What my country did for our soldier

A really sad story about one of our national heroes. Read it completely. You would understand what’s in store for you if you are planning to serve the country with all those patriotic dreams in your mind… So sad… Countries like the US fight to bring back their dead soldiers so that they can be buried in their home country. And our government neglects the living relatives of people who have sacrificed their living life for the sake of the our country.

:: Bowing my head in shame::

I am highlighting some really interesting statements in the news.

Kashmir Singh, who was freed from Pakistani jail after 35 years, on Friday admitted that he was an Indian spy and did his best to serve the country, but deplored that successive governments at the Centre did nothing for his family.

”After my arrest in 1974, the successive governments did nothing for my family. I did the duty assigned to me as a spy…but the government after my arrest did not bother to spend a single penny for my family,” a calm and composed looking Singh, who was accompanied by his wife Paramjeet Kaur, told reporters in Chandigarh.

Sixtyseven-year-old Singh thanked God for being kind to him and said the various governments at the Centre did nothing for any of the prisoners languishing in various jails in Pakistan. ”The Central government did not bother to take care of my family following my arrest. The government does only the paper work,” he said. Asked whether he was sent to Pakistan by the Military Intelligence and the route he took to go there, Singh said ”even Pakistan authorities failed to get this information from me”.

”I was paid Rs 400 as salary…as per duty, I went to serve the country,” he said. Asked what he would like to say for some other people who are working in similar kind of professions, Singh said ”I was a spy and did my duty…about others I will not comment…I am not President of the country to give reply to such queries”.

Singh, who was lodged in seven different jails in Pakistan, said: ”I will not tell the story of my ordeal in Pakistani prisons as it will damage the cases of about 100 other such prisoners languishing in jails there”. ”Only I can say that I am a firm believer of God and even offered namaz and kept roza (fast) in the Pakistani jails,” he said.

When asked how she managed to sustain her family, Kaur said ”I worked as maid’‘. ”After my husband’s arrest, the Central government gave no compensation to the family and left me in lurch,” she said.

He said in Pakistani prisons he was known by the name of ‘Ibrahim’. ”I was kept in solitary confinement and remained chained for 17 long years,” he said. Earlier, Singh along with his wife met Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal.

[ Source : NDTV.com ]


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