Get out of MY MOON!

Hmmm…. This is interesting!!! 😀 Ok.

Who owns the moon???

At first you could own your moon in your backyard. Now, we are talking about owning your backyard on the moon. That’s definite progress for mankind!

Now after fighting over the land by calling them countries. We are now graduating to fight over the land on the moon!! That’s improvement. It’s interesting times ahead! I can already see the Hindu’s claiming the moon as theirs as God Siva has the moon mounted on his head (Lord Siva is also called ‘Chandrachoodan‘. Check out this illustration and note the moon on his forehead).. The Muslims also have the moon in their religious symbol. For the Christians… well, I couldn’t google out anything that links the moon to Christianity. But, no worries. Somebody somewhere would ‘figure out’ some mythology/theory linking Christianity with the moon and soon we can have unemployed, illiterate morons blowing themselves up on the earth and the moon trying to force the ‘Infidels’ out of their country.

Hasn’t this been the story? Everyone these days seem to be very happy in blaming and branding the muslims as ‘the’ terrorist culture on earth. But, stop. Take a look at the history. Almost all the religions have a very bloody past. All the religions have been involved in what would be called today as terrorism or barbaric acts. The Hindus (remember the ancient hindu kings of India?), Christians (read Da Vinci code), Budhists (Remember the budhist monks who practiced martial arts), Sikhs (Operation blue star in India?), the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Egyptians… the list goes on. Every civilization, every religion even embraced by humans have led them to fight among themselves in the name of god, lifestyle, color, creed and most importantly land or in other words their homelands.

Within the next 10 years, the U.S., China, Israel, and a host of private companies plan to set up camp on the moon. So if and when they plant a flag, does that give them property rights?

A NASA working group hosted a discussion this week to ask: Who owns the moon? The answer, of course, is no one. The Outer Space Treaty, the international law signed by more than 100 countries, states that the moon and other celestial bodies are the province of all mankind. No doubt that would irk all of the people throughout the ages, like monks from the Middle Ages, who have tried to claim the moon was theirs.

But ownership is different from property rights. People who rent apartments, for example, don’t own where they live, but they still hold rights. So with all of the upcoming missions to visit the moon and beyond, space industry thought leaders are seriously asking themselves how to deal with a potential land rush, cowboy-style.

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Now, that we are bored with the earth, we can fly to the space and fight over the moon. Gives a whole different meaning to the phrase mooning! right?


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