she might be the first sinner.

  411. #411 by Meenakshi on November 12, 2009 - 7:30 pm


    Why is the heck is your name changed to Murali Iyer u bastard???? Do you think you even deserve using such a name tag? How dare you talk about Brahmins, you PSYCOPATH ?? Its not the time to get Brahmins Straight but time to show you all F…king bastards your place. Go to Wikipedia once and see the names of famous Brahmins in our country. They made our nation. India is poor because of the invasions by other countries and it is continued to be so because most of the Brahmins have been migrating to different parts of the world and the country is ruled by you f**king Christians. You talk about Humanity?? Do you even have any Idea how many millions were killed by Christians in the name of Jesus christ. If no, Check this out:


    Brahmins do not have the heart to atleast kill a small creature. We do not kill any body in the name of God. And talk about untouchability, I will do one thing, I will ask Mr.Karunanidhi ( for instance) to allow his servant to sit on his couch. Will he ? You all blame Brahmins for practicing untouchability and talk about humanity, why dont you go along the slum streets and play with their children or help them, you are a great Human right? Everyone follows untouchability yes Everyone …even todays politicians…..Is it understood? When you say Brahmins are Sinners then humanity should be seen in the country else where. But where is it? But the whole nation talks shit about Brahmins. Ok, you say that Brahmins are getting exploited by drinking alcohol and eating non-veg, so if this exploitation, you imply us all that you and your ancestors have been nothing else but exploited all these years. right?…So, why the comparision even? Ok tell me one nore thing, You dont want this caste discrimination to be continued in the country, you want the equality so come on, before blaming us, start making the equation…why do you still want the reservations? Why do you want to urself categorize as BC or SC or ST? For the benefits?..then ya…you deserve to be one so.

  412. #412 by Babu on November 13, 2009 - 4:40 am

    It is again proved that Brahmins are stupids and idiots

  413. #413 by Brahmin. on November 15, 2009 - 2:33 pm

    Hi, just accept brahmins are very intelligent in all the fields of education & Particularly in Mathematics & music.

    Try to master the subject.

  414. #414 by content writer on November 17, 2009 - 4:33 pm

    thanks for this post. It helped me a lot. Btw How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

  415. #415 by sag on November 20, 2009 - 1:07 pm

    hi my dear girls those who say that brahmin boys r not lovable or whatever plz undstd if ur feeling is just security and finance most of the brahmin boys had that now a days. they had intelligence now the globalisation requires that they do have everything in andhra now a days most of the non brahmin girls they r marrying brahmin boys i had plenty of examples in my college and work place. then do you thing those girls dont have sense.
    its altogether ur mistake. u need only physique go and marry sharukh only money marry ambani if u need a husband to undstd u and give u a better life dont take care of these things. i am not a brahmin but whatever u think is not right thats why i am posting a comment

  416. #416 by mb on November 23, 2009 - 8:53 pm

    Hello, I just wanted to point out that brahmin guys ARE able to be love marriage material. I myself, an American woman, have recently fallen in love with a brahmin guy I met in college. We are now dating and very much in love and happy. He is sooooo romantic and a gentleman, the best I ever had.

    That’s all I wanted to say, thank you 🙂

  417. #417 by anonymous on November 27, 2009 - 7:33 pm

    But its a shame that most of the Brahmin guys especially iyengars expect their wives to work. I’m sorry I don’t really mean to generalize but it should honestly be left to the individual choice. It should not be laid down as a condition for marriage by the groom or his family. Its very apparent such families are plain greedy. I’m telling this from my personal experience. Because even guys who earn more than 10 – 12 lakhs per annum expect employed girls. Isn’t it pathetic?! If he is not able to stand on his own leg he should rather postpone his marriage – not try to make a living from the gal’s earning in the name of marriage; this is even worser than ‘dowry’. Because they expect a constant income. I strongly feel it should be left to the gal’s choice to work/not work. I also don’t think its right to make gals sit at home after marriage. I would only marry a guy who says employment is optional. If else it means he is just after my money. To continue working after marriage is my choice. He has no right to restrict me from working and at the same time force me to go for job. If he truly loves me he would respect my feelings.

  418. #418 by mb on November 27, 2009 - 9:45 pm

    in response to “anonymous”: How can a man be after your money if he is working also? your argument doesn’t make sense and you are thinking the old-fashioned way back when women used to depend on their husbands for everything. a woman is perfectly capable of doing things a man does just as a man is perfectly capable of cooking and cleaning. I myself as a woman feel that it is wrong for a man to make his woman stay at home cooking and cleaning. the cooking and cleaning duties should be split equally just as the working should be split equally. i would rather go out and make money for myself and than slave over the stove and not get paid. in fact i hate cooking and my boyfriend has been the one doing the cooking so far 😉 how can a woman expect to just not work after marriage? how was she surviving before marriage? you cannot depend on your husband for everything. i would hate to ask my husband for money every time i needed it. i also think the husband should work and not depend on the wife for everything. both husband and wife should work and cook and clean and just split all the duties. it is the only fair way…. unless one person truly loves to work and the other truly loves to cook and clean (be it the man or woman for whichever role).

  419. #419 by anonymous on November 28, 2009 - 5:30 pm

    mb, you got me totally wrong! Nowhere in my post have I mentioned that I’m not interested in working after marriage. All I’m saying is it should be left to my choice. It should not be laid off as a condition for marriage.

    //a woman is perfectly capable of doing things a man//


    //How can a man be after your money if he is working also?//
    Why not? Obviously he thinks his salary ain’t enough to run a family – that’s the only reason why he asks his parents to look for employed brides. I would personally hate to sit at home all day and just do the domestic chores. BUT IT SHOULD BE LEFT TO THE INDIVIDUAL CHOICE AND HAVE THE FREEDOM TO WORK/NOT WORK/PURSUE HIGHER STUDIES OR WHATEVER. It should not be forced. It makes perfect sense.

  420. #420 by mb on November 28, 2009 - 8:25 pm

    o i c what u r saying ‘anonymous’…. it is actually expected most of the time that both wife and husband work just to split the weight (not for the sake of getting ‘richer’) in my culture. most people are middle class and could use an extra income since the income from one spose is not enough to support the two plus the kids and maybe the family dog…. but i c what u r saying if the man is already rich then there is no point for the wife to work also… i just think the whole arranged marriage thing is strange to begin with. in my culture we don’t “look” for a potential husband or wife, we just marry whoever we fall in love with. i just happened to fall in love with a brahmin man (which i never heard of the caste system till someone else told me later in my relationship with him). we fell in love for eachother not for “what” we are. he is definately not like what a lot of these descriptions on this page describe brahmins to be.

  421. #421 by venugopal on December 5, 2009 - 2:57 pm

    Hello,I read the opinion of bhramin ponnu’s comments about bhramin boiys. The allegations shows, the girl is in teen age and attracted towards the magical thrilling acts or behaviours like rowdies. Always only the brain power is the entreme. How many other case boys give freedom to their wives? Whether the girl know what is happening to the girls marrying other SC/STs or Muslims. If a girl is married to a other caste boy she will not have even a chance to express her feelings. The so called old ladies voice only be heared.

    Whether the life is only in attracting and doing braverisms? success lies only in the act not in physical matters. Also, there are so many bhramin boys who are excellent in looking as well as in knowledge. Probably she has come across only a few and show that she is an immatured girl.

  422. #422 by alekhya on December 7, 2009 - 6:03 pm

    Hi friends, I am a Brahmin. I feel that good and bad everything will be in all castes.
    Many brahmins today are by birth brahmins. Not by profession or by daily activities.
    The exact meaning of brahmin meand Brahma means Satya, The one who follows satya, It means that one who only belives and does good to every one and prays good and perform yagnas for the goodness of the world.

    I think now a days no one is like that. It’s true that may people even eat non veg and go for alcohol. But good and bad are in every caste. Many non vegetaruian I mean other caste people didn’t touch meat also.

    Whether it’s a boy or girl. I have seen many families and relatives and friends who married other castes. Some people are very happy . Some people are adjusting. Mainly the girl who wants to marry other caste guys should have adjusting nature, and even if it’s the boy or girl both should respect each others cultural differences. There’s one family where the girl is a brahmin and boy is not. Befor marriage he told that he don’t want to touch the non veg also and he stopped eating non veg. After marriage he started eating non veg and also forced her to cook. She is a pure vegetarian and I felt it very bad. But at the same time there are other friends of me whose husbands
    will eat nonveg only outside and never forces his wife to cook nonveg.

    About Brahmin GUys nature: I have seen many brahmin from my family and friends etc, who think a lot to take decission, But about choosing a girl I think they should, Don’t go blindly if the girl is beautiful or rich. They will think about a girl if she is suitable to their family or not.
    Bcos in future the girl has to be with their family for even shorter periods.

    Where as guys which are not brahmins ( Not all) prefereed a girl bcos of her caste and beauty or intelligence. And they will tell that and act in a way that they can do anyhing for her. Which is not possible. When the guys parents stays with them for a month or 2 or even more HOw can she bear the all Non veg stuff? I heard mnay guys saying adjust for these 2 months or a month.

    I am not blaming any body. The girl or boy should be careful while choosing , Don’t go by heart blindly. Think wise using your brain.

    I feel in some cases it’s good to marry othercaste for a brahmin girl, Bcos if the girl is poor and she can’t afford for marriage, If the brahmin guy sticks to dowry etc. Don’t go and marry such a money minded brahmin.

    Prefering other caste is not a bad thing. But it depends on

    whether you can adjust or not.

    Any questions? message me. I will give reply….

  423. #423 by Cyberpick on December 9, 2009 - 7:48 am

    All these are because of shear materialism and passion for flesh. Human beings have become animals. Indians irrespective of religion or caste have forgotten their roots and don’t want to get differentiated from animals. They are heading for a society where there is no distinction between 2 legged and 4 legged animal. However there is a brighter side where there are highly self-motivated youth who stand for Dharma.

  424. #424 by Brains on December 9, 2009 - 5:51 pm

    Hah, what a bullshit about a so called imaginary brahmin girl! In TN, there is a silly myth that brahmins are weak or puny. As a brahmin I challenge any of these silly non brahmins for a one on one. Unfortunately these cowards will like to take one to ten!
    BTW, I know how many non brahmin girls were desperate to have fun with me in my youth! This is a shit blog and is probably one of those sad desperate work of TN non brahmins.

  425. #425 by pandita on December 21, 2009 - 12:33 pm

    well it is by age old profession which tells us about the nature physique and a lot more things about a person well u should know mam that what u said about brahmins is right .but your views on marriage i dont understand them you r going aganist ur society this will ultimately lead u to a state of nowhere may shiva bless you think 100 times before doing that

  426. #426 by abi on December 22, 2009 - 9:05 am

    hi im a average looking muslim guy and im very serious that im looking to marry a bhramin girl so if thous who are intrested can mail me

  427. #427 by abi on December 22, 2009 - 9:15 am


    hi im an average looking muslim guy and im very serious that im looking to marry a bhramin girl so if thous who are intrested can mail me

  428. #428 by New Scientist on January 1, 2010 - 3:28 pm

    So many comments have been posted on this topic. I agree with the statements mentioned by this girl and some of the comments expressed by other people in this forum supporting her. But what we must all try to do in this forum is to use this platform to blast any form of branding that is degenerative to people at large. You cannot brand people. This is not my belief. This is the fact. If you must brand , brand as much as possible in tune with the nature. Why I say all this is…
    1. Brahmanya qualities are not synonymous with Brahmin caste. Gone are the days when a jyotisha (astrologer) fixed a caste for a new born. What is happening now is that a new born is branded a brahmin or a non-brahmin on the basis of his parents and not on the basis of Jyotisha.(the word Jati or caste system springs from this)
    2. People expressing anger against the statements of this girl are already deluded that she is against brahmanya qualities. She is not. She is against the system itself indirectly and this pokes lot of people because many people get benefits out of the present branding of caste which is not based on the original vedic methods.
    3. From the point of view of guna’s or qualities Brahmanya qualities , Kshatriya Qualities, Vaishya Qualities or the Shudra qualities are equally needed and they are not superior or inferior against each other. You need to select a goal and then see which qualities will help. If god attainment is your goal , aquiring “Brahmanya ” qualities will help. Think in this way….

    I hope I have conveyed enough…
    Bye people…

  429. #429 by vivek on January 4, 2010 - 9:27 am


    New scientist you are correct in every sence.


  430. #430 by aravind iyer on January 4, 2010 - 4:34 pm

    to everyone

    Hi friends, I am a Brahmin. I feel that good and bad everything will be in all castes.
    Many brahmins today are by birth brahmins. Not by profession or by daily activities.
    The exact meaning of brahmin meand Brahma means Satya, The one who follows satya, It means that one who only belives and does good to every one and prays good and perform yagnas for the goodness of the world.

    am sure that girl is not a brahmin.i know many girls who follow the tradition,culture of our community.feel silly of arguing this topic.

  431. #431 by Sahib on January 7, 2010 - 5:34 am

    I read only a few responses
    Though I can say my dear BRAAHMAN BROTHERS

  432. #432 by shrikanth on January 7, 2010 - 11:59 am


    Call it irony in tamilnadu nothing moves without mentioning or taking brahmins at the drop of the hat.Indeed the internmediate castes will face the reprecussions of this at a later stage .As brahmins were robbed off the lands they possessed and given to the so called middle segment and now they face the problems faced by brah,mins .No one to till the land and land holdings are fragmented and family wars do happen.

    That girl if really has posted this message might a rights activist as most brahmin ladies are and rights always means to daughter inlaws not to sister inlwas and motherinlwas !!!

    Give us one instance of positive relationships between daughter inlwa an d sister in law .These girls are ready to break families and talk rights (crap).A mother and a mother inlwa is also a female !!!!

    Any caste caste boys marrying such girls who are far removed from reality is digging his own grave well in advance !!!

    I have a case where a br girl folloishly thinks that a person who has promised marrige will marry her.She has not seen him niether his photograph nor abnything but lost and losing money in entertaining the fake braother of the family !!!
    Good luck whoever you marry u will know MOGAM 30 DAYS AND AASAI 60 DAYS be it a brahmin groom or otherwise.

  433. #433 by Priya on January 16, 2010 - 12:05 pm

    I concur with anonymous. She is completely right.

    I’m trying for bank job and they have already started seeing for alliance in our house. “sorry we prefer software engineers” is the usual response. My parents are just fed up. Most of the brahmin guys just see gals as a “sex and money” machine.

  434. #434 by Vishwa on January 16, 2010 - 1:51 pm

    @Priya: Hello, its too much strange that there is such a post by you.

    These days, girl and girl’s parents act tooooo much and their demands are too high. I am not sure who is that who have been saying that they need only software engineers.

    me and many of my friends are still struggling to find a good alliance ( good i mean : person who would value life than money ) and till today, all of us have had only failures getting a right one and all of us are still bachelors. None of us have any demands from girl / girl’s parents but for a good hearted family but its highly unfortunate that girl’s parents are way too much greedy and have a “who the hell are you” attitude.

    All of us are software engineers and have good heart, good education, ethics, own house, handsome salary, own car, everything but still finding it too tough..

    if u want to consider, please send me an email on crazyjinks@gmail.com 🙂

    !! Vishwa !!

  435. #435 by priya on January 17, 2010 - 7:36 am

    No its the other way around.

    I would prefer someone who likes me for what I am and not seeing how much I earn… ponnu nalla irukaala, nalla manushaala irukaala, nalla kudumbama avlo dhaan paakanum evlo sambadhikragardha mattum dhaan paakra indha kaalathla pillai aathla ironically.

  436. #436 by Vishwa on January 17, 2010 - 7:46 am

    @Priya: Are you scolding me ?., sorry, but I don’t understand Tamil.

  437. #437 by priya on January 17, 2010 - 9:03 am

    Haha, don’t worry the post was not pointed towards you was just talking in general about Tamil brahmin families. Good luck with your search!

  438. #438 by kshatriya girl on January 26, 2010 - 6:21 pm

    My family is very popular in our community/city and has been composed purely of kshatriyas for several generations and we respect brahmins….i even used to admire them for their auspicious ways, satisfaction with simple life, disciplined and mature mind, etc, etc
    Personally I consider myself religious. I am also a vegetarian, I don’t drink or smoke and don’t go out with guys. All our women are like that as well, but we are very well educated in case your’e wondering.

    It is true the grass seems greener on the other side. My caste is mainly composed of very brave independant ‘well-built’ ‘hero like’ guys as described by the girl-even my family men are like that. For that matter, our family women are just as courageous and outspoken (not rash or impulsive just bold). But somehow I’d like to marry a brahmin guy!! (i think it was okay for a girl to marry above her caste especially brahmin kshatriya but it was forbidden to happen the other way round?). I admire their ambition, focus and maturity and even the ancient traditions some of them still practice

    at least i used to…..after reading some of the comments above e.g. siva, ‘god laughs’….I’m beginning to see the other side of the coin….
    No caste is perfect, so only narrow minded people generalize stuff like this.

  439. #439 by kshatriya girl on January 26, 2010 - 6:26 pm

    i just read the rest of the comments…. wow u guys are actually disgusting!!! eww

    i’m sorry i visited this blog

  440. #440 by personal view on January 26, 2010 - 6:47 pm

    Brahmin men are wayy too materialistic and relentlessly practical as well as egoistic.
    While they may be highly educated and well accomplished worldly (e.g. kamal hassan, sir cv raman, the list goes on endlessly), theyr’e gutless and not really daring….just prone to playing safe and within the rules.

    I’m not saying it’s wrong….that is the difference between the classes…..the brahmins are intellectual more civilized folks (in theory!)

  441. #441 by STOP on January 26, 2010 - 7:58 pm

    I am made of flesh and blood that is the same color as yours.
    I have love, affection and duty in my heart.
    I get thirsty, I feel hunger, I sleep at night.
    I feel pain and pleasure

    Do you?


    When I fall ill, I go to the doctor,
    When my bathroom drain gets blocked I call the plumber
    When my shoe gets torn, I need a shoemaker
    When I need legal justice I see a lawyer

    I don’t care what caste any of them belong to!
    According to me, the first person to answer to my cries of help belongs to the highest caste


    Why don’t you think of the people around you as fellow comrades to the grave? What is the point of considering yourself as belonging to a caste when you are not even human enough to tolerate and understand your brethren?????


    (I believe this post by udyams was just meant for fun for entertainment purposes….it is therefore insanely stupid to take it personally)

  442. #442 by mb on January 26, 2010 - 8:28 pm

    well said “STOP”…

    caste discrimination is like being racist. in the end we are all human, capable of the same things as anyone else. we are free to become whatever we want in life. you do not need to be in a certain caste to be capable of becoming a doctor or hairdressor or anything else. being in the highest caste does not make you the smartest or being in the lowest caste does not make you the dumbest. people in india need to open their eyes, this is the 21st century for chrissakes!

    there are no certain traits or personality qualities that distinguish people based on their caste just like you cannot be distinguished based on the color of your skin or the country you are from. each indivual has their own personality which develops in the environment they grow up in. some brahmin guys may be into greed but it doesn’t mean all of them are like that. there is greed in every caste just as there is capability of love in every caste.

    btw, what is the point of the caste system exactly? the organization of it makes no sense to me…

  443. #443 by anant on January 28, 2010 - 5:42 pm

    Stupid girl

  444. #444 by kamlesh on January 29, 2010 - 11:31 am

    hai iam man very nice redding very bhramni really show thad chhu a hakikat chhae

  445. #445 by RuKsHaNnA on January 29, 2010 - 5:16 pm

    heyy people…. can u help me? i love a brahmin guy called punit pandit but he says he carnt have girlfriends due to his caste is this true? or do their parents have to decide a bride??

  446. #446 by C A PRASAD RAO on January 29, 2010 - 11:19 pm


    In real life, either brahmin or any community, people should live in reality. One cannot be cunning, they should be straightfowazrd, jolly type, helping, earning, attracting the other people. One cannot take late decisions. It leads harm in settling life.

    Hen ce move in the society mingle them be social and practical.l


  447. #447 by Krishna on February 3, 2010 - 5:51 am

    The OP (the brahmin ponnu) might not have come across the dangerous MBCs who live in Northern Tamilnadu and in Kongu region. These girls are to be enjoyed by those people. Non brahmins trap all girls and show a fake love towards them. Girls and children believe things very easily. I know many brahmin women who have even converted to other religions to marry a so called good looking guy with broad chests and shoulders, repenting for their mistakes in their late thirties. They do not know how the non brahmins cover their true characters. Brahmins do not care about others and they are what they are. She will accept this at the age of 40 and she will tell her son/daughter to marry a brahmin boy/girl. But it will be too late. Basically she is a woman and women’s desires never end.

  448. #448 by subbu iyer on February 3, 2010 - 12:37 pm

    Good to see so many brahmins discussing here and i found lot of our community people in brahminmatrimony.com and i found it useful.

  449. #449 by anu on February 4, 2010 - 3:19 pm

    Whatever the brahmin girl has observed is right,brahmin guys are terrible.They like to eat meat and drink alcohol but don’t permit their wives to do the same.Very very narrow minded bastards.I have come across many guys who do not practice what they preach.Most of them are after dowry though they draw hefty salaries ,are mamas boys when it comes to marriage,can’t think out of the box and emotioneless.95% of them are bad looking,no wonder brahmin girls do not like to marry them.Really these guys are not marriage or love material beacause these emotions do niot exist in these guys.I am not saying guys from are other castes are great there are rotten apples in all castes but brahmins stand out .
    Moreover they are orthodox and only after money.They don’t take care of their wives,the ones’ who do are pretty rare.

  450. #450 by Vivek on February 4, 2010 - 5:44 pm

    well well ….I don’t know wt to say..we are all blamming for nothing ..first I would request people not to generalise brahim “girls “or “boys ” .I would suggest you to use the word ” I ” instead of ” we ”

    I was given this link by on of the non brahmin boy who has played a totally prank here ..so people who are participating here need not be a brahmin first .

    If you feel the boys are doing some thing wrong , which boys are not supposed to do , Please mention atleast I am ready to correct myself if I fall under some category .

    similary if girls are in the fault , plz consider and take pain to think about it .

    Thanks girls I don’t do gayathri mantra 3 times a day , but I have time to listen to that from my laptop and I am little bit short tempered , but working in that and now able to see good results …

    I am in overseas .To be honest I walk for 3 Kms from here to get a veg food .Its tough . I don’t drink nor smoke .

    I am very religious and orthodox . I want to return back to India , but circumstanstances are not favouring me .

    I am not behind money , I prefer to be simple .

    I don’t believe in dowary system .Its not there in my family practices .Just wondering if brahmins are known for dowary..intersting statement , Probably due to lack of my awareness .

    I respect brahmins . so if may I request you guys not to abuse each other.It just require some mutual understanding .I like brahmin girls .You show greater adoptability . Request you girls and boys not to abuse each other for nothing as I could find many non brahmins interfering in this conversations.

    Thanks ,

  451. #451 by mb on February 4, 2010 - 8:39 pm

    in response to “anu”: I eat meat and drink alcohol with my brahmin fiance. we go out to bars and clubs together and have fun together. we are passionatley in love with eachother and he always cooks for me 🙂 there will be no dowry, dowry’s are for greedy ignorant people who don’t understand the concept of marriage.

  452. #452 by mb on February 4, 2010 - 8:42 pm

    and also “anu”, you say that brahmins are bad looking? my man is sexy as hell! 🙂

  453. #453 by Ganesh on February 4, 2010 - 9:37 pm

    If all the brahmin girls are marrying non brahmin boys, who will marry the other caste girls, it is big punishment for non brahmin girls. she will go in different way.

    Non brahmin boys trying for brahmin girls because they are very fair and beautiful. most of guys are not able to find girls because of this reason.

    Soon those people getting bored and want foreign girls only and like to settle in foreign countries only.

    Girls needs a guy. she cannot live alone.
    boys don’t need say vivekanandar and vajpai.

    Most of brahmin girls are fall in love with some non brahmin guy.

    It is not matter of habits drinking, smoking and eating Non veg. It is not harm for brahmins to eat non veg.

    We wont go to old guru kulam. Reading the vedas from guru, trend changed. technology changes.

    Brahmins wear rope and mostly wont do the mistakes.
    they are afraid of GOD.

    It is hard to find Brahmin guys marrying non brahmin girls. Brahmins can be like a hero film hero, following girls and marry.

    Soon, there will not be caste. We Should fight against government to remove the caste in the all application and certificate.

    I am brahmin, 34 year old and I plan to search and love non brahmin girl and marry. I will get it soon.

  454. #454 by Ganesh on February 4, 2010 - 9:46 pm

    Any Non Brahmin girls want to marry me?
    send your details to ganeshmu@gmail.com

  455. #455 by Chari on February 5, 2010 - 4:34 am

    Well well !!!

    First up… Are we speaking about brahmins by Birth or by actions…. As cho ramaswamy rightly said – “No one deserves to be called a Brahmin these days… All of us are vaishya’s”… I think the world is changing and inter caste marriages are becoming very common. It is the first step to breaking all barriers and becoming one nation.

    I am brahmin and my wife is not. Initially, I found it very strange but we are now used to each others tamil. Initially she used to call ‘yahoo’ as ‘yagoo’ coz tamilians who are not used to hindi and Sanskrit don’t know the ‘ha’ word because there is no ‘ha’ in tamil. But we are adjusting by learning the right way to pronounce any word…

    But cynical… cunning…. only suggest that the author of this blog has had some bad experiences with brahmin guys.

    There are all sort of guys from all sorts of caste, states background in the spectrum of men… It depends on your perspective whether someone is cunning, funny, disciplined, …

    I have sort of understood the purpose of life… because of my association with some great souls whom I can’t name specifically. I believe every human being has to contribute to humanity with the best things he/she has received from nature without considering anything (caste, religion, ethinic background). Then none of these things matter !!! Maybe some ppl think that the last part of my comment is out of context but if you think deeper you will see the light of the day.

  456. #456 by Janani on February 5, 2010 - 9:11 am

    Hey guys , How many of them are aware of the impact of cultural differences .

    I am 25 years old and I am a lawyer in a family court .Though in my school and colleges day I believed in Love marriage , after seeing the divorce cases , I threw that away from my mind .

    Love is just a phyisical attraction.If we believe that love marriage is just heart to heart understanding , then why we girls don’t efforts to marry a beggar who is standing on the road. ..try doing it, he may be good in his char .Try to understand him , he will show lot of flexibilty .

    being said the above , the Brahmin boys are bit arrogant and short tempered . You involve in few things which you are not supposed to do and blame the girls . Dowar in south India namely kerala , Tamil nadu is bit less and is almost nill I can say .Take pain to understand the girls mindset .But if u see few places like andhra , punjab , gujrat ..its massive .

    Boys my question to you ..why do u need dowary ???
    are u eligible enought to accept that u chant gayathri manthra 3 times a day ? and generally you are short tempered and egoistic behavious makes us to feel that u r not eligibloe for brahmin girls ..
    I am not pointing out every one. but things are changing..
    but its slow ,not every brahmin boys are bad at the same time not every non brahmin boys are good and as vivek said there are few non brahmin involvemnt as well in this discussion who just want to create confusion .here .Because even I was given this link by my friend who has married brahmin boys .

    To the non brahmins above ..If you feel that you are happy with ur wife/ husband , you can have it to urself and I know how much happy you are .and I know where you would be after the 10 years from now .

    I am seeing IC marraiges ending up in break up every day in my office and I am able to trace up the details of wt u guy are upto .


  457. #457 by ANNU on February 6, 2010 - 6:19 pm

    ya its true,im a brahmin girl n getting a good brahmin guy is difficult.they r just boring………….

  458. #458 by vivek on February 7, 2010 - 2:36 pm

    So You girls mean to say that getting a good non brahmin boys is easy …wow!!…wt a statement made by Annu !!..

    The girls here prefer non brhmin boys because they are already in love with them …and for counter arguement , they want to just blame brahmin boys for their justification…


  459. #459 by anu on February 8, 2010 - 7:15 am


    In response to mb I would like to say that she is really lucky that she has got a liberal guy.Apart from that he is handsome,well I am sure he falls in the other 5% category.Wishing you all the best mb.By the way I am a brahmin girl not as lucky as you are.

  460. #460 by mb on February 8, 2010 - 8:37 am

    thanks for your comments anu. if you are not married already, be patient and i am sure you may bump into the 5% also. love shows up when you least expect it. 😉 we were not even looking for love, both of us still in school… and then by chance we met and had so much in common. we are both from different sides of the world, i american and he an indian. i only came to know about brahmins and the whole caste system after we were already in love. i didn’t even know he was brahmin or what a brahmin was until one of his friends told me. i thought it was weird when we first met how he told me he was planning to have an arranged marriage after he graduates… but i guess now plans have changed 😉

  461. #461 by BD on February 8, 2010 - 10:24 am

    Anu, you may be right. But its also the other way round.. n much tougher.. Most gals marrying young realtive to guys, it seems like a big difference in the demand n supply 😉
    With the probability of the 5% meeting the other 5% being in decimals, its definitely makes it all the more impossible of finding the right partner who can really share ur life ! Well all th best so tht u get lucky sm day ..

  462. #462 by N.Ganesh on February 9, 2010 - 6:34 am

    Idiotic, Gone are days brahmins are weak. I am a brahmin 6 feet 1 inches tall and very strong and most of my cousins brothers are like me tall and very strong. Nowadays brahmins are more taller and stronger than other communities. I can crush 3 men at a time. It is the false propaganda by media (tamil films)potraying brahmins as weak and cowards.

    so dont get carried away by these false thoughts.

    All the best


  463. #463 by priya on February 11, 2010 - 1:08 am

    hi this is priya here. first of all let me admit that i am a non brahmin and i had a few brahmin friends n boy friends before. they are the most hand some and loving guys. they were nice to me. so ladies who are opposing brahmin boys leave that notiion and try it out lol

  464. #464 by mariamirza on February 15, 2010 - 12:55 am

    🙂 maybe I should just say ‘boys are the problem’. In general, in most interreligious marriages, generally the woman is asked to, or in the least, expected, to adhere to the religion of the guy. I am a non Indian, and a Muslim. I have cousins in the family who ended up marrying Indian Hindu, and conversion (on paper at least) was asked of their current wives.
    On the other hand, I have dated a Jew and a Brahmin and both insisted on my conversion before marriage could be contemplated. And even though I am a muslim, and grew up in a predominantly muslim culture and society, I was willing to make room for their roots…and not them for me.
    I sometimes wonder if this is just a male vs female thing…

  465. #465 by Nelida Rohlman on February 16, 2010 - 9:39 pm

    Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 2 days searching for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

  466. #466 by korleoni77 on February 17, 2010 - 6:44 am

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing! http://www.matrigle.com

  467. #467 by RAM IYER on February 17, 2010 - 4:34 pm

    First let us not have hatred for any religin or caste. Religion and castes are components of specialization by Nature. Nature moves in the direction of creating more and more differences or diversity and greater specializations. Nature hates uniformity. There is no high and low in nature. it is created by our mind for self importance . Among humans, groups are created by nature for specialising in physical and mental features. Even within groups each person has something special and nature does not repeat. Let us keep and cherish our specializations and continue to maintain and sustain the religion and castes. We must remember that there is no high and low and respect all. we must help others to maintain their identities. Cross breading gives temporary advantages but eventually leads to dilution, uniformity and extinction. It is losing specialisation given by nature and our ancestors. Nature is beautiful because of this diversity in appearance and behaviour. Indian civilisation being an ancient one, society formed caste groups as specialisation features naturally. History shows that there is no difference in sexual performance as otherwise it would have led to elimination of particular group. I shall come back after seeing the responses.

  468. #468 by mb on February 17, 2010 - 8:40 pm

    In response to RAM IYER: I don’t agree with your sentence, “Cross breading gives temporary advantages but eventually leads to dilution, uniformity and extinction.” Cross-breeding allows for diversity in the gene pool. When you are “in-breeding,” there are not many options to choose from and you may end up with someone you are actually related to. Of course you think it is gross to mate with a family member, but say you did. Those children from “in-breeding” would most likely develop health problems due to enhancing the bad traits that your family carries… uniformity is not good. and what exactly do you mean by uniformity? we are all human, the same species, so why not breed with eachother. we are made to breed with eachother; we have the same organs and what not. If we were not made to breed with eachother, we would not be the same species. You cannot help who you fall in love with. I think inter-racial marriages are beautiful and the children turn out beautiful as well 😉

  469. #469 by PMS on February 19, 2010 - 8:43 am

    I pity this girl for this kind of ideology … God save her

    May be this is the reason we see most Brahmin Girls trapped easily and eloping …

  470. #470 by neetu on February 21, 2010 - 7:14 am

    hello everybody m a havyaka brahmin gal.. n i find very funny abt the post.. m in love wit a havyaka guy n he s worlds best guy.. i don think any of de points mentioned about brahmin guy makes any sense.. i pity u gals whn u can find wonderful soul mates in ur community y search else whr.. tellin is easy tht u can marry a guy frm other cmmunity whn ur pulled to de reality thn the real prblm starts…. i request al gals to change their view towards brahmin guys.. thy too r human beings afterall..

  471. #471 by GOVOLS on February 22, 2010 - 4:20 am

    Very clearly, the girl who initiated this thread wasn’t really mature enough at that time. But, it doesn’t mean she will not be ever. When this kid grows up, she would understand what matters between a boy and a girl to live together is their mind sets, their chemistry match and an unconditional love between them. It doesn’t matter if you are a white, brown or black. I think this “brahmin ponnu” has already been provided with lot of education over two years and lets mark a period for this whining girl.

  472. #472 by kamala_ram on February 23, 2010 - 2:50 pm

    Greetings to every one!!!

    As such the brahmin society is much of a loose connexion to the modernity and strong bonding to traditionality.

    In the brahmin society, the girls nowadays are given a free hand and that they tend to take things in a fashioned mode.

    It is the brahmin boys who undergo the strict FIRE tests and by the time they are at the final end at the highest position and earning a highest salary (without being a BE/MBA) , then it is of no use.

    For my cousin it is the same situation. He is now aged 33 and that he works as a Senior Quality Control in the field of IT-Enabled Services a.k.a medical transcription. Very much he is an expert in that field with more than 13 years of experience with much knowledge in SAP.

    Searching a girl for him is very tough now for me and I feel that better he should have been married much earlier, but time had played a spoil sport in his life in the form of horoscope matching–devil’s matching as I would like to say.

    Now he is planning on marrying a person who is other than an indian i.e. either a russian or a european lady as they are very much comfortable and open in their ideas about indian boys especially brahmin boys who are very much crazy about their family and that their involvement in the family circle is much more.—RIGHT ADVANTAGE

    These women from either a russian or a european country do display their education and do not display what they are earning as they find it as an embarrassment

    Unlike the their Indian brahmin counterparts (brahmin iyer and iyengar girls) who very much exhibit their earnings for eg 6 lakhs/p.a. to 60 lakhs/p.a. and expect a BE/MBA/CA/CWA/MBBS—blaah, blaah, blaah, blaah. (kind of or sort of making a product for marketing).

    As such I have seen my friend’s cousins (3 of them) who are at the same age of my cousin brother, are now married to russian and european girls. The trend now is changing for brahmin boys, who are marrying european/russian girls.

  473. #473 by kamala_ram on February 23, 2010 - 3:10 pm

    Also certain situations force the brahmin boys to take up responsibilities as (they are boys/men) deemed to be.

    Even preferring to go abroad for studies is not approved as there is a suspicion that the boy may get spoiled (even if he is not)

    But in case of a brahmin girl, the matter is much approved with lots of permission for a go ahead to study abroad. Studying abroad is not a problem but expecting a persons with the same type of abroad education is the WRONG IDEA.

    Even doing a BE/MBA/CA/CWA/MBBS and who very much exhibit their earnings for eg 6 lakhs/p.a. to 60 lakhs/p.a.
    is not a problem for girls, but expecting a person who is a BE/MBA/CA/CWA/MBBS—blaah, blaah, blaah, blaah—is a NONSENSE.

    It is not the money or the qualification that makes a person, but it is the open mind and a loving heart full of affection, caring and sharing attitude and love that makes a person and that the brahmin boys are up in that level.

    Love Marriage

    The case of a love marriage between a brahmin girl and a non-brahmin boy is very much approved nowadays, but if it is the case of a brahmin boy with a non-brahmin girl is very much spurned/rejected with contempt/disdained/jilted/scorned off/turned down.

    This happens even today, whereby the brahmin boy’s parents refuse to accept the marriage and that the boy is not permitted in any of the family rituals and he is kept outside and treated like an untouchable. I AM VERY SICK OF IT.

    There are also other cases whereby the brahmin boys get one step greater by way of marrying widows with/without children. These brahmin women who were widows are now accepting unmarried brahmin boys as their FIRST choice, more than a divorcee or a widower. Even if the widow earns a hell lot of money, they do not display their earnings (great), but they tend to accept the unmarried brahmin boys with a open and broadminded heart.NOW THIS IS THE CURRENT TREND.

    Better the unmarried brahmin girls come to an understanding of this also and change their mind or else they will be sitting till the end with nothing to spare at their end.

    Even if the wid

  474. #474 by kamala_ram on February 23, 2010 - 3:12 pm

    Also certain situations force the brahmin boys to take up responsibilities as (they are boys/men) deemed to be.

    Even preferring to go abroad for studies is not approved as there is a suspicion that the boy may get spoiled (even if he is not)

    But in case of a brahmin girl, the matter is much approved with lots of permission for a go ahead to study abroad. Studying abroad is not a problem but expecting a persons with the same type of abroad education is the WRONG IDEA.

    Even doing a BE/MBA/CA/CWA/MBBS and who very much exhibit their earnings for eg 6 lakhs/p.a. to 60 lakhs/p.a.
    is not a problem for girls, but expecting a person who is a BE/MBA/CA/CWA/MBBS—blaah, blaah, blaah, blaah—is a NONSENSE.

    It is not the money or the qualification that makes a person, but it is the open mind and a loving heart full of affection, caring and sharing attitude and love that makes a person and that the brahmin boys are up in that level.

    Love Marriage

    The case of a love marriage between a brahmin girl and a non-brahmin boy is very much approved nowadays, but if it is the case of a brahmin boy with a non-brahmin girl is very much spurned/rejected with contempt/disdained/jilted/scorned off/turned down.

    This happens even today, whereby the brahmin boy’s parents refuse to accept the marriage and that the boy is not permitted in any of the family rituals and he is kept outside and treated like an untouchable. I AM VERY SICK OF IT.

    There are also other cases whereby the brahmin boys get one step greater by way of marrying widows with/without children. These brahmin women who were widows are now accepting unmarried brahmin boys as their FIRST choice, more than a divorcee or a widower. Even if the widow earns a hell lot of money, they do not display their earnings (great), but they tend to accept the unmarried brahmin boys with a open and broadminded heart.NOW THIS IS THE CURRENT TREND.

    Better the unmarried brahmin girls come to an understanding of this also and change their mind or else they will be sitting till the end with nothing to spare at their end.


  475. #475 by kamala_ram on February 23, 2010 - 3:21 pm


    To all of you, better make a note of what mariammirza had expressed in her words.

    Brahmin girls you better have a good understanding of life and its virtues, but that expecting a brahmin boy who should be a BE/MBA/CA/CWA/MBBS—blaah, blaah, blaah, blaah—is a NONSENSE.


  476. #476 by kamala_ram on February 23, 2010 - 4:01 pm

    Also there is one more of a current trend marrying with an age difference of more than 10 years. This is another such feature that which has emerged in the brahminical society.

    Getting to marry a person with/without disability is not a problem, but now marrying with a difference of more than 10 years, where by there is much more understanding of each other partners in the brahminical society. Education is not a barrier, earning is not a barrier, but it is the age, which is another barrier that which is now being bypassed and being shunted at present. This point is very much surpassed and given much elevation in a more elegant (elephant’s mind) fashion.

    A good understanding despite the age difference, it is the crown of the matrimonial life. It is the pearl of the eye, where it provides much benefit to the partners.

    In the brahminical society, cultural and traditional values play a great role and are given much more importance more than anything, but when the brahmin girls are given a chance of being offered an upliftment in life, they take it and enjoy it, but it is the greed for money and position which takes a place at the base to the highest level.

    Brahmin Girls are not measured by anything except a loving, caring, sharing and person with a good heart (even with the highest qualification and earning–broadminded).

    Eventually it is the brahmin boys, who are measured by way of their EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION and SALARY per month/CTC/earnings per month and annum. THIS HAS TO CHANGE.

  477. #477 by sumanth on February 24, 2010 - 3:52 pm

    all of the mentioned above qualities may not hold good for all the brahmin boys…. the girl who wrote this is stupid…she just has seen 2 or 3 boys of such type and blaming all….

    many brahmin boys keep up their virginity , but most of brahmin girls have affairs with sc st and other low caste boys and also this brahmin girls should learn ,, how to look beautiful from other girls… they just dont look attractive….. and their expectations from boys r too much..
    fuck.. u people if u dont like to marry a bramin boy… go marry sc/st and fall into a hell…. he wil beat u every night

    cmon boys rise up, if some girls r as stupid as these girls.. dont bother… keep up ur virginity and also marry a virgin…
    every girls indeed wil not be as stupid… i hope….

    finallu i would like to say…………….

    if u ra brahmin marry a brahmin

  478. #478 by karthik on February 24, 2010 - 5:43 pm

    hi all of u Iam also a brahmin who support our caste strongly because we r the guys who is going to rule the
    world but what is my suggestions to all of our guys are
    be union among ourseleves ,then thinking about some guys in our caste is eating non-veg ,smoking & drinking that shoes our union among themselves is not yet completed, next coming to the brahmin girls the expectations comparing to the other cast girls is more (for ex: more sugar leads to diabites) i. e more money leads to problem in your life so brahmi girls marry marry brahmin boys and make a good relationship among us .”BEST OF LUCK FOR ALL WHO HAVE FEAR ON GOD”

  479. #479 by parag atre on February 25, 2010 - 8:42 am

    I am a bramhin and I am very proud of m superior genes and values..we bramhins rule the world. And If we donot keep our pride high..these muslims and christians will marry oour daughters and sisters..convert them..have you ever question yourself that why muslim girls did not marry a hindu or bramhins..people be proud that you are a hindu and bramhims, otherwise we all will be muslims one day..that day is not so far

  480. #480 by Mandar pimputkar on February 26, 2010 - 8:54 am

    Mandar Pimputkar,
    I am young maharastrian devrukhe brahman, pure vegetarian, n posses all the features that all brahman boys use to have typically. n feel proud of myself being a typial brahman boy, who hav great history to tell right from peshwa regime n till these days) I can understand the girls viewpoint ( only brahmans can do that) but at the same time sense a lack of maturity in her. what a pitty! Just remember rome was not bulld in a day, good things take time to pay off. i belive brahmans r taken for granted for their preservence, their sincierity. for an example i tell u i lost my mother in childhood but still competed my mechanical engineering by living with my father for ten years n that too bye bening ethical. ONLY brahman boys can do that, i hav nt found simillar case in non brahman boys bt in brahmans the ans is yes. we do respect others but many virues of gentlman like, kindness, sympthatic, inttlecually driven, spirtuality can be found in brahman boys. you put brahmans in any circumstances they will rise to the success eventually, such as the blood of brahmans. its rising class, n that too bye being ethical, n that too in these days! they hav got know help yet they come up bye their own. its difficult to describre to all abt. brahman boys because its more about experience than description. i am sure all brahman boys will be agree on this. all girls just keep in mind all that gliteers is not gold. think for gold, think for long term. goodbye

  481. #481 by anu on February 26, 2010 - 2:15 pm


    This is in response to kamamla ram’s comments.She thinks brahmin girla are fools.They too have a mind of their own.It is not wrong to expect a well educated and a well settled man if the girl has a sound education and if she is earning well and of course a good nature is also essential.Girls either brahmin or otherwise always behave in a responsible manner hence parents are not reluctant to send their daughter’s abroad for studies whereas in case of the boys there is no guarantee that they will behave in a responsible manner. Most brahmin men go after girls who are much younger than them ,wether they are accepted or not is another matter,this also shows that the demands of brahmin men are too much.There are only a few women who will accept such big differences in ages(it is almost like a generation gap),I do not think any modern educatred brahmin women will accept that.To them a girl’s education, looks and character have no meaning its just the age difference which matters to them.So much age difference is rrquired because they want to dominate their wives.Most of the brahmin guys are misers thats the reason why most brahmin girls dislike brahmin men.Till now all the brahmin men I have met have misbehaved and it is also not correct to say that all brahmin men are virgins till they get married.

  482. #482 by Mandar pimputkar on February 27, 2010 - 5:57 pm

    Mandar Pimputkar,
    with reference to the comment made by anu.
    It is very pathetic to hear your remarks. It is very unfortunate that the brahman men to whom you mate hav misbehaved with you but all men are not same neither are women. still there are large no. of men who are truely gentleman in all regard. they are kind, loving, understanding n too have sympathy for all. We are borned in great country of swami vivekananda, samarth ramdas, pandit isshwarchandra vidyasagar and many. still in city like mumbai there are good people ,you wont belive but thats true. fgt abt illcit affairs but they still considered its unethical to take undue advantage of women in helpless situations.
    As far as brahman boys are concerned let me tell you their problem( as i am myself a strict brahman). right from earlier brahmans have remained leaders in all parts of life, they hav got natural inspiration from within that as i am borned as brahman then i must do something great bcoz my ancestors were great, and so should i. it is difficult for them to accept defeat in life. but it is not possible to be winner at all d time, so that triggers a conflict in their minds abt the condition in which they currently are n the positon they want to be in future and the ultimare soltution to this is more work, more work and more work n so marrige takes in backseat. its like hunter is getting hunted by himself. brahmans are victim of their own mentalty than anybody else, outer critisism is not that much responcible for this, brahmans take it for granted right from ealier. also rising demands is also reason behind this. nowdays supposed to be brides don want to struggle n don want to make home with husband by waiting for long periods after marriage. They want lavish lifestyle right from begining. wht the brahman guys are going to do over this haah!!!!

  483. #483 by Rajanukku Rajan on March 1, 2010 - 2:57 pm

    Very Good mindsets !!!.But above all we are just doing things which are already determined very long ago by God.Even atoms are roaming in a particular orbits which are already determined.So we have to accept the life the way it goes.we are just receivers to do the things which are already wel planned .By the way what is your openion about second marriage.( though we hered and belives about Lord Shiv…Lord Vishnu…Lord Ganesha…..Lord Muruga….. etc are got married with two girls.Your valued reply are well taken .

  484. #484 by XYZ on March 2, 2010 - 1:39 pm

    @Ashutosh vyas : I SALUTE U

  485. #485 by XYZ on March 2, 2010 - 1:43 pm

    @Ashutosh vyas : UR POST IS PAKKA

  486. #486 by ram IYERWAAL on March 5, 2010 - 10:53 pm

    Actually I would like to underline the word Iyer 😀
    First of all I think this was blogged by some non brahmin guy

    Brahmin girls are the most beautiful girls in this world and very cultured and soft natured.

    Many of my non brahmin friends are interested in Brahmin girls and I appreciate that

    My non brahmin friend is really talented and good hearted to attract a brahmin girl and he himself became a pure vegetarian now for that love.

    Secondly I respect Humanity I dont support caste or community.I dont care even.

    But today brahmins are not begging for seats in IIT or IIM
    or in any government related places

    Till now we never formed a party or we never formed a group against any community so please understand that fact

    We dont hurt other’s feelings.We dont hurt any living beings.We are soft but not timid

    We feel like “We dont want that problem.we have hell lotta problems in our own life”

    Ok regarding this brahmin girl “you speak that brahmins are impotent” guess your father is a so called brahmin

    i know why you say like this “your mom forgot blog like you and your dad forgot to read your mom’s blog”

    so you are talking shite now 😀

    I dont have even a single brahmin friend.I love a brahmin girl.I am happy with what I am 🙂

    There are only 2 community.. male and female communities

    That girl didnt give respect to male community and no doubt that the non brahmin guy marrying that girl will suffer a lot 🙂

    all my brothers dont give shite to these kinda girl…she will fuck you today and she will fuck someone else tomorrow

    I know you are not from female community either.no brahmin girls will give feel on reading this blog cos intelligent brahmin girls know to decide on their own 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

    ❤ this blog 🙂

  487. #487 by ram IYERWAAL on March 5, 2010 - 11:16 pm

    This is to all girls
    please dont mistake me

    Please say it as general
    why you prefixing a boy with a word brahmin when you say something wrong?

    How many good brahmin boys are there you know?

    some boy cheated me..ok

    brahmin boy cheated me….this is bad

    we dont map community to cast color creed differences ..we treat it like divine..our community taught how to respect humanity..so we give more respect to our community

    anyways be happy that brahmin community is dying day by day..

    I dont wanna hurt anyone here..lemme get hurt by seeing a brahmin hurting brahmin


  488. #488 by ramm IYERWAAL on March 5, 2010 - 11:16 pm

    Actually I would like to underline the word Iyer 😀
    First of all I think this was blogged by some non brahmin guy

    Brahmin girls are the most beautiful girls in this world and very cultured and soft natured.

    Many of my non brahmin friends are interested in Brahmin girls and I appreciate that

    My non brahmin friend is really talented and good hearted to attract a brahmin girl and he himself became a pure vegetarian now for that love.

    Secondly I respect Humanity I dont support caste or community.I dont care even.

    But today brahmins are not begging for seats in IIT or IIM
    or in any government related places

    Till now we never formed a party or we never formed a group against any community so please understand that fact

    We dont hurt other’s feelings.We dont hurt any living beings.We are soft but not timid

    We feel like “We dont want that problem.we have hell lotta problems in our own life”

    Ok regarding this brahmin girl “you speak that brahmins are impotent” guess your father is a so called brahmin

    i know why you say like this “your mom forgot blog like you and your dad forgot to read your mom’s blog”

    so you are talking shite now 😀

    I dont have even a single brahmin friend.I love a brahmin girl.I am happy with what I am 🙂

    There are only 2 community.. male and female communities

    That girl didnt give respect to male community and no doubt that the non brahmin guy marrying that girl will suffer a lot 🙂

    all my brothers dont give shite to these kinda girl…she will fuck you today and she will fuck someone else tomorrow

    I know you are not from female community either.no brahmin girls will give feel on reading this blog cos intelligent brahmin girls know to decide on their own 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

    ❤ this blog 🙂

  489. #489 by naan-brahmin guy on March 5, 2010 - 11:25 pm

    edho oru thevidiya payyan apdi panna enna mayirukku saying wrongly about brahmins

    nee enna mayirukku emaantha? unna yaaru kalyanathukku munnadi padukka sonnadhu?

    its not for brahmins..for any community..if a bitch like you force (padukka koopta) any boy will loose his control

    you dont have control and dont call brahmins are bastards

    I think a particular reader will read this post 🙂

  490. #490 by Enge Brahman! on March 6, 2010 - 8:44 pm

    Now a days girls expectations are different.It changes with time and trend

    It is not wise to comment on someone’s physique.

    Think only one thing,God created us with a good physique with that try to achieve something better.You may not be even fit to google and come here to this place if you are visually impaired.

    Just 1 minute think that god created us in this world as well as physically impaired people.just try to analyse why he created like this

    Instead of wasting your time by thinking who is best.Be best yourself.

    One thing remember people,dont think your parents are out dated and they dont know what culture is

    They created you…. They taught you everything…. They cried for you….. if they think thats just a physical comfort you are not here now in this position.So they know whats good for you.They did good for past 21-25 years.

    What difference you found in this culture? Are you eating food other way? No , right? similarly nothing is changed till now.its just an illusion.

    Try to make sense for your life.Enjoy each and every moment.All cant become a great scientist or President of the country.But you all can become a human being and enjoy the life happily by spending time with loved ones
    let it be your spouse or parents or grandchildren

    “Its not about how many seconds you lived in this world , Its about how many seconds took your breath away”

    “Gift your parents by marrying the guy/girl they pointing”
    “Gift your guy/girl by giving you completely”

    The way you treat your parents today,the same way your children treats you tomorrow

    Dont give birth to children if you are not sure of bringing them up properly.Please!

    I am just 19 years old and I am a brahmin I struggled a lot in my life and I know the value of life.I enjoyed each and every moment till now and will enjoy forever 🙂

  491. #491 by paradim-shift on March 7, 2010 - 7:53 pm

    one can not typecast brahmin girl/boys.

    they are product of situation , concepts and belief system anchored in them much like every one of us.

    Brahmins have their own set of problem which has manifested because their own ideologies and dogma.

    the character of girl/boy is the tree grown on the land of his/her society and parentage…

    Instead of crowing problem see the roots of it.

  492. #492 by Rajanukku Rajan on March 10, 2010 - 4:34 am

    Very Good mindsets !!!.But above all we are just doing things which are already determined very long ago by God.Even atoms are roaming in a particular orbits which are already determined.So we have to accept the life the way it goes.we are just receivers to do the things which are already wel planned .By the way what is your openion about second marriage.( though we hered and belives about Lord Shiv…Lord Vishnu…Lord Ganesha…..Lord Muruga….. etc are got married with two girls.Your valued reply are well taken .

  493. #493 by Rajanukku Rajan on March 11, 2010 - 7:34 am

    Very Good mindsets !!!.But above all we are just doing things which are already determined very long ago by God.Even atoms are roaming in a particular orbits which are already determined.So we have to accept the life the way it goes.we are just receivers to do the things which are already wel planned .By the way what is your openion about second marriage.( though we hered and belives about Lord Shiv…Lord Vishnu…Lord Ganesha…..Lord Muruga….. etc are got married with two girls.Your valued reply are well taken .

    What is your idea about getting married with 2nd wife

  494. #494 by paradim-shift on March 11, 2010 - 5:33 pm

    >>>Very Good mindsets !!!.But above all we are just doing things which are already determined very long ago by God.Even atoms are roaming in a particular orbits which are already determined.So we have to accept the life the way it goes.we are just receivers to do the things which are already wel planned

    <<>>By the way what is your openion about second marriage.( though we hered and belives about Lord Shiv…Lord Vishnu…Lord Ganesha…..Lord Muruga….. etc are got married with two girls.Your valued reply are well taken .

    What is your idea about getting married with 2nd wife

    <<< Lord Shiv…Lord Vishnu…Lord Ganesha…..Lord Muruga .. they had lot easier socio/economic environment you see… so practically dont ever attempt it. its not for less mortal like u and me… why do u have to multiple complexity that too twice … 🙂 jokes apart …

    If u are marring a girl to give her second chance in family life that would be great but not to make her second to another wife ….

    hmmm how to make right decision all the time …you may asses it as follows

    odds of desired outcome * quantify the benefits … 🙂

    i haven't replied u the answer u were seeking directly since it will not be complete without your own assessment …..

    but i have given u the keys …

    Flow like a river..

  495. #495 by Broderick Gibert on March 12, 2010 - 11:43 pm

    Excellent! If I could write like this I would be well chuffed. The more I read articles of such quality as this (which is rare), the more I think there could be a future for the Web. Keep it up, as it were.

  496. #496 by Sahana on March 13, 2010 - 9:40 am

    I am a married woman. But i say brahmin boys are generally good. But there may be some exceptions. Even brahmin girls are good too. it is not just because of genes. but it is the culture followed. i liked in brahmin caste is , there is no dowry. beating husband/wife is considered inhumane. There follow non-voilence. I agree that physically they are weak compared to non-vegitarians. I am not against inter-caste marriage. but it is very difficult to follow. I have seen brahmin girls who married to non-brahmins and repenting on their past decisions. It is very difficult for a brahmin girl to adjust in a non-brahmin environment. Especially food and culture will be a problem. Ego problem will be there in every caste or religion. Before weeding a lover will try to show only his/her good behavior. After wedding only reality will be realized. So in my opinion, brhmin or non-brahmin better to marry in their own community, so there will be no necessity to make too many compromises.

  497. #497 by divesh vyasan on March 13, 2010 - 10:45 am

    even i am a brahmin boy sexually attractive broad sholderd etc. i like to marry brahmin girls but i have never seen any girl who is sexy 36 24 32 even im not intrested in marrying a brahmin girl.

  498. #498 by XYZ on March 14, 2010 - 1:00 pm

    bcoz of this girl (who posted very bad about brahmin guys) i think people will start thinking bad about brahmin girls.

    The girl who posted this may not even be a brahmin. this may be IDEA of some people to SPOIL name of Brahmin community.

    Brahmin girls Are always good. am sure the person who has posted this is not a brahmin.

    Brahmin GUYS ROCK!!!! No doubt about it.

  499. #499 by XYZ on March 14, 2010 - 1:05 pm

    @BRAHMIN GUYS : PLS dont change ur mind at any cost. If u dont support your community then who else will????


    Y der is much talk only about our community ???? Think how blessed we are.

    Every community has its own importance. Let us not disturb other communities.

  500. #500 by mandar pimputkar on March 15, 2010 - 3:13 pm

    very well said my xyz brother! I am compleetly agree with u that disturbance should not be created, it feels all brahmins share one common thought flow to some extent. although we think the girls remark as immatured and feels unjustice is done to us but for one moment, just for one moment think in womens point of view( not as brahmin woman only) that she has got every right to get herself pleased in the way she wants, (in moral way!) as she too herself a woman like any other woman in the end. it will be very wrongfull to stick her a label as immoral when she is asking for bare nessesary thing from men .we can not take that right away from her just because she is not speaking in our favour. we should be kind enough to understand lifes difficulties, uncertanities and JUST normal human expectations. Although i am good in almost all areas of life( thanks to god n parents) but if this would have ocurred to me personally i will not feel bad. I understand the girls point of view altough i did not like it as her remarks is against my community. it is because of brahmin values i can think of in this way! why to blame her?dint we boys get excited and expect in the same way while choosing our life partner. I am not bluffing u brothers ( i am myself a very strict brahmin) but asking you to think of in more human way. sometimes critisism also does good for us, we should take it as opprtunity that is asking us to prove ourself rather than a difficulty.
    I don consider the girls opinion as liberal but at ths same time should respect a personal preference, be it a man or woman. even brahmin boys too should give it a second thought to ths whole issue. treat all with love and respect, as every human neds it whether he is brahmin or not!

  501. #501 by Tech sputter on March 15, 2010 - 3:30 pm

    plz visit our new site created for both brahmins and non brahmins…..enjoy guys!!

  502. #502 by XYZ on March 16, 2010 - 3:31 am

    what i meant is tat whatever the girl(the one who has posted) has said is ABSOLUTELY wrong.

  503. #503 by sgb on March 16, 2010 - 6:56 am

    radhe radhe

    hello all Firstly, i am brahmin girl and proud to be an indian then brahmin. second, dont know if this is fake comment or geniune one. still my views, ours is male dominated society so we cant stop or avoid male chavenism. When we marry we not only marry individuals but family too so bird of same feather flock together. While seeing horoscope apart from caste we see family comaptibility, social-status, financial status, mutual bondage (gothra/family)etc, values we respect, then education cum job too. Many brahmin guys follow clean life too and if they expect same type its OK, but if guys(irrespective of caste) follow nonsense life and they epxect PATI VRATA then its not OK. The problem with guys is thee expect from any girl more values, money, beauty then they have and remain submisive to them. If brahmin guy drinks, smokes, eat non-veg its INDIVIDUAL PROBLEM not caste or parents upbringing.


  504. #504 by Sahana on March 16, 2010 - 9:44 am

    Please read the link(http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuOO2m65xIO4agtCsGcNs63B7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20100316022838AAr49te) which will answer your questions.

  505. #505 by Sahana on March 16, 2010 - 10:31 am

    read the below mail from yahoo………..
    I am a brahmin girl married a scheduled cast boy how to solve my family problem?
    We both loved when we worked together , My parents did not accept for my marriage with him because of the caste, my father told me i cannot manage their cast methods but i told my father my husband will not allow me to suffer , but now we both got married i came out of my home his family accepted for the marriage they only did our marriage , i gave his family more respect and love , once i got pregnant their family started conditions and also his mother started telling about me to my husband as i am not giving respect to them , his mother told once that my mother told her that she will buy a house for my husband in chennai which is false , from that time problem within us started my child was born in 2009 sep that also my husband was in the mood of divorcing me. as i went to delivery my daughter at my home town…. actually my story is very long.. my main problem is my mother in law who says lies to my husband and he be lives that she says truth now totally his family members want me to get scared of them and want to take my daughter frequently to his home town which is 3 hr travel from chennai. because of this we are facing fights which spoils our relationship.. i understood the main problem comes from their caste only ,

    1. I do not want to give non-veg to my daughter ?
    2. They speak more bad words i am afraid my daughter may speak those
    3. They behave very harshly they are not soft
    4. now she is 6 months they want me to start every thing for her…

    I do not known how to manage future problems also can any one help me…but one thing my husband can understand the good things which i say from my cast the problem is my mother in law is not allowing to do so

  506. #506 by anu on March 17, 2010 - 1:40 pm


    Thanks to Mr.Mandar Pimputkar, it seems at least is trying to understand women in general ,their problems and aspirations whereas other brahmins guys have refused to understand the problem.sgb is right too guys in general expect a lot from girls wether they themselves meet the criteria or not ,that is what irks women.

  507. #507 by Karthik on March 20, 2010 - 6:20 am

    This thought is very very wrong.. Who said brahmin boys are weak.. So mny boys are in 6 feet and very strong, knowledgeable and handsome. But in cinema and serials treats like brahmins are cowards, weak, waste. But this not true.They are want to snoof , because so many pupils in our caste are knowledgeable than other castes… In other caste they are very unity, and they got so many offers from the government..But our caste, they are not unity,,, that y that girl teasing our caste boys in internet…

  508. #508 by Karthik on March 20, 2010 - 6:22 am

    This thought is very very wrong.. Who said brahmin boys are weak.. So mny boys are in 6 feet and very strong, knowledgeable and handsome. But in cinema and serials treats like brahmins are cowards, weak, waste. But this not true.They are want to snoof , because so many pupils in our caste are knowledgeable than other castes… In other caste they are very unity, and they got so many offers from the government..But our caste, they are not unity,,, that y that girl teasing our caste boys in internet…h

  509. #509 by xyz on March 20, 2010 - 8:11 am


  510. #510 by I_understand_you_all on March 20, 2010 - 8:49 am

    I don’t want to dismiss some of the points raised by this girl. She must have experienced these things and when I read , I also though “How Correctly said?”. Then I thought ,it has happened to me also. Would it have happened to others as well…this experience of cunningness by a brahmin etc. I have also experienced some feel-good things by brahmin friends. I was not groomed to see difference but trained later to see these variances.
    I beieve India is a place where rampant forms of apartheid exists in every sphere life justified by by some means or other and above all actively encouarged and supported by various groups of people. Brahminism is only one form apartheid which exists in areas where it is actively practised.
    Let’s try to bury the past and open a new future…

  511. #511 by Bhaskar Iyer on March 20, 2010 - 11:41 am

    Hi I_understand_you_all you seem to have raised good points. India is the place where prejudice exists rampantly. I am a brahmin and in certain people view me with suspicion. In US, one of my American colleagues asked me if I don’t mix well with other fellow Indians in India. He said , we all mixed well in US but in India it is not so. I was ashamed internally and tried to bounce the question with Whites Vs Blacks etc….
    I guess as a group we did something to other people but it’s not an organized effort as it seemed. There were internal crticism and non-support for those ideas as well. But let me say one thing from the point of view of management for everything demand exists only if supply exists but vice versa. I probably want to add that the other communities made themselves weak to have been manipulated by a group among us. They demanded this.This is not justification and all this has to change….
    Best Regards

  512. #512 by Rajanukku Rajan on March 24, 2010 - 10:45 am

    Hey good minded people:
    A real story happened in one of the office :
    A newly joined girl from Brahmin community started loving a boy from the same company and the boy smeld the she is in love with him and he also truly loving her but he is not expelled it to her though he is already married and because of that he is avoided her but realy failed infront of hertrue .Finally she came to know that he is a realy married person and it was happened on his second new born childs birthday celeberations in the office .On that day she was crying crying and she showed One Diamond Heartin Dolar as a sign of proposing to him but he was just acted that he was not carying to it and he was watched all the things quitely and he was kept cool and just avoided her for a week and by the next week also she was crying in the office .At that time his manager asked the boy to go to onsite for atleast three month but he said even for a year at onsite is also ok to me like that (just to avoid her).But on that day also she was contineuously crying and she was again showing a Heartin Dolar to him then he finaly asked her by action that is it True like that and she said yes daa… Then also he was quite confused because whether she is matured enough or not like that and he was kept silence. On the next week the girl was started crying again then he asked directly to her through office communicator that i am there for you all the time dont worry like that but she replyied that for upto how long you will be …..etc. then on the next day also she was crying as usual and he watched all this things and this day he also proposed her that I am in love with you and i will marry you like that…but she kept quite on that day and was very happy and mean while this problem leaked out to all of the office people and they started ragging her that his wife and two childrense has to go out from him etc etc etc….and after 15 days another boy has proposed to her and stating to her that i am in love with you since from one year like that .Then she agreed to the second boys proposal and started (acting)loving him but truely having a mind set and dedicated herself to the first boy and cheating herself and the first boy and the second boy altogather .now i am seekiong to your valuable and resonable comments…….Reply ASAP.please be noted that this is a true one happening on real time …….

  513. #513 by Rajanukku Rajan on March 24, 2010 - 10:55 am

    Hey good minded people:
    A real story happened in one of the office :
    A newly joined girl from Brahmin community started loving a boy from the same company and the boy smeld the she is in love with him and he also truly loving her but he is not expelled it to her though he is already married and because of that he is avoided her but realy failed infront of hertrue .Finally she came to know that he is a realy married person and it was happened on his second new born childs birthday celeberations in the office .On that day she was crying crying and she showed One Diamond Heartin Dolar as a sign of proposing to him but he was just acted that he was not carying to it and he was watched all the things quitely and he was kept cool and just avoided her for a week and by the next week also she was crying in the office .At that time his manager asked the boy to go to onsite for atleast three month but he said even for a year at onsite is also ok to me like that (just to avoid her).But on that day also she was contineuously crying and she was again showing a Heartin Dolar to him then he finaly asked her by action that is it True like that and she said yes daa… Then also he was quite confused because whether she is matured enough or not like that and he was kept silence. On the next week the girl was started crying again then he asked directly to her through office communicator that i am there for you all the time dont worry like that but she replyied that for upto how long you will be …..etc. then on the next day also she was crying as usual and he watched all this things and this day he also proposed her that I am in love with you and i will marry you like that…but she kept quite on that day and was very happy and mean while this problem leaked out to all of the office people and they started ragging her that his wife and two childrense has to go out from him etc etc etc…(Note:the first boy and she were loving each others truly and silently with out any filmy actions and it was revealed out to the office .Due to this matter the boys long time wish (i.e) his promotion with good increment etc was spoiled out and respect btwn the other persons too).and after 15 days another boy has proposed to her and stating to her that i am in love with you since from one year like that .Then she agreed to the second boys proposal and started (acting)loving him but truely having a mind set and dedicated herself to the first boy and cheating herself and the first boy and the second boy altogather .now i am seeking to your valuable and resonable comments…….Reply ASAP.please be noted that this is a true one happening on real time every day and whether the girls decision is correct or what . etc …….

  514. #514 by Rajanukku Rajan on March 24, 2010 - 11:07 am

    on March 24, 2010 at 10:55 am Rajanukku Rajan
    Hey good minded people:
    A real story happened in one of the office :
    A newly joined girl from Brahmin community started loving a boy from the same company and the boy smeld the she is in love with him and he also truly loving her but he is not expelled it to her though he is already married and because of that he is avoided her but realy failed infront of hertrue .Finally she came to know that he is a realy married person and it was happened on his second new born childs birthday celeberations in the office .On that day she was crying crying and she showed One Diamond Heartin Dolar as a sign of proposing to him but he was just acted that he was not carying to it and he was watched all the things quitely and he was kept cool and just avoided her for a week and by the next week also she was crying in the office .At that time his manager asked the boy to go to onsite for atleast three month but he said even for a year at onsite is also ok to me like that (just to avoid her).But on that day also she was contineuously crying and she was again showing a Heartin Dolar to him then he finaly asked her by action that is it True like that and she said yes daa… Then also he was quite confused because whether she is matured enough or not like that and he was kept silence. On the next week the girl was started crying again then he asked directly to her through office communicator that i am there for you all the time dont worry like that but she replyied that for upto how long you will be …..etc. then on the next day also she was crying as usual and he watched all this things and this day he also proposed her that I am in love with you and i will marry you like that…but she kept quite on that day and was very happy and mean while this problem leaked out to all of the office people and they started ragging her that his wife and two childrense has to go out from him etc etc etc…(Note:the first boy and she were loving each others truly and silently with out any filmy actions and it was revealed out to the office .Due to this matter the boys long time wish (i.e) his promotion with good increment etc was spoiled out and respect btwn the other persons too).and after 15 days another boy has proposed to her and stating to her that i am in love with you since from one year like that .Then she agreed to the second boys proposal and started (acting)loving him but truely having a mind set and dedicated herself to the first boy and cheating herself and the first boy and the second boy altogather .now i am seeking to your valuable and resonable comments…….Reply ASAP.please be noted that this is a true one happening on real time every day and whether the girls decision is correct or what . etc …….

  515. #515 by bramhin rokz on March 24, 2010 - 12:55 pm

    HEY Guys remember bramhin boys rokzzzz……….

    may be bramhins girls dont fell bramhins boys attractive but other beautyful girls doo. I think they are really having a better taste

  516. #516 by me...... on March 25, 2010 - 5:37 am

    frist thing she dont have taste of selecting good boys…

    second, i dont think bhrahmin guys are so bad as she discribed….

    they rock every where…. they are intelligent, smart, good looking…

  517. #517 by Kamala Ram on March 27, 2010 - 12:30 pm

    As such what Anu has expressed is just nothing more than just dreams.

    To be frank, till today in my personal experience, my cousin is experiencing the odds more than the evens of life and that there seems to be much more vacuum in that process.

    Age difference in brahmin community is not at all a problem but the earning of a man is very much compared today.

    As such my cousin’s salary/CTC is nothing more than 2.5 lakhs but that he is rejected only because of his earning and not by his age.

    My cousin recites the vedas, upanishads, and slokas and performs abishekams, and yagnas. So much transparent in his ideations.

    Even we are approached by the people who have done intercaste/interreligious marriages where by it is either the father or the mother who has done that marriage.

    We are even approached by other communities like the chettiars and rajputs who are also vegetarians, where by we are now in a state of mixed feelings. Tell me what to do with this type of situation??????????

    Who said so that most of the brahmin guys are misers????They are not. It is they who spend more than any person from any community.

    Being a vegetarian, it is an essentiality to the brahmin boys to shoulder the responsibilities of the family more than any of the higher educations. But when the brahmin girls are offered the chance of higher educations, they tend to take it easily, but also take advantage of that thereby spoiling their lives…Who is responsible for that?????

    We have to note that there are people who give respect to everything and there are people in this brahmin community who wants to have a submissive girl, only by way of giving respect to the elders of the family and the husband. No argumentators are allowed. If you argue then you are understood as a BROTHEL.

    In these days, even a brothel is better practically.

    Just read what Sahana has posted. This is the current state of brahmin girls. They do not have an understanding of the current situation and that there is a desperate feeling of getting married and that they end up having a hell lot of problems. Literally making their life as a hell and trying to patch up with their parents, which is an impossible thing.

    How do you all accept this??????Give me a better answer and do not bluff like Anu, who is very much immature in her statements.


  518. #518 by anu on March 27, 2010 - 1:30 pm


    thia is in response to kamala_rams’s comments.i think you still live in the stone age,brahmin girls are far better than brahmin boys in all aspects.You are of the opinion that girls are not entitled to higher education which shows that you are an orthodox person.Why should a girl be submissive she is not the servant of her husband or her in laws.If the husband wants respect from his wife he should also give it to her and respect her opinions.The reason why girls are remaining unmarried becaus education has made them more aware and she is unwiling to enter into wedlock with men who do not understand her.Brahmin girls are not desperate to get married it is the men who are and are not able to find a mate because the women have become more choosy.A women can raise her voice against injustice does not make her a prostitute .Female foeticide is on the rise though education levels have gone up.What more can we expect from men who belong to a society like ours.There is a dearth of good brahmin men who are educated and at the same time uphold moral and ethical values.Brahmin men can go on boasting and beating their own trumpets but facts are facts.

  519. #519 by Kamala Ram on March 27, 2010 - 2:20 pm

    “Even a widow with a child stands to be a better chance” My brother says this out of eventuality for relief.

    The state of brahmin girls is such today, their expectations are sky high and that they are bound to suffer with this.

    But for the brahmin boys they are not in any amount of torture or pressure. They are well planned and that they are having a clear understanding of their life and its requirements and they are having the ability to fulfill that.

    It would better if the brahmin girls come down from their dream world and try to do some rescue or else then they will be deemed to be as people of no worth and not a good heart…

    Try to have some understanding.

    The future is going to be bright for the brahmin boys as they are permitted to marry from other varnas and that this will not be a problem for them for they will enjoy the benefits of their open approach. Very much they will marry from all the four varnas and have four wives also.

    But what is there in store for the girls?????????????????

    Better have an understanding of this. Do not be like Anu who is just an immatured person.

  520. #520 by Mishra S K on March 28, 2010 - 7:08 am

    Dear Girl,
    What u have said is true for some extent.But dont forget the Brahmins like Chandrashekhar Azad,Mangal Pandey,Ram Prasad Bismil,Jawahar lal nehru,Ravindrananth Tagore and so many others Brahmins who lead from the front and they were more dependable than others.Even in Independent India most of Our prime Mininster are Brahmin only,Gettting elected by confidence of public.

    Even in Sports Sachin, Viswanathan anand,Rahul dravid, Saurav ganguly,Anil kumble, New comer in IPL like Saurabh Tiwary, Manoj Tiwary ,Manish Panadey , Amit mishra are brahmin only.
    It is true that due to historical pressure on Brahmin, their are lot of expectation from this society, so that Most Of the Brahmin cann’t indulge in cheap activities.If u r taking as their fault then actually u r onn wrong side.So kindly don’t put blame to all brhamins, may be some are as per description.

  521. #521 by IndianSpeaks on March 31, 2010 - 6:35 pm

    Guys and Girls – please stop segmenting people. There are only two types of segments (Classes) in the world.
    Firstly – Male & Female and Secondly – Good and Bad.
    I do not see anything in this forum but bias,hatred,jealousy ….maybe I should call – typical “Indian-ness”.
    Please learn from the rest of the world for one last time.

    But one thing is clear , when resources are less – people use money ,power etc to covet them. In India – people use mind to covet these resources – by way of exclusiveness (caste) , by way of reservations, by way of language, by way of nativity(state) etc. I clearly see everybody wants exclusivity in one way or other. The Brahmin would be very happy if everybody accept his ideology and his origin without questioning it. The other castes would be very happy if they have reservations to favors and at the same time Brahmins accept that they are also equal and are of higher origin. It’s really funny how people divide themselves for benefits and then try to integrate for benefits. The problem lies in synchronising these…

  522. #522 by sunil kumar gupta on April 2, 2010 - 4:53 am

    my name sunil kumar gupta my cell no 9351512504 and my age 38 i am unmarried so i disopointed so u help me any hindu and simple hindi mantras so my perpose early marriage

    sunil kumar gupta

  523. #523 by Sahana on April 3, 2010 - 8:09 am

    I always appreciate equality not only in caste, everywhere. But Inequalities are everywhere, just like financial, caste/religion related, power(position) related, beauty related, gender related, color related, strength related, gender related, population related, race related and many more. It is not possible to remove inequalities from this world. Better follow what one’s heart+brain says. Before taking any decisions think many times whether you will be able to adjust to new environment. Wedding in same levels are more successful. Wedding in different levels will create many problems in future. And one more thing, there is no so called love in arranged or love marriage all the sudden. It takes lot of time to be in real love. Do you people know what is real love? I really understood what it is.
    Real love does not involve Sex. it is very pure. If you love a person irrespective of his/her possessions(and also gender) is love. If there is no change in love towards a person even that person is in bad condition/situation is love. Imagine mother and child love. Mother will not throw away a baby even if baby is ugly or unsuccessful. She will still love the baby always. Similarly pure love does not require anybody’s certification. Other name of love is sacrifice and compromises.
    In the before/beginning of marriage infatuation/lust keeps couple together. As time elapsed reality comes into picture 🙂 Marrying in inter-caste needs more patience, compromises than marrying in same caste. Premarital, Extramarital sex are plight for the society. Please make the world a better place to live.

  524. #524 by Mohan on April 6, 2010 - 5:34 pm

    Even i am Brahmin, but some of them are writing as if brahmins are aliens..we are like every other human being..we are neither superior nor inferior..there is no need to boast about our caste..its a crap in this computer age..if the brahmin ponnu finds other caste boys attractive let her marry the one whom she finds attractive..why the hell we should be bothered about her..even brahmin boys can marry the girls of their choice irrespective of their caste..one may find love irrespective of caste..not all those who have married non-brahmin are unhappy nor all those who have married brahmins are happy..if u look at the divorce rate it is the most among the brahmins…some are them have said that we need to do japams, homas etc..but who has the time to do all those irrelevant things(for present age)..infact we should not wear the sacred thread as we are not following all that should be followed by wearing sacred thread(and we cant follow also)..by replying to those comments do u think u are showing that we are superior.. no buddy.. we are showing our crab mentality..i do agree with her that we are cunning even after wearing sacred thread…we do decieve gullible people..we do have this crap mentality of showing that we are superior…nobody is superior and nobody is inferior..infact all these castes are meant for some reason and we twistted it to show that we are superior..god has not created any caste..it is we who created it..have we not seen how within brahmin community we are trying to say that this brahmin is superior and that brahmin is inferior.. we also have good people and we also have bad people..we also have intelligent people and we also have duds..so also other caste people..it is irrelevant and racial to talk about casteism but we do enjoy showing that we are superior..we need to do lot to come out of this mentality..whether a brahmin girl likes other caste men or brahmin boy like other caste girls it should be purely their choice and their own reasoning..we cannot agree or disagree..as some of them are true and some of them are untrue..it is their individual perspective..

  525. #525 by Lord on April 6, 2010 - 7:25 pm

    I am a Christian and I have exclusively brahmin… and I keep them as friends coz only they can show me teh worst side of teh world … the “dark side of the force” if u may … its like playing with snakes…