Here. Have my gun but I aint giving you any bullets!

And by the way, I need to see that gun when ever I feel like it!!!

Thats what the recent India-US deal on the USS Trenton says. I have only one thing to say here – WTF? Why does India go for all these deals where we have end up looking like beggars. Yeah. Right! US is much ahead of us when it comes to military technology. But, thats no reason to fall into traps such as these deals. Maybe I am missing the bigger picture here…. Anyway, read this news here.

New Delhi: It seems India has signed away the right to use its scond-biggest warship in the event of war.The Comptroller and Auditor General has slammed the UPA Government for accepting what it terms as “restrictive clauses” in the purchase of the American warship, USS Trenton — now renamed INS Jalashwa.

These clauses forbid the use of the warship for offensive purposes and even allow intrusive on-board inspections by the US.

The Left feels vindicated by the report, and says, “I told you so”. RSP MP, Abani Roy says, “I dont know why the Government purchased this warship. I dont understand who they are trying to satisfy or who is asking them to purchase such things.

[ Source: US clauses restrict India from using warship ]


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  1. #1 by Anand on March 24, 2008 - 2:17 am

    I am guessing that there is enough ambiguity in what ‘offensive purposes’ are to get around any such restrictions. And I don’t think it will quite matter in the event of a war as to whether we followed the letter and the spirit of the agreement… Having said that, I think the government was a bit nuts to buy such important technology with strings attached.

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