guys never change. some start blogging!

One of my close friends recently started blogging..!!! I actually happened to stumble upon his blog… Here’s an excerpt from his first post…

I am happy to start blogging for the four reasons which still amuse me. They are,one I can see the weirdest of my thoughts displayed on screen , two I can crib less to my friends , three I can share my thoughts only to people who are interested in my thoughts and four……aaarrrgh……………………nevermind…………!!!

Okay , the fourth reason is because the girl in my life thinks that I am kind of crippled or mentally retarded when it comes to writing….. !!! This is just an attempt to prove her wrong….!!! I repeat it, this is just an ATTEMPT to prove her wrong….!!!

The fourth one….. Hmmm…… And girls always complain that guys never change!!! 😀 …Well, here’s one smitten tiger-turned-into-pussycat trying to convince himself that his blogging attempt is “an ATTEMPT to prove her wrong“…. ROFLMAO!!!!!!

The highlighting is my addition. Couldn’t resist the temptation…!!!

You can find his blog here.

Note to Praveen: Welcome Buddy…… Keep writing…. Your blog goes into my blogroll. 😉


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