AGNI – India’s answer to Tomb Raider!!!

I am impressed!!! No. Seriously. Am Impressed! 🙂 It takes balls to set to work on something like this. And kudos to these guys. However….

(there always is a ‘however’… isn’t it?)

I did find a few things really amusing about this whole affair… If the guys behind this are ready to filter out the sarcasm and treat this post as a constructive criticism, it would be great! 😉

(you knew it was coming…)

First the disclaimers:

  • I have not played the game. My comments are just based on what I found in their website.
  • These comments are in no way meant to ridicule the real good effort that has gone into making this game.
  • We are talking about a game here.
  • I hope the folks who are working on this treat this post as a feedback for improvement.

Now, lemme list what I found GOOD about this:

  • It is nice to know that now there are startups in India venturing into untapped areas of technology other than BPO and call centres.
  • Not all ‘real’ Indian programmers have left for USA. Some are still here in India.
  • The game environments/levels look pretty interesting and rich in graphics. In fact the graphics are really good.
  • The character movements are also much better than previous Indian attempts in animation.
  • The game priced at Rs. 549.00 (USD 13.64) is pretty affordable. Buy your copy here.

And so, here’s the BAD part of it:

  • The whole plot is so badly stupid. It’s not a game for any serious gamer. It may interest teenagers and school goers.
  • AGNI – QUEEN OF DARKNESS? That’s the best you could think of??? And they had to steal half of it from ‘Lara Croft: Angel of Darkness’ ?
  • The logo (AGNI written in flames with 3 paws marks tearing through) looks like an old Hindi 4th grade horror flick poster (remember Khooni Shikunja)? – While on the subject …. read this.
  • Why does the protagonist (Lead character) look like a hooker? FOlks, if you were trying to pull off a Lara Croft here….. Sorry, it doesn’t quite get there. Lara Craft is a sexy sophisticated buxom babe. But, She doesn’t look like a slut! And Tara looks right out of a 70’s cinema cabaret scene.

Over to the UGLY. Lets look at the Plot/Characters now:

  • Tara: A tragic figure, Tara has lost her daughter “Mili” to the denizens of the underworld. Even though she arrives in The Agnilok unarmed and scared, she is more formiddable than first impressions might impart…She has a unique ability in this place to carry other soulds inside her. They call her the Vessel for this reason.
    Wait a minute… The protagonist is a MOM? And she is called TARA? That’s good. Nothing’s wrong about it!!! And she arrives where? Oh Yeah! Agnilok… Really interesting name…!!! And what is Tara’s other name? VESSEL? Vessel? I can’t believe it. Vessel??? Who in the world thought of that name??? Wow!!! Really creative!!!!
  • Agni: Agni is the first of the entities that Tara encounters. Agni is the embodiment of Rage and Revenge. She is a very powerful warrior that will come in handy in many overwhelming situations. She is a master of close combat, and has several devastating offensive and defensive moves.
    So…… AGNI is the name of the game. But, Tara is the protagonist. So, Agni is what? She is Tara’s enemy? Then why is the game named after the enemy of the protagonist?
  • Ghayab: As his name would imply, Ghayab can easily move through the underworld undetected. He is a self proclaimed “sneak” and assassin. He is weak in a fight, but can be extremely deadly against an unaware foe. He’s also instrumental in moving through the levels that have large impassable areas (using his grapple), or passing through areas undetected by using invisibility. He can also unlock certain doors, and turn off security devices.
    Give me a break!!! GHAYAB? That cartoon looks like the thing in Aliens and has been named Ghayab? Anybody remember Ghayab from DD’s cartoon show? Why would you have such silly names for characters that are supposed to be so serious?
  • Adhira: Adhira is the final entity that you encounter in the game that can aid in your search for Beatrice. He is the son of Lucifer and was betrayed by Aitaan, imprisoned in a foul place, and left to rot (literally). He is eager to exact revenge on his captor, but there is more to his story than at first it might seem. Adhira is a long range expert, and is very strong against ranged attacks. He weak in close combat. He does have some interesting abilities that make him a formidable foe, despite is frail exterior.
    I have no words for this. Son of Lucifer? Betrayed by Aitaan? Long range expert? Who cooks up this stuff???
  • Plus….. I think there in serious need of a creative writer. Their website has got grammar mistakes in it. I guess that kind of explains the lousy theme and douchbag characters.
  • The PROMO video is worse than a 4th grade cheap porno promo. They have chosen the wrong song (a really slow and melodious masterpiece) and then gone ahead and FUCKED IT UP BADLY. And then added that semi nude slutty character dancing lustily with gyrating groin movements with the game in the background. How can somebody screw things up so badly????

In short…. I think it’s pretty good for a start. They still have way to go before calling it a finished product. And they need to hire some new talents!!!! And importantly – Fire the creative director and if possible tie the PR person who was responsible for the video and throw him off a cliff!!!!

I know I needn’t be so mean and arrogant. But, this is a dog-eat-dog world. If you miss the first opportunity you may end up eating dirt. And these guys have done a good job in general. I just hate to see it wasted because some guys didn’t know the first thing about what they were trying to do.


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  1. #1 by fesu on July 19, 2008 - 12:39 pm

    i never knew india had made a video game 😛 i thought it was just usa and europe as well as japan. its great to hear that india is benefitting from the video game industry but at the same time it’s a shame there are not that many emerging game developing companies

  1. AGNI - India’s answer to Tomb Raider!!!

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