[Bell Bajao] Bring Domestic Violence to a Halt

very impressive and important campaign. I support this!!! The videos below are part of the campaign. They are short, simple, sweet and make a powerful impact! Visit http://www.bellbajao.org for more info.

Top of  the list of ‘ok-I’ll-tell-you-what-all-this-is-about’ is … YOU!

It’s time to remove those earplugs. The campaign asks you to take a stand. Kill the “it’s not my business” mentality. Tell your Mom. Tell your friends. And more importantly, speak out and tell all to the World Wide Web. We’ll provide you the platform, the equipment — the works.

You are the voice of Bell Bajao!

Bell Bajao is an awareness and intervention campaign against domestic violence. It uses media, education and pop culture to reach out and cause change in the zeitgeist.

How can you make a difference?

Your speaking out against domestic violence will give a voice to one out of every three women who face domestic violence behind closed doors. World over, Domestic Violence is a serious concern. It’s not just happening to the woman who’s beaten by her husband; it’s also happening to the girl whose brother curses her and calls her names, and the elderly lady whose son won’t give her money because, “she doesn’t need it”. Only men and women acting together can make a difference.

Click here to learn about how men can take the initiative.

The campaign

Bell Bajao campaign launches on August 20, 2008. This is a 360 degree media campaign with TV and radio spots, print ads, mobile video vans and an online campaign. This is being released in collaboration with the  Ministry of Women and Child Development.  It has been created pro bono by Ogilvy & Mather. Zenobia  Pithawalla, Sr Creative Director, O&M, spearheaded the campaign. The two TV spots have been directed by Bauddhayan Mukherji of Little Lamb Films. All the images on the website have been given by Devansh Jhaveri and Abhigya Shulka.

Click here to meet our partners.

The force of youth and community leaders

This media campaign is being supported by on the ground force of youth and community leaders. Breakthrough reaches out to thousands of youth and members of NGOs and community based organisations. Our intensive training on human rights, gender, sexuality, prevention of HIV, and right of HIV positive people has equipped 70,000 people to be change agents in their community. Going forward, all new leaders will carry with them the pledge to Ring the Bell and violence against women.

Click here to meet our advocates.

bellbajao.org invites you to:

Comment on our brand new campaign. Watch our TV spots. Check our print ads. See how you can stop domestic violence.

Respond to blog posts. See what the celebrity bloggers have to say. Read reviews and posts from other bloggers. Write your own posts.

Learn more about domestic violence on our wikipage and help create a knowledge pool.

Act now! Become a virtual rights advocate.

Reclaim your voice. You’ve been silent for too long.


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