CEO beaten to death by dismissed employees

Ok. So much for being civilized. This is sad. I have no clue why those employees were so pissed off. Anyway, I had my own doubts about the authenticity of this news. So, I googled for ‘Gradiano’. Interestingly, I couldn’t find the company’s website at all. There’s news about this incident all around but no info about what the company was into, what grade of employees were working there etc. Hmmm… Wierd…

CEO beaten to death by dismissed employees
Next time if you have to lay off your employees, then you need to be careful. A gruesome incident happened in India today, when dismissed employees of a company (Gradiano) who were agitating against the Gradiano CEO and the management for their dismissal went on rampage and in this process beat the Gradiano CEO who got injured badly and taken to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

According to a report by the Press Trust of India – here are the details
Noida, Sep 22 (PTI) The Chief Executive Officer of a company was today beaten to death by a group of dismissed employees inside office premises after a meeting, called to resolve dispute between them and management, failed. L K Chaudhury, the CEO of Gradiano in Udyog Vihar of Greater Noida, was killed when the agitating workers turned violent and beat him up, Senior Superintendent of Police (Noida) R K Chaturvedi told PTI.

As the clash erupted, Chaturvedi said, a security guard opened fire in air. About 20 people were injured in the clashes. Chaudhury was rushed to Kailash hospital where he was declared brought dead. There were about 200 former employees inside the premises when the incident took place. They were dismissed two months back for some reasons and were since then protesting against it. PTI

[ Source: Here ]


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  1. #1 by raghuraman on September 25, 2008 - 5:04 am


    It’s Graziano. there was a speller in your search. Look for Graziano. They are into auto transmissions and they are an Italian mnc

    Neways, too bad that such a thing had to happen. However, what was surprising was minister Oscar Fernandes’ statement: he says “the CEO’s killing should go as a warning to all managements”. He says he apologises “if it has hurt someone”. This is still more surprising. It shows his thought and belief pattern.

  2. #2 by vasudeva kulkarni on September 28, 2008 - 1:06 pm

    hi everyone,

    lemme tell you something about this issue as to how i have interpreted this.oscar told that managements have to treat people particularly working class with love and compassion .
    this is what he exactly, i dont think oscar did anything wrong by saying so.because workers put their heart and soul to work in companies.they do understand and realize the pressure on the management.but inspite of being ill paid and no proper infrastructure to sustain and develop,they make sure they put in their best.

    where as,the so called aristocrat bureaucrats,without understanding the spate of workers and without asessing their true state realistically,often tend to be one sided which often leads to conflict.

    finally i will conclude with one single statement.if a worker realises that his boss is doing his best to help him achieve the best,iam sure every worker would definitely put in his best to achieve the that sense,most of the times managements are at stake,with their inability to understand other fellow humans.


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