Girl at the bus stop

A really nice piece…. 😉 The twist at the end is nice… 🙂

Phone call

She’s beautiful. Short hair, coal black eyes and a face straight out of Modigliani. Loose gray sweater, dark blue tights. The kind of legs that have spent long hours at the gym. Dancer’s legs. The light from the street lamp outlining her in gold. A downtown Danae. A bus stop Venus.  

He reminds himself he mustn’t stare. Pretends to go back to his magazine, holding it up high in the air, hoping she’ll notice it’s the New Yorker and be impressed. Thinking to himself, yes, I really am that shallow.

Feeling strangely elated that it’s been fifteen minutes since she got here and the bus still hasn’t come.

She doesn’t seem too happy about it though. In fact, she seems positively anxious. Keeps looking at her watch, biting her lip. A meeting with her boyfriend? A hot date? Not in those clothes. Besides, it’s a school night. She can’t be more than 20. Probably off to study with a friend. A female friend. He pictures someone appropriately shapeless and dowdy, wonders if he should ask her if she’s at UPenn, tell her he’s there too, strike up a conversation. Do girls like her find men with PhDs attractive?

Foolishness. No way he’s going to have the nerve to actually talk to her. Any minute now the bus will come along and that’ll be the end of that. He peers up the road. No sign of it. It really is taking its time. Another stolen glance at her. She’s moved closer. She’s walking up to him! Oh God!

“Excuse me”. A beautiful voice, warm and mellow. Not one of those annoyingly shrill undergrad voices he’s come to hate.

Looks up. Smiles. Tries to act natural. “Yes?”

[ Read the complete post here. The ending is really a twist! 😉 ]


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