First Tata, now Infosys… may pull out of Bengal

I hope that Mamata and the rest of those filthy politicians are happy now that Tata is almost on the verge of pulling out of Bengal and InfoSys is also rethinking its plans for West Bengal.

I really wouldn’t blame the companies here. How can you expect them to invest huge amount of money in a state where all it takes is a bunch illiterate, insensitive, brain dead politicians backed by a few hundred depressed, deprived common men to stop the working of a production factory and endanger the lives of all its employees. All this while the so called ruling government, law enforcement and judicial system stands by watching the chaos pathetically helpless!!!

Under Budhadheb, after the dark ages under Jyothi Basu, finally W. Bengal was just becoming an attractive haven for investors. And now with the Singur issue, they have back stepped in their progress by many folds. Why is this? Why is it that some Indian politicians manage to screw up things big time and yet the public still supports them.

Kerala is another state which never progressed because of the sommunist party either in the rule or opposition even though it had a lot of potential. When are people going to realize that industrialization is a necessity for the development of the country. Some companies may make money out of it, but yet it is required for the country to go forward. And every citizen’s well being depends greatly on that.

The politicians play filthy games every year and yet public ends up backing them. India has not seen a decent bold leader since it’s inception as a Republic state. We have had a lot of politicians. No leaders!

Read the following piece. Remember that the Singur issue is not just an isolated issue. We can see this happening in every state in India. If the public doesn’t wake up, the politicians will make a garbage out of our country and spit on it. Sad. Really sad to see MY COUNTRY failing like this….

BANGALORE: Infosys Technologies, the number two software servicesexporter in the country, is having a serious ‘rethink’ of its maiden investment plan in West Bengal given the unfriendly industrial and political climate in that state. ( Watch 

T V Mohandas Pai, director — HR, Infosys, said they were waiting and watching the current situation there as the government was unable to deliver on its promises. 

Infosys had planned to invest Rs 250 crore and set up a development centre on the outskirts of Kolkata and provide employment to around 5,000 people. The recent events in Singur have shown that the government is unable to implement its policies; any acquisition of land has the potential of facing protests, Pai said. 

“We are rethinking our decision to expand our business there after Singur row. The dispute in Singur created fear in India Inc. We have seen political parties intimidating top businessmen, stop people from attending work, blocking national highway for days.” 

“There is also non-enforcement of the High Court order. This has created concern and apprehension in the minds of investors. Well, India has many destinations.” Further, the recent protests in Singur have also shown that the government or the courts are unable to control the situation, Pai said. 

“We are not officially pulling out of the state. Until we are convinced that the government will be able to protect the life of workers and interests of investors, we will not go ahead with our expansion plan there. Tatas have been in the state for over 100 years, if they have to face this, what about others,” Pai asked. 

Besides Infosys, Wipro is also planning to set up its development centre in West Bengal. Both the companies have plans of setting up IT SEZs with the land being provided by the state government.

Singur fallout: Infosys may pull out of Bengal-India-The Times of India.


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  1. #1 by raghuraman on September 10, 2008 - 10:45 am

    West Bengal is a state ( i should be saying “is in a state”) which is facing its acid test. The whole irony is that a so-called Congress politician is talking about giving back lands to the farmers which for generations has been the rhetoric of the so-called communists. It goes to say only one thing, be communist or not, call yourself whatever name, a Bengali is always the same

    This is going to be the last straw. The Tata Nano example will be the beacon light for corporates for years to come. It is not surprising that a company like Infosys has already thinking.

    But i have so much confidence in the people of West Bengal….. that Tatas will move away from WB.

    They take pride in the fact that they could hold up traffic for a week’s time, that the issue has been highlighted at a national level, they feel happy that “profit making”, technology using companies will shiver at the prospect of entering WB–“profit”….”money making” are all dirty words…. they feel happy that mamata will force one or two more bandhs timed perfectly towards a Friday or a Monday so that the whole state can get another three day holiday.

    …let the farmers/clerks/factory workers/daily wage earners/labourers got to the dogs…. i, the educated bengali can always go away to places like Bangalore (1st preference) or Chennai, Delhi or Hyderabad and make money… what if they there are no companies in WB….i am not going to stay there anyways though i love my west bengal…..

    i have a dream…a dream where i see my lovely state without a single factory or company….. where i don’t see any vehicles…. only people going by walk/bullock cart, a state that is happy to rest on its laurels and go no further, a state which is still a 100 years old in its mind.

    Let’s all wish Mamata a happy time in her satyagraha tent where she can have hourlong adda sessions discussing how to take forward Bengal while crushing that very opportunity that lies in front of her

  2. #2 by mahen on September 10, 2008 - 11:16 am

    i tell you, these bengal people are jealous of keralites.

    we got 80 holidays this year apart from the real holidays.

    try as you can, you guys cant catch up.

    hic, hic hurray. bring on the revolution. bring out the bottle.

  3. #3 by Nimmy on September 10, 2008 - 3:27 pm

    lol @mahen..indeed,keralaites are blessed with more public holidays..

    The whole singur issue is not just a communist stuff..I think any party in opposition would have done the same..afterall,what else are they living for..

    I get mixed responses from people..On one hand,it is stupid and crappy for politicians to stand against industrialization..On the other hand,corporates are taking loans at the rate of 1% and trying to but land at a very very less cost..

    Ultimately,the aam insaas loses..everybody else gains..Sad but true..

  4. #4 by paoli cycas on September 11, 2008 - 6:24 pm

    Why is it that some Indian politicians manage to screw up things big time and yet the public still supports them.
    Bcos they dont have much options you see. Whso standing in Bengal elections? [I dont know] but still people have to choose the lesser of the evils. Even in the LOA [Land of opportunities]/USA, it is now a question of who will do lesser damage to the already pathetic situation….IMHO

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