Why be positive?

This guy from California is an MND patient and I found these words of his from a discussion forum. Really Inspiring…

Several years ago I realized I was creating my own reality…literally. I understood that my thoughts were causing things to happen; manifesting situations, people, and objects. As I examined my past, I saw that I had been doing this all my life. I began to deliberately use this tool, and it is has enhanced my life immeasurably.

At first I thought I had some special ability, but now I know that everyone can do this. In fact, we are all doing it all the time, we just don’t realize it. The human mind is unique in the known Universe. Our attention focused on our perceived surroundings and circumstances, actually creates and changes reality. Quantum Physics proves this scientifically. It is a law of the Universe just like gravity. What you think about will manifest in your life, consciously or unconsciously, positive or negative. If this process is happening anyway, you might as well take control and guide it in a direction that will bring you happiness.

Applying this principle is crucial when confronting a difficult life circumstance such as ALS. If you habitually focus on the “bad things” that are happening to you and repeatedly cultivate negative emotions, the Universe will dutifully provide you with more situations that generate these thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, if you work to cultivate positive thoughts and emotions, even gratitude, the Universe will comply by providing an abundance of positive experiences. It will manifest more things for which to be grateful. I use my mind (the only thing I have left, but also the most powerful tool I ever had at my disposal), to deliberately create peace, understanding, compassion, and well-being in my life.


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