Just how cheap can a government get?

Now, don’t tell me that the government is trying to bring down inflation by such a cheap act. Just how low can you get???

MUMBAI: In what’s sure to rub salt into old wounds, the railways is approaching victims of the July 11, 2006 train blasts to ‘recover’ interest charges paid along with the compensation.

Bhayander resident Raju Kamble, one of the hundreds who sustained serious injuries on that fateful day, received a meagre compensation of Rs 28,000 from the railway tribunal in January. This was despite his pleas for an ex gratia of Rs 1.5 lakh. What shocked him even more was a court notice, which arrived at his doorstep a couple of days ago. It asked him to remain present in a case in which the central government (railways) wants to recover the extra Rs 980—which was paid to him as “interest charges”.

Kamble is among the 710 other blasts victims who have received similar notices and are being “dragged” to court at a time when the city prepares to observe the second anniversary of the blasts.

The compensation was sanctioned by the railway tribunal with a rider that an interest of six per cent should be paid for any delay in disbursement.

[ Original News: The Times of India ]

If the government is trying to act so cheap and lowly because of lack of money in the country…. I wonder where all my Taxes go……


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