Bajrang Dal men force couple to get ‘married’ on V-Day

No comments. Can this be blamed on illiteracy or unemployment? ::shrugs::

BHOPAL: Bajrang Dal activists out to spoil celebration of love on Valentine’s Day made a couple sitting in a Bhopal park tie the knot and blackened the face of a foreigner. It, however, emerged later that the saffron brigade had wrongly caught a married couple.

The moral police blackened the foreigner’s face after they spotted her with a local man at an isolated place on Bhopal’s VIP Road.

Police said Bajrang Dal activists informed the parents of Ashish Ranu, 25, and Divya Singh, 23, after they found them in Kamla Park on the outskirts of Bhopal.

VHP spokesperson and Bajrang Dal leader Devendra Rawat said his outfit had issued a warning that any couple spotted celebrating Valentine’s Day would have to get married. “Our activists found the couple in the park. We didn’t misbehave with them. We asked them to get married,” he said.

“Initially they said they were related to each other, but later accepted that they were in love. We told them that if they are in love, they should get married, but they maintained that their parents would get angry. We informed their parents and got them married,” Rawat said.

The marriage vows were taken in a hurry. Ashish smeared vermilion on Divya’s forehead and tied a ‘mangalsutra’ around her neck. Soon after, the police reached the spot and rescued the couple.

The police later claimed the episode was a “drama” staged by the Bajrang Dal. “The couple had tied the knot four months back and Divya is a member of Bajrang Dal’s women’s wing – Durga Vahini,” a police said. Bajrang Dal, however, denied the charge. “If they were married for four months, why did they meet in a park, under a tree on Valentine’s Day?

[ Original Source: Times of India ]


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